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Monday, December 11th

Fusion GPS; Russian dossier; Roy Moore


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Well I needed to Lowe's and it is therefore a good thing that I'm here for an additional hour. They attack dog in the right. A bombastic while I'm sorry I. Entering the a bonus hour here on Monday great to have you along and as always is. Your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome. Here's valued join me NBA part of the conversation seeming Ingles advantaged hotline number 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address bomb that 1063. WORG dot com this is attrition. This is a Christian Amy as CNN. BS NBC. The two days she go away ABC news CBS news in basing all of them. Keep claiming to come up where these bombshell. Announcements. And yet. Here we have one. That really Ayers. A bombshell announcement. Fox News reporting exclusively this evening. A senior Justice Department official demoted. Last week. For concealing his meetings. With the man behind the anti trump dossier. Had even closer ties to fusion GPS. The firm responsible for the incendiary document. Then have been disclose. Them. Fox News Aniston has confirmed. The DOJ officials why if. Worked. For fusion GPS. During the 2016. Election. Well. Isn't that interest. Contacted by Fox News investigators from the house permanent select committee on intelligence. Confirmed that Natalee H or OHR. Wife of the demoted official Bruce or worked for the opposition research firm last year. The precise nature of mrs. wars dirty is including whether she actually worked on the dossier. Remains unclear. But a review of her published works available on line. Reveals mrs. Orr has written extensively. On rush over related subjects. The house committee staff confirmed to Fox News. That she was paid by fusion GPS. Through the summer and the fall. Of 2016. That would include. Up to and including. The election. Fusion GPS and the opposition research firm so called. But they're hired guns. You are you hire him to dig up dirt on your opponent that's what they do. And when there's no dirt to dig up they may get out. Fusion GPS has attracted scrutiny because Republican lawmakers has spent the better part of this year investigating. Whether they dossier. Funded by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democrat national committee. Served as the basis for the Justice Department and the FBI. To obtain five is a surveillance last year. On May trump campaign advisor named Carter paid each. The House Intelligence Committee chairman David Nunez Republican of California told Fox News in a statement this evening. The House Intelligence Committee is looking into all facets. Of the connections. Between the department of justice and justice and fusion GPS. Including mr. war. And now we are led to assume probably misses or as well. Why I'm that they had a lot to talk about it night over the dinner Tamil Roger Diego Honeywell a great. You know I checked out phony dossier that you guys put together and diffusion GPS. Yeah out beyond what to do that well. I took into my boss James Toney. And he said you know what with this we can go to the Pfizer court. And get a warrant and we can spy on the drug campaign and then if by some miracle he happens do we end. A weekend charging more than a tour he had. Boy that's a brilliant idea honey I wish I thought. Until December 6 when Fox News began making inquiries about him. Bruce or held two titles a DOJ he was and remains director of the organized crime drug enforcement task force. But. His other job was far more senior. Mister or held the rank of associate deputy attorney general. A posting gave him an office four doors down from the deputy AG rob rose and steam. The day before Fox News reported that mr. or held his secret meetings last year when the founder of fusion GPS. Glenn Simpson. And with Christopher studio all these former British spy who compiled a dossier. The Justice Department stripped or of his deputy AG title. And ousted him from his fourth floor office at the building that DOJ insiders call main justice. In which you and I would refer to as modern hero. PG OJS provided no public explanation. For or is demotion. Well not certainly another in a singer when movies individuals around all the time on. Officials inside the department of told Fox News he is wearing two hats was unusual. But confirm. Or had withheld his contacts with a fusion GPS men from his colleagues at the DOJ. You mean in other words he didn't tell Rosen stain or combing. By the way I'm meeting where these guys and fusion GPS. Oh and by the way my wife works there. What do you think that's the kind of information that. Would come as a revelation to your bosses want. Former FBI director James calm me. Who skirts are is going to caesar's wife has described the dossier is a compendium. Of salacious and unverified allegations. About then candidate Donald Trump and his associates. Including Carter page a foreign policy advisor. They dossier was provided to the FBI July last year shortly before then candidate Donald Trump. Accepted the GOP presidential nomination. As Komi later testified. It was in that same month. But the FBI began eight counterintelligence. Probe of alleged collusion. Between the tribe campaign and the Russian government. All of which of course was fueled by this phony dossier. That this guy ad. DOJ that he is why you. Worked for the firm the portal together. The disclosure by Fox News and Bruce or met with Simpson and steel last year. Expanded the reach of the dossier is creators