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Monday, February 12th

Russian plane crash; Uranium 1; 5 random facts


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Well indeed it does an answer for a good thing and I'm here for our additional hour. Through Charlotte clearly the attack dog in the right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south the president's. Not to mention dean in. Of the end sensitivity university where are speciality. Is non politically correct studies seven minutes after six's way again don't know the fourth and final hour for this. Monday Monday here is valued join me and take part in the conversation. Just grabbed the phone use the angles advantage talk line. 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. We are perfectly adapted for that as well common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WORD. Dot com great to have you along ride to the phone's ringing our leadoff batter. Is Grady who is and now Palmer Zell migrating our you this evening. Unbundling plan mom thanks got a cup I've got a couple little tidbit for you today. One attorney you know there the plane crash that cured it you were talking about in the last hour ride to an end in Russians and we only. There is a great quarter Kuwait or just launched just goes away now. And you know some of these you know it. It would be almost impossible for anybody. To do business with Clinton. And not expect to get killed at some point there are other. Or Italy or to be had driven to commit suicide for us. Like yeah. The current. Orange dummy that was just personally it hit me yeah it sure is coincidental again. Let done band until I was own Fox News debate. And he's a bit. I don't think clapper and Brandon are up to their eyeballs in trouble. Bigelow yeah they are they have both gone and just fine. Before congressional committee and submitted documents. At all they're trying to none of the stuff for host. In polish ordinary. You know when I won't. Work just fine. Yeah and now and Komi also I'd buy suspect as an enemy out to his eyeballs in this stuff but yen clapper. And and arrest in fact. Have run a very real risk of having perjured themselves. Oh yeah and congressional testimony by saying that they were unaware. That Hillary Clinton and the DNC had paid. For the steel trump Russian dossier. At the time that they were making application for the fun as a warrants and the time line as we learn from the memo from congressman Nunez and the House Intelligence Committee seems to. To put the lie to leapt. The other in the the other incurred during I was military. Helicopter but the other by about the Internet of things. And I got curious about how. Many companies are actually involved in there. And I'm trying to get out own thing that it was 23 page is almost microscopic. Training wow. This and this is going to be big and people. If they're investing in they'd put marketing and so released chip I don't think it's things like. And it's fair. You know include product change in all honesty there really a big big big big. It's our it's it's truly scary to see all the of the interconnected things that are run by algorithms on the computer there was a story. On today that's on Drudge about some of the people that work for a subcontractor for FaceBook. And they had pad. Said some things that were negative about FaceBook and more immediately fired. Of course because they've they've managed you have to track him down and and they pointed out. FaceBook page sending humans there anyway. Because you know although the computers. Never need to go on vacation in Maine they don't need health care and all the other associated problems are real human beings yeah. Yeah and until the very changes that are coming along. They have a pill bottle which you can. Tell you want to talk a little general Stanley. That to. Facial recognition security systems mom right they're they're moving all that stuff. It's always wildfire. And it's a little chip and computer driven. And Diller sent it to the face of America is gonna change considerably and isn't it likely that within the jets and. Patrick and I mean and I'm not sure how much of that and I like and I knew there was a reason. Now lie I have taken. Two when I go out in public wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. Just don't ask don't throw off they facial recognition that the banks are greatly appreciate golly it is it is a a brave new world out. Twelve after six here on the about the match and James is out along the same knee and he is an Anderson hi James and welcome to the program. Anybody. I big killer must now Lance sensible or how does the low countries. There and wanna be sailor wanna be solo around the world Larry but I have been spared little eight years. See exactly what that needed to do. Oh you must back in 2000 I'm pretty concerned you know are you seriously exploring its. Oh yeah yeah around six or they celestial navigation course all this cool that he says giants past Wednesday just SI really had to laugh because. I was down there a couple of years ago every time we go with sailing vacation down there greater power and we go over to just pass and writ. Jet skis and then we go out through the channel right. And those waves on a