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Thursday, April 20th

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I. A gallon tank here here we go getting underway when the fourth and final hour of the program. Here on this set Thursday evening and as all way is he your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome Ingles advantage top line number told free from wherever you are located 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number seven he won three 070. Man my email address. Bomb. And 1063 WORD dot com in on the tax on Bob what was a guy saying about repairing a ship didn't understand the lingo. He was talking about a submarine tender. And there was a submarine docked next to witnesses in Charleston. And now the early seventies and there was a ship coming in and it was going to be doing I guess refueling. Moving to swiftly. And now realize they were cal an end to quake. Swerved to avoid hitting his ship and instead he get the submarine. That was docked outboard that is outside it from the dock. And not him. I created quite a mess. I'm Bob I was on a diesel sub back in the sixties I still. Stink of diesel. I area. Now Bobby FaceBook is too busy policing fake news. Vs people who publicly staged. And they wanna do harm to others. They do have big problems course how many how many people are on FaceBook a billion. Something like that it's it's ridiculous. But like this and if they get Cleveland. FaceBook killer. Records. Murdering a complete 74 year old stranger. And then posted on FaceBook and the thing is up two or three hour worse. Somebody needs a new algorithm. And Bob Kim Dong it ill and needs one of those red ball with straps bondage. It's. Stuck in his mouth and thrown in prison. Bob Kim Jung whatever his name is has Vanilla Ice there which is not surprising since his barber. Probably hasn't seen TV since 1990. I told money for any earlier days. Ridiculous statements. That they issue are phrased like some money in elementary school has written I think I believe there are. People over there who are writing their press releases. Who are. Or earning about America from the Simpson it's. Just ridiculous no money penny looked it up. One billion is way too well nearly 21. Point 86 billion. Monthly active FaceBook users. And Isaiah. That's a big number. Well. Anybody ever been involved. In. If you if you live in AM a Condo. Where they have a board. That as responsible for wrapping things. Years ago. My dad's brother uncle Mac. Jennings McLean. Sold his house disease of the kids in grown up gone off to college moved out. Just ninety and the wife the house's way too big they're getting older so they sell that house and they buy a Condo. And he's invited to be on the Condo board of directors. He said worst idea I ever had. Was bitten by getting down becoming a member of that board says it took years off his wife. Here's another example. Other especially. Now in 21 century America without politics as divisive as they are this is a Washingtonian. Magazine. DC building bands balcony banners after residents use them to argue about politics. Anyone keeping a list of seemingly harmless things ruined by Donald Trump his supporters and his detractors. Can pencil and banners that sports fans hang from their apartments at least in one building across the street from Nationals Park. Where the baseball team must notice how the Washington Tony Washingtonian Magazine blames Donald Trump. Religious right I can't think under that. Since the eleven story Camden south capitol building opened in 2013. Some residents of the units facing south capitol street. Directly across from the ball yard Nationals Park have hung flags and penance supporting DC's baseball team. They decorations are visible inside the stadium from the left field line. Especially when going up the ramp or escalator to the mezzanine level. But Cendant but Camden south capitals baseball loving tenants. Have been instructed to take down their curly W Lewis and others managed by the end of the month or be fine. According to an email from building management. And Genesis 11 in the hands of the Condo board. Deal likely inspiration for this sudden order according to one person who lives there. Was a rush of political banners in the past few months starting with a trumped. Make America great again flag that appeared shortly after last November's election. Before that. The only political signs hanging off the building were a BLM black lives matter. And rainbow LG BT pride flags that were mounted in October on the balcony of the unit. 34 three floors below the trumps a border. But people in the building said it was we make America great again flag that set off a sign war. An apartment one floor above the trump friendly apartment hung a flag proclaiming resist. The newest addition which went up shortly before the start of the baseball season positions the word no hope. Accompanied by an upward arrow pointing directly beneath the Trump's side so they don't want to make America great again that's our message. And now what was once a gallery of local sports phantom is just another political shouting match. Officially. Lambert's email is a reminder of many balcony activities prohibited by the buildings rental agreements. He