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Wednesday, December 13th

FBI Russian Dossier investigation; Strzok and Page correspondence released


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I get it. I can certainly understand your being shocked and upset are you turn on the radio I'm what do you got. Me I'll attack dog on the right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south. Presidents not to mention dean. Of in sensitivity university. Or non politically correct setting what do you what do you grinning insanely there might yet you got that. Smile and eventually you've got a secret how would you speak you have guys. As meaning they know as the one of the main character's own game offer on our you know Kelly C that's right you know her latest is this. Here's a good. And and it's a good thing. As as long as I don't end up nine Micah summit characters in him that some of them like come to a a nasty end. Especially when now that dragon is involved here we go getting under way with our number one that's the roads come back next spring. I'm trying to think. Aren't they like their their introduction and it might not come back until nineteen. Pound now. I mean they're they're filming in mail. I'll get well yeah but all the post production and to do not think oh yeah out of money pennies wearing a T shirt that says house stark winter is coming. There are right to winner is gonna Ingles advantage stock line ever created join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address bomb at 1063. WORG dot count. I know. Spend a lot of time. Backtracking with now Roy Moore and Alabama has its in the rearview mirror we're gonna name we have to win would be resolved whether we agree with the result or not. When you live in the real world and now we go on from here. One footnote to history. A text had asked. Our earlier in the program in the first hour. How much money was spent in in both sides money penny I looked up some data forest Roy Moore managed to raise about half. Of what dad Doug Jones did he is sum total of about five million. Largely came from the America first action packed. Now that is a poem act political actor and now. A group that supports a president trumps initiatives parent and what I say a Dow Jones spent thirteen million dollars. Twelve million dollars cause enough. Not to mention all the unaccounted for money that George Soros spent buying violence. Could break every part of the state. Whether they had to say roll tide or war eagle and I got your vote according they have. Moving along to current events all of the questions about the apparent collusion. In the FBI and the DOJ in putting together this whole trump. Russia investigation. In the first place from CN NS news today. FBI director won't tell congress is that dossier. Was the basis. That allowed them to go to the finds a court not to begin this whole trump Russian investigation. Congressman Ron descendants was asking FBI director Christopher raid at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee late last week but he got no answers. How does the rush investigations start Desantis asked the FBI director did FBI counterintelligence. Agent Peter struck. At which he the guy that started it. Ray answered I'm not aware of who started the investigation within the FBI is not. He's a director of the FBI and he's not sure who started the investigation. Desantis followed up which it started because a dossier was presented to somebody and the FBI. I don't have the answer of that question race. Desantis Dave he could mass grave he would get back to the committee when he answered well if there's information that we can provide that. Without compromising the ongoing special counsel investigation. I'm happy to see what there is that we can do to be wrist. Not right thanks to a book we don't know the answer to that of course. It was a struck character. Who was using this phone aid. Dossier. To go to the flies a court to begin this all bogus investigation to begin with meantime. Today. On the hill. Congressman trade Downey our congressman from mine here in Greenville Spartanburg. Aggressive late question they presence and a special counsel in Russia investigation. He was grilling the deputy attorney general rob Rosen Steen. Who is another. In this. A ball. With Mahler. And struck and told me and all of these guys are all they can State's theory is out. I tray down eight with some pointed questions for the deputy attorney general. The reason we have special counsel this is a very important point there Rick and you know their reason we have special cop council is because of a conflict ventures. The regulation. Itself specifically. Makes reference. To a conflict of interests and and we don't like conflicts of interest because it undercuts people's confidence in both the process and the result. So so let's be really clear why we have special counsel there was either real or perceived conflict of ventures that we were fearful. Would either impact the result or people's confidence. In the process that's why we have something called special counsel and that's why we have special counsel onus back pattern. And then a whole. Those who were supposed