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Wednesday, December 13th

Roy Moore loses to Doug Jones in Alabama; Good news


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Is that proudly presents are. Round earlier is that twelve Leila I'm where are not quite sure. And any event and here we go all getting out. How are okay thank you thank in the Al Wednesday edition. Bobby Mack electric radio program boy big day yesterday. Backed Indiana friendly confines. Of me. And her com information and entertainment complex. Known as the one the only a 1063. WORD. After being out on the road yesterday. Allred Doug global business park my thanks by the way to around Vivian Langer Medea. Bat or wave that as actually responsible for having built. The end global business partner to beautiful facility. And that was essentially donated for our event last night with the Greenville Tea Party and fan. And as C via freedom action network went that Korean Lindell ski Donald Trump's campaign manager for most of the campaign. And and now David bossy the deputy campaign manager room filled up especially. Once people got off work. We had a belt. Roughly 200 seats I guess in the confines of the out. Now the vantage room that we were using their the business park last night and and they were filled up. By the time not Korean David got there about to a 430 or so and then. Once people started getting off work 5 o'clock and 530 and even six. It was a standing room only. After that it was nice to see so many out. Old friends there last night to many friendly faces and and new friends. That we met as well so thanks to everyone who came out for that it was AM a big success and a great event and I always enjoy. Getting out and not being able do as I say. On. Kiss hands and shake babies' and that's not and campaign now for the radio station. As great to have you along as we get underway today boy it's another one of those dull days you know this is another talk about. Well I have to invent stuff as we are going to yell right. I hear a cell you join me NBA part of the conversation and they just pick up the phone using angles advantage stock line number 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. Email me. Bob and 1063. WORG dot com. So Roy Moore went down to defeat last night in the Alabama senate race. I think you know when all is said and done. The people of Alabama just one of the whole thing to be overweight. I think that was a you have to factor that into the equation and I mean if Roy Moore and one we knew the ongoing threats. From the Chuck Schumer is in the world on. And now under Kristen nine Gillibrand well our must go before the ethics committee one thing if there's a bright spot in this scenario. It's an Al Franken is toast. Because if my theory that I've speculated about when he announced he had made his. Non retirement retirement. Announcement last week he said up. In not in the next few weeks or whatever that means. I he's going to be retiring. And I had speculated that the key is a last ditch digging your heels effort to hang onto his seat. Was as follows Roy Moore wins and Alabama. They seat Roy Moore in the US senate and then they proceed with the ethics committee investigation at which point. Al Franken. Now claiming that today he uses. Virtuous as a caesar's wife. Says well wait a minute you're gonna see Roy morbid you're not you're forcing me to go back to. Minnesota and the data winner. I'd I think that was his last. Desperation. Hail Mary pass. And to try and hang onto the seat now of course. That's that's by buying. That scenario is not gonna play itself out and I found it interesting. The governor of Minnesota wasted no time today in greasing the skids. For Franken. As senator Franken has done a great job thank you well and don't let the door hit you in the glorious Maximus as you exit the US senate. Governor of Minnesota already announced saying Franken replacement. If that's not hurrying you towards the exit I don't know at this. And well nice to see now every track. So. At least Leon have to contend with a stunner sinner Stuart Smalley. Now from on meanie soda anymore he's examiner ended the out. Act kind of ironic. The lieutenant governor has been named to replace Franken now is a woman. And Tina something or Tina Smith and a whenever and it anyway. I she's going going to be in there for two years and circling back to where we started with Roy Moore and now Doug Jones and Alabama. Jones' only going to be there he's gonna be the answer to a trivia question. Who was the last Democrat senator from Alabama. As I haven't had one since the early nineties. And this guy's only going to be in there for two years I think Matt Drudge. Knew a tweeted about this either late last night and this morning had a right. When he sand. In the Republicans have run Luther strange he would have won in a run away. And ironically though this again is some more evidence that trump was right the first time. He he backed Luther strange. But Steve Bannon and now the other guys back Roy Moore look Roy Moore. Was damaged goods let's face it whether he did any thing or not. He had been sufficiently bloodied by the media. But he was damaged goods. And when you combine that went holiday follow me yes Democrat votes in Alabama. Now this a black minister was going all over the state