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Wednesday, December 13th

FBI, DOJ; Strzok and Page; Drain swamp


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While I will tell you what the boys and girls campers. I have been to my university. I'm I've been to. Numerous county fair I've I've even been to a goat roping. And I have never. Seen any thing. Like this a business or the FBI and the DO RI it's truly incredible mind boggling and eight against more. Involved. A more. Corrupt more Cole Lucy and I don't work well it is now by the day. Here we go great to have you on news they enter the most heavily committed our early Bobby Mack electric radio program. In the air chair your genial host rabbit shock jock. I attack dog and all right. And of course bombast. Stake loud mouth of the south. Here we go with the 5 o'clock follies and as always your input is invited to encourage Dan welcomed. Here's how you join me NBA part of the conversation and make Ingles advantage talk line 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email bomb. And 1063. WORD. Dot com the deputy AG. A deputy attorney general rob rose and C news right there. In the middle of the ball. Went James call me Robert Mueller. Mr. struck Gleason page now these other. Dyed in the wool progressive agenda supporters. Appeared today. On the hill. And was given a party out. Hard road to go. IRO not congressman tray down a under the questioning. The deputy AG Iran Rosen Steen story by eight special counsel Robert Mueller you know him. He's like caesar's wife freeze them. Purer than the driven snow. Stood by Muller's rusher probe despite a newly unearthed trove. Of damning text messages and other details. That Republicans and show an insider bias. On the investigative team. I actually heard somebody. And nowhere was might have been on fox might have been on. Fake news network CNN might have been on nub BS NBC. Actually. Try and and make the case. That because. Struck again now Lisa page you know these other folks. Have been removed from Muller's team it proves that my worst team is working. They're doing their job. Okay. Rosen Steen who appointed Mahler and is overseen he Russia probe. Didn't sense attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself. Only as an ever count and act on us. Testified before the House Judiciary Committee and faced a grilling. From GOP lawmakers. They zeroed in on anti trumped text messages exchanged between two FBI agents who once worked. Omni Muller team. You know what the qualifications are. Fur for getting up on non Muller's trump collusion now trump impeachment. Investigative investigative team if you gave money to Hillary's campaign. It is given money to any Democrat who's running for any office. If you're an attendant said that horrific November 8 suppose in victory party for Hillary at the New York hotel. Any of those things is an immediate qualifier. If you watch Fox News. John helped him yet you got no shot. This is unbelievable said time congressman Jim Jordan Republican Ohio. Voicing concerns of the public trust in the probe is gone. As if we ever had any to begin with luck we rundown no list of all the attorneys that Mueller lined up. To be on his all star team and go to bat with the Louisville sluggers against president trump any each and every one of lump. As a dyed in the wool progressive. But then again to advance. In the DOJ and Washington in the last eight years. Would you could you have advanced. If you were otherwise. Go to rock. Republicans for weeks have raised concerns that some investigators may be biased. At all. Citing everything from their political donations to pass to work. Representing top Democrat figures and allied groups including. It out what are the what does staffers on Muller's team defender of the Clinton foundation a court case. Night. And wind committee ranking member. Jerry Nadler Democrat New York press Rosen stay in our weather read seen good cause to remove Mahler from his post. Rosen Spain pushed back no. Except. And Nadler asked whether Rosen steam would fire Mahler if he were ordered to do yourself. I would follow regulation. If there were good cause I would act if there was no good cause I would not Rosen staying replied doubling down mini scene no good cause to do so. Of course not. Lewis who can fault the integrity of Robert Mahler. Just to look at that he had composition of this team. Korea and that's a look at that. He suggested the probe. Wasn't this supposed to be about Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with Trent associates. And and now of course it's they Muller impeachment. Not inquisition. Rosen stained senate being out conducted appropriately at this stage. Abbott just hours prior to Rosen stained testimony the DOJ. Released hundreds of text messages between two FBI eight officials. Peter struck and Lisa page. Who worked on Muller's team oh here's a language again money penny and were romantically involved. AKA having an illicit extramarital affair. They weren't high school kids who were romantically involved. There were having an affair. Many were anti trump and pro Clinton. No. Alcohol suck so it isn't so. In one exchange from August 2016. Page forward and they Donald Trump related article to struck riding. And maybe you're meant to stay where you are because you're meant to protect that cut the country. From that menace. Menace. As a Star Wars. Correct me if I'm wrong here that aren't FBI agents must meet when they're conducting an investigation. Isn't it sort of part of the what they're tasked with it and is. Bringing impartiality to the table. And here's a guy who's on Muller's team. And he is out illicit lover who also works on my worst team. Is texting joined and maybe you're meant to stay where you are because you're meant to protect the country from that menace. He responded. Thanks it's absolutely