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Tuesday, May 15th

Forum recap; Russia; Amazing trum facts


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Any teachers we don't need no education well I don't need no thought control well I'm sure am I don't piano educates and thank you Alex and it says Alex three back. In the back tragic shame we don't need no education we don't need no thought control can we are here. In addition to other things to to educate great to have you along. As we get an hour number true here on to his day. A body Mac electric radio program in the air chair of course your genial host rad they'd shock jock. You attack dog the right. And bombastic. A loud mouth of the south without further ado rule. If you miss the key word for this hour and 8000 dollar bankroll contest cake. It's peach cake see AKE 272881. At. Get your name and a half of that thousand dollars that were offering between now and 4159. This afternoon and in the meantime. To I'd join me NBA part of the conversation. Just grab your phone news eight Ingles advantage hotline 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. You need the common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And two while my email. It's very simple Bob and 1063. WL RD ducked out speaking of the attacks client. Receive I cannot catch appear before I begin to get too far behind. And Bobby Kevin Bryant for governor he's the only one willing to lower my taxes by selling the minerals beneath our freak. That's free treasure for those willing to go after referring of course to offshore drilling. Now Bobby about the a debate last night GOP gubernatorial candidates all of them appear to be pro gun. Pro life pro tax cuts and for securing our border. But one thing that that sets them apart is exploration and as a result I'm voting for Kevin Brown okay there you go. The fifth and yeah at it I just said the money penny it's a shame that. Text messages can't show the tone of voice. Anderson Wes and sometimes I have to try and interpret them on Malone most of the time I have to try and interpret them on my own I believe this one has meant innate sardonic. Vein Bob me that contrary bumper music you played his offense and are you making fun of southern people. Alan Allen's pretty much stand on its out. Bobbing my father born and raised in Missouri. Explain the difference between yankees and Damn Yankees yankees. And hit the beach down hit the beach or whatever and go home. The other kinda like meat comes down and stays time I Yankee born but I got here to God's country as fast as I could. That's all you can ask. A tally kept. Al Bobbie I would really love they show only if you work trying to be a comedian. So I texted back I would really love your listening. Only if he weren't damning me with faint praise it's. Money print out some important now Bobby a mole and Trump's campaign in that how the FBI usually gets her convictions. A bureau mole. Get somebody to break a loud and catches them doing what the mole had him do well. Now Bobble weathermen way is a highway. A knowledge and took action that you're absolutely right. Now with his. Is that concrete company and his wife. Ons. Now Bobby somebody called in this morning to Tara. Regarding a meeting about the Second Amendment in Pickens did you please mention that. And see if the man woke up calm when with the information or if you know one hour it was in. And I just go to our web site. 1063. WORD dot com. You'll see the list across the top of various things you can select pick audio. And handle taken in the podcast section. And just pull up terrorist podcast for which Albert whichever power. That that was an end and you'll be able to the back catch the information there's an album maybe. That person a solution we have some shared listening between cherish your own mind and obviously you know we're fairly far apart. Bump up. Bob my my top five favorite shows number one body Mac number two Kara. Number three up shade outdoors number four rush. And to remind me or not they are not they craziest person on the planet number five coast to coast. Pay go wait a minute. Would need just a minute did you say. Coast. To coast. And only have. I would do I don't have that anymore. I thought I still had to demolish it and I don't. A wave many. Allen from the area but yeah. Blue. And by the way via original and coast to coast hosted and is is one of the nominees. This year for the radio hall thing. Well deserved to. Bobbie I don't get confirmation emails on all the cash words I text is that normal. You're asking me UN to normal. Now I gotta like that. Now I'm Matt I have no idea really don't know and I yell money for any decisions that is. I'll know. And Bobby Mack there's another rack now one mile ahead. I only bad when that we suspect. Resulted in a fatality on 385. Slow down folks yes streets are wet. Have to adjust your driving for the conditions. Oh boy here's a long month let me see if I can string it together because sometimes. These coming in in pieces and I have to count. Skip around to to find us in doesn't show up as one full text message shows up in pieces. And Bobby Mack my daughter and I attended the Tea Party forum last night because we were still undecided. And wanted to get a firsthand impression of the candidates it didn't take long for us to both decide that John Warren. Was our pick he presents himself with a integrity and a thorough knowledge to our state and the main issues that are critical for our governor to address and subtle. We were a little disappointed in his stand concerning offshore exploration. But his explanation seemed to make sense. As a true conservative he believes that the taxpaying citizens potentially most affected