getting up convicted felons registered to vote. I know I and the question that immediately leaps into your mind is well if you're convicted fell I now can you vote well all. Because the in their infinite wisdom in the legislature and Alabama. Through some month arcane ruling said well yeah we shouldn't we we have to modify. Something in the constitution and our sampling at don't wanna go too deep in the weeds on a bit suffice it to say. They changed the law in Alabama. So that if you're convicted felon you can vote. And so this this minister went all over the state rounding these people up. In getting them registered to vote and they dead. I I thought it was pretty interest singing a late in the game with Y 85% of the vote and. And Roy Moore was ahead what 5345. Something like that and then all of a sudden Intel Molly's. Democrat votes were a Doug Jones and and of course the a write in votes as well and many of those probably were done a couple of weeks ago. Look growing more didn't help himself the interview they did with done with candidate. On on TV is pretty much a disaster. So you know this is what happens when when you pick essentially the wrong guy nothing against Roy Moore I'm sure he's a fine guy to west pointer and all the rest. As far as the as far as the veracity of the accusations we'll never know if they were true or untrue or somewhere in the metal. But. These data as it may. Abide by the time people went to the polls. I think the people of Alabama and had an up day where. They had reached the saturation point can you imagine what watching television down there must have been like for the last month. You couldn't have one commercial break on TV without Roy Moore is up had to file. Or Doug Jones is a is a and a tool of luck Chuck Schumer. 11 or the other. And these are these four folks are being bombarded and saturated when that stuff. So the Democrats enjoy their moment in the sun may they have hum. So infrequently they don't know even know how to celebrate. Now they've they've forgotten what a party looks like I mean a party for their party. When it went actually. When something bad Doug Jones is in their for two years and hopefully. Not cooler heads will prevail no run AM a really good. Republican candidate for that senate seat and Tony Tony and then there GOP eleven back. And answer Minnesota the other probably hang onto it but. As a former governor former Republican governor up there the make pretty good candidate as well. We'll see down the cell whole deal plays out. Out in on the tax line not you don't think Luther strange could've been just as unfairly tarred by the media if he'd been in the cannon instead of Roy Moore may be. I mean we'll never know. There's one thing is for certain the Democrats were out bound and determined. They were going to paint whoever was running. On the Republican side as as having you know what cloven feet and a tail. And at fifteen after three coming up on 316 here on the body mansion take a quick break here we go to the phones when I come back. And cannot do this and this will stun you lineup you'll be really surprised at the reaction on CNN during our live broadcast. That's a returns came in from Alabama yeah. Sure you're well you'll be shocked and be right back. Welcome back great to have you on 22 after three here of the body match only hump day edition so it's really part of the N 10 PM eastern hour. And before the Alabama senate race had been called for Democrat Doug Johns. If you are watching CNN. As a Wolf Blitzer announced that Jones had taken the lead. You could hear in the background. Cheering me. From they journalistic headquarters. Of the out fake news network CNN. Underlying enter a big outlying. Days are here again. Even before that. There was some excitement brewing at CNN. Quote. So on here in the Jones campaign a little while ago you were biting your nails and niners and okay. This math can work harassment will see. Said. The anchor on CNN. Now I'm going to check when the panel gets on the board here again 782%. Jefferson County you'll keep an eye on the margin there. Al following that analysis. There was a commotion off camera. The anchor explained they're getting excited across a room there which tends to happen on election night. It does. When Abe Democrat. It is so winning a senate seat there's. There's excitement. On election night at CNN. How excited average and what do you think they were on the night of November 8. Last. Now. You would have thought their dog had died. And truck and holdup isn't enthusiasm here is this all humanity. Donald to probe good raisins to go all of holdings and a bogey Obama bowling ball look Donald tripled to go couldn't. Isn't an unknown ignore you know I can't get. And you know they they did everything but Dublin to go on the other hand. And last night and CNN's. Yeah cheering back in the news. I amongst other things that I did during nine television career and I am I did just about everything he can do. I mean and in terms of roles. I started as a sportscaster became a meteorologist and ended up on news anchor I'm not sure if any of those were promotions or do you motions. Like struck at the FBI you know. I he's having an affair when they co worker and so they say the name over to the human relations department is not a great NH RNA. But in my experience