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Friday, April 20th

420; DNC lawsuit; Seth Rich


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Maybe you know for. Romo played. She railing and another way you would be fourth and final hour they've modernized. There on nine please TGI definition. Yes indeed need is C Friday free for all these Allstate has really like solid. Which means you talk about anything you want to hear on Friday and here's the methodology. You're employed go about doing that. There's grab your phone use a 1063. WORD. Talk line number. 80347106. Story pretty common sense of retirement planning touch the line numbers. Also available for you 71307. And my email address is simple way. Bomb the at 1063. WORG. Dot com Philly golf course and final hour here on Friday. If you're throw away. A attack dog in the right. He had plastic loud mouth of the south and without further adieu to the phones we go our leadoff batter is Robert. He is and my stomping grounds of Taylor's hello Robert and welcome to the money Mac show where it's all ball. All the time. Alternately about it somebody else I did not realize. Cutler's yes but you're not here actually it and are much. My back turned and the storm books. And nobody here except one person sit outside and it looked like Porter. And that's a good way to get molested you know went. Navigation for all I know Michael in there a side and I lol. Did you did you see that Starbucks had to react because somebody in the in the wake of all this nonsense. Somebody made up is made up these coupons. And don't look like a real discount coupon. It was caught it it was Johnny white privilege come on I'm coupon. And a and and an unbelievable. Pre Bloomberg print them out and end they can and then heads are at. And now so I said not not a real coupons. Well it act and play better or old go now what anyway. And let you on. Kind of mentioned it last week and I told there's money in it right there I actually got track past note likes percent showing. The march a level state newspaper articles. About the teenaged drinking underage drinking and beating and it all goes well. Most every night but tonight in the night and I got in trouble the calls. I showed it to a 21 year old is transferring to the universe and are now she's thinking maybe not now by. On her little friends there or high schooler and I'm sure the piper. Pan belt only we didn't call a mom. And she's very upset now that's lower. And this is kind of tying in Portland you know it's like yeah oh my mobile is very upset. Even though daughter is getting ready to go to university or in gains. Late in a four month. And giving an author of sport winning out. Gang's all patently infamous all look brand called gang's all bringing. This. I mean unless you play in I'll let you and a half an hour can't. The art you know go in I've wide open but he liked and there's a whole lying here little Betty. And net state newspaper in multiple selections wanna talk about spike got any reichardt about it called I mean I'll. Like adult life I eight GO date out of the buildings and able IQ by Cadbury and it. Yet Sonoma and books. And now are cooking up right and make blanket just in two years. This little item number two in 2012. And 2000 port saint 39% of US state at regarding. Only cal. So yes I know is are you instigated the trigger warning when this story. Yeah I got to think. You know and Brian oh I'm sorry I did not study newspaper. Well on Margaret that's. Really hurts right here so open aired on the line the alcohol problem. Boland I think I'm gonna go down they're night and I'm gonna try to ratchet. It named art yeah I'm gonna go down there a little docking in. Because I lawless sleet the corruption. I'm not quite into it and a site social that I I adult. In a lineup already. Ratchet. You know actually a term that means nasty and and read. And I'll OK let's go I appreciate the translation because it's now when I was familiar with. Animal bad animal hide. Which bottle like collection is not hot it's not. This is not it's not issues to Shaquille and it's not clear. Yeah I'll go around they're called a long slate stand back site doesn't slow that I do not contract. It again and all right oracle like an airport ST date now no one knew that now. But surged late everybody also look. At this. I got to realize not actually they're trying to close to all our stand at 2 o'clock which public board and reasonable doubt they're saying not so exciting yeah. Slashed totally they're art packet came out this. I had 280. Reported. Alcohol. Poisoning incident. Which Manger righted or are. Eric yeah that's the one reported the issue on black. And playing as you look at all the other stuff like a lot of bar owners and you know our. There's not overall being one in law and which most all art. And morning to get drawn in yet BL war that's the only one of the ball ore grade and and then. Doesn't you know not only to take up too much time list this year but this might easily describe it to the crap out like a drunken saluted. Rolling in China will be but he. Answered all toppled tables. And tall pensions. Actually draw people. Loved dance single tall but it. And pretty much an anecdote about somebody else has not let our party yeah and one bath room which he got released. And aren't. Missile and group therapy. And that first parent and I don't park in front of the Arctic parents. Calls. You'll probably get your car messed up when I roll out a boy and you just. Terrorist. And you know. But I didn't. Ayers is a larger audience or. Little public lists. I saw compromise or your ranking. Rotors and possibly and not a candy and those products are and called us right. But now. I am a whole lot Lonnie. Hand when he times about it. And it kind and I. All in and out and literally identical aren't that geez sneak it in your people list. I'm not