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Monday, February 12th

Obama's portraits revealed; Amazing true facts



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Here we go all as we get underway when the most heavily commute an hour of the bombing Mac show. And as a car say 5 o'clock follies have got money and attention there with your strong wave AM tacked on a right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south they try and I'm on the end sensitivity universe and eight. Early specialize in non politically correct studies here is now you join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon. Just don't grab your phone use the Ingles advantage on Klein. 800. 3471063. Is a number common sense retirement planning text align is 71307. And my email address Bob and 1063. WORD. Dot com. And I in all the tax line Bob I watched trump played captain hindsight today he criticized the past presidents source growing up the Middle East. Well he's such a foreign policy expert let's say what he can do. The easy part is criticize your predecessors. Speak loudly and carry a big ram launch button you have maybe yeah. Well and should thank him a chance and nerves there when it comes up what. Now Bob Bob representative Neil Collins wants to raise South Carolina consider Blake. On that list you ran right for the news on how much money states spend in taxpayer dollars supporting illegals. I'm Bobby immigration will lead to another shot down called me right no and the wind hard shot down gosh. Add texture says no wall. Then Knoll doctor up. And. Bobby DC EO full of uranium one was on that Russian jetliner that crash. Move actually strange coincidence. Or not. Bobby uranium one hash tag Clinton body count hash tag Russian plane crash. Now Bobby victim number 32 on a passenger list. By and show some laugh I've been off. Deputy Director General at Ross album that's Ross sent him overseas. Another Clinton hit to prevent testifying. Out Bonnie just rediscovered maximum number three. From the east seventy maxim is a mercenaries. And ordinance tech at a dead run. Out ranks everybody. Gosh. Satellite you know similar to. Now when nest stoplight goes on the blank and I'm becomes a four way stop and the vehicle with the largest. I'm gun rack has a right of way that's that's the official. Bob out of that picture removed shell sorry we share that or yellow the official pictures. Of President Obama their official portraits. Where are released today. The one of them President Obama has and surrounded by a field of flowers. And one of Tom channel. And who looks like somebody other than. Mood Michelle Obama. They president by the way congratulated the artist that did new channels portrait or I believe I'm paraphrasing him here. I'm displaying her hot notes. Can't. Now they present a former president and first labor rock and Michelle Obama unveiling their official portraits. Anti National Portrait Gallery this morning. He reveals occurred before a star studded audience receiving a mixed reaction on line. All modern presidents and their portraits hanging in the museum. I would suggest some of those slow. Former president should be hanging their themselves and that's a totally different on President Obama chose to Hindi why Lee as his pained her. Wiley style as described as a Yale University trained painter. Famous for his depiction of African Americans posed in the style of old master painting its regal. Formal and filled with pops of color. He has a surrounded by chrysanthemum. Xen well and the led the official explanation as he surrounded by flowers representing. Hawaii he. Some green flowers representing Kenya. And the the official state flower of Illinois. How about that that's pretty sharp Obama sent after the unveiling however many critics on line. Thought the painting was peculiar and best. On the daily caller web site as some of its writers for suggestions about what the caning looked like to them some of these suggestions from the staff. Homer Simpson. Beyoncé. Kim John in old Kim IL song. American Beauty. Poison ivy and Wrigley Field. Today out of out elegant Chicago in there. A dozen minutes after five to the phones we go first time in the 5 o'clock follies and Joseph is our leadoff batter hi Joseph and welcome to the program. I poppy area so so good. First to detect stir up. Our bubble boy and then out. Past presidential literally reached via text or in warned Europe clean out a sixteen point four years concepts you know future. Chad has now retained the Clinton searcher doubles so I'll watch out you know they had a fuel than. Not that outlook look past that and number three why exactly did. Kim Jong Il's sister or whatever you're parked exactly which do that the Atlantic's dispatched and public record or curtail. She chuckle writers. Or. She got it. Two of the best of my knowledge she just does still around as you suggested down like a cardboard cut out and smiled. Whenever camera turned in her direction. Our staging. Good question. I'm I've found that interest saying. That the the media of course in on the left leaning media that never saw tyrannical Communist dictator and world. And immediately a rush to criticize our our vice