Bob McLain Show 3-15 hr 3 Lee Bright

Bob McLain
Saturday, May 19th
Former Sen Lee Bright candidate for Dist 4 seat

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We have been teasing you waited for about 24 hours and the moment has arrived for our. Special announcement. Which is not going to be made by yours truly. But instead is going to be made by former South Carolina State senator we bright who joined. Minister. Thanks Bob Mac for having me on the show on come in today to announce my candidacy for the fourth congressional district in South Carolina. Looking forward to on going up to Washington and doing when I didn't Colombian it's by the establishment when I was. Was in Colombia for eight years. Gave me such a fear that the home team like the whole world came down only about. I'm planning on doing then Washington and I'm looking forward to the job opportunity and to go open and has some Imus responds some might Lugo opened in getting fired from Washington. Well we appreciate you're choosing this program make your announcement when he are you now officially. Registered and now officially a candidate and all that. Well what we're we're officially announcing for the race and I received dollars forms that you have to file in bright new star fundraising with which we're doing now again website up Ali bright for congress dot com which folks can get to volunteer and donate whatever they will lose help. But now we will we will have movement to get up to Washington and continue to fight because I think that. You got happy was finally backbone you look at the freedom conquers what they've been able to accomplish with such small numbers yep that is when them Lehman Innophos. The citizens from the fourth congressional district will consider give me the honor to represent him up in Washington plan doing that caucus. The the bar was set down fairly high when he tray down a I think got carved out a pretty good. I'd nationwide reputation for himself as somebody daring. That final years of on the Obama administration tried to keep those guys straight. He has not given an official explanation. Fourth why he has decided to to not seek re election have you had any conversation with Trey about that. He's basically share with glee when he's when he shared with the public to end and he's just feels like it's time for another stage in his life enhancement in public service for a long time and I can understand that. You know I'm just looking forward to Juan picking up five and one Washington and trying to always people accountable because we got a real problem. I'm happier president's company and try to drain the swamp and find the establishment of an hour ago period and into the sun. Daring the the the last a couple of Beers you have sense losing your reelection bid and cannot comment and on it. On numerous occasions here that that essentially and in my estimation. Some of the a big spenders. Who are. Not in favor of a things like a border wall. More restrictions on immigration and that would be chamber of commerce and others and some big distances essentially. Money bond deal in that campaign. What have you been dealing in and what has now prompted you do it to reenter politics. Well I've been in private business trying to make a live in the I had had a tough time you know as they ruined it did back in 2008 new bat and still still recovering from man and and impressive moment but this opportunity became available and some things lined up like I hope they would and gives us opportunities. I'm I'm looking for it to to get back in the fight again I had a lot of people call me and tell we've been done I wish they'd done more. And at the young ladies didn't think the thing we could lose like we did but you know the Democrats turn out. Heavily on the it was a lady that got the vote totals from my opponent a one of the precincts than Obama sticker or call our. And let's. I prove I could turn out in a primary you know we've got an advantage. This time because you have a gubernatorial primary on the other side but the Democrats correct. They'll be more forced to vote mayoral primary so I think Republicans against it this time we're unity they came across I rescinded before yeah. And another factor that's gonna have to work its way into this equation here is is that there will be at a couple of other. Democrats you also are going to be seeking trade got a C does well yeah yeah I am. You know I think the Democrats are gonna gonna come come hollering is second in the one Pennsylvania which I think it's a different world in pencil monument which complement agreeable where we're mrs. You know it if you lose here I think the country's lost completely I mean this is the bastion of conservatism and and we need a strong conservative we can elect a strong conservative this comeback moments pond a five establishment right here in Greenville Spartanburg. Where there's a lot of issues acute since someone like that Washington. Yup that sure enough I know that. A lot the way things have transpired. You're Euro loss and they state senate runner a couple of years ago has now resulted in and every. Person who drives a motor vehicle and put gas in it here and in South Carolina having to pay for more doubt on pay more for it I should say because. You and John Davison and others. Which filibustering. I'm down in Columbia against the gas tax. Were able to defeated in two consecutive legislative sessions. And the third time around when you were not there to help out the guys that were battling against aghast actually got it through. Yeah I think we can this top to bottom and and I think that's why the chamber to such an interest in the rice because I felt like that I was in the way if you'll. Feel that is submitted to the amount of land they put into into this rice would I don't think chambers ever again that involved in the race before. It was all about rescue blindly forever pot hole I knew the plan that they act ran the most was. They're