anti tank got. Calls out here. And it's. Yeah and it's just luck and only allow cross let's. An attempt to skin and it just. And next day. Would only salute and a jungle right shoots Hala thank you may seem small little. Get out all of your quit anyway always. I'll watch it. Great here on straight and many Eagles should you buy it does hit a camera like. By apple it's not like war. That will be would that word when that'll be worth the price of admission Robert thank you road house to. Cummings and entirely upon obligation. In in in five points. Boy sixteen after six here in the bombing measure well you know I'll I went to North Carolina and very little room. And talked me right back. Yeah I guess I had I just don't fit in contour Tawny. But then again it is hip. To me square six or anyone here in the body Mac show and on the tax line this afternoon seven and 307. I'm Bobbie I tell Robert we're counting on him can anyone say stirring. The pot. Ash. Now Bob speaking of district 38 in Boiling Springs I noticed today. On a viral local roads abernathy they just got freshly painted lines. On a road that's cratered. Hatched cracked with a loose sinking areas. I couldn't count the times I had a zigzag. Across that knew pretty solid yellow line. Why waste the money it's like putting new paint on rotted wood. And as I know where our. Bob we should add the theme song from the greatest American hero in honor of four Torre can't. Body might suppose that latest song 25 or six to four by Chicago. Many times confused with smoking Mary Jane supposedly choking game Jay for 25 minutes. Is supposed to have a lasting effect for between four to six hours. Actually in it and they had to do with a time that they songwriter. Was writing the lyrics for the song it was trying to come up with a name. For the song at the time the time just seem to fit so its stock. 25 or six to 4 AM in the morning. Pop up. Now Bonnie oh here's an answer a question about student last went Obama. Privatized. Student loans. The alone holders now have the right to ceased. Tax refunds which the government did not do when they. Held alone so it was a another. Effort two try and bring as much as possible under the control of the federal government similar to obamacare. Bobbie it's 420 have a Coke and a smile. Point an ankle that echoed a color commercials. Any is on fire today. Went earned just took a big hit voice aleris. Any so I should dead there. Epic. Bobby when it went well our government using excuse it's not good for America and not do something stupid. Now there's there's a rhetorical question and mommy why would they not indict McCabe for lying to at FBI agents are allied G agents all office and all of us in the inspector general general foil and was indicted for the same thing. Now think the president made that point one of his tweets and now here's McCabe. Out there whether it's 500000 dollar go funny page to pay his legal bills. And and general flange career and life is ruined. Al Bobby for a given loans are counted is in come. Unpaid student loans are taken at a tax returns Richard that. Bob we can only hope that they seriously take a look at McCabe in the rest of these lawbreakers and prosecute. If they don't. And I'll be more of the same old BS. Now Bobby please explain me 420 thing Jimmy and then a nerd Oman like bugs a couple of explanations. One visit supposedly it's either the day that Bob Marley. A Rey gate singer was a born or died and though the one the explanation and I read. Goes back to a California high school group similar to Obama's Schumer gang. Where they went down media day after school when out and token up. And Vista this group. Add a California high school would meet at 420. In the afternoon and a fire amount and it just kind of spread from there. Al Bobby Butler county Pennsylvania sheriff Michael slew or sloop a SL UPE. Has banned his office from conducting business with any company involved in a boycott. Of the NRA. So there are the ball cutting themselves. I like it. Bob on one person I know has a lit up today she each. Can't treat rare. Bob it's amazing most of your listeners don't believe in smoking dope when you all are giving it full press. Us tropical. And if I mean we're endorsing it. For the most part where we're making fun of. Al bobbing my wife and I really enjoy your show especially to humor on the 420 deal. My wife who's ministered to a hundred dramatics and unfortunately. Marijuana is the first step for many of a heroin and hope healing crisis deaths. Just an FY kind of balance out the. Much appreciate Dan. About anywhere is John Warren from an easy one of the GOP gubernatorial candidates heard him on your show yesterday he is from right here in the upstate. He is up from on Greenville. A bump up. Now Bob another of those songs was a down to seeds and stems again blues. My commander Cody in the las planet airman and I remember commander. While they could you please do a shout out for the MS walk. Coming up Saturday April 28 at five. And USC upstate. The local television medium seems to forget us most years thank you so much from my Peggy. That they could well be because on the weekends. They have the Nobel local TV stations have substantially fewer work crews. To work with them in many instances all we have maybe one vote target one reporter. And so they'll they'll kind of been select things are gonna cover not male may I suggest. Not tomorrow morning. Like 9 o'clock herself. Now or better yet come Monday morning when they end the week day assignment editor. Is on the desk called the TV station and ask for the assignment editor. And and tell them about the event coming up and ask them if they can schedule by getting a crew out there for. Bobby I'm thinking about moving to South Carolina and running for the state senate I'm sure I would fit in there are signs thanks signed. Jay told me Washington DC. What