is note also warns tenants against installing grills are household furniture leaving pets unattended and smoking on balconies. But the resident who forwarded the note to Washingtonian. Says a crackdown only happened after the banner war broke out. The take away is that the flags. Cost that he says. Tenants of Camden south capitol who objected he read decoration order on First Amendment grounds are unlikely to prevail. According to jolt Colin. Cullen the legislative director for DC's office of the tenant advocate. Generally the balcony rule doesn't sound that out of the ordinary. It is so now they're they're gone back and forth with them. Balcony flags holy cow that's that's the next phase. Bob did you see a text line did you see where Ted Nugent kid rock and Sarah Palin were in the white house with president trump doesn't get any better than that. I did see a picture. I didn't see story about what they were doing their mariners came for a visit. I'm Bonnie could be did Dennis Rodman is writing course current and press releases. I suspect you may be onto something there. Take a quick break here step aside for a moment that we come back and when we do we go to the phones. Here and a bonus hour. On Thursday. Welcome back 620 here on AM above him match Obama violated that apartment building I'd fly the confederate flag just to see people like and trigger. And I got a buddy Mac address already you an email that I sent today eighty UC Berkeley police. After I heard that and called her speech next week was canceled. By the university and that she vows to go there and speak anyway from a Allen are. As to the phones we yell let's let's bring in little Johnnie. As John on the cellphone I don't Johnny wrote on her show. Shelves and even other Mac enjoyed GODs. Obviously. I heard the conversation on the the he shot a thought robot to censor it and we're hopeful whatever works why not com. Outlast you and I are close to same age both of us were young you know we're not sleep India but anyway. You make it if you remember back in I think respect and that eighties. But Toshiba. Involved. In the Japanese company right has something to do with this is separate screwed out of orbit designed and built them bought. But calm at that time we would all want to pet this brute it would not Cabot takes yes. And I can't I can't remember if they so it's like it's like they they sold that day the information. Do the Soviets. I don't think it was leaked out that they. But anyway I remember it was a it was a big compromise that would made with that made it difficult at that point our submarines are silent yes and the Soviet we we could sniff out the Soviets. Right we can all around but we could hear him because of the level of noise. Containment. And that is the trick. Is going. This dramatic me of Toshiba. And that at and that helped us so he's got that it got that these beat the data to. Two of the oldest brute that would gravitate. Toshiba a British jury what sort it out. Yeah I'll I'll have to take a look at that I don't know it's funny you mention that consumes an episode in the series the Americans. Which is about the two Soviet agents that are planted here all our country. Watch you every what you want to watch it tonight yeah they had an episode and in one season where they actually you're on work act out winning in two of the factory. Too much to try and steal. Some of them some respects and to be able to you again right Soviet summaries. Yeah thanks a little Johnny I appreciate it good to have you here 22 after six springer. Joins us is evening I imagine he is relaxing on the back porch waiting for sounds. Exactly and it's going a little bit bigger over the budget Camille Little cloudy book Bobby young guy you little tea will do an up but the White House. Now what tell what was that all about. Local didn't watching Maine had dinner with president Luke in the White House yes there and I'm not sure Serran. Chirac and and and now. It is like had dinner will template and go to India. And they were discussed and probably everything not outdoors well hot land. And garlic and butter. I. Well what does that would be quite a conversation eavesdrop on. That I Alan let debate a fly on the wall they're probably but it would bear. At a good time and you know. He really done a lot Borough president stroke diminished in Lolita and Ali could days you know Reno had yup and it was a good thing incur little boy that their work and applied in that Andy did did got a certain though Bobby can you dig it. Yeah I saw that and I thought oh my god we're still I don't him applaud at our own and make it. I yeah I I have to admit that was the first time I ever saw Ted and Ted Nugent innocent. Yet there is paired Alka Tate really actually look like I don't know what springer are even a bobbing my. Life. I'd love Obama go about it but aren't you go to Portland Oregon everybody wears Kim and Ireland what what are period and then he stands for our would smile and big on the back porch and the doll Duma parliament verdict is clear about like no load. Nice appreciated springer and Nat check out upstate outdoors Tommy springer and FL gentry. On not Saturdays noon to two. Here on no 163. W lowered Mott where you on diesel subs I was on rainbow class 