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Thursday, December 14th

Strzok; Mueller investigation; Amazing true facts


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And I like your attitude well I can certainly understand why because I am after all the out I attack dog I'll lower right. Not to mention they bombastic loud mouth of the south great I have my lawn here we go into the bonus hour for Thursday and as always your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Ingles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax the line is 71307. And my email address bomb. And 1063. WORD. Dot count it seems like more and more is coming out here. Breaking news this evening from Fox News. Apparently. Peter struck it was a busy boy. Not. Limited. To changing. And FBI director James combing his language in his famous July 5 last year TV appearance. Changing thome is a language. From grossly negligent. Which as legal implications. To Hillary did nothing wrong and this is pure as the driven snow or what or whatever the French president used. Now all. We have learned that more edits. Were made to director Komi its initial. Plan in his draft statement and they apparently were made by mr. struck. Who has a political video on again and big Hillary Clinton supporter. Catherine Herridge and AM. Intel reporter for Fox News newly released documents reveal that the NF BI director James Cummings draft statement. On May Hillary Clinton email probe was edited. Numerous times before his public announcement in ways that seemed to considerably watered down. The bureau's findings. It is not uncommon if you're gonna make a speech. You're going to make a big presentation you have an initial draft and you make changes Giorgio polish it up a little bit here or there. What you don't do is change the language to make a culpable individual appear to have done nothing wrong. Which apparently is a case here. Senator Ron Johnson Republican Wisconsin chairman of the senate homeland security committee. This evening released copies of the edits to colonies highly scrutinized statement. One showed language was changed to describe the actions of Clinton and her colleagues as extremely careless. As opposed to grossly. Negligent. This is a key legal distinction and Johnson writing about his concerns and a letter today to FBI director Christopher Wray. Who by the way I also have some doubts about. Said the original quote could be read as a finding of criminality. In secretary Clinton's handling of classified material. Anybody that's read the statute on that. It and I'm I've read an on this program numerous times it becomes. Patently obvious that Hillary violated the law. Quote the added did statement. Don't we hid the reference to gross negligence a legal threshold for mishandling classified material and instead. Replaced it with then exculpatory. Senate's another which won a decision in doing wrong. The and it's also showed that references to specific potential violations of statutes. On gross negligence of classified information and misdemeanor handling were removed. The original also said it was a reasonable way he'll likely. Then hostile actors. Gained access to then secretary of state Hillary Clinton's private email account which means. They're saying yeah it's reasonably likely than every other. In any security service on the face of the earth had already hacked her emails and was a reading them. That was changed to say that that scenario was merely possible. Instead of reasonably. Likely. The final statement also more removed a reference to the sheer volume. A classified information discussed on email. While the precise dates of the evidence and identities of the editors are not apparent from the documents. The edits appear to change the tone and substance. A director Tellme statement. In at least three respects. Senator Johnson wrote today. That includes Johnson said repeated edits to reduce secretary Clinton's culpability. In mishandling. Classified information. In summary the edits to director Comesa public statement. Made months prior to the conclusion on the FBI's investigation. Of Clinton's conduct had a significant impact on the FBI's public evaluation of the implications ever actions. Johnson continued this effort scene and a wide and they personal animus. Toward then candidate trumped by senior FBI agents leading the Clinton investigation. And their apparent desire to create an insurance policy against mr. Trump's election. Raise profound questions. About the FBI's role and possible interference in the 20s16 presidential election. And the role of the same agents in special counsel mummers investigation. By president trump. Johnson was referring to newly revealed and he dropped text messages exchanged between FBI officials who at one point. Worked on the Mahler Russia probe. Calmly delivered a statement on the Clinton case 5 July. 2016. Calling her actions extremely careless and recommending against criminal charges. And by the way it's not the FBI's job to disguise to decide whether criminal charges are brought or not. That is the job of the lawyers at the Department of Justice. The FBI is an investigative body not a prosecutorial. One. Thirteen after six or on the bottom action let's go to the phones bring in west who is in Greer hi Wes and welcomed the program. Everybody has there ever meeting on Trout you know I think he should just and the peninsula there was medal in purse intention of wrongdoing that's what can only see about Hillary now. No intentions and I'll vote for any wrongdoing at all. And if you go back and read the statute. That we are accusing her of violating. It says no where in that statute any thing about intent you either did it or you didn't and she did. Well c'mon did you know you are you know the honorary position on the definition of what is the and UConn center. What similar to it and defend it depends on me whether you're grossly negligent. Are whether you're extremely careless. Bobby and a thousand years people look back at these idiots and think could have come out there mountain think they have done and probably just be like. Daylight to dark ages. History