else to that do Alia Bob. Toby Keith. Had a song I'll never smoke weed with Willie again. I would doubt we think it's good idea. Now Bobby nor the front runners for governor well on the GOP side. And I think you can safely assume in South Carolina. A Republican is gonna win the the governor's mansion. There is a rush him wrap my tax dog. And I he is he's not really the incumbent he has. He's a place holder after Nikki Haley. Was appointed day UN ambassador by present trump so he's running. Out for his first full term as governor. And in addition and they challengers include Dan many that well all of them have vote have been on this program a one time or another recently. Catherine Templeton who was. Had a couple of different roles in nine Nikki haley's administration John Warren. Who is on the program yesterday Katherine Templeton was on Monday and John Warren is an upstate businessman and now retired marine. And the lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant. And also still in the race I believe. Is the outs former lieutenant governor. Who has who used to be on a Democrat in the senate transferred down parties. Over to the the GOP. And so that can pretty much bring Jim XP I 630 here on the Bobby -- show any ready to go and a new center I'm right back in the last half of the bonus hour. Here on Friday. Try not to sound so Latin includes. 639. Welcome back closing half of me out bonus are here and AM bombing Mac show on Friday. So by the DNC. Now right on top of things as usual a year and a half. After I Hillary got handed her had by Donald Trump has now decided they're going to sue. The trump campaign. As several individuals Donald Trump junior the president Sonnen larger commissioner. On the Russian military. They Russian government Vladimir Putin. Our hacking. The DNC emails. Show idea they're gonna issue a subpoena for prudent become rare in the right. Plus. This they're they're continuing to stick to this story. That it was Russia and hacking as part of the Russian collusion and none of which has ever been proven Donna went. That was responsible for Hillary losing now that that's what did. There was a piece that was written by can 9 January of this year. That I think is germane to this that I've been hanging onto for awhile because I had a feeling. Knowing the way these progressives work to they would come back around eventually. To claiming. That Russian hacking is what went to the WikiLeaks. Publication of the DNC emails and cause the most problems. It was written by Daniel John Sobieski and must publish an American thinker on the way out and was entitled. When Seth rich killed. Over the steel dossier. If we're to believe the transcript of fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson's testimony before that Senate Judiciary Committee in August. Released unexpectedly by senator Dianne Feinstein of California. The search for a smoking gun in the dossier scandal may lead us to a dead body. At least according to Simpson's lawyer. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in August of 2017. Glenn Simpson not to gather in Canada fusion GPS was questioned. About whether he tried to assess the credibility of sources behind information and uncovered by Christopher Steele a former British intelligence agent. Who compiled a dossier. Yes but I'm not going to get in the sourcing information Simpson said. Asked again what steps he took to verify their credibility. Simpson declined to answer he has a lawyer. Joshua Levy then intervened and said Simpson was just trying to protect his sources. And Levy said and I quote. Somebody's already been kill old. As a result of the publication of this dossier and no harm should come anybody related to this honest work. The interview didn't pursue the line of questioning for. He's somebody should pursue this hand grenade tossed in the middle of the room somebody's already been killed. As the result of the dossier. Put together by former British by Christopher steal from questionable. Russian sources and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC. And we believe used by the FBI do a train flies or warrants to spy on the campaign of Hillary's opponent Donald Trump. As shocking as this revelation may be in dovetails nicely with fear expressed for her safety. By former DNC chair Donna Brazile. In a stunning interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. About her book packs. Brazile made cryptic references to murdered DNC. Internet. IET staffer Seth rich and reveal that afterward. She took the precautions one takes when they fear for their life. So far speculation about the unsolved murder of center rich have been dismissed as a right wing conspiracy theories. But Brazil's references to him. In light of all this come about. About WikiLeaks. The fusion GPS dossier and Hillary's purchase of the DNC that rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. May be a missing piece of this whole puzzle. We have the unsolved murder of a former DNC staff herself ranch a former DNC chair. Who feared for her life and a statement by the lawyer for the founder of fusion GPS suggesting that someone had been killed over the dossier. Would it be too much to connect those dots. Brazil according to Newsweek and a piece titled. DNC's Donna Brazile dedicated her book to patriots after rich whose death made her fear for her own life. Dave dedicated her book in part to rich. What did Donna Brazile fear for her life after south riches unsolved murder. Where these cryptic references they wail warning those who she feared. Might do her harm then more would be revealed after her possible demise. Only Donna Brazile can elaborate and it's doubtful she will. Seth riches murder remains a mystery with no apparent motive not even a robbery gone wrong as it has been class. As a daily caller Investigative Group observes an eight piece