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Wednesday, December 13th
Roy Moore; Boneheads

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They attacked John RI. AA bombastic loud mouth looks out her. How appellation and yes here I am ready to go over the fourth and final hour on hump day Bobby Mack electric radio program true which. Your input is invited encouraged and welcome. Here's how you join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon just to pick up the phone usually Ingles advantage talk line number 800. 347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email her simply Bob. At 1063. WL RD dot com big news on the hill today went down around roe hasn't signed the ad deputy attorney general getting grilled. By and Jim Jordan from Ohio our own trade Downey and others. Posing the question. To mr. residents on how in the world can you sit there with a straight face. Went all of these obviously. Ideologically. I'm driven people all these biased. Hillary supporters conducting was supposed to be impartial investigation. And we're DeRozan signed says some light while it and it's our job to make sure that everybody has their own political opinions of course. But it's our job to make sure they don't influence their work. Well. Guess what the level of confidence is in that went mister deputy AG. He's. In on me a text line this afternoon 71 threes are seven Donny how can we fix it actually held trump we can't even get rid of Lindsey Graham. Yeah I know but that's said that's a different problem. Which is back to you than GOP is not helping present trump as long as GOP in South Carolina insists on having an open primary. We're never gonna get rid of these rights. And Al west cigars we have managed you. Generate a wave election where now people are finally had enough of them. And show up at the polls to out vote all the Democrats who vote in the Republican primary. About all the testimony on the hill today Bob as an LAL law enforcement officer. We have to show our investigations are without bias or the caiso get tossed with a bias found in the investigation. Should be more than enough and this one to scrap metal. I don't agree. Bob establishment Republicans are interested in helping out their international business interest and not our. Interest. And action. Pop up and I think we have a a couple of new intimacy ninety quickly a catcher up here Bob congratulations to the Democrats and the news media. On tour routing to affect the outcome of the senate and Alabama hope they're proud of themselves and I hope they never win another football game and Alabama idiots. Thanks from Jeff. Doug Jones spent what thirteen million dollars or George Soros is money. And now Roy Moore spent five million dollars of on Donald Trump's. Some interesting out thinks came out of that night I'd I did. A semi deep dive into some of the election measures are found one thing that struck out. Other people that voted for Roy Moore because the Democrats are gonna say all our here's our game plan. Here's our game plan going forward we bring out all these women out of the woodwork and they throw all these accusations out and of course we have the moral high ground up. Sure they do the party of slick Willie. And and Ted Kennedy has the moral high ground on their treatment of women. Wanna try convince me that one. But that's it's well that's where they'll go win this and they're also going to say look trump is vulnerable. We can strip away from supporters. Out through this kind of tactic. That also would be wrong. Other people who voted for Roy Moore and Alabama yesterday. 90% of them approve. Of the message of Donald Trump and his performance in office. I'm now Dave. And weren't necessarily thrilled with the Roy Moore. But does it to say that this is a reflection on trump I think would be mistaken. Bob can rally outside just read that went. Bobby is a terror show Graham heard an Alabama just wondering because your favorite more name was a potential kind of fun. I'm reminded of the. Comment made by Steve Allen. Way back when back in 1950s. Steve get a radio program. On a 50000 watt station which is drew the most powerful. AM station at the time 50000 watt radio station in LA. And on the program you and interview people in the audience in studio audience. And a Fella came. Since diva eyelids and San Francisco. Due did people in San Francisco get your program. And Steve said though they can hear it but they don't get it. Fanned out and say yeah same probably and it goes here. Bob did you hit did you hear Pelosi babbling about the tax cuts. Ripping off the middle class that's hilarious coming from her. Considering she's been ripping off the middle class with no leftist agenda for decades. Bob Rick needs to realize that if grope bush. Has continued Ronny struggled down he would do never have heard of Monica Lewinsky. I'm bombing was a collar richt or was that done Vince Coakley disguising his wife's. Now believe that was Nancy season is retired for the they president today making his closing argument for pat a passing his sweeping tax reform package and had to this. To say today in that regard. Congress sends me a bill. Before Chris burns the eyes IRS this is just out this is breaking news. Has just confirmed that Americans will see lower taxes and bigger