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Tuesday, May 15th

GOP Gov race forum recap; FBI had mole in Trump admin


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All of it and I'll fellow south Kyle Linear mop mellow palmetto state knows. In the old got my name not hinder meg tracks done. Yeah whether a special announcement. As Joan dominate now it is my pleasure a two on nominate. Our wall president. Donald. I know Romney is a noble individual. And is those Yemen Ali noble peace bras and I'll the one. Many of these again aren't we. Dad got a good car I last night. I asked LO howdy greetings and welcome salutation and on Tuesday gave a four threes dale while on studio. Wet and rainy one outside the yard scan years at. Peaches can use at. Farmers happy to see it I'm sure getting underway with our number one and is always see your input. Is invited and encouraged and welcome. Will follow up on last night's big GOP gubernatorial forum down a Zan. And our friends with the a Greenville Tea Party joined when it's in now putting on TV some of their results and I'm interested in hearing your reaction as well because. I'm I'm right dairy involved in the midst done and and it's it's hard to gain. The same kind of perspective. From my viewpoint as it was from yours whether you are streaming on our FaceBook page or on other Greenville tea parties FaceBook page streaming it live. Or are you went back and listen to the podcast on our web site. Or you're listening alive on the radio I mentioned hearing. What you thought about it more pass along the results of the straw ball as well here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. This up often on rainy Tuesday Ingles advantage talk line 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. By email address Bob. And 1063. WORD. Dot com and the latest active keyword the one that's hot for this hour key word for this hour and a pardon me is laundering eight. Something bad. Tom and much to do that margin LA LA UN DR Lional lingerie. As in nine dirty laundry on the media wants to be involved and text. While wandering 8272881. To get your name and had 20000 dollar bankroll count SOA. This is this is one occasion where everybody will look forward to doing a lot grade math math. And a B a a big night tonight. I have been on. Honored with a an invitation to come and be the guest speaker for the monthly meeting. And American legion post 214 that's the major Rudolph Anderson junior. American legion post in Taylor she remember. Major Anderson of course the only. Member of our military. Q perish. During the of the Cuban missile crisis. His U2 was shot down. By missiles we've been on were unaware of the fact the Russians and given to Castro's Cuba. And add so I'll be out there tonight right after the show about 715730. To meet with them almost patriots and looking forward to it SO that that should make for a fun evening. So last night I I thought does things went pretty smoothly. We did have accorsi special guest appearance. By Doug got a knock him around like tax. Who was. He was a wall. MIA. Last night missing in action. Well you know they have that young business people say. Soiree down in Charleston. And direct. I'm as a result that may have affected his polling numbers. India straw poll that was conducted by the Greenville Tea Party immediately afterward. And you can probably hedge these numbers a little bit when you consider now and I'm not trying to make excuses. Or or. Take away anything from from anybody that performed well. In last night's straw vote I'm just trying to be realistic because. This was an upstate event. There are about several upstate candidates that we're in the race. Last night you I'm sure were well represented. By their supporters. And zen and and voted in the straw poll as they should I mean if I was running I would want as many in my supporters. There is I can possibly yet and I would want him to vote as the old saying goes early and often. I job or as a winner of the straw poll last night with a nearly 40% of the vote. 39 point 89%. Polling second was lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant with them rounded up to 31%. Of the vote thirty point 85. Percent. And both Warren and Kevin Bryant of course had deep. Roots here in the upstate even though John Warren has no political track record to be able to reference. Catherine Templeton who has from the election to encounter Richmond and at Richmond the and that Columbia area. And I and the low country of those and those are her two out two big areas of support Katherine temples and finished third. Whipped rounded up to 19%. Eighteen point 61%. Undecided. Was a rounded up to 8% so there's seven point 97%. Of those who voted in the straw poll last night there are still. Undecided have not made a firm decision about for whom they will vote in the June 12 GOP. Gubernatorial primary. Here realm like master who of course is the acting incumbent. Governor and was and some last night. And I got down rounded up two on one point 6%. Joyous and the governor had some supporters there last