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Monday, February 19th

Gun control; FBI


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It's 406. Monday afternoon presidents day is this payoff for being able. I don't know. Article my doctor's office today. And the pacers. And a cardinal answered that my wife went to her doctor and they were open. And a particular era radio would newsletter the soda. Every day Monday through Friday except for holidays to bust a belly. Via. News sports I just did not focus on those days like yeah like arbor day that it. It's on the calendar but nobody observes that somebody did a good president they'll just curious. I'm Bob McClain did so a part off the bat. 1063 WORD's. Field states talk station Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. Shot is over and agree to ever know lotion on what's on your mind. Oh well sorry about that job. Will will get you on the review here. All right we'll we'll check out these comments that retirement planning text line 7130771307. Let's see fewer people are hunting because of the restrictive gun laws and restrictive hunting regulations. Coming laws and Connecticut. Masts. I guess there in Massachusetts. He can't make heads or tails of the law on the rigs are very punitive so nobody hunts. Don't care if. If that's if that's the reason why I'm not sure that's entirely the reason why I suspect or fewer people were taking their kids out. That's also part of leave the factory as well but if you regs are punitive. I find it interesting that there would be punitive hoping maybe in Connecticut Horry in Massachusetts. But. I would find it difficult to believe that in in states running as a major activity that the regulations would be that punitive but that perhaps. In that in any event. I would not be shocked to see something happen on the go in front granted Republicans control the house sort of but they might lose that majority. In November they control most of it barely and they might lose that. In November although I expect they'll pick up seats. And they have a president who is of course. Well the president has never been shall we say wedded to particular policy views were ideological views. So. My guess is that if there were. A serious gun control laws put forward by let's say it democratic congress that wouldn't happen after twenty team. To he would probably Vito the but the began I would also said the president would probably. Have. Blocked in media amnesty for dreamers. And that appeared to be the case again present trumps a little bit too tricky to predict in that regard so as a result I will look. Augmented. By a little bit and they are fifteen might be worth looking at. Might be put in a carrion and six team. In the in Vietnam. And and though they're not the same way but but but to close close enough. Semi auto vs autos that is the main difference that your. There are other differences on its. Never pay that much attention really don't have to before actually put money on the counter and exported a little more carefully there it's a year techsters has banks are closed today so slam of the dale focus was sure that. It's the president's stated so. Sort of holiday. Nobody is on matters. President stay stockings by care from the chimney. Like that but this sort of all right. Good to have you on the showed it by the way I'm still not satisfied. With what the FBI has had to say about the failure Ackerman tip of the via the Florida gunman you know they've they've given them their oops our bad. Tipped. Apology thing. But. I'm not sure that that's sufficient Diane Archer I would go quite as far. As. What Richard victory. Via. Extremely conservative commentators said Tuesday. That well he's he's written that they are to reduce some expert excerpts from a bid is the column is written. His title is it time who shut down the FBI lol it's a bit. Extreme. But. I'll just read some of this once known as the nation's. Premier law enforcement agency today in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Is mired in corruption. And confidence. Career resume and brazen political dirty tricks. There was a brief glimmer of light would Christopher ray was appointed to replace league corrupt predecessor Dave's column. But like has faded rays proved himself to be unequal to the task of cleaning up the corruption and terrorism. Have become endemic at the boroughs DC headquarters and his leadership does not result in higher standards of confidence. Or focus at the field where. No lone wolf terrorists and psychopaths are routinely ignored until we killed. Again these for a Richard victories word with whom I don't always. Automatic lots of agreement. But this is the most extreme measure heard that there needs to be some serious changes at the FBI would be yeah I think understatement. That may be those changes might possibly. Coastal forest to include. Some changes in the law perhaps some changes in the various ways of the FBI is officially dealt with the idea of just. Scrapping its starting from scratch strikes me at first glance is a little bit on the extreme side here. Figuring goes on to say the latest examples of ex FBI and confidence. Starting with the failing to follow up a credible citizen information. That the park in Florida school assassin had made threats to shoot up to school and kill law enforcement officials. Prompted Florida governor Rick Scott to demand the director ray resign. Or be fired. In a society rights victory where personal responsibility honor and integrity he'll traits of the class ray would have that tendered his resignation. After the preventable bloodbath in Florida but career is honor or integrity is apparently the principle guiding mr. ray. He's making a better case I think against Chris raised continued. Leadership