by an issue. I should have a say and it and the people in the low country are afraid of what it may do to tourism maybe he will rethink his position at some point. His stand on every other issue that was addressed winds up when our core beliefs and his success as a marine and a business owner. And the fact that he is not. Where some last part of this. Oh not a career politician. Where it was very appealing to us bank. You guys and how much heavy lifting was important. Putting out altogether into in due one text that. And we had to make some sense. Now also went on attacks on Bob FBI freaky bad investigators. Bob I'll throw a complement to one of her sponsors I went to a do it yourself pest control store. The one on main street and tailors to get something to deal with a fire ants in my yard. Very friendly salesman got me chemical and a sprayer and explain what to do. About sixty dollars later. I destroyed five mounds with plenty of chemical left over for future years haven't seen a new one in over a week I'll be back. I can tell you those guys that hired killers and they do it yourself pest control stork they've been in business as long as I've been alive. They know every bug an insect in the state and more important way to know how to get rid of them so happy to atrocity a free could go in their direction. For fifteen here in the body Mac show we got to the phones next. Oh. I recognize that in the background. Is Bob did. And. And luckily we don't have deer in Salem. Rainy day away amendment averaged twelve and 35 I think David. They were desperate for a title and so once and it. Came up what welcome back Bobby Macke sure we are a wet and rainy Tuesday and and again a few I mention I a 385 southbound. Tragically is a amassed this afternoon it's backed up to and Buena. Over the horizon. Now from men and earlier wreck that apparently. Had a metallic. So it beat 385 southbound not not so much right now whilom election only start to get some clear and to the phones we know has promised Steve has a long he is any Islamic. Was listening when we talked about that Second Amendment event at coming up hi Steve how are you today. How about. Tonight South Carolina Kerry had the meeting at Golden Corral in neatly at 633 they've invited all the house candidates. District four districts side. Come out there and talk about the Second Amendment but again that's South Carolina Kerry you can look them up at South Carolina Kerry dot org. And 630. Golden Corral and easily it's right there or 153. And 123 meat he can't miss it. Super that sounds good on. Remind me Steve. Did that open carried die in committee again this year. I have no idea about that I never open carry their nose down and there's there's an honest answer but a I don't know yeah I will. Well I told conceit as I know was I getting pretty heavily pushed this time around and I think. With the usual amount of resistance on the other end thank you Steve I appreciate the information again that that is set tonight. Golden Corral. 630 there and easily right there 153 and 123 South Carolina care. Is that is sent putting bad debt event on tonight. In on the attacks line 71 threes are seven. Bobby Mack please tell your listeners thank you we are just blast to have a great audience and 1063 W party from spring her. I'm stayed outdoors thanks springer appreciate that. Him. Bobby I was thirteen. But before I knew damn Yankee can be separated into two words. I'd always heard and as one word by my parents who almost never use profanity. There's a text I can't share. Not to not safe for our family lessening. Amusing. And but can't use that thing here. Good afternoon Bob I attended the debate last night with two candidates battling for my vote John Warren vs lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant. The exploration. Answers sealed my support. The rest are only worried about the coastal votes from people that are ignorant about modern drilling techniques and are now available. Now what concerns still they have for the midlands and the low country if not just one of our nuclear reactor had a problem. Prevailing winds could wipe out half the state including. Our coastal tourism. Buzz saw and foghorn leg horn claimed to be trouble like that requires thinking outside the box and the swamp. These two are around. But where's the rest of this when. Oh these two are. Now the swap. Got you know and that can piece together there if we go that's and the only the only drawback. With the other text line is sometimes to be sent a really along when the first part and it goes and once bond went until I get it together. Bobbie this is a public service announcement Dan bond geno. Is directly over the target please inform your listeners to listen to his podcast after. And I your show ends of course thank you appreciate that. Bobby honey and I also love the do it yourself pest control store these guys really are awesome. I went out there a number of years ago and met with though the folks at hired killers and do it yourself pest control shall you would not believe the level of training. It goes into the those folks sit down not only go out from hired killers. But the folks that worked account or do it yourself pest control store. They are really heavily indoctrinated know exactly what to do it. All right I mentioned. Stephanie helper. And this FBI counterintelligence. Investigation and wanna work my way back around to invest. Because it truly heating up you remember of course that House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunez. As reported in the Washington Post. Was really about to come to blows. With. Again the FBI and the DOJ over their release saying. These. Text messages and emails. That had so much rigged acted