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Monday, February 12th

Rick Quinn gets no jail time; John Warren interview on his GOP run for SC Gov; Olympics


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Hello holiday greetings and welcome salutation. Happy Monday a low Haas is not an oxy moron. And they Monday well in any event today here we go the very first broadcast of the week. Hereditary round rock and roll our way through they work week here in the Bobby Mack show went you're surely they attack dog in the right. A bombastic loud mouth on the south they've president's. Not to mention dean. Of the end sensitivity universe today. Where are speciality. Is non politically correct studies. If we needed anymore evidence that they swamp exist not only in. The confines of Washington DC our nation's capital. They also exist swamp. Saying that as swamp creatures. Also exist in our State Capitol in Columbia. I share with you Leo latest evidence of that coming up momentarily and by the way unity on newest GOP candidate for governor. Will be asked John Warren we'd joining me in now the next. Few minutes air right after around our first break about 320. We will introduce you to a mr. Warren who is say a jar hit. Not I don't mean that as they ask as a pejorative he has a he's a retired marine officer so. And I Ingles advantage stark line has value get in touch with me just pick up the phone number is 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email Bob. And 1063. WORG. Dot com. It would go and as we've all been waiting for. Mrs. how the story was handled today and fit snooze they website. Out of Columbia. A former South Carolina lawmaker. Will serve two years on probation. Instead of prison time. After he pleaded guilty to misconduct. In office. Talk about a real judge Roy. A real hanging judge yelled boy a representative Rick Quinn junior. Of all Lexington and the crown prince of Quinn done. Crown prince of the most influential political empire in modern South Carolina history was sentenced to. Two years of probation. This morning for his role in the ongoing corruption scandal boy they certainly have cleaned up this mess in Columbia. Yeah I know your senior someone's no jail time. Rick Quinn a former South Carolina house majority leader sentenced by circuit court judge Carmen Mullen. During a contentious ten minute hearing in Buford county. Two months ago may fifteenth two year old former power broker pleaded guilty to. One count of misconduct in office stemming from his role in probe gate. The ongoing multi jurisdictional investigation into corruption. In state government. The prosecutor in the case. South Carolina first circuit solicitor David Pasko had asked the judge tell Locke could wind up for a full year. As C maximum prison time associated with the charged. In hopes of sending what he called a message to other corrupt lawmakers. A judge not only declined. She refused descendants and at any jail time at all. Including at one of the club fed. Facilities. Where they biggest problem you have is getting time on the tennis court. Instead. Quinn was find out thousand dollars. Cherry and an on. And sentenced true are you ready for this boy. Why was this judge tough CNN still. Probation and 500 hours of community service. One veteran lawmaker. Telling Fitch news in response to the verdict and I quote crime. Does pay. In addition to refusing to jail Quinn. The judge repeatedly rebuffed prosecutor passcodes efforts to revisit his plea agreement. Which has become the focus of significant controversy. Pasco objected to Quinn being sentenced on the grounds of the plea entered was invalid. Mullen told him sit down and file an appeal. The police is valid the judge don't Pasco saying it was clear. Win admitted Jewish crime. Passcode tell the judge she was making a mistake. Pro gay and of course has centered around powerful corporate and governmental interest represented. By the consulting firm. Of Quinn's influential father. A Republican. In quotes political strategist Richard Quinn. The elder Quinn with spacing a criminal conspiracy charge however. It was dropped in December as part of his son's plea deal. Today the elder Quinn sperm was fine 2500. Dollars and ordered to pay. 3000 dollars restitution. Related to an improper lobbying charged web ruled against account. Richard Quinn saying eras and then totally vindicated. His attorney Debra Barbie year told reporters after the hearing well legal aid maybe. Over the course of the probe gate investigation. Prosecutor Pasco Spain and a damning picture. Of how wealthy interest paid the elder Quinn sperm to elaborate to the influence of various elected officials. In its orbit. In fact just days before Quinn's theory the post and courier. The end newspaper in Charleston a broke a story detailing how I wealthy associate of trial lawyers. Hired the Wyndham to help blockade tort reform bill pushed by former governor Nikki Haley. Quote we hired Richard and Rick ants father and son Quinn's for which they got paid about a 100000. Dollars a year. When in the emails bluntly stated. So how are these people now getting off well Pasco. Agreed to cut deals with a Quinn's. Which was a huge gamble because he believed a world will help him. Get bigger fish. Land higher value target says the investigation progressed. We're going to find out a lot next month. Passcode tell Mullen in court last December referring to testimony the elder Quinn was to provide a statewide grand jury in January. Pasco also get indicated he planned on charging the elder Quinn with perjury. And obstruction of justice if he failed to answer truthfully when called to testify before