president and of course law done. Now all kinds of of wonderful apple Asians to to have Kim Jung Owens says her. She Durham. Nothing. I mean she if she showed up. Okay out. Let's go let's start Karl people and at the end CU tractor risque per likes little. What eating their brother Alec Philip Tucker being in the air and police prices and that people are just. Yep and and down and the craziest one of the craziest is now the leader the dear leader. And not in North Korea thank you jazz of I appreciate Colin good to have you here I mentioned out there was a Nat geo special inside North Korea. That was on how last night and and somebody sent me a text in relation to that. And and talked about how in the the Nat geo special they also manage you again in and did at Dunn at president trump. Pope on I'm not I don't see it here announcement and that's essentially what the attached to a sporting idea they also. We manage you and while while they were showing at all the starting PTI here artist. Mob while selection Nat geo special about North Korea what was more frightening than North Korea with that commentary. About how we now have the most unstable president in history. Crazy whips Chad from month to curtail. Gosh also what Ian on the attacks line this afternoon 71307. Now Bob only thing missing from them all bombers pictures. Is acorn com or Sears and Roebuck catalog and a half moon symbol above their heads. Because. Well how much you figure out the rest. Now Bob Kim Jung Owen sister ain't no eve abroad laugh now why. Hitler's mistress underway and those are not familiar that. Bob don't know if you're aware this but Barry's portrait painter is known for his pictures of black women cutting off the hands of white people. Well how much. And I guess we we believe of course you know and diversity and inclusion. Been kind in journalist lived dollars hour. Yes that's why Donald Trump junior's wife. Baghdad. Hate message today which filled with us some white powder that have sent everybody into panic and her in the hospital apparently. No harm done. Quarter after five here in the bunny match or take a quick break here when we come right back. Well or take a look at down today is amazing true facts including. And the people that sold everything to buy a sailboat. And then and boy and all went wrong from there be right back. Welcome back 521 mommy my show here on this Monday Monday kind of a cloudy and great to get some sunshine back go tomorrow and maybe Wednesday and it. And some more rain after that little on Miami Vice music for you they are in the background. In on the tax line 71 threes are seven. Bob if enough people praised dear leader's sister. He may come to see her as a threat. She could find herself a dog chew toy AF not careful. Now Bobby thank big farm I was sending a warning letter to the trump family message received response. Forthcoming. Now Bob what about a plane crash people dying connected to the clintons. Back cue up the X-Files. To see him. He had so Weber is hang them our own lives so far. I'm Bob May many artists and painted the obamas was saying that they are blooming idiots. And Bob they want to they just hang a photo of Obama's birth search ever get that act. Now bombing that we get our troops out of South Korean went South Korea fend for itself. How Bobby daka is a legal anyway well I certainly unconstitutional. So let's just drop doc doc. Get the wall built AL legal means of keeping out illegal immigrants. Pop up Bobbie I think that Obama's Peter actually captured the essence of Barry. Surrounded by. Pansies. Bob in reference to Obama's painting there should be plenty of poison ivy and poison oak to represent his presidency. Bobby Obama makes me want to throw up how pathetic mom why is now moot shell. Wearing a bedspread. And they took. Brokerage. Don't know. Al Bobbie I cannot say one prejudice thing while one okay is okay. At least Donald Trump will not for eight years blame George W. Bush. I may and could be wrong but I've not heard president. Bin Laden on the not heard a bin Laden's name from his lips. Estate simple. Hearing on Americans from Montana. Now Bob Mexico as paying for the wall yeah right. Bob I believe trump is just going by Obama's example oops I tried oh and Obama never criticized bush. Now Bob drum corps cius claiming that Ross Adams uranium one officials were on the Russian plane crashed. And the these CIA brought it down to keep them from testifying against Hillary. A some one conspiracy theory to the next 24 after five let's go to Inman where up August. Joins us here enough February on August and welcomed Michelle. About big Mac can't really Valentine's. Thank you in fact Valentine's Day stuff coming up an amazing true facts. But the reader and calling it because of those kooky north Koreans yeah and I can't send an email at Ritchie do about it germ warfare. From fat little but boy oh yeah. Yeah a barrel on the hand but isn't it odd that all of a sudden right after he started threatening with a button. That and trump threatened back a bit. All of a sudden they became Olympic contenders. Somehow converted factory in total adamant however and I'm on headline helped today. I kid busload of North Korean actually