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Tuesday, May 15th

Forum recap; Alex Smith with America Rising interview on N Korea


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Here we go getting underway when the most heavily commuted hour of me Bobby Mack electric radio program and Malloy. In your head in the direction about 385 southbound don't. Is AM best advice I can you be in the wake of that to. Wreck with a AM fatality. Earlier this afternoon and Andy was just talking about if you miss the key word that I gave right before stories are not honored an obligation. At the top of the hour at five. It is IA is. I am a number of individuals out there that liked to use the key word in a sentence and texted to me as an Al Bonnie IA is. I just want me some cash. Can't maybe not the best example we ever heard. EYEES. Bias is the keyword for this hour congratulations. We have. I must tie us up Paula. Here in Greeneville Mathias a thousand dollar winner in the noon time. Our today congratulations and hope that we can add your name to the list next. Just text the key word each hour to seven to 81 great to have you along and here's how you join me. And be a part of the conversation they Ingles advantage talk line is the number to use 803471063. Common sense retirement planning talk line number is 71307. My email address is bomb. And 1063. WORG. Dot com. Looking forward tonight to attending be a regular monthly meeting of American legion post 214 and Taylor's. That is a major Rudolph Sanderson junior post named after the L loan. Military casualty of the Cuban missile crisis or major Anderson flying U2. Over Cuba to arrive to get to some. And surveillance photos to show the position of the Russian installed. Missiles in Cuba and I've been tragically shot down. During that mission so I'll be out there tonight after the program looking forward to an irony prepared remarks and just on. I show up and talked and it and it's always under the associated with. Patriots such as the yeah. Members of American legion post you fourteenth so honored to be out there tonight in on the attacks line 71307. Bobbie I do believe there's another debate in the upstate may be fog horn make chicken will decide to show up next time. Also win on the attacks on hey Bob sorry about last night. I had to decide whether to come and get yelled ad buy that girl. Our go to Charleston and drink those fancy drinks to a little umbrella in on maybe next time signed him raid. Columbia, South Carolina since. Thanks Henry appreciate the text. Bob Bob Bob Bob any other flu expert. An individual's name is fool. Al sounds like typecasting that to make Bobby I was born here and have lived here all of my sixty years. And I've never heard anyone talk like nine god not. Except that big yellow chicken on Saturday morning cartoons. Please keep up the governor a leg horn voice thanks for media. It will be my pleasure out. Camp to do mock imitation of god not him rant may tax and who Bobble wade could play. And then he is going to support. The out nomination of all president. Donald Trump all of a noble peace prize now. We'll see what happens there it was a fun night. Last night. Thanks again to our friends and Presley Stutz and all the folks in the Greenville Tea Party. They're the ones who really do all the heavy lifting when we put on these are debates whether it's through the fourth congressional district seat. Are for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. They took a straw poll. After last night's debate. And number of people have texted a during the show to dancing out of the straw poll come out. John warrant. Was the winner in the straw poll there would just under. A slightly. Less than 200 votes John Warren. Came in first in the straw poll with rounded up to 49. About a 40%. 39 point 89% were rounded up to forty. I second in the balloting was lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant. And 31%. Katherine Templeton. Was awakened around this one up as well to 19%. Undecided. People even after the debate last night still and I hadn't reached a final conclusion. 8%. Don't knock him around like tax new Izzy and no show last night one point 6%. And none of the above. And a former lieutenant governor former Democrat Yancey McGill. And one half of 1% so that's how I came out I mentioned earlier in the program. When where or when we're doing that there when you're acting as moderator says Karen I did last night. We have one particular perspective and we don't really see it or here at the way you do when you're watching you know the FaceBook alive presentation as many did. Last night or. When you're listening to it on the radio. So I'm curious as to what your impressions were of the end debate last night and you cannot call us. With those 803471063. Or text them to me at 71307. And interest in and how it to how you reacted to it. Out there as they say in radio land. Bob about Doug today's amazing true facts. I went down 25% of families changing. The ending as a fairy tales consider not politically correct. There are also lots of deep psychological symbols and fairy tales. Females