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Tuesday, December 12th

Dave Schwartz joins to talk gas tax


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Boy what a day this has been a great afternoon and welcome back great to have you on here we go getting on away with a 5 o'clock I'm lazy most. Heavily commuted hour of anybody Mac electric radio program. When yours truly they attacked on the right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south and as always deal or input. Is invited encouraged and welcome to using Ingles advantage sock line 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. We are part of the a special event. Draining the swamp. A night with Corey or announced Ian David bossy where here at the global business park which is just awful orange road very near. You are invited to come by. The admission prices only ten dollars and now you cannot buy tickets right here at the door and for that price. You get entrenched or two adults now all kids are welcome Fareed you get a copy of let trump the trump their new book. And of course have an opportunity to personally shake hands and talk with Korean David bossy Panama personalize your book autograph a two year. In a picture Wear them. And all the ticket proceeds will go to benefit. Fan of SE the freedom action network of South Carolina. In their commitment to drain the swamp in Columbia. They're going to be talking with that Dave Schwartz from an NFC and now the next album and its name is on your familiar with the from our regular Wednesday conversations. First of all though let's get to the phones. Because we handsome people that have been patiently waiting. To getting your beginning with Christine hi Christine and welcome to the program odds are beginning with Chris welcome Chris to the program. Automatic recount today. So far so good. Perry here. I just wanted to call and they would beat. You know I didn't realize that. Asking a woman for their phone number and look. Look back to what I meant. But if that's the case why how all of us should be imprint then. You know hey guys it's amazing and a whale Limbaugh spent some time talking about this today and it goes without saying. That there are women who actually then harassed and abused and up to and including rape. We're gonna bring in now president former President Bill Clinton in the conversation but. By the same token it does seem as if it's getting out of control when and turning into a bit of a witch on where any accusation. Can result in AM career ending move. For somewhat whether there. Guilty of what they're accused of or not. All right and then what it is you know these people 2030. And just talked about pirate you're aware you know the more respectfully charter business environment that little bit a little. You know. Back and forth between men and women have been at that point obviously the environment has changed but this final hole. And Tippett and how. Are more important one year ago. Who are hypocrite. Yeah out because you're judging it's like the business with the statutes. In how we're going back and now dragging down now Robert Healy who by the way free display as. And and all these other figures and from history and where joy where accusing them all these things a win they operated. In on nineteenth or eighteenth century mentality is and environs and we're judging them by 21 century standards entirely fair. There are better Bennett is 100 for my point here you you can't beat you can't hold people. Okay or action that they did thirty years ago a bit under dirt get on and yeah. They just walk. And if you wanna get an idea. Of what the environment was why because now I started working. In this business. 54 years ago there was a substantially different environment I'd just go back and a look at a few episodes of by the TV series mad men. Are and see what they measure was like in. They had a very accurate. Depiction of the bed. And I mean did you watch mad men and everybody on the show would be upper sexual harassment now. Yes absolutely they would absolutely they would Chris thanks a lot for the column Goodyear premise evening have a Merry Christmas there. Appreciate you joining eleven minutes after five here on the Bonnie Max you know. I mentioned Dave Schwartz from a fan of Nancy is here with me this afternoon if I have like your Mike on speaker and their days I think. The gamut yep I do have yet. This is the roadshow got to get the tech right now and I am telling you this this this has been quite an afternoon and night and it's really. I knew a lot about Corey. Before today but had not had the pleasure of meeting him. And now it's after having done so he and David bossy. It's it's easy to see. How the at the trump campaign accomplished what he did begins. These guys are our real go getters. Yeah well I mean I I had the pleasure worker for and with Corey. For almost ten years in the guy's just non. I am not a lot of people are surprised by his accomplishments a lot of people surprised by what he's been able to do and and I do not have seen it firsthand right on the guy