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Gun control; FBI


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I suspect I would. Give them mr. Bobby backer hundreds money on the insensitivity partly at least according to one caller. On Friday. The extremely instances. But that's another story here now. We are talking away at 1063 WORD the upstate stock station with the Eagles advantage talk line 10347. 1063. Gupta will Greenville hello Willie Green. Page you're on those particular Caldwell at home. This is this going organizations. It's always been political posturing and never been anything book our home this is thinking what. What goes. You know politician put that on showing similar politician pushing grainy over the course. It's away from the mobile Rosner emotional place. To you know to speak to the same power I mean the the real problem in our guns missing the mean we didn't have this problem you know. They were caught decade ago. Bomb. The problem is this country doesn't value life. Like we used to you know we. We allow one company to abort almost 400000. They reached every single year. I mean that's that's the problem is that we don't value life and home. The one thing I can tell you want this on the Brooklyn grabbed aren't just because they noticed and they do that they're gonna have to do. Potentially kill millions of Americans there's been a lot of Americans that will not do well they're guns without a fight and they notice. So they're gonna have to this was trying to build it into the millions of Americans to debt. And most precious might not be want this it'll never happen and if it does. The problem though that older that we were not in the in the case of where we have got Nancy Pelosi had Chuck Schumer out there that dwellers see how many million Americans we have to kill the gravel guns. That's not how they look at it at that they're I don't know eight an elected official in the country. Who seriously advocates. Actually breaking into our homes and taking our guts they would like put severe restrictions on. What we can lie about that though because you're a lot of people absolutely if they sort of break it down my doors I'd shoot back to. You know out in the open that's and another gutsy come extremism and another not. Trying to right now but I mean I'm just gonna play an extreme so out of everybody's boxes will never take my guns will look they've been never will. There will try to regulate what you can have split. A home. It is just that I don't really think dust up almost cultures and we don't. We don't value life the way we didn't know what we used to just we just don't nuts and they didn't just one. Company you know Planned Parenthood goes. And that's one of the biggest things you didn't want Jews tell how this country does not value life where he used to. It all right will thoughts will take it will spoken sir we thank you for sharing that with this it's a 2 minutes past 6 o'clock on the body back figure with the Jim Bohannon a dog. Is in North Carolina. Hello Dodd. Mr. Broder. Found that felt that brick it was dark about the full law urged. Tom and respect they aren't before I start my talk about our full water at that time again shown Derek you know Florida it but still. Just impact your decorations everything. Gosh you cannot buy a full auto. After that date that Britain unfortunately sign that Republicans Jenks Turkey and appeared to. After that date in 1986. Full auto M sixteen. 6000 dollar purse. You're down there well usually dish thirteen to 181000 dollars that come. In the libertarian camp. KM. Can't. You have a little ball is rectangular shape. Fortify the US marshals and Secret Service you to carry working on her daughter's a fellow ahead fold. Table full of them. Own that bring about a full auto bombing yet strong to do that injured watched the collector. Don't. They're starting to figure dollar on and you don't have an army and don't well trained military command. Who can control their firearm but the vast majority of citizens to not controller farmed you're gonna hit. I do what the first. Are selected around an effort that the barrel crime is. After that everything you're shooting at the sky. Not that good. And up got it's. But Donna Dent which have probably gotten its. Volunteer armed helped a commando fit 45 from. And patent can say. And yet okay it's a brand new aorta which I never chambers around. All mob buddies certain look don't you have control of merit yet guess he's got that prison for ten years. And yet or. You don't have control that firearm in much. About the multiple match anymore to control that far. Enough and. That elite that well thank Lloyds boys will go to our commanders then watchers say and I think that do you make a fine point that the and in fact. We've we've gone way overboard on the sort of thing I would agree. Jeff and Anderson. Hello Jeff than to welcome the Bobby Mack show it's at twelve six. Yeah I'm Cologne because. Young daughter. I mean I'm an honest governor and actually get cute here in inaudible rumored Google on all that it's. Every turn it as happened. The first thing comes out is gun control and control. We don't need more go to control. For the legal people are all right including anonymously you can them. What we need to be talking about it is definitely. We don't talk about punishing people learn more. You know let her. And tube you know more it also this children's. These little. We do know you probably don't need to parent character you're. The proof that he did we don't yet. That's what. We should be you know should be your new electric chair next week. And and. A meal you've got to have a trial chip I mean let's let's think about that really seriously yes. You need a trial okay we're not going back to vigilantes here. You need a majority. Majority rolls supported free people sitting in dealer. Majority want it but you know that's that's why we haven't juror and that's why we had all juries. And