wearing red are non traditional heroic or dangerous but always disrupting the status quo. Now Bobby fairy tales are morality plays that duty usually try announced. And the wicked often perish changing them sends a dangerous message that there there is no right or wrong. Yeah moral equivalency. I music category that would fall into Mel look. You know don't the same people on the left also give participation trophies. And as nothing to do it now whether or not you succeeded at whatever sport you're taking part it. Bobbie we should take away all those violent video games that kids are playing today it makes them so much panic. Bobby it's only. Women that would change the fairy tales from their little snowflake girls. Us moms never changed the stories from little boy ways they like the blood and guts. I always did not good bad guy got it man pressure may. Bonnie last night's debate now has us voting for Kevin Bryant his stand in favor of oil exploration. And eliminating South Carolina State income taxes great. And thank you pass an analogue. Bob Bob Bob Bob how come on chuck U Schumer gets so much airtime in the media. Isn't that goof ball McConnell the leader of the senate yelled at him Mitch McConnell is the majority. Leader of the senate and of course chuck U Schumer is the minority. Leader there. Bobbie what's up with Lee bright haven't heard anything from I can't don't know and I'll talk to re only and now in recent weeks. Bob Bob Bob has a voting card from 2013 and can he vote this time yes or no. If Bubba still lives in same address. And is still in the same voting precinct. Yup. If you have moved. Changed your address. The and you gotta make sure the election commission is aware of that so that they can have you voting in the correct precinct. Now we go to the phones when I come right back here on the body Mac show quarter after five on this wet and rainy Tuesday. And you'll give you the latest on what's coming up front what but the deal is on 385 south mountain and I'll be right back. And I'll canned heat never heard anybody. Maybe not. On the road again and if you're on 385 southbound. Go block a nasty day on 385 southbound. In on the attacks line 71 threes are seven Bob in reference to Lee bright. I he's full speed ahead running for trade down a seed am helping with the campaign this weekend. By the Whaley has sent a raging. With the NRA and will protect our gun rights appreciate that. Bob we were leaning towards Templeton until the debate now we're also voting for Brian due to his support for oil exploration. I'm the South Carolina coast. Bobby he had I think John Warren won the debate any anyone straw poll last time a bear in mind and and I'm not trying to it. Denigrate. His performance at the debate last night or that of lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant. But four it was a home game. Now for John Warren and neck and Kevin Bryant and Catherine Templeton is. Better known I guess around Columbia and the low country. Than she is here in the have to color she'd been doing a massive. Advertising. Campaign. And other people who are voting in the straw poll are those who are in attendance and many of those are already supporters of one. Candidacies campaign or are the other. I'm so you know look I mean if I'm running for office I'm I'm gonna try and have as many my supporters there as well. Two oh win that support and as they say to vote early and often but it is what isn't and John Warren won the straw poll. Now Bob what's up with a gas prices jumped twenty cents today to 65 now what's going on. The excuse. For what's going on is going to be the disruption in the Middle East. The opening of are new embassy in our news that introduction of our new and CN Jerusalem and Israel. And other Palestinians. Getting their underwear on a wad and everything else and the Iranian deal being dropped. Those does will be the most recent excuses that were used in time I would suspect. Meant I'd I filled out today as well attack Costco and it was 295. For the upgrade for the of the top stuff which I've got W sampling and in excess of 87. As senate saying it's pricey right now. Bobby Allison of the entire debate last night John Warren stood head and shoulders above the other. Above the others passions. I'm Bob thanks for the information ballclub they dancing got you. Bob could you please repeat the key word for this hour happy to it is eight is EYE yes. I only have eyes for this hour skewered. And by the way congratulations again none Mathias of Paula from my Greeneville. Al winner in the noon time hour today the a thousand bucks enjoy that money on us times. Bobby. Catherine jumbled and I think should realize tricky Nikki. Isn't an onside this'll last second part of the stacks. Bobbie if I had to hear one more buzz saw from Templeton and I would have screamed. Pulling my hair out I don't know why she keeps mentioning Nikki Haley because tricky Nikki isn't a good building block. For her campaign. Bob and we really appreciate that you screamed at last night's forum and as usual the streaming is problematic. So you listen to the radio and doesn't really