true that we're both very fortunate well just what we found each other. Well that part and a box and of course out trying to approach it that way. Try and approach and and in a way didn't to protect the country from that menace. That jury impartial investigator. I just know it'll be tough at times. I can protect our country at many levels not sure of that helps. March last year page texted struck dot trump is halo some human. Struck responded yet he may win good for Hillary. Later the same day struck texted page OMG trumps an idiot Paige answering he's awful. Today Jordan said of agent struck this guy Donnie was super agent James Bond of the FBI. We're now beginning to understand the magnitude of this insider bias on Muller's team. Said committee chair Bob go to led Republican Virginia he cited the extreme bias. Shown in the text messages between struck and page Muller investigator. Andrew Weissman a law. A former acting attorney general Sally Yates Ford defying president trump. On nine his blocking out. Not immigration from non terrorist nations. And Mueller investigator. Janine reuse representation. In court. Of the Clinton foundation he also cited the case and another DOJ official demoted amid scrutiny of his contacts with a firm behind the and he trumped Aussie. Yup one of the guys working on molesting his wife. Worked at fusion GPS where she was hired as an expert on rush up. Fusion GPS or want to put together the a bogus trump dossier. I'm that deep state. Is alive and well. Sixteen after five here on the body match no catch up with a tax line we go back to the phones as well. Here when they 5 o'clock found ways rolls on on. Hump day. I'm town yeah it is just that truly mind boggling day after day we will get a new revelation. That Ned. Just points out. The the level of a collusion and corruption there was gone on and don't forget that in any collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and the Russians. The real collections going on the FBI the DOJ and Hillary campaign and the DNC. It's unbelievable that's it they're not listening to another word wow I'm kind of know what you mean meant. At least we're finding out now exactly out what's going on here. During the heat hearings today and Bob goblet of Virginia sent aren't. DOJ attorneys advised to leave and avoid the appearance. Of impropriety. Calling the potential bias of certain career Justice Department officials and lawyers on Muller's team deeply troubling. DOJ investigations. Must not be tainted by individuals imposing their own political prejudices. Rosen scene told lawmakers that he has discussed this with Robert Mueller. I'm ready happens. And I can imagine how the discussion went well Bob. You know we had these really good does staff attorneys in there and then. Unfortunately for Ashley we caught a bad break. Are these text messages came around so now I gotta you know give the appearance of for being impartial Julianna dump them too bad they're really good liars. But hey that's away just ram got plenty more where they came from. It's our responsibility. To make sure those opinions do not influence their actions rose and seen said with a straight face. I believe director Mueller understands that and recognize as people have political views but they don't. Let it affect. Their work. He can't they can't stand up so they don't. Course they don't let it affect their work maybe are meant to stay where you are because your meant to protect the country from that menace. Yeah that's absolutely true around trying to approach it that way. Thought it. To the out phones we go let's deal appropriately to liberty and bring in Jim here on the body mansion behind him. Are taught me it's incredible it is truly incredible. You're up right here. Okay. I am so glad you're back you might favor at all thank you sir you have excellent taste. I'm required to. We'll overlook that I couldn't. The one thing I gotta admit all that's the last six models last year probably what bugs me more than any other single billions of surety that Republicans yup and I call myself like constitutional concern whatever conservatives concerned that they have what order. What bothers me is. We have voted for the last ten years to help during the swap and finally somebody comes along who really watched dual. We go to the elect Republicans are trying to market time I'd done nothing yet still we get somebody who and what's it. And all of a sudden he chills up during the swapped a lot harder than me are you bad as it was the rapid. Democrats not doing anything to help it at all and anyway you're they while the finger to help. The worst one to the Republicans now that. There are actually standing in the way you know when Obama was president every time he grew up there are thousands of Democrats first debuted at all about all they would vote on the TV or before the cameras defending it defending it defending him that every little thing that was even stupid. Truck comes along and he can't even Republicans supporting yup and it just probably and it'd be due. Reaching back to if you remember back about. 