jet ski look at all we're. And that's with you know to wrote it's a car that backer well my question is why in the world. We had no problems don't just keys you know motorists this little red why in the world that they reject the core of both through. You know that had been disciplined way and greatly loved ones who then they get an idea what store well. I am I guess I'm I'm left to assume. As a famous saying goes it James A don't know what you don't know. Exactly. And their great debt and no experience sailing zero assailant are are well it has set of people still in me. Usually what I mean it is right but. And and an icon well is is sorry and lake Hartwell is hardly the Atlantic Ocean. Exactly so I was exploring. Doing assailing glasses. Found out in the ocean at the summit host courses they have and I came across multiple. At maybe there. You do exactly that they take go sailing expedition. Right and you can order the boat and they were they go all the way out alone what are. There particularly Iran and Libya and bring you back in the election do everything. And they are they're super about up and. A great way to get. Practical experience and yet they have some sure handed people along that if you get into trouble are there to get you out of trouble. Exactly. And I hate that bill Orton learning. If this really a thirteen thousand not to upset about Al Gore. Safe mine right yeah there's there's there's they resolution that you were looking toward danced. Yeah well I'm on I'm obviously I'm sorry for your loss and now the best Alexia in you Iraq. That would pretty grim about so well that is a good I'm not appreciate the call and Angola Chile. Thank opt out daycare daddy YouTube. The good. Bob looks like the dim should have read their insurance policy before they passed that. From my Charles and Anna and Bobby mentioned no morals and let a while back. My nephew in law repairs boats down there over Christmas he was discussing cash flow. Customer wanted to know why it took three weeks to fix his vote this time he replied because the last time. You brought it and it took you eight weeks to pay me. Yeah and that when dad how to explain it quarter after six or about a matchup. This Obama era. You Russian uranium one deal I promised to show you what you need to know I'll give you the salient facts and not yet a another. Bonding Clinton scandal. When we come right back. Barack Obama and named big hit. When she was my girl she's certainly looked a lot different than her official portrait. Which. Group released today. Out for jobs actually in the background 22 after six here on NATO bombing Mac show me a bonus hour rolling on here on Monday. In on the tax line now I'm Bobby says they say the best days of your life are the day you buy your boat and the day you sell your ballot I've heard that. Now that version of the supplies to automobiles. Would most certainly be a Mercedes-Benz. Ownership just say. I'm not in my experience but I know people that would agree. I'm Bob Tarver and springs to John's pass is only 51 miles mile land so two days to go about seventy miles. And I yeah not inexperienced. To be certain. Patrick. Out by the way. There was wearing assists that story and I'm. They're about Dudley Obama pollster yep they're just now campaign manager. Former Obama campaign manager says all public pollsters should be shopped. Jim Messina former campaign manager for Barack Obama apparently has won the men's words. During an appearance Friday on BS NBC's morning Joseph. He spoke about the irrelevance of public polls so early in an election year. And gel you know how I feel about public polls I think all public pollsters. Should be shocked. He may be reacting to new polling data. But it shows Democrats have lost their recent fifteen point lead over Republicans. Dropping to only a two point lead. As we head towards a 28 eighteen mid terms or may be. But he sameness IBD. Chip poll. That shows and I quote Americans overwhelmingly. Believe the Obama administration. Improperly survey old. Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Despite the disgraced American media's best and most cynical efforts to bury the truth. And you even stop the truth from ever seeing collided day this poll and another. Demonstrate to the American people are almost entirely tuning the partisan mostly hysterical news media out. And are looking to alternative media for the truth. Simply no other way to explain these poll results which on ambiguous only proved. And a majority of the public believe the exact opposite of what an und ceasing. Coordinated media campaign wants them to believe which is that president trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016. Election. And that the heroic FBI. Is being unfairly smeared by trumps even old do worse. Despite more than a year the relentless propaganda from all four corners. Of the mainstream media's fabricated reality here are the results from the actual reality. A clear majority of 55%. Believe any as the likely that the Obama administration. Improperly survey only trump campaign during the 2016 election. That includes. 31% of Democrats. 