in nom they couldn't make heads or tails out of him and as a result. Nunez threatened to impeach. Top DOJ officials when they did not immediately handover the un redacted document. That have the details of the origin of the investigation into whether the trump campaign coordinated with Russia to influence a Tony sixteen election. The department later gave mr. Nunez access to a version. With modest red actions and noon ES thanked Robbie Rosen Stein for his or cooperation but still secret. Is being made him. How somebody at the heart of these so called raw intelligence. That Brennan at Langley CIA. Passed on to James comedy which resulted. In that FBI. Counterintelligence. Investigation that began on the last day of July. In 20163. Months before the presidential election. For the intelligence agencies Nunez request. They felt threatened to cross a red line of compromising sources and methods. On the US intelligence gathering. Intelligence officials feared their providing even a redacted version of the information. That Nunez and trade Downey are looking for. I could expose that person and damaged relationships. With other countries that serve as US intelligence partners. But. This is this is tea. A card that has been played many times in the past oh now we we can't reveal that because it would undo damage. To our intelligence sources. I could be dangerous to reveal the identity of some of these individuals. And on and on like left. But despite that non banks do the other work. Of an and one investigative reporter and the Wall Street Journal. And others who men on digging into this. We are starting to get him. The identity of others individual and as it turns out it probably not is going to be hazardous to a health. We'll talk about that when we come back on the other side of the body Mac show as and Donald Trump. Vs the swamp continues here on WORK. They arrived back. I try and contain your enthusiasm that it. For thirty days Tony to be 45 here on the Bonnie Mac show. You know as we learn more about the end Democrats the Obama administration collusion between the FBI the DOJ and and all these other. And government agencies in trying to number one. And try and do you rail the trump campaign to prevent his election and and when that failed now trying to. I'm reminded of by the words of Winston Churchill who said on a brilliant things. What Churchill was asked at the beginning of World War II about what role the Soviet Union. Would play and at Churchill replied it is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. And that's pretty much showed what we are learning trying to figure out what's going on here. I Corey spelman at the Wall Street Journal and a a great piece the other day that tried to sum up summit this. And it trying to connect all the dots here can be a little confusing you have to kind of take me a relatively deep dive into the last two. Be able to recognize all the players in the program. Mr. Feldman wrote there was collusion. Between certain members of the US and British intelligence communities to spy. On the trump campaign. This may explain in large part the reluctance of DOJ to reveal what it knows publicly. After all with a rare exceptions. The two countries' intelligence services are Milan had important. Information gathering and sharing agreements and exposure of this may harm the traditional reciprocal relationship. And that they he'll likely suspect is this shadowy Stefan helper. Someone who worked with in the US and apparently British intelligence when they record. I'm trying to spy on whoa wait campaign workers. And even tricked them into compromising actions. A US citizen with strong ties to British intelligence who lived in the UK. Stefan helper. A former advisor to three Republican presidents. And therefore. And giving him a perfect copper. Eight Cambridge fellow who has has been detailed interacted with various drug campaign workers ostensible ain't. To assist them. On November 3 2016 any publicly stated that Hillary. Would be the best option for US UK relations. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the help was not for the trump campaign blog for Hillary. Quote. I believe Clinton. Would be best for US UK relations and for relations with the European Union. Clinton is well known deeply experienced and predictable. US UK relations will remain steady regardless of the winner although Clinton will be US disruptive over time. End quote. Helper who served as deputy assistant secretary of state for political military affairs. And senior advisor to the department of defense and the DOJ said. And let them quote I just gave. Well here's how helper helped the trump campaign from the publicly available information we have. On 16 July 2016. He invited Carter paged to eight Cambridge symposium remember this is a low level. Trump cam on trump can't campaign eight. On September 11 same here 2016. He met when they senior trump official. On September 13 through sixteenth he met when George pop a double west. Helper is a close associate of Richard Darryl out. Okay well who is that well he is the former head of MI six. Do any recent video interview cage only refuse to acknowledge they veracity. Of this steel dossier. Now as previously reported that helper. Had conducted a data gathering operation to trying collect inside on information inside information. On Jimmy Carter's foreign policy during the 1980 campaign he denied that and of that charge were true we certainly had experience in these kind of things. If helper was not a person who Owen who should be considered as same hole. In the campaign as he never was actually part of the campaign team just a guy trying to fish around for dirt. Order lure people like page and pop adopt