showed up early. And we're probably meant much South Korean security official now all 12100. Security that have been pulled off duty. Which reports tomorrow virus the UK. I affinity. Under the headline hill partly contagious virus that congress scores of cases of acute Castro minaret if there also shame. Stay the heck away from people who are coming back from the Olympics it is titled germ warfare. While and two that's pretty start and I had we did this story last week about. I held a 12100 security guards had been confined to their quarters and I had to bring in South Korean troops to take their place. Just an oral Mauresmo we had not heard the connection. Between there security protocols checking out the north Koreans who had a shown up. That's according to lift that foot Kong opposite one another saying. You know anybody coming back from the Olympics tailored to them. Well I'm I wasn't planning on now bumping into Katie Couric and it's not soon anyhow but I appreciate the heads up. Well thank you Dhabi and have a rabid right. Thanks I appreciate your being here I'm 26 after five here on the above imagine they would go to days. Mom mode play. Present. I guess. With the Valentine's Day right around the corner apparently most people aren't looking down break the bank. Another guest according doing his survey the average person will spend a grand total of dumped on ten duck. 34 bucks. Here are four more stats about money and relationships. 44%. Of people say they plan to spend nothing. On Valentine's Day this year it's not clear if that includes single people are not or if they're earning Scotts and the mix. There are only four states where people plan to spend over sixty dollars new MacKey goal. Connecticut Missouri and Texas and there are three stage where people say they'll spend less than ten bucks. Alaska. North Dakota and main. And the average guy who plans to spend 41 dollars women will spend an average of 26. But there are thirteen states where women and planned to spend more than man. Idaho Colorado Delaware Indiana Kansas Louisiana New Hampshire North Carolina. Ohio Oregon Oklahoma South Dakota and Tennessee. Apparently eight money can buy you a lot of morally should make things easier. 90% of couples who earn at least 200000 dollars a year say there are completely or almost completely satisfied with their relationship. That's compared to just 64%. Who earn less than 30000. Dollars. Average guy will spend 41 dollars on Valentine's Day. Now I go to walkway that hope it down works out for him by the way. We we also have discovered that there are folks who sadly. May not that'd be receiving. A Valentine's who came and on a Bobby Mack semi professional players. Have a solution for year. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you don't have a significant other. Or do you. And keep the office busy bodies guessing when hot boyfriend will gain some wheels and a gorgeous flower arrangement to your office Vermeer quote unquote boyfriend. Complete with a romantic note signed by your choice of right to Lee Hanson sending names such as Jason bronze. Stone price war Braden allowed include barely legible handwriting at no charge so all your coworkers and friends will think that duration was sent by his surgeon and professional athlete or astronauts. And thanks to our double encrypted transaction technology and nobody will know you sent it to yourself nice upgrade to a note written in Arabic. And the on this big diesel think you're dating an oil sheik and hot boyfriend who keys for Valentine's Day I ordered today. That's right and by the way up money penny I inquired. I'm my baby doll Rendell what she would like to have for Valentine's Day. You know I should tell me. Out by the way and at night and I mentioned maybe don't Brenda is. What one town guys would refer to as low maintenance. Mind my baby doll Brenda told me that for Valentine's Day she went like me to take her car and Janet watched. So what we'll do that. May even throw in a little detailing along the way is 529 here on the body might show and is ready to go on a new center Aaron I'm right back on the other side. As we have to keep the 5 o'clock follies rolling here on Monday. Appreciate the left. And do little eyes deep dive and the classic rock files today. Joseph Walsh. A James gang. Does it did funk 49. That's another one of their cancer walk away it's great to have you on your 537. On a balmy Mac show and sent cloudy and grade. Monday I saw this story yesterday on line and part of me. Just always was sympathetic. For these votes and another part was. How can they act of these people. Have led to their ages and be this dom. To have blind couple sells all their possessions spore sailboat. Sinks. Two days into the trip. A couple's planned for a better life has been solved. Mickey Walsh 24 and boyfriend tanner Brock Welch when he six. Decided nearly a year ago that they were tired of war king. Just glad that when hang out in space for a moment. He's 26 she's Tony for and they are tired of working and working their whole adult lives they've probably been working I don't know. 8910. Years. Now Walsh. That's Nikki. Who booked timeshare tourists for a living send to the New York