Bob McLain Show 12-11 hr 2

Bob McLain
Monday, December 11th

NFL ratings; CNN reporting fake news; Corey Lewandowski calls in to talk Trump and CNN


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And I like cure attitude all thank you very much and probably has made us I am the attack dog in the right. A bombastic allowed mouth of the south. Hello Betty and away was our number two on Monday hoping enjoyed that wintry weekend but when that snow was coming down. On a Friday and then again not until around mid day or so on Saturday it was really perk. We know we did have a winter wonderland. They're for a lot. As so here we go getting under way with a second our great to have you along and is always deal or input. Is invited and encouraged and welcome. Here's value join me NBA part of the conversation and they just grabbed the phone use the Ingles advantage aka lion. It is 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align numbers 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063 WORD dot com that's a great line I got to use Allen again and now relation to a Roy Moore. And the attacks now from these and various women. Who are not coming back out of the woodwork US AO president trump but he he harassed me ended the senate the other. And I wish I could claim on their credit toward Baghdad there was a AEI headline I saw on a piece set top American thinker today and and nine man had to to lift it and now ripping off. And now they are the only comment must not how many women drowned in Roy Morse car. And for those of us went alone enough memory to remember the lion of the senate. At spelled LY I in Senator Ted Kennedy. Offers Schumer and the rest and he's been able mark cast in on the arrest them. To that dried stand up and talk about now Roy Moore is not up to the ethical and moral standards of the United States senate. Boy that is a low hurdle to leap over. When you consider the Ted Kennedy is in the world that Bob Packwood's and and the list goes as far back usual and remember. Eight minutes after four as we go to the phones leading off our number two let's go to Simpson bill and bring in John here on the money Mac channel. I'm John welcome to the program. Anybody in the act. I just gotta confess how much wrecked my car has listened to the news. Another cup what wasn't and that distracted you so dramatically. Popular. Talking about the island. At turn one cell South Carolina. And the line he said lawyers. But in this silent would you like dating Jane Fonda. Can't make it work what makes you think South Carolina can make. But then on the you've got to pull that putter on it clipped yeah and that just that it's just pure comedy gold. You you wanna talk about the Altima and analogy. Well I I I guess a million thank you appreciate it John don't that match made in him and probably would've worked out. But at the time of course and Ted Turner. On was the owner of the Atlanta Braves. And of course you know that the Braves had pretty good teams and Aziz and they did that tomahawk chop. You know loud chanting likely a Florida State fans do. And the and the tomahawk chop was just. LA now is some way too violent. For Jane Fonda. I know that may be hard to grasp she did after all sit in the governor's seat on the AM. North Vietnamese anti aircraft weapon while in Hanoi eight. Nearing the southeast Asian war games she did find that too violent. But that tomahawk chop now. I gotta draw the line somewhere. Riot. She seemed fine. Yeah in on the attacks line 713 users on Bob I heard Diet Coke stock. Is going through the roof another stock market record laugh out last. Bobbie why did the storm trooper by an iPhone. Money penny wanting a shot at Allen why did he storm trooper by an iPhone. Because. That wasn't the Droid he was looking for. I assignment that's is stupid not to be funny. They are now that's that's fine. This decision not to draw you in for. By the way we have star award tickets to give away later in the week Thursday and Friday Lance Star Wars tech story. Cash. Bob what's the deal ERY a white man is described when a bank is robbed of the fact you never say a black man of a black man robs a bank wires. I knowledge incorrect. When they race is given to us and a purpose. By whichever PD it happens to be whichever LA you know agency and answer me when when we're given that information only report. Now without prejudice 'cause they know it's a black bag Roberts a black bank robber and conversely why. I'll allow you ago. Angeles yep we we need a little bit of this. Bob I know it's not they all stayed show today but Sunday evening at dusk. There were two objects and briefly appeared over Greer Duncan and the alignment. One was a large and cigar shaped. The other one was oval shaped. I hovered around each other for a few seconds the smaller one merged with the larger one and were gone and a split second. I'm a veteran and I know aircraft types. There was not a cloud in the sky no