to make sure better arm or no conflicts of interest. Seem to have a few of their. There's a senior prosecutor. Who's there at other siddiqui is emails to witness. She can be described as nothing taller than in fact witness she's really important fact to witness. If you pursue. A lot of pain quarry that my Democrat friends war. Pursuant I got off of collusion and now their own obstruction of just. Is she may be the most important witness in an obstruction of justice. Case. And this senior prosecutor for this conflict of interest free special counsel. Sent a faltering of C Korea's even now. To a fact witness and that we have prosecutors assigned to conduct. This investigation who donated almost exclusively. To one candidate. Over under on her and then we have a prosecutor assigned to this conflict of interest free team. That attended what was supposed to be what he'd hoped to be a victory party for Secretary Clinton. And we have a senior DOJ official mister deputy attorney general when an opposite used to be two doors now from yours. Meeting with fusion GPS and usually GPS of course was paying for Russian daughter. On the very person that they're supposed to be objectively. Investigate. And then that same senior DOJ officials. Why in the what are met with fusion GPS. Is wife was on the apparent role of fusion GP. The flow. Well I'm I'm I'm sure that. Now mr. rose and seen the deputy attorney general at some point was saying you know itself. And the last surely has a question for me. But he didn't because of that and that questions are are obvious. How can you have this level of collusion. From A the nation's top law enforcement agency. And you've got these people sending these emails and by the way. We now have and way to deal tray waited and spell it out and added these these guys there are not gonna. Give you lecture looking for an you know that been at least you get it all on the record of exactly what they're doing what they have done and. Where they're trying to go the stuff they still wanna continue to cover it up. And about these text messages. Between. This set FBI guy Peter struck. And the woman who also was working for Mahler. Now Lisa page it was another lawyer at the FBI with whom struck was having an error. Are we now have the text messages and they sent back and forth. And we rule. Without having been told without having read them without having been exposed to them. We already knew that they were serious enough. To remove struck. From his position. As a counterterrorism. Big wig at the FBI. To be transferred down to the HR department how's that for all lateral move. We knew that these things had to be pretty rough. There are even worse and we might have thought. And I won't rule book where I can. Wind in the out confines of good taste and FCC mandates about profanity. I will try and share some of the contents of these text messages between mr. struck and his. All your lover at done the FBI. By the way is an ad against FBI policy to have an extramarital affair with another important. Inquiring minds want to know. Sixteen after four here on the Bobby Mack she'll be right back. Work work work work work work work work work. That's it that's always do always slave away. For four hours each afternoon over a hot steaming microphone. Here on him and now. And it sounds wire act for Tony to hear me on the Wednesday edition of the program so this up Peter struck. And I his illicit lover who was also an attorney and the FBI and was also know working for the up oh so. And pure as the driven snow Robert Mueller and his trump investigation and Alex has now turned into an impeachment inquiry apparently. They text messages between mr. struck and Lisa page that were obtained by Fox News weighed yesterday. Now referred to then candidate Donald Trump as a load some human and an idiot. More than 101000 text messages between struck and page. Being reviewed by the DOJ. After struck was removed. From special counsel Robert Mueller spratt a rusher probe. After it was revealed that some of them contained anti trump content. You know if they were to look at the text messages of all the people there working on them our investigation. And go back to went trump was a candidate. Don't you think you'd find the same kind of attitude and an ideology and philosophy reflected and all of them. Maybe not in any kind of profane terms we've seen here on maim anyone payment today they. You're not gonna find anybody fawning over Donald Trump. In on the Muller investigation into it it almost seems as if a prerequisite. For being hired by Muller was having supported Hillary having Vannatter. Now what they anticipated to be her victory party that night at the New York hotel. Are having given money tour campaign. To do it any of those things you're in like Flynn with Robert Mueller. He messages were sent during the 2016. Campaign. And contained discussions about various candidates. On March 2 struck texted ms. page that someone quote asked me who I'd vote for. Guest. Ohio governor John Kasay kick. Page responded seriously. You would not vote Democrat. Struck answered. Well I don't know I suppose Hillary. Page affirmed I would vote Democrat. Two days later