from the FBI. Into the top echelons of the Justice Department. Initial investigation suggested that steel. A longtime FBI informant whose contacts with mr. or are said to date date back a decade. Might have played the central role in putting Simpson together with the associate deputy AG. Now the revelation that mrs. door worked for Simpson calls that account into question. A review of open source materials. Shows mrs. Orr was described as a Russia expert Anthony Wilson Center. And Washington think tank when she worked there briefly a decade ago. They center's web site senator project. Focused on not Russia the experiences of Russian farmers. During Stalin's collective visitation program and following the invasion of Russia by Nazi forces in 1941. She's also reviewed a number of books about twentieth century Russia including reconstructing. The stage personal networks any leads. Identity and Soviet Russia 2000 by Gerald Easter a political science at a scientist at Boston College. The American relief expedition the Soviet Russia and the famine of 1921 blob. Contact him by Fox News late today DOJ officials him. Declined to count I'm sorry we have no comment on that right now. We're still trying to figure out what that. Is going on here. Sixteen after six or on the Bonnie matchup quick break here and then right back with more as a great piece by occur to Easter and town hall. Now about thome and and all the manipulations and the underhanded dealings they've been not to. Entitled look liberals and turn the FBI into a disgrace. It and it's pathetic. I mean what's happened. The piece is great now share that with Kevin right back. Or at all. This information is certainly revealing. A sale always. Welcome back twenty minutes after six here on the mommy Mac show so the plot now think Kansas fox news's exclusively reporting this afternoon. On this guy mr. or. Who has a deputy assistant attorney general. Who has demoted. Last week because he had failed to disclose. Having conversations. With the the two former Wall Street Journal reporters. Who founded this opposition research firm fusion GPS the originators of the phony trump dossier. He he hadn't bothered to tell anybody. He'd been in contact when those guys now all Fox News has learned this guy's better half his wife was working. And fusion GPS. And a short leash so bad necessarily if they'd been transparent about it but in spite of bad. They've done everything they can to rather than be transparent. Muddy the waters. A look at how many times. House and Senate Committees. And I have issued subpoenas to get information. About this guy and other DOJ and FBI officials that are all up to their necks. In this fusion GPS business. Only to have their subpoenas and there. Inquiries ignored. By FBI and DOJ. Congressman Adam Schiff Democrat California the ranking Democrat on the intelligence committee declined to comment. On the original disclosure about mr. horse secret meetings. And did not immediately respond to a request for comment about mrs. war. He could be heard swearing inside his office. Well I added apartments. While Nunez has issued numerous subpoenas to DOJ and FBI. Relating to the dossier and is threatened contempt of congress citations against. Ron Rosen Steen and FBI director Christopher raid for what congressional Republicans have called stonewalling. By the two agencies chef has mostly objected to the demands for documents and witnesses. Casting the entire dossier probe as innately political. I think there's a hope. And if they can impeach Christopher steal and they can impeach the FBI and DOJ. May mean they can impeach the whole Russia investigation. Schiff told BS NBC and September all YC. They're not really drug dealers. They're actually undercover marks. Is that pretty much your story. Wow. This this just gets worse and worse by the day. Now Bonnie the FBI would have had knowledge and or his wife worked for GPS because FBI and DOJ. Not periodic background checks would have discovered this and agents would have to disclose such information yell. But he's a DOJ official not an FBI. Agent. Now Bobby the New York pipe bomb terrorist just proves. 50% of all terrorist graduate in the bottom half of their class. I now. Now Bob trump and Roy Moore attacked by questionable stories by their accusers. While many democratic users are backed by a videos. And payoffs. Now Bobby Donald Trump should remind his sexual accusers they used to be called gold diggers. I imagine just basic Herschel Easter road in town hall liberals and turn the FBI into disgrace. And this intimate all the other crimes of the liberal establishment. It's poisonous influence has converted the FBI and the eyes of the American people from a proud institution. Dedicated to upholding the law. Into just another silver rating bureaucratic buster role. Where once we saw FBI agents as heroes many of us ancients grew up watching a for an zimbalist junior every Sunday night. Now we see career best hacks. Looking to suck up to the Democrat a week while bending the law and some burning just has to do it truly everything liberals touch. Dies. The revelations about other so special agent Peter struck. Shouldn't surprise anyone as bad as they are. Even that hacked Robert Mueller couldn't keep him on board the Russia soft coup expressed after strikes and he trumped next to his FBI mistress came out. Shocker. This is a same Democrat running clown who watered down the felonious. Mill house of on pantsuit investigation conclusions. Held fully drafted months before the investigation was finished. Oh when he oversaw the un sworn on recorded interview