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Tuesday, April 24th

Parkland Fla shooting deputies were hiding; Cohen


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And come on sunshine and I can do my breakthrough out there. Tired of me ask cloudy gray skies the Marvin whether ailing general sunshine and here sometime between now and set an. Which is the end full time here for me balmy Mac show. On tour today are all still there is a new member of the British royal family Zurich signage isn't things in my season this tremendous. OK aside said David he's very excited and it's showtime and thanks thanks I think. Me out royal baby making machine cranks out what is this like the 28 air to the throne. Buoyant I don't know they and name out of me and I knew. Now. New intrigue to the line of succession that I know that your waiting breathlessly to find out what name is enemy so. Passat owners as soon as we're not here we go getting underway it is teacher's edition with yours truly. Pat Bobby Mack in the air chair. Yeah thank you very much and not as all the way is. Your input is invited to encourage and welcome. I get in touch is grabbed the phone using a 1063. WORD. Talk line 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71 threes are seven. And my email address Bob and 1063. W a RD dash cam got a nice email today. Now we mentioned yesterday and Bennie Cunningham sadly the senate passed away at Clemson and Pittsburgh Steelers great player. Missed jell O passed along a photo. Of her and not a coach who co worker chant keys and Bennie Cunningham. And beaten a nice nice picture there and numbness Joseph wrote. And Denny is not on the left that's me in the middle on my co workers Chad Keith Chad and I both were SE PR key employees. At the South Carolina welcome senator. At TI 85 state line with that win Georgia. Believe this picture was taken in 2003. Benny was always great to come out every year at the end of summer and the beginning of football season to meet the tour reached us. He was not only great football player but more importantly good. Missing men in the picture he's wearing his and Clemson Jersey 85. At any time is not available when he got to the Steelers. Didn't John Stallworth I think worried how man might have been it was either stall once mania. And one of the other great steeler receivers when in any event many war 89. With the Steelers and wait a young weighed two young ago. Speaking of way to young. Much mileage has been made by the anti gun proponents. In the wake of the shooting at ten part one high school that the Parkland high school in Florida. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. As as always occurs. When we have an event like this there is. An analysis. Of the response. To the event. What window what could be turned on an after action report and this one is not flattering. To the. Broward county sheriff's department. Travis fashion. Writing at Fox News. Broward sheriff's deputies. Coward behind cars and free it's. Which part one shooter believed in the building reports. They'd deputies who were among the first to arrive on scene of Florida school massacre. Were found cowering behind their cars and a nearby tree. And had no idea where the gunman watched this according to the official report released today. The report from Coral Springs officer Brian Wilkins. Only to find Broward county sheriff's officers had not entered the school. But were instead taking cover. Quote. I saw approximately four. Broward county sheriff's office vehicles. Park in the westbound lane with their personnel. Taking up exterior positions behind their vehicles. Wilkins wrote. I drove up just west of the campus building 12100. Exited my vehicle grab my AE ar fifteen rifle Don my tactical medical gear. As I was advancing on foot through the chain link fence I was advised by an unknown. BSO deputy taking cover behind a treat. He's on the third floor. Wilkins added he was joined by two other officers on to enter the building where he saw the dead and wounded. They police officer's report was first revealed by the Miami Herald. Seventeen people were killed in the Valentine's Day shooting during which alleged gunman Nicholas crews opened fire. And then four and five minutes before officers went into the building. And another police report released today Coral Springs officer Scott Meyers. Wrote that police were originally told by this match. That authorities were watching the gunman on surveillance video who is preparing to exit that each stairwell on the second floor. We were prepared to engage the shooter on the second floor. After several moments we were advised the CC TV was not alive. And then an unknown do you weigh existed turned out it was something like seven rate minutes delayed. We oral later informed that they suspect was seen exiting the building via cctv. Our team transition to a rescue team and we evacuated every classroom on the second floor. In the wake of the shooting. A Broward county sheriff's office received heavy criticism for its handling of the situation including. The actions of deputy Scott Peterson the school's resource