page texted mr. struck quote dot. Trump is below some human. Struck responded. Yet he may win. Good for Hillary. Later the same day struck texted page OMG trumps an idiot. Paige answered he's awful. America won't get what they voting public deserves sent structure which page responded that's what I'm afraid out. Who later that same day struck texted page OK I may vote for trump. Answered page want. Pork case sick he's the only sensible man up there. Brazil a Democrat that lump I don't know that maybe he may not have been the only Democrat up there. During the GOP primary I mean when all sixteen of tomorrow. He was pretty much calling for NSA a weaker on the death penalty for NSA a weaker Edward Snowden. Struck said I'm a single issue voter. I smiley face espionage machine party. Struggle later told page exactly regarding Kasich and he has zero appeal. Twelve days later after trump took a commanding lead in the Republican delegate race. With victories in the key Super Tuesday primaries. Page texted struck I cannot believe Donald Trump is likely to be an actual serious candidate for president. Four months later struck and page exchange messages mocking trump and his family. At the Republican National Convention. Rule out in all caps. I turn it on turn it on. The deep bags. I'm having it sight read and clean this up as I go. The do you bags are about to come out struck text dead on July 19 you can tell by the excitable clapping. Yeah I'm just sort of the excitable clapping when I heard on a CNN last night. From the newsroom went Doug Johns with Doug Jones would like is joining. Later I struck reached down to page again OMG. You listening to NPR. Well when are they not. That they didn't have Fox News Channel on okay. Bet the mortgage on that apparel eight mall on ESP Chad passages elected from Michelle Obama is unbelievable. No way Paige answered adding. Got adjusted two bit organization. I do so hope this dis organization comes to bite him hard in November. Well mr. strike guess who got bitten really hard in November. On August 6 page texted struck a New York Times article. About Muslim lawyer kids a year con. Who became embroiled in a war of words with trump after Kahn spoke of the Democratic National Convention and by the way was paid to do so. Quote Jesus she should read this and try and (%expletive) and trump should go F himself. Page wrote a main message attached to the article. Struck answered god that's a greater cut article thanks for sharing and F trump. Straka was an FBI counterintelligence. Agent was reassigned in the FBI's human resources division. How a guy who is having an affair with then employee theory is signed HR. Isn't that an HR violation. Well can now set a thief to captivity for as they sent. After the discovery of the exchanges with ms. page with whom he was having an affair. Oh Fox's change their language now they previously said romantically involved. Now they've changed it to us having an affair which is what we're really wants page was briefly on Muller's team but has since returned to the FBI. Where should engineers as an impartial investigator no doubt right. House Intelligence Committee investigators and long regarded struck as a key figure in the chain of events and again. When the bureau in 2016 and receive the infamous anti trump dossier and launch there counter Intel investigation into Russian meddling in the election. That ultimately came to him encompassed five is a surveillance of a trump campaign associate that's how they got in general Mike went. Struck brief the committee on December 5 last year but within months of that session House Intelligence Committee investigators were contacted by an informant. I'm not suggesting that there was documentary evidence that struck was perp was. Purportedly. Obstructing the house probe into the dossier. Struck also oversaw the bureau's interviews with ousted national security advisor Michael Flynn. Who pleaded guilty to lying to FBI investigators and prop he was also present. During the FBI's July 2016. Interview with Hillary at the close of the email investigation via investigation. Where they determined. I know reasonable prosecutors said Doug James coming would bring charges are you kidding Xian Beijing and chargers out AM zoo. So foil and pleads guilty and Hillary. And to see here move along. 430 here on the Bobby Knight show back on the other side of the news as we roll on here on hump day. On 1063. WL RD. And I'll wreck. I asked. Rocking around the festive winter solstice tree. And Cleo progressives then no doubt would say. Al welcome back herb Albert de Tijuana brass in the sound of the season and the background carcinoma and jingle bell rock. At 439 here on the body Mac show. The other war of words continues you may remember New York as senator at Kristen Ned Gillibrand she's one that took killer removed and replaced Hillary. In the senate. And when Hillary and took over. Nadia State Department as secretary of state and and turned it into an adjunct of the Clinton. Crime Family Foundation as a fund raiser Santa Barbara we came a fund raising arm. Of of the Clinton foundation Gillibrand one the senate seat to replace Hillary from New York. She