paychecks beginning. In February. We are going to have a country. That celebrates you again hard working great people. You being celebrated. Again remember that. Cruises you were a little bit forgotten when you called the forgotten people. Somebody else called me and everybody else the deplorable said the other that your. The cynical voices that opposed tax cuts grow smaller and weaker. And the American people grow stronger. So there is now the president speaking about the proposed tax did you wanna fire. Under congress she wants to get the bill to his desk next week. Trump said during a speech and a family of four earning 75 grand a year. When CN income tax cut of more than 2000 dollars slashing their tax bill and hill. Our current tax code is burdensome and unfair the president said. Its export and our jobs closed our factories and left millions of parents worried that their kids will have less opportunity demo last. Our factories and laughed. Trump talked up the bills expansion of the child tax credit for working families saying you'll hear the numbers are very soon. They're even larger than anticipated once they he'll legislative process of merging the tax bills is complete. What they called reconciliation. It'll be sent back to the house and senate for final passage a final vote expected. Next week so that certainly will be. Widely anticipated. Fourteen after six here on the bunny match out it is of course. Christmas time. Where that in mind AM new survey out. How much would you pay to avoid all these stressful stuff of Mohammed at this. Yelp. Did a survey in some ways made. Ring a responsive bill where you are here are ten things that stresses out this time here and how much we pay to have somebody else to deal whether. First we pay a 143. Bucks to have someone put up all of our decorations. Inside and out. Number true we'd pay another 2820. Bucks to have them all taken down again. Number three to have all your holiday shopping done for you. 121 dollars. I have all your gifts perfectly wrapped up for every 196. Months. I am the worst thank god for those gift bags in LA and Christmas Guyanese sticks and tissue paper on job. I urge all phones. And I was a voice down in the NB better than. To guarantee your significant other will love their present. We pay a 134 bucks on top of what we're planning to spend for the actual gift. To have your entire holiday meal taken Tehran. That includes buying the food cooking everything and doing the dishes 146 bucks. She's been twice and profits. We pay an extra 108 dollars to make sure that Turkey was perfect another 150 chewed a guarantee nobody and dinner. Got into a fight over politics. And another 158 Baxter completely avoid New York in the laws this year. He had it all up 1445. Dollars worth of holiday stress. Right there and one little package sixteen after six here in the body matchup bone heads and Ayers is still to come in this hour and illegal back to the phones. When we come right back. 1%. They're owner Don not know and I don't recognize this. And welcome back and six Tony junior nobody matching Albie are enjoying the hump day edition so far today there was buried impressive I got to thank you I appreciate that. Tony you after six bony hands is a still to come to the phones we go. Alice going and he Henry he is in ninth Andersonville. Assam snow all melt about their line now and ray. I'll admit story out of your current. That really are looking at right now across the street all your stock average low and most of the roost. Followed them. Can drive later clear pretty much. How much how much snow did you end up with Hendrick. Hander civility but about ten to eleven inches. Just day oh light dusting as Ian meteorologist because it. We're you know. Partly cloudy habit is now 88 or any area cold and wet to embark on each. And that there was no may have low. Yeah I I don't I have several in my neighborhood as well now. And it looked absolutely beautiful because it came down as a wet sticky little or no wind every tree that top of every branch. And basically are slow in the bottom of every bracket Browner green it could make a really beautiful. Yeah he was the out proverbial winner wonderland for a while there was. Yeah a look nice yeah. I'd like to call and ripped a little bit. And you'd gain the right place that. Yet the Roy Moore situation really. Really upsets me. I think. In the yellow purple that guy is known dictated by liberals for two things one is public professions of christianity and second is strong. I have for you over traditional moral values. And I'm socially Casilla and self professed conservative and Christian distort my under the bus saying well. You know like if they let us know about this some but narrowly pick or acute and whom else so it must be guilty of something. And I wonder how I wonder how much of voter fatigue. And all these continuing incessant attacks worked against him as well I mean. Obviously the thirteen million dollars who spent by Doug Jones as opposed to the five million he spent on the fact that there is a U. A campaign. Four convicted felons to be able to vote I don't blame and give them we're gonna vote for a for Roy remark. The list goes on and on you the good Deco is definitely stacked against him. And I laughed as well as the number poll numbers from last