87% of Republicans and and a 55%. Of independents. And it's not good news again heading to the enters a manager's. I attorney general Jeff Sessions is now directed senior federal prosecutors. To investigate all the issues pertaining to the controversial sale of uranium one. This according to a letter from the DOJ obtained by Fox News. Multiple congressional committees have called for investigation. Into the Obama era deal. And result in a Russian company that when they ross' atom purchasing American uranium mines. The DOJ previously lifted a gag order on a former FBI informant. Who is expected to have more information regarding the our agreement. That allowed Russia to control about 15 of the uranium mining in the US. And former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's involvement in it. The request came at the behest of many Republican lawmakers now. Jeff Sessions has cleared the way for an appointment of a special counsel to oversee an investigation. Into the deal however the DOJ noted it does not confirm active investigations. So what was the uranium one deal well in 2013. Ross Adam that's a company backed by the Russian state acquired a Canadian uranium mining company now called uranium one. Which has assets in the US. Uranium of course key to making nuclear weapons. Through the deal. Russia is able to own about 20% of US uranium production capacity. However calling chill coat and energy affairs specialist who has written extensively about Russia's energy deals. Said the the company only extracts about 11% of uranium in the US. The deal also doesn't allow for that uranium to be exported. It's not like it's a lead in the US are somehow finding its way to more insidious players. The agreement was approved by nine government agencies. When the committee on foreign investment in the United States. And inter agency group that reviews sound certain foreign investments can impact national security. Hillary Clinton State Department was one of those agents are used. Though the former secretary of state told WM URTV and 2015. That she was not personally involved in the agreement. Republicans are largely decried the deal. Especially as some investors reportedly donated millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation. Former President Bill Clinton also received a 500000. Dollar speaking fee in Russia. And reportedly met with Vladimir Putin around the time of the deal the FBI and looked into the agreement. And uncovered that some Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in nefarious dealings Wi Jae Kuk included extortion. Bribery and kickbacks. Evidence of wrongdoing by by DM. Milk or ND Russian official overseeing. Putin's nuclear expansion in the US who was eventually sentenced to prison. Was discovered by the FBI before the deal was approved author Peter Schweitzer who wrote about the deal and it's 2015 book collecting cash. Told fox newest that there is no evidence of the people involved with approving the agreement. Knew that the FBI. Had an ongoing investigation. Into it. If anyone colluded with a foreign government in last year's election he said it was the Clinton Campaign. Republicans say the whole affair raises serious questions now it's the Democrats you have some explaining to do so and run a McDaniel. With the Republican National Committee. I hope they will cooperate with the investigation. Be forthcoming and I expect the media to cover these new developments. When these same breathless intensity that they have given to this investigation. Since day one. Well I hate to tell you this Ron about it if they do it will be with their usual. With just spit out. 629. Here in the balmy night joke Patrick goes in for any in this hour news next in the new center now see you back the last half of the bonus hour. Coming up. All right. Don't bother about that hat. If you may read on. Joe Cocker in the background Torre. Welcome back mount a Mac show cruised along and Leo last half of the a bonus hour here on Monday as said news today. I saw this. A legendary singer victim moan passed away on Sunday the age of 89 those of a certain vantage. Will remember it was. Great ballad dear smooth baritone. Frank Sinatra once any and the best pipes in the business and I he was 89 years old died yesterday in Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. I he also are received a call from a president trump at the hospital in the days before he died started neo victim moaned show on NBC. And was in a bunch of movies including a key is meant. Didn't I consider himself a true crossover starting plot of himself as you know on a ballot deer and nightclub singer. Back in the eighties when Alice do we're now sports director Ted WSB TV in Atlanta channel two. I did a feature on Mondays and it was a that like to follow up of the week. And it was around this time because they'd just played. On the AT&T it was an it was at the Crosby pro am golf tournament at Pebble Beach. And I'd seen and highlights and victim mound was one of the guys who's playing and at one of the celebrities playing in the tournament. Annie and huge slice. Off the tee and it it was a search of a big slice that is laughter right. I shot. That today even the commentators you know we're on wall never seen one in over their before and so I use it as a highlight. And and John in Arab joke made made them made fun of on fixed wing and now he and it