of his special Dowell. Not the one he was cheating went. The one with a taste more shard Ney and failure who would have helped his career as a reward for his so lavish demotion hedging on ball watched. On botched. Running against Donald Trump. He was also in on any ambush of general Mike Ford and who he and his SCSI come Padres decided to prosecute while the heartbeat. Uma and all the rest of the Clinton know struck got a pass. Oh but for the lefty in crowned its grows beef or bureaus. The new head honcho Christopher Wray. And heck is he hiding anyway is they locked in a dim box somewhere in the Hoover building didn't didn't even fire struck. Though intra mural adultery is allegedly against the rules of the FBI. Nope nothing builds confidence and a law enforcement agencies organizational integrity like bending the rules to protect your big wig bodies. Oh wait. Out right payoffs due to don't even start on Andrew McCabe and his wife's Democrat contributions. To her. She was running firm political office in Virginia. Yelled the wife for the FBI second in command got money from the Democrat party. And he's still not recused from this faced investigation are you kidding me. By the way and we got a single iota of information. About what the unholy you know what happened since sensed special agent Johnson and special agent Johnson. Took over the investigation of the Las Vegas shooting. It's long past time don't Lance this boil it's sad when you have to accept that you can't talk to the FBI. And they can't be trusted to do justice. That you must protect yourself and from being railroaded. Like general plan was and always. Always demand to speak to your attorney. And Amanda of the FBI and not question you if they come sniffing around. General foil and trusted them not to have an agenda what what happened to him and learn. It's hard breaking. Because the FBI's real legacy. A legacy field agents largely you live today is a legacy of heroes. And now we see that sanctimonious clown James colony on Twitter presuming to quote the Bible. And it's all you can do to keep kuril lunch from a launching. These times serving a ladder climbers are not what the FBI is. But they're petty institutional gamesmanship. Has now syrup that impression. Into the consciousness. Of millions of Americans when you say FBI to a liberal. He she exceed would snarl. Seeding at the bureau's reputation for taking out the foreign and domestic terrorist progressives love to play footsie with. But the tragedy is that when you say FBI do a conservative today. You get a sad shake of the head because we can no longer trust the bureau. Because the top ranks are manifestly. Riddled with vindictive partisans. Angling for their own advantage. Mueller then comedy and their project may have done this. As a liberals inevitably do they disgraced yet another proud institution. Imagine yourself a field agent. Dedicated to upholding the law. And having to not only live under this corrupt regime but I have to share in the contempt the American people have learned of veal forest it's heartbreaking. Because a reality of the FBI is not a Muller's in the Comesa and the McCabe missed and that's trucks and whoever struck was having an affair with its special agent. Benjamin Grogan special agent Jerry dove special agent and Mundo Morales junior. And thousands of others who put their lives on the line for us every single day. By the way that's AM a reference to agents that were involved and a big shootout in not Miami back in the mid eighties. They are in the big upper floor offices and headquarters. Hiding documents from congress oral leaking to their pals in the Washington Post they aren't mangling. Where is Democrat big wigs schmoozing for their next step up the latter. They're out there doing their job. May be the FBI can recover its reputation someday I certainly hope so maybe I can earn our trust and respect again but the first step. Is for the president and congress to up popped this bureaucratic zipped. And clean out the parts. It's. Well set. Virtually Easter after a town hall dot com open this up on FaceBook so you can share natural pressure. 630 here on the buyout inaction on news is next in the bottom and I'm right back on the other side when the last half of the bonus hour on Monday. I think. Things are going today at the DOJ. And over at the Hoover building. Lights burning bright at night late into the night yes thank. Iran backed. Here's the duke. On Duke Ellington in the background. Jazzy. Jingle all the way. Nights. Welcome back until 638 now Tony to the force. M and here and above they match up and CNN now big analyzer. And I'm name on me Donald drug to bigger nominee he's figured out he he's calling me names not against many years up. Noting easily treated like. CNN needs to be treated like. And t.'s. What's what's the end of the kid's name in a Christmas story. Delhi ralphie treated. Not ralphie remember his name and on the kid that he that he beat up. Yeah yellow line it's really yellow eyes. Cheryl and Anna Faris Victor Sam and I terror. We're ralphie got him down and pleased. Yeah he's just done venting. I tell. And nine and call me every name in the book. The vocabulary which you acquired from on the old man which is where I acquired mind. Not a blank. A growth and a family Marines you. Hear you're gonna. And I have a L wide ranging vocabulary. To the phones we go. Alexander Greer and bring in Marty here on the bunny match Ohio Marty and welcome to the program. Can you hear I hear you fine. Pretty Aaron I fully expect it not working. I. Went to know what what happened the way your