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Bob McLain
Wednesday, March 21st

Facebook and user privacy and data mining; Officer charged in shooting; Nan Hayworth, former NY Congresswoman, talks Omnibus bill


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Here we go all getting underway when they most heavily commuted hour of name Bonnie Mac electric radio program in the air chair. Your genial host rabid shock jock. Attack dog on the right not to mention bombastic allowed Malcolm itself. Money finish as I'm getting more titles and some money on game of throw up speed data as of may here we go all. When a 5 o'clock follies here on hump day and here's valued join me and be a part of the conversation a by the way the most current. Well actually the final key word for today. Is may all. EM a IL. Tech snapped 272881. Lab. Text or provides this hour's code word used and they sentenced. Your road tax refund check. Is in the vol mail. Yeah I. I chaired a jab right SOR Texas seven to 81. And there is the final. Key word for today here's value join me NBA part of the conversation. She grabbed the phone use the angles and managed talk line 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. WORD dot com Allison here. Gripe saying car Pena. Moaning to money penny 32 degrees from the overnight order and I now understand rain on Saturday and I could all be worse. Here's governor Daniel mull all way of Connecticut. Total snow fall from the storm is forecast to range from three to six inches owns northern half of the state Trey and 68 to ten inches. For the southern half and that ten may be a reach out. Major highway roads may get very slippery later this evening if you must travel tonight please exercise extreme caution. If you don't need to travel tonight just a good night to stay am. Yes and no. No hoops tonight got to wait till tomorrow night for them by the way the Clemson Tigers I think any mention. At tiger's game will be on our sister station ESPN upstate beginning at 638. With the other pregame show. I was so also mentioning no money penny has spent a much of the morning. And I going back through FaceBook and changing my privacy settings. At least on the AM Bob McClain page. Now I don't Annan do any of the adjusting. On the 1063 WORD FaceBook page that techies. And do that and the suits have their own parameters for how that temple. But. I am now substantially more private. In the wake of things that I learned from oh say sandy pair until less. A former FaceBook platform operations manager. Says they companies horrifying. Sandy's word horrifying misuse of user data was routine. Of course it is a tough FaceBook makes money. They sell you you're in Europe product. He FaceBook and that FaceBook preferred preferred to have no idea. Went third parties were doing with their freely available data up. On the fact they have a leftist media now. Is have no connection at all the trump campaign. When this Cambridge analytic other newer. Mining all this information and you don't they get along with my other coercion of the rations I know under a trump one ba ba ba. When in point of fact Obama did the same thing in 22. I. I don't wanna mention that. He reports in the guardian now from the UK. Noted hundreds of millions of FaceBook users are likely you've had their private information harvested. By companies and exploited the same terms as the firm that collected data and pass it on to Cambridge analytic. My concerns were that all of the data. That left Facebook's servers to developers. Could not be monitored by FaceBook so we had no idea. What developers were doing with a gave up. What do you think there that they were bombarding. Your your email. Oh with you know request orient buy stuff you know hey look at this it's great diet we know you'll like it by this one. It is been painful watching. At Eric Koehler said. Because I know that they could have prevented that once the data left Facebook's servers there wasn't any control and there was no inside and what was going out. Zuckerberg doesn't care as long as he's get the money selling it to all these people that are buying all this data until he cares about. FaceBook was in a stronger legal position if he didn't know about the abuse that was happening. Why hello who meet. People mining. Data from FaceBook does is now does not but I knew nothing about it that right. They felt that it was better not to know. I found that utterly shocking and horrifying. Estimating that a majority of FaceBook users probably had their data used by third party companies and developers. In his interview with a guardian parent due west even claim that known rogue developers. Were rarely sanction for misusing data. And that app developers were encouraged to create apps on the platform. By being offered. User data from FaceBook. So they used it as a come. In a time that I was there I didn't see him conduct a single audit. Are they developers systems. FaceBook was giving data of people who did not authorize the app themselves. And was relying on terms of service and settings but people didn't reader understand. Anybody ever read the terms of service are you kidding. Yes click agree and you. He'd go right. Well when I went back to the settings to maybe change some of the privacy settings just when I discovered. I had a bunch of maps on my phone and I never downloaded. I had a bunch of maps on there than I never authorized. Guess who did FaceBook. That I wanna put an apple discussion I assure you ago. He doesn't use it to he doesn't know anything about it but okay we can still minus data on as our happens on there. Sorry. I didn't feel that the company treated my