history classes are gonna have a field day when this one now for the next several hours. It is and asking yet. How are back you know how would like to get I mean if I'm out there and I'm in congress. And I'm asking these questions how want it's people's text messages of faults from day one that they start to invest amity well ski among. Before they started to ask well how about during the campaign itself. I'll all the way I'm going to be listened to people kill you or not that they're Smart we are statement they are from acted being Milbank. Bobby killer twenty years again. I was given a cell phone and a paper. But not meet our new acts it looked meg crystal clear committee didn't and it's spoken mama ever sent. Every saying I'd say these. Six or even think of on the phone this company prop. Yup and and it's out there in perpetuity. And he will be at this is why I've I've always say. Count to ten before you hit sand and it's a good idea to Hillary MI out. Betty that. What are you guys aren't very far. They think they never get caught in west because they were assisting Hillary. In her request for the White House cheered as they all knew she was gonna win and nobody would ever know the difference and the irony is everything they did it help Hillary is now coming back to bite them right in the glued ES maxim it's. Well I'll remember about a lot of voters conservatives. Would the moral in the united the morals that trump didn't have said that really being engaged yeah I remember my neck. Good luck down and it melts it. These are they are heat these guys are gonna have as grandma used to say used to say a tough row at home thank you west sixteen after six here in the bombing matchup. Quick break here and then now right back with more. I wanna talk a little bit also about this environment. Of all these accusations he got more album come and today by the way for some well known national figures and AM tragedy that may. Are maybe not. Have resulted from not all these charges of sexual misdeeds be right back here in the body matching up. Welcome back great to have you on here on the set Thursday evening 6221. Named Bobby Mack show. We we were talking yesterday about the a never ending list of celebrities media types and news people. Now politicians. Who Ben not caught up and all these are sexual misconduct claims. Another when net now wait a last night to have a smiley. Excoriating. PBS. Late yesterday for suspending distribution of his long running. Self titled talk show saying in a FaceBook posts at the networks so called investigation into his alleged misconduct. Was biased and sloppy. Smiley whose son nightly program. Whereas aired on PBS since 2004 flatly denied. PBS's accusations and he had behaved inappropriately in the workplace. The investigation. Conducted by a PBS and Dave they say. Was well documented and and multiple instances of these kinds of things. Smiley said he never grope coerce our DNA thing inappropriate in any workplace to any workplace colleague in his career. Said he was shocked by this suspension. As senator having a consensual relationship with a colleague years ago is a staff that leads to this kind of public humiliation and personal destruction. Heaven help us. The network I said refused to review any of his personal documentation mundane they conducted arrow in fact they went to an outside firm. To add to do the investigations. Attempt smiling suspended. And even worse we talked yesterday about how dangerous the environment is becoming. Four for people as these allegations continue unabated. The death of a state representative in Kentucky who apparently committed suicide yesterday after being Q accused of molestation. Sent more shockwaves. Through a Kentucky state house already rocked by. Other sexual misconduct scandals state representative Dan Johnson 57. Appeared to have shot himself. Just days after a woman reportedly alleged he had sexually assaulted her on New Year's Day 2013. When she was seventeen. According to police in the local Carner. An autopsy was planned for later today the accusation against Johnson published Monday by the Kentucky center for investigative reporting. Which also cast doubt. On his claim that he had set up a more again ground zero after the September 11 terror attacks. According to. The it center for investigative reporting Johnson forced himself on his accuser. He said in a news conference at his church Tuesday that the claim absolutely has no merit. Adding he was very sour a full that is accuser was in this dark place in her life. The former pastor. Who reportedly called himself the Pope. Initially said that he did not remember what happened on the night in question because he had been drugged at a bar. He later backtracked and said he did recall that he never entered the accusers room. Yesterday he again denied the accusation and a fiery final FaceBook post. After Johnson's death. Louisville public media which oversees the Investigative Group said it was deeply saddened to learn of his death. And would grieve for his family friends church community and constituents. The episode unfolded. Less than two months. After at least four Kentucky lawmakers as well as the chief of staff to the states house speaker. Were linked by bell local paper the courier journal. To a confidential settlement of a sexual harassment claim by female staff member. They newspaper's report prompted Doug governor Matt Bevan and on November. To call upon every individual in the Kentucky state house involved in wrongdoing to resign. Of the five individuals named in the paper to having knowledge some wrongdoing. Representative Brian lender admitted to signing the settlement and apologize for causing grief an embarrassment. And acknowledge that he had made some mistakes. Jeff Hoover Kentucky's Republican house speaker resigned his leadership position shortly after news of the settlement came out. He acknowledged in a news conference he was wrong to send what he said was a consensual text message banter. To a female. Female colleague. So. The beat goes on. To have a smile and it and and who knows who will I be next. At tomorrow but it's. It it's a supercharged an