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Thursday, December 14th

Mueller investigation; Strzok and Page texts


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Oh here we go no getting underway would be most heavily commuted hour of the money Mac electric radio program that of course is. They've 5 o'clock my highest. Here and as always ER input. Is invited encouraged and welcome and just a grab your phone use the angles advantage stock line number 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address quite employee Bob. And 1063. WORG. Dot com this is the hour. To me listening for the Star Wars music. Now when may have played AS Star Wars. So on that theme from Muster our worst by Nico was a big attempt back at the time the first Star Wars came out. Just use our contest why not now. But when you hear the bumper music Star Wars Barbara music using contest line 2414334. We have a a pair of tickets to giveaway. To Agassi. Star Wars. Has there's been a submit newest installment has been view and a number of theaters around the nation today. Star Wars super fans both young and old camping out in front of their favorite movie house. Making sure they'd be one of the first to say the deal last. Jan dies. Our brightest together and our our our our daughter is completely Ingles and it's and it's. It's Star Wars all the time necessary is gonna have to. Sounds like it's like rush babies. When Limbaugh may have done knowing that Star Wars. AB is as around nine. Great to have you along as we have proceed on this afternoon and then the news coming out of Washington about the individuals involved in the so called trump Russian collusion investigation and their political agenda. Has been out pretty amazing. Deceit and because of the continuing list of coincidences. Among these people working on Miller's investigate they investigate team. Who all seem. Two just first for some reason not like president trump and his supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign effective. In the end the tees and and in the promo. At Tora today as a day. You know listen up. And did you vote for Hillary Clinton. Did you send money did Hillary Clinton her campaign. PGA show up for the New York hotel ballroom anticipating Hillary's big win on election night well. We've got a gig free no Robert Mueller is looking asset. It it's like it was a pre requisite. The beyond Muller's team. Yesterday the Judiciary Committee I gave a run Rosen stain the and deputy attorney general. A pretty good going over gave him a good growing but the headline today in a story for my bride part. House judiciary lawmakers my all subpoenas. On FBI DOJ after text messages reveal past. To stop. Trump. Now Republicans on the Judiciary Committee said it was time to issue subpoenas to the FBI and the DOJ following the release of text. From FBI officials and suggested they wanted to stop. Trumps all action. It's time for subpoenas from our committee not just from the intelligence committee that from our committee which is judiciary. Subpoenas for documents that we rightly should have an ability to see said Jim Jordan of Ohio. He also said he wanted to subpoena deputy FBI director Andrew McCain. FBI senior official Peter struck and senior DOJ official Bruce or and his wife Nelly she's one that worked at fusion GPS. We think all those individuals should be brought in for depositions and be under oath in front of the committee at some point in the very near future Jordan sent out. Yes thank. I mean isn't that long pastime how much more evidence do we need. Other collusion it was a real collusion there was going on here and the FBI and the DOJ. It was revealed late last week that special counsel Mahler remove mr. struck from his team in July. After the DOJ inspector general. Discovered he'd send Andy trump messages to another FBI official Lisa page with whom he was also having an extramarital affair. One of those tax reveal the media outlets Tuesday suggested there was a point and disgust to thwart trumps all action quote. I want to believe the path you throughout for consideration in Andy's office that's Andrew McCain. But there's no way he gets elected but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. Struck wrote a page on August 15 last. About the time the FBI wants the Russian investigation. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your forty struck yet. This this stuff is is just it's mind bock. Absolutely mind boggling and mentioned as we wrap them up while the last hour of the program. A hardly. Stall wart conservative. But apparently fair minded men Alan Dershowitz farmer a big time law professor at Harvard. As said and it DL it's time brain nonpartisan commission to take a look at what these guys are doing. This is a terrible problem Dershowitz said it's a very serious problem it's a problem not only of perception. Of biased but the reality. A bias. Any defendant. Who gets indicted by the Moeller group will be able to challenge their indictment in court. Dershowitz and an independent body should step in and conduct its own investigation of the investigation. Yeah how we bring to this point where now we need an investigation. The investigation. It's like till saying who polices the police. As I said on numerous occasions when Eric Holder was a running. The department of thunder and justice under them and they were running fast and furious and all the rest who polices. The police. When the people that that week you put into office our our elected officials put into office. Who are charged with upholding the nation's laws and they instead are busily breaking drama. Who's there to hold them to account. Our Hashemi an investigation. Moments. Alan Dershowitz said I don't want criminal investigation we should start with ethics investigations. I suggested a nonpartisan commission like 9/11 commission. When you start with a special counsel you're immediately saying there must be a crime here I think that's wrong on those thoughts. We have to find out everything we can about any bias in the Muller probe art will be subjected to challenge by any criminal defendant indicted. Well. Considering that Dershowitz. Comes from the other side of the aisle let's just stop and think about this sermon he should say anyone. Indicted cadet does that include. Hillary Clinton. Lock her up does that include struck does that include Andrew McKay doesn't include Khalid is an include Mueller himself. I. It's it's just truly. Incredible. Bobby L what independent group is left for this new investigation a jet I council. We have only may at some point have to resort. To that. Not coming up on a quarter past five here in the bombing action a lot of people are around. Ordering Christmas present off the web this year again delivered of course and plopped on your porch we had a gentlemen on awhile back is invented that thing to protect packages are left on your porch and then earlier this story the other day. And the woman who had done so many packages stolen. And she can finally. In frustration. Put out a box that looked like it was from FedEx or UPS and a slow her baby's dirty diapers. So while that led us to. They Bobby Mack semi professional players dealing with some methodology for year rule to combat. Porch pirates. Torch pirates well you're hard and we're making an honest dollar. They're cruising through neighborhoods during the holidays ripping off boxes from gorgeous every Christmas to me. We can make it all and by joining together. Doing one simple thing. Let me go porch pirate pretend package. -- any size cardboard box fill it with anything holds talks dirty diapers bricks and catch your piece of paper that looks like a label and seven out on the porch if we all band together with this idea as soon the ports five ritual find so many bogus boxes. Walked they'll be forced to move along to other dead beaten funky ways shall make up big today and take back what's sure. Packages from your gifts and New York. Or choose a quick reminder of the naming someone within exploding box is extremely illegal please don't use explosives to combat torch pirates. Street. They deserve it you're better off not doing it. So while this word of the wise this holiday C. Sixteen after five here in the body matchup. Quick break here and then we're right back with a more. Here on the 5 o'clock follies. On this the penultimate work day of the week. All ears and I spent NI Iraq general radio my one run one of my big regrets is never getting to see these guys and concert. I'm baby doll Brenda. Some up in North Carolina but I never had an opportunity to see them early pollution concert. That is the story in your bias. In the background. Rock and roll hall of fame class of 2018. Has been announced it will consist of the Moody Blues. Dire straits. Bon Jovi. The cars and Nino so mold him. And nine yes if you're wondering that question immediately pops to mind. Now Richie Sambora will be joining Jon Bon Jovi for the induction ceremonies. Rock and roll hall of fame class announced yesterday. And down by the way a Bon Jovi is the only band this year that started after the seven days. They got the end. I gospel singer sister Rosetta Clark. Will receive an early influence award as well. Jon Bon Jovi said it's good news for everybody for the band for the people who support us for our families Lotta people are very happy and proud some of those are even relieved. You also said that guitarist Richie Sambora and original bass player. Alec John such will be part of the festivities says is going to be a joyous occasion. Rick okay sick from a cars was asked Kelly felt about the honorees at any time you get an award for some thing. Whether it's a bowling trophy or whatever you feel a little specialists in post. Said the cars will play at the ceremony. Not even though they're bass player Benjamin Orr passed away in 2000. Or out saying leave it. On many of the band's hits including let's go you or just what I needed and drive. Justin Hayward the Moody Blues says the band would love to play with