officer who stood outside the building. As the attack unfold. A former deputy denied wrongdoing. And retired from the sheriff's department the for an investigation Mosul watched. They Broward county sheriff's office released footage of the shooting. But it showed Peterson spending most of the time during the shooting standing outside the school with his gun drawn. They report released today indicated wasn't just Peterson. That couldn't find crews. Him actually you know that senate should say. It wasn't just Peterson who didn't bother to look for crews. As Wilkins noted in his report the other officers of the scene couldn't locate where the shooting took place well it's a little different cult. To determine. Where the shooting took place when your crouched down behind your cruiser. Are hiding behind a tree. Meanwhile school safety issues are being revealed as well the Broward Sheriff's Office. Told me Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school public safety commission at its first meeting on Tuesday. The teachers could unlock their classroom doors from the inside. As they tried a lock down their students on February 14 instead. Teachers had to open their doors and using key tone lock them from the outside. Sounds brilliant plan and the doors also had small windows which allowed crews to fire in the locked classrooms. Other weren't shooting fish in a barrel. Broward sheriff's radios are also not on the same frequency as Carl springs police. 82 prime. Our agencies that respond. Attempts to merge the radio channels failed which prevented the two departments from sharing information. Coral Springs and Broward are also went separate 911 systems. And calls were coming in to bulk. So. It. It comes. Blatantly obvious. That down. The LEOs and in this instance failed miserably. I understand. I wanted to. Get a tactical appraisal of the situation. You don't miss Russia and willing Nelly. And become the next victim. If you don't know if he's hiding right beside stairwell where you're going in the door but by the same token. Hiding outside crouching down behind your cruiser are hiding behind a tree. Is not exactly. Putting you know position to make a tactical assessment of the situation. Specially while this guy is inside. Killing plants. Yep this dissent sheriff that Scott Israel that his own deputies now. I am about to vote on AM no confidence vote. For him. Rick Scott down to Florida governor impatient he should remove this guy. Sixteen after three here in the Bobby Mack should take a quick break here in the Maru right back as we roll on here on Tuesday. On the bunny Mac show on WORD. Who. And the blowfish the Bagram at three Tony won here on the money Mac show in all my tax line this afternoon Bob they only one word. For those and Broward County Florida sheriff's deputies gutless. Now Bob video don't Wayne why is that they wanna give the bad guys I can't start well it. I guess it day it makes it useful after the fact. But in terms of using it as a tool to be able to response. To be able to respond. Add to an active shooter situation now now my tell. Bombing I had the meatloaf today an echo sounds very good. Told them out there because it was recommended by Bobby Mack to appreciate that. And I think. Think debt debt catchers may have put the attacks on here momentarily. The president of frogs. And miss you a much grown and his wife. Are visiting president trump and Gilani in now in Washington I thought it was a really. Nice stroke they're gonna ham I'd dinner. At dove mountain Vernon the home of George Washington right there on the AM Potomac River. And end them. That's truly and a neat thing to do because it it's sort of reinforces. The longstanding relationship. Between France. And the United States of America the guests. Realistically I think most historians would agree without the assistance of the French. Aunt the founding. Of America there would not have bin. A United States of America Benjamin Franklin of course and Thomas Jefferson. Were in France lobbying. Extensively to get. The out military assistance of the French. And knowing of course they have no love lost with their. I'm compatriots across an English Channel and to the west. And I think China had an opportunity to something dense English cannot can't or we week we're off court. And after the other battle of Saratoga. Most historians I think now agree that that was one of the UN scans that I'm my hand them at the French say themselves they way to. These gash is one this big battle of Saratoga and they can win. If they had a little bit of help. And so when now when Washington had corn Wallace. Trapped. Against so water add to your talent. As the British were unable to send their massive. Police there now royal navy. In to pick up corn Wallace's troops and and extricate them from a trap they were and because the the French navy. Panama blockaded. So duped too. Harken back to that. But having dinner at ten Mount Vernon I think was say yeah a cool idea. And number of questions. To the president today while he another French president Emmanuel micron. And were having their of their meetings. One of the unquestioned