night. And and tie aid and one half of 1% former lieutenant governor Yancey McGill. And none of the about. So there ego that those were the impressions of those who. Were there last night and had an opportunity to vote who would just under 200 votes when I'm curious. What your impressions were of what they have various candidates. Had to say. On their on behalf last night and and some of these specific issues. That debt terra. As a moderated there with me last night to opposed. And the way we tried to to run the gamut. And everything from a closing the South Carolina GOP primary. Two how to do. Dispel the influence out too well watered down the influence of Hugh leatherman and the good old boys in Columbia. Two. They out nuke reactors disaster that's resulted in our. Canning a big gun billion dollar plus deal and that just South Carolina taxpayers are apparently and have to deal went SCANA. That that and and just a lot of a lot of other hot button issue so. If you wanna let me know what you what you what impressions you derived. From our last night's debate 80347106. Degree and they common sense retirement planning text align number seven he won three. 07 in on the attacks line. Now Bobby Allison do every day but here blade I founded discouraging Peter continually mock Henry McMaster I am a southerner. Nine generations in the great state of South Carolina and you mocking the southern accent. And mr. make masters. It's it's singular by the way it's McMaster. Is really becoming boring and offensive and I'm beginning to wonder if you yourself mister McLean spelled wrong. LEA and mine is spelled LAI. And may be of Yankee dissent well let me. Respond to that in rot cut interrogatory. And I may allow me to have to respond. I was born in Arlington Virginia. Now where Robert. Former and discussions. Had a mansion you may have heard haven't they cost and so we mentioned. By the way general Lee was the commander. Of the confederate forces. Which I believe we'll refer to as the army of Northern. Virginia. Which is now where I'm from saw Pope to sufficiently answers your question. My parents by the way we're both from North Carolina. Miami I'm Dan from Albemarle. And my mom from connect. Sold well so sixteen after three here on the Bobby match or be right back as we cruise on through a wet and rainy. At times Tuesday. And had to drag this went after us every time we get some preset. Just seems like it's. It's hand in glove deals for bumper music. Jim Morrison. Member of the at 27 club. On the truck and rowers are never made it to 28. Riders. On the storm. Great to have you along 22 after three here on the body match you know in on the tax line 71 threes or seventy the Bob about that guys tanks against offended. By our make master voice what a dumb redneck LB gets used to life yankees Kaz Ortega has area of our. I just hope the liberals will stay up north. Today. Then again you know a bear in mind as grandma used used to say. Now a lecture born in the south. You're not a southerner passionate she is to say what if your cat. Gives birth to kittens in the oven you know Colin biscuits. I can't. That was that was her attitude. Al Bonnie please keep up the hammering Mac parity lawyers ally but for those who were greatly offend and all like all I can say is. You can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Bobby I like to thank Yancey McGill over the history lessons Latin last night but it would have been nice if he'd answered some the question. He didn't have a tendency to. And Novo wander around a bit. Bobby explained to him you're not mocking the South Carolina accent your mocking a swindling politician. Who claims to be conservative but it's never seen a taxi did YE. And talks like foghorn. Leg more. Bob sorry mystic key word again police laundry. Dirty laundry to let the media laps. Geez here we go. Never fails with the rain and on this very bad wreck on the southbound side of I 385 at the highway for eighteen exit. Tons of law enforcement. And what appears to be that Carner. I'm side down polish. Southbound completely blocked. Being diverted up highway for eighteen exit and then back onto the highway. And and if the cars that's inaccurate report in the coroners there you're looking at like three hours. Because some typically. SE HP. Investigations into fatalities take about fell off. Now Bob bucket devastation give the key words out just after the news of the top of the hour 121 and two some when Leah. Some natural that we miss them when they're given ripe for the list. Unfortunately I don't think we can't put it in their because that's when Rush Limbaugh. Is on and and we would eat in his talent so dispatch hectic kinda note to self to catch that keyword. And noon 12 and and right before three. To to make sure you get. Now Bonnie were in a spot here can you please remind me of the prominent HB AC company than advertised as weight you. I couldn't find a map now and year after or your website when we yeah we don't put. A west of our sponsors on the web site. Because our competitors. Then try and steal clients from us and etc. why