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Tuesday, May 15th

Seattle new head tax causing problems for Amazon; Forum recap; McMaster


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And I like cure attitude well that's probably because I am they attacked autumn or. The aim bombastic loud mouth of the south clearly got. I in his fourth and final hour here on this Tuesday edition. They about a national Electoral College the bonus hour and as always. You all or import. Is invited encouraged and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation seeming. Just grab your phone usually angles advantage talk line. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line is also available for area. That number is 71307. And my email address bomb. At 1063. WORG. Dot com. Never heard the expression. A conservative. Is a liberal who was mugged last night. Causes AM. Attitude adjustment. On the parts of some individuals well. A similar kind of thing at philosophically. Is going on right now in the people's republic of Seattle. They have maybe the most closely associated with a socialist Communist agenda city council. Of any place in American bar none. Inco and I'm including burglary. In this list okay. The that the city fathers. And mothers in nine Columbia. In and Seattle site for audience went. Have been concerned. Because the Arab residents of Seattle been complaining about the homeless population. I may have heard this same thing going on and San Francisco. Out of used needles. And dropped on the sidewalk all over the place for our kids and pets to step on. And people were leaving themselves suddenly a public out their affairs and sidewalks in San Francisco. Turning a beautiful city. Into a cesspool well. Folks in Seattle were complaining that they are headed and that. Direction. So the solution from the geniuses on the City Council a head tax. Originally proposed a new and the attacks on the ahead of everybody. Who works at a major corporation and Seattle 500 bucks. As what they had originally proposed here's a story today from Fox News. A new tax approved by the Seattle City Council. Has triggered a fierce war of words between the liberal city and its behemoth corporations. Usually known for their progressive. Outlook. Starbucks and Amazon. Are now blasting the decision to slap a new head tax as it's called. On businesses. To pay for homeless services and affordable housing. Saying the government's own lack of efficiency. Is what is to blame for the city's problems. A city does not have a revenue problem and has a spending efficiency problem said. Drew her Gunner he is a VP at Amazon. In a statement issued today. We are highly uncertain whether the city council's anti business positions. Or its spending inefficiency. Will change for the better. We might make the same argument. For our education system here in South Carolina went our way he and they topped thirty. In the amount of money spent. And our school system and yet we remain at number 50. Right on the bottom. Of all the area school testing. Well they Seattle City Council yesterday finally passed this plan. To tax businesses. Making at least twenty million in gross revenues. It's not the 500 bucks it was originally suggested. It is now 275. Per of her full time worker every year. This head tax is estimated to raise about 48 million dollars. Which authorities are marking for housing and homeless services. We have community members Jordan dying said council member to resell mosque data on. Before the vote according to the Seattle times they are dying on our streets today because there's not enough shelter announced. But they Q corporate giants reacted angrily to the news. Nearly 600 employers. About 3% of all Seattle's businesses would pay the tax starting next year. Amazon said it is being forced to question future growth in the city. Good old and noted that revenue was increasing quicker than they population increase. Amazon headed by Jeff these osu also owns the wild blow you Washington Post. The Internet giant has also drawn criticism from president trump. Who's complained Amazon does not pay enough in taxes. I am right about Amazon costing the United States post office massive amounts of money for being their delivery boy. Amazon should pay these costs plus and not have them borne by the American taxpayer. Many billions of dollars PLO leader's post office leaders don't have a clue. Or do day. Council member Lorena Gonzalez slammed Amazon saying their own. In this message is clearly hostile toward the City Council is not what I expect from a business. That continues to tell us they wanna be a partner on these issues. How about Starbucks. Are they based in Seattle and LA are. They regularly tell their progressive values. Accused the city council of ignoring the plight of children. Who have to sleep outside. If they cannot provide a warm meal and a safe then do a five year old child. No one believes they'll be able to make housing affordable or address opiate addiction since Starbucks John Kelly. Under a proposal itself and actually been reduced. As I mentioned. Where the initial pitch putting the tax and 500 dollars per hand in order to pick up enough votes to pass. And avoid a may your old veto. The Associated Press reports of Seattle. That region and the third highest number of homeless people in the US despite. These sped east on the city spending 68 million dollars on combating homelessness. Homelessness who last year 68 male. Head to access are extremely rare in the US and the ones in place are a fraction of the one proposed more Seattle. In Denver there's a fifteen dollar per year tax for a full time employee. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel here remember him Obama set top advisor at the White House and first term. And now the mayor of Chicago scrapped. The tax in the windy city after calling it a job killer. Yeah thank. Seattle once had a 25 dollar a year per head tax but it killed it in 2009. Because a leader said it sent the wrong message to businesses. During a recession. As I said day yeah conservative sometimes as a liberal who was mugged last night well. It appears that Starbucks. Amazon and others. Just got mocked quarter after six here in the bombing action take a quick break here and right back with more as the bonus hour. Continues. Sir you've been selected for pat down well not the worst thing that ever happened to him. Might be in the top ten. Six story true here in the about rematch are welcome back Tuesday addition to the phones we go on the angles advantage stock line and 803471063. Crist. Is on in a joins us as the brits say on his. Mobile's phone hi Chris what is that. Yeah well I think nears. I'll let up that are currently almost press I think the use an eight city year and the country you have people that are really desperate destitute. Period I need help. And hanging out the people who love the take advantage of the pits. And if they narrow. Then there is resource that they will block it from anywhere and everywhere to take advantage of that that. Yeah upset I don't know we've seen that day in San Francisco and Alan Seattle as well. Yeah yeah London historic political note that I know it used to be police concert. And yet they didn't eat nobody. You guys that there aren't particularly Arab community cannot do and it's been into you don't now little. About that. Well a little bit weak weak panhandle from city to city. And we usually make anywhere from 60000 dollars out what we'll do is block it out there and we'll we got to the corner there the post right. Take it and we don't create exit. And we just absolutely killed apparently are currently parent. And it is an elderly and the cranky they don't pre tax so you know it's great Britain and. Yeah and I've I've heard stories like they're aggressive on people doing that and they they have a down to a science science and jokingly suggested at one point. That they franchise these locations out. You know like McDonald's. And now and you have to pay a a royalty to get one of the one of the top locations to be able to panhandle. Yeah and I think you're playing very smartly there now. Really need that doesn't mean you never know if you've been there and and obviously they're a a paper trail it is blown down you're you're getting pretty certain you don't deserve to. Damn you probably have seen a video sent as I have of people that have been followed. You know I mean and now they're in the wearing you know whether done beaten up close. And and then somebody follows him when the camera and include improved each and I'm videos on YouTube all the time they follow him back. And then a day they follow on to their real car. And now which is pull barked you know a couple of blocks away. And and they change in June nicer clothing and open on. New balance interest Kirk ourselves and and and not get into a nice a late model car and drive often as you pointed out all of this is tax free. Yeah there are ways that spam and it built out that people are indeed an end you know. Battle it out there that taxpayers are burdened with which you don't have people flocking into remote are the country to take advantage and you know your generosity. Yeah and the other side of the equation. Needs to be dealt with as well on that as the people who genuinely. Honestly. Need some help and we're seeing of that kind of problem beginning to surface. I hear with the growth. We're experiencing in Greenville there was a story last night. About people that went and gentrification. Some of these neighborhoods are forcing people. Out of their homes. In in places that they've lived and that for many many years and now. Now for the lack of affordable housing. Are rampant real problems. You know what I did literally as hard as they don't do that while it hurt 68%. Of people are actually better. And anybody needs now or are there are certain. It's now yeah there's deep GP taking care of the people who you know have fought for our country and you know. They're really like that are with me hope everybody. Remembers. There rhetoric that they're. How much he can't. Yup absolutely thanks Chris I appreciate the call because it is a serious problem and are two sides of the coin speaking and events. I've been invited to speak tonight and I'm honored to be able to do it. And American legion post you fourteen is a relatively new post just in the last three years it's out and tailors its three major Rudolph Anderson junior polished. I named after the the only military casualty. During the Cuban missile crisis in the early sixties major Anderson. A YouTube pilot who shot down by a Russian made missile over Cuba in an attempt to get done. Satellite to get to surveillance