night the there was there like don't. One. Point 1% difference between the two candidates and their word one point 7% of the vote was right in which I imagine almost all. Self righteous Republicans. That wanted to vote for a Republican but not for more. May well then you out like as we asserted that the yeah yeah we certainly heard from enough of them during the campaign Denmark. Yet or are there are several people on air station calling in on earlier shows today saying that same thing. Well I like you know what I think is going to be an imaging can undermine and all that. As far as I know they need people that it is Roy Moore first call. They'll have like 38 years to come forward Udonis of Supreme Court the state he was. All credit controversy the ten commandments nobody says anything right here in the primary nobody says anything yeah good day everywhere in the primary and you know on the ballot then they go after him. The first woman. Has that says he did get something to her molested or whatever had also in my life apparently. The Q3 different pastors of molesting Jesus. This second one with a final language interpreter for Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton. On the course the big supporter of Doug Jones sued opponent and the four point admits she faked part of the stuff that was supposedly written and he'll look. You know I don't care how many people acutely than an acute that accusation is not a true. And look at the timing look at his character he'd been on public display for thirty or forty years right everybody knows the main character. You know it's been awfully possible he did something and it it could happen until it's true that not not an authority under the. Think that's what's made this is what. Makes this such a dangerous environment and in my estimation are there women out there that have. Real experiences and real accusations on certain RR but by the same token. We're getting into a very dangerous area this is turning into a Salem witch hunt here where accusations. All while Owen. Are enough to destroy a career now an indication Al Franken. In other and you got photographic evidence in this guy grinning like up. High school sophomore wiley groping some poor woman is a slot but in the case Roy Moore you got thirty or forty year old accusations. With nothing to back them up except maybe a forgery and a yearbook. It's. Conveniently in the media. Statute of limitations has expired and anything in my class and so these people. None of these people have to actually go to court say anything under oath. But yet but they are but they account and they accomplish what they wanted the same name sullied his reputation to the point. Where even conservative Republicans. We're saying well I don't know you know where there's smoke there's fire may be we should go just right in Jeff Sessions or something. And and that's how you end up losing. That and an all out all the felonious notes that were out there that purse again be an example the because I get a little deep dive and into some of the numbers. The the African American population the black population in Alabama is 26%. The vote last night was 28% black so obviously. There were out there or don't want you there were a lot of people energized and and that's one way to tell when elections is by having your side show up. When more people than the other side. And I think if the Democrats seller aren't thinking that now they found the elixir for for trump I think they're kidding themselves. Maintain. Thanks Andrea appreciate the cow it's good to have you along this evening. 28 after six here on the embodiment shell of a Christmas shopping of course is gone now we're getting down to the nitty gritty on Christmas shopping. And we saw on Black Friday so many people do that now. Now over the Internet but hey here's a concept to on to bear in mind. You know what's better than one day delivery. Getting the things you want. That day. And you can do it. How. Well you just go to. Dust. Well now your items are available instantly yeah. Restore. Consumer's shoes sweaters Tony Snow boards flat screens and not too much more are ready for the taking. And there are available now reduced prices. So cute you know. Those door there's a store near you see you at the store. Pulled. On the Internet is available to store membership required that I just I get a it's as easy. And you go to the store. It's at 649 year in the Bali night show on Wednesday. Bad news is next in the bottom of the hour and then I'm back for the last half of the bonus hour here on Wednesday including. When we come back bone is human. Don't go away. Not a bad little sax player. And pretty good with a golf club and a sand too I understand Kenny gee winter wonderland. Great to have you along here this evening is at 638 in the body Mac show. Back to the phones we go bone heads in the news is coming up first of all though let's go to up against and now welcome and Alex here on the mound and I show hey Alex how are you this evening. And I'll echo your comments I mean our justice system is based on these fundamental principles that innocent until proven guilty the burden of proof is on the accuser. Process were accused as you can bring foot tapped to bring forth their rally get big allegations that sending Intel side of the