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Monday, February 12th

N Korea cheerleaders; Olympics; N Korea Kim's sister


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And I like your attitude well thank you very much that's probably because I am they attack dog on the right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south. Barack I had you on your ego getting underway with our number two they Monday edition. They first work day of this weekend here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Just don't grab your phone use any angles advantage talk line number. 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address could not be easier Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com. And mentioned before we went to the break wrapping up our number one the bevy of beauties. Is what's. Calling me on north I North Korean cheerleading squad. And they've they've shown a before they Bennett previous Winter Olympic Games went down their little war over the top. This time it's it's interesting too because they're a bit robotic not only what they do a mineral dressed alike. As they've they do their routines. But a number of people have gone up and tried to talk to them and it's like trying to talk to a department store management and just ignore you. At 2018 Winter Olympic Games officially starting on Friday and beyond Chang the South Korea. Unfortunately. Team USA entered the opening ceremony to the song Deng Nam style. That would've been a little dated if that was in the west. Winter Olympics affect and it's and this one. And it even more so. The the musical selections. For each team as they entered the Olympic Stadium I understand were picked by the South Koreans. So. May get a bad team USA. I don't know what does that Wear them Mickey Mouse gloves they were wearing these giant brown gloves. Reminded people of the ones it dead Jim Carrey was wearing in dumb and dumber. Polo Ralph Lauren is the official outfit designer of the US Olympic squad. The gloves are retailing. On their website for 995. Dollars as you know Paula stuff is. Then not cheap you know why the Apollo shirts. Are as expensive as they are not your money back. You you are not familiar with you on the polo shirts are so expensive because the guy on the pony. You know is on and on on the polish church the guy who's riding the pony is wearing an eyes feel so. And brown you can understand you know on jacks the price up. By the way those gloves are too bad are listed as out of stock. Now there was a trump impersonator. And they Kim Jong Owen impersonator at the Olympics. Abbott they drew too much attention and then work him escorted out. On the opening ceremony there was AM near wardrobe malfunction. Yesterday went South Korea's ice dancer you're a man. Got out on the ice and she had on a costume that had a top. Well it's true peace is easiest way to describe it and the top Shia on the issue suddenly you realize that top had become on hooked. Now if you assess skating with her partner Alexander game plan. The chief Jim managed you have covered up. Now pretty well they just started their routines. When she noticed they clasp on her back was on done. On the side. Kept sliding down over her shoulder but fortunately she avoided any significant exposure. Which it took some skill they actually improvised a little to prevent the top from all falling off sleep still finished ninth. Out of but ten teams. Katie Couric was dragged and from the bench. Interest saying that. Him. Megyn Kelly is conspicuous by her absence of the management and any event. And I Katie Couric was there are people are making fun of her for reporting that the Dutch are good and does speed skating here is what Katie. Had to explain why a now people from the Netherlands do so well speed skating. Is the Netherlands it's probably not in these classes to tell you that. Really really good it's been skating all but five of the 100. And ten medals they won had been on the speed skating oval now why are they so good you may be asking yourself. Because eighteen is an important mode of transportation. And a city like Amsterdam which sits at sea level. Has blocked the canals that can freeze in the winners though for as long as those canals had insisted that does have stayed in. To get from place to place to race race each other. Well that's pretty much Chad nonsense. Beat us and he had the Netherlands is big and speed came as speed skating because they have a culture that is focused on winter sports. Number one and because they make a heavy investment. And competitive skating. In in defense of Katie Couric you know on it in Europe I can I can tell. Having not been named. TV sportscaster broadcaster. Meteorologist. News anchor. Now when somebody is a reading something bad that hole. Whitney of what she was spouting it was written by some producer. And I'm Katie she is reading. And too bad she didn't say yourself. Is well. Practiced that Larry Larry and the Netherlands I invest a lot enough. And no space getting so naturally