photos. Of London the missiles that other Russians had given Cuba so now looking forward to doing that probably about an hour from now. After the show will be heading out there to do that. In on the attacks Dalai 71 threes are seven Bobby sixty grand a year for panhandling. That make it more of an idea. Now Bobby major general retired and medal of honor winner endorses colonel retired Claude Schmidt in South Carolina for congressional race quote. We need tough test and waiters to change Washington from eagle scout to senior army officer. Claude has demonstrated the experience leadership and public service commitment that the upstate needs. And that is Schmidt as CH MID for congress to outcome doesn't say who that individual lives but I'll take their word for it. Bob did I hear rider group based in Indiana or Illinois. Endorsed temples and I had not heard. Bob I think Seattle needs a buzz saw the could be. Now Bobby you liberals tally she can't solve traffic congestion by building more roads. Since more roads attract more cars may thanks so the at all. Is going to war in the same rule applies for the homeless. Now Bobbie this is Seattle City Council PR. We object to your referring to us as mothers and fathers in the future. Please refer to us as yet. Or if it's if you are using the poorly you have sorry. My bad forgot about that the gender identification. And now that stuff Bob Seattle the latest version of Democrats socialism. Now the one universal. Now with socialism. Sales wherever strived. Six Tony nine here in the body Mac show and he's ready to go and under center. I'm ride back for the last half of the bonus hour here on Tuesday. That would be yours truly 8637. Here in the body and action 23 before 7 o'clock. Back to the phones we go to the angles advantage talk line 80347. 1063 yet TJ. Joint receiving he has a knack counter anti TJ ideal in the same. I'm doing very well mister McLean that is wanna congratulate you then Perrin and company. Where an awesome job that you didn't during these forums. I think it these questions you're posing these people are exactly what people wanted to know and that's very kind of leaders say that's how I appreciate that. Well how I'm not alone believe me there many many many people would agree with what I just said I must first and halftime collars it's a portion of clout Calvin L. Yeah now we can now we can arrange that hang on 12 year and. Area. At. I I would like to edit and I would like to know. And I'm not trying to put new ones on the spot understood the little. Who wins and Pinocchio award. Now from a from last night. Yes sir I guess I will have to presented in absentia. To the governor. Now because. When he's given a choice. Between and attending a young professionals soiree. To last sip shabbily in non. In in Charleston. Or come up here and and have an opportunity to answer the questions posed by the more than half a million. GOP voters suggesting Greenville and Spartanburg counties alone for getting arrested in upstate. It I think it says something about the he has a level of commitment. Two to the campaign frankly. I agree with you and another thing I'd just like interject before I got to let you go on move on. Donald Trump. And I thank god that that he. And Mike Hanna so. Are that the man in charge of this country needs you. He did not always endorsed people dead heat. Banks are gonna win that. Yeah we should we saw that and Alabama and and look I admire president sense of loyalty. You know I Henry McMaster I was one of the first to endorse him when he began his campaign and I think the governor has repaid him. My I think Doug the president rather has repaid Henry McMaster mightily. First by clearing the decks touring become governor by appointing Nikki aliases ambassador to the UN and then my. I continuing to endorse him in this campaign. Yes sir I want to close by thanking you for filling in turn mr. Bohannon. At well I have seven I have some free time to Janet and I was in the vicinity doesn't zip code. So I think in what went ahead on this down bistro but see what's gone on. It's always a pleasure hearing your spare and yeah I want actually very candidate to TJ appreciate that the kind words from from count. Captain spirit and by the way let me let me interject here. That the questions posed last night. At the co sponsored. Tea Party Greenville Tea Party and WORD. GOP gubernatorial forum weren't they they were in part composed by Tara. And myself as moderator so we also received input from other Tea Party. So kudos to them for being able to. Hit the target. As as far as the up direction now the question what. And is annex seven is in now Greenhill high end and welcome to the bunny match. They bothered to listen to anyone here is my second phone call I don't know why not do now is. Andrew Marc and over to the marshal's office get a botched that in the Marshall to go to the DOJ and get those document he got a subpoena. A fair question and and you know there was another went today we are sent that story that. But all it was about the the woman that's the mayor in Oakland. You know the one that debt tipped off all the illegals and an ice raid was coming. And that this story today was as something about the the DO and I knew wasn't the DOJ and for somebody. I don't it was it was a private organization. That is an anti immigration group has filed