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Thursday, April 20th

N Korea; Bill O'Reilly; Fox news


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Hello out a greeting of welcome salutation. And Barack. Sony. A low allows her change nice to see the sunshine back to name is my ringmaster. Good weather right straight through the weekend great to have you along your timing is excellent. You are arriving at the moment of the inaugural presentation and heard today of the above me Mac electric radio program. And as always. Your contribution of conversation is welcome. Ingles advantage talk line number that's the phone number used to get in touch with me. It is very simply 803471063. Just like our frequency. And it is a free college still free from wherever you may be. If you prefer to communicate via text message just use the common sense retirement planning text line number. 7103. 07. And my email address Bob. At 1063. WORG. Dot count so things apparently. Still lack heating up. Over there and no goal. In North Korea. Is concerned. Kim Dong Ding Ding Dong won her that. Fact. Asia another version of the Pillsbury Doughboy is entrees season and out against sabre rattling. North Korean state media threatening to launch a quote super might eat. Preemptive strike. Whoever writes these in these news releases. For our North Korea. Really needs to become little more proficient. In a nutritious stuff sounds like it was written by kindergarten. A silver mighty. Preemptive strike that would reduce South Korea and the United States to ashe's. I'm from. The road dawn that send my alignment. That's the official newspaper for our North Korea's workers' party. People's democratic Republic of Korea right. 100% of the people turn now to vote. All voted for the same guy. And they poll workers by the way did have pencils would be racers just in case. Somebody made a mistake. And there's also a guy standing there when an AK. Take your pit mistake as well. Act quote in the case and our super mighty preemptive strike being launched. It will completely and immediately wipe out not only US imperious imperialist. Invasion forces in South Korea. And its surrounding areas but they US mainland and reduced them to cashiers. Now hot. How are you know accomplish and when you haven't even been able to get. And I see BM. More than about five meters off the launching pad. The rogue nation and also claimed the US and its allies. Should not mass where knots. Actually alias the other way around him I think you're messing. Win us. Which may not be such a wise policy. The a threat coming as secretary of state Rex Tillerson said the US was exploring ways to pressure. North Korea to the negotiation table over its nuclear program we are reviewing all the status of North Korea. Both in terms of state sponsorship of terrorism. As well as any other ways in which we can bring pressure on the regime. In Pyongyang to re engage with us. But re engage Willis on a different footing. Then pass talks have been held those of us who are old enough to remember the original Korean War early 1950s will remember. That they negotiations. That finally brought an into the shooting war. Dragged on interminable. Similar to the negotiations in Paris. That eventually ended America's involvement in southeast Asia in Vietnam. But. That that shooting war. Via Korean conflict and the police action arose as it was referred to at a time. That didn't at the end they're conflicted merely stop the shooting we've never had eight at peace treaty. Was North Korea South Korean ever asked they just don't agreed to an armistice. Who everybody agrees to ship stopped shooting. And that's a way to situation is then. Ever sense Kim. Dong Dong whatever his name as. His granddad. And took over his tyrannical. Communist dictatorship there. These secretive regime also released a propaganda video over the weekend. That thing also which like using junior high school film project. Showed a simulated nuclear missile attack. Destroying an unidentified American city. A cemetery an American flag appeared with flames. Superimposed over the footage they are written remember. Still not fancies himself a film director. As his father did before him. And they'd they think they're doing LD school videos. At tensions continuing amount as president trump takes a harder stance against North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Last week amid president made comments to Fox Business. Then are we sending an armada. To a date tour Pyongyang. We're sitting in our man of very powerful way out submarines very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier we have the best military people on earth and I will say they North Korean dictator Kim Jong Owen is doing the wrong thing. Now the navy said on Tuesday the carrier Carl Vinson. Was heading toward the Korean Peninsula but only after it passes through Australia. And there's a reason for that and and every time president trumpets question. Or south. And the news conferences. Is question about it. They're they're very plain and saying look we don't telegraph our punches. Now the way the previous administration and I our gonna go into this place or