of the FBI that he is against. Totally abolishing the the one good thing says the grievance come out of the revelations about the FBI's latest display of confidence is that many serious people are beginning to ask. Whether the FBI can be saved Richard it's even worth. Saving. While those serious individuals is Christopher Farrell director of investigations for judicial watch them conservative group for the he has a former army intelligence officer specializing in national security matters unconventional warfare and terrorism. And you over some of the FBI's recent record of failure. And done. According to pharaoh. There's a systematic institutional problem here. A you can talk about to big oil back to the sun may have Brothers Familia. They missed the leads on the Boston Marathon bombers. Multiple leads they're going back to Whitey Bulger for that matter which is also a Boston story go back to existing corruption. In the el paso Texas at fair. He would go back 200 years to the US Marshals Service that would create new division for investigation. And about six to eight months I would shut the FBI down. That pharaoh is was on the Fox News. Well the judicial watch director said that under such a plan FBI agents will be allowed to apply it. To a new US Marshals Service investigative unit. And once the new investigative branch was up and running the FBI would cease to exist so all right there would be a transition period. The essential functions of the FBI would continue. To be performed. But they would strip away the institutional. Framework. Maybe. I can't just flat out say that's a terrible idea. Maybe maybe we were at that point beer fortunately after reached that point but maybe you were there. 1803471063. Is our number the Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. The comments of retirement planning text line 71307. Gamble for Bobby back. 63 W or. We are here you were there but we've made telephone likely interface through the advantages of the Eagles advantage talk line. At 1803471063. It will take you calls here at 63 W mark eat. States talk station Jumbo for bomb Iraq already Willard is agreeable hello Willard was undermine. It is good to talk to this sort. Yes or number absolutely the do you do your mobile world so we're years ago of men who work with the FBI he was in the you have to register all. I graduate degrees in chemistry is there was traded water. And yeah. He. We're the evil that they have the what coconut vocal cast music just may have made in order to obtain. Convictions. Or about sort of putting that does happen so we years ago. He finally let the FBI and man you have a lot of greens and he's vulnerable around the country helping people who. I'll be in charge of putting another question about about the forensics in this release in June that investigate and make sure that. We'll adjust to keep being done not there's about being pushed or whether it shouldn't. If you were go even deeper than that how about about most of whom were all plays that he did so. That's the most corruption and the other big oil and they have the upper years and years. Of course we thought we'd solve a lot of that problem and a when Hoover died they'll never be another lifetime tenured FBI agent they'll never be a bit. I FBI director of Caribbean otherwise FBI director will be allowed to amass the the files and files the blackmail material on top federal officials we thought we solved that problem well we saw part of it. We did solve all our SOA thanks Willard will have to have to look at to what he has to say there let's go to dale in the liberty. At that Tony want passed for hello dale. We want to kill. Art. Are you aware. Our group thought about it demo boy and the main problem we're we're the it would. These gun so there's actually cued problems we have wanted. The fact that. Illegal. In the broadest we usually don't want kill someone who comes out some movement. And by get meg in a more laws to cover those. Covered those guns. That it's your secure and he's got a little dirt. And they're the whole thing about that a Second Amendment is not. 400 and it's against Leah jumped so. You've got all the stuff going on here you wanna use limited off. And do we really want our government of Obama. Any match. In which you look. We get the public votes and then yes we do I mean I'd I'm not happy certainly with 12 of Barack Obama's presidency that I. I certainly wasn't the article on the street and take up arms against a Barack Obama was prepared to fight him in the legislature in the courts and number about the play. But gee that's just didn't run as long as we knew that Robert will we get ID in the alleged writer at all. And our record. Sure missions. We had not wouldn't have bet against into. And the way it is government porn is very. Conceivable that they would go the same route. And take away all of our say so and then it becomes. What do we do. Well we were not at the point where we're gonna lose taxation. Who have taxation without representation in this sort of thing we would have certainly no where near that we are report where the demographics of the country may be so stacked. It's almost impossible to elect a conservative that much I would I would certainly grant you do would you talk about legalities and thank you for your co writes a note. A what was brought up in this latest New York Post editorial that I started out with. Is. This. Opposition to. Large caliber weapons. Which of course this is shooting attack him in Florida was that they are fifteen which is a beacon large caliber weapon. Looks looks large of the moaning about guns Oates old Atkins got a big magazine. But 223 caliber five point 56 millimeter weapon equally large caliber. And so let off the bat. You would dot. Have anything that