aircraft in the area and no I'm not a conspiracy not I don't even wasn't a coast to coast. Bob I've never seen anything move like that move that fast it was going too fast again and on video. But I got a picture on them I can only Sherrod via text message. Its interest. Where a long way from area 51. Again you want and send them along the attachment syndrome being happy to take a look at. Oh that's right we can't get and we data pictures and Trent just text. Bobbie I don't think that today that New York bomber has the guts. To do it again. Tom. I would agree. I'm Bob about little Lindsay playing golf I bet his swing is just as specified as obamas are worse. Al even that trump gave him three strokes all and still won every hole Gemini is Owen met against. Bob I heard last week the woman who said Roy Moore signed here yearbook admitted that she might well. She forged. Part of what's on the yearbook she put. She added the dates. And something else and. Now Bobby karma isn't but you reap what you sow. Ears. Got you. Ali what is up with the fox poll having Roy Moore ten points down. When Emery Asimov bind nine. Rig march. Same pollsters who said it's Hillary in a runaway. Am. And I coming up on a quarter after fourthly got to break this portion of the balmy night show on Monday being brought to you by. One of our annual holiday sponsors. Charles Christmas Sharia law. Tank if you look good through a real Christmas invention this year come on my corals Christmas trees bomb blew Karl. Eight as a state are there. And you bring your own song that got your own tree and multifamily fund began. The words I do you ever. I I think this radio advertising time grows on trees and apparently it does. I'll when you find the tree you want just looked at a convenient price tag stapled to the truck. Then dropped by my man with cash. He didn't know about it I'm not so shady camp sites. Now that's cute. Thanks so this year come on down the Carl's Christmas trees song I tend trees and I'll throw enough free picnic table and steel barbecue pits saying there. Thank you co operation denies agreed to drop by and a quarter after four year on the bunny match you know. Be right back as we roll on here on Monday. Welcome back great to have you along for 21 here a name Monday Monday edition. Angles advantage stock line number 4803471063. The tax line a 71 threes are a senate Alabama where again as the a book signing tomorrow. That as with. Former trump campaign manager Corey low and down ski and deputy campaign manager David bossy. And will be and global business park that's ever thereby. JL Mann high school parent. The units it's right off of Al Lawrence wrote I'll be doing that program. From there tomorrow and not Korean and Dey gonna going to be joining me in that in about half an hour from now. Back cores NN join me on the phone talking about the event tomorrow. I'm Bob president trump drinks Diet Coke but no all Laker. How many CNN reporters as they can say that Andrea valid point. I'm Bob mile of the invocation and now the National Anthem. Sung now for the army navy game you could start every show that from here in the end of time and it would make me happy. Bobbie that terrorist in New York City can get a job with Jeff Dunham rammed the event thriller grossed. He can fill in for I commend the dead terrorist. Bob I just read a transgender is going to be allowed to enlist in the military despite president trumps order. What does it say military crew know it so again it's fake notes. The court is going to rule unless. They policy was put in place by Obama. And and then not president trump issued a new policies saying no we're not gonna take anymore transgender in the military well. Then there was a lawsuit and now it's in the court's. And on the court has not ruled indication yet so as of January 1 trench genders will still be allowed to enroll enough to enlist in the military. Until a court rules. And I'm gonna guess they're probably gonna ruin the president's favor. Hi Bob president trump played golf with pressing a little Lindsay. Any president has a lot of self control I don't. From Amish. Bump up. I'm Bonnie Mac no matter how many times I hear our National Anthem it's still sends chills down my spine another failing special winning here rendition. Quite the combined. West Point and Annapolis glee clubs. I'm Bobby you're gonna be paying this out this that chain migration. Islamic Jihad decision retain his medical bail. Us probably. Bumped up am. Chara moron here that I need cash apple. He kept. Program him. Oh yeah they were up above me in the funny the media never mentioned Obama smoking cigarettes. Probably a single worst habit you know. Yeah he well he would step outside. The up Oval Office. Under the patio there you. And general nicotine in his system. And I think. Apply yeah I believe that that does does Kashmir so we are gonna get another bad weekend. Now for the for the NFL. Am I I don't know watch the games as