had absolutely no problem. Now when she was campaigning for Hillary seed campaigning with slick Willie. Now you are talking about a sexual harasser. I you'll look it up enough spunk and wag Knowles and there's Bill Clinton's picture smiling going I want you to listen to they. You know the whole nine yards rank. But now all now of course says she found all kinds of problems with Roy Moore. Well the president tweeted. Back and her. Essentially said she was a useless and now we don't do anything. For a campaign contribution. Gillibrand took that occasion to a charge that what trumpets we did was sexist. And as she went off on a ranch. It was aids sexist smear attempting to silence my voice Cherilus and I would not be silent on this issue no good neither will the women who stood up. The president yesterday and neither will the millions of women who have their marching since when is march to stand up against policies they do not agree with. I see it as. A sex at a sexist smear I mean that's when it is and so now it's part of the president's effort and name calling and it's not gonna silence me. It's intended to silence me. Sackett silenced the women who stood up against him directly. And it's not gonna sounds to millions of women out there who have been speaking out every day since his inauguration. About things they disagreements. Yeah and and they're welcome to SP yet now all these people remain all these accusations. Against the president. Outlook is came well in advance of last November's election and this is this issue has been vetted by the American voters. But the media is not about to letting go and so they brought it up by yesterday at down the White House news conference. With Press Secretary Sara Sanders. Who more and more is not treating fools gladly. The president's tweet this morning. They all if your mind is in the gutter when you read it Atlanta yeah. So no planner. Obviously tiger. Political partisan games that people often play. And a broken system that he's talked about repeatedly this isn't new this isn't a new sentiment this is a new terminology. He's used it several times before as I said a few minutes ago he's used it several times before are referencing men of them. Both parties in fact. Now but yet look we we know where they're coming from the president can send out a tweet that said Dunn was a beautiful sunrise this morning. And the most liberal media would immediately attacked him as a sexist or Islam phobic or xenophobic. Or a solar phobic are resented it well on assignment sound dismissal or felt that. Suggest that they just they operate in an able loony -- juror number. Apologies for getting behind on the tax line for some reason. Money pennies. Attacks on was up on her stream edit it to decided taken net. On mine and I just got to refresh so it's gonna take me a little bit to catch back up with a messages from. Only count on last hour half an hour so Bobby the only way senator Gillibrand will be silent is where they muzzle. I'll gladly contribute a dollar out for the purchase of say it. Bobby there was a march on Washington in 1963. That change the country about time for another. Funny you should mention that I happen to Beazer. Now on not by the reflecting pool on the mall. A body in all seriousness what I you know what has happened to our government I say kick a ball out this is what happens when we have to put up. Where this BS the criminals were on the prison total corruption and total chaos this kind of bleak will be and of this great nation. What a bleeping shame. After. So Obama receive again disarray general foil and gets caught by Google perjury snare while miss speaking to the FBI. While Hillary all eyes on national television and the same time admits to committing the crime. On nine national TV and nothing to say here. Yep that's pretty much yet and about general forehand or lying to the FBI the FBI already knew. The total context of that conversation. Because they'd been listening and. To the Russian ambassador. Let's just grisly act whenever it is. Anyway. What they do is they they get the text of the conversation and then they try and trip you up. And say something different than what you said then and then they charged with perjury. It's a setup. Bonnie what's your opinion I think Mueller tell objective is to cover up all the Democrat tracks. In this whole saga well and if he can do that. He will I think he's still at it it's apparently. It's patently obvious that they've diverted their investigation from the original. Reason why this special council was created. And witches and collusion with the Russians during the election. And nothing there so now they're moving on to see if they can find something. To impeach president trump on for obstruction of justice that's not in his mandate. And if he can cover up for the Democrats along the way well so much the better but he's not have a much like new and that was struck in all these other guys. A mass quarterly 45 here on the body match a quick break here and then be right back here and our number two on Wednesday. Welcome back great to have you on Wednesday afternoon edition I'm meant to talk about this earlier and I got to sidetrack tween