they they have pretty good chance. There was another embarrassing moment. For in DC. One of their reporters. Who assess since been removed from their broadcast by the way. Made down a reference to the relations between now and South Korea and Japan. At Joshua Cooper. Is the NBC reporter here. She is. It's extremely secure. Oh not so much Josh in fact and. Area South Korea and still as you might understand from the decades of occupation by the Japanese. And catapult a bit of a garage Josh. This so bad. As so I'm Josh made that to a brief appearance and his so she'll political comments. Immediately drew all kinds of heat. And so I Josh is now winging his way back to the US and made no won't be heard from anymore. Gearing the M Olympic per text. Again going casualties and I got a good agents. So violence. Doesn't pretty much or bring us up to speed I think. That with the Olympic champ Napoli that. And to covers our Olympic act coverage and I Vietnam they get tax line sent anyone and 307. Bob they should be embarrassed by that goofy looking Johnny we year. I'm not hearing and Bobby so the US wins a gold in speed skating is set cultural appropriation against the Dutch. And while we're on the subject how to the Dutch fit those skates. On their wooden shoes. I'll just show myself out thank you appreciate that. Bob Joshua was not a reporter just a commentator he's actually co CEO of another company why it's got bad it is gonna need a day job. Because is a career as AM commentator. Expert at. And the Olympics and came to a rapid conclusion. Bobbie that summer like some BS when it come out of Obama's mouth. On the I didn't know those canals were ever that frozen over in the Netherlands. I'm Bob Megan Kelly he's very chirp away your running her show from ten to eleven on channel four EI and cashing big time paychecks. Bubba they had topless ice skating I'm. I actually watched. And the manager Abbott may you know not safe for Fam leave feeling quarter after four year on the body Mac showed JK a quick break here. And now those creepy North Korean cheerleaders the bevy of beauties. AS breaking a sports. One of those San Francisco 49ers into reveled in kneeling at. During the N National Anthem. Is in a bit of trouble with the wall. Up. Be right back here on the balmy night show on Monday. The fortunes in the background. Air cams that rainy day feeling again. Now money penny was just inquiring if a rain everyday this week AM now goes surely had a string of rainy weekend slam what three in a row now three rainy weekends and around. And suppose you what dry out tomorrow and I think Wednesday as well and then now. I am Thursday and we get some more rain. Back in here Tony two after four here in the above a Mac show and we'll we'll get the update again on the bottom of the hour than an hour. Weather center forecast orient. Bonnie for those complaining about signal strand board WORD tell them to get HD radio. And they can lesson on 98 point nine HD two. Always crystal clear when a further reach. Yep. And I'm just became more familiar Wear them myself because I passed swapped cars. And the the new not a guy well it's not new it's four years old because and a reminder car. On my relatives came here from Scotland. Today. Which another way of saying we're cheap all right let's just let it be Iraq where cheap. And I discovered to act in the newer vehicles on the I had a 120 tent and traded it for 2014. It beat team with HD radio. Which usually cool. So I yell I went to it it's actually our sister station magic 98 point 91 of their HD sub channels HD two. And what felt like a 100000 wants signal on the air something ridiculous but it it it we newcomer a wider broader area. And HD radio is crystal clear then managed interest certainly it's clears the regular. FM signal if not more so. So yeah that's they appreciate the suggestion has that not a good idea chronicle on lots of ways to listen to us other than just over the air. I you can now go to our web site. I you can download the app. On your Smartphone or your iPad or what ever. A device you may have another dispel listen to us right through there any any place on the face they are passwords. Al bombing a whole lot of use got Sam short arms and deeper pockets. Or in Gaza and as I putted very where treat our gang. Bobby did you imagine how much better trump would be doing if he'd even one person assistance from the Democrat to the liberals for the media. And I Hayes is already doing amazing. Now Bonnie we missed you at the gun show this past weekend you have announced started to go on Sunday. Now and it was rainy bent I was trying to familiarize myself went all the up high tech electronics in the new vehicle because mind. I'm my previous vehicle being 22 and did not have a lot of bells and whistles that the new and a son trying to figure it out. Bobby honestly help penny to be criticizing the cheerleaders why not just enjoy their enthusiasm. One of the armchair performance after be so negative after a year of nasty political comments I guess it's