not but watch out a hundred people battles have come how ways and not just on Hank good conscience you know in the league as a legislator. Do you vote for a tax increase when you're on a million dollar surplus rice is unconscionable and and we followed and I think I think we can stop it but they've they've put a target on me and I tell legislators tell me that they pointed to me is you know you can be next writing. You know we've got. The establishment and Vizquel like the empire struck him by this time it was gonna come back at and is and we're always gonna have to beat him back. So they are gonna win some but I do think this congressional seat we can send some I was in my bones Isp to Washington to find the establishment. I never back down in Columbia I don't know by now in Washington. The out the race itself. While surprising news that that but I think everybody was somewhat surprised to hear that country Gotti had. Had enough in Washington for whatever reason and I certainly understand that he's got young children. Flying back and forth to Washington it it and having to Wear Hazmat suit to work every day all of those things eventually take at all so I understand his wanting to leave. But the vacancy in that fourth district congressional seat. Now has has brought a tsunami of candidates into the field including of course your announcement today. Beat are you surprised to see this many people entering this race well. It is an open seat and then that Italy's congressional seats Lotta times those don't come often. Gonna come up and offer which I'm supporting the the term limits bill and agreed to silo and how the term limits bill. Which will be great for congress in self imposed term limits my Mueller was cousin. If they remind the freedom caucus on a self imposed term limit the knowledge again as a Leo yes sadly so men and I have sun on the man Medea I think that down. There's a lot of interest of better but I do believe that conservatives you know I'm I've got the proven record. In Austin on our record and I think that the you always from the cast of good cheer you up a lot of times in the back your mind you have to think what is this guy really and didn't. And if you vote for Lee Bryant you know what I'm gonna do animals animal fight for our gun rights. Qualify for the am born and I'm gonna fight for our textile which. What do you see as the the biggest challenge and in Washington right now isn't a lack of support for president trump and his agenda or. How do you say well he's he's fighting to establish Romo signs here it's you know that the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment have a lot more common with each other than do with the Republican base now. And you know are basically reputation and is growing them in different caucuses really making some differences I mean. It's one of those things where you know that as their numbers grow the impact on the growth and that's what our news via solid vote for conservatives and it when it comes you know you see what's happened with this issue in Florida in every time there's a tragedy. That the left has got a a just the ability to weapon as a motion right every time there's an emotionally instant they go and they Graham for something that and I believe the end. And then we feel like we've got offered over and came in and we can't do it right we can't we can't try and why the bill rides because of the tragedy and we just can't do. I'm a campaign events it coming up thank you Arnie and I have a schedule of where he'll be yen and meeting and greeting and Andrew and all that well what we're gonna do now when we get a who have web silently bride for congress dot com. People go to web site we're gonna we're knew a lot of neighborhood meetings and and do whatever you know what we're bigger take this campaign the people and in opposite fundraisers going to be crucial sure 'cause the the staff was when does not all me. In Washington in warming Colombian inaugural mean Washington and you can see the same level of opposition from the same table from the four well I asked athlete you don't look the state level people who like this type table they're more focused on almost lady she's sorry I don't think you'll see them to leased him in the US China where obviously you know and they're available from below the soundness but. On the national level. I think conservatives are little more than so we know we've gas opportunities for some fun rice and get their message out you know seek any endorsements from I'm from people. That could be beneficial campaign where we're gonna go out there and try to get Allen open to limited to its. What we wanted to develop momentum from the very start and you know obviously with this weekend as they usually run off right. So so we're gonna try to get me the most important endorsement from the from the voters of fourth congressional district. That's a little four I think that's certainly true and how well we bright welcome to the race. And that and again thank you for selecting. My program as a venue to announce your candidacy. Who ran people speculating. Now for the last 24 hours when I announce it to be a special announcement of five or six today. And and they ran the gamut but a number of people. Actually hit the nail on the head and said that they suspected that you're going to announce that you are running for Tracy in the fourth congressional district. Even even what little rust castle you know which I missed tremendously may tip you guy. To announce my candidacy because your blisters are informed. They're engaged and then and that's I want to make sure we reach them. Appreciate it very much Lee bright and now official. A candidate for on the seat. I've held up until this election cycle by tree got 84 congressional seat. Here in South Carolina eighteen after five here on the body and actually I'm sure that we'll see again. On non multiple occasions between now and now and the primary cancel my pleasure.