don't CNN you're probably thinking of Carolina he. Scott Kelly and not count in all the folks in Carolina heating of the wanted to do all the work that stately McLean manner. Bobby I was all went for John Warren before I found out last night that he was against energy exploration. Off our coast how can a conservative be against energy exploration. I can paraphrase his answer for you he said that being a conservative he believes that people in the local communities. Should be able to decide. An issue like that and then from his experience in talking with people. Horry county down to Charleston all the folks there are adamantly opposed to it. The argument is admitted in the exploration results and an oil spill it kills the beaches and their goes tourism I've. I'm I'm I'm not buying that argument because. I I would doubt seriously if just exploration. Offer up off the coast would result in any kind of natural disaster. And what a what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. You know with the other big oil spill down there are now they're back stronger than ever another Gulf Coast certainly is not hurting for tourists so I think it's AM. And non starting argument that it's one or the other that we either have tourism and keep the beaches pristine. And by not doing exploration or if we do exploration it's gonna kill off our tourism industry I don't think the one. Necessarily immediately leads to the other. Al Bobbie I can't vote for Templeton and after that stupid shooting the snake commercials she's trying to be a jerk like trump. I mean Gump well I'm and and many others here in South Carolina. In profusion don't think that trumped. Is a jerk. Now Bob I think it's safe to say that marble mouth the low country governor according to the vote last night as toast I don't know all. The polling data that I've seen. That tech came from a I think that one I saw came from fits news web site. And him wrapped up by about thirty points. But as the brits like to say there's many a slip between cup and the lip. I'm Bob wonder why the immigration issue was improbably did discuss it. And it not Atlanta but it it was brought up. Now also went on the tax on frank let Scott glad I don't give a dial on cash. Staff got the end outlet that's death. Bob took for me it all comes down to exploration and possible drilling off our shore and that means Kevin Bryant. I'll have my vote from Alan Simpson he is the only one who spoke last night he was in favor of exploration. Al bother you personally I think your governor impression is amazing please keep doing it is so entertaining and spot on love your show keep doing what you do. Tax or send a best radio show on the planet thank you. You're very kind textures and Bobby I thought Hillary never looked better last clock. Kudos by the way to Roy commerce. Arab promotions manager. Who on very short notice found a very attractive picture. I'm gonna nominate master and net to get somewhere and had it blown up. So we we had him and we adding represented. SN if you watch the the live feed FaceBook alive. You would have seen him right in the center he was front and center. In effigy only. Bob keep an up I. Lebed and I'm from here. Al Bob Ryan initially backed Catherine Templeton and after last night I am definitely voting for John Warren for I'd done. And now Bob you made a reference to stand up more alike scam up. When you're right your right. 329 here in the bombing Mac show any ready to go and a new senator. I'm right back on the other side when we come back I wanna talk get us some went about this business with the FBI. Having a mole. Inside the trump campaign. This this whole business just gets. Worse. By the day be right back. That's all we do all. Wave some wave or way over a out hot microphone and computer terminal for four hours each afternoon. Promenade WORD. Information and entertainment complex. They know little Contra client version in the background grade BJ Thomas hit. Raindrops keep on on my head here on Tuesday in all NATO attacks slide 71307. Now Bob John Warren sees me taking his cues. From the alone country concerning oil exploration. Now the rest of the South Carolina residents have a say so or only the coastal. And Bob tell the listener who wants offshore oil drilling and no exploration and production company is go to invest millions and offshore when oil is under a 120 dollars a barrel. Besides we can now have sports betting. They upstate needs a horse racing track and casino and no chance of oil on the beach that's true. With yesterday's vote in the scotus the Supreme Court of the United States voting six to three. To allow states to have. Betting gambling. On none web whenever whenever the states decide to have an additive to allow betting on six to three. Was AM vote yesterday in the Supreme Court which actually was a surprise to me because my bookie had an eight to five but dancer. And either here or there. Bob blood Trump's campaign didn't have a mole that was a Bender snitch. Market. Okay. And still a toss up between now Kevin Bryant and John Warren for me Scott Templeton