overheated environment. In which. These allegations apparently are there are enough. Not to lead to the destruction of a career firing or what have you. And and now. We don't know if this is is what prompted. Representative Johnson suicide he reportedly and also suffered for some time I think he said in the FaceBook post from PT SD. As so that may have been a a factor in this as well but the fact that. Just just the and the knowledge that these accusations may have played a part in his death at pretty disturbing. In Omnia Tex lines 71 threes are seven Bobby when reports of state settlements have been made where does that money come from. The taxpayers while awareness any government get any money at all. Night without taxpayers. They have no budget they have no funding they have no money. So any time they make a settlement like Michelle it's your money or in the in this case. The the money in the people of the commonwealth of Kentucky. That are picking up the tab. Bobbie this is just incredible the corruption. From top down the American regular people will be so upset. So PO would if no one has held accountable. Our beliefs and the honor and truth of what's left of our system of jurisprudence. Have been shattered. One standard for those connected to the elite and a far more loose and fluid standard for we. The people. Am sad but true. Now also in on the attacks line receding Bob I think it's time I'm sorry Bob. Message to the FBI. Let's allow the free market to take care of recruiting terrorists and rigging elections I would agree. It's time time for them. Nose out. Six to 49 here on the volley match you know take a break here at the bottom of the hour back the last half of the bonus hour. On Thursday. Under today under. And even on La. Now and all Latin touch twosome my Christmas music there. God rest ye merry gentlemen 638 now funny to me for seven here on the body match up. By the way fear I commuting that tomorrow morning I got this all linemen shift. For me I gateway project that I thought was worthwhile to pass along. They inform us major progress is being made on the 85385. Gateway project resulting in another temporary alignment. For I 385 northbound traffic to be in place by tomorrow morning. And a pardon me. Motorists will be read directed all gay new alignment as they worked their way towards roper mountain and downtown Greenville. Once you make your way pastor Butler road you'll continue under Lee Woodruff road bridge and under the new bridge towards downtown. There will be taken off I 385 north as they now know it. As drivers worked their way towards I 85 travel lanes ruled gradually shift back to the original alignment. Across the I 85 bridges. This is a significant change to the old traffic pattern motorist and passed them our ass rather to pay close attention to new sign inch. Message boards and traffic control devices. That will assist them through this area. And may god help you they knew well I meant well well I had the apartments up the new alignment will be opened Friday march that sent from John his. Advising keeps us up to date on know what's gone on with the project. OK got so much email in here today it is a time to share that with you here we go. Okay. It's. Much the and disease and gracious or do we just each day. Okay. This. We can. 9 PM Friday race. I sure should. Okay. Email today this is not from mine Daniel who is in no wonder of Bob the media has made our world. Trumps a world. They take on responsibility to chair down that which they have created a following sample interview was no fictional. Established they may get Trump's world. It is the answer is that determine whether the interview is actually aired sample number one media. And general Kim Jong-un has just launched a missile that can carry a nuclear warhead to the continental United States he claims his goal is to destroy America. Do you think president trump is sane enough to have his finger on the button. Sample number true media ms. Smith you've just lost everything you own to the flood your home has been washed away you know where he'll go. Ask Smith I don't know where I'll go or what to do next medium well do you think trump colluded with the Russians again elected. It is sensible number three media may I ask you a question why sure. Well what did you think of the latest bad man vs Superman movie all lobbed at special effects were tremendous. Well along those lines do you believe trump really wants to make America great again or is it just blow on a lot on air. Sample number reform media did you see the bomber into the terminal. I didn't. And did you think he did this because he was mad at president trump sample number five media. Mr. Rosen son has been established you're privy to. Politicization collusion questionable cash donations that we're going on at the FBI in an attempt to thwart. I Trump's campaign do you believe these people should be reprimanded. Rose and signed you have my English my assurance. That's my favorite response by the what you have my assurance. That if there was wrongdoing something's somewhere will be done to somebody. Media so what you're saying is a tramp is guilty of obstructing justice and interfering in my hours investigation. So you the media takes every event puts it on the White House doorstep if they responses are negative headlines if positive. And the editors plates and and well. File thirteen. And this in my email from mom Arthur. Sending this to my favorite whether people. Now well you're the only whether people I know in my case recovering. Weather person. Merry Christmas to you all from Arthur insulated fall on the Indians on a remote reservation in South Dakota as there are chief. Is becoming winner was going to be colder mild. Since he was a chief and a modern society had never been taught the old secrets when he looked at this guy. Couldn't tell what the winner was going to be like nevertheless to be on the safe side he told his tribe that the winner was indeed. Going to be cold and that the members of the village and collect firewood to be prepared. But being a practical leader after several days he got an idea. He went to the phone call the National