text. Well it started Friday have been sending messages and I don't get that reply. Thanks protecting Bobby Mack county yeah on the bounce back. Yeah I don't get it. Well that's where and I just I just started on Friday. What have you got any upgrades in your firewall. I'm not really. How can't well then I'm I'm I'm sorry here and then yes god Fargas thank you received many Marty somebody just. And we did in the name of the kid and Christmas struck the far guess affairs akin to being out there. I'm sorry Joseph Amato gay even though you can't detection of course. Here you are on the phone which is fine and it. I love god you've got to honor my pleasure. I think about the election in Alabama tomorrow right and it. Voters down there have to be so we re from all this drama. And app might get that many of the more supporters argue the recognition let up. Because. If he'd win the drama will to intent idol getting worse thick and rich you have to callable at Alabama will be. To be present. Right yeah everybody everybody castigated his trailer trash issue and you know not have any more morality or ethics into the elect this guy and blah blah blah I mean you and I can right Dan lines ourselves. Yes and and and you know let me and I know it sounds horrible in a way I have he loses so that we don't have to go through that drama. And then I feel like market Kate get Kate to meet it. The out right. There is a look I completely understand. Voter fatigue. Because you know we need when you talk about politics and and current events. I'm as I do for four hours every day. I understand it all too well in fact I'm I don't even watch. And Limbaugh said he's the same way naturally doesn't even bother to watch. The mainstream evening newscasts are. Now BS NBC we we know what they're up to anyway. And it's entirely possible. But the other side of that coin is they may actually be incentivized. By all these attacks on more. To the point where they say you know what I hear you go away overall media here you go Washington Post hearing go to New York Times. Stick it. And and show up in massive numbers and elect him overwhelmingly and consequences be damned. And then yeah but it'll look like after that and they're gonna find out that he he had some indiscretions and then if he's connector you guys in it it's going to be all yeah do you imagine some of that honorable member and on and on and on and. Yeah there there is. There is that that opportunity. And I wonder. It's I had a thought my hand and interest in what they went round and it was it was in regard. Two two voter for all I know what it was yeah I can you imagine. What it would have been like to try and watch television in Alabama for the last couple months. Oh that's talk about what people got to be a bit you know what. Yeah between the between the out political ads and we know that the Democrats are pouring tons of money in Alabama between the political ads which can't be turned down. By the way you've got Ronald. And and the newest. That that is a incessant barrage of Roy Moore did this Roy Moore did that. And at and as you pointed out panic accurately. The down. The complicity. But the media alleges that the voters and then this be out there they've got to be up to hear what. Did you keep that story about the sure responded. Can't let that one out offering. One dollar and fifty dollar to people that came to a rally. Sure. Doesn't Janet. I I did not see that the ducks are very yeah I can't and that's their that's typical Leo what they do. How about I'm certain that Alan. Yeah out there and although they're not really. And buying votes I guess technically where the Federal Election Commission. You have to be standing at the polling place and and slip a man Randy Jackson can't now. Huh. But I mean it's tantamount to the same thing right. Feel like you know to bring in an absurd they gonna drive them. Straight from the rally to the polling place yup. Probably sell by the way mark are your first time caller Marty. Right now loudly and I've I'd miss then the party cannot be overlooked at. And similar and somebody attacks today and waders AM Bobby a first time caller no cow bell want to options. And know what will will get a dominant on the opposite. Side of the spectrum from where we usually do. Under I got a message received and understood. I got married and Merry Christmas to you to Marty and I and I keep taxing and keep collier welcome any time. My pleasure Obama quarterly for seven apartment should take his sixth save money going into conditioning. In us like Pavlov we have to travel over in the Angolan. I'd be right back here with Shia closing segment believe it or not. Leo Bobby mentioned that zipped past here on this Monday be right back. Welcome back Bobby Mack show here at 648 it doesn't before 7 o'clock they don't forget you have an opportunity with a New Year's Eve right around the corner. To win the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend experienced. Live in Vegas at the Chelsea at the cosmopolitan. Of Las Vegas Foo Fighters. At December 31 Duran Duran December 30. Zack brown band December 29 when a special after party performance by sir Roosevelt. You Andy guessed. Could win roundtrip airfare coach for 24. Nights hotel stay at the cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Tickets to see all three shows bless these special sir Roosevelt. Zach brown side project performance. Are you need to do is go to war web site 1063. WORD. Dot com to enter. And against all the details. Pretty good pretty good to the phones we go. Bump up. Tom is next on he has on his cell phone hi John