Post and I quote. How can we live our lives when we're working most of the day and you have to pay so much just dole out. Most of the work you do goes to your home to our house to be another option. So me Colorado couple. Sold all their belongings all their furniture on there issue be. And bought a 49 year old boat in Alabama tell live on and eventually sail the world Dan. A couple moved onto the 28 foot vote. Which was in the marina of TARP and springs. And it's a town on Florida's Gulf Coast and live there for months when their two year old Pug remade. While they stocked up on food and supplies not gonna I feel sorry for the dog and some. The couple had planned their trip for a year. Both quitting their jobs and selling all their worldly possessions. Before moving out to Florida and a live on their 28 foot moat. There was 49 years they're gonna they're gonna sailed the ocean. And they have been 28 foot boat. We were pretty prepared Walsh said of gathering items don't last them for their planned trip to the Caribbean. However the two were not prepared for what happened next. Nearly two days into their venture the couple's boat capsized and a channel of water called John's pass. We talked the channel was where we were going but it wasn't. Walsh told the New York Post. Our baby is telling the publication there were armed with GPS. And paper navigation charts. Local boat captains say the sand bars often shift in John's pass. We started freaking out because waves were coming in and it was tossing our bowed back and forth. Walsh said. Broad well was at the rear of the boat holding onto the dog when the trouble hit. My hands were shaking we were terrified. During an essay aloud in the Atlantic in this boat. And get out of the channel. Before abandoning shill for wall said they grab some clothes and important documents as well as things from their dog. I also grabbed re Meese food and just about everything he needed he doesn't deserve to go without his favorite toy it's. Well he's been working this is a small hole two years even around. While she admitted she and her boyfriend who used to drive for over workload new food just sale Lang. And so police surprise like part of this story. However the couple who had been left with just ninety dollars in cash no jobs and no boat insurance. Are you an idea. They sold everything I am on the world by the boatman and having insurance. So they're still hopeful for their world sailing plans. And I've started a go fund may page begging people to help them. Not give up on their dreams. The pair are sinking 101000 dollars to rescue the ship. Which sounds sunk. Off the coast of Madeira beach Florida Walsh said raising the boat alone will cost at least 6700. Dollars. That would be seventeen hundreds and then it's worth what they paid toward anyway guy and as a resort. We have a lot of family helping us but it's hard when you've lost everything. She told the post from Jacksonville. Where the couple is staying with loved ones. Now the pair seemed down and out they still planned to buy or salvage another boat and some point and try try again. Walsh writes on their go far Catholic Church you only have one life why spend it doing what you don't love money. Isn't everything. I I am my am reminded of the out famous around. Quote from my John Wayne. Who said and it seems applicable here for. This. Colorado couple wife is tough it's even tougher when your stupid. In on the potential wind definition of a boat a hole in the water into which you pour money. Yet. Now Bobby what I'm reasonably certain that all of the worldly possessions a may 24 and 26 year old amounted to squat. Much the same as their planning and decision making. She's she's Bob that both Koppel are so stupid it's a wonder they weren't torpedoed. A whirlpool to. German goes do you vote or wrap. Up the Russian oil drilling ship. But she's. And Bob namely the woman who repaired. The a painting of Jesus a few years ago I made him look like a monkey pain in the Obama portraits. Funny Bob I think about what you said Furman above the boat people where did you say that are from yeah. Colorado. I'll leave it to you fill in the blank. And above me on the career ends they eat dogs all I need to know get out the football president trump. Thanks from idea. I'm Bob EO forum on Valentine's Day my wife asked for something shiny. Thing goes from zero to 200 about three seconds. So I got Arab bathroom scale. And you're gonna have a great Valentine's Day action. And Bob can you imagine what Valentine's day of the clintons would be like. Somebody will be driving our. Bob your baby doll Brenda sounds like me for Christmas I asked my husband to get my windows candidate. Little more than how little more for car wash but India. Now Bobby thank you for shaving Valentine's Day for me in Miami wants to do something nice but I'm low maintenance as well car wash. Brilliant. And Bob you read part of my text about the suspicious Russian plane crash. And laughed off the most salient point Ron brown and Bill Clinton secretary of commerce was unavailable. For comment. Alan. They're not Spartanburg. Bubbly what a coincidence I wash cars I'll wash your baby doll Brenda Starr for low low low price