the statewide grand jury. The status of those proceedings would now appear to be very much in depth. It's enough to to make you throw up your hands in disgust. And say am. Nobody nobody and power ever. Held to account for any thing. Hillary still out of jail router Rosen stunned still working at the FBI and not Rick where none. Walks freeway at the last and a slap on the west on the wrist. It and even got a bruised knuckle. Gubernatorial candidate. Catherine temples and issued the following statement and I quote. I've fought the Ku wins and their crooked ways before and if they justice system can't take them down for good I well. We need a governor who isn't part of the corruption to clean up. As an outsider who can't be bought. I'll make sure they're corrupt good ol' boy system. Pays for what he does rob from must. It's time to change the law corrupt Colombia is costing us money and the confidence of the people it's supposed to answer. In court. Well. And now. Nice nice statement. Words are one thing actions are another of the governor in South Carolina. Under our constitutional. System of government and state. Governor is one of the least. Powerful individuals in the state. You don't believe me ask. Fuel weatherman. President pro temporary of the senate all our other house majority leader. You know what both of whom. Have substantially more pro. Now when we come back on the other side we will introduce you to the wait best candidate in the GOP gubernatorial field it's it's gotten crowded and as you know make for an interesting debate when we work our way around that. And not April or may as case may be. Be right back here on the bunny Mac show on Monday. Animal Barbara music and her allude for the tea purveyors of the window. And there are now Lexington county a smooth. Operator. Room. Shot today. Well you know it's not tell what you know in that Colombia apparently it is of course who you know and whose home you can agrees to make sure that if you do you happen to be caught. Making four million dollars lobbying. While you also are a member of the legislature. And GM that is against the law by the way. Then yeah you can now pretty much you count on. Getting off when they slap on the wrist or less 21 after three year in the Bobby Mack shows I mention it's about becoming more crowded field. In the on the GOP side. With the the announcement today that a John Warren who is a founder and chairman of Lima 01 capital. Headquartered here in Greeneville he has a conservative and marine veteran. Officially today announced his candidacy for governor John welcome to the program. Thank arm out of here and tell me a little bit about yourself to. Well I think you can find me by then and I'm a conservative I'm a certain man and I'm mirnyi and not put it in Colombia needs. I grew up in green ball. Couldn't currently taught me god had a plan highlights. Grew up very patriotic and might and shortly after college joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 could that help call you back. What about 300 missions combat missions and I would act and we want them out I started Lima one capital and when one of the market wonders. In the entire country and I'm very proud of the fact that they'll accompanied the group without bail on. When now when you and hear the news that that I guess relayed to the audience down about. Our Greg Quinn and getting off with a slap on the wrist while. And I it as a member of the legislature all lobbying at the same time and pocketing some four million bucks on the way. This to me is it is another. Exemplar. Of we're not corruption that exists in Columbia. Catherine tumbled and has railed against this for some time and I understand that you also are out. Interest Indian in fighting the egg the good old boy system that exist in the state capital. Well I mean I am totally good doctored by the it does become. What we've come to expect from politicians down in Columbia that. You know. Based on my experience in the Marine Corps NN business you know leadership comes down pretty. Come down that to recount comes down a person's core values. What they believe and who they are their core it is what their core competencies dark. And do they have courage to do it right and right now. We need change in leadership down in Columbia someone that could that it conservative core values. And apply to business principles. To help that taxpayer look at right now we have politicians down in Columbia. Speech the also the South Carolina. And sadly many of memory and leadership roles down their I'm sure you're aware John. Other limitations of the office of governor constitutionally. Here in South Carolina. Specifically how can you go about. Rooting out the corruption that exist down there. Well I think to begin with you gotta be able Adobe. Got it spent some of the let it go all summer and you're also. But back in South Carolina. It's going to be a hot 100% pick it up. They are hired a happy and your taxpayer dollars squandered. They're hired truly politician. Columbia I'll talk a lot of rest and I'll work he's. Our tails off to order. So. I contend that went South Carolina on my ears at the legislator legislatures and give them my well. We're talking went John Warren museum the newest Canada to knew his name in the field. A running for governor on the on the GOP side John I'm that you are you are entering the race as still plenty of time before the primaries coming up and the spraying. Ahmed a somewhat the late entry compared to say that the answer may Gilles or Katharine Templeton east who have been in the race for some time. You. You know about that when I came on the island urban here the number