story both sides can be cross examine it it's all in front of an objective judge. And as the man and as a man famously said. Where I'll go to get my reputation back. Exactly and the prestige that it didn't the First Amendment protection in return for being the public to do AG the public. And one of its responsibility to operate with these principles in mind. And protect the acute especially when charged by government. And they did this. Pretty much objectively and universally. In the media up until about the cable TV here yeah but you're right now it's. Public opinion. Look at Mora looked like to sell a public square rather look at more at this Salem witch trials. Where these cute Obama didn't make a charge the defendant guilty they got to prove their intent at all. It done by the crooked and biased judge which is now the national media. And this is a ton of tyrannical fascism we would come to expect in the old Soviet Union. You know they they famously sent well we've we've got we've got to criminal now all you have to do is find a crime to talk to him now but this is not. On the way things are supposed to work. I in AM in a republic like the United States of America but sadly it's me it's. More and more is becoming a mob rule. Is adept at the moment I think the movement towards mumble because it did that the iPad and you wouldn't have pressed for probably forty year track yeah. You know splitting music. I'm definitely proud moment even amid the newspaper really good and another her allegations of caught. That's correct that isn't that is precisely correct none of them are would've stood where it stood. Any kind of investigative reporters. Studious study out of them because a course. It's it's he said she said you've got no validation you've got no photographing evidence he got no recordings. You got nothing and other than your word against his sorry eight. That's not good enough. And also pick up like fifty years ago the crowd that wanted determining cover an election year yes at some really. We'll be Arab nations and surely would've stayed away from there on an election season. And and they the hypocrisy of the left shows itself again with only. You know after the fact say well I didn't want to influence on the outcome of the election by charging Hillary so. Even though the evidence demands that she be charged. I he uses as a feeble excuse not wanting to influence the election by bringing charges against her when there are perfectly valid. An initial one question we put utilities and he gonna. At this tax cut reform. Yeah yeah I believe they well I believe that time trouble (%expletive) it's interesting how they're talking today. There are people trying to persuade a Doug Jones to vote with the Republicans. On. I'm not on the tech I I wish a model luck when that because once he comes under the under the wing of Chuck Schumer. That's a non starter but yeah I believe they will be able to get it through. We do thank you Alex I appreciate having OK here we go as promised time this evening. All our own hands you know and yeah. Yes we got some winners tonight. Sky big the absolute worst possible moment of the year ago shoplifting. 33 year old Travis bolt and Shelly I don't walk out of a Wal-Mart in Reno. Who recently went about 800 bucks worth of stuff and shopping cart. What he failed to recognize. Him was that. That particular Wal-Mart. Was hosting their annual shop with their share off event. Where cops take under privileged kids somewhere shopping spree. So when Travis try to walk out of the starlet cart full of stolen goodies securities downstream and one of the many cops and a store said hey. Here's an easy bus from media and walked up and arrested. Even charged with Grand Larceny could go and video on their action. About this New York suburbs it is getting this pardon the expression. Cramping or by the day to quote the New York Post. Residents of Orchard Park had made mad over on their hands. One woman is called the cops about eight delinquent deathly cater stinking up her on. Somebody placed an ad warning the foul feces then to quit. Morning iffy and confetti guarding helium Buffalo News such an eighth person jogger who is poor thing on our lawns. In a village of OP. Stop it. The infamous ad. Ran in the Orchard Park penny saver. Multiple homeowners have been victims and are determined to catch the pooper. Well and in the act for us because it. We've installed trail can still identify you and me and says Orchard Park always. That's that's a suburb where the bills stadium this. Fourth cup Orchard Park police also received a complaint last month from a woman who said she found proven tissue paper more than once outside her home. She thinks that's finger may be a jogger police have had to deal with Matt Cooper calls before. No usually involving all here you go Buffalo Bills games at new era field. If the culprit is caught. They would face possible public lewdness or exposure. Chara in buffalo this time a year you could be suffering from exposure. In addition to being charged with a tough being a good samaritan these days. When it seems like the world as I've gone nuts though. Tony five year old Gregory rupture from Derby, Connecticut arguing whether it's 22 year old girlfriend Jennifer and I'm on a bridge on Thanksgiving. It looked like it was