does so far out of bounds. And it turned out that when a victim on spent spring and a wedge in Atlanta. And happen to me watching the newscast. And so he called victim Mon who was still lacked the lodge at Pebble Beach. And the next day after the conclusion of the Crosby tournament telling that I Jamaican Veronica. So in the newscast ended. I'm more went back to in my office and now on the phone rang and cynicism Bob McClain international this is victim on I urge you to make an enemy. And I said yeah right sure just how. And he says now is set them up there really isn't a demise and here's a number two on the logic noble beach you can call me back and an ass for me. Are just asked for my room and they'll can decide it on a colleague and a well just picked a corner and a newest hero is it was a very nice about company was offended. Then I had made fun of his also ancient I'm actually pretty good golfer is fairly low handicap for Janet and I did yet. A big old slice on that hole but then I've I'm managed to him to bounce back. And and I actually bogeyed Ellison the worse and I did a now. And ash and eyes away if you know mom will record a phone call and and you cannot give your side of the story so we did we played it. That night newscasts and eleven news he used it very gentlemanly about it meant he was a sensitive. Now that we had to have been critical of his Gosling as he was from the guys who were doing a telecast as well lately and wanted to give the wrong impression that he was a hacker. So sorry to see that down victim months on US at least from my brief. And I interaction when it was a very nice guy. I mentioned the other day on the program and I never found a way to have to work again but with the budget just being passed then and now we're gonna have a trillion dollar deficit. There was a at a piece set down the daily caller. Entitled an exclusive peek. Into Elizabeth warrants luxurious. CF PB headquarters you may remember they. Consumer financial protection bureau's one on link sent up. In the wake of what happened in 2008. And Elizabeth Warren I wasn't one of those who was responsible for setting this thing up. Now the story from Richard Pollack taxpayers no longer have to wonder how their money has been spent at the newly renovated. It headquarters at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick mulled they need to CF PB's acting director and of course former congressman from South Carolina. Graciously allowed the daily caller news foundation to take an exclusive tour on February 1. Other federal office founded by Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts yes that would be. Folk honest. That has been widely criticized. For cost overruns and extravagance. A June 2014. Inspector general report. Concluded there was no sound basis for the agency's renovation cost estimates shortly there after the contracting for the building. Was transferred from the bureau to the General Services Administration that oversaw the current renovation. Maarten make a last day the bureau chief administrative officer. Escorted us on the tour he was helpful and courteous as we walked through the six stories of the building that sits across the street from a White House. The first thing that stands out is at the office space does not feel like a government building at all it could be an upscale hotel. A college campus Horry corporate headquarters. There was interest to move this above a class C building sent a CF PV source now it's a class they've built it. Well is it ever. The 124. Million dollars spent to date for the 303000. Square foot office building. Is 409. Dollars per square foot. More than trump world tower which cost 334. Dollars per square foot. Or Las Vegas is mullahs Rio hotel and casino at 330. Dollars per square foot. It's also double the 227. Dollar per square foot construction cost for class say best quality of Mason area. Our government buildings as reported in the national building cost manual. Very comfortable. The foyer feels like. And inviting hotel. Each for boast a special open space with a lounge chairs and sofas for employees. There are 29 small conference rooms branded as collaboration rooms. And 25 more medium to large conference rooms. The food pantries sport stainless steel appliances. The sixth floor includes a commercial grade refrigerator. The building also has a 2600. Square foot athletic facility. For all of its employees to use free of charge. These staff will also enjoy a thirteen hundred square foot gender specific locker rooms equipped with showers. However employees must bring their own two fouls. Oman. When a sacrificed. There is no feed you employees the CF PB source explained it's open to employees own white. So taxpayers can forget about using a the athletic center has a combination of treadmills bicycles free weights something similar to a novelist and other typical equipment. The free GM stands in contrast in the White House athletic center. Which during many administrations. Has charged employees eighteen dollars and fifty cents per pay period and the bureau's rooftop seating offers agency employees beautiful vistas of Washington skyline. As employees sit in the outdoor rooftop furniture. Those are we're concerned about skin cancer can also take advantage of using premium adjustable. Motorized. Cantilever umbrellas. That can provide shade for up to eight. Wanna stand in your workplace well you're gonna watch. Each CF PB office table is electrically motorized. With quite with height adjustments. How much of these cost. The new. All of our workstations are motorized. A non powered gas costs about a 150 to 200. So advanced about. 