1012 here's another party was bragging type brag about it a big jet and everybody was welcomed. That innate thing they actually allowed four pro abortionist so to allow for people who did. Similar to rating with a borders mail output this that yeah act and we got all sorts of liberals know public property. And I'm coming back the bite. It and it just. It just. You couldn't do any more out there are no barrier to the well at all like it. Might take. I appreciate it Jim thanks for the cult and Anna thanks for the kind words as well and it is a valid complaint and look. It merely point out. That they swamp draining is not limited to the progressive Democrats are they big trouble makers and AM an impediment. Two on returning the nation to constitutional and traditional values absolutely. And I you know the Chuck Schumer isn't an anti policies of the world and get back up. Bear their brand responsibility for the us but it doesn't stop there and it doesn't stop with just the GOP. It also. Is inclusive of all these bureaucrats and are so heavily entrenched in every government agency usually the people who work at the EPA. And and then their for the last ten years eight of them under under Obama. I don't know while the fact that does Donald Trump. Is a yeah. A climate change deny errors they like to call. You think they want to enforce what trump is doing to overturn what Obama did previously. And is that way throughout every government agency. So. We know how difficult it can be to fire a government employee but some of these people. That have been their bread they just they just need to. Clear the decks and get all that dead wood out of there. Now they are nothing but an impediment as are many who call themselves Republicans. Now Bobby in a potential I tell you think trump has Genoa to go as he has with people after him before brings out what he's dug up on everybody else. Well if if I or Donald Trump and frankly I'm not that Smart. I would I would be doing that already but I would be doing it in a Covert fashion. York catchment. Any. Senator X. Saw those pictures have yet to Christmas party while. You know that's a error would be you know weren't otherwise. 529 year in the body and actually take a break at the bottom of the hour I go back to the phones we come right back here on Wednesday. And the other big story of the day the tax cuts looks like they are on their way and that is not infuriating. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi because as you know. They're fighting for the middle class. That spirit back. I guess. When they Christmas without chip Davis Mannheim steamroller. Welcome back to Bobby Mack show here it is up 539. Honest Honda afternoon handed down for a analysts kind of like a routine sunset tonight assembly never really nice one out there that day. And Malia mile and a real world and his leninist. I mentioned a couple of times during the course of the week. That Christmas Eve and Christmas Day historically traditionally. Here WORD we have run. Chip Davis and Mannheim steamroller Christmas special and American Christmas has all the great. Holiday sounds of the season that people enjoy and we didn't run it last year because it wasn't available to us. The S syndicators. And I yanked him off the market for a year because they wanted to revise it updated can polish it up so it's back this year. And he'll be able to hear it starting 6 PM on Christmas even running right through midnight on Christmas Day. And American Christmas went chip Davis and Mannheim steamroller and right now all. I have a Bobby Mack prize pack for you all call and to win a copy of Mannheim steamroller is new holiday CD Christmas mill. An eight canister. Of their yummy or wanna like nine cent a month hot chocolate mix which is endorsed. By mr. money penny just in time for the holidays. Which caller you want money penny. Number four. At 2414334. Okay two for 14334. Color number four. Gets the Mannheim steamroller. Prize pack Al one other thing that I noticed in the at testimony today on the hill. I'll win now Roche and stain the deputy AG was asked. About Dell Muller's awareness. Of of all of these conflicts of interest. Rosen Steen said I know what he's doing he consults with me about their investigation. Within and without the scope of the investigation. When pressed. Over whether Mahler is attempted to expand the the original scope of his investigation. Rosen Steen said that he had given his permission. Tim Mueller to investigate. What he request if necessary. Noting that these special counsel team. Does have authority to investigate. Obstruction. Are you kidding me. The whole purpose the whole rationale behind this construct. Of this special counsel was collusion between Iran with the trump campaign and the Russians. And now all. Boy you know what this isn't a fishing expedition. A dig around and say we cannot find something that we can at charge trump went obstruction for. And and mission accomplished GAAP. They they got to shut this thing down and it's got to shut this thing down meantime. I'm Jim Jordan today pressed rose and seem to appoint a second special counsel to investigate allergy allegations. Of anti trump bias when then Mahler steam. And Jordan and using as his focus the newly released text messages. And that I'd prefer my money we we need to have another special counsel's get a third when he near to investigate Hillary. And lock her up. But that's got as much chance. Of happening as the Titanic does have a docking in New York to the phones we go. Rick is an extent he has and Duncan hi Rick and welcome to the bunny match. We expect my call yes hey I can Garrett now about. Yet upon callers calm then talk about training the swap. And I don't really believe. That profit making any effort to drain the swap he's just got replaced the Obama swamp monsters. With result Goldman Sachs swap monsters. And that's just the way it's going to be you have to accept that he's been following is gonna make some money off that Andy's got. Changed tax laws and put in our regulations that are that are gonna benefit the people that put him in office that's awaited there always is there. Don't let any of my butt but if they don't if those. Tax cuts also benefit middle income Americans should know and also benefit does your job creators. Well I mean you see. You have to admit or you have to at least accept that there are trickled out early gonna happen and that trickle down did not happen. In I'm 1990s. And I guess were expecting that we do the same thing. Again and something different. And I think I don't know about that. Either you go back a look at the and the socal trickle