knows. Grassroots politics. He news very similar to trump they're they're very similar people it seems like him in that they both have a very good pulse of very good Dana what's going on America. And that was seen in the messaging and and and core existence valuable asset during that campaign now. I was beat him on you know on weekly occasions right during that campaign in and just knowing. How the president really leaned on Corey I'm for a lot of advice a lot of you know. Just don't know how lot of nuts and bolts of that campaign right quarry was responsible for and and you know I it was in the book Donald Trump the trump. At the very end Ian the president said Corey dance that hey we couldn't on this was valiant. And that's the truth I mean he he really I'm really proud L I'm proud to be his friend probably know the guy he's. Again does not surprised at all by his. Compliments it was it was an amazing time it was a wild ride on you you yet. That impression and in reading the book because they do. Take you behind the scenes all watt Ian in what was transpiring. During the course of the campaign. And when you read it now in retrospect. It's it's relatively easy to understand yeah things turned out the way they did a realist whose great read about the way I read it three hours yeah it's an Aries theory it's a very easy read but it's a great story to great tales a lot harder to. But things chronologically. Com but they have one mission those guys you're at a moderately in Korea and and president trump and in game one mission to drain the swamp and see. And Bob as you know we have one mission here in South Carolina for him action network south Carol and that's why were avenues that tonight. We got a drain the swamps and in South Carolina Columbia I mean it's it's very similar. There there's really no that the parties don't matter at Columbia Washington DC there's an elitist bunch of folks that want to. We're on our lives day to day. Hour by hour minute by minute and they wanna take away our rights and and that's what's happening at Columbia and Washington DC where rights and they wanted to come on yeah. It's. Incentive to deceive you what has that been transpiring in Columbia. Although there isn't a maybe a ray of hope with the current investigation. I wasn't going on that decade helped George draining a small and just making people aware of what these guys in Colombia are up to for a long time. I think people in South Carolina have been kept in the dark we talking about the media. Sadly the media plays right into these guys we'll have whatever. These elected politicians tellem. They broadcast as fact well look you think agreeable new. As is going to report anything and the line is no way they are part of the corps ball in Columbia you're. USA they're part of neck a ball in the C news event absolutely and so he looked wanna sit for three days is so valuable here and and you're right. The the amount of folks that listen to talk radio that the folks to get. News on FaceBook and and look we were on FaceBook every single day we write we get constant and actually folks. The amount of news sources that are out there thank goodness these alternative news sources to get the real news not fake news right. Is talking about Diego's coincides exactly what you're talking about is. Folks have started to realize what's going on. How these politicians are betraying them how they're taking away their rights everyday how they're steal their money and how they're making money off of our back. Yeah because a level of corruption in Colombia is just does it it's unbelievable is so. Out of control. The legislature's going to be coming back in business boy. In January. A when we come back on the other side of the break. I want to talk we gave about some of the things that these guys are up to you that about the the nuclear energy plants and now the taxpayers about to get settled more than other billion dollar bill. And all the rest of what they're up to and Colombia because of the folks at a fan of SE have been on top of that will be right back here on the body Mac show come on out and join us meet. Korea low and ASCII and David bossy. Where the global business park just down the road from JL Mann high school off of Orange road get a copy of their new book autographed by Korean David. And I have an opportunity to shake Cantu and get a picture taken. And it's gonna be a great evening and you're invited to join us be right back here on the body match you know. Watched watched yet a another. Yet a another lefty journalist. Bites the dust of and I headline today. The on new Yorker. Flyers their star reporter Ryan handle is up over improper. Sexual conduct. So we joins the L long litany headed by Matt Lauer Charlie Rose. And the other guy at NBC news a name is now escape through the list goes on an ugly. Yeah and and apparently. All of these guys are. Now what. 0% extra urged. Two and it's truly incredible. Welcome back Tony Q after five here in the Bonnie immaculate spelling out nicely and now you're invited to join us for a draining the swamp an evening