concerns seriously of course not he does so solar cell made in wanna now. I didn't speak out publicly for years out of self interest to be frank. And said that before adding that the company only started to take action. Following the media's allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. You think we would have none about the six years ago when Obama was doing that Tony twelve would anybody in the media have told us and bat right. They treated like a PR exercise. They seem to be entirely focused on limiting their liability and exposure. Rather than helping the country addressing national security age. A national security issue by the always been around for quite some time. Bob Bob this is JT Davis. I filed to run today and SE four that would be the congressional seat. Being vacated by trade dowdy I'm a longtime listener or maybe not. I registered Democrat who publish. Okay the hand to Polonia Democrats out there. I'm Bob what did you do to be popular FaceBook security good question. For one thing I changed my privacy setting you go into settings. And you go to the privacy. And then you go to the apps and you'll see which apps are there but in in privacy. Most of them are routinely set for public where anybody can see your stuff. Or. Friends. And friends of friends. I dumped that. Friends own way and then only EU. So you can now select from among those options and and I severely limited many a mind including. Taking my birthplace. Off of there taking my birth date. Often there are still float around because I got its own way but. Better late than never yes money. Almonte privacy settings there's only one thing on it says friends for him ripping Alex's either. Koreans are only me yeah and by the way I should point out the mind is that is an apple phone. It's it's an iPhone. Because it's it's different between those sand and what what are the others out right there between droids it's so. If it may be slightly government you can just Google on their connect changing privacy settings. It if you have trust Google sky cap on it it says somebody else entirely sixteen after five here on the body Mac show. A lot of discussion in the wake of that tragic school shooting in Parkland Florida. About how the Obama administration was encouraging. School administrations around the country to take youngsters. Who had damped committed serious crimes up to and including murder. And taken them actually out of jails and put him back in schools. In the name of social justice there's another aspect of that. That also has a resulted in net in a tragedy as many of these things are left promotes has done out tea. Now where it was and what happened when we come right back here on the body Mac show on Wednesday. Graying. Hey occurs as well place to be. At a layups now let down mr. Hendricks had in mind exactly. Welcome back 522 here on the embodiment show in on the tax line sent anyone threes are seven Bobby thank you. I'm very happy with my simple phone one. And everybody else tells all and people just don't think about what was there. So many other day almost went blind they were staring at their phone for twenty hours straight. Now Bobby as soon as I get home I'm going to be fought my FaceBook account by Dell leading it. I'd intentionally not long into a FaceBook in a very long time because of how much time it wastes. Remind all my life. My wife and I've argued several times after she can't put it down well all twenty hours straight while. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob. My FaceBook security is the absolute best I don't have any friends. Half okay that's an entirely different a problem. Bobby best privacy setting on FaceBook is delete account. Now Bobby Dodd deactivated FaceBook months ago best decision ever. Bump up not any. And you listening a back in the nation inches and a say it isn't so. I'm sitting on 85 southbound at Woodruff road where are not moving it took me an hour and 45 minutes. Yeah at home last night. Now. It's and it and it wasn't even now. Wasn't even a horse and I don't think it was arson or last time was there. I don't think it was a horse and I need some serve and innocent kind of verbal. This short handed as say you know and it's the same deal ad hominem whatever what would have gave up a we aggregate is the on the car born but that that staff at. And another thing that semis blown Hornish. In hiring me we could definitely could use Bogart I guess. Looking into for an extended period of time by standard and I think that's a dad at dinner right next to me on the around juice. Bump up bomb. Bob will allow Zuckerberg apologized for when the Obama campaign did the same data mining activity I'm certainly well I should thank. Bob why is every news outlet describing the mistakes the bombers made are we trying to educate other bomber. I get that. In fact I ask money penny earlier finalists disclosing too much. About does cellphone towers being able to track him and all happened. And so much of that stuff is in CSI and all the other shows now that them a lot of people are aware and it's not really trade craft anymore it's its in the public domain. May be the business I guess about the batteries. And maybe. I don't know but. Unfortunately. The and the people that tracked down. Ali drummers the folks in the land of the ATF and now the FBI. A very experienced when it comes to two tracking bombers. They can now. Analyze French and sound trigger that was used my guess there's always part look. And the expression blown to bits says and all but there are still bits. And they can use those bits. And as part of their investigative process. I mentioned what happened down in