Zagat Omnia president's last nerve. ABC news Jonathan Karl. App popped this question. To the end to the president and isn't about to go. Whether or not president trump would be open to pardoning Michael Cohen you remember going to insist. Personal wire two I had is. Belongings. In his hotel room where he's staying mouse house is being refurbished. And in his office. Jack booted thugs that came in and just go rounded up everything. And there never ending quest to try and find something. To. Hang on a present drop man and the president. And which was not done. Includes about receiving a question about Cohen. And during his meetings with that the French president today here's here's the way it sounded. OK computer. You lose it. Thank you very much. Stupid question. And any other anybody else from. I mean you know it talking about OK you can say all you want to about Donald Trump does things that are not presidential. He doesn't act presidential. Well not a politician. Night. And so when he gets Syria as stupid question has nothing to do when he isn't meeting with. They French president. In this. Session today at the White House. A phases and know what we're not going there. A stupid question. And by the way you wanna say the look on non microns face. When trump says stupid question anybody else. He's grinning from year to year. And he does know is Sanders out and we shank it to reach my French press present to it. Classic. A stupid question anybody else. Towards open after three here on me about your matchup. Al Bobby did they ever catch the shooter then shot the two police officers of the Chinese restaurant. I he took himself out. They found three bodies there the two police officers that he ambushed. And then he shot himself why they always do it in that order in up they've got the order reversed. Sugar shell first. Now bombing I'm out of that Obama. Never set foot anywhere. Near Melbourne. Them. I don't recall an instance where the president. Our former President Obama visited the Mount Vernon. Because of course George Washington. Owned slaves. And not knowing that you know he had false teeth that were made from a elephant ivory so he'd be also is. Contributing. To the end demise of on the elephant population which also went a pretty mana. Obama's. List. Now Bob don't forget there was some hard feelings still some hard feelings on the French side because they colonists were extremely effective in the French and Indian war. Bob the YouTube video entitled the line in the sand period. Shows Nicholas crews in action at Parkland high school go to the fourteen minute mark. I don't know I'm going to bring myself to watch. Money of trump were impeached what would the media do that's a great question. There's a big piece today. Where where was that I think it's on Drudge. I'm popped up on. Think it's amp I saw a little while ago but no the point of the article. Was that in addition everything else. Not unemployment being and it's lowest level in years and GDP. Today our our gross domestic product is about average 3%. Highest rate of increase in something like fifteen years in addition to all of that. And they on the tax cuts. Trouble is also in a sense save the media. I'm with all the talk of fake news. And now I am I sure CNN. Ratings are up. And Allen as CNN. They can't get arrested. And no wonder I mean Bernie Sanders. Of FaceBook. I'll live town halls. When he does those. We get more eyeballs on moments CNN has in the same hour. And it couldn't happen to a better route new us. Organization 330 here on the Bobby Knight show any ready to go and a new center when we come right back on the other side this is uninteresting. Obama Justice Department's attempts to influence investigations exposed. And they probe about Andy McCabe at the FBI. Is. This yet seem mere by the day be right back. Or boom and trying to contain your enthusiasm narrowing. 337 Tony three before four here in the body matchup. At every time I hear that stuff. I am still applied. Oh win. Somebody in a position of authority alike. The those are the mayor of Toronto the Canadian prime minister Trudeau one of the other so what you heard the newscasts and any hint of the job and now how well. A I don't know what they motivation was. For this van killer. There's one out and got a van and now really just joy riding around and. What are you know then the next thing that happened at the van. I'll uncontrollable. You leak the sidewalk and mowed down ten people and kill them. Her parents still plan to Earl way. To be able to assign a motive to this and. Anybody that hasn't meant living in a cave. As sends out. 9/11 of 2001. Knew immediately. What this guy's motivation watched. It's Islamic terrorism it's Jihad. Have they not been paying any attention to all at all. To leave various attacks that happened with motor vehicles of one sort or another in Western Europe. And they've not been aware of up ice this. Putting out videos. Instructing. Lone wolf. Attackers. Had to use this method of attack. As part of Jihad. And so now we get one and suddenly. They're struck and they can't figure out what this guy as motivation