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Gun control; FBI


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Bombast that gets us. This baby boys and girls oratory ladies and gentlemen I heard an introduction there 6 pence at 3 o'clock on this Monday president's state that were nineteenth. I'll vote Torre to its ladies and gentlemen. It's a Jim Bohannon again include the about courier and we are of course available to interact with you out there on a variety of subjects today. The comments of retirement planning text like 713077137. The Eagles advantage talk line 10347163. 1803471063. And get right to call your just second. But of course it's too little 63 W awarding the upstate station. And pride that you all are doubly proud to be sick but have all view port on the presidents' day. Monday February the nineteenth of course in honor of president generic the president who's not born in this state as the war. Anyway or have you. I've been thinking a lot about. A New York Post headline. About. Urging president trump. It is something about it and drew quite a departure. From the New York Post. And I don't think that that had a major impact. On. Policy. But it'll have saw. It's the president's favorite newspapers. It was quite a switch. A mature than that editorial pages and even a large circulation paper like the post necessarily. As a major. Impact on policy. Going to find out. In the event. I will go to this first called simply noting. That while personal feeling it's. This only mild personal feel. Special inside knowledge in its own personal view is now. It's a good time to make sure. Your personal. Supply of weapons is to. I plan to panic lines in the storage feels it's personal thoughts and I bought. Any special knowledge so. But I'm going to be looking. It. So because I'm not too sure that's exactly what. Is going to happen. I congresses by giving quite right the possibility. Republicans could lose how's this next election possibly. Predict. Think they both but it's certainly possible. And the linesman the ER fifty. And the mayor used. The line for the I've never liked lines. So anyway 9 minutes past 3 o'clock at 63 WORD. And the we have David in Greenville this afternoon hello David welcome to undermine. Jim are you today. Jim lives like David what's up here. Yeah and how artists say a couple of things here as far as our gun control ghost. How often during his one statistic did you never hear it how many lives are saved by somebody haven't gotten an how many stock crimes. Being against Europe property or person. How many crimes or stop by it. I had gotten. But no you you do not to hear that and in fact I even had against. On another show that I do the other night who. Who love argued that he EU. Blows in journalism and it never heard of such shows such stories that I assured that I had heard of of midi however I did not have the figures at my fingertips to it to back that up. So I was not able to give him specifics but I wish I had been able to obviously David because. In point of fact it happens all the time and the fact that that the everybody is aware of that perhaps says a lot about it the media. In that regard what are your thoughts. I have absolutely true I don't I don't convert the exact number but I mean it's it's a staggering number. And then the other thing Jim that you never hear about is that the devotion. It child safety that the NRA as they have a very excellent program called Eddie eagle. And they go out not to reach out to young children and now the main the main thing is a space he would go into our notified here. A teacher or an adult but there that said the it's a program even has. TD on that it's. You get the whole of the NRA and coach if you want or more. Corey. Yeah I've tried to remember I took part in an NRA program about the age of twelve and I must tell you very frankly that it was so long ago there was no such thing as a CD of existence back that and but it's. I do remember the program moderate members that the term Eddie eagle came up with a that'd been invented yet but it was a safety program. And a ahead my idea my father's old dude who's single shot. 22 rifled. It was just a terrible and it was all pulled the firing pin our leeward the time it was a terrible weather but. But more often buy you could get it to fire as I say use there was one shot that you would put him into. Close the chamber in and fired its it was old but I got that taught how to shoot on that thing and I got to guard corps were reportedly got taught. Be safe and a weapon is always should be considered loaded now. Never point to a Kennedy but you'd or anything you don't did shoot that. The whole nine yards that keep the weapon pointed out ranger all of the rules. That ago owners have cobbler I'll learn those. At that that particular time so. The NRA does a wonderful job in that regard you're absolutely correct David and I wish that more people were aware of that but. We live in such separate societies anymore even allow people who may be next door neighbors physically. But who in some some cases you may have people who live side by side physically. They they share a fence may be on their yard. But they watched different TV listen