Florida in large measure brought about many believe by the Obama administration pushing. Around school administration Steve stop what they called the the school to prison pipeline. By taking. Students and had gotten in trouble with the law. Essentially. You know slap on the wrist and put him right back in schools and and how that land. It in some in some aspects as to what happened park meantime. A Minneapolis police officer was charged yesterday with murder and manslaughter. In the fatal shooting an unarmed Australian woman in July. Minutes after she called 911. To report a possible sexual assault behind her home. They police officer in question Mohammed Newark. It doesn't and it doesn't say here in the story may be into us further down he is a Somali. For those earlier than ever saw black hawk down on you remember they Somali warlords and how they killed. Many of our army Rangers and shot down a Blackhawk helicopter. And over in net in Somalia years ago. Following that. Now what do we do under the Obama administration and you may not be aware that if you're Somali. There are no limitations on how many Somalis can be admitted as immigrants to the US. Many of them ended up settling in the Twin Cities area Minnesota. Mohamad nor is one of those he has a Somali. And that there was pressure. On me Minneapolis police department and using the guys are saying well look. You know what we need done. What we need more on Muslim officers on a police source to be able to interact with a Muslim community Mohamad nor as a Somali is a Muslim. And so this is this has done. This is the upshot of what's happened. Officer Mohamed nor turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He shot Justine don't mind a forty year old wife coach on July 15. A mom's death drew international attention costly police chief her job. And forced major revisions to the department's policy on body campus. The Hampton county attorney Mike Freeman said the law makes it difficult to charge police officers unless they are quote. Unacceptably. Reckless and caught he said I agree what do. But he added clearly officer nor violated the rules. Nor is charged with third degree murder. For perpetrating an imminently dangerous act and second degree manslaughter for culpable negligence creating unreasonable risk. Nor has not spoken publicly about the case declined to answer questions from investigators. Bump up by he's been on paid leave since the shooting. To mom's father and her fiance issued a joint statement saying the decision to charge the officer. Was one step toward just just for this in nick what this act. Norse partner the night of the shooting match you parity told investigators that he was startled. By a loud noise right before ms. de Mon approached the driver's side window of their police say issue vis. Charity who was driving said nor then fired his weapon from the passenger seat. He fired his weapon. A cross in front of the face and his partner. Hitting ms. LaMont who died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. As an parity then heard a sound like a white ball breaking soft flash and what to his right to see Norway there's arm extended. He then looked down his window and saw the month when a gunshot wound. Among put her hands on the moon and set I'm dying. Others no evidence that in that short time frame officer nor encountered. Appreciated investigated or confirmed a threat that justified the decision to use deadly force. They can't criminal complaint said instead. Officer nor. Recklessly and intentionally fired his handgun from the passenger seat a location in which he would have been a less able than officer parity. To see and hear events on the other side of their vehicle. The officers did not turn on their body cameras until after the shooting. And knows no squad camera video of the incident. Lack of video was widely criticized and amongst family called for changes including win officers or were taught required to turn on the cameras. The question also prompted questions about the training of new war. A two year veteran and Somali American and whose arrival on the forced had been celebrated by city leaders and Minnesota's large Somali community. Nor 32 had trained in business and economics and worked in property management before becoming a police officer. Then police chief. Janie hard talked defended Norris training and said he was suited to be on the street cartel was forced out soon after by mayor Betsy Rogers. How many paragraphs down as a mention he's a Somali. 12345678910111213. 141516. Sixteen paragraphs of mr. We'll see what counts at 531 here on the body mash up take a break for the new chairman be right back with more. As we roll on here on Wednesday on WORG. Welcome back great to have you on 538 year in this hump day afternoon Tony to before six. Special guest on the phone this afternoon we welcome under the program doctor Nan Hayworth former congresswoman from New York enough frequent contributor to. Fox News and there that cable channels to talk about. The big day on Friday a doctor I would welcome the program's good to have you here. Bob the privilege to join you thank you. We do know yes it's snowing today is your crew actually enter the local airport. Either Petro are closed at today yeah how we're still suffering I. I try to block them or you aren't. I'm Jeff fortunately on any of senator doctor Hayward did say going down to freezing tonight Madonna compared to bassist. I think we got the better end of the deal and guys are what what what lessons for Ford nor'easter is in a month now is that what this. Yes that apparently please call bean and yeah I don't let. Like he's better