with Corey when doused in David bossy Leon manager and deputy campaign manager for a president Donald Trump. And during the last campaign. We are here at a global business park. Just down the road from JL Mann high school if you're coming down Lawrence rode your heading towards Malden you turn right at the stoplight just past 85. Like you coming up to jail man got maybe another quarter of a mile on the right you'll see the entrance of the global business bark. And I combined for a mere ten dollars you get a copy of the Korean David's new book what trump the trump which is a runaway best seller. They will autograph it surely you will. And down you'll have an opportunity to impress a flash media mop up close and personal. As a ABC used to say the paralympics coverage. And and have an opportunity to question them about and the various aspects of everything they experienced. In the 2016. Presidential campaign which was a wild ride. Of the event sponsored by the green multiparty. And our friends that fan of that see the freedom action network Dave Schwartz is the big Kahuna the top dog the big she is the top banana. At candidacy. A legislature comes back to session in nine in January gave we've gotten a brief respite. The one time of the year when I can relax that's what those guys are not in Columbia. Because I know they're not doing anything else is gonna cost me any money not a until of course they get back in session. But boy are they ever go to net. They are get a it and you know look I mean we we've cattle litany on tax hikes coming our way. They're talking about quote you know perform and attacks which always and politician playing with Bob means they're going to raise our taxes yes. Look we got this and you know electricity rate hike debacle. We've got. You know Santee Cooper the state don't we taxpayers utility. Eight billion dollars in the hole apartments Allen talking Mickey and it. The talking but either way were paying for it that. Right nuclear plants and never gonna generate kilowatt of electricity event and these guys managed to stick the tax Payer. With a for the you dad and we're talking before the break. You got a nice little message from the department rep and yes I did and and Bob. They want you to ask for permission from them to get your money back. I generous of them this was all. This is all in this gas tax hikes scheme they pass list is 72% gas tax like it SC which they managed to hit it twice to fix the roads by the way yes of course. They're not going to deal yeah. Armed by the way I love them existed at that I was read in the green bull. News the other day it. This little wrinkle daily workers agree to work on Greenville chamber of commerce. Their number one. Legislative priorities in green apple is to expand mass transit. And I agree. You. They're potholes. Millions dollars to fill models. They wanna use it on mass transit that nobody's going to use right so. But they pass this goofy hats like electors that meat and that it marks tactic. It passes Hugh leatherman who owns a concrete company. It gets you to contracts by the Reilly and that's right and it's come out its crease Hancock scheme to try to sell few legislators Ross turner. Grateful states and about the way include hamsters legislator myself those guys come out and sell its us Mac we're gonna keep you all a tax credit. You just have to see all of your tax receipts out what a deal right and have fun with post on our FaceBook page about is simply like Whitney. Figured if the seats. The promise that station but on the play and it and it and they do have a prepared there's no paper and that's right so the fact that. We have to ask the Ghana from mission to get our money. It's exactly. The in a nutshell how operations work in the state and him. We have got to drain the swamp on the and what was mind boggling to me about that when I got that email from deal lark. You know when the gas tax passed and went into effect back in the spring break. I was under the impression so we may eat. That the rebate. For what she's been for gas and run and repairs went into effect on current with the gas checks now I'll oh boy don't. I silly me what I was that means that want them that it's not gonna slide past the open air I think I have exactly right. So that tax goes into effect two cents a gallon. Not only this year every year in perpetuity. Because there's no sunset on this thing. And and the rebate. For gas and and repairs. Goes into effect. When you file your taxes. In 20198. It's a scheme and what was it scam when it was written yeah I state senator Larry rooms right from Berkeley right MySpace and are comes down senate or it conversation with Latin on the senate floor. And Letterman asked him again this is the most corrupt. Powerful politicians stay right and he says senator Graham's is anybody really going to take it and this thing but he really in their receipts immigrants was the author of this. Asked BS amendment right says now probably not. No we're not gonna do they know that it's not they're not. We're gonna get him well in the astounding thing about