last that placed. And now will be leaving about 1012 hours from now all. I just stupid as Geraldo Rivera when he was over in Iran. Dry drawing the positions of American troops in the sand on TV. As if that wasn't being monitored the. What do twist. So there is a more on this the US today air force dispatching a nuclear sniffer. Aircraft. It that's what it just it's Nancy there. To the east of the Korean Peninsula the possibility of North Korea's imminent nuclear test and I see what's gone on. The WC 135. Constant Phoenix. It's essentially. Your murmur went on a Boeing 707. Looks like. Now that's that's its re purpose. Made an emergency sortie today over the east sea its mission is to collect samples from the atmosphere. In order to detect and identify a nuclear explosion. In arrived at two Dina airbase sets on Okinawa. Earlier this month the meant indications north pair preparing for another. Nuclear test the flight today appears meant to check. Whether the secretive Communist nation has detonated a nuclear bomb and also test operational readiness. In the event of an actual provocation. By the north and there's another big piece today where was this one. Now free beacon dot com North Korean submarine missile program. And the media. Is doing much to. Beat the drums on this as well yeah other north Koreans have submarines. Diesel. Powered submarines. Like a US navy used in the 1940s. You can hear him coming from here okay. Crash rattle bang diesel submarines make a ton of noise. Unlike dollars. So pulled it down more on this and down. In the wake of Bill O'Reilly is sudden swift fall from grace departure from Fox News. Much speculation about now that they Murdoch's sons. Our enemy running fox instead of the old man instead of Rupert. Are they going to want their put their own brand on Latin does that mean Fox News will. No longer mean much Fox News has meant in the past. Talk about this and a lot more coming up here on the Bobby Mack show on Thursday taking a quick time out here and then be right back with more. I stayed Dane tripper Tony one after three here on the about a Mack show let me quickly act catch up with the attacks line here. Bump up. Now Bobby SARS a news article about divisions America's been divided since its beginning for example Patrick Henry didn't attend a constitutional convention. Now Bob what the heck is this new social civil war so well it's the O'Reilly staunch about it fears via. The war on traditional values. Bob apparently the end north Koreans super duper my deep missile. Is I get a reaction has going to be a drop by mighty mouse. Bob Dole catcher sunshine yet an hour ago it was rained so hard it was drowning frauds of the state line and it looks like it's coming our way below. Bob O'Reilly should start his own network and a new show called known spin zone. And his first interview should be with Maxine Waters about her James Brown wig. How. Bob how about kimchi boy for our North Korean friend. Now Bob Kim Dong yeah. Body Mac McArthur was a right Truman was Iran we should affix a problem in 1952. By defeating North Korean steadily listen to another Democrat new led us down the wrong path. Bobbie the air force sniffer aircraft. Is loaded with specially trained Eagles bloodhounds and German shepherds. To sniff out. Nuclear weapons. I bet they're good additive. Hey Bob congratulations. You know Tara and then sent all one. And all like spades all expense paid trip to the Bahamas. For the next eight days. Call me at 1800. Some meant to claim your prize and a safe trip signed you. Florence, South Carolina. I. Then end soon know whether leatherman. Manager not a Letterman whether men down there Condit. Bobbie I beg to differ but my dad served on diesel electric submarines and a more quiet more quieter. And a nuclear sub. You say so. When he high tech. So and ours. The buoys swim plan and dump all over the for the ocean. I think the closest that they would be able to get to us is probably. Well okay now. Would be my guest. To the phones Leo I am I in my buddy brother Fred is on in beautiful travelers rest and a fellow brother Fred out aria. Pray to the mob crowded I didn't factor taken my phone. Call. You know told me when we had a senior class six foot made up all you. And we have that this morning. That then this this this is my. I don't this is like a senior Olympics right brother Fred. Yes sir yes sir right hand not my agent first. Medal. Yeah you won another dual US and it totally make sure that I was glad it's ten point 96. Ten point 96 and and out what race was that in brother Fred. That was in this fifteen here. And not unlike you know maybe eight. I. They tell you something. And you know I'm. You know sometimes it was Hamlet she's just great quote that's good that's the thing is that last night. Well the passes it to church it and got several really big guns. And they certainly down and they got mine nor they nor one priority for me to believe for a bout. They managed. And now and is that what was responsible for your own swiftness of foot to read the right man. Stay yet and you just can't eat Jesus this is it cannot thank you for the good work cute guys did and I guess ten point 96 is not