to different radio or read different magazines and newspapers. Go to different web sites. And one may be entirely aware of what we're talking about a the other may have never heard of any of this so I know what you're saying David. Guys and it and just one other quick thing quickly here I know is that I don't think that collapse the people on the left. Have any understanding of the they're the reason that the people are so pro gun rights. Is that under I'm. There is there are afraid of the government. I would actually concur with you. For some reason. I don't know why it is that the people on the left would not have such a fear there have been times certainly. With the people on the left in this country have but have feared the government in some cases that justifiably so if you are they say. A member of the Weather Underground at your your gold life aura setting off explosions killing innocent people. A you certainly have a fear of of government but that for for different reasons. The left and the right feared government those on the right to attend if you're government over reaching. And stepping on Wright's words those on the left to the extent that they feared government. They do so because that the government won't let them run amok and and chaired now. But but of course as to lead the basic notion of government in general let's not forget that those on the list mortality predisposition. Witches government yen government that's good little bit the government's good little bit more government that be better. A little bit more than that would be would be better yet. These are people who whose basic assumption about government as wouldn't doubt turn to the government. And so. There English you are person so far left that that you literally aren't terrorists like the Weather Underground. Which in fairness to the left is hardly the left really. Otherwise you don't really have that same fear of government government government government owed. That that that serve their viewpoint and David it's a very good point don't forget that that's their view to help you understand that alright. It's jumbled for Bobby elect 1063 WOR DB of states talks patient times 350. Already my goodness gracious sakes alive. Good to have you with us this afternoon. It's 319. On this Monday President's Day February the nineteenth. And down. Course our president remains a source of great discussion. At this time I history a source of great dissension. The people still appeals to him. Every president has his natural base of backers. And his natural base of opponents. And when there's a shift especially among a major. Figure in that that we take notice that the MSNBC so we came out and said the president drops do a good job we would take notice. Heated heated they haven't done that okay. However. The New York Post. As. Come out. With a shift on assault weapons ban after the Florida school shootings as a headline is put your headline and most of you probably seen by now. The a New York Post. This was Friday. New York Post headline. And the showed of course the anguish students to a two girls on the cover from a apart from high school and headline reads Mr. President please act we need sensible gun control help stop the slaughter. The editorial from this this Murdoch newspaper. A quite a shift here the editorial board. Respond shooting said that it's it makes it only to the ignorant just four months ago. Calling for the revival of the assault weapons ban. And it's interesting. It called. For this for months after it'd said that meets its only to the ignorant. So. I apparently after all the shootings we have had up till now. All of those shootings all of those individuals all of those circumstances although schools while those victims. And the assault weapons ban. It's it's only to the ignorant. But this one school system this one school shooting this one case of a victims in one case of a shooter. So did turn that around turn it on its head and the editorial board. Suddenly said Mr. President please act now it's it's certainly interesting in that the major reputation. Of the New York Post. Headline and editorial is. Their previous stand on the issue of the New York Post is the major opponent of the New York Post in this particular case. But having noted that I'll take a look at what their savior. Here is. What the New York Post editorial had to say in part. Reinstate the federal assault weapons ban or at least revive its key features passed in 1994 but the odd laps ten years later. At law prohibit the manufacture of semi automatic fire arms. That board certain features. Like detachable magazines that made them more dangerous. Perhaps most important it also outlawed large capacity. Magazines critics argued that the dam good little good but the fact is that the average troll for mass shootings has been growing. It surely worth trying to trim a casualty for the next killers total. Welcome back to each of these parts of this editorial it's as if we give you go to the whole thing. Remember that why image that your truly worth trying to trip me casualty from the next killers total. Who will remember. In the event of votes such a ban. On semi automatic fire arms with a certain