doing sports and I covered everything up to and including. World serious. Super Bowl. You name it the other pinnacles. Of sports. There was always a common mantra amongst the journalists. And that is. There's no cheering in the press box. Aren't. Now there are times when your beat reporter for a team and they just won a seventh game of the world serious. Or they just won the silver ball. Are you smiling and of course you car. Well here's a test all right. You know me Emma North Carolina guy. Not tar heel born but tar heel bread. And so I'm working. Doing sports a channel seven in Washington DC. And it's the NCAA basketball championship. Georgetown. Local team. Is playing my guys. In. Jordan hits the buzzer beater at the end heels when the national championship and what ally I have to do. Go on television that night with a long face. Because at Georgetown loyalist. All they fought so brilliant way. As IBM a hypocrite just being an actor. But I was also you know trying to be. Journalistically accurate I couldn't go on in Gaza all all of us our tails Obama now. If you don't do that viewed as a journalist you just don't do that. Unless of course you're working at CNN. And I mentioned I'll say this act. And forget about that well it was a different CNN in the states as a mid 1980s. At headline news actually had a headline loose. Yeah can't instead of. And and as a murder of the week yourself. I telephones are young thanks are patiently waiting Charles is our leadoff batter today and he's and blue ridge on Charles and welcome to the mommy much else. About him neck. It generally agree with you and every single detail but. It's a great little bit better candidate. Yeah. Maybe they would have gone after quite as bad. And maybe I would've had anything to go after remove. Yeah well no they didn't have anything on either way. You can give me that can make my points and then they come up. They came out noticed strange. Is it much of a rhino is as grant amnesty that McCain and con job himself. And cystic if that he didn't like civic Democrat. As has said Jones can't just be clear on that. And that's why we needed it more and more Bryant right we will never have a better candidate than or more. That I don't think when they the people that debt that haven't sold dissolve it right certainly hadn't. He's got to fight his career as Chief Justice on principle on two occasions. And that you know he is India. When people see wet but what happened at stake we saw what they did it George until you know what what the republic step foot from the public and the kind of jobs. Did 22 Roy Miller when he beat Lisa and the captain. At least McCaskey in the primary. In Cadillac that we saw what they did to Christmas that I'm in Mississippi they get the same thing to Roy in the primary in the runoff. This year. When that didn't work. What what they did that they have. They admit that the fluid is that coming out of what works he deflected the first pick up eight about the first I don't know people aware of that but then. Keep shakeup latest signature operative Dick divorce decree to carry your book 22 years earlier. And and wrote the date and end it admitted she wrote the statement. It and try to get an expert on what to impose that the president wrote that they wrote the also in the Czech press included the letters DNA which is an initial quote. Roy Morse assistant who used. At signature step. Obviously his signature call on and on her divorce decree by the way and then when they when they. Deflected the first do so easily now I think it make that up until we don't understand that when it Democrats accuse this stuff like that. He's he's generally guilt because we don't play that kind of game but they're not like that when one of us it is you know when a lot of what goes too far didn't particularly. It clusters that he ripped out Republicans have come. Establishment can't. You know. Well look I can't I. Trust shall ot bot I went to central but but a couple of points. You say that we couldn't have a better candidate. Just the fact that there were so many accusations. I think caused many of the voters in Alabama to reach the saturation point to saying look. You know maybe these accusations are true and maybe they're not an answer Luther strange if they had done tried to play the same game against him. Coming up with all these harassment and not panda file accusations I think looser and your right about his being you know a big tent Republican and that's true enough. But I think Luther strange and I don't. Well I don't think he's a Democrat but you look at eight and well and he has Luther strange. And with such a boring. And Mandela. Kinda guy I think if those accusations had been leveled against him I don't think they would believe anyway thank you for your opinions on trial separation at 330 here on the bunny macho man take a break in the bottom of the hour. Right back on the other side here on Wednesday on the 1063. WORD. It's almost. It's almost zydeco. Kind of stuff. Welcome back money much you know now an avenue a big clock where America 338 here on about him actually in a single big clock at tonight count. Keep up on all web here for especially those of us. Ambac can't failing vision and error. Advancing years great too many on here on now Wednesday let me see if I can do my best. To like catch