sink. Sync up with the stream it's a little bit behind but still. We appreciate it I thought it was better last and I haven't seen. Actually a replay of it we did it look better to add to your money than a minute I know that. During the fourth congressional history to be where we had thirteen candidates that was just a zoo. There was a few spots and it wearing would freeze the audio would keep clean you up but the video would freeze for a few seconds. In which can't Trabant gobs of I think my opinion it was much better this com. It was the last time yeah and down and it wouldn't of had to do much better than the last time when space the last chance pretty much a disaster but. If it will occasionally have to sync back up. And I cannot be a little frustrating. I'm Bobby John Warren one of the the straw poll after the UAW Allard. About bomb bomb. Now Bobby John Warren did very well last night but my number one pick is still lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant. The former lieutenant governor. That is. PNC and listen very very bad. I thought he fell asleep. I a couple of times in the middle of an answer Yancey McGill. Yeah. Now Bob I listen to the forum while working in the yard. Now they Democrat lieutenant governor camp dropping off I went and undecided. And decided on the warrant after last night's forum. Bobby I believe amber I'll make taxed both. We'll lay it now on the a young professional soiree. And that's right. You have had such crucial to it and now on the phone is that David who is in La Grange hill hi David and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Just a quick comment. Henry was probably. Check in going to cope where. And check it out I'm looking like. Not sure entirely plausible I think. I don't know how are collapsed and now are all right I urge you might here a lot. Although I do want your colors bit about jet black. At now be better than what terror and bilateral off. There are at least check you into the possibility. Of exploring. What our options are all because now. All that's gonna do and and I'm in favor of that as well. Eight minutes later at all I can technologies shrank at a place that liking that and just that I check it out all the you know look all but I do opal I understand is that deep water horizon. Leak right now. I don't think they applaud it and now I'd like on the blog and I guess it all on clay all all actually. Where I want it now auto production is already up there as well. Off again IPO or really liked it out panic in the money has generated for the detection. As far as. Now look studying contacts. Ike's center might be a great idea a question that it did not. Our candidate Warren. Addressed that question I didn't hear it that far. Yeah thank you David I appreciate Colin and I agree I see no problem and exploration I don't see what harm could come from that. John orange answer was and as a conservative he believes that the people in the local community. I should be the ones and that he listens to on that shipments and that's the basis for his opposing it 529 here in the body Mac show any is ready to go in the news center. Well the latest on now what happened today and 385 southbound and then I'm right back on the other side here on Tuesday. Rock on brother that is my intent. Welcome back 530 right now Tony to before six here on me about him action on Tuesday. And add to the phones we all let's head to have found them now which is been out. I'm amassed against two today when the problems on not 385 south on Jeff is sent down there was that the forum last night hi Geoff welcome. I don't about thank you. Yeah I just wanted to come little New York governor's spokeswoman news duke was rather colorful but appear to be able plus. Although I received a text message. I believe that ostensibly came from on again and let me see if I can now finally. If I connect quickly find that. Bump up bomb. Where was that one. And choose. And it it is I don't see it right here in primary but it it it said something to the effect of. That. If he was not proud yeah here it is. That text message says. Say son and son I say a mob boss wouldn't burn reveals a lump of coal. I made some fine fun points last night and now I'm proud to say I did not tell one. Single life. So. I guess he's got they're going to army didn't he didn't jell O line last night that that I'm aware on anyway. There are certain parties are our course and do you know ordeal previewed so debate was still. Our guest on it and you know it may be one year. No. The one that was sent to LA and not Horry county. I think was at the Myrtle Beach convention center and the other one that was here. Where is that AM a private club. Oca I talked to gentlemen merit the audience so. Last night it was all with one of the previous debates. Stroll a governor out of there it was. Well 60%. Award. And 10% to Templeton and Kevin was there because he sold or upload eagle. Yeah legislatures still in session right. Word. It done attitude so of course we will put that now being a combined ticket. It. Lieutenant governor along with the go and yes if this were to go to where