might have been out. It's truly incredible just how stupid they think we are and it proves just how stupid they are and how dis honest. Now they've they all sound like. Jack Nicholson has me a marine colonel Al UK. The public can't handle the truth weekend John a true. Who suggested that that's a crazy idea tellem and truth are you nuts. And we tell the truth then just walked then we would have to do something like active surveillance on mosques. We have to. Strengthen. And the out vetting that we do over the people who we went into that into our various countries. We can have bad I would that would be profiling. These members of the out religion repeats. I. You know with leaders like this we're doomed. To have repetition after repetition of instant like this or something similar. I'll look at Obama would even utter the words. Islamic Jihad or Islamic terrorism. Although he certainly is well aware that it existed during the eight years of his presidency. But of course it's not part of their ideology to admit. That there are Muslims who want to kill infidels. Add to the phones we go on never trapper is sent back today. What when they win the question I understand hello never how are. 2121 good poppy I secure spot. The trot it I think all of bizarre spot Bob. All of that a lot of questions from BBC reporter. Stupid because. You already get the answer that. Number we heard two or go. Pardon scooter Scooter Libby Brian is and picked it up one trial. Obstruction of justice and counsel lying to look bad. I'll be door doing back. Is already answered the question about how will he take care as people which which I think each hand and the only the only question is can. Bob Mueller that red stripe doubted what state court and. Let let this state courts deal with them outside Tibet and try out there where he cannot protect and and I think that's. And I am a little disturbed at the judge in this case kimbo would. Are refusing. To allow Cohen and and his attorneys to be able to go through day on the various emails and other. Papers that were confiscated. From his office. So that they can use the protection of attorney client privilege I mean. They they certainly allow that and more for Hillary. But not for cola. Well clearly. I mean once once you made that decision. That your gonna break down the office of Trump's lawyer. Are they pretty much have the opt in and that each holding something back and they are not gonna give them. The opportunity. After they've broken down the door and pick up that dot in the archives. Tibetan give them back to call and say okay. Give me the same I want and you keep doubling our. No well and and it's not yet and it and that's not necessarily a question of Aaron Cohen taking things back but they would be able to legally separate. What may be germane to know what ever is the DOJ and the FBI are investigating. And and and you know. It is it all comes back to the very beginning when they gave up all order. Up all of what went after a very narrow. Scope of operation. And Oprah that opt out if you find something else on that you take that we're wrote about it. Oh yeah that's. Now that's exactly that's exactly right because at that point at that point you're turning it into a fishing expedition. Yup but you know they they haven't caught up Spanish efforts also let. You have you have the pop up orders. Turning stage that you have. You know you let the other guys caught earlier planned leading our GOP got art and sport pleading guilty and you don't. Called majors the only types this guy. As wheat. And he is what the name out on the are and it I don't think this guy is. Well he had no choice I can't wait a minute he had no choice Kimba Wood the judge ordered. Kennedy's name to be released. What CE they're worse. Well there is no there is no yell but when the judge says you have to do what you have to do it. ROC would not know what jail. Well. And there's yeah he could yup he could have been found in contempt of court by a huge gap he couldn't he could've been war. He could have been found in contempt of court and jail. Cracked and I think that that. Not you finding that little slight Gypsy a little bit out in Asia because I think there's a much greater camera over yet. At a and they are much much greater scratch. Then then I given not Kennedy's name. In what's gonna come up in the next month. Well yeah but look thing overarching point here the overarching point here never is that. Pop a double OS did not been he's he's not going to two jail. The man a fort and and the rest. They're they're being charged with things that happened way before years before. They ever came in contact with the drug campaign and had nothing to do with it. And I'd be lonely it's obvious Fisher. Well yeah and I mean they're. A big. Put that extra well amen amen what can turn around what fourteen months and have found anything yet. I think at bat I think they call a cold or hot wire and I particularly as they established real. And I I don't out our hand here. I don't know than he has anything to squeal about what will say thanks never appreciate gone good to have you here 34614. Before four