former members might tender and ray Thomas. No word on dire straits. They broke up from way back in 1992. And haven't played the other cents. Nina Simone sadly passed away in 2003. Bands that didn't make the cut. This year included radio hand. Rage Against The Machine. Judas Priest. Depeche Mode Kate Bush the Eurythmics. And LL cool. Your wrist flicks are not in Iraq and wrong with the and a of course you know I've. Deleted this for years and years about Chicago and if I go out and I how do you not magic out well how do you not having your rhythm acts. Anyway thanks. And around maybe next year. Bobby L looks like they overlooked you again there are wolfman. Well I yeah I'm not in not any hall of fame down bank. Now pretty sure I'm not. I wolfman Jack I'm niacin I'm sure I've got to be in broad general Jim Bohannon. Is in the radio following all of we'll mandate is Bob Smith from North Carolina. I 25 after five here in the body Mac show. So we know all this stuff now revelations. Pouring in. About. All the up. Hillary supporters conducting their impartial investigation shouldn't the president drop. The next question is that what happens now Thomas a lesson at the American thinker wrote today a lot of for. Ration has been expressed. Over the slow pace of progress in unraveling the deep state coup. Again trumped but the process of uncovering the worst political scandal in American history as I've called it needs to be done the right way. Or else it will founder under the waves of abuse. There will pour from the media and political branches of the establishment not only must a legal niceties be observed the rollout of information must be undertaken when they strategy in mind. When Robbie Rosen Stein eight eBay did the answers being sought and a congressional hearing and deferred to the inspector general investigation. I thought and a reasonable response even though Rosen sinus now I hate object for having appointed Muller is a special counsel. The IAG Michael Horowitz is no political star coach. There are unsung heroes of our constitutional republic among the federal bureaucrats. Any landing on the IG's cat's out of the bag early could have serious consequences. I consider what's at stake was written that conservative treehouse. Further consider your were given the task of revealing the outcome of an investigation of such consequence. How would you introduce the findings to the larger US electorate. Given the timing of the release from the IG's investigation I think that's what we're seeing here in the past two weeks. A prosecutor. Or laying out his case. Over the course of multiple media cycles. There's a pattern. In May released. Inspector general information on how we retrieve that from the media head of FBI director Christopher Wray appearing before congress. The IG releasing information about. FBI agent struck and his mistress attorney Lisa page just before assistant FBI director Andrew McCain of was going to appear before congress. The IG release information about DOJ deputy Bruce or and his wife Nelly she's one that worked at fusion GPS. Andrew McCain ducked out of the hearing and will now appear next week. Boil boil them in should be interest and if he's still employed. Just before DOJ assistant AG Iran Rosen stunned. Appear before congress the IG release the actual text messages information from struck and Paige sees the pattern. I Sundance lays out what I've been thinking of a story arc the broad picture of where this can be expected to develop given the facts as we know them at the moment. I'm always conscious the president trump is a master showman when they specialty in reality TV he thinks in terms of story arcs. The inspector general is laying out the case for further inquiry investigation and more importantly. Questioning. Of each of the aforementioned officials. The idea is laying out his prosecutable case before the American public via TV and congressional appearances. In my humble opinion Thomas listen rice. None of this is accidental. It is strategic. Why get distribution of material that's immensely important to the larger electorate. The subject matter so consequential. That needs to be it was absorbed in small digest double portions I agree. Tara and I were talking today on the podcast. And and she said of the but the problem with this thing it it's so involved. You gotta go back and spend three minutes describing all the players in the game before you can get to the latest revelation. We should be hearing from the inspector general in the early part of next year in time for this to start to unfold on TV. Prior to the November mid term elections. Let's look ahead to the next couple of steps toward prosecution and quality potential chain upward momentum. And consequently timing. It's critical because of the expected all Al resistance. Watergate. He concludes was nothing. Compared to this. Boy I'll say Watergate was a anti anti operation. Compared to good it's 530 here on the bombing Iraq show. The F 5 o'clock follies continue this the other