he's not that. And what I am not. It their career politician. I am not a government and Carter and that's what South Carolina want. I hear more and more and more I just being on the campaign trail wonder if people want other options they want. Problem solvers. Who can apply basic business common sense aren't close to our government got in Columbia matte black. I built and maybe he would have a great ground game out strong fundraising. And my wife and are committed to love. Supporting the campaign financially as well we will we will hear very warm hormonal or vote for everyone else. You be obviously from what you just said John recognize that as the old saying goes money is any mother's milk of politics. I'd be he'll be a little bit right weight to the and to fund raising campaign as well. But you still feel as if there's there's enough. Campaign dollars out there to be able to make your candidacy viable. I think one is that I will have a financial. Campaign lately capital the other thing they're. I've actually been successful in the private sector and I'm gonna be able to contribute to my. Campaign unlike everyone I'll partners who race. Just relied on special interest groups lot of outside money. So we're not worried about our financial situation. Alan that's reminiscent now of another guy who ran recently for office using a substantial portion of his own money was outspent 41. And yet managed to win the White House and that of course is Donald Trump. Gupta I mean that's a great example. I think well. You'll definitely committed when you're not you'll have the money it. Can we talk specifics on a couple of issues and I quickly down because I am I not had an opportunity yet to visit your website and see what your positions are on on a few issues. A lot of people have complained about the gas tax. And and and how it's going to be never ending. Would you be in favor of a repeal of the gas tax legislation passed last year in the legislature. The absolutely be first thing I would like to do it do. And we need to look at all the government agencies starting with DOT. The fact that armored. Are the second most expensive in terms of building them in the entire country is utterly ridiculous. I think it's driven by special interest. We need to or form DOT. And we need to protect the taxpayer not at the expense not. Structure you can do those and acting argument. From both sides are from one side as either accept. Or you won't have good order and I don't expect. Damn I don't believe that was an accurate portrayal of those other circumstances either in the news recently John has been the of the uproar over the nuclear plant failures downstate that are gonna cost people that. Our in many of the electrical co ops continuing dollars. Apparently in perpetuity and this is. This has been a disaster that was caused by the legislature. Your feelings about what's happened what's transpired so far and where we go from here. I think that is in the greater example of how in copper and our state government has. Are the first thing I would do and I have not heard unique solutions come any of the candidates running my policy is the first thing that needs to be done. Is we need to fire that seem to cook report per total incompetence and gross negligence. Why they oversaw. Wasteful taxpayer dollars of four billion dollars just up in smoke. And then on top of that they allow their CEO to hire. Reap higher after leading four billion dollars and get an 800000 dollar pension yeah nice little golden state highway robbery. The second thing we needed duke weenie. It actually knows what they're doing if you look at the board there are only two members. The anti troop report it actually had unique energy experience. That is just. Incredible country the third thing we need to do we need to bring in an outstanding. Investment banks who can tell what is work. In reading master key talent we we got to sell. I mean I think he expect that the put up port sale by owner sign in the front yard this. Crude into it the kind of money that's not accurate we need to find out what its work. Did we need to do a forensic ought to that he really what transpires. That anti trooper. Where document that John warned he's the latest to announcing he is a candidate for governor on the Republican ticket if you'd like to learn more about him his website is a war and the WA RRE and Warren for governor. I'm dot com John I appreciate your taking down to talk weather should they give us an opportunity to get to know he'll be a best of luck to be on the campaign trail. Thank god I appreciate it or or two you know everyone all the conservatives. Saying. Super thank you John appreciate your time and A 330 here on the bunny match or take a quick break here and he's ready to go on a new center. Then we're right back on the other side here on Monday. On 1063. WORD. And the so many elements are to keep track anymore. I know others the guys at Fort Meade. Who knows they may or may not be monitoring and Hoover building. And after Beilein headquarters says that Tara surfer in Tony's face. Welcome back some unease wash and manner that semis listening to 33723. Before four here and AM Bobby Mack show. And welcome back day in on the tax line so 71307. Bob Marley that was SCANA not Santee Cooper well it's both. Although Santee Cooper is always keep a nuclear way scanners up their rivals. Bobby I'm sure that this has been asked before but why can't anything be done about the bus loads of immigrants. Coming in several times a day on white or throat. Good questions you might want to pose a question of the sheriff's department. And the Greenville police department and ask them