I'm not I'm not about who to go along with the notion of doing away with jury trials in this country. I'm for the that the absolute. Anyway okay that that that's a that's Jeff slot that. I'm sure that the jet people about that would. Would realize we can't just a simply say yeah okay we've got this guy. And it trust us he shut the place up and those to a quick poll on line here okay 73% of you say we killing bouquet UB and its sundown. No. That's a little bit two quick and it too efficient but I have had legal problem. With the definitely be applied in many cases and certainly this as a jerk in Florida should be open and shut death penalty. And again that need to be limits on the interminable appeals. That would become stupid lawyer game Kellogg and I keep a guy on death row keeping a guy on death row ought to be considered cruel and unusual punishment usually get. A fixed number of appeals 34 whatever and that's at no more games okay its prime time. We ought. But again with due process. Jim Bohannon for Bob acclaim little 63 WORD. Of states talk stations X fifty it is time. Thanks very much appreciate you being Weathers this afternoon and the above will be back this the coming days to do his usual thing. We are at 1063 WOR GB of states talk station and the Eagles advantage talk line is 1803471063. Of the David. Has dialed that from a cellphone good afternoon David it's 21 past six months undermine. Mr. Jim Bohannon. My pleasure to be a first time caller on any of your programs. So just basically. You know a satellite up what were your other callers had and that was to do you know that was the discussion about the gun situation. I think it is a gun problem. You know in the respect that I don't think there are not and I'll be glad to elaborate on pat. I believe that you know first of all you got paying generous number of former. Military people who go to teach school after they retire from the military. Significant numbers here. Also I just wanted to say that with regard to this situation. The air you know to attack well people would like begat. All the site. Work you know that you serve a handgun or whatever that's in the protection role. I think that that's the best yet answered that's a multifaceted. Problem that probably involve. You know video games desensitize thing people and a lot of other things mental illness that smoky that civic but I think more fire arms on the right hand. You've done it yet which I think is the best you know useful weapon. You know I think that's the way to deal. I shared her thoughts David appreciate you providing this that that it I think it's absolutely the way to go there or an awful lot of people out there. Who are in fact imminently qualified to step forward provided there schools allowed. And the state law allows we should make you look what people again we have out. Caller the other day it was a with a teacher that says you know why would what do do this and possible know what's gonna draft due it would be a volunteer situation. Absolutely they would have to be comparable weather and train. You know by a capable. Courses on the capable personnel getting capable course and things of that nature. But I like thirteen tracks for just the moment that your thoughts on what's going out of Washington DC. That they had that the FBI and rejects the support and and why is Jeff Sessions doing anything about that there's a whole load of debt that. That would give them you know plenty of room to go bring indictments would get some of these people. You're talking about the upper levels of the FBI at the eyes of which are talking about. That is exactly what I'm talking about. Other there would be bases I would think they're for in some cases criminal indictments over extra to be mini bases were dismissals. And after all the FBI director does report to the attorney general. So I'm not sure I would have to say that. That two outward appearances and I'm only an observer like Cuba to outward appearances. A Jeff Sessions has not been exactly pro active. And that army general and I suppose I did that may be expected a lot more of him. I had expected a lot more 2 PM I just you know I don't see action on him hearing. People like judge you need not Bachmann people who you know very familiar with the law on the legal process. They're wondering where he had that kind of like he's out some about Willie. I don't have an answer for that I wish I did David the dead that is exactly how it appears that times and again. Theoretically of course he entered answers to the president who should be. Keeping tabs on such things like what presidents don't do a double and say gee why did Jeff act on this what did you fact of that. Well presidents talk to attorneys general and those hours to be talking to this one. Again I don't have an answer for that it is not obvious to me at all why. Why are why would you do it. Well there are two nobody there to Padilla answered questions unanswered questions by the president of it for questions by Jeff Sessions. Unanswered questions by Chris Ray and the FBI. Yeah so I don't have vote. Again I'd like some answers. Outwards the congressional oversight words the Judiciary Committee and demanding a some answers here. I just don't know communities we a lot of people are are not following their duties. Well. And there are a lot to retirement coming right out of Washington DC this section. And it's like well you know it's it's what everybody wants to get away from hot potato. There are a number of retirements that are taking place as the quizzed about that and I don't know if that's a a hot betrayed economy that's that's why you're there. You're supposed to juggle all that data you're supposed to make out or like the role of our. Our congress is to make choices for assisting the problem is that the American public has gotten very used to having to choose. The idea for example of having to choose its we can afford a or B. OC we decade. Over to pick B you know we've