spoke too much like a politician. Road haley's coat tails too much and buzz sawed me out of recant what she warned us. Last sure gonna put buzz saw. Which is our theme night and there are essentially every answer and nation was successful in that regard. Bob I think the hotels practically built in the surf and already killed South Carolina beaches beautiful view. Boggs and gum and I'll make taxed no shame no show last night I proposed. We start calling him governor meg chicken are packed. Bob every time Katherine Templeton said buzz saw I took her shot. I was hammered by 730. Sorry. I'd hear that two of the film's weak over the first time here in the Tuesday edition want to bring in pat who is in blender and who wants to talk about. Former marine John Warren hi pat welcome to the program. Well I thought I'd take a chance to give you Colin hope I don't get caught again but I don't anyway tanks on. My husband's not traveling into towns I'll see you running here running a significant risky. I'm I am delighted like Sonoma saying how bad it you're. Keeping this risk well yeah. Need to chip in and get to one of those some modulators that changes your voice. Over the telephone at. Earlier nor can all new ideas in order to enjoy your really are and. Recognized and that. And that's not the only thing that would work because I haven't shook the midwestern accent you guys that they are well it is pleasant on the next. I want to thank you. I. John Mora two years ago kind of by accident I went to these. Republican women's groups aren't and you get me out on a night at the art Burt. Agreed no one that over there aren't they still over there are the fire department right and I'm Clint. Yeah and I want because I don't want an on there but I don't want to go wide you know you're you're all boats are back. He had he happened to be the guest speaker and he did a presentation on here cooler air Cromartie at least that's. All right yeah during. His. Women are now in the effective they are in the thick of the really nasty stuff and ramadi. Yes and on it was very he can all this really connection and not anywhere. A couple of years later how weird is going our hectic time job explaining that it really brought a liar a lot of extra page so. Aka the that she that we get and stop glued his number on here and I got the idea that he has. As successful businessman that he was attached to call amber and and the lady was on national hockey you can not or not left a message and I thank you so much really enjoyed that presentation. He called me back. Any center. On I just want to thank you arm for letting me know that you enjoyed it can't. Any group that you would likely be speaking at just let me know I'm more than willing to do it and it and it appears incorrect at the end of the studio. You know just you get caught. And I would block away you know I thought this guy didn't he call eight I would suspect that Spain I can call the country doing on and people aren't there courteous and artist now hardly my birthday and he is running for governor. It just struck me I just bought a you do that and then I start I don't at all Buddha. Look up on oh my gosh he's got this really successful business and everything else and I was pretty impressed that oil I'll all of a couple of people talk about its organizational skills. Veering in different paint and you know I just I just want to pass that little the heat and information on because it was a hot spot and that really kind of took it back in a good way. You know there are now you rarely see that kind of follow up especially from a total stranger now in all on the I hate to be cynical about it but at that point. He may have been thinking about you know laying the ground work for an upcoming political campaign and you want as many. Friends on your side as you can get an and you would be one more but on the other hand. Other shoe at me you know what let's be honest sharing this may have been the way in advance of his actually deciding run for. Governor or any other office and that he just wasn't it was being politically active. Well that's the best and I I thought backpack on Hollywood actor I know it's election year I pull it 2016. To what happened there. Prior to that we're talking 2012 to about fourteen baby 2000. Fourteen right well that's. You know for. Musical I don't how anybody could eat. Unless you want somebody like you know. I'm you know it's a lifetime politician can repeat that to let ahead of time yup yup you sure and the other thing I want to touch upon a quick is I am at net. District's 38 counts on eight and not in the South Carolina. Yes up around and I Inman and Campobello and and there are. Yes Atlanta. I have only good thing to say about my current representatives shall apply and they hit some. I voted for him the first time because I didn't like incompetence. On each time that I had an issue or concern or whatever when I have cult that aren't immediately bonded back. Well I mean I couldn't ask for a better representative didn't really get a hand on you know you bring up some concern he checks into