on how are these people not illegals as anybody tracking. Well Bob I guess we showed them that we don't put up would no corruption on the South Carolina Statehouse ascent Kringle. Don't tell you all about it. Thanks signed Hugh enroll Florence south. Would be on my pal mr. Letterman. How about you mr. Warren wants to find out what happened on the Santee Cooper ability needs to talk to the employees and the level two and three vendors. From Octavia. An idea. Honest when simply says December fly he's got my vote. Bob John Warren didn't mention honesty and integrity it seems that these two qualities don't exist people need to look up the definition of these two items. No politician ever speak to us. Bump up from. Mister McLean and I'm I'm glad to see. That justice has been rightly served in reference to the allegations against my friend and colleague Rick Quinn and I am curious of whom you're referring to as bigger fish surely you're not speaking of me. Since her way Hugh well. At here is that fingers are busy sent another text messages. Now Bobby ideal not seen nothing. Like the Mighty Quinn and. Yeah I am I doubted that. Mighty Quinn. I'm Bobby that'll show I'm all those corrupt politicians scrambling now. Probably racing to the bank to withdraw thousand dollars just in case they shouldn't need it and guard. Bob they I thought the sewage plant and Malden road stone controlled leak when trial results. I am with shell and AM guys in the newsroom Roger or not and Patrick and eight. I didn't I didn't think anything can be worse than that charge. That was filed against Quinn junior. When when he obviously committed. Multiple felonies and he had one misdemeanor count brought against him. And I've now discovered there was something worsen the chart. The Senate's. Bob earlier today newsman reported that Rick Quinn was smiling when he heard his sentence two years' probation of course. Quinn was smiling the system worked just as it was supposed to know real punishment. For the good ol' boy as if corrupt lawmakers don't deserve prison time or does. Drain the swamp. Signed Allen are enough Spartan. Thanks Al onto the phones we go attend a beetle travelers rest and welcome Tony in a name Monday edition of the body Mac show I Johnny and welcome to the program. IMS McLean I don't today so far so good. I have a question for you you were talking to a candidate trying to put governor Brad John there are common. It or contact them for him talking you can actually make some sound. Let me see if there. Is. I'm honest I just don't Wear cog to what can mimic master Dunning thank without armor you know he picked up the gut. The Vietnam that. Though the full number then I have at Tony is four. Mr. Warren's media relations. In other channeling is is relations with the media his name is Taylor Hall. And the phone number that I have for mr. hall is 865. 8036666. And you may be able to learn more by and going to his web site which is a warrant WA RRE and Warren Ford governor. Dot com. My pleasure appreciate called Tony good to have you here. Bob Bob Bob Murray public through all the podcasts are listed on another 1063. App. But don't see the three big egos are listed any advice on where to go. My money anymore and protection of that which and see if it may still be on the air as the no name podcast. Now money penny is gonna check it out well I election now. Now Bobby what color is the flag today and tore up to a leftist it would be read and ELL. Al Bobby all bombers portrait by the way be a president former president. And former First Lady had their official portraits are revealed today. Obama as his classic. I he is now opposed. In front of a field of flowers. Now all kinds of off flowers and representing various parts of his background Kenya who YD. And now Wesley go out and Illinois this state to a flower melanoma the the mood shell Obama. Portrait has drawn a a lot of Twitter verse activity. Because. You you see the portrait and you say well that's very nice cool isn't. Because it does does not look like come channel Obama. Money penny I think cam wants to interject a word here. Albums out about the three big egos podcast power behind it right if you go to our web site when a six point three WRD dot com. Lit be on the on the main banner at the top at audio yet. It's actually very pressure they're very earth like and I'll have to take a look at the app. And see if it is a way I'm putting it on on the Al. Is I think. A bit more problematic then and putting and on the website I think we have to go through some some different. Mechanics. To get it on their through corporate and around mount check on that and now find out pass a law. Bomb bomb bomb. A game get let me out on you now pass along here before we get to go to the next spray Q a a few housekeeping items. He Republican women's club of the upstate. Having an event tonight they immediately Pelham Bay it's real fire department that's on highway fourteen in Greer. I decide they Pelham medical center. Dessert social 630 to seven at the meeting and program tonight starts at seven speakers will be actually transom. South Carolina House of Representatives not candidate for dish or she is they represented rather for district 23 Kathy Davis. History of national federation of Republican women and Laird miner from the South Carolina public interest foundation. All Republicans and their guests are invited. Again that's 637. For the dessert social and the program starting at seven Pelham dates mill fire department tonight. Meantime the South Carolina GOP is announced our President's Day reception with former US senator Jim dement who was recently with me on the piano on the