up with the text align quickly because it's blue loading up. This afternoon. Al Bonnie for the first time in my life I'm beginning to question the existence of a higher power. Colin non H word. Tension Chuck Schumer be allowed to walk the earth and spewed the verbal diarrhea that comes from his mouth with a pair wait no consequences ever. He wants to work was his Republican colleagues want payload of BS. Well. You know there is the higher power and then there is the dark side. Now where the progressives like chalk come from. Now we know it as. Satan down. Human flesh and bones and yeah now my job. Well that's that's that's where they are does not help that answers your question musically. Answers your question. Bobby and the allegations against the Republican candidate in this case Roy Moore and not come out. After the primary Jones won or lost by twenty points. Bob Bob Bob Bobby had Chuck Schumer says they're going to be laser focused on the middle class. Which means of course they'll be laser fall a focused on raiding our wallets and do everything they can to impede tax reform. Yeah they ought to go back and listen to to John F. Kennedy and and some of his ideas I do not limit always talking about the other day. You know a dead JFK did that there was a recession. Not candidate. Liberal icon Democrat and one time in this country when. Liberal Democrats were actually Liberal Democrats instead of progressive Marxist slash comedies. Eight cut taxes. Candidate. John taxes. Halted the recession in its tracks by the way. Create big ignited the economy reinvigorated and Bobby I'm not sure why the Democrats are so excited they barely beat some wanted nobody one anyway. After. Bob why people assume more and trump are guilty of these accusations and they haven't been charged or convicted. Nor has any credible evidence. Then presented. Then then why people blame well. Because now. We have a witch hunt atmosphere we have a Salem witch trial atmosphere war. All that's necessary to ruin someone has an accusation. Apparently NC a belief of the next texture as well Bobbie there should be prison time for false accusers. Bobby I really your collar Charles Roy Moore was an excellent candidate he would have been a huge help to drop. Why not spend some time talking about Soros and the fact that he spent three million dollars to denigrate more and see to a penny lost. Well when I mentioned. You know be a change in the log and allowed felons to vote. And NASA on the black ministers going all over Alabama making sure that I convicted felons are registered to vote whose money do you think this line that. An early age even necessary to Chile you know automatically. Bob you out last night PBS had illegal immigrants on that had been in this country for over twenty years but could not speak English. What not. Gotcha. Bobby the Alabama election shows and they swamped craters. Only after us merit candidate to try to do is support unlike liberals conservatives do you care about. Morality and Christian values people who write in candidates have absolutely no political sense. Bobbie if they prove more innocent and they should have to giving the senate seat. Improving in Minnesota where. All of these things happen so why they're no criminal charges pending here. No court cases and I'm aware of no civil suits pending here plus. In America the last time I checked at least the way it's supposed to work. You don't have to prove your innocence. Your accusers must prove your guilt. But as a sand and and via. Supercharged. Superheated atmosphere that we exist in now just the accusation apparently is enough now on the case of Al Franken you've got visual proof. Very year as visibly smirking like a out high school sophomore. I'm molesting a woman who's asleep for haven't sick. I'm Bonnie do you know how much the Democrats and their organizations spent to defeat Roy Moore no but I'm sure somebody will have a number on the web. I probably Google money annual check and see we fund. Bob quit being a snowflake and cooling about how other people acted are you talking about my being critical of CNN. I'm I'm not done being a snowflake I'm merely pointing out it would be nice if they had some journalistic integrity and not cheer in the press box when a Democrat wins an election. For the first time in a decade. Now Bob can we not get an investigation into Democrat voter fraud and Alabama did we ever get an investigation. And do voter fraud. In either one of Obama's presidential elections to the federal elections commission ever go back and investigate. All the money that flowed in from overseas illegally. To a Democrat campaigns. Al body is tar heel bread blue I'm not money penny a star he'll bread blue. Now we're uncertain and that is the way we look at. Bob now that dumb Moore has a loss they'll continue to aggressively purse will they continue to aggressively pursue the allegations against him. The Democrats got what they want so I would guess they want no you're absolutely right nothing will ever be heard this again. Bobbie you mentioned the dream on and on CNN. While when trump was elected acted as if they're dog died I beg to differ CNN people can't who loved aux. To. Bob this just give me a Democrat governor of Alabama actually the governors are pelted. Has said that he'll pardon any felon who votes Democrat not really but that's a slippery slope and Alabama has gone down certainly. Years. Now Bobby I think Mitch McConnell. Is directly responsible for the Roy Moore a loss he's the consummate trader for more than. In the Republican Party he's no help. That's pressure. Newsweek money penny passing this data a long answer. Answer other nicknamed data. Newsweek reports Jones was able to pull ahead at least partially due is nearly twelve million dollars. In campaign fund. And that's allows referencing when I said you know tried turning on the television. Anytime during the last month and Alabama. Yeah and doubled the weathering any at all know there are again. Drive you crazy and and that's that's a a factor. And people reaching the saturation point OK enough enough. 