6469. Nope. I know I was not race summary here. Bob what TV show are you talking about whether to Soviet agents is really good it's called the Americans. It's on FX. It is in its last. Season and a half. Right now the at the last full season is running right now and then they're gonna have a last half season. To wrap it up into husband and wife. They're two KGB agents who are planted here back over way. And are pretending to be just the average American citizens and have a couple of cans. Now which showed that brings have a whole another set of problems with if you haven't seen it trillion the trade craft that senators are pretty pretty good. I think the best show. For trade craft. Was not in my five when it was on. But you know. Hollywood as is always again and get some things they have to change around but the American side and I recommend. But Bob went all the talk of Russia and North Korea. Does this mean the Susan Rice issue has dropped through the cracks I don't think so. I think we will see a resurfaced it is been bumped off the front page right now because of the heightened tensions. Now between. President trump America. And Kim Jung dawn whatever his name is Leah Pillsbury Doughboy lack go over there in North Korea. And the recent meeting between president trump another try come leader to trying convince them. To assist us in owning this guy down and apparently ain't sampling may be in the works and there was a story today. And now one of the Japanese news services. Reporting that the Chinese are telling the end north Koreans. They better back off all the bellicose talk. Or they'll cut their coal supplies ritual they actually I mentioned. With all this discussion of North Korea vs the US. DO Bobby Mack semi professional players said that dragged out a number. Of love musical tributes to elect Kim Dong and what's his name. Here's the latest weather apologies. To BW Stephenson. Four ripping off his. On my Maria. Also Hillary. New is awesome British Shea needs. It's now clear don't bringing an ingenious. Pool one thing it made me it's. Didn't need to face the okay. Slash wow green deal bills you nervous yeah. Okay. And yeah. And they and they matter and cool their jets over there by the way just a you know make sure everything is calm cool and collected. Let's replay our nuclear preparation and you know Israel can play a role player. Love Oregon's this is the nuclear warhead preparedness to Israel step one. Walked up to the skies and say holy. And I am rarely. Steptoe. A piece of chocolate cake you were avoiding in the fridge because it'll make you look fat eat all of it right now stepped pray. Default on all of your loans are. It lane don't pay another dime stepped all are well little Jimmy I guess we don't have to save for college unable. There you have it. Steps to deal with a nuclear disaster. And not to worry at all will end well. Money paying US army she got a call in the Al last humanness related to a new story that we have been done somehow. We ended up getting the phone number that was given to us incorrectly that are given to us stronger. Maybe a trend supposed somehow during the conversation so if Brittany. Cannot give us a call back. On the talk line 803471063803471063. Brittany can call us back. Then we will not be able to get the correct phone number so we can pass along the information that she wanted to just share. Six Tony nine here on the bombing action account check in with any in the news center are right back the last half of the bonus hour is coming up. Welcome back last half of the a program here on this Thursday evening out couple of hold the phone. Stories. Deir Al late developing. And Republicans on Capitol Hill said they are ready to go where they knew healthcare plan to repeal and replace obamacare. I remember of course the first GOP can't planned. Failed to get enough support done more than the party was pulled from the house for. Speaking at a press conference with the Italian prime minister today the president said he is confident. That's the L next. A proposal the latest legislation will pass here's president trot. The play gets better. And better and better and it's gotten really really good and people like we have a good chance of getting it soon. I'd like to see you next week but it will be I believe who again it. And whether it's next week or shortly thereafter. Not it'll be big lake. Says they president. This is a great billed as a great plan. And this will be great health care it's. Evolving you know there was never give up. So will. We'll see perhaps as soon as next week as the president said we could see via the next. Proposal to repeal and replace obamacare and another hold the phone. I'm from the Washington Post this evening Berkeley. Reverse his decision to cancel cancel speech. By conservative pundit and colder. Officials at the University of California Berkeley. Which is a base of tea. I kind of filed Moscow. West. Reversed their decision today to cancel a speech by conservative firebrand and colder. The universe and they had announced yesterday it was canceling cultures appearance following several political protests in Berkeley that turned violent. But today. The university sedated found a venue where it could all the speech scheduled for May