would've. Changed that even assuming that our shooter prepared to glad to kill innocent students and and law enforcement officers would say but but I'm not about to violate the law so. Even those who he was prepared to Obey the gun laws that are outlawed question. As suggested by the New York Post wouldn't have prevented from doing anything that he did. So already it's a 24 past four and Steve in the agreed to vote hello Steve. And afternoon and Jim thank you for having me on Russia. I. Are you better Willis what's undermined Steve. Aren't terrible borrowings. Obviously. Words have meaning. And just some slopes but I trident twist the will mania does something in order to make it something else but it isn't law. We lose steam or their. Story. And chairman. Here well we you dropped out for a second but you we got as far as the part about words have meanings okay please continue from that. There words have meaning to some people try to distort remaining I'll listen to your earlier talked about some people drivers so later. We need to ban large capacity. Are high capacity magazine saying. What orchard definition of high capacity magazine standard to. Capacity and there are just saying it always been a RD round magnate Larry. Now you might define our capacity at underground mine as Kramer 42 in round magazine in which are. Are used. But it depends on how you define arms round going. It's just like mental illness are heard a lot of people talk about somebody who makes please. Terrible allergic attacks against innocent kids in school in another place and churches and so forth. Do they have a mental illness well how do you define mental tool. Am not a I think we need to have grow larger discussion in the country about what mental illness there's obviously somebody years. Has some sort of metal but he effect. When they believe that the answer to their problem is to go out into it and and do our outlook all of to somebody else who's innocent in the suicide. Odd. And so word a word we'd go with the middle held us there Russian. Here in this century clothes many of the mental institutions. I'm 69 years old back and remembers secured grown up world a lot of communities in different places. Had a metal still sold his were awakened around people and tried to diagnose what parishioners war. And now are saying blog where you don't want to address that issue. Do you know absolutely when you talk about words having meetings and and that certainly in regard to the issue of of the meetings of of a lot of these. He's got issues large capacity you make a very important buoyed by the way I missed confess that I cannot imagine. While 100 round magazine would be like and how much would that weapon away even even assuming it says. It's of the 223 caliber ammunition a hundred. Wrecked on a good with the applicable to buy pot at the the barrel. But it evict it when you get into the middle health issues that you really didn't do in the gray areas Fuzzy areas mental capacity mental competence. Areas that are very very. Poorly. Shall we say defined and so yeah hi guys who exactly. A lecture say Steve. Of the problem is the words have meanings but sometimes laws must deal with the meanings of words that we have available. And doubt it is easy for example you cannot say that. We don't have a big exact measure for example what. Constitutes. Let's say via the boo boo those standard in your brain how how lack as a way to argue. There's no exact amount or you could say one person is 54% the Google book. But this and he'll get by this person over here is 58%. The blue the blue the blue and therefore he automatically gets institutionalized we don't have a precise. Way of defining that. And inevitably. If you tackle the issue a mental health. Which is a legitimate issue and as you note yes we have largely fallen back in terms of metal. A support systems for a lot of people and that's raw and it's good area to. To frankly. Spend money I have no problem with that but the minute you into that realm. Just know that your entering grey areas in any time you legislate. Laws and then and enforce laws in great areas you'll inevitably to a certain amount. Of fun of injustice that is it just goes with the territory it does mean is worth doing this simply means that there are no precise ways to measure this. A magazine capacity. Large capacity. That sort of thing. It depends against them as I said earlier how accurate your lab to be when you start firing the people brought in your house. Jumbo for a Bobbie back for 381063 W 4429. Stand corrected. The new batch that. Or stimulating. It's heavy breathing a lot of talk radio. I guess -- anyway it's good to have you with us at 1063 WOR DB of states talk stations more stimulating. Ingles advantage talk like this 180347163. 1803471063. In the comments of retirement planning text line 71307. We've talked about guns and about the FBI. And there are few other things out there that you could certainly. Come up with with well here I would just take note of this is is kind of sad tale Bloomfield. New Mexico. It town. That rose. 700000. Dollars in legal fees to the American Civil Liberties Union and zero this is going. A losses than from a dispute over a ten commandments monument. Outside of the Bloomfield new Mexico City Hall court ordered to be taken down Sagan violated the US constitution. And representative government endorsement of religion. Bloomfield city manager Eric Sproles his city has until June 30 of 20/20 wanted to say just a little over three years. To pay the American civil liberties union's legal fees. Much of what we have going there Leo may use. To fund me something of that nature but they are appealing for help. In Bloomfield. New Mexico pales 700000. Dollars in legal fees rose the American civil liberties