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Tuesday, December 12th

Terror attack NYC; Bomber's family "outrage"; Immigration


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You keep it. Greetings welcomes you occasions and big in all honesty it's a big day today because I'm going to be joined in the program today. By not only Corey and Al ski campaign manager for Donald Trump during 2006 team and also his deputy in the campaign David bossy. They are co authors of a new book let trump being trump. Curry and David will both be here later this afternoon for me a big event and is always of course we're trying to be out here. Now where the big things are happening that's why I'm coming to you. On the road today from the global business park and has always. You are input. Is invited encourage and welcome here are valued join me today NBA part of the conversation just grab your phone use the Ingles advantage call in line. 803471063. Or any common sense retirement planning text line number. I do that attacks the lineup here on the computer with me on the road. And number 71307. My email address or course knowledge available Bob. And 1063. WORG. Dot com. Going to be a big day today and fortunately the weather has cooperated. It's going to be a great event going on later this afternoon and into the early evening hours. The freedom action network of South Carolina that's Dave Schwartz and sent and those votes from fans of SC. End up Presley and Presley steps in the votes and in Greenville Tea Party our co sponsoring this event today. Draining the swamp a night with Korean who and how ski and David bossy. They are both going to be arriving of that later this afternoon. His book of the same name elect trump the trump which coach was the famous mantra from the campaign and I take you inside the campaign trail there's already been a lot of discussion. I'm out to some of the items in the book. And now they also have a attracted media attention for that as well as a fact. That the book is selling very very well it's it's really taken off on Amazon and a bunch of the other book tracking sites. And yeah you get to the whole deal he had the good the bad and the ugly of what went on in the campaign. There'll be a discussion and then a question and answer session and afterward you'll have the opportunity to meet. Korean David and have them give you a signed copy of elect trump the trump tickets are ten dollars you can purchase them right year. At the door at the event. The N ticket includes entrants for up to two adults and by the way all kids are welcome and they're absolutely free. You'll pass the school JL Mann high school on your right if you're if you're coming. Down warrants road from Greenville headed towards Malden. The first sir that's the big stuff like their first one when you get past. 85. You turn right there. Go up as if you're going to jail man high school. I go past. Designating the polling and for the business part of what you get in the park take the first right why some people out here will be providing directions Korea. And then nine just park in the parking lot. Now in front of the note it's the last building on the right now last entrance on the right hand side has a a big sign out front says veranda. That is where I'm broadcasting from and that is where the event will be taking place and ten dollars to get in that get you a copy of the book which I think its own room one. So that's that's that's a good deal. And and Korean David will be happy to autograph and Korea and under the usual you know I'm shaking babies and kissing hands. With a Korean and David. Now picture taking in and all it's a meet and agree. So they'll be speaking talking about the campaign. And then you'll have an opportunity to ask him questions about what transpired during campaign and get a copy of the book. And and again ticket price is ten dollars so any odd going on. Analysts go ahead and not getting into the story that. Caught my attention right off the bat today. Because of the contemporaneous. Nature of what happened yesterday. At the Port Authority. Transit station 42 street subway station in New York. Where this. Chain migration. Bomber from Bangladesh. Until he had a little. They have suspect behind yesterday morning spiel suicide bombing. His family. Get this talk about audacity talk about nerve his family expressed. Outrage. That's their word outraged. By the actions of law enforcement. Quote. We are heartbroken by the violence. That was targeted at our city today and by the allegations being made against a member of her arm for our family now when you hear where this came from. You'll perfectly understand the Genesis. For this this kind of outrageous comment. Those were remarks from Albert Foxconn. He has the legal director for care. New York that the Council On American Islamic Relations. They have been tagged in the past. As AM an offshoot of that our supporting the Muslim Brotherhood this guy made this statement on behalf of the family. According to IWABC. In New York. But we're also outraged by the behavior of one. Horsemen officials who have held children as small as four years old out in the cold. And you held a teenager out of high school classes to interrogate him without a lawyer without his parents the family said. These are not the sorts of actions we expect from our justice system. I guess maybe they