program. Now the event will be Monday February 19 at the point said club in Greeneville. As senator demand will be the the keynote speaker for that event just go to a South Carolina GOP. Dot com to again all the details. Corner me for four here in the balmy night Joseph the Olympics are under way in apparently are frozen hell. At least. If there if you're outdoors in this stuff. Any marine that was a frozen chosen could've told him be right back here on the Bobby Mack show on Monday. Annoy us sarcastic humor here for the Korean weather for the Olympics brazen. At just say the least. A gas and two out postpone what some of the downhill stuff a couple of times because gale force winds tax. Wind chills and what might fifty Malo zero all I yeah I yeah I AES's as I've as I've mentioned. And any any. Marine who hasn't frozen jokes and could have told him and listen this is a wryly. Cold place and on the tax line Korea in February great idea. My dad's and the winner he spent there was colder than it ever been and he was from upstate New York. Got to. Also in on the attacks line this afternoon hey Bobby Mack. Now and then. Men. Blue. Signed Rick Q rule Lexington South Carolina. And straight guys and I stay here for Aaron. Mildly presidential portraits are horrible but they get approval before the unveiling if not they hid their shock well. Now this also in on the attacks line Bob when I first saw the portraits on FaceBook. I don't somebody and Photoshop Obama's I'd be embarrassed to have pay Internet. Why would you have named sitting at a field believes. I was actually for walkers. Are to tell a difference. And as warm root shell I would have taken now. That I would have taken the portrait and hit the artist right over the hand went. Didn't didn't Churchill burn. The official IE he did it. Winston Churchill had an official portrait. Painted of him. When he had moved retired after he was a defeated. For a prime minister and he hated it so Washington now and burned. Bob I was wondering of Obama's portrait as Connecticut flowers just wondering. Because that's where his Social Security number and gums are all good wondering if he's representing one of the many stage she comes around thanks for in my jail. Yeah one of the L 57. States say count. At this also in on the tax on crime. Also a son of one drop I'll say. Is don't seem to understand more. I ate no ground in government. CN things that just don't believe the boy is tried to Iran where the issue laces tad digs out don't you know. This kind of hazard to guests that's what the origination point of that time. Had particular text message commandment there was some good news over the weekend ever here of ten potter junior. Mean they're not exactly. A well known name like a Tiger Woods. On the PGA tour he won the a big tournament AT&T Pebble Beach pro am by three shots yesterday. He was at the time he won he was ranked 246. In the world. Read somebody should abet this got. Talk about odds he shot a 62 on Saturday and a 69 yesterday to come back from a tie for 23. After the first two rounds not surprisingly. Ted potter junior was a little emotional after it was all over. I pleasing I mean those are on the start of their funding when Derek ankle and you don't know what's gonna happen was a golf swing your. Couturier that way. We come back from that he. And in. It's unbelievable right now. Can't to he had he broke his ankle a couple of years ago and now was was off. The web dot there was sand. And he used maybe like the manager of a cart barn where they keep the golf carts and somewhere in Florida. And then he went on to the team managed to get onto the Web.Com tour which is like one step below the PGA tour. And and missed every cut. And and then had a broken ankle and had to come back from that sellers and and by the way it was a south Carolina's own Dustin Johnson who started yesterday with a lead. And not kind of I can have a swallowed the apple their choked up a little bit tests are congratulations to attend potter junior. As speaking of sports. The the media is having a field day. Al with the North Korea on cheerleaders. And out enough resentment of them ratings for the Olympics by the way are down. They didn't relate have all that that much. Now on not Sunday. Abbott and these other cheerleaders. When they call these this this group the Saddam. Something. Beauties. Nam anyway. They they they're kind of robotics in what they do but people are sort of malware the same outfits. They're they're nice so little robot seared hearsay North Korea and I cheerleading squad car. An honest sharing was going on on their hockey team was losing eight to nothing. I cursed now they're from North Korea. Kim Jong-un right. And now they they don't cheer. As enthusiastically. As dear leader went why it then they find themselves. Fed into a wood chipper for its so. Our number one is as if Don pastor and about a match or be right back on the other side when our true for Monday do not go away. All I'm sorry. I forgot I'm coming up about a minute short your consent used to the old break time as opposed to the new breed tough. Tax line Bobby I don't know what are what the artist received. For doing many portraits. Of on dear leader and mood shell but he should've gotten life. Ash. Bob by North Korea not cheerleading squad Kim is camps. Dash. Now Bob it wasn't just me but wasn't Michelle Obama looking a bit actually in her portrait yes kind of black and white so to speak. Al Bob about the SN on store on mr. Quinn and I believe we should investigate the judge. In aren't they say follow the money. That is our number one plus an additional minute. You're right back our two is on the way.