of 41 dollars. Well and take that under advisement but that might be. Act contrary to the official goal of even at symbol quarter before six share in the balmy night show will be right back here on Monday. At all we knew we slave away over re hot microphone over four hours each day. Here on the body match up 5519. Before six in on a tax line 71307. Mean I get to our economy or Bonnie. I can just gas these people with a boat. And they're gonna wind up selling their storied Hollywood and making a fortune of town always works. Now Bob I don't have a problem when that couple learning the sale what I do have a problem with that they want everybody else to pay for it. I saw the world Uncle Sam pay my bill and I paid him with my time. In with my life on the line. Gotcha. Now Bob you limerick alert liberate all urged a go Russia crank me up here a money anywhere they. When I say it. And gets downtown area for Leah dramatic. Sound her which we require when we have all limerick alert. From my Allen are in Spartanburg one of the M. Resident a poet laureates are they above him action today is Paul Emmerich alert is the urge to eat meat suddenly hit fuel. In Korea they serve New York he or should flew. You'd have to be brain dead their animals arch grain fans they're raised on just doubles. And bitch. A. You and Syria concluding line and that to elaborate. Bobbie you know what that vote means bust out another thousand. Bob think it's been a summer girls and went and make a killing taken people out deep sea fishing all is not lost. Charts and Anderson. Bob if money isn't everything. As they Myung moments then the vote Kabul doesn't need that go funny page news day. Bob by here's a suggestion. Try and buy another boat without any money if money isn't everything. Bob money means nothing and Julia I ain't got it and need. As some mob money isn't everything but they want our. Money as he pretty much. Now Bobby young and stupid is curable young and stupid and entitled. Is not. Now how funny money isn't everything so please send us all your spare dollars. Work work work work work work want to win that Bob what merger by a vote. I did once in Memphis. A bonnet and a ski boat. Why should I didn't I didn't buy it. I traded and gun Ford doesn't obscure go to bed sitting in the the the apartments parking lot. Like all summer long and I never Jurgen out. So I think you wanna get rid of the body should yeah. Again I'm Tony mankind trading in my trade inimical python 357. Disc up. When when I departed Memphis for California the vote was an embargo on terror Manila water yet. But I don't know about. Julio phones we go on Luis is in nine Greeneville hi Louise and welcome to the show. Or what are you doing I'm good thank you. Abdul left in my butt off right. Does not mean nothing to them but they should understand everybody else. I asked about what. I'm I I'm trying to figure out of AM I have understood the basic contradiction there and I just now. Although auto this story earlier today about what just correct I mean just how stupid are these kids. I doubt it I'm sort of gave the Bible that all about like a we knew what they all mumble and that's the part that. Kind of through me was there was another Sharif said they spent 5000 dollars buying the boat and I thought. What kind of boat what kind of ocean and craft I wanna sail around the world right. What kind of what got an ocean going craft a new vibe for 5000 dollars. But the thing is is is is as a forty year old bull they want to sell that around the world they have no experience what ever know. Quote homer. And welcome why why it was just a one adventure after another I guess I. Yeah. I mean now I have loved it just judging that cover on all the medical problems back and let the other guys you know of course exactly laden looked good but in our court can. While those who and that so. I'm so it is it is it is by no means clever guys and announced. It truly is it still apply. Group web I am appreciate your service there another wildly on Hillary's. You or electric chairman and haven't you JR PM the government as well. When we come back on now. It just popped up on the tax line about money can't buy happen its previous early read it for awhile. Bob I'm tired of working to where you guys set up a go for only pays for he's he's 46 and she's 44. They're tired of working. I'll know you're kidding yeah you ago. Bob they're go funny pages already over thirteen thousand dollars. And Hollywood movie be far behind. Now Bobby Unita sound bite him John Wayne say analyze this charter charter you're stupid ice Leone's. Have no ground I lose guarded charter idea still for now it's not NASA. And he'd done in the John Wayne needs some more. Bob I think what that boat Kabul meant to say was everybody else's money. Is an air and that that may have been another message they wanted to impart. This so this plane crash in Russia than apparently killed the CFO. Of uranium one. Or Russia Adam. And a lot of people may not know exactly what that's all about so what kind of fill in some of the blanks there is another Clinton deal. As you as your money men might expect. And we'll do that when the bonus hour begins next. Here on the body Mac show.