you were at all. Saidi know. Worst case scenario had reached walk out. Edit serie a warrant or Bryant is another. One over the candidates would select. Each other or one another as their lieutenant or the next round of thirty just. To bolster their third base. Why should great question Jeff because I don't know the answers the question of if there was a run off. If they gubernatorial. Ticket. I including a lieutenant governor candidate when have to be determined. Before the run off actually happened or if the runoff would happen first. And then whoever won the runoff there what if there was can break. Of course he's already announced his selection now weighty from here in the upstate. But and then the other. If one of the other candidates were to win at that point. When they named there two and a draw their own lieutenant governor running mate that's a good question I'll have to check with somebody that knows how the mechanics. Amid the logistics of these things work and get an answer for that generic question. But at what appreciate it time and again concrete bridge outlets like that you're. News news votes in order was very bulk up. Thank you I appreciate that very much the other spokes and zen. Our our very generous. With letting us use that location and other Greenville Tea Party actually set that up. I Eugene from a Pauline protection and and LO Eugene in what is up. A pretty good ball. A loose until dark Arab world cares lashed out. And vote. The lady Campbell and disaster site. Yoshi voted for a Democrat for governor just because he went screw it. I mean special electorate judgment right dirt just because you won't screw little. All I actually as a bonus so many still true as well. Rotation that there was tightly tightly senate bill with the establishment. What is let it shut. Not a lack award and are really didn't end but I look at you know him saying what we can't be down our Turkish do and as well look at published I should do their. People a lot of their bleachers to clog thereafter duel and may not want solid back there but. And Bryant Cadillac dying or cliche is so people are lacking here today went but Republicans say that people. Not the port. And once I explain bowed out. It's urgent dished her guest there and you're represented budget for the cash today. You made about a mile. Anxiously waited his fatal I achieved they didn't do Brett by you and it they've voted for a vote my doubt. Your district doesn't have a bad politician problem your dish or can't change a vote. Gotcha. Thank you and your team not about Peter you too thanks I appreciate the call you out Katherine temples and did vote for Vincent Shaheen and and Tanzania and against a Nikki Haley. This and does she was asked about that last night. And him and by the way on the topic of our members of the South Carolina legislature. Specially the house members. That voted for the gas tax we will be reminding you ad nauseam. Who they were who they are. As AML and the primaries and and that November election. Gets a get to that culture. 545 here in the body Mac show will go right back of the phone just. Now when we come up when we come right back here and marquee matchup on Tuesday on 1063. WORD. Be right back. Welcome back 547 here in the body national breaking news this afternoon an appropriate way. And they have special guest. That is set Alex Smith from America rising to talk about the upcoming summit between president trump and Kim Jong Owen. About North Korea Alex's went to America rising Alex thanks her for waiting sorry for the delay in getting to the F. What do you think about the other news breaking this afternoon and went to North Korea's government through the air on TC NA. New service saying they're considering. Calling off the end of the summit between now I'm Donald Trump and not Kim Jung on what do you make a list. I think look I think what president hasn't won that apparently has dad thought Judy. Is this sorted. Peace and strength are making it promised on the campaign out to Americans that it. Seen whether you're looking at the embassy building our Julie still are all of these securities are afraid Israel under the on the they have on the cap. And duke it overtures to North Korea. You know it is easy street certainly it certainly is disappointment. That I don't think any Coach Brown. Our entire burden our effort. I think that we you know chart of. And hope that we can keep it clear right degree and there's blood and created deeper Walt. That so yeah I'm definitely hoping that it did is it true that not Greek government is betting on can't find. Yeah a major oil which argument Alex Smith and America rising frankly Alex. The stated reason. For the possibility of calling off the end nuclear summit. Strikes me as being. Pretty lame. Kim's regime sent through their state run news agency KC NA. That the ongoing Max thunder as it's called a joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. Are actually a rehearsal. For invasion of the north. Something that the United States is really does not do we don't just go around invading places. Now we we come to the aid of of our