that conversation is that Jennifer wants. A politician to all the time I mean look at greatly state aid experts in public yet. Rightly they didn't disguise it. Look they lied down their Statehouse they hide things from us as we're seeing in this you know ethics investigation right. And they can get rich off our backs does the three things that those guys do down there won't be lied to hide things from us and get rich off our backs. And because off to report their income sources. They can make money from lobbyists they are essentially. Lobbyists legislators and the do things behind their backs that you think secret right you don't have to show what's there emails so when lobbyists email them back and forth we don't get to see right. So it's it's it's a scheme. That we need to break up it's time to drain the swamp in Columbia and that's look that's what we wanna do this or here to do tonight. That's organ to do and over the next you know 612 months next year's head in the session next year. If for inaction of South Carolina fan of Etsy dot com candidacy FaceBook dot com forward slash span that's the and if you want entering the swamp as he would make it super easy for yet. Text the word drain. On your cellphone to the number five to 86. To rein to 52886. Get involved in that day let's break up this corruption ring. Yeah it did then is truly amazing. The level of corruption. That exist in the state house in South Carolina. We got a I'm gubernatorial race coming up this year by the way people ask me all the time. About the legislators who voted for the gas tax yes we will be prominently mentioning the names. Of those across the upstate. Who are unanimous on the front page there you go every single day we'll tell you exactly but so he'll know. What to do when you step into the Ian polling Booth. Next time around take a break here at the bottom of the hour when we come back on the other side. I continue my conversation with a force from candidacy. A wanna ask about this investigation. And about the the possibility. Of federal involvement in this as well. Because some of the the big names some of the big players. That are involved in the corruption in in Columbia. Could well be facing Osama. Themselves and time of the gray bar hotel industry and I'll be right back on the other side here on Bobby Mack show where at the global business bark. With Corey and asking your invited to join this year. Come on out and CS will be here for the next few minutes and Cory will be speaking in about half an hour. Can back 538 it's Tony do before six here in the bottom actuary of the global business part. We are attempting to a drain the swamp in South Carolina. I'm Donald Trump's campaign manager. The guy who was instrumental in his now. Being the yen. Having as his home address 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Corey who announced he is with us this evening along with David bossy deputy campaign manager they're here to sign their new book what trump the trump. And not to meet and greet with you to shake hands get a picture taken get a copy of the book so to Mumbai and cius is just off their forest. Are you going down orange road towards moment you turn right at the stoplight just past 85. Come up for air force in the UC the entrance to the global business park Dave Schwartz from a fan of SE who is another guy who put all this together and is known. How long have you known Cory went. It almost ten years you know product and unless you guys were here other firm for a long time there were fifteen and so. Just got to Delhi to other and yet in other news. Just kept in touch and then course. The jobless truck on the out changed everything went there again talk about we're able to sing and that's what I've been a lot about the guys appreciated album. And it just super happy for the success we were talking about the gas tax and about Hala. The Al legislators and Columbia generously are gonna give you part of your own money back at miniscule part to be sure that we have a passport well yeah actually especially liked it seems we passport we ask him nicely get permission from the government are funny. And thus even easily had a question or two about that in a joins us on the phone this afternoon hi Stephen welcome to the brain. Steve how are I'm Heidi you know bump that you're forgetting about those refund that we're supposed to get orders tax credit for again receipts. Remember there is a limited. Pool of money put those guys right don't want Iran now that they them people are urged outlook not so it's not like we're getting attacked. Refund it's more like where. Entering a raffle to think it was. Steve you're absolutely right Barbara just limited a limited amount of money cap yes right. But again Steve date conspired on the floor of the senate Hugh leatherman. Records they said. Nobody's gonna do this work to be able to collect the money that was the whole. Nobody's actually gonna say don't bother to pass receiving and see Palin answers and turn them on their tracks are there an advantage of the bureaucracy deal or Bob and Steve. That