side of the newest. So you back as we roll on here on Thursday. On 1063. WORD. Welcome back that is meek though in the background in Star Wars theme and manager cute Colin and win. Tickets to go see the last Jack and I car number six. There's a one where are looking for this time. Long time ago. In a galaxy far far away. Last gen I we invite you are private screening at the Hollywood twenty in Greenville it is tomorrow all. Grab your light Saber and when your tickets in you'll be among the first to see Star Wars the last Joseph and I. And I you can now get your change right now about being caller number six. Add here on nine W a RD in the contest on number two for 143342414334. And good luck to fuel. And cars will do this again tomorrow too but that. Whoever Wednesday yes tomorrow about it we will do it in the first hour give me a heads up there we're giving away star award tickets in the first hour tomorrow. Because our offices close at 530 as they do every day and on Friday and a little tough and since the premieres tomorrow night. That it'll make it easier for you to get there and and get Nelson added OK go to like GOP win. 540. Here on the body mash I was just thinking about all this business with. The FBI the DOJ Mahler and all the rest there is a delicious irony. To this whole deal and let's backtrack for just a second here. Back gearing the campaign when it went all these guys were. Hillary lovers were scrambling around. In their attempt to set up this investigation. Of Donald Trump. And made them at the time alleged collusion between the trump campaign in the Russians the idea was to do that to help Hillary get elected. And a corset Nguyen Jim Thome. Come on on 9 July 5 and say yeah no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her which allowed Hillary's campaign to continue unabated. And now. Her campaign of course was a failure and the election result of the election of a Donald. Which in turn has now resulted in the discovery. Of all of their collusion on Hillary's back. So when you stop and think about this they got the exact opposite a fact of what they intended. They wanted to help Hillary get into the White House and you have they did. You know that that if Hillary was elected none of this ever would have come to light. You think we have would've ever discovered these text messages from the instructor and Lisa page. Now obviously we wouldn't have so and it's kind of you talk about unintended consequences. What sale saying you know 1 AM when a web we weave when first we practice to deceive and man. And now all of course it's going to be impossible to cover all of this stuff up. So hey it's. As I said there's a delicious irony involved here. Not in on the attacks lined 71 threes are seven body while Star Wars in Disco flashback of when I was. Five. It. Makes me Hatfield and all Bobby I had that down funky. Nico Star Wars LT got you. Pop up bomb. China hang army eternal they got a trainer Alex contest line again I know it's too right now gonna save it for next time thank you love the show thank you. 2414334. Money penny has winner information. For us even as I speak. Cindy from Cleveland. All the way from Ohio. South Carolina contract and a wedding guests and a healthy enjoy Star Wars. Oh last Jana. As a and tickets tomorrow when the 3 o'clock hour as well. Pop up. I'm Bobby last Sunday after church I went to south house restaurant in Greer to eat by myself. As I was standing in line to pay a man had never seen before I came up and got my ticket and said Merry Christmas. Needless to say that move my faith in the human race up a few notches. They're still some good people that sent with slam affect. Can appreciate Dan. I like to do that every so often when I see. Members of our military. Eating somewhere now now you'll nod to the waitress and you know. And bring their check over here in the and and I want to do because and I never tell anybody. And I've done that announcements. Kind of half the tree and they leave before you do. You know in the pageant scene that's. Expressions on their faces by the way. That reminds me. Now someone here. I think so I think that's that's that. Coordinated effort from my show prep. My friend. Victor. Victor is is not a what is commonly known as the voice gun. When you hear the station Promos spend and all of those things. Yeah pardon me. Of Victor is a guy that the dust ups and he's a great guy and and a great friend. And I don't know if he composed this are we just came across it it's called a new Christmas poem. And it's about Christmas from the military and yesterday of course just trying amending gentlemen and I ran into. Who has twin boys who were Navy SEALs and how they're not going to be home for the holidays and an all harassed. And and it got me thinking about so many families. Here in South Carolina. Do you have members in the military you're going to be serving in some. A theater of operations and won't be able to get home for the holidays. And and it is a it's a really nice. Christmas poem that