entitled Donna Brazile has a theory about who killed Seth rich. From her book. I feel some responsibility. For Seth Rich's death I didn't bring in into the DNC. But I helped keep him there are working on voting rights. With all I knew about the Russian tactic and I could not help but wonder if they'd played some part in his unsolved murder. Besides that. Racial tensions were high that summer night worried that he was murdered for being Y eight on the wrong side of town. The FBI said they did not see any Russian fingerprints there. Brazile. Reportedly returned to the subject to being haunted by Rich's murder even though other Democrats have pounced on anyone. Who suggested the murder was anything other than a robbery gone wrong. The DNC data staffer was killed. Days before WikiLeaks. Began publishing its emails and his valuables were not taken. The Russians did not provide WikiLeaks would any pearl wind emails or other documents according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. As Fox News reported on his interview on non on their network. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denied. That hacked emails from the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta. Were stolen and pass to his organization by Russian state actors. Our source is not the Russian government. A signed set. So in other words let me be clear he was asked Russia did not give you the Podesta documents or anything from the DNC. That's correct. Assange says. Santa rich being a DN CIT. Staffer. If he did not provide the documents and emails to WikiLeaks himself. Might have been in a position to know who did and how. We do know that the DNC denied the FBI access to the server that was allegedly hacked by the Russians. Now we have a possible link among south rich he is death and the dossier. Paid for in part by the DNC. The DNC rebuffed a request from the FBI to examine its computer services after it was allegedly hacked by Russia during the election. The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity. Of obtaining direct access to servers and data. Only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromised had been mitigated. So maybe Donna Brazile and Glenn Simpson know more about what the DNC was trying to hide from the FBI. Her shocking revelations in her book and they statement by Simpson's lawyer may be the tip of a rather large and unnerving iceberg. This stuff is a wide and deep. Thirteen before seven here on the bunny match I'll be right back. Welcome back. Great to have you all on here as we have get in the closing minutes and AM Friday free for all here in the bombing Mac show. In on May yet Tex lines 71 threes are a senate that you Bonnie for talking about south rich. It's been ignored for far too long while the show Russell from Taylor thank you Russell appreciate that. Bob Bob Bob Bob EO Bernie Sanders. Should sue the DNC for setting up. He has a loss as a candidate absolutely. Asia enemy you wanna talk about collusion. Now look at the way that Hillary and and her minions. Rounded up. All the out the people that we could then have bagged and not paid amendment threaten them and everything else. Two insure. That that Bernie would not be able to get the nomination. Now Bob they I don't know why Hillary doesn't your shot her pie hole and go away just getting absolutely ridiculous from a Colleen in net and meant. And you're killing Bobbie do you know where I can rent a tank. For these jackass is a dead over at the last minute in the right blame to get off of 85 under 384. A show on money penny I think waved back in the day. I never saw the movie but I heard about the WC fields. In the thirties. Made a movie about a guy who was so frustrated about. Terrible drivers in LA. That he bought a taxicab company. And he would then take the cabs out it would drive himself. And when he saw somebody doing something really human he would crash one of his taxation to. It added that it may seem incomprehensible. That and road rage that would drive under that back in the 1930s but apparently at. Problem and as well. Al Bobby or family supporting the a true conservative the true marina true businessman John Warren from them. And I forgot to mention a belief not yet seen the and one of the other GOP gubernatorial candidates he is a former lieutenant governor and a former Democrat who is a change partners. Now Bob temple does and I Templeton is a rhino it best to support a Liberal Democrats would call yourself a conservative outsider go for it. On top of Bobbie the caller who said your listeners don't like smoking so why are they talking about it. And so humor is no moral laugh out loud now passed passed it to you. Bump up. And I believe. Yep I believe that catch up sari knowledge. At a bunch more quickly a pop in here. But they I knew some pot heads in college the clock in their room. Was stuck on 421. Mere coincidence. I just thank. Bobby I know it's off topic but there is no off topic on Friday but how come there was never any questioning into Obama. Having his alias Barry so Toro. Would this not be something to question. Very sick so Toro. Was the name that. He had as a child. When nine his mother. Now married mr. Santorum became a stepfather. And so I that's that's where that name. Came from. Bob Bob Bob Bob like US Marshal I would go to these schools and shut him down while arresting students and staff. For contributing to the delinquency of minors. Bob if people think about it trump is keeping its promise to deal with a slot because he certainly has stirred it up now. As things keep coming to light. Indeed did. As we always do here on Friday we wrap it up with a great down Louis Armstrong sat schmo and wonderful world mobile have a terrific weekend maybe it won't rain on Sunday. Her change. So you back here on Monday have a great weekend and until I see you back here Monday afternoon. Jobless.