factors such as potential magazine about a block. I remember week it would reinstate that. In the next shooter will not have access to that kind of weapon. I'm merely following the logical conclusions of the New York Post editorial. OK note to says the New York Post in the tour. That the ban. Did no real harm. And it certainly didn't lead the nation down these slippery slope limited and other weapons let alone. Repeal the Second Amendment as the NRA and other Washington lobbyists swarmed. The news from the New York Post editorial board. To just four months earlier considered this argument of the ignorant. Again this is the same editorial board which had endorsed O'Donnell probably sixteen Republican primaries. And after last October shooting Rampage in Las Vegas. Which of course was the deadliest shooting Rampage in US history. This is why. The New York Post. Had said. Just. Four months earlier. Quote wait for the facts on the Vegas attack read the headline the editorial appeared in print two days after the Las Vegas massacre. But it Kurt by Utley came two days after school through floor of that back in the Vegas attack PW singles through a single shooting. In US history. What the New York Post it said was wait for the facts on the Vegas attack. There will be time when more answers aren't known to move forward on substantive steps that might actually make a difference. Now we can mourn the dead pray for the wounded hailed the first responders and medical personnel who performed so heroically. Atlanta law enforcement. Do its job. Most. Interest. One day later the editorial board considered what substantive steps might look like and wrote some good control ideas makes cents or lead to the ignorant again. Equal we notre originally. The ideas assault rifle ban and wound up dictating cosmetic changes that buyers could easily reversed. In that to save report the tour aborted added let's start by looking to ban or limit features with the local leaders of the veggies just like that the mag he's like horrible so. That those who view of the New York Post editorial boards but changed entirely. But he common feature there opposition high capacity magazine consistent feature from October abort all vote. Of course one can. What exactly is India a high capacity. Magazine. And what exactly are highlight caliber. Bullets. And they are fifteen for example that a high caliber bullet that easy. Point 223 caliber. Five point 56 millimeters. Those who don't know that it's not like. That problem powder did as a high velocity but again you get right down into the details of this of the weapon used by the shooter in Florida. Was not even remotely high caliber bullet. So. Its interest. Particularly pleasant but exempt okay. Are we don't love your your thoughts about this at local 63 W orgy of the upstate talk station that. 1803471063. The Eagles advantage talk line 180347163. Becomes of retirement planning text like 7130771307. We'll check out the attacks aren't here aside and note that that I do plan to to look. At some additional weapons about it is splitting its South Carolina will make major changes in their. But there are federal laws. And I am not convinced. That. Congress would not. The current congress I don't think would. Positive what does congress would would not do little hard figures sometimes. But a new congress. If this country two sharply left or anti trump or what are you correlate. To what they do. A vote today at city. Is Dexter hi Jim you're right about them saving lives understand their rage and grief I'm angry. How'd they are being used to choose from Michelle. Solo. In any event I've I'm hopeful that that frankly the earlier. New York Post editorial will prevail. Over. The yeah. The latest editorial. The editorial that it's currently. A big enough. Read the written. And published. Reinstate the federal assault weapons ban at least revive its key features. The law to demand the actress Romeo and farms board certain features like detachable magazines did the line. According to the editorial. Board. And all of large capacity. What exactly capacity. Pistol in June handle. Nine or eleven rounds whatever that capacity as a twenty round magazines thirty round. What exactly is it large capacity. Magazine assume that. Expelled legislation that since being used the phrase. Of attack in its editorial boosters that could mean by large capacity. And how many assailants. You're allowed to shoot. Depending it was a good shot you. Family. World. There lives on the line. And I was. Sitting there in the dark groggy and Justin grabbed the weapon and other noises by thousands somebody's there shouldn't be in there. And I go blazing away. Intuitive three misses for mrs. MB before I have to say well. I'd come I just missed two Venetian package and shoots. Gestures. Like earlier Torre. And we can talk more about it. But again I am not. Absolutely dot. Suggesting. Alternate World Cup the thicker. I am suggesting there may very will be moved correction of that post editorial if particularly if congress changes substantially November. Granted. I think mostly the path to congress will be vetoed by president trot I believe. So. It's were still government money. Jim Cooper Bobby