learned hey let's have a beat and we'll charge our kids and grandkids four. We've got to be taught that. Oh. So I would get away with your lawyer David and I thank you very much for your call appreciate your thoughts the short answer is that I do not have an answer to why. The FBI has not been held more accountable but it starts with Jeff Sessions absent Jeff Sessions and that seems to be one word absent Jeff Sessions. That the president should be a college sessions on the carpet that well what are you doing Jeff. And I don't see that absent either one of them where is the congressional oversight the senate or the house judiciary committee's. Where a day. Is everybody just out to lunch I'd I don't know. I would that note Ali a different subject to your Chuck Norris. Mr. Hot Evian mister coo mr. mister black belt. Have they thought about the school shootings he says. We should do what is wielded the holy land mandated armed guards at the entrances to all schools in 1985. Those guards are backed by local law enforcement special police forces. Leave school defenses are primarily intended to thwart terrorists they also deter any would be criminals who would cause harm to children. Israeli schools that suffered. In forty years. Two shootings. At in the schools one in 1974. 22 children three adults should and other 088. Young people. Now as a Chuck Norris goes under and it truly is realist who were guns per capita in the US missile to a tiny country with a virtually no opportunity for putting. Or other recreational use of firearms and ego and advocates like to point out that there about 500000 weapons that are privately held it is open that's in the country. The only about 150 the size of California. 125 the size of Texas roughly. It would you think Israel in terms of area and population that New Jersey okay. So that's Chuck Norris is idea. To. Essentially yeah. Armed guards at the entrance of the scuba 28 years ago in 1990. There's the gun free school zone act of 1990 was introduced in the senate by Joseph Biden nudity and authorized individual. Knowingly possessing loader unsecured fire arm. At a place that the individual knows is reasonable cause to believe these schools alone well. That god that's largely where we are today. All right to a moral of this and that other news of the day I'd Jim Bohannon for Bob McClain on President's Day and the time of six organized. Oh thank you you're welcome and he. You like me you really like Sally fields the Oscars. Already it's 4547 o'clock we've had just about got that Russia are under control here. Bobby met himself returns tomorrow. And well as could have bumped back in the saddle again. Knives course Dave Ramsey at 7 o'clock as per usual here at six. Three WORD. Some of the year. Comments that retirement planning text line and thoughts here it's 7130771307. Page in my part is central gun control at least twice a month. OK. The I'm glad that you do. I'd sort of subscribe to the dirty Harry Callahan thoughts and believing in control of the got around I'm controller. So. One injured during the the the year that controlling and that's the key factors. Jumbo have you noticed how many people repeatedly used the phrase you know it drives me crazy you know. Words by the way the car sometimes redundant. Would be yeah. Like. Like yours at the sentence or or starting your recent with solo soul quite some of the people start sentences with the word life. Like they should sort of solo. Like so. 018034710631803471. Hole 63. On. The body Mac shows that and where does this all go. There will be efforts. Put forward. On Capitol Hill to try and do something. It won't work of course but it will be campaign issue guarantee you that. Most members of congress in some way. Be held accountable. How they stand on gun control. Many of them will not. Be. Held back by that. Certainly states like South Carolina. Alabama. Georgia but have you. Those who vote against gun control. Maybe held accountable by their opponents but the public will say good he'd vote just the way I wanted to conversely. The people from states like California. Massachusetts. And so. Who voted in favor of good controlled both candidates we held accountable also but the public again will say good. All for getting rid of all the guns. So just the fact that there will be gun control legislation brought up and the fact that people challenging incumbents. Will make note of how they voted and bring it up this year as the primaries and in the general election in November does not in and of itself. Mean that the public determines people let's let's face it. In general the public pretty well likes Heatley got congress not always been pretty well. And in general. That's because. Those members of congress vote the way their constituents want them to book. At your feet so it date if in fact you vote that way. And you're consistent. And unless there's a major shift in your electorate which of course doesn't. Or. Major shifted her position. Which could theoretically happen but not very often then you're probably not going to be yeah removed from office for how you vote. Just keep in mind that you are going to have to. Judge people. It part of how they vote on gun control that's gonna come up that'll be an issue. A guarantee you in many many races that come up this ball in all of house races for 35 house seats. In the 13 of the the senate races in Europe. And in the many governorships. That are up. At the state level that does this is going to be an issue. And people will be held accountable for but the problem is that we haven't changed remaining mines and so. And the very few people are going to bite the dust in this election year because of how they vote on guns very few people. Because. People don't have to change their views. That much. And so if you got elected. By opposing gun control and you keep opposing it you're probably keep getting reelected conversely if you got elected. By being in favor of gun control and use