expect a different and Bangladesh right we have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack. Pop what truth behind the attack the guy had a pipe bomb strapped to his belly he was trying to kill innocent Americans it went off. And I gave him lay a real bad case of indigestion. That's the truth behind this attack. And that we will in the end be able to learn what occurred today understatement conclude. She eons. Some terror well as you might expect. Now that engendered any response from. The NYPD. Family members of the failed New York City terror bomb were blasted on social media Tuesday. After they accused police of heavy handed tactics. Eight charge became mere hours after their son attempted to massacre of civilians in a crowded subway passage way. Quote let me get this correct your son wants in a public place wearing a bomb. And you're outraged at the behavior of the police to band. Get over it exclamation points. The sergeants benevolent association tweeted. Rappers and in just a small sample. Of the public outcry directed at the family of a rule on. Well not any bungle a dashing man accused of detonating a pipe bomb packed with screws. Near Port Authority during the Monday morning rush hour released a statement through that care saying you're heartbroken by the violence but. These statement then chastised the law enforcement officials for interrogating. Family members after the terror attack. Maybe they are unfamiliar. With the way the law enforcement operates the typically when you have an Islamic jihadist terrorist. Family members are interrogated. Because. I'll want. Well perhaps because they might have been involved. Truly incredible. The family said they have every confidence and yet system will find the truth behind this I think we party no. The truth behind this attack. The statement prompted almost immediate outrage on social media. Several years are saying the tone was offensive. In the midst of an attempted terror attack that could've killed dozens of people if the pipe bomb a designated as plan. Sorry our son tried to blow up a lot of you on your way to work today. But the cops were kind of rude to us after that and we want answers. Former CIA analyst and radio host blocked sexton tweeted mocking me summing up the family statement. Montel Williams treated this moronic offensive. Morally indefensible statement by the care lawyer. Largest cost care my support I'm done well why would you be supporting a group that supports a Muslim Brotherhood anyway. Now bucks sections and I'm so I'm sorry airs on trying to blow up I don't understand this guy tried to kill innocent people. With no regard in the family is now upset at being inconvenienced. His son was trying to do worse and inconvenient American citizens. Gorgeous now happily going about their business and trying to get to work through the subway in New York that's enough of a challenge in itself. Without an Islamic jihadist bomber. Would they have felt bad if there were inconvenient funerals. And somebody else posted on Twitter rude. Attempting to murder innocent Americans while your family and son are privileged guests entitles you to be handled with kid gloves real way. You haven't anything worthy of sympathy America wants and deserves answers. Truly incredible and you wonder well course. The statement came from the attorney for care. I'm which is of course busily. I'm trying to use this situation for their own hands. Seventeen after three here in embodiment joke come in GO lives this afternoon from the drain the swamp South Carolina event Corey Lendale ski. I'm President Bush's campaign manager for much in the campaign in 2016. Will be joining me waiter this afternoon be right back here on the Bobby match you know seventeen after three now here on 1063. WORG. Out a welcome back. Bobby Mack show here and I gorgeous Tuesday afternoon for a way trees gain this is not too shabby. Great to have you along I'm out here add to a global business park where a little bit later this afternoon. I'm going to be joined by Corey able endow ski trump campaign manager he's not going to be in town to promote his new book collect trump. Beat trump. And I'm on race. Anyway to do anything else. The president being the man years he he is. Going to be Troutman now. You don't like it well aunts and that's merely tough a great to have you 123 after three. Pretty amazing that. These are these folks take care of the Council On American Islamic Relations. Which has now longstanding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Use the terror bombing yesterday. As. An idea and an opportunity. To trying to engender sympathy for the family of India bombing. And social media as you might imagine went absolutely crazy. I skipped stereo tweeted. The only thing they blew my family should be saying is we're profoundly sorry for unleashing a psychopath. Into your Mets apparently. This guy is now claiming that. That he was radicalized. Over the Internet. Now by Tyson's. I also heard last night. That he has bomb construction. Information. Came from a site on the web as as well that may have been and licence related side I don't know. And we all understand about first amendment rights but. What world are we doing making it easy. I'm for people who want to kill innocent Americans to build a bomb now fortunately. In the case of little our follow whatever this guy's name