you know that and I did catch. Over the Internet some of the highlights of what happened. Jacksonville was playing Seattle. Seahawks are one in my on favorite teams along with a 49ers because they've there the the ringleaders in this kneeling staff to disrespect the National Anthem. The end of the game. Yesterday. One of the on. Seahawks players. Not the jaguars quarterback them they were Jackson Miller's winning the game and on time is running out the Jacksonville quarterback was just gonna. I'm down the ball Jim take the snap not taken me in that game would be over well when he did. One of these Seahawks players. Threw himself down at the way eggs in one of the Jacksonville players which can have you know broken a laggard Tay and a near what have you. And so that tent start a little fisticuffs there then. The crowd got into and started booing and a Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman. A guy named Clinton Jefferson. Was going to the tunnel. And AM soft drink don't look like was in a paper cup. Was throwing soda or whenever. Through that ad aimed. And he then went over to the edge of the out of the stands. And started jaw line with some of the fans who were. I don't know season he announced the Seahawks are being dirty players or what have you. And then somebody else threw something at him and at that point he started to climb into the stands. To go laughter. Whoever had tosses and it. And the security guys were surrounding him this is a big guy is a defensive alignment. And a bunch of the security guys grabbing in my mind I guess the back of the shoulder pads and holding back down as you speak to you better be had from the locker room money. Same thing happened in the NBA years ago has been washed down 1012 years ago Detroit Pistons player when in the stands after somebody has your drink getting. So that was ugly and nobody else finds forthcoming on that. None the other aspect and the NFL but there. Trying to add to down play better with our great difficulty. Is that head injuries all the concussions. Houston Texans heavily criticized after their quarterback Tom savage. It was only in the game by the way because I DeSean Jackson on on the show on. Clemson quarterback watch what is now to Sean up. Yeah. Bushels last it went right out of my hand. Out Watkins and a former colts and quarterback. I he Lowery was knocked down for the year with a knee so Watson that's it Watson like IBM. I know we forget his Griese played English. Anyway a Tom savage is gonna quarterback GM may got done. Knock knock to the ground can't hit the turf. Possibly sustaining a can of sustaining a concussion. He was on the ground when both his arms appeared to twitch. He was shaken off the field to the medical tent. And returned to the bench three mental later went back into the field for the next series. Later tried to enter the game again that a team official kept him away. Pulling on his Jersey and and drag him away from the field. The seven to a scene arguing with the official on the team trainer before they took him to the locker. That was. Not so good as well and even worse. A Sunday night TV ratings. As a game they should expect when attract a pretty good audience. Because it's a it's a rivalry game it was a Steelers against Baltimore Ravens. Steelers and after being behind 3120. In the fourth quarter I came from behind for a 39 and 3938. Win. But the out. But TV ratings dropped. Year to a year. Steelers win was down 30%. From AS same game date. A year ago. 30%. Up up. It's still it was a number one show for the night. But that's not saying much. Is the other networks and have a huge round programs of against it but man. Down 30% year to year and they attendance. There's a big story on bright part went owing to this money penny on our FaceBook page. People tweeting photos and all the empty stadiums. He played an empty seat which has befallen the NFL reached biblical proportions this week. As teams continue to find it hard to fill stadiums. Naturally a large number of players also continued their anti American protest during the playing in the National Anthem as weak fourteen rolled into stadiums everywhere. Al the league is having such a tough time finding fans to fill seats. But some tickets are selling for the unheard of price of three dollars a seat. Even at these near giveaway prices photos of empty stadiums still shocking. The national still out filling up social media. You know week fourteen and and then got Al Katz pictures. I'd I saw a story I think it was on Saturday. That stuff fox. They had done they had a big game with the rams. Fox. I had been advertising for actors. In LA. On. To appear on a fox pregame show. Portraying themselves as rams fans. Out that there were there or are you gonna find when he and actors in LA or out of work. And dress them up as rams fans run amount they don't like there's big fan support. Another was a time when now the NFL charged. People. For tickets against another having to pay actors to show up to imitate big implants. 