he put together so tomorrow. In this hour of the program tomorrow in the F 5 o'clock follies. Prominent account to produce this thing up a little bit and read it and I think you'll enjoy it sent. Just another. Programming note for you keep up with a body on the smaller circus do you think that the president just gave them the rope. And hasn't done allowing them to hang themselves. I showing helps sell. Many cows. Look. Yeah you can't get away would this kind of stuff. In America wished there was a time when eating and away went. Now Bob you reported earlier that Rick Quinn was he most crooked politician in Colombia actually that was a quote from my David Pasco the prosecutor. I beg to differ once again I gotta do to get some respect around here. Signed Hugh L Florence south. I love that guy that since those text messages at the weathermen 546 here in the body match you know fourteen before six Al when we come back. There's there's an interesting back story here. Not all of these text messages that have been so revealing about the attitudes of these Hillary supporters have been supposedly conducting this impartial investigation how. How did how did we get ahold of this on terror and I were having a discussion on the podcast today and she was saying you know what about this inspector general. Is is he gonna be straight shooter is he another Hillary left and how Lorena get to the bottom here. Apparently this guy is the IG is. Doing his job. Share some of the back story on the same when we come right back here on the Bobby Mack show on Thursday. Solve all. Bobbie you already did miss out saw the Moody Blues in Columbia. Tremendous shell that's what my baby down Burnett says she'll of their their Elijah. Mobbing the people of America made their voice is clear by voting for trump and since the corruption continues. I think it's time we the people step up and file lawsuits or whatever means are available. To put an end to this corrupt government that's out of control time for accountability I saw yesterday the day before judicial watch. Is suing Muller. And maybe they wanted to get him out of it. Bump up. Bob I seem to remember AM direct quote from Hillary if that. B word win this will all be hanging from new sources. And avenue a nicer bunch. And this one from the TMI. And apartment on the tax line act quote damage body I just sat down on the toilet and you played the Star Wars not. I couldn't call Leno and because I was. Preoccupied. From up all fifty in nine green. Other texture said IG not AG but we're talking about vote. But it C inspector general illness that we are looking towards two BN would jet here and not in on this whole conspiracy. Deputy AG Iran rose and son and special counsel Mallard told in July 8. The two FBI officials working on his rusher probe that exchange number number of anti trumped text messages throughout. The 2016 campaign. According to the Justice Department says watchdog. DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz attitude Dershowitz was referring to and his face earlier. Revealed the information one day after Fox News obtain more than 375. Of the messages between Peter struck and Lisa page. The messages published ahead of yesterday's appearance by Rosen giant before judiciary. Struck former deputy to the assistant director for counter intelligence and the FBI. Fired by Muller from his investigating. Team and reassigned to the F. FBI's human resources division after the exchanges with page were discovered. In a letter to senate judiciary committee chair Chuck Grassley and homeland security committee chairman Ron Johnson a Wisconsin. Harwood said his office requested text messages from the government issued phones. Of several FBI employees involved in the Hillary. Email investigation. Struck played a key role in that probe chart changing. Former FBI director James cone lease early draft language. About Clinton's actions from grossly negligent. Two extremely careless and conducting. The FBI interview of Clinton over the July 4 weekend and 2016. I wondered at that time. When we learn after Hillary had been. I'm meeting with the FBI why not only a where there are no recordings. Of that interview. But why Hillary was not placed under oath and why we Cheryl Mills who already been granted immunity and was under investigation herself. Why would she granted immunity. There were no notes. Taken. Of that. Interrogation. If you can call it that questioning. Of Hillary Clinton. Over the July 4 weekend sultan and now all the answers become patently obvious. Because. Straka and many of the others involvement of four planned patty cake with Hillary. And it's it's kind of ironic that all their efforts on their on her behalf. Came to knock on Election Day and as a result. And now we're learning exactly what they were doing on her back and continue. Apparently did you. And take a break from the news of the top of the hour a bonus hour comes up from six to seven. In responsibly. Text query earlier bonus hour is next here and above they match.