really escalating so a guy who's walking by. Tried to intervene to make sure that everything was okay. He. Send the girl are you okay. Me a boyfriend thought that he was. Escalating and interfering in their bins. And their videos. So he responded by tossing the guy off the bridge. He fell 45 feet enough ice cold water rescued quickly and survived that was seriously injured and is still recovering. Police just finished their investigation. Gregory arrested yesterday for attempted murder assault and reckless endangerment. Jennifer was arrested for interfering with police because she lied to the. Ops when they interviewed her and finally and drunk driver and L and all I crashed into a ditch. And wind cops I trusted him and ask him or his name he said his name was. Burger. King. Today. They arrested him told and they were taken came down to they graybar hotel and he said. You're taking major though. Satan was down. Alan Berger. Why should embody Burger. King. Right. Come on what may very well there is the Wednesday edition low enhanced human. See you right back. Billy do his work. And Georgia man Mr. President dive my share the feeling. That's how we do is work true well then play a little golf when it down warms up. Welcome back 651 here on the embody Mac show let me catch up with some of the email quickly and some of the text messages as well Bobbie can Roy Moore Sunnis accusers for defamation of character and affecting an election. Including the media. Is made up allegations of sexual harassment by the left have got to stop. I'm Bob Roy Moore should've just said hey Al forty years ago I was today. Shut him up. Al Bobby the Alabama senatorial election yesterday brings up a point credibility as far as accusations are content what are we gonna see. Some accountability. Out a way to defeat of the accusers when a person comes forward with a an accusation. The two decades old with no witnesses and no physical evidence why does anybody even listen to opt. I'm sorry if something happened to you thirty years ago you should have yelled about it then not now. Bob the entire goal of Nancy Pelosi and apolitical lefties is precisely to destroy. The middle class for just you can't have a successful. Bolshevik. Style revolution. If you have a large middle class workers down line. After awhile. Bobbie I don't remember much being said when Michael Jackson. Was dating Brooke Shields when she was twelve or thirteen years old. Catcher. And Bobby are neighbors and Alabama will no longer be called Alabama they're now going to be called West Virginia where the shore. From I guess. I'm in good Jeff but I double header you'll offend the people in Alabama and West Virginia all in one taxed. Good going. In my email Bob. These hand wringing hash tag me to winch is in DC haven't told us who at least seventeen million dollar man of congress are. Who harassed women and police the taxpayers in the process. I don't think all for a stupid congressional investigation of trump. When they hid harassment payouts from the taxpayers and Walt called out the male rapper Obey it's in their midst in DC. On what takes neo liberal loon lunatic moon that hypocrisy cake. As a Bill Clinton went to pad a file island home to Russia and teenage sex slaves 27 times. Yet all of these Democrat DC went just said that Hillary the enabler who didn't hear the voices of these abused girls allegations. Was Ramos qualified person to beat opponents of all time. No question about Hillary's husband's abuse of women. Are trapped our trips to I shady apps dimes and a file island. Are Hillary's overall judgment or commitment to women by looking the other way. Either Hillary knew about bills did botched trips and as a calloused power hungry cruel selfish evil person. Unfit for the presidency or she is so naive and gullible. And lacking basic instincts that she's the least qualified person for president in US history. Until these phony Democrats admit that they're foolish idiots for backing the evil rat probate Hillary. And for not exposing bills had a file island misdeeds and abuse. They are the biggest hypocrites in Democrat history and that is saying something. Congratulations. Dams hope they run on impeachment in 2018. It's all they've got firm and yes if the Bernie mown that's had brought up xenophile island they could've won the Democrat nomination but they looked at the. Other way. As well. Gotcha. As sadly out reaching the point where we got to wrap things up. For this evening as I mentioned tomorrow and Friday on the program if you're a Star Wars spanned. You'll wanna be here because we will have Star Wars tickets I think we have a pair each day is that right management yeah get a pair each day. Do I give away so be sure to be where this tomorrow when we began. The giveaway shows and more Mannheim steamroller CDs to get going as well. When we join you tomorrow. Thanks so much or being on today terror I get your day started right on with Lee in the new center and Christopher Roos are bright and early at 6 tomorrow morning. And then since then Russian than non backlit. Till then have a great evening gondola. It's unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical force. And greens. Yeah. I must be no lane. I must be tell me. Yeah. And he and I. I am saying goodbye. It's. When. Yeah. Broadcast day.