a lesson to some kind of compromising position. Quietly weasel description. In the report that their chairman Nunez is examining. A sense they publication of this column in the Wall Street Journal. As some interesting information has come about Twitter bloggers Jacob wall. Deplorable Lori and deplorable job. Dug up public records indicating that Stefan helper who said to have some sort of title. Connected with Cambridge University has been receiving fat contracts from the federal government for. Research and development. In these social sciences and humanities. In fact. Government records showed that helper was paid over 400000. Dollars in two payments. September of Tony sixteenth and July of 2070. FBI. Well that's the question. Chuck Ross of the daily caller has uncovered some of count helpers pre election maneuvering and a key figure in what was used to justify. That flies a warrant any talk with George pop a double lessening talked with Carter page as we know. There are reports through an intermediary from a veteran DC foreign policy figure who described helper as a hanger on. Around DC conservative circles who claims he worked for Ford Nixon and Reagan. Now Leslie Gelb of the New York Times in 1983 wrote stet a staff and a helper a campaign aide. Involved in providing 24 hour news updates and policy ideas to the traveling Reagan party as a person in charge. Mr. helper until recently deputy director of the state department's bureau of political military affairs. And now chairman of the polymer national bank in Washington. Was out of town and couldn't be reached. But ray cline his father in law. Ray cline as a former very senior official at Langley. Rejected the account as a romantic fallacy. Calpers father in law ray cline who passed away recently was an enemy most influential members of the intelligence community. He was sent chief CIA analyst during the Cuban missile crisis and went on ahead. Georgetown university's center for strategic and international studies. Sell the more we dig into this. The Simi or it gets and if and win. I'm president trump starts tweeting about mr. Alpert. And his role in the abuse and our intelligence apparatus. To spy on an opposition campaign. And two. Ash spread the story of collaboration with Russia. Then we we may start to learn even more about this but. It's incredible now what has happened the breadth and depth of this makes Watergate look like today at the beach be right back here on the money Mac jail. And by the way if you unmasked last night's. GOP gubernatorial debate via podcast is on our web site. 1063 WORD dot com despite his not being there we did direct a question or two to gum and all. En route make tax. And and got this response. Richard. The crowd back. Highly amusing at 451 it's nine before five here on the a balmy Mac show and not time for today's edition and all. Mom mode play. Trees there. We have the influence on the left on not so much of our culture you knew this when was only a matter of time. Fairy tales of course were written in a time when things were very different. And that is leading to wave to me any way disturbing. 2018. Trend. According to a new survey a quarter of parents. Say they'd change. Part of those classic stories when they tell them to their kids because. There too scary. They send a bad message or there politically incorrect. Which ones fairy tales most likely to be changed. In a little red riding hood the wolf doesn't eat grandma's. And instead of killing him he and red riding hood become friends. At the way analysts and in these three little pigs. They don't tricked the wall fending going down a chimney into a boiling pot. He just apologizes. And they let ego. The gingerbread man does not get consumed at the end console and gun at all. Now they don't get abandoned in the woods and I don't killed in which you SK. And they basically avoid telling the ugly duckling because it promotes body shaming. And bullying. Enough. Little ridiculous. But then. That's the world in which we find ourselves. Here's some results from a new survey on how much women. Love their Cheryl Lewis backed somebody sent me a text message or an email when any other. Today Bobby did you notice Katherine Templeton shoes last night. Now what I'm sure there are expensive. Here's our results from a new survey on women should people album shoes number one. 72%. Of lady's own more than 21. Pairs of shoes and trying to ethnic. Probably a dozen I think are probably and a dozen pairs issues. Of which eyewear to home which all the time. 25%. Own some shoes and are more than twelve years old. I still stylish. 70% of asked a stranger. Day or judicial issues. My Penney raises her hand on that 11. In four have worn shoes time. While engaged in allowing gay romantic way Talley say. And one in three of hidden. Any issue purchase. From their significant other. Like that that Allstate commercial. Hourly guys driving down the road they saw him out and I debts that rebate back from all state. And there's there's one version I don't sodomy it wants. Where at the end he says. It and it during the commercial he says I'm mom doesn't even know about the rebate gonna entries are listening to in Austin music or something on the iPod. And he says in fact I just got a new powder that Mondale and even now. Death and finally debit card fraud jumped about 10% last year worst places to use your debit card. A standalone ATM. The gas pump. Popular spot for card spammers. Restaurants. As it's out of your sight for awhile and on the Internet. And you can use your debit card for any on line purchased. But there are a number of ways in your info can get stolen doing. Stand by the most heavily committed our the balmy night show is on the way next.