that's the ABC. News legal fees that beat city. Most today. After BCU you've got the ten commandments monument to throw off these city property. The little fun story I just thought I would pressure way today. And this would also just just again a New York judge. Has awarded six point seven million dollars to graffiti. Artists. And remember the definition of graffiti artists these are people who spray paint things. On on stuff that's not players. In New York judge that'll federal Fredricka Frederick block. Of a Brooklyn New York. Has awarded six point seven million dollars to graffiti artists. Vandals if you looked. Who sued after their work was destroyed buildings torn down to make room for luxury condos. Personable where these cloud even get the idea of where the old suit somebody who's coaching them. Both of these clowns couldn't think past the Casper and but. The judge in the case just block that we'll call it just block it. Noted that there was no remorse from the owner of the warehouse buildings. One aerosol artists is there crow here. Had sued the owner. Of the Long Island City site known as five points or graffiti was painted over in 2013 and buildings were torn down your later. Three week trial back in November differences he says so much damages that the current weighted. His permits and demolished are two months later than he did. Graffiti artist and a vandals have rights relief. They have rights on my property appeared to you have a right to broken teeth. On my property. And mature and federal judge Frederick blocked in news. We are in some parts of our society. Just deciding whether we want to stay civilized. To wish a rule of law who wish. Property rights to do there are some very basic questions that are under assault right now but I just found that interesting but I would just share those with you. For what it's worth three go to made conversation going here. And it's a check of what's happening UP yeah comments since retirement planning text line 71307. Already high capacity magazines in the weapon whose capacity exceeds that of the magazine ship with a weapon from the factory. In the drama the unit in the capacity for anyway the only exception being the Lewis to leak. That from a drop magazine in its class three weapon anyway. So I assume that the yeah the techsters certainly sounds like he knows what he's talking I would assumed. The high capacity magazine would be defined as magazines he'd given number of rounds. Not to determine bio weapon. So in other words according to the texture I don't know that the wrong. A high capacity magazine is in the magazine whose capacity exceeds that of the magazine ship with a weapon let's say the that it apropos of what the previous cholera this it. That the that there are 100 round magazines. That's what he said underground magazines available. Selma ER fifteens. Front made amazing I cannot understand exactly what that would look like. How far down that would reach and how much it would weigh that said let's assume for the sake of argument. That that's a standard magazine. I doubt that that's what they need any law Wednesday. If you had as a standard magazine let's say on weapons. It's to save for the sake of discussion. Forty rounds. I daresay that in the law that dealt with high capacity magazines. Would not say well since it comes with a forty round magazine that that's that's what they report a limited to in this particular law's boat people in. The gun control circles car would would probably supremacy in the gun. A manufactured and sold in the country blah blah blah blah blah. Would have to be maximum of whatever twenty. That's the so. Extra say it's very definitive in what he puts forward maybe it's the way things are now but the true that's not. But the people who are advocating talking about here. A drum magazine going to see those. Okay. The Darth Vader heavy breeze that you copyrighted by Lucas bills half. Eutectic. A mostly true story quips quick digression here Reid actress occasionally program. At that. Seventeen for the hour of five. Interviewed James Earl Jones and time. And I showed you how you you to talk across the TARP only water pitcher to make the Lou I am your father he thought that was the coolest thing ever because of course. Jones had only done it with all the magic toys promote George lucas' industrial light and magic. And I had him on the on the radio actually talking across the top of the water pitcher he knew he got back to Hollywood is that people. Hey look at this in the hit it it was showing everybody you do it without George Lucas but I digress. Yeah is the suit as he got here. The 100 rod magazine the drama is we will thank you for that Q do you consider. Persian. Yeah a gym that I could not correct I capacity as a relative term. Well I'd I'd disappears and I would suspect in the legislation I capacity would be not relative term at all. That would refer to finite number of that is to say that I would suspect law came abusing human element to it so blah blah. Any weapon in the country with higher than 820 round magazine. That's what I'm thinking you would see. I mean the number one he just seems discussion I I dare say that that's what you. All the other texture totally different subject which would not do wondered moment at 385 south that is not clear all the way to 85 year. OK you don't seem midi drum magazine because they generally don't were with. Like they were they crap believe they know they work like crap I guess would be the appropriate. Translation of that text of the cost way too much yeah I've never never go. Pedro. That's about a base. But I digress. Okayed. The underground or fifteen minutes institute it's true that with the other target drones. That believe your fifteen K withdrawn. Underground drama. The