Mack Whittle 63 W or. 329. Yeah I'm right here writing my own legend out there. Necessary if if the world does not recognize your legendary status or I Gorham you know write my name and restroom walls assortment anyway glad to have you with us this afternoon Jim roper Barbie back. We're talking about guns at 63 W Cordelia states should I say. But I see enough rumblings out there. That I'm. I am probably to augment my own arsenal will be an idol to feel like amp a was going to anyway this this is merely. Spurred me to the recognition of the fact. That you never know what is going to it happened in the halls of congress. Anyway the Eagles advantage talk line it's 1803470631803471063. And there is William in Spartanburg. Hello William and what's undermined. Both are about three items lobby group we. Number one Kraft and Kellogg didn't hear ruined oh Donald about my need so much so great it's you know. I'm like well clinical little obvious that crap. Oh I ordered at all there. Why did you all. The I mostly get that I missed that part about about people being in jail who are these people that I missed that oh. Where what lol what I'm here to Democrat liberal Hollywood store you know do Daryl -- well Britain Iraq mop up salt while wall. Allow it could be chalked it. 000 what yo what what what are you up a Robert and also you know technically I believe your corrected if you or I were to actually say that it would save the company. Certainly of a Secret Service into elective departure from my in the mouth. I really believe and by the way that was an example for Jim didn't say that I really believe that we can say that and it would be reported at the very least. A William and I would both get logged interviews. And has similar service while ago I really and believe that. About how so I can't tell you like. About Obama ought to me and now he's written about and Witten but it is it is at all. Again. O'Donnell I'm sorry that some of these narrow well Biden who is a done. The oh it's a giver of all I don't I never got to her last name Rosa yet. Now that's another question did did she. Was she attempting bribery and and and Alicia adjustments as the joke and my guess is that she probably hearing jokes probably too cheap to do it. But I did the question is under the law. Under the law would that be attempted bribery I actually expect. Although you could make a case for William I'm guessing that probably she would have had to have made it specific offered to specific person. Okay now here we go away by a double stuff well how well local Lampard and DK and now they are if they are now they're hard to might work you have to hold certain what area will not all. And ATF wrote that letter not got a copy from about that and he it is just lapsed there has not altered the firing of the weapon. It does not covered by how well. Well how it will allowable to. I'll put it this way that you would think I could say about a bumps like is. Bet that it's are a sort it would use one to go deer hunting game at a my aim is bad enough as it is. But. I believe your absolutely right that it does not quote Alter the weapons quote unquote that's not like your free Europe your rug. Filing down and the mechanism that the interchange a semi auto to a fully automatic weapon you're right he's not the same thing. Our job but I don't believe that are existing laws covered the go ahead. You know Archie accountable well now you can write it triggered you have to actually hold a trigger rip the trigger O altered at all. Yet the all out or before cheek list as well ball out of well it is or eight of our it is no where near what I called. Ordered new. All and I have got ovaries that are she missed that will look like hell when they usually will try anger in there and do not go on roller. Quicker than Keyon terrifying. Account by and you know making. Eight in other corporate data. Publicly on the above start of the bumps like I am I'm at least I'd open on that I don't know that there's any any purpose to it other than dot. Then as you say quote a novelty. I certainly don't have any great. Love for four or support for the about stock I mean again it's something cannot be used either defend yourself. Or to go hunting. That I idea I quickly cease to be a fan of and and honestly I I think if it we're told tomorrow that the that they had voted to eliminate making illegal. Above stocks I'll be honest with the I wouldn't lose awake asleep William I would lose a wink of sleep. Well and you know adult like always get all of perky dad it's funny but didn't text back and start at the pilot named eagle what is it you grit and. Yeah allies suspect that's probably true I thank you for your call by the way but the urologist who just add this that that certainly it's not. Not any good for anything other that well I guess as a quote novelty I just I never got that much advocate but just as you say waste ammunition. Even the shooter for example at the at the of the hotel in Vegas. Who who used his English you're firing into me just a mass of humanity which of course he was others will be totally pointless. Because clearly you're rocket hit in the given thing that your quote shooting at other than just this giant