second. Instead of the original April 27 date. However a leader of a cobble a college Republican group that originally invited Coulter said the university was placing strict conditions on the event. And he said his group intended to reject. The new tariffs funny they don't they don't do that you know in neighboring end. Van Jones they avowed Communist. Obama administration speak. Before the reversal was announced I Coulter had vowed to go ahead with a an appearance anyway. And that probably would have put security officials on high alert. Might have sparked another showdown in struggles over campus safety student views and ideological open next. What are they gonna do arrest me she said on fox news with Tucker Carlson Coulter said she called their bluff. By agreeing to rules set by the university seeking to prevent violent. Op aren't they kind of slam in the barn door after the echo lines and exited the facility how many times have we seen in. The the radicals. All clad in black when their faces covered. Disrupting events. Destroying property injuring people and so now the university is concerned. University officials originally sent a letter canceling the event to a campus Republican group that invited colder to speak and it. University officials said they made the decision to cancel. Holder's appearance after assessing the violence that flared on campus in February. When these same college Republican group. Invited. Right wing private provocateur order and now former bright part news senior editor. Milo Ian novelist to speak and see protests and clashes escalated. During that event. Some again setting fires throwing rocks and Molotov cocktail Molotov cocktails. And attacking. Members of the crowd how many people arrested member of that when no money penny was at one. One person you know and they they allow. These. Radical thugs. To essentially riots. And then. Turnarounds and well can't have anymore of that. Pop up com. Clint Eastwood has announced his next film will be the 1517. To Paris. Com. This of course will be a film about the two. Members of the American military. That. Aborted. Via Islamic jihadist who is gonna attack people on the train. With a knife. The wife writes. Of the heroes. Anthony sat where Alec scar allowed post as Spencer stone and Jeffrey stern. Part of the package. Clinician would will begin casting right away to start production later this year. Bump up on this keeps Eastwood on the track of building crowd pleasing movies out of true stories. About ordinary men. An extraordinary situation that included Saleh. The hit film about Chesley Sullenberger played by Tom Hanks. A heroic airline pilot who landed the US Airways flight in the Hudson River. After the engines were damaged by birds. Right after take off. These then you may remember members of the Oregon National Guard. Now approved fearlessness they charged and ultimately overpowered. And assessing gunmen but I thought he was not not yeah she was armed with a guy. After he emerged from a bathroom armed and ready to kill other actions certainly averted a mass tragedy. At 642 here in the body Mac show we got so much from bad news during the course of the day in and on a weekly basis including what happened in Paris today. A time once again for a good news story. And not today's good news stories from right around the corner. Seventeen year old girl Mikhail the gist. I'm my hope I'm pronouncing your name from IP guests. Now lives in Spartanburg. She was diagnosed with a a rare type of bone cancer about two years ago lost one of her legs then. The cancer returned in February she had to have another surgery on her hip. So as a result as you might imagine she has missed a lot of school somehow though she is still in the top ten. In her class. And she's also really popular when her friends found out that she would be hospitalized and missed the prom. This past weekend they decided to bring the prom to her. And it wasn't just a few students dozens of them. Showed up at the hospital everybody wearing their prom gear Michaela was in a blue dress. And they brought her crown and flowers because she was elected. Prom queen are also organizing and fund rise a fund raiser at a school. Later this month to help her family with a medical bills are trying to raced 50000. Dollars here is they're talking about one or classmates did. Slam. My own and what to make people Happy Gilmore. It better. They just they don't come home making it can do anything that within my team they came out all shape eighty's I don't know her every day for doing. She does have been able to get out stay in the top ten per class. She's always Malin. She's been through so much that she's now that she's so determined. Anyway. I call it. What he's saying. From what you. So that's. Back home in in a lot of time and we made an inland as I. Her nice that's a great story. And as a mentioned there now organizing a fund raiser later this month to help her family paid a medical bills. They're trying to raise 50000 dollars and if you would like to help. Just search help. Me Kayla and that spelt MEK. A YL away. In the KYLA. Help me keel out tko cancer that's on go fund may. Dot com yesterday's good news story from a writers partner quarterly for seven here on the bunny