allies who need it so. It do you think that Kim is getting pressure from his generals essential what behind that is behind this this latest development. Oh I'm by no means an expert on North Korea 08 you know we all. Well it. The brand new agency and and that gripped the best received a on the ink all did Barry straw. And you know Andy some of that could be just simple arbitrary. To show that North Korean people. I'll let their leader isn't completely get pushed around by the Americans. You know because the first week you just example does I'll. But it did you have a different world leaders coming together whether it really. The deep computing get their deal and they act of war it. Sort clearly the American prisoners back. They also need to without curry yet. I yet Paula there's a little bit of speech therapy dating boys aren't out within you know within the country but. You know they say it's definitely. Idiotic it but no week. Police at a typical Albert the motivations are. I'm for any one of these communications. Yeah that's for sure I'm not used the on the Winston Churchill quote earlier in the day. In reference to what goes on in North Korea the so called. Hermit kingdom Churchill said it was a mystery. Wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma and trying to figure out what's going on over there. Is it's kind of a fool's errand trying to second guess what they're really thinking. I completely uncalled and it. They called when I. A more modern example of what you're talking about them Dickey back due to the Iraq War and not at that our secretary Donald Rumsfeld saying that Eric. No gun. No did not just the what do you think exactly. If you're Bremer that. Let slip that let that play here. Because there is yet this didn't really get such good. It is their did you misspeak. About about this. My question no question about it error and an and I agree app now I toward China and Alex Smith from America arising this could be. And simply Saber rattling which is more of what we've come to expect from Kim Jung on a net at your radical regime over there. The KC NA news agency from North Korea said. The United States we'll have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate. I only plan North Korea US summit in light of this provocative military ruckus. Jointly conducted with the South Korean authorities in response. I like Sara Sanders senior white house Press Secretary said in a statement. We are aware of the South Korean media report. The United States will look at what North Korea has said independently. And continue to coordinate closely with our allies so. Apparently the White House is a little uncertain as well Suh exactly what went down the statement means today. Yeah and I think that it hit it he filled. You know how old Lily of the flight out of I'm headset and you look you know it's sort of. Go where it all grainy administration and congress or the terms of international. Relations. And you know I think bad. It EL regardless. Of the politics. What I've been hearing it became ill. You know friends and family at all I did desperate political persuasions. Are a lot of old. It that's the best diet and eating it I think bet everybody viewed as good as you know what I did progress. And that it would deeply felt. It doesn't it Leo I think that you're not eat any sort of posturing coming from the White House. I'm because they genuinely want to happen as the most Americans. Yeah I'll absolutely be a summit meant scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. NASA announced picture gum out on the sidewalk or you'll find yourself being caned over there. Will be the first meeting of a sitting US president where they North Korean leader and I'm John Bolton the president's national security advisor. A foreign policy expert that I have a lot of our respect for. Made clear that nothing short of denuclearization. Will be acceptable terms of the United States so. Now I guess so well will have to see if there's any further. At any kind of more bellicose comments. From from North Korea and and see if the M some and its gonna proceed as planned. Yeah I think and cows they edit the bad hearts. You know. Bet there are buried the Peter sue. Two figures in Surrey right now obviously that. I'd probably have a lot of interest in the one another and it's. I eight you know I would be. I I think they're very intrigue in the eating these guys you know. President trump is unlike any of the other leaders that I want our country in the morning that's for sure that there. I felt I would I would think that that play a little bit didn't kill. I'm just worked couriers. We'll ask our United States at this point because. They likely Hewitt says they unique opportunity to engage with someone who live in sort of the typical. You know American east end up spending but it is an opposite. Now that's for sure and Donald Trump isn't certainly anything but your your typical. Statesman Alex Smith when America arising Alex thanks for your time today pleasure talking with. You bad good to have you here and will continue to keep an eye on where we go from here be right back.