blob of people. But as I say the things that you brought up you get to narrow threatening depart the president as far as I know is a violation of federal law. Just know it's chosen to take him up on a Rosie O'Donnell and her offer of bribery. She dismissed as a joke I think the chief probably borderline. But. I think that you would probably need more specific case but just a blanket offer general somebody devote a certain way. They issued after contact specific member of congress with a specific proposal. Four be considered attempted bribery. As for the buck stops as I say I've never had one I can't imagine why would ever have one. About the world's greatest shot of mr. Woodman due to improved by accuracy but as I say if Webber going to be used for self defense or hunting. I'm not particularly concerned. About of that particular. Article but again of course those mentioned in this New York Post editorial. They go into ethical high capacity magazines. Not otherwise defy and I suppose that probably talking about a twenty rounds are higher are not really sure which of course stretches back to the notion of how many misses are you allowed before. The loss as well at an average of you just shouldn't you shouldn't. Gotten better and more accurate in regard to the range more often and increased her accuracy could you. So on who you flat used up with a weapon that magazine there for guys who broke into your house and a you'll hear from the coast. And we're sorry. I buy that argument little bit to blades of the notion of high capacity I would think we beat the concept of high capacity magazine. It's very much. In the context of ordnance they put at large capacity. That is defined very much by the circumstances. Okay. And I give if you're just shooting deer weld you you don't you don't need bold action. If in fact a unit and a dangerous area and a number of people have broken into your house and it is dark and late you're groggy and you'd just woke up there's noises and seek. Strange people floating around there you know that there are bad. There's nobody got business being in your house. The idea that your survival now depends on what the government that dictates to be in the level of allowable accuracy. The does not appeal to. Does not appeal so as I say this this New York Post. Editorial of the complete it changed a total change but it largely complete change. Just four months time from the New York Post editorial. On the Las Vegas shooter to the New York Post editorial. Now after the Florida apartment school shooting. And again. Isn't that much influence there should we be concerned about this this particular editorial probably not probably not. But again. It did it's it's bothersome. Like very much. That we yeah. But a little more thought. The whole notion of just exactly how much. We plan to mess with things that no broken the original New York Post. Editorial talked about waiting on the effects beats sword out sorted out lending law enforcement do its job I mean these. That was late he reasoned. Rational approach there was nothing in the way of panic aura. Don't just. That their do something mentality. Though it was a very reasoned and rational approach. And sometimes let me let me add this sometimes. Frankly. It is best not to say. Don't just sit there and do some. Sometimes the best approach. Is don't just do something sit there. Don't just do something sit there figure out. Go to Sony precipitous. And off the wall it'll be hard to undo. Sometimes that the better approach Jumbo for Bobby back. Presidents day at 63 W or deviancy talk station 345. Well that's an idea about equal to walk on the radio show 11 minutes before 4 o'clock to 63 WORD. The upstate talk station. Jim both for body back today on presidents day where the Eagles advantage talk line is 18034710631800. Reports of 1063. The outcome of the free. Text line. 7137737. Fuels happening over and text land here. While we're going about this gun debate wrong says this extra these leftist wanna hurt semi autos. So we should be asking for a cruise missiles. I. I may be compromised of autos a couple of them beat that's the key right there. Absolutely. Everybody should should want the right to be packing it tomahawk cruise missile or mattered on your car become acute food apartment. There you go and then when they say not all you can't have that was about cable will compromise will settle for a fully auto AK 470. Well okay. You know that that's just lame enough that might work at a at some people. Who it. But I see those again are going to hear Ager blows talk about Google is the opposite gun purchases through the roof does it always does. And sometimes I think it is justifiably so. Certainly. It practices at the wheels a month ago and by some additional. Suspect. Just because I wish I'd gotten an ER fifty. Your records to do that. South Carolina area maybe about to picture. Watt it is is still up in the year. Three for peace that would Smith & Wesson. But probably semi auto pistol something like that would lead to me. In UAE. Let's see here Bubba who about the blue. Just the one thing that we on the right that is the Second Amendment the people that do not believe it's true. Pain no pun