become second nature from GK. They are they are representing. The most tyrannical horrific government on the face of the earth. That's why I make fun of them. May I recommend you want to see you and it's really like in North Korea. I'm my baby doll Bruno last I was watching on nine Nat geo inside North Korea. Truly. Frightening. The people are just absolutely totally brainwashed. And you ought to see the the prison camps. They send people to form being politically incorrect. For not worshipping dear leader or not. Old grannies. Children. Now in slave labor camps. Any but I remember mr. Lan bear a college kid that went over there. And made the mistake of tearing down a banner. And was tortured apparently by the North Korea has when they returned him to the United States. And he died shortly there after so yeah Al they have to criticize their cheerleaders they're a bunch of mind numb robots. Who are fortunate to have to be where they are and the minute they step on the line it's off to the gulag for please. It's bad enough that NBC and CNN. Arm are busily defending. North direct all along Kim Jong-Il and sister as just does stealing the show at the Olympics are you kidding. She's she's in charge of. And oh what isn't and proselytizing everybody up for governor official title she's in charge of propaganda. And something else. She lived in South Korea now know she was an doctorate up and now. Kim Jung on its sister. There's going to be as bad as he knows. Or she wouldn't be in a position of power she'd be an in the gulag herself. Petty to me criticizing the jury how about honest. Bob good to wonder Katie Couric did mention Hans Christian Anderson. Well the producers now old enough to know who that has. As Bobby to comment about the ice skating in the canal semi of one of the nearest calender read cons Brinker in the silver skates and a dash. Now mommy I display is the Dutch based smells like waffles. Want. Bob we get an NBC is terrible how the athletes here literal pretty well. Young kid that read what's his name winning gold medal and now one other what does it. Yeah red Girardi would have not I wanna say skateboarding it's not what they call that. An hour they flip in the air on the board nine man whatever as they wanna gold medal there say a snowboarding the athletic and down. One of the American not figure skaters through a triple. Burst on that ever happened nice. She is only one of three people that have ever landed it in the Olympics other shooter and other a first American. Yeah but there's only three ladies ever to an island in the well I would say they're predicting good skaters and other ankle sport never. By the way San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ruben Foster arrested yesterday. For allegedly committing domestic violence and having illegal weapons you may remember. Ruben. He yet and famously took in need to protest the police and now he is their guest. Accused of harming a woman. I'm pretty hard to reconcile how we can be so against the police and now I've been arrested on domestic violence charges. Don't know off the 49ers have released camera not. But I would be shocked if he remains on their roster much longer I mean. And getting arrested for beating a one especially in the wake of what happened after Ray Rice with Baltimore all the rest. And being accused of beating a woman is likely to get you shown the exit nor in the NFL. 429 here in the money Mac show. And he's ready to go in a new center I'm right back on the other side here on Monday. Oh. Ants made suitable land. I belonged in this setting them on to me actually now announced here for good. For a while ours long he'll have me for 37 Tony's right before five here on the bottom actuality Monday Monday edition. Not in on a text line 71307. Bob it's not patriotic enthusiasm. That is animating those in New York cheerleaders it's fear that their government well actually cute damn man three generations and their families. I can't. I'm Bob remember Kim Jung Owen killed his brother yeah and his uncle. As well as his sister better toe the line when Angeles mayor shell and as always don't let the facts get in the way of their BS. Above salt apart that saw the I presidential portrait no depth to it just like Obama. Am I don't forget we have our own state propaganda us here in the USA CNN. Fox ABC NBC CBS chatter. Etc. SC NN getting dragged on line for writing a glowing puff piece about North Korea's leader Kim Jung Owen sister. Appearing at the Olympics in a South Korea. When they had lying claiming she was quote stealing the show. They article published Saturday afternoon began when these cooling words about the woman who gave South Korean president mood GI NN invite. To visit the north. If diplomatic dance were an event at the Winter Olympics Kim John Owens a younger sister would be favored to win gold. Where they smile. I handshake and a warm message in South Korea's presidential guest book. Kim EO John has struck a chord with the public just one day end of the now chuck Ross tweeted in response