34614. Before four here in the bombing match up quick break here and we go to the phones again when I come right back and today's good news story we could certainly use some and we just happen to have one hand. That's coming up. Not a great to have hill on 31510 before for a year and about a matchup. And on my tax line Bob this'll be the game plan for the Democrats are Tony eighteen and beyond after two billion. Was spent their better had been a fraudulent return but take heed. We need to get in the we'd still be the Democrats. And Bobby now you know why the founding fathers only let the land owners vote. I period. Ask Bobby this wanna congratulate Doug Jones for defeating a man accused of being a pat arrest by a point now half. Jones is toast in two years I agree. Bob any evidence of voter fraud and Roy Moore is race yeah the fact that the Democrats were involved. There's some pretty as the attorneys would say prime facie evidence. There was cheating. Is next he has in Greenville hi Chris and welcome to the Bobby match up. Our way. Cart meant to be fair I'll get thank you right now. I'd doctor Ian Campbell on that believe and not being able old someone today hander curt. But it forty years ago here or importance to us. Right and you know I I thought we're a Specter that aren't perfect big event here. This is not a pork and knowing that. But you know it it 08 America only to Nebraska. And Missouri. Oh how. Beating. Oh. And some are another of my hand them into that with current approval you know are all caveat there's certain situation right here commit. Fifty years ago. You know. If you lose. Right now all I believe there's a link from which really port at you may have sex Quebec girl. Under eighteen older than twelve hole. If you are younger than thirty. Now I don't Bob and applied and were all state that does apply I beat you that link yeah. You know outlook. Well just think he's right. Not just the accusation themselves were damaging enough setting aside whether they be truthful that's our lack thereof. Yep. And what I believe is. Liberal block out still what Christian. Gabe and then lesbian you know meant and what it wanted to meet my belt I do not jets don't have an wouldn't hurt I'm up. OK I don't judge anybody like I say you live your life. I'll make you happier or there are others and when that time comes you're willing to enter or to your kicker Obi. You'll pay your price is there to collate the pay but you know. Well look at the Democrats are gonna trying claim I thank you Chris I appreciate the cup if the Democrats are gonna trying claim the moral high ground on this stuff. Good luck being the party of but Ted Kennedy. And and William Jefferson Clinton. How much of a moral high ground it may have to speak from. I wouldn't suggest. And not much. OK we got to today's good news story out well I think we are ready to go with that today's good news. Good news. It is that time of year when we hear stories about secret Santa is there's one that's been pretty consistent and Pennsylvania for a number of years now. Pays off away away accounts at Wal-Mart and did it again this year he donated about 40000. Dollars. And covered 200. Lay away accounts. Oh let's say here from some money at that store. And and also. From someone who have benefited. From. This individuals generosity is a secret Santa. Because you know it feels really high you know before December I had like 800 dollar water bill. So just like well. I only go postal pulling away hoop for the and this in this area you don't hear a lot I mean here's small things where somebody pays somebody's cursory or things like that that. This is pretty big I couldn't wait to get taller ups like driving him shaking look at him like shake and it's paid me. It's fortunate. But I think they'll be happy and you know. I think kids for Christmas. And member out grandma for Christmas and us tell among them and like it's tough it's just that we have lots of treasures hidden for instigating. Damp I would certainly agree with that they don't know the identity of the secret Santa. They refer to Amos Santo BE. At a store doesn't know his identity they only deal with his assistant. Now but whoever this individual is there is tea. And got a via a nice glow in his artist Christmas season knowing that he helped. 200 separate individuals within its forty grand a payoff they LA away accountable mark and still trying to figure out that woman talking about. An 800 dollar water bill. How our number one is that gone past second hours on the way the bubbly Mac show here on Wednesday.