has. He was a pretty pour engineer. It's amazing how many times these amateur bombers. In dump. Either. Miss constructing the bomb or blowing themselves up in the construction process that. Back in the day when Bill Ayers the guy who just happen to live and Obama's neighborhood in Chicago and he had really no time eminent. Bill Ayers and his pals in the Weather Underground. The Communist sponsored anti war demonstrations. They build bombs all over the place and in fact Ayers thing girlfriend. The woman allegedly the love of his life blew herself up. In tea in a basement in Greenwich Village in New York back in the early seventies. Now we see this kind of thing all the time. William F Sweeney assistant director in charge of the New York office. The FBI. Said in a new. News conference earlier today bureau is only conducting the necessary interviews to ensure safety. While accorsi war. Quote our teams use appropriate. Reasonable and lawful methods to accomplish these goals but to be clear. Our teams will move with speed and move with purpose. The bomber was inspired by crisis said he was angered by US policies on the Middle East when he orchestrated the attack. He criminal complaint said he wrote on FaceBook. Before boarding a crowded subway train with the pipe bomb strapped to his body. The trump has quote failed to protect the nation. Meaning he was on his way with a bomb. Well bear in mind if you're really it was the generosity. Of American immigration policy. That got you out of the hell that is gondola dash and brushing your average and wet. And you were payouts for our generosity by allowing you Tim we have legally in the greatest nation on earth. By trying to bomb. American citizens. He was charged yes spent today with supporting an act of terrorism making terroristic threats and criminal possession of weapon. He entered the US on a chain migration visa from Bangladesh. Lived in Brooklyn when his mother sister and two Brothers. What they didn't have any more cousins they could've brought on as well. Bob dual I Hogg. Who allows uncle the suspect's wife and her parents. Are being interrogated by officials from Bangladesh's. Counterterrorism. And transnational crime department. Sent out duel among non an official involved in the investigation. The AG Jeff Sessions today called for an end to the chain migration visa. And they switched to a merit based system. Which is a way it used to be. In this country to prevent terror suspects from entering the country you realize that. For something like forty years. From. In 1930s. And forties. America had zero. Immigration. And the rationale behind that was we had such an influx. Of immigrants. In the late part of the nineteenth century early part of the tour money at. That when we had reasonable people in Washington who understood. That it was important to allow enough time. For people to acclimate themselves to the American way of life they called a halt all immigration and and allowed zero immigration. For several decades. Sessions continued that means welcoming the best and the brightest and turning away not only terrorists but gang members and criminals. You know he's MS thirteen guys. Oh and parts of Long Island in New York. Blood horrors they've inflicted on people there. Well documented. We should give priority to those who are likely to thrive here such as those who speak English or are highly skilled. Not someone chosen at random. Are who happens to be somebody's relative minutes speak English. That's racist. Is a nod I'd say Al racist accusation. She its. It's incredible let me see when I had him on the yet Tex wind you're quickly above I saw a picture of the bomber today labeled with a caption help I've fallen and I can't. Blow up. Well he did that just enough to get himself made a real bad Tommy eight. 329. Here in the body much out. Take a break here at the bottom of the hour right back on the other side here in the Bob McClain joke. Coming to you from the drain the swamp South Carolina you've had a night with Corey Lee went ASCII and David bossy. They'll be joining me on the program has some other guests as well. Coming up in a bit. Here on the Bobby Mack show on Tuesday. On 1063. WORT. How do you welcome back Bobby Knight Joker image he'll live this afternoon from the global business park where we're going to be joined. Little bit later this afternoon in fact at the next half hour or so. My dad former trump campaign manager Corey and Al ski and his. Coke campaign manager George deputy campaign manager and David bossy as well they're going to be here they'll be. Autograph thing copies of the new book like trump the trump which is that. Trying to be a pretty hot best seller right now no in the league answering your questions. And do a little meet and greet with folks who are come by and see us we are a global business park that's just beyond. JL Mann high school. The gamut from how warrants rodeo pass a school on the right. See the entrance of the global business park the admission prices ten dollars and you can purchase tickets right here at the door. The tickets include inference for up to two adults. All kids are welcome you get a copy of the book elect trump the trump an opportunity to meet and speak with Corey and David and have amount personally. Autograph your book to you and you want a picture they'll be happy to do that to an all proceeds go to fan of