this is still up on their website CNN knows this is a despicable headline and article. And they're being dragged for a but they leave it up question is why. And barely referenced the North Korean regime's murderous ways. Critics called out CNN forge still despite the almost immediate backlash from people on both sides of the political aisle. CNN has not taken down the story. Now another individual tweeted that she is literally the deputy director of hate propaganda and agitation department and sent. Propagation of propaganda and agitation apartment for one of the world's most repressive regimes. When Fox News reached out for comment CNN would not say whether would remove the story. Or discipline any editors are Randy controversial article. CNN anchor Quist and Chris Cuomo. Defended as a left leaning network by throwing in a dig at president trump. He treated to one reader you don't think having a president who lies about what is fake. And actively maligned as a free press out of convenience is a bigger reason for animosity toward us. Then how some decide to cover this. Right he also bashed a Reuters story on Kim EO John riding. This is a murderous regime that is stifling a population. Progress has to be evidenced by a lot more than this no. Pat and receive tweets in response and we want to make genuine comparisons to step up to Stalin and Hitler the North Korean regime is spot on. To pretend otherwise is pure ignorance or plain stupidity. Jonathan change writer from New York magazine mocking me cheered the CNN piece. Also stealing her country's meager wealth to live and opulence while they start but doing it in style. You go girl. Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin chimed in tweeting next up an exclusive CNN investigative report. On Kim Jong Owens sisters work out play last. Favorite Bubba achieve flavors and nighttime skin care routine. I'm Brit Hume I tweeted. Desist puff feast mean she's gotten overheard dictator brother's murder of her other brother Eric. Fair question. Speaking for the U millennial audience David Mack of buzz speed tweeted. Yes queen work and as you oppress your people get that crime against humanity girl. A CNN piece didn't mention at one point did Kim beyond Jones brother. They north Korean supreme leader has ruled with an iron fist since coming to power. Running prison camps and killing senior officers to preserve his hold on power. They article did not mention they reign of terror brought about by their father Kim Jong ill. And few are they out. Screen shots from CNN Kim Jong Owen sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics. The eve bunker trump of North Korea. Swagger and smiles Kim Jung lunged mysterious sister. Gets her star turn at the Winter Olympics. A New York Times put out a story of its own about Kim yo John on Sunday including quotes from multiple critics slamming the dictatorship. CEO John who is thirty and increasingly prominent figure in her brother's government. And the first member of the north's ruling family to visit the south since the end of the Korean war in 1953. The North Korean delegation to the Olympics and Byung Chang also included the country's ninety year old head of state Kim Yong Nam. In dispatching the highest level of government officials. The north has ever sent to the south Kim John Owen revealed a sense of urgency to break out of deep. Diplomatic isolation. In the face of tough toughening sanctions. Over his nuclear program. Honestly I didn't know I would come here so suddenly I thought things would be strange and very different. But I found a lot of things being similar being similar. Kim said while proposing a toast of Sunday's dinner GAAP except the concentration camps. I'm Bobby got in on the tax line I was sick to my stomach and North Korea was permitted to perform in the Olympics but don't beat up on young people. Bob I do have a suggestion for starving kids school lunches and Sadr if you can afford to feed your kids please stop having kids. Bob but no Bob I didn't seal bomber and non mood shell portraits was it paint by numbers or crayons. At Cordoba 45 here in the amount they match up take a quick break here when we come back now that the out budget battle is settled. We are onto immigration and what you need to know about the various proposals that are out there. And what may happen. In the days and weeks ahead. Spell it all out Soria coming up next. Asked. And that's it does that lead. As rocket drawl little bit here this Monday afternoon. Coming up on 4519. Before 6 o'clock all by the way speaking of a CNN and their love. For all things North Korea issued no surprise to make the same thing happened in the early 1960s when the American media and Fidel Castro. Now man another a tyrannical like commie dictator I am nothing know nothing about him we don't like. Town. So it's it's on surprising it to CNN news or trading North Korea the same LO a NS detection pointed out that cost us in the Chinese chip CNN reported today preparing for dozens of layoffs. Mom. In on the attacks