at South Carolina. When you look at the dark that has that has been my assessment as well well of course not always snowing there but the DC beltway. And I shut down and a government closed then and here we are trying to play beat the clock. To get an omnibus spending bill passed and in order to avert a government shut down Friday night when the funding runs out what do you see happening here what are what are the a jungle drums saying right now. Well the president can't the White House has been announced that they just announced that the president will. Support this omnibus funding bill the way it's coming together and a lot of the main reason. It is. That it at provides a significant. Increase in funding for our military include it she point 4% pay raise for our troops should cash today every deserve it has a long overdue help. Yeah exactly bot tell it all right I take all but. It hatred in our hearts says. Can support our troops and we wanna hand. A strong defense on the challenge that we state and end. The president truck you know poppy he has lowered taxes and cut regulation yep that did rocket fuel for our economy great court taxpayers. You know that making get. Incumbent generate gravity is that guy got up at a lot of the federal government I know a lot of personally and among the legislators just bucket. Respect your money you say do that real challenge out. You let get by at Hewlett. Well you right man because it it seems like. And want to federal government is obviously substantially different than it than a state government because of course they have. The bureau printing and engraving when you just keep the lights on only four hours a day. And keep on cranking out the dollars but it's seems as if it's never ending it's never enough money no matter how much comes into the treasury they always find a way to spend more. Right and I at big. Part of that pot and I military. Although I. All right but it hurt their tour politically is injured respect that you don't let. That unfortunately when we'd be electorate who look you are elected to I don't pursue a member of congress or members of congress QX effectively quote bring home the bacon right. Yale where we're gonna we're gonna be in trouble is that they can million in ticket coming from other people's money somewhere or medical pretty impressed that you get that actually coming up. Tampa suddenly NAS the text in the bill I don't think anybody has has seen yet but the rumor mill is grinding exceedingly fine. Summer saying there's no money for doc got. In their summer saying there is more money for the president's proposed. Border wall what are you hearing about what actually is in the Hillman. Yeah well and that's exactly you know what I hit. Heard the is that the president will have what they call it down he met. For the wallet you know but this is an. Very much at all things saint because as part of that down any minute to get at the total up to about one point six billion dollars. We didn't label all depressed. For him don't know he's looking for something closer to the twenty billion dollar rate right by Ian exchanged. You know war obviously in terms of you know we have in the diet we don't have a governing majority sixty to the senate route senate Democrats have a lot of power. And they do not want to see the president get the border wall on eight. I'll without significant. Action on the immigration side they were called to the president Olusegun immigration including email and ESP two lottery which. No sense. The controlling change so called chain migration extended family migration and of course providing protect recipients the press. Very generous about those banks the American public is within the Democrats Art Shell for now he's gonna get it down payment on the border wall. That billions. Point to something like that one point two billion that can beat her actual wall at. Could be a frantic. And the other is gonna be if a candidate is gonna be an on going. Fight. We're we're talking when that doctor and Nan Hayworth she's a former congresswoman. From New York. And you you mentioned the difficulty with just 52 Republicans. And I in the senate and and sadly. Yeah many of those GOP members are also they might as well be in the Democrat caucus and not I would include in that. Now I'm senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham there are a lot of Republicans that are going to be recalcitrant on this as well. You know it you know I it and it that they would South Carolina I was that crashed in congress which the senator Scott and I just think. I'd like to see him be president one day after pressed trapped at circuit future. I it is your absolutely right it's a reflection. Pop idol could I come to a swing at myself entirely to reflection arc. It sees diversity among that key constituent. Who we terror and hole by my whole adult would it would like here is content with thinking program popped. You know I'm brightly yelled at school issues even eat. And up. Poll to vote for people who will perform at such and will do. Big to cut. Federal involvement in our daily lives and how. What a general but now what what a concept that would be count Clinton out of the oil boy would that be great it. Take hold among the people yen does our arm they actually do you think gonna. Reach a point where something what happened. On this man or are we a looking at the possibility of another on government shut down on Friday night when the funding runs out. Yet no I think I am really think it is special election year pop at it. Close. And in real battle and you know big Republicans won a couple of first special election last year and