too. She got beat because his guys considering college labor they run a hundred yard dash. In some things. Wow that's no fun I don't think down ten point nine. Is is too shabby at all brother Fred I would watch. Well praise god they. They thought I was impersonating. A sixteen year. They felt. They are trying to slip into a younger and younger division. No no I don't know what we do is. We try to guess. Just sixty twos sixty fours 65. Something like that and then in our division do. But now we have eight. Berets you know. And so I was blessed again. So like got safe I'm just humbled. And pray it doesn't work. And and and you were. So you are running against some guys that were what twenty years your junior. Yes well well in my in my and that is from 88 tonight. From eighty to ninety. Yes how many how many contestants were in that race eighty to ninety brother Fred. I think about four. Oh yeah. And they want their shares are case. I think it. Instead I've got to figure let me live if they all know and I know you guys were legend now. That's route that struck that lack SA. But the thing is like is the place so lord that. I want to thank you don't get to talk to you too much or listen Kozlov. C already insurance agency. And maybe eight years old and I don't have a cellphone or computer. Well you're that's probably one of the reasons why you made it this far if you have not found or for bad. There are a lot of table like to dispense of all that stuff. Well black. I was saying I can't played and did dangerous 'cause like cast spells. Well brother try to do it better about it and I am brother Fred thank you and thanks for all the prayers have been sent my way by everybody and greatly appreciated. Well there were yes it does brother frank congratulations on yet another victory I just shall come back to defend your gold medal title next year honk. Yes loaded walk me out. But did so I didn't yeah. That's sixty. The. Kidnapping you do to get the and I can feel about like your brother Fred is straight and realize that this. 88 years old he ran ten point 96 and fifty meter race. That's not to ship. In on the tax line Bobbie if the diesel is in battery propulsion mode it is more quiet the nuclear subs however when they must recharge the batteries you can hear them. In New London Ken from New London, Connecticut to scuba. Now access from Sam in now Falls Church. About lay on message view yesterday about fox ownership conservative kitty loves god yeah a lot of speculation about. Future direction. Of Fox News out at one thing that would argue against that I guess would be handing Tucker Carlson. Move in to replace O'Reilly there you could make the argument. And I would be hard pressed to oppose of that Tucker Carlson is more conservative than Bill O'Reilly. A blood mitnick could well be too that you know that was a commercial. Decision then seen not Tucker Carlson had improve the ratings and make and Kelly had when he took over her time period so. They're assuming that maybe you can do the same and O'Reilly sent back at least not lose. As many viewers. As somebody coming and brand new that was unknown. Al Bonnie you'll leather head can be a new villain in the bad man series he could spew quick setting concrete from his necktie. To prevent they caped crusader from stopping his extortion. A South Carolina. I'm Bob Kirsten Powers is upset at Bill O'Reilly for thanking her for a blonde moment. Real I. Well you know 21 century America. What do you mean by that. I'm offended. I'm offended by anything and everything. Political correctness. Is merely a linguistic form of fascist. Now when it comes to what you can say and what you can't. And and I think part of the stuff for the O'Reilly is generational I mean I'm older than he has. And there was a time and the workplace while they've ever seen the series mad man. Now that there are very few women in the workplace when I started in radio there was one woman who worked in the radio station and she was the receptionist. Two different world 330 here on the body Mac show speaking of women and Leah Andy. Hello I'd transgender thing Annie is standing by and the new center and is ready to go. I'll see you back on the other side. Welcome back 338 now 122 before four here and anybody Mac show in on my text line. Bobby cannot hear or diesel submarine with an armada off on the surface. Or ten. That the noise from a diesel submarine and it is not necessarily invalidate the propulsion system although that's part of it. It's it's the old fashioned screw it's better on this thanks. When I went in Memphis. I I learned from some friends that the plant. That manufactured. The screws. Being the big propeller. On the stern. Of the selves. The those those screws were manufactured at a plant. In Memphis. And they were. Find true and two are such. Exacting specifications. It was ridiculous. The propeller. Or one of our nuclear powered submarines cost a million bucks. Just just for the prop. Now Bob somebody tell those cheese eating surrender monkeys in France to take the bullets out of their pockets and shoot back. I wonder what's maybe and you can check on this are the eyes gendarmes are they armed. Now or they stole