to go through and analyze the amber seats I mean I wants the beef fat diet. I don't. We are paying them to get our but it asked for permission for money and and yet that's Steve as you did you ever a drive down to the beach Steve. You know lock down the coast only a few times but I have noticed. The roads are really nice down there. They are their their fabulous and they are pretty much pothole free and as you as you drive around the home county around Darlington. I'm Hugh leatherman you'll notice alongside the interstate where you get on 95 there before you Jew gonna get to the beach. Thank you all leatherman and urged him well in any also got a Mac room suddenly turns from asphalt to concrete yes it does Witten do coincidence you Letterman pounds. A concrete company well his wife does which is tantamount to the same thing in oh. In her it's incredible. Steve do you plan on saving all your gas receipt starting January 1. You know I use my American Express every time up my gas and I get all those points and everything I might as well just keep your receipts. Saying there were saying let's get to understand there's got to be a way to turn a profit in this mess needs but they don't let him down on well Bob yell. You guys are talking about the mass transit plans for Greenville yes whenever cheap patch had their public meeting to go and get find out what's gone on. Our federally mandated to do a study that includes. Mass transit and he's off broad path that are gonna replace Mike planes. Right you know it's federal stopped that they can't get away with and so our state might be stuck with that stuff. Not necessarily because we have art art they want it but because they're being forced to do that kind of. I don't know yeah now they can study but they don't have to fund and now did a major difference there's these days they can study all they want. But when it comes down funding. We don't want to fund mass transit we don't wanna take money away that should be used to fix our roads. And fix our bridges and potholes and go on and it's nobody's gonna use and it and it was a viable constant shouldn't be able to stand on its own. That what they have ever done. Yeah well you know and a lot of this. Is a holdover from the Obama administration because of course they loved everything green you because those guys were giving them a tons of money and getting tons of federal dollars in return. So maybe. As as president from worked his way through his list that's part of the swamp that will eventually end up being drained. We should probably stop studying mass transit in green I don't think we needed a don't think I got Steve thanks a lot for the call great to have you along this evening operation and good questions as well. The the investigation that's ongoing Dave what do you hear about that now it is somebody actually gonna end up going to jail are we gonna see a Bobby Harrell deal. Hours you know he gets a slap on the wrist and then he drops the dime on everybody else and and ends up you know with no jail. I'm that he drop and that's what I've always dealt with this whole Bobby Harrell thing and here's a guy that committed racketeering if you and I did what he did which was basically eight. Campaign money and use it. For his own private airplane right 300000 dollars we would be in jail federal prison along. Time and then when caught tried to pay the fine with the same as campaign money with this same illegally gotten gains. Then hate all this and that means it but this is this as the problem with this investigation yacht is that nobody can really take it seriously because nobody. Is going to jail now in these things. For once that these guys aren't committing crimes in the Statehouse if you don't think they're getting rich off our backs and and yet some text in. About legislator it's getting sweetheart yet role you know. Contract right that is. That is so down on the totem poll from what these other guys do where they hide here write this any any. The the big special interest they were able to hide that income because they can hide behind LLC they don't have to report. Their income sources right so being. Corporation speaks special interest even the government. And these can come in. Pay these guys eight on the money. To lobby on behalf inside the state or they don't have any import it are being a consultant at the consultant's night and we don't know about it they hide things from mosque all the time. To get rich on our backs. It's so I don't teams that won Texas at eight representing different for governor Bob away right Democrat from Richland county. He's you know he got a concert I'm not sure about that VA hospital that way parking contract Paul Campbell state senator from Berkeley county. This guy who works for the Charles caddies the director of the Charles airport they can. Cool to set I'd say you're not right we're paying for that on top of him being a state senator. You don't think that's a conflict of interest at. A potential criminality there. I mean look they have that problem with this investigation problem that I mean you