now they've blocked a couple of little scared so anybody wants to be blamed her shut down like they will. And especially the president said look I will find an album but there's little else. Conspicuously concerning. Whether or not ticket at sixty. The instant background check. Database you know the local picnics righted after that park wouldn't massacre billions in pretty much on people's minds. But again there's a you know a lot of back and forth about two what other provisions that any should be included the action that. One of the Celtic going to be airing out but I don't think an a hole beyond the extra at. To repeal obamacare package be dealt with in the out of the socket packet dealt with. In the on the desk. And so these things will continue to be it. There aren't there Larry Wright all know it appeals court in California. Tell block and I believe that help we held off on at this yeah you're odd that the press may held off on his executive order to end docked at. But still out the year so that you know he is they know it's not in the sound a bit. I don't think and I check now the government quote quote but there's a lot still to work. Yeah it says it's going to be a fascinating process to watch isn't always as doctor Nan Hayworth former congresswoman from New York. And and great to talk to you today thanks for your insight on where we're going here and will lobby you wading in and watching to see. A number one at the if enough snow is cleared and again actually did in their vote and number two on whether they actually get something passed or not. Yes there at the privileged to enjoy new and they'll all hope they'll be hearty not to get. From that. Also the NN. That's a pleasure stay warm out there are New York. Yet parallel thank you you bet pleasure talking to you this afternoon at 547. Thirteen before six here on the body match go quick break here and then now right back and more of your calls are on the way next. And on the attacks on body Nike And that's Google crushed as an article out that does stormy Daniels said she did not technically. Sleep with president trump she did though. Without technicality take a 160 that's some cash Canada. Bob me not much is gonna come of this murder in Minneapolis reason being they prosecution is occurring. We then the administrative jurisdiction where punishment for murder of one of these people as a slap on the wrist oral last. Bob last week on nine TV and girl was protesting the school walkouts. She was saying how the walkouts work fine for Dr. Martin Luther King in the seven days. That's problem when he ills don't even know history no wonder. They're not taught. History I'm suspect to the phones Leo and is an accent she's in congress who know hi and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Not. Pound I'm at. The K so I'm. During that curling at the Iggy unmanned. They eternal man allowed back talking about these uncalled that people are getting better from. Like. Chicken and money in order to clean bill cannon beach and then. Shared an apartment and whatever else. These I'm content and pulling on a long time I'm with with my wagon until the day he died in twenty hill. And then I can honestly too but not get any particular time to know what went hunch. And when I was able to stay at home block I. My uncle ringing constantly with people I mean it and. Dummy content or give the matter what he had a pretty neat to write it may not actually anyway. What I started doing. Did he gave birth and why he's getting. I started like down every phone number of illegal act hatred and why should I got an illegal act and put it day. And number this time and EP said. Didn't do that part of the conversation got an iron count I don't like to read or legal cat I don't give me two and occasionally. But. All of a sudden. The hall to get. He ended on count more and more in Scotland that you ridiculous shall I started calling back. I think he would not and I. He can make that I did not call me in on my own line would venture a lot of people don't get hacked and we can ill. Training on back then I would take the number Lebanon and I felt and Colin. Do you concur and yes. Well it's a. It all of these are. They lead they can't I keep trying to Turkey and I can't get you attack and went right call 800 no you can actually download a numbered here. And you can see a real number or not a real number and read what people and he turned the gun bunkered but this isn't right and you seem. I have to say. But I think the point that I guess I'm trying to make it. And I actually it is much that can encrypt. People called you and they want you to a war on record US aid or are they any sort of blond portrait yea I think it's a great idea yeah. And number. Yeah I mean number calling you absolutely. What what did you say that 800 number was and. On it it it is just 800 no. Not true. 800 notes. 800 notes dot com. I'm 800. In May be at 800 dot net dot com on her happy but he you putting your way you'll wind grounder 808. C Randy. Yell net. Yeah it's a it's a phone number look up site. Yeah and went on you and I like I am right you could. Cause. Again they're going to and from Pakistan and that probably don't have the best interest of the local sheriff's department and yes. And you need to keep your dialect. And I'm not yet but he keeps your opinion on that. It does not guarantee. I would agree that the good information not to have man and I appreciate you sharing that with the snake thanks for the call and a wrap up our number three but there's still one more to go all. The aim bonus hour remains. Including. Today's edition of both hands in the news that a more. On the way.