you know out there with their bicycles and now they're black Jack's. Did they even have the capability of shooting back. And down money tenuous smashing most of their their remaining under a state of emergency until July. And of course they have other monthlong vacation season not coming up right around corner. Al body for the first time and over twenty years I did not watch fox. Last night boycotting. Bob I love Tucker but. Maybe fox thinks they can control him. It could be could be a factor to the phones we go Michael. Is on next wants talk about what happened. O'Reilly and the factor it violated the word O Reilly was made sure was missing. I'm from the a factor internationally ascent I'm Michael welcome to the shell. We're either under good thank you. I think it took O'Reilly to name off fourth striker of the order be legally you have ball and having the eight template or else I wonder if he leaves the knee. Well I'm assuming you have a right to you you say his last name is the name of the program I mean again probably. Increased her Cole was ordered appreciated that Hannity show was called Hannity and co. Alan Colmes well he's beyond caring at this point that. Yeah I mean me and Alan Colmes sock puppet Mexican Hannity would not cool and I know. Well but no I'll come in order comes so early I'm not gonna have met him because honestly. Bishop became 50% of all in his book anyhow yeah. Thomas tip of the day was by my new book. And down the latest when we understand. Pop off the presses is killing my career by doing. I really ought to write a book called killing O'Reilly. You treat your people why. Yeah it'll be in the same hunters right on the line art in a million just killed before you know it. Exactly. Now a lot of meat on our separate topic all of bore hole let her back out for Tom or get you out. Where you talk about first I recruiters are Riordan is a monopoly. It's. So you're psychotic. And eroding profits. Coming in. And I'm extremely ignorant of their order from polite you up. Are there when you shoot the basketball but regard I knew nobody. Didn't Cabrera had like Jimmy Hoffa got a lot. No matter. Well I'll have all these that campaign ads and then in our Chad Connelly he's the outsider. You know. Or this is the guy that headed the SE GOP that pulled us out of the lawsuit and win a close a primary and then the next day laughed and took a job with a Republican National Committee how's that for me and. Outside. We also your coach are actually gonna call and check out who else exactly like yeah yeah. And then I haven't yet so poorly the other thing I heard it was what Tucker they condensed on like he got tried it is gonna take from 9 o'clock. Yes that's correct. Global director of the I was wonders why Obama and you're in the shark caught it. And then you don't want more people behind. Just say well that well let's get to more because now the fly will have seven people and will be on nine. So all of I call it or not I think people might just shrinkage German no way I can be and and they would have to put it on a sentence. We're democratic confusing very quick quite dull little skewed all numbers sort everything we can pick up my. Yeah they've they've they've managed to lose me I just Leo the good news. About that is that Jesse Watters now is going to be on that panel program and I think he says he's terrific on undersea Jesse there. Our credit they keep Bob Beckel they will be out. He can't even though he's an insane liberal radical other and get confused so quickly with every answer like square one of these days he's gonna have a heart attack. A lot of long. And you won't beat rate watch them and don't body right we'd. Martin player to not achieve this no monopoly. While Juan Williams is administering CPR trying to revive him. What are now CPR. Well and I don't know that's a safe or fox or not thanks Cilic all Michael I appreciate it looked. Pop up. Looking at the attacks on here trying to find. Where there's one big dance. Here we above they propeller on a submarine or it screw. Is so much of a secret that every time we went into dry dock we covered it up so that could not be photographed. Wears a rations. All my Soviet satellites. I'm a retired nuclear engineer on US navy fast attack sounds. Thank you for your service and the information 345 quarterly for four here on the body Max and be right back. Next up. Not this business with where fox is headed. And now we have some musical tributes to Kim Jung whatever his name is not coming up and I his pals in now. That wonderful people's republic of North Korea say right there. Welcome back great to have you along this nice Thursday afternoon saw a lot of discussion and there's a lot on me out media grapevine about with Bill O'Reilly leaving is this an indicator. That done now that Rupert Murdoch's kids James and now wacko and are running things is get this demand mean a new direction. For Fox News it was big column about this today I'm Michael Wolff and Hollywood reporter and titled it's James Murdoch's Fox News now. When the ouster Roger Ailes and now Bill O'Reilly. Rupert Murdoch's son has overthrown his own network as he moves to reinvent. The family company's