and welcome to the program. So far so good. That's good that connect US auto color Marty. Obviously has some concerned about how the people of Alabama. Might steal the election of us senator avoid more right. Intercept three were to think first earth does defeat congressman mark Stanford. I. Mardy thought it or yeah that could always be out awful hiking that world famous Appalachian trail right. Or boy and that the truth banks that town on Wednesday night a redo to America's mystery. Now also went on the tax on Bob Marty sounds like judge you want trumped to just give up too with their wish for morneau is no I'm I don't think she's actually. Hoping to moral loses I think she's just. Reached the saturation point would commit the way the media. Keeps but look. Now you think Donald Trump is not down or frustrated and angry and and reach a saturation point on the way he gets. Beaten about the head and shoulders on a daily basis say never ending torrent. Of criticism and hate filled rhetoric. So he can put up with that. We ought to be able to put operatives. Now Bob in my your last dollar shows they defeatist Aniston attitude the mainstream media trying to inflict on us we have to take a stand. No I would be happy. If we would discount a brawl over and taken. Bobbie if more was likely do one before these suspiciously timed allegations. Loses the contest. The left Willis found it's winning card for every future election. Plan on well and look at the way. They've immediately moved today. When these three accusers against president travel we know all about these accusations. They were leveled two or three times previously. Gearing the out of the campaign. And then we had an election in November and guess what happened. Bob Marty is wrong Roy Moore will win these women are bogus. Interest saying you know there was a Fox News poll out today that showed down Roy Moore down by ten points and yet there's another bowl. Then I saw elsewhere and I can't remember. Right offhand who wasn't did that when that they had Roy Moore up by nine points and I suspect. That one is probably closer to it. By the way for the app for the commute tomorrow. I I received this email from Nia SE DOT. Major progress is being made on the I eighty I 85385. Gateway project. Resulting in another temporary alignment for I 385 northbound traffic. Now I know a lot of people coming in the morning from a Simpson bill fountain and now a great court all down and there. Drivers will be asked to pay special attention to Wednesday morning not tomorrow. But Wednesday morning as they travel along 385 northbound the shift had been scheduled for tomorrow. Motorists will be re directed along a new alignment. As they worked their way towards roper mountain road and downtown Greenville. Once you make your way past Butler road he'll continue under the Woodruff road bridge. Then under the new bridge towards downtown. You'll be taken off I 385 northbound as you now know it. As drivers worked their way towards I 85 travel lanes will gradually shift back. To the original alignment across the I 85 bridges. This is a significant change to the old traffic pattern and motorists are asked to pay close attention to new sign inch. Message boards and traffic control devices that will assist them through this area. Please use caution as you drive through this year. All right so that was originally scheduled for tomorrow and now has been pushed back two wins day. So I've missed enough for armed as a sale for four armed is four Warren this more armed. Up four armed is for forewarned is fore. You can giggling insane. I stumbled through the closing minutes of the L Monday edition. I think that somebody in the text line about a Mardy and not an account they'll send oh bunny match at a brain. You know lot. That makes two and five minutes. Senate new personal quest now money finish as well I try the best I can. I don't forget tomorrow is special edition Joseph I won't be here with money penny Arlen Lanny tomorrow. They'll be in their respective roles Annie no of course reback in the news center. And mr. money penny will be in here on the other side of the glass. As saying out what is he doing now. While I am out and they global business park. If you're not sure that is it's it's right there behind JL Mann high school. Because Corey low and now ski. And down is a deputy campaign manager in the trump for president campaign David bossy. Are both going to be in town tomorrow. They're going to be appearing with me and global business park and you are invited. I'll be a discussion Q&A session and afterward you'll have the opportunity to meet Korean David and have by your own copy of their new book went trump. Be trump signed by the authors tickets are ten bucks you can get them at the door at the event tomorrow. The ticket includes entrenched for opted to adults all kids are welcome free. One copy of let them the trump book you the opportunity meet Gloria and David haven't personally autograph your book. Along with a little picture taking session their little meet and greet. All proceeds go to fan of SC that's freedom action network of South Carolina the event cosponsored. By the Greenville Tea Party and South Carolina fan of SA. Go to their website fan of SE dot com. To get all the details and I'll be looking for you there tomorrow will be on the road. The united take my brain with you have a great evening seat Omar god bless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical force to. And greens. Yeah. I must be going and I must be he had no means. Happiness anger. Leave eve. I say it. It's. When. Yeah. Rugged game.