know sort of ever vigilant and ever hopeful not really. I haven't seen anything concrete it is nobody's going to jail right haven't seen politicians and handcuffs coming out and until I do. This is all just you know it's all fan. Well you're right because it does the minute somebody who has made a big player in Columbia. Has to do perp walk yes that changes. They had done the equation. Forever or they caught a lesbian for the immediate future when. Hugh leatherman on hand outs ride I'll wake up in and and say hey you know great job you know. That things happen right an infield at eight guy that collects. Business. A minority contracting business that its beauty contract. And he's the guide him in the guest acts like the largest gas tax industry right he's been making money off millions and 1000030 million. Over the last decade. Okay UniCredit are getting rich on our backs. And that guy is GO right that's a crime in itself you know so you would you would think we need to drain the swamp and and it's that make it easy listeners just text the word green. 5886. Yourself and the green at number 52886. Join us rains swamp in Columbia. Let's make it differently break up this rough spot that is the biggest thing holding it back forget the tax per night regulations it's this and corruption in Columbia. It is holding our citizens back from from the best we can. And nine if you have any question about why we have partnered with the Fennessy over the years. But pretty much sums it up because. We we feel like whoo it's incumbent on us that you know. What's really going on in Colombia because I guarantee up. The liberal news media the newspapers a TVs they don't. All they do is part of it yet there they are part back a ball they they take whatever handout they get from the politicians and they run where that you as if it's of the sermon on the mount. Dave great Q a heavy here is always great event tonight thanks for inviting us to be a part of you that great to see and when I talk to you again next Wednesday night at sounds good. Next Wednesday at 4 o'clock gable update us. Be right back here on the body Mac show. 548 now here on WORG. And other absolutely gorgeous sunset. Here in nine God's country the upstate of South Carolina. 5537. Before 6 o'clock here on the money Mac show damage Eli from the global business park and our special event with Korean and asking. To the phones we go. Cents. Is along and is in ninety degree Jabber hi Seth and welcome to the program. He could not. Good now propagated. All the time everyday. Hey thank you sir I appreciate that very much. Absolutely. I'm old enough to remember about that is so Karzai and Lou South Carolina politics has been. Corrupts even before I could know with zapatero about that well. Yeah. I don't remember a time when it wasn't backdoor shady deals that killed in the bag packed he feels. Trade one thing for another and the analysts say I was born in 68. Little. I think it's unfortunate for South Carolina to have this kind of the local. Neck maybe we should actually push for an open carry law like Georgia and and hope for the best that. Yeah and it. Effort efforts were made and that the half year rewrite it it's a pathetic situation. That done this level of corruption has existed as along his hands in the Statehouse and that's not to say that there aren't. Some good people down there we got some fresh blood in. During the last election cycle but but they are overwhelmingly. Outnumbered and we need. More of the good guys. Then we do the good old boys and have been perpetuating the system for decades. I agree what you problem which came first the collapse after a while ago letter of the corrupt. Federal government I think it's up for debate but they don't they expect now. Really can't. My pleasure thank you see out not appreciate it. As we get ready to to wrap up on this hour the bombing action you probably have noticed there are continuing efforts to extend. The politically correct agenda. For Christmas. And so while the Bobby Mack semi professional players taking advantage of on the left pushing their politically correct agenda. Where they brand new holiday album they're sure July. The PC recording company it's a compilation of politically correct and nondenominational. Holiday favorites include. These songs like I'm. Pilots say. Yeah the thing. He'll also. December 20 cents for each song is carefully edited to remove any religious overtones. And soon. I mean and then celebration. Blood classic after another odd game and evergreen beaten and that crazy unhappy. To plus. Eating. And the only time. And yeah. It's visions look the last. There ruined your cell sticks from. Now available and be an offensive mom. You know the other side likes to use the word resist. That's one I would use for the politically correct Christmas agenda. Our number three is by the boards may fourth and final hour Bobby Mack bonus hours on the way Cortland askew is going to be speaking to the crowd here. Asked the global business park and I'll be right back on the other side here on the Bob Amax show on 1063. WORG.