lined Bonnie any truth to the rumor. But the CFO of the company involved in the uranium one deal was on the airplane that crashed in Russia. I do not know why they're not heard that rumor we'll see we can now run it down. I mean that picture of moot shell looks like she needs some lotion. Got. Bobby there hasn't been a leader that is months ahead that has done more for his people and Kim Jong-un. Since Hugo Chavez and Saddam's. Two sons. Gotcha. Well another day or through the a budget battle and Aaron. Brief Boykin and I shut down today the senate will vote to begin debate on legislation that can ultimately grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Here's a brief thumbnail what you need to now. There are a bunch of proposals out there but none of them including a one from the White House would keep president trumps promise to immediately end. Chain migration and the visa lottery. Secure the border and make it easier to deport criminal aliens. Senator Grassley of Iowa and John Cornyn of Texas and drafted legislation. That reflects the whitehouse dot gov proposal. It expands. Dot com. To grant an immediate amnesty to about one point eight million illegals calls rate 25 billion dollar trust fund. To build the border wall and improve border security. Eliminates the visa lottery and halts new applications for chain migration. Under the yellow this comes out as positive for the president. Is if the senate passes the Grassley bill as it is or with good amendments and then an estimate conference with the Goodwin bill from the house. In the house and senate Republican leaders want to keep the house and senate. The Grassley bill is the minimum that they have to get. The gang of six led by a former gang of eight members that would be our own senator Lindsey Graham SP and Dick Durbin of Illinois. Also drafted a proposal. It would grant an immediate amnesty to 3.2. Million young adult illegal aliens and their illegal alien parents. It includes out over a billion and a half dollars for border wall but restricts the funding to only making improvements to the existing fencing. And fails to end chain migration and re purposes the visa lottery green guards. Allowing half of them to be issued to foreigners from a lottery countries. And the other half to that TP ask the recipients. Not common sense caucus led by senator Susan Collins from may end. There's barely a Republican grants amnesty to the one point eight million illegals. Identified by the White House it makes tweaks to the visa lottery and chain migration without reducing. The overall immigration numbers meantime. And John McCain and Chris Kluwe into Democrat Delaware. Have their own proposal called the skinny. Proposal that would grant amnesty again to 3.2 million illegals and requiring government study. On the effectiveness of building a long way along the US Mexico border. That when such a non starter. Senator Jeff flake of Arizona proposing a fall black fallback plan should the senate failed to agree on any thing. His proposal would pair a three year old legislative extension of Jack up with some of border funding. The proposal could gain us some momentum into none of the proposals listed above receive sixty votes cell. That's a that's a brief thumbnail sketch. I'm where we are as we head into this immigration. Battle. That is looming end by the way when we come back on the other side I found this out pretty interest and there's a new map. Posted on the website how much dot net. Breaks down make economic hole of illegal immigrant state by state and their findings are pretty troubling. They used information gathered for from my friends at fair. They Federation for American Immigration Reform. The map. From how much dot net shows how much money. Illegal immigrants are costing American taxpayers. On a stage by stage. Basis. As you might imagine California. Most devastated by the heavy troll when a whopping 23 billion dollars. In that state alone. And as you might imagine state closer to be Mexican border are those most affected but. A number of states throughout the country are still paying billions of dollars to support illegals through education. Welfare. Law enforcement and medical care not if you're wondering. And South Carolina has won an eight cheapest amazingly by comparison. 629. Point seven million dollars a year. North Carolina is 2.4. Billion dollars a year Georgia is slightly more than that 2.5. Billion dollars a year by comparison. Texas is the eleventh. Billion dollars a year Arizona is 2.3. Billion dollars a year and as I mentioned. California. Is 23. Billion dollars a year some of the sanctuary states are again. One point two billion and the state of Washington two billion dollars a year. About the at least expensive costs for illegals. I'm Montana. Is 36 point one million. Idaho is 301. Million in Wyoming is 34 point nine million. Our number twos zipping on past on the balmy night show here on Monday. The most heavily committed hour of the body might show the 85 o'clock follies. Coming your way next.