state in favor of gun control you can get reelected so expect a lot of that this year lot. Of the gun control issue. Not that many incumbents been turned off because it. It's it's. Oh it is sort of the upper upper levels. Of our discussion of tax reform going to be a major issue. To a lesser extent in recent years but still up there. Would be the issue of obamacare. A few other issues like that but go to draws them to become a factor expecting here born more about it. But it's the Jim blaming the gum for the part. Portland shooting is like blaming bowling for 9/11 true true absolutely. The weapon of choice in that particular case. Was. With an airliner so the B a five day waiting period before you get an airliner I'm just offering that. That's I don't I don't fully understand this text little pencil law and limp league game. Wanted to impeach trumpet sessions would charge him with obstruction of justice of the buyers anybody in the justice team our anybody in the FBI. Care to that means I assume that the kingdom as a reference to Seagram. And I guess I missed today he has. He declared that the truck should be impeached so forgive me for. Having that that particular Stoller righted the figurative CO all right. I'll. I'm hopeful that we come across some kind of solution to the FBI really this was once one of the finest organizations. In the country. It. It had two periods of excellence one of course was in the twenties. Wouldn't it had begun to take on organized crime in this country and very effectively. Helped to eradicate organized crime. Even though the director of the FBI director. For years would deny the existence organized crime some would say it's because there was so photographic evidence of him. Dressed in drag but in India that he did not. Admit the existence of organized crime. As Hoover became more and more entrenched and use the FBI more and more for its personal agenda as Hoover became more and more. How willing to have at least for the threat of blackmail to public officials. He became. A corrupting influence. That he was not removed earlier is is unfortunate what he was removed the FBI began to return to its previous position province. But then it became more and more politicized. And it's not easy to avoid. A bureaucracy being politicized but it it can be done with vigilance and with the appropriate laws and the enforcement of the laws willingness to confront people. And to remove them for this kind of the violation of the public trust. So. You can fix the problems of the FBI it would help again. If I saw the attorney general pushing hard for this kind of effort maybe he's doing something behind the scenes them that your wife has to be. Behind the scenes it's ultimately the kind of thing at the beginning. Major brownie points for by doing it publicly but maybe he's doing something we don't know about. Well sooner or later we need to know. If he's not doing anything that lies the president not holding attorney general Jeff Sessions accountable. And turned the president is awfully Jeff Sessions accountable wire about the oversight committees of congress of this case the Judiciary Committee is holding. The president and the attorney general accountable. I don't know I don't have an answer. But he it bothers me and I like very much to see this change. In terms of of the situation in the in the schools we need protection we need to treat our schools as we treat in the other. Important public buildings in good as those it's an important public building. Are kids. We need protection. And that includes weapons. And again I'd I am unhappy that we have delivered it in a country like I really am but I'm not gonna pretend that we don't we do. It a lot of dangerous people out there and we have to do what is necessary. And I don't know why we have such a problem dealing with this. That's another thing we need to spend money. And of course that's a problem too is that we don't spend money of the things we need to spend on but we do spend it on all kinds of trash so. I'm hoping that we come up with the money to build. Stronger. Protective infrastructure for schools whatever tactics metal detectors. Guards volunteer or or paid security guards what have you. Whatever it takes we simply cannot allow schools to become a shootings can't be allowed out. Not right. So. Will we do that I hope so abandon these elected officials coming back to you. For your vote this year in primaries and the general election so vote. Education and development of the gun issue are important on your agenda aka. Jim Bohannon for a Bob McLean here and we're close to wrapping things up at 163 W party via states talks timeouts at 45. Glad you joined us this afternoon that a good to have you today. As it is presidents' day a day to it to think about that all of our presidents. And said the earlier but this is a book Judy JD and Kate Dobson. Britain's hottest heads of state volume one the American president's. There's some amazing information. In this for example. What president was the first president. To Wear pants. Those dealing Petaluma the pants. John Quincy Adams. Who were ads except. When president John Quincy Adams swimming. In the Potomac River. Let's say there's some funny stuff in this book that states. It's it's an exclusive club sort of the club of presidents. And we've had some. A. Odd individuals. Who who held that post anyway. I like you to think back on members of presidents in history wonder how how we might have done a better in some cases. Which appears to have been part. OK. Let's see here. Jim a trump pick Jeff Sessions of AG because he was set early supporter and not for his law enforcement job she's completely feckless troubled son mostly through. Preached Behar under the bus he has agreed track record as a vigorous nonpartisan prosecutor but trump. Is too paranoid to trust him. Okay. Lol that is how sessions was really became attorney general truth. He was the first member of congress. To endorse a