Nancy Nancy freedom action network. Of South Carolina you from doing these guys we were Dave Schwartz and and these votes in now the campaign against on the gas tax and what have you. For for them to be able to continue their commitment to drain the swamp here in South Carolina. By the way. We have another opportunity for Bobby Knight prize pack this afternoon. Does any of that have been listening to WORD for a number of years know that at Christmas time every year. Now we ran a a great Christmas special put together by chip Davis in the Fulton Mannheim steamroller. Posted by chip called an American Christmas and we can run at last Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because. A they have pulled it off the market for a year to kind of revamping hadn't updated. And and polish it up but it will be back Christmas Eve starting at 6 in the evening and continuing. Until midnight on Christmas Day. And not in honor of its return I'm gonna give you an opportunity to call and on the contest line 2414334. To win a copy. A Mannheim steamroller is new holiday CD. Christmas bill which features new arrangements from me a classic cartoon and movie. How the grinch stole Christmas plus a bunch of other original songs including eight new version of grinch must. Not composed by chip. Composed a specific way. For a universal. Orlando resort holidays. Now grinch must attraction if you like to win that and a canister. I'll meet really delicious one of the kind cinnamon hot chocolate mixed which is endorsed by mr. money penny by the way. All you have to do is a B elections caller number four. Mr. Imus money panicked caller number four. 2414334. For a copy of the Mannheim steamroller holiday CD Christmas ale and a canister. Of their cinnamon hot chocolate mix which I know you will enjoy a after the Christmas time this year when I was on the air yesterday they a presidential news conference. A beg pardon me the regular scheduled afternoon. News conference. With less Sarah Huckabee Sanders was going on. Out at the same time and so I didn't get to see this exchange. But I'm gonna have to go back and now look at the video. Big. Big test from the media reports. Jim Costa. Who is AM. And a journalist and I use that word loosely for CNN. Who is then very aggressive. In his attacks. On the traffic administration. Many of which of them proven audience that prisoners held him fake news. He got into it yesterday again with that Sara Sanders and and she gave. An even better then she got. Now the follow up to day. CNN's Jim Acosta may have threatened his position. In the white house press pool by yelling questions at the president during a bill signing yesterday. As president trump was leaving the signing a Costa yelled out a question about Trump's tweet. About Democrats senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Matt whole AE and sent CNN. Tweeted opponents ignores question from a Costello. About this tweet insulting senator Gillibrand this morning a Costa. Always desperate to paint himself as some kind of media hero. The L white Knight on horse claimed that white house Press Secretary Sara Sanders warned him beforehand. That Guillen was running the risk of being removed from the press pool if they yelled out any questions while a course. A Costa as the end journalist hero that he is ignored that advice. Prior to this moment press act issues a warning to me a constant tweeted she said of I asked a question of trump. Not president from. If I asked a question of trumpet the bill signing I can't promise you will be allowed into a pool spray again. A costly than tweeted sorry Sarah we won't be intimidated. We will be wrong on multiple particular about the stories that we've carried on our hair but we refused to be intimidated. In mass BO BS NBC's Hallie Jackson defended it costs down. We do expect anything less explaining that while the president doesn't have to answer questions of pool events the press is still allowed to ask them. CBS news White House correspondent Mark Knoller. I don't even know who that is. Also tweeted about the alleged showdown giving a constant props. For asking a question despite Sanders threats. Sanders and a constant previously got into a battle and yesterday's white house press briefing. Where at a cost tried to monopolize the time allotted for the briefing. And Sara Sanders. One but not when that essentially told him you know. Shot up and goal. Words she phrased it more diplomat it's a good thing that dead and I have never been at that podium. Performing that particular job because I'd last about thirty its debts. Before I went. Can say something it to probably. I would regret at some point. Down there. Bob I didn't hear a good number of number for the contest two for 14334. But I suspect we Ari probably am the winner by now. A bombing on so sick of the left trying to destroy everything that front is doing for our country well that's. That's their role in this that's that's how they see their job. Bob the Port Authority suicide bomber had what we should affectionately call AG Hadi work accident. It's just a shame he did not have a at home. You can't get in a bomber's house they have one of those. Signs up in out so many days since our last bombing. That the number today of course would only be one. At 345 quarter before four here on the bottom action take a quick break here and then be right back with more come into your from the global business park. I just hear it it's on a global hard drive just just down the street from JL Mann high school when you're invited come by later this afternoon. The doors actually open up the lead at 530. Is that right south by thirty. 