intended to destroy this commitment and the constitution. Take all the weapons away that was an Obama priority his minions still trying to install agenda will be tried to take the people's weapons. I love that that's sort of the agenda some of them now there are others that I think would fall short of the year ago to take every single. Shotgun and deer rifle for every single person. But some of them feel that way and so of course are willing to pass laws which are shall we say yeah lead define. Large. Magazine. Sold well I mean. Again they're they're playing around with words that many of them don't understand you understand of course that the majority of the people. Who who spout such things have never held. A semi auto in the hand. In their life I mean. You must understand we're talking about people for whom gun. Is an alien thing. I'm seriously an alien thing. It's it be like. Hypodermic syringe filled with heroin. To some people definitely view guns. Bad you have to understand how simple minded some of these people. It never. Understood the concept that a gun like hammer is it to hammer may help build a house or crack ESCO. And gone and it's a family or it may help you rob somebody. Guns to and Bobby Mack is on Tuesday guidance to people. In the pencils and it's so words. They don't understand it comes bad. Some of these are are not. Rocket science alrighty. Policy gently hardcore stance against any further gun ownership restrictions will ultimately play into the hands of Democrats especially if the congress. In the midterm that is a real possibility. Well I don't know I'm not sure where the votes are mostly. There are people out there who feel as though that the Democrats are pushing an agenda that is not shared problem Americans. That's true I would note the public for example that that hunting as an activity. It's an activity that is going down in this country fewer people do that. So that will in fact. Play will be stance against furthered gun ownership. Let play into the hands of the immigrants. Well. Yeah I think that that it depends where you are if you are for example. From an extremely liberal district if you're Nancy Pelosi your stand on gun control San Francisco. By had a few gun death on the list your standing by virtue bit and furthermore. You could you could run money I'd back the Second Amendment. Platform against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. And ignore that the but he knows a lot of people acre ignore it if you're very liberal district and you run on this this issue. Popular automatically say Ole Jim. Likes government's bad. They're not sophisticated but they do cast votes I. Okay Jim Jim Jim though dims want to know what a salt weapon is that it probably do exactly. That that's that's when you you have a shotgun shells with a rock salt in the soda doesn't actually hurt anybody just stinks like that demo connect. Let's seed it and the anyway few books you. There's no doubt about the fact that if if the lift were to rewrite the constitution today would be awful lot of things in there for protection of this that whatever group. But they were absolutely beat host Second Amendment that. If the left were to rewrite the constitution starting today. The Donnelly would not be Second Amendment that would probably be an amendment which sports specifically prohibits. Ownership of most weapons. Now would be worded I don't know measurement nation but you know private ownership of weapons. In the leftist. Rewrite of the constitution would probably. Be drawn. Up. To a great extent. That might be a few Michael moderately to well honey okay. Yeah it's an old Erica they're killing the little band beepers that outings OK you know it would be subject for the and cling to. And and liked. But there are others out there. People on the hard court who are pretty to post this one exception by ironic exception is that is Bernie Sanders bowl people. Bernie off the wall so far left and I'd do left of Hillary Clinton on virtually every single thing Bernie Sanders. Is up a bad on gun control seriously you may recall during the Republican of the democratic primary debates a 4016. That Hillary actually attacked. Bernie from the left and Bernie was stuck on the conservative side of the discussion because of course Bernie does represent. Vermont. The oracle theme park it's like call it and hold off a lot of the hippie that the crowd up there. But there are also in Vermont a lot of hunters Vermont let's not forget is pretty much you rural. Conclave. There are few large cities in Vermont. And Bernie just to be reelected from Vermont to house them into the senate. A Bernie has had to maintain over the years. Eight a moderate view. On and go to mature exactly what specifically his views are and of this that they are to the right of many Democrats he was certainly not take away everybody's holding rifles. He would. He would do a lot of other release stupid things but that's one thing he would not do. Otherwise you brewers Figaro where the eucalyptus company is Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain he gets presidents they offered so nicely next week we elect him president. And this is 63 W lord please talk station three to 44.