Mac show take a quick break here in the right back with a last part of the bonus hour. Here on Thursday. A world. Al welcome back 649 now here in the closing minutes of a body mag bonus hour on Thursday member while back there was a big dust up. Because a congress person. One of their constituents had sent them to eat painting. And this representative. On the hill. Decided this was worthy of being posted on the day and the hallways of the US capitol grounds. The painting depicted a police officer as a pig. Well she might imagine that attracted some attention from more conservative members. And down. One of them toe to Dell. Resulting in the beginning of a lawsuit going back and forth. A federal judge. Has now blocked efforts to bring back. To the US capitol they controversial painting. David Paul for us. A student artists from Missouri and representative William clay he is democratic. Congressional representative. Had sue would. Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers for removing the painting in January. Amid a showdown with the law enforcement groups and Republican lawmakers who opposed the art. US district judge John. In the selection and presentation of the peace as a result. It's engaging in government speech and the point has had no First Amendment right to display the painting. Only yet tool in a a lawyer representing. Paul for us and clay says they are likely to appeal. I'd given up kids the painting appeared to show a pig in a police uniform aiming a gun and a black wolf. Holding a sign that says stop kill. My guess exposed remained stop the killing above the scene two birds one black and one flight fight. And besides MA black protestor holding a scale of justice is crucified real nice. The artwork was part of an annual contests sponsored by the Democrat representative. And is said to be a symbolic representation. Of injustice. Any quality and the unrest in Ferguson. Following the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in 2014 can you tell this story. It surmised that actually this is from Fox News. But the AP is is where that the language originated. The officer of course I found not guilty of any. Saying wrong. But we never mentioned that in the stories. By the way this Moab the mother of all bombs. The US military's nonnuclear. Moab hit the Islamic state in Afghanistan so hard. It cracked buildings. In neighboring Pakistan. Villagers complained. To a newspaper there that they bomb had cracked and numerous tells us and they mosque. In mall on a village located in the foothills of Lee White Mountain which serves as a border. Between the two countries Nemo landed and I since base last Thursday. And now Leah pack users and act. Ruin my else. Well until wake us. Collateral damage to. We all know that the Al leftist media has now. Their claws out for Donald Trump for anything and everything. But. It's taken our friends at debt MRC Media Research Center and their group news busters. You actually run some numbers on this stuff. As president trump approaches the end of his first hundred days in office he's received by far. They most hos style press treatment of any incoming American president. With the broadcast networks. Punishing him with coverage that has been and what percent this year things ran negative money panic. Take a guess of the mainstream media coverage of president trumpet its first hundred days what percentage has been negative. Alex and eighty tapper in very close. 189%. The networks are largely ignored. Important national priorities such as jobs. And with the network. Broadcast networks punishing him with coverage day after day they've overlooked. They fight against I assist in favor of a news agenda that spend dominated by anti trump controversies. And which closely matches. One would be expected from an opposition party. Well no wonder. The lame stream media is part of the opposition party for example president trumps push to invigorate the economy bring back American jobs received a total of eighteen minutes of coverage less than 1%. Of all the air time donated to the administration. With his moves to renegotiate various international trade deals resulting in less than ten minutes of TV news eight years ago in contrast. They broadcast networks rewarded new president Barack Obama their hero with mainly positive spin on. And spent hundreds of stories. Discussing the economic agenda of the incoming liberal administration. For the study MRC analyst reviewed all of ABC. CBS and NBC's evening news coverage of trump and his new administration from January the twentieth through April the ninth including weekends. Coverage during those first eighty days was intense as the networks churned out. 869. Stories about the new administration. 737. Full report. And 132. Brief anchor read items plus an additional 140. Full reports. Now roughly two fists and they whopping ninety minutes of total network airtime devoted to the trump administration was negative and now. Stunned to hear that. Dave Ramsey is up next down seat back we'll wrap it up tomorrow. God bless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical force to. And greens. Yeah. Bryan. Must be going. I'm must be outgoing and happiness yeah. Leave eve I hate it. It's. On the yeah. I guess. Can.