down. Other occurred during the Reagan years you'll find that done the opposite of what your contending as accurate. NS are strong drained swamp I was concerned. For every new regulation. That down the government now puts in place twenty are being eliminated so I think that's certainly. I had conducive to helping drain the swamp that and the fact that we now have the conservative appointed to Supreme Court. Also will move in that direction as well I think thank you Rick I appreciate the call Phillip has a long next he is in Pickens hello Phillip and welcomed the bunny match up. I think we're involved in actually I have to disagree let previous trials that are the best playing trial is well. Picked up on that he has made all these tall grass right and who's now doing sales and being around those. I'll go to Columbia while a lot when my dog run in the folks used to say taught me to greatness they do best place for it it's just announced that there. It. Warning. And now they do law 14% popularity in Iraq. Something for approaching and I just thank him. Yeah so we've seen that insult and it can win now. Mr. wood president trial. Wouldn't the moment leading. And Trixie they actually enhance local citizens there on the floor got all the anti. Union. Although it certainly seen that. Yeah upload your form he didn't the first I will never vote for him again because he is an apt Croker. So all they have they have made their well being schlepped all. So yes the media eighteen is going to be interesting because I think there will be a lot of I'm very against these warcraft Republican rhinos could be and that's formed to drain this law. What am planning and the other thing I wanted to mention we'll let you talk to law transit are these. All bureaucrat right impact of foreign. You just moved or job location signals the last game you can either me they're where you're losing all this it is. Or you can resolve your shoulders you know. Fired anybody always got oversight. Of the that you that you aren't there is little in the court. Well look at mr. struck at the FBI and I thank you for the cultural preparation a look at mr. struck at the FBI. Who went from being out what a couple of doors down. From the from the number two guy he was like number four. And the FBI and now he's in the HR department. That change sideways as far as career moves are cancer. 54614. Before six here on the mount a match goes we roll on on hump day they arrive back and some of the details emerging. About that Trump's tax plan and a timeframe. For when you may seem more dough in your pocket. That's all the way next. Way to go Vicky. From. Money penny can't remember where. So much to do so much to see. Now Vicki congratulations winner of the Mannheim steamroller prospect another one tomorrow another when Friday. By the way out tomorrow and Friday as well tickets to. In on the attacks line 71 threes are a senate. Not a moderate click on a crybaby argue you dealt with bush for eight years you've dealt with a Obama for eight years and all their garbage. And you haven't got enough sense to see the the obstruction with a Republican Party is a problem. What are you a complete idiots. Are you touched yours in you don't have to sugarcoat it Munich and just ahead go and go for. Bump up and I. Sorry Bob Richard tolerate is a moron instead of holding their nose and whining about trump. Why did you pick up the phone or write a letter to. To our gen. Is that for is that a reference sergeant by the FCC commissioner. Iowa anyway. 02 I'm so this must be voice to text. And it turned that's. Write a letter to any of the Big Ten Republicans and tell them do get the H out of the way. I'm so sick and tired of any money man is ghost making money. That any wanna put your money where your mouth is or can actually do something about. Bob they know trickle down collar needs to do some research Reagan created 25 million jobs. And had growth percentages. Triple left. I'm Obama. I guess that's the appoint us trying to make to him out bombing a guy sent a like a grinch. The strong grunge. I'm a believer scholar has it bass sack worst Obama. Was a Goldman and sacked puppet the swamp hate trump because he wants to eradicate them. For the vermin they are. Government up and you don't hear Berman much you don't hear vermin nearly enough and a Bobby on one hand I'm glad that all these text messages came out. So people can see what this is all about on the other hand how embarrassing to have all your personal text messages. Released in the world why were they released well because they had a bearing. I showing that we're. Not graced with a impartial. Prosecutors. Or investigators. And the FBI. Tea fairly valid point. Now Bonnie just a reminder tonight is going to be the vast viewing for the a meteor shower. Best viewing will be from twelve to 11098. From GM and easily thank you and little nip these for the kid. To be out there. Bobby got to meet chip Davis the other week it universal Orlando awesome guy and an awesome. Grinch remake yelled at twentieth CD that we're giving away from from the grinch remake. Pop up. Now Bobby so glad the geniuses doing the 38585. Interchange work. Decided to do only crazy you'll lane closures and detours and changes during the busiest shopping weakening fare well done. Well every glass is half full. But the reason they're doing this out is because they're ahead of schedule. Yeah it it wasn't originally planned. Ad for this. Bob article five convention of states that's the only way out that I see by the way. It is not a constitutional convention. As opponents say they are different. Thank you for the update any info. One more to go. Bonus hour still to come here on the Bobby Knight show. I AM musical salute to the Christmas holiday from the body Mac semi professional players have under. Both hands in the news all of that and more so. Don't go.