350. Dollars so each one of these cost 550. Dollars. And they'll list goes on and on there's a library there's. Something forum for everyone. It it looks like Kent wells are sent out an upscale hotel. But you know. In in Washington it's only money. And it's only taxpayers' money so. Yeah yeah have a Freeman at sometime Google CF PB headquarters. And not take a look at the Taj Mahal we built for these people how many people even know the CF PB does. Or care what a dust. 646 now. Fourteen before seven here on the bottom action. Now speaking of bad sad news from around the world to me. AM representative. Pat told Fox News that the cause of death is pending. He just played concerts as recently this past weekend on Friday and Saturday nights. Now best known for Assange were immune to heard part of too much fun I let her lie and amen kind of love. I started his career is a southern gospel singer and considered death folks like Ricky Skaggs and George Jones and Nikki quickly. As as musical influences he survived by his wife holly and their four children aren't. I can't hear about that Daryle singletary. Passing away at the age of 46. And that sent. Passed six safety tune out 8 before 7 o'clock here on the body Mac show. We talk a lot on here about activist jurists. On none various appeals courts across the country in an event stacked with the liberals. Not present a drop is trying to do something about that he is just released his eleventh wave on judicial nominees today. Submitting candidates for three powerful federal appeals courts. The nomination of course could not precipitate a the battle with senate Democrats as the number of nominees were named vacancies in state who represented. By prominent liberals the nominees include Andrew old I'm. For the fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals judge Amy saint eve and Michael Scudder junior funny seventy US Circuit Court. And mark Bennett for the ninth. Circuit courts of course or appeal panels that supervise federal trial court's. They make the final decision on the overwhelming majority of cases in the federal system. Fifth circuit is in New Orleans seven days in Chicago and the ninth circus Court of Appeals of course. Famously based in San Francisco. Old limits currently General Counsel to the Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott. Saint event's gutter have a rarefied resonates as well saint eve is currently a judge on the Chicago federal trial court. Bennett was a federal prosecutor and attorney general of Hawaii. Before becoming a director at stern O'Neal Marcus and Fisher and the Honolulu based offer. So well. They'll say action I can imagine that. Especially. And no to somebody now from Hawaii which is Democrat dumb nom on dominated. Is probably gonna have a difficulty. Getting approval. In on the attacks line 71307. Bob about that new CF PB facility. As a government building. How can that new fire facility have gender specific locker rooms. For a month. Daddy sent good question. And my guess once somebody files a complaint. That will pretty much be the end of the gender specific locker rooms. Okay on the fully I get out of here today let's work in five random here for a Monday and now. These times. Man hands. Acts that would go with some random facts story for the first work day of the week. They correct plural word for octopus is October Poland's. And obviously octave pluses and ought to pi day are used more often. Babies we often talked about downtown maybe say show up. Pretty much what they wanted. And turns out statistically that is correct babies are born on the are due date just 4%. I'm the time. Remember way back in 2004 when not Tiger Woods married eland Nordegren. And anybody remember Rudy band. Wasn't employed at their wedding. At a South Carolina connection there he Banda tiger's wedding. Two Elin Nordegren who eat and the blowfish. The letter. And is the only a letter that doesn't appear in any of the elements. On the periodic table. The contestants on jeopardy all stand on platforms that are adjusted. To make sure. They are the same hyped. Okay there you go there's well I'll let him say. Yeah I do I'll wrap things up for today thanks so much for being in a long as always of course. Terra will be here along with no way in the newsroom and Chris the producer to get your Tuesday started. And then of course I eventually back and a day off today a believed. That's will be back tomorrow followed of course by L rush though. And then yours truly back again. In a brief 21 hours from now three tomorrow afternoon. Thanks so much to me in on today as always say tomorrow I have a great evening and until tomorrow god bless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical force to. And greens. Yeah. Mom. I must be going yeah. I must be tell me. Apparently. Yeah. I leave eve I I take it. And then and. Yeah. Broadcast day.