5 o'clock doors open at 5 o'clock you are invited. So like c'mon now. I'll be right back here on the Bobby match on Tuesday. On 163. WORD. Connie welcomed back Bobby Mack show coming to you from our Tennessee and Greenville Tea Party. Cosponsored event with Corey Lou and ASCII the president Trump's campaign manager for much of 2016. They're going to be joining us here in the next few minutes and Korean David bossy that. Deputy campaign manager will be out with me on the program. In on the attacks find bodies Leighton lord won't resign. And governor marble mouth. That would bail on him rent. Mike Jackson should just go ahead and fire his sorry you lying in amp you know a lot from a GM in easily. Now bobbing with change visa isn't a case like this. All went to the change should immediately be deported to see how they like that treatment. Bump up. Afternoon Bobby Mack be safe wellbeing out and about today we have nots. In Greenville not to worry. We have our standard security protocols in place. Intercourse always have. My two pals mr. Smith and mr. Weston. Who are with me to up to the phones we go this afternoon leadoff batter sergeant meanwhile to get to you there pat. Is in nine union watchdog about this a bomber and his distinguished mammoth hot pat welcome to the bunny match show. I now why can't we send them and make pac ten. Good question that we acted Bangladesh where they work. As as if. What they're pure as the driven snow and had no idea they're poor little misguided son had been radicalized. I looked at. I don't know I gotta kill and they were in had a. Well early on sat at that now. I would think. I would think it would be difficult to do that. In secret. Yeah. Look at this Atlantic packing. Oh wait we can't under current policy. Because they've. As far as we know at this point till the FBI investigation is complete are presumed to be in assault of any complicity. If this attack. But it certainly is ammunition for president front and attorney general Jeff Sessions. Today to point out that we've got to end. This chain migration where we bring in off command and then he brings in 28 cousins and by the way. With multiple wives many album. End up guess where on the welfare rolls yeah. I. Oh we end we end up we end up paying for their. Not only for their transportation here no we don't we maintain there lifestyle without our tax dollars after the here. Well we're very hectic people Republican Party is intact. And if we can't push more rules and it's summed changed fast. Yeah absolutely he earns you. That they're pretty. You know it's it's funny you mentioned that because. When I did work in New York years ago. I didn't actually win out. In New York City pilot downed in AM suburb of New Haven called Hamdan. Connecticut. And and did so I did so deliberately because there and no interest in in Lebanon in the city. Now I can't my son was stationed at why weren't they kept saying I'm down under the equity at that that their plight. We were like crap and we get the win next is we didn't wanna go back again. Yeah and that would that would be enough to hold you for twice would be enough to cheer for and and Newark was substantially different. In a lot of ways back in at least in terms of the number of people there event. That it it just has that its own set of problems I I am perfectly content. At a B here in the upstate of South Carolina thank you can appreciate the call good to have you on today. By the way the president has blasted the New York Times again. This business with they're claiming that at and this is this was occurring yesterday contemporaneously. With the bombing story and what is CNN doing. The having made a big gun panel discussion with guests on. A psychologist. Against gastroenterology. Everybody else. Talking about the president consuming. Eight to twelve diet coach today and watching television. Now 48 hours a day the president tweeting another false story. This time in the failing New York Times and I watch 48 hours of television today wrong. Also I seldom if ever watch CNN or MSNBC both of which I consider fake news rightly so to. I never watch Don lemon who I once called the dumbest man on television and bad reporting. Via tweet from presidential Don lemon I mean that's the tea. That's a pretty low hurdle to clear to be honest man on television he had been given now. Given contemporaneous events you'd have to nominate Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer probably in that category as well. But to me you remember Don lemon as I mentioned yesterday that Malaysian airliner disappeared and Don Norman is on air. Talking with some aviation expert. Is it possible. There's aircraft was abducted by aliens. Yeah that does that probably was it done they were. The aircraft was taken applied to the gravity shelf. I am. She used. They find these guys. Our number one of the Bobby Mack show is in the books come a deal live from the global business part of their big event and our friends from fan of SE. Corey Abel and ASCII president Trump's campaign manager going to be joining me in the next hour. Here on the body Mac show.