430 here on the Bob May not show any is ready to go in the new senator I'm right back on the other side. Here on Monday on 1063. WL RD. All we do lose some waving away no. Very hot microphone for four hours each afternoon. Great to have you along for company here for 4020. Minutes now before 5 o'clock Jack Eminem the next few minutes. I Corey lender asking of course at trump campaign manager the guy that tech coined the famous mantra went trump. Be trump he's going to be in town tomorrow I joining me over global business park over there by JL Mann high school. And now we'll be talking about some of the things that are on going ot it it's amazing when you go back through the a litany. All of the examples. That are proving. President trump to be a 100% correct about. Fake news I mean look just in the last week. We had four. Big scoops stop the presses. Bombshell stories. Visual not national enquirer. Cantonese is a major. News organizations so called. Written by ace reporters. Reportedly. Then now sifted through layers of editing. And all of mom turned out to be wrong. Reuters. Bloomberg Wall Street Journal and others. Reported that the office of the special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Donald Trump's records from Deutsche Bank. I hadn't. And then worked. ABC reported that trumpet directed Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russian officials before the election. He didn't. As a result on Brian Ross the intrepid investigative reporter now and NBC news. Previously at ABC news who has shown his bias in the past. Now suspended for four weeks without pay. When he probably should have been far. Then of course there's the a New York Times. Ran a story that showed KT McFarland had acknowledged collusion. Now the Russians she did not. And then CNN of course topped off the week by falsely reporting. That they trump campaign had been offered access to hacked. DNC emails before they were published at at WikiLeaks. So listen this is even beyond the level of routine by assuming these stories get out and and millions of people see them. As they breathless anchors and analysts get into the feeding frenzy. I tried again to sell Lou the idea of found the trump campaign colluding with the Russians. And if found these journalists are well I you know maybe maybe out. We got that wrong but it was an honest mistake. Oh OK how is it that all of the honest mistakes. Are stories and attacked president trump. There is never a elite gored source. From any of these people that have anything positive just saying. About president trump. And and wire these people. Using a source material. These anonymous sources. And then they end up getting burned on the story. And that point shouldn't they reveal who their anonymous sources are sensing information they gave them was incorrect. I mean if you wanna talk about the that the CNN story. About dub. And Donald Trump being offered encryption codes still look at the hacked DNC emails they said they had done two sources for that. But they said they'd they hadn't actually seen at the documents. Of their services so it put this stuff on. It's no authentication. And why would these so called independent anonymous sources. All lied to him about the date. On the trump email that resulted in the getting a story absolutely wrong what do you make an honest mistake. That's one thing. And what we all know. That these votes have a political agenda that's not exactly breaking news. But if they're they're nothing but a source for pedaling. On the latest why. That advances the progressive agenda. And. Pay no attention to whatsoever to Wear to whether or not. These these stories actually contain any truth or accuracy. Ben. And at the end of the day whose damaged by. Isn't present and trump know. I don't think so. Man I think the people who are. Doing a damage our. Committing self inflicted wants. And how much lower candy credibility in the media get we know they're nothing but a mouthpiece. For the progressive agenda. It's pathetic. Take a quick break here when we come back on the other side on the we will have Corey witnessed. On the phone Korea and asking former trump campaign manager here on the Bobby Mack show where tomorrow. Act Cory will be Intel. Be right back here on 1063. WL RD. I rat. Welcome back great to have you along here on this Monday afternoon here at ten before five and about a national. We are anticipating. A phone call from Korea who announced he. Former campaign manager for a Donald Trump. Here in the next couple minutes in the meantime. In on the attacks lines San anyone threes are seven Bobby about your previous text her. Reported the out unidentified flying objects in the sky the other night. At talent to report the UFO to move fond. EM UF ON dot com. Move Fon dot com and these secured tee him. All one word they secured team and Gmail dot count. And he can text them to me as well pictures that is 8642013369. 