Weather Service and ask is the coming winter are going to be cold. Well looks like this winner is going to be quite cold. A meteorologist at the weather service responded so the change went back to his people in total neglect even more firewood in order to be prepared. Week later he called the weather service again as it's still look like it's going to be a very cold winner. Yes they meteorologists said replied it's going to be a very cold weather. The chief again went back to his people ordering them to collect every scrap of firewood they can find. Two weeks later the N chief called the National Weather Service again are you absolutely sure that the winner is going to be very cult. Absolutely. The weatherman replied it's looking more and more like it's going to be one of the coldest winters we've ever seen. Why can you be so sure. They act chief. Inquired. The weatherman now replied the Indians are collecting firewood. Like crazy. He can't again you know. And proof positive. As a recovering meteorologist I can assure you. It it's nice to get paid. When your right now either Europe whether there's a light dusting or whether there's a foot. At check is a still gonna clear the back. Court every 47 here and about an actual answer email for today be right back on the other side. And with today's edition of all amazing. True facts Christmas edition. Next. Welcome back great to have you along closing minutes here the bonus hour on this Thursday evening at 649. And as from a special holiday edition special Christmas edition all of them. Well I'll let Gary good lawyers say it. Mom no clear. Which came adversity yet chicken or the proverbial and what's more stressful about the holidays is a deal lead optic Christmas. Or new generation around shopping for everybody. Maybe have to travel or is that the day is right around Christmas. When you went all those extended family members including ones that campaign act crazy about. Well according to a new survey the lead up to Christmas is the most stressful part. The average person stress level peaks. Monday December 18. That's this coming Monday and I don't say we didn't warn. The date you were most likely to start feeling stressed out by the holidays December. 1. Apparently that's when it really hits you that Christmas is right on top I'll be about one in five. Say there hell holiday stress last several months. 71%. Of us agree that the holidays are a stressful time of year the other 29% must be huge fans of Christmas music. I don't have any kids. The most stressful things about the holidays are being short on money finding the right gifts and not having enough time to do everything. The most common way we deal with a all the stress you guessed yet. We drink. Which leads us to our own second amazing true fact of the day. I sure a year could wait until you get to your aunt's house on Christmas Eve before you start pounding the Buddhist. But why deprive yourself when you got a perfectly good afternoon at home to get things wrong land. And some believe that anyway according to a new survey. And there's always a new and 39%. Of people say they get drunk before their families' holiday gatherings this year. Alcohol may have been involved. Always the post script a mix credits 23%. We'll get drunk before their office Christmas party. More on that coming right up. Those aren't the only surprising events that we drank before here's a mother swam before a wedding 36%. Drank. A foreign date 29%. Up. Not for a first state to only 22%. And for a blind date in its 20%. Before flights. And air travel stressful 26%. Before a few overall. 19%. And the last day of school. 15%. I hope hope the Werth went on in the middle school triggered talk about college graduates out and help. 23% of people will get drunk before their office Christmas spot I'd say we're talking about the parents. On the last days go yet the idea that splash probably went I would hope. So you know took office Christmas parties you may have already had yours yours may still be coming up. Ours is still coming up. And a. And so we gave you out. Some musical. In joy meant for this year's office Christmas party which also contains. A word of caution or two. It's Lee Bonny Mac office Christmas party Al bum it's this season. Get together and mix and mingle and get smashed on June. Happiness in my. This is part time. They're seeing my advanced this friendly officer is asking banks. Moon. We. Me. Again on line in my own car. It's just starting with a belly loving and then Zune sales this and come back to your place for an nine cast came girl. Christmas party I just. Always new CD and I. It down accounting is where I spend the night here there's probably because I'm drew. Okay. It's par save. CDO hi cents good enough so I had just eight a musical word of caution. Now before you head to your office Christmas party this year. At tomorrow of course is the Friday free for all the all staged. As we like to refer to it now where you are primary responsible for the bulk of the content of the program so. The onus and responsibility is on you and I know that you kind of shoulder that adequately. And as we will wrap up the workweek and I will wrap it up mount for awhile where they have been of holiday vacation. Ahead now also tomorrow on the program. The final release for me he the final giveaway of the out Manhattan. See Mara. Mannheim steamroller. And Christmas gift that there were given away with the chip Davis Mannheim steamroller CD and yes hot chocolate. And in the 3 o'clock hour on the very first hour tomorrow. I would give the L last pair of tickets. Four Star Wars the last Jana iso anonymous a yeah thank you guys I appreciate your dropping by and also tomorrow. I'm going to be doing this a very special Christmas poem that's a tribute to the military the new. Christmas ball. So I miss Jimmy Fund hopi Indian thanks so much for being here today god bless same tomorrow. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time jobless. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical we'll. Every time. Yeah. And I must be going. I must be no means and happiness anger. Eve. I hate it. It's. Then. Yeah. Think.