candidate trump. You knew out of the bad the Jeff Sessions gonna get something attorney general's but it turned out to be. Odd note that the president is too paranoid to trust this particular individual. Other texture here at our comments at the retirement planning text line 71307. To disarm America all that the powers that be need to do is engineer a crisis so severe. But it induces widespread massive famine and Ed bred for guns. Well that would be quite a crisis would nurture where you cope with the crisis quite that severe. But. The text that goes on Abiola you ought to feature emaciated child at the mid week humans Cuba appeared gun's pocket and the father of drugs star. As well we need protective right now about when you're watching your child awaits the way. So now. If I say how you look engineer a crisis so severe beat her. Attitude. Induces widespread massive famine. I don't know how you do that how do you engineer crisis so severe abuses widespread Mets that. Look for way to do it I just don't value about doing whatever we have in the country. Massive famine is about the least of our problems. So as far more with two bullet through the two little but anyway okay. Another text are the ones who want to take the guns away because of school shooting for the safe ones. Who don't want to impose a 98 travel ban went terrorists attack civilians. There are mostly most likely the same ones smoking pot even though it's against the law log gives them welcome apparently tied in in Belcher. Yes that's part of the problem. We have it infect people becoming so predictable in all of this. You're you're quite correct. But those predictable people. There is in the view of many people in this country. The notion that deep down inside. We're all. Reasonable. That is the view that that you don't hear people say it's only words but there seems to be that view. Deep down inside. Where all. Reasonable it's not that anybody. Is owed them good. No there's some reason why they did what they did some logical. Rational. Reason. Why they did. What they do it or it's society's fault. We see an awful lot of blame society when in doubt. And I'm sorry. That would be nice to live in that world. I can agree with many of the things that that the liberals only wish were true it it's just that they're not. And I'm not prepared to to make stuff up to pretend. That's the way the world it is. All right. Of other techsters here a continuation I guess of the previous text. Blows or take we have guns because the school shootings are disabled that'll to oppose the mighty date travel ban. With terrorist attack civilians they are most likely. The same one smoking pot even though it's against the law logic and welcome apparently. Well and here if I have begun my child never star. That's true. If I have begun my child will never star. That's true. As I say if it came to that. How you would get in this country coming to that. Short of an electromagnetic pulse to recommend Shura. In this country of abundance and so are you overabundance who never reached that point but that's true if it came to that. Though my family would not serve today. Oh fortunately it does not appear to be a choice most of it's will have to place. But again back to my original point this afternoon. I am not at all sure that the existing. Protections. For gun ownership will stay in place. When I had the great desire. To violate the law. I am there for planning to augment my personal arsenal while that is still. Legal. It it's a matter of of self survival. I'm not in an area where I'd particularly. Endangered. And I don't hang around places that are particularly dangerous. Allied. Have protections. For myself. And had to get more. And I urge our schools to be made. More secure that's not that impossible to do folks can be done. It can be done. I don't know why we we lacked the will to do that. But there are answers out there and it's high time we adopted. Schools have got to become growth of the impregnable. I spent many years in the nation's capital I remember. Back in the day yeah. Wind you could wander up to. Anyplace on Capitol Hill oh yeah that was easy to wonder and into the halls of congress today boy you go with New Jersey barriers and metal detectors and all kinds of stuff. But I can recall what it was that way you could wander up to I think that the White House laud you wonder right up to the front door of the White House I believe. Let up until about the time. Of a World War I which has only been a century ago. So. You adapt. To the changing times. In my sorry those that have changed yes. And are prepared to pretend that they haven't no I'm not. I'm not prepared to live in a dream world but prepared to ask legislators and our executives and judges deliberately cream world know things have changed. I'm happy about the change no allied that to the change yes. Because why well because. I'm all about it could be the best reason. Because grownups adapt to change we like old change sometimes but if that happens and we adapt to it. You would play the hand you're dealt. And we've been built and which a lot of bad people. Have a lot of options. In terms of hurting people especially are most vulnerable animals precious children. So protective. And you'd you'd do what is necessary to make our schools protected. Is an unfortunate the schools have to look like an armed camp. Yeah it's unfortunate. And so what's your point. And so what your point yes it's unfortunate. It's on it's more of fortune if you ignore reality okay. We needs saint security at there schools that's one more techsters here at the apartment the comforts of retirement text 737. A knowledgeable for Bobby MacKey returns tomorrow at 163 WOR DB upstate talk station Jim Bohannon year. Always fun sitting here I'm not sure when that will Macvicar but you never know will be takes a day off or get sick and a cut. Here I am. Okay folks have a wonderful rest of your President's Day the times three before seven.