8642013369. I'm Bob they hypocrisy of the Democrats apparently reaching all time stupidity levels in Philadelphia. You remember this time talked about it last week. In Philadelphia Democrats are trying to pass legislation. To force businesses to remove all bulletproof glass and these convenience stores and I candy stores on corner they say they say it's offensive and racist. Yeah and if they do that it's also gonna result in a lot more people being kilt. Bump up on Bobby off topic but does anyone have any idea on. About the bite planes flying over Taylor's career and they rather for road area. Over the last few days there are several people that have by planes. Here in the upstate. And it could be that you know with a clear skies. Now which we had before commercially and in on Friday with a snow. I just taken advantage of fun some decent flying. I remember when the Braves and chief knock on home off. When come out of this air conditioned TV and do a war dance when somebody in a home run and that probably also got on now. Jane Fonda is a listener as well between that and the tomahawk chop. A loan. She's its X but they are heard on the news of the UFO reporting agency received all kinds of reports from the Atlantic coast. To the Pacific coast sightings of unidentified. Aerial phenomenon. Last Thursday night. Captain cannot appreciate that. Bob Bob Bob Bob ice is. And now ice Wallace brought to you biological report it would be nice fashion accurate reporting for change. Did to the media have even one good week. In ninth 2017. No one they did a year end review in the news they gonna do all they although fake news stories are they dead. When they do there year in review CNN. And I can report how they were caught lying about Donald Trump junior. ABC news in a report out there were spreading lies about Mike Flynn proving that to trump colluded with Russia. Reuters in a Bloomberg in the Wall Street Journal they you know recap. Albania. Published AM publishing and broadcasting. A false story about. At trump I'm getting out subpoenas from mud Deutsche Bank. BS NBC. Mika. Brzezinski questioning in accuser with photograph of Bob Franken I'm groping her. And and then cheeses. She's trying to shame you know that it's Photoshop or something. Down the list goes on and on call it a fact spreading lies about bright Bart and Roy Moore accusers forgery. How FaceBook. Flagging bright barge 100% accurate story. And and they don't flag around fake news story. Oh Korea's air oh okay great out here Koreas would listen. Hey Corey welcome to the program I do but. I am doing well I'm sorry I as a human player I apologize that's OK unfortunately you've only got a few minutes here and I understand you're busy on the other side of the hour is right. While I'm on my way if you believe it to the White House Christmas party shortly so well either that quicktime which you were the president. It turns out I'm I'm guessing car that's not even gonna be a photo finish. Well look I'd rather be reviewed I think you'll probable. That's a possibility what what do you think Corey when you look at them French and sent to des. It it's certainly reconfirmed to many honest as a nod. Until the media certainly has their priorities right we and it terror attack in new York and CNN. A spends all of their morning talking about how president trump consumes a dozen diet cokes hearing today what in the world is going on these guys. What nobody spent more time McKinley trumping court in the window as he did okay I sat next to me every day. Because the consumer doesn't Banco. It has two cans of Diet Coke public yet to hit the beach. And noticed that they knew it would they wanna tap into that. The president tried drinking about an ankle today just not true I was there and CNN doesn't wanna talk about the truth because. They're having another story that one of the reporters. Got it wrong again and they don't wanna take responsibility report this is why the president is so good in light Twitter account is so important couldn't fight back against the narrative. Would CNN and the don't do your story with the war imposed. And that they picture of the Pensacola rally with. Brian property BC news when I market got 350 point on without me. Donald Trump fight back every time through Twitter and CNN's Kate. Well at a car I am I'm so we don't have much time to talk here but I mean Schoen a pass along our guards the president at the White House Christmas party. And and once you finish there we look forward to you joining us tomorrow. Add to a global business park hearing Greeneville for the big autograph session for your book what trump being trump and we will look forward to seeing you there tomorrow afternoon. Well thanks so much and can't wait to get sucked out of my favorite place I didn't. It is a beautiful spot thanks Cory and we'll see tomorrow might see you back on the other side right after the news.