here on the Bobby matchup be right back. Get beaten down on. And then struggling to again back up again. Common affliction now I'm Mike and mission. At 351 a little Disco territory they're not before 4 o'clock here on the body matchup. And on the tax line Bobby please stop taking an idiots calls as a valuable minutes in my life I will never get back. Bob never traverse sounds like he's okay with a fishing expedition I wonder how are you like it if we fished around the Democrats pool. Per watt. Bob how they you know what does Mahler investigate anything to do with crimes. And not see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and host of others. That's a fair question I mean look what everything that we've learned so far. I think this is an accurate summations all right. Any trump FBI agents. Usually unverified steel dossier. From an anti trump opposition research firm views fusion GPS. Which commissioned an anti trump former British spying. To assemble anti trump memo is using suppose and high level Kremlin officials as sources and atop the golf. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for it. So. I mean. Yeah. It's it's ridiculous. Lab Bobby ironic anyone who hasn't been living in a cave knows it's Islamic terrorism while Islamic terrorist. Who do women games. And no I don't us. Hadn't thought of it that way but. Yeah point well taken. Now money machine this can this Owens as the a black conservative woman and her story of how she uncovered the left. Behind all the white supremacist social media. Trolling yeah and not Kanye West. It is also being burned alive on Twitter now for coming out in support. A president trump. And and also love Jenna so it's. Now this is this has gotten rich to the phones we yell attended Duncan next and bring in Carl. Here on the mounting national hi Carl and welcome to the program. Our psyche our personal or are. Marketing your card that worsen an idiot. You may be right there. Sure gently. Account are pushing him yesterday I don't totally know what kind of came horse show. I write about or are shooting an unarmed national gentry yes I cannot last a little bit. It won't it won't negate your and you know what you thought about you know the gentleman met this while this guy. I rather suspect. Into. Are a war. I'm the guy at the guy in Toronto. Well that guy and the more. All of the guy that took down the shooter. Yes he told me he was armed only with guts one. Prior art. What would you categorize as. Good dish. All the strange crime also killed these people but not all are what you because it's Saturday. Terrorist and in my book. He's the whole world here. And now I've got to categorize this guy as just mentally deficient. And he's he's not speech Tracy. Some serheo Europe sanctity. Correctly their strong point that terrorists. In March and then if Craig. Let me pull off these. Mass murder you know leash. You know twelve or usual sanity you know in my opinion. Well you you've got a point because ended the Islamic Jihad a seder dinner driven. By AM by ideology. Are in a sense. Nuts as well. This guy though that the difference to me. At Carl is that this guy was not driven by any. Ideological motive no political motive it was just crazy. Observed you know pride that a corporation limited trauma Lawrie did not. Now I don't think sell. It you don't. I think he just shot Babel and I think you get shot people indiscriminately. And let yeah this year whoever whoever happened to. Come in front of his they are fifteen. He shot. Black white red yellow whatever. Didn't know him. I appreciated thank you Carl N and and certainly. This this fellow that stopped at shooting this guy should yet. Like a presidential medal of freedom percent as Karl pointed out he was on our. He didn't have a weapon with which to shoot back. He just done I don't know at this giant. Mr. Doolittle. Race or save I can find out if this guy had a military background or not. But whether he'd get are not. He was Smart enough to take advantage. Of on the shooter. Either stopping to real load it could change collapsed or I don't know if they are fifteen jammed or or what happened. But he knew that he was unable to shoot and just tour. That that moment in time where he had had a window of opportunity to jump the guy. And not unlike. The way the Broward county sheriff's deputies reacted this guy. Took the bull by the horns and jumped him. Got hold of the weapon wrestle it away from him and tossed it over the counter where can get to. There's no telling how many alliance he saved by that action. There's apparently a Waffle House party full even those like 3:30 in the morning. A lot of people in there. And and all of them I would have been. Targets. Our number one has a flash on past here in the body Mac show already when we come back to and our number two a wanna get to this a business and what we've learned. From the oh on what we've learned about the Obama Justice Department being involved enough. The the overview. And and perhaps as well the direction. Of on this investigation into tropical hope. Pardon the expression trumped up job see you back let our number two next.