Roy Moore and now all the collusion at the FBI and and net on the other and news of the day that we've been and dealing with as we proceed along here on this Wednesday but I wonder Italian. About done something that down I experience this morning it for me was was very moving. And especially at this time of the year went out families that are are getting together for the holidays. And now there are so many. Families here in the upstate that have folks who are. Serving in the military who maybe abroad. At at some on various point in the world and I will not have an opportunity spend Christmas with their families. This this put me back in touch when that. I had some Massimo golf clubs that had outlived their usefulness because they had suddenly decided they did not want to hit good shots anymore. At which point. They must be shipped off to the pit of misery Delhi Delhi. So I hand out these these old irons and I took them over to the UPS store. And there are sent another gentleman who was in there and he's being waited on by about who believe that the fellow that owns this particular store. And his son was helping him out and his son was was dealing with with. My shipment. And this this fellow was about my size fell by seven. And I'm guessing as probably is somewhere around fifty. And guy he was shocking and suddenly I heard down the word seals. Matchup. And so my ears are perked up and as he was talking to. That gentleman that owns at the UPS York. And not and I overheard him say. Yeah I have gone. Boys and their both Navy SEALs. And I said wow. That's a pretty impressive for which teams are they end and he said one is in and the other is and but both of them are up for selection in a seal team. And I said that's actually good that's different difficult. Not qualify for and he said he I know a date that typically bring in I think about seventy. As seal team members from various other teams. And of those seven they'd also like maybe 20/20. Five depending on now what the staffing need isn't seal team and the time. And I said did you we are able to go out to Coronado. And there in San Diego. Now for their bugs. Graduation brides is a basic underwater basic underwater demolition school that's the qualification process. They'd give you the opportunity to become a seal when you go through bugs. Then you actually start seal came training. And essentially the instructors and bugs do very of their main goal in life is to kill it. And that's that what they're trying to do of course is made they would be perfectly happy if everyone quit. And they're they're trying to discover the individuals who will not quit. No matter how difficult a task may be no matter how wet and sandy as they say they may get. And I show that must have been quite an experience ambient air on the deck and and watching her on to graduate from Monty should that was funny. Because he instructors. Would play them off one against the other being twins. They'd be out doing some exercise. And one of the instructors and I and I believe the boys names are and ace and one of the instructors would come over and say I AI just quit. And it's no I didn't say yeah yeah he's he's on the truck. It may quit he rang the bell he quit should we didn't. So they finally decided amongst themselves. Said unless you hear it from my lips I didn't quit okay. Well they both made it about graduated. And now one in the gathering. And I said aren't are the because you of the pillage about my shots. At and it was it was interesting fascinating may because he's in this world was totally foreign to me said because I'm I'm a pastor and church. And had no military background no experience but from the time they were about eight years old. These these atomic they're going to be Navy SEALs. And it's a blessed because it's genetic you know it's in the DNA in there and may not be and you wouldn't buried back there somewhere and it pops out. And and this is this is where we are decent in meeting with the instructors it was a Macy's and went into the room went on. And it was obvious that these were very impressive individuals Nash and yeah you can certainly say that. And I said are are your boys big guys or they smirk seals has some old guy myself and and people that. Our our desk height when they're a buds. They pick up they appellation of a smirk sealed because the both teams are all put together by Ike. Senators. You he showed me pictures of both the boys they are both about my size about five foot seven but both on the look like NFL linebackers I mean. These guys work they were pumped up. So I told them I don't like your boys and seal team hope they may books is in both operate and make it. Which is great. Could be an opportunity to see him over the holiday season god bless him and keep them safe and I thought. You know there are so many families out there that have somebody that that is out there in harm's way. And we go through our regular day and were concerned because somebody got our shopping spot at the mall. Our whatever minor irritation we might have had and these folks are out there putting their lives on the line every day protecting our safety. And our freedoms god bless them all. Be right back.