it get back here right. On. I'm very pleased with him. Yeah sure yeah I had an I'm an agreement with you on that pat I think he's doing a good job as well they were very few people that voted against against next. And nine and design Magnuson was one out. Yeah I mean he he held firm on that and he and young adults and senator Tom Coburn is another really good guy do you see any sort. Really I they're fighting a battle because they are they out liar they're really trying to end and it's tough. When you're all and it its so called established. And Henry and it and it and you and you lemon is showing a lucky if you don't know it's my way or the highway. And you still stand in opposition to and it takes some political courage pat thanks a lot for the call I'm I'm a great day here in from a today and and hopefully out. We have haven't done disclose too much of your eye donation when won't. I'm expose you to other family members who may disagree with your political leanings has its. Fourteen before four here on the body mansion on and get to this business about duck. The FBI and their spine trump campaign will do that coming up next here on Tuesday. Let's step in and Akram. Led Zeppelin now would be fool in the rain here on and off and on rainy Tuesday here on me about a Mac show. Just tell us about. The a deep state. Not colluding themselves. And a corrupt fashion. To try and number one prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. Now they're O for one obviously in that department abandon trying to impede. The success of his administration. It just gets seeming air and seniors were your alarm oh what's now document noble. Is that the Obama appointees had a lot of things to cover up. As Donald Trump was transitioning and office. We know about the struck and page text the reds and a demonstrated. Collusion between the DOJ the FBI and special counsel investigations. In an attempt to ID rail. Not president trumped up undo. A duly elected president Andrew McCain. Now right when he lost his job because of his malfeasance and outright hostility towards a president James told me. Fired for absolute incompetence if not corruption. And now the stupidity of the argument that says we Mahler investigation even now. Has a legitimate purpose. Is being disputed by the American people and new. Poll about Mahler being on a corrupt conquest instead of a patriotic mission as he likes to paint it but is it's of the corruption. That we're we're still learning more to this very minute. I'm not the trump campaigns connection to rush out or edit any wind to influence the election but rather. The awareness that the FBI stoop to in attempting to achieve some profusion stands as. May be the most outrageous violation of our self determined. Dirt determination. And to overturn the election. Essentially. So for whatever reason. These individuals are not gonna have to formulate they're in their coming accountability the FBI and the DOJ will. The a process of our elections and placed a source. Spy your age gender whatever you want a label on within the operation. Of AM campaign during one of the most heated election cycles in the modern era and we learned. Yesterday. About the assess staff and helper guy Thomas a lifts and writing at the American thank you the true story. A cal senior officials in the FBI and our intelligence community conspired to spy on the trump campaign and his presidency. On suspicion. I'm nefarious dealings with Russia is is starting to come into focus and whether it be possible Lola they shadowy figure Stephon helper. The counterintelligence. Investigation of the FBI was officially launched at Sundance pointed out. July 31 2016. And when the FBI opened a counterintelligence. Investigation. Against the trump campaign and they didn't inform congress about this from July of Tony sixteen until march of 2007. Team. At the beginning of August. 2016. FBI agent Peter struck traveled to London for interviews with UK intelligence officials and we don't know much. Explicit information about. With whom struck with meeting. Immediately after the investigation was launched but from what we've learned that seems quite likely that this staff and helper. Guy was on his agenda and then generating a planned to try and in snare unwitting groups. Into incriminating. Looking behavior had something to do with a trip I mean. On August 15 Peter struck sent that text message. Two is apparel board DOJ lawyer Lisa page describing the insurance policy. Needed in case Hillary Clinton were to lose the election but what web up to watch all of list. An electronic communication apparently was generated by John Brennan who was running CIA at the time and passed on to FBI director dream Komi. None of the electronic communication initiated. That FBI counterintelligence operation and now is a subject of demands. From a Devin Nunez ahead of the House Intelligence Committee. I attempt to find out exactly what this guy's involvement lost. There's a lot more on national talk about more on the other side and stand by because they next upcoming key word is on the way.