judges the third senator from New York said this is allowed them from Greer. Old. More than met the senator from New York. Are not able to say what flat out that you can or cannot do regarding graffiti he's more than a senator he is the god of New York. Judge Frederick block. Already it's a 445 Jumbo for Bobby Mack at 1063 WORD via street stocks station. I guess they're talking about me. Anyway it's a 1063 WORD the of states talk station Jim bow for Bobby Knight today presidents' day he's back tomorrow. The Eagles advantage talk line is 180347106310347. When they lose 63 EU. And your comments that retirement planning text like that went 377307. We've gotten off on this notion. Of a magazine capacity here. Some of the techsters the say here okay. Young. Jim would you please get in touch with Hannity show and have him go to the gun range that they are fifteen. Andy semi auto car being chamber of the same. You know military death machine and other influential people there is no different senators in that comparison made. Well. That we published it with people on this particular radio station but in any event that comparison. Would be of interest and there's certainly there are legitimate. Weapons having weapons in the light. And quote assault rifles and an ability of the sanctity you're talking about people in their life. All own a fire arm your talk yeah people who probably never ever fired. A fire arm. It's. You and I can talk about this all day. The united are trying to take them off the market. The people who are. Our people who. About this ago. Bossi Mora more history here. Currently take votes three credit hours here historically drama and it's boasts a machine guns and assault rivals were so well that the best way to use those to crush the at the earliest moment and recycled them. Up okay. That's that never. Ever. Used it reminds me. The way to get the best sound. Out of bag pipes Canadiens have been sound out of bag pipes. That's seldom make quickly at the bottom of the dumpster. Pitch okay. All right here. Here we go to extra says that I am on the right idea here I California's definition of high capacities evening about ten rounds. Really it doesn't surprise me. It wouldn't surprise I thought that was big generous policy quality. Ten rounds exactly California's definition of I capacities in the above ten rounds that that strikes me is about what California. Which today. Exactly so you better be pretty accurate for several intruders break into your house. He better make sure you know this whole lot. Or you can Fisher family. The plans for any our fifteenth and AK 47 currently available. On the to the public there'd ever going way over certainly true. Annals ways you can change in the auto to full of those. It's a hell do you they would take me to drop it into each magazine and partly full one. Well which you've got to drop the empty. Put in the new wood in the chamber a round. Monologue time if you're at a target in huge. If somebody is running that you. An eternity would be good if the answer at a yeah you know if you mutate to magazines together like we used to do in Vietnam. Flip them over. And we him. So effective we've made forty read magazine it was double ended. It. But that surprised me California's definition I can do about ten rounds that that that sounds about like what they would do. But this is the kind of thing that your going to BC. I'm Fareed. Just not sure. It sure what what is necessarily going to happen but I know it. The congress can be fickle not only because congress itself is difficult because the public is fickle. Congress could suddenly get a severe case of blow the rate drop when you need every Republican we're gonna vote for Democrats. That's happened before. After the 06 at the dialogue with them for twelve years ago there was a huge blow. If you vote for Democrats in the last two years of the Bush Administration. Huge. Vote for Democrats. HW and H George W. Labored under democratic majorities. In the final. Two years of his presidency. That could happen. Does simply worried again. There are some presidents. I would say is no way that a severe gun control laws getting past that particular president. I would say that's probably. True with president drug but I think that he's a man about you could say absolutely positively. Much of anything right. I'll be happier and I actually one of owning. You rule you want to be yeah. Implode in them here. But see you hey Jim says which. Let the crazies for reconnaissance gun controls and government when has government been common has come and cents. Well done office. Let's see you want gun control Golub of Venezuela or Cuba an excellent control is certainly have a lot of it yes they do. They got bundles them right there that's very true. Leo so few other problems though is very. Spotty at government. It Raul Castro supposed to step down. There's the leader of Cuba in February this month leads them off April. Leaders whether it's the truth at the like you hear the oldest does that rattle and I'm sure. Lots to talk about today and a weakened exams are the various things that are out there. Here's that instinct takes treat yourself to capture rounds of swat mag from the last round magazine is chamber nobody does. Charge there is good news to round fire. That the catcher round. In chamber. You know honestly. In your typical fire fight scenario. Europe a little distracted. If you're really bullies anyway analogue people maybe hold break him maybe not so but. If you're that disciplined I commend you IE would not be that of Iran. You replied that the Saturday night I didn't have to but it. I would be a lot like dirty air. Analysts say but you this is 44 Magnum. And so do feel lucky. Well do via. Oh Jimoh for Bobby. The time it's three before.