profit machine had great risk. After the New York Times wrote about the sexual harassment claims leveled at Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly and these settlements. Made by the company and O Reilly himself. James Murdoch according to 21 century fox sources kept repeating with horror to his friends and executives. This is on the front page of the New York Times. Based sources say James Murdoch's long time annoyance if not disgust with Fox News. But came cold fury after the times April 1 story. Even though several of the O'Reilly settlements and happened when James was CEO the parent company. It uses a similar reaction to what it solidly harassment suit by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against Fox News chief Roger sales in July. Every time clocks controversy spilled over into the wider world James took it personally it was somehow against hill. Says one person close of the Murdoch's what what James is failing to recognize of course the New York Times is gonna put this on the front page. Bill O'Reilly isn't among the most high value targets for the progressives and the reporters at the times. Fox News is a business he should not BN he'd told people before and up despite its major contribution. 221 century Fox's bottom line. 20% of its profits came from Fox News last year the biggest earning division in the company. Presumably he meant the in your face world of conservative cable news. When it's mega personalities indeed. James regarded in many of the people at Fox News as sluggish neanderthals. And said he was embarrassed to be in the same company with them. Likewise it will be hard to imagine how James could have been regarded with more contempt by many of the people at Fox News. James was rather exhibit one of the liberal elite entitlement. That fox had so profitably program against. Fox News is an important brand but it needs to develop and to some extent be reformed. James said when I interviewed him ten years ago in his office. As the chief executive of the Murdoch controlled sky TV in Britain whose significantly less partisan news operation he extolled. As a ratings and journalistic model by the way that's that also is a factor. In this whole deal because now. Now Rupert Murdoch has trying to buy back control of Scott of sky news. They own something like 3739%. Out of the stock and he wants to again back to buying controlling interest and was concerned. That this whole business when Ailes and an O'Reilly. Might. But the might chill the deal. He earned his first opportunity for reform in July went over his father Rupert protest and his brother. And co executive block Owens ambivalence. He push for the ouster of Ailes a network's founder. And almost all powerful executive. When the O'Reilly story at the times he overrode his father and brother again. And by the same method debuts with Ailes hiring a democratic associated law firm Paul Weiss to perform a rubber stamp investigation. And neither the sales nor O'Reilly investigations. Where the targets of the investigation interview. It was he proudly told friends a right decision rather than a business decision. The billionaire sign on was aligning himself profits be damned went a new generation of corporate responsibility. That put him quite directly at odds with the his father. It would be quite inconceivable. To imagine Rupert. Sacrificing sure profits for greater good or better image indeed his company had always been a pirate count and but that really has the larger point. In which Bill O'Reilly and Roger sales were in the end just collateral damage it isn't his father's company anymore. If the expulsion of Ailes and even more dramatically O Reilly mean any thing. It means most of all that James is in charge and most immediately. This means that Fox News that constant irritant in James have you himself. As a progressive and visionary television executive will begin to change. Virtually overnight. What channel saying if it's not broke. Don't fix it. Now Bob speaking a musical tribute show about digging out Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob McClain and playing of course once in awhile the salient event. The out rise guys musical tribute to me. And take a break from the news coming up here gutsy and I haven't had some depth and a one minute left let me quickly catch up with some more than two excellent. Bobby Mack as of last night I quit watching Fox News and started watching one American news and you heard of it. It's a right leaning news service DirecTV channel 347 chock. And count them skit show about I am familiar with one American is because my baby doll Brenda. Discovered in a while back and has actually have been watching that it is a small. Not operation in their based in San Diego believe it or not. But they do take a more conservative bent. Bob these feminists will go after Tucker Carlson. Next. Bob about Duff Fox's scheduling 57 and nine was that the old doctor pepper commercial. Bobby the propellers for most vessels silent subs are solid breast I think that may have something to do. With the cost and finally remember Bob outsiders are only outsiders. Till they get and our team is on the way.