a lawsuit against her and I thought. Won't Wear worsening US Marshal service is woman is violating no law. Maybe if she were locked up in the graybar hotel for a while. Then now we might have an attitude adjustment from some of these other Sanctuary City mayors and governors I've they find themselves doing some jail time. You know been in jail that grip and this getting treatment. Idea I am above the briefly on visited. The graybar hotel and my younger days as well and can't can't say that I enjoy the experience all that much. Well may enjoy your program bombing now I'll. I'm I'm I'm just I'm waiting for that segment shoot at all. Yeah me UN Meebo cannot I appreciate all very much and that's a fair question. And where's the AG on its. Shouldn't they AGB and they are burning down burning a wallpaper. Off the offices of roads and sign the rest of these honest. Outlook. Congress has. Constitutional. Authority for oversight. Over these agencies and they won't turn over Leon redacted documents. For my money somebody's going to jail. In on me a text lines 71 threes are 70 no Bob. Kim Jung Owen is threatening to pull out of the summit. Well he's spoil Trump's son Nobel peace party trump already had his acceptance speech written and. And Henry had his tux pressed as well. Bob I'd like to hear more about Katherine Templeton is never trump. Times I would not be voting for her at this point because this alignment thank you for any information on the issue may have. I haven't done a bunch of research and that but I'm Wilson Cha you posed a question. Al Bobby did you say couch so far or Davenport. Big. Bob can Nunez take the US marshals and go get the documents from the DOJ. Same question me a caller. Yes just post. I don't think anything was a stopping them. Bobbie this is bill I served with colonel retired clutch mead. And I can't pronounce his name wrong. Apologies for that it's spelled CH in my. Please correct the pronunciation on his name happy to do. Whenever we make an error like that we that we obviously I wanna corrected in and make it right. Bob Bob Bob Bob my dad gum it debt aghast. Just jumped fifteen cents or more since this morning. And Jarvis is just plain wrong. Bob do you think I Kim Jung won his Saber rattling against trying to stand up to trump this would be a huge embarrassment. Now. I've wondered you know the other night when now the president was speaking and now we're western Indiana. That he was he was a little bellicose. I guess there's a word. And it makes you wonder if the generals that surround. Him John on haven't had taken aside had a word when payments and outlook you know where. Where world can like we're backing down here. Corner before seven on the body Macs are taking a quick break here. And then they write back was more as we press on here on Tuesday. Me teachers we don't need no education we don't need no thought control how we down. But we get it anyway 6491147. Chaman role here on me about rematch you know. Add to the phones Giuliani's as shave I cannot cram and a few more collars before we bail out of here beginning when Jerry who is in Spartanburg hi Jerry and welcome to the show. Thank you Bob. All about government textures. Strategy you would not. Org news debate somebody's following discredited Strom Thurman quality. Awarded to any debates he just I guess news normally record limits big course Nelson in mode is shown up and furlough. The public. And there are. Side Bos. Yeah yeah it's funny you mentioned that Jerry because I had a caller also in the closing minutes of the show on the wheels on Friday. Who said that today he knew a number of on high powered attorneys. That had dealt with the governor when he was the attorney general. And that the the the universal opinion. They shared was a gap that was exactly the rationale behind it. And the governor is not a great debater. In their estimation and so as a result. They're they're just a new essentially just run out the clock counts. Thanks so. It's and have a motive court hours. Though tonight on the and you know my Oregon about this there I'm back here on the went masters. And about till two million dollar agreed to out of it be sued two of the allegations were true most balls but I ringgit so we've Apollo. About which won't all you hear about it. Yeah I have and and by the way it also has been pointed out under a foolish terra who put her down or somebody else. That in the the current. Radio ad that down the governor turning their couple of inaccuracies in there as well. Under Simon has. OK well thanks. Key question. Thank you Gerri appreciate very much censure a column C and I'll attend Anderson next two join Randy Randy was. And I you're happy at the forum last night right Randi. A lot of tiger enjoy immediately charged Anbar did not Mac and roots pleasure and I. Just in rats and they don't play golf. Now that their refund and allied what what was your impression had a do you think the various candidates performed last night. A lot so I'm generally a couple comments. I'll let you know you're quite hear your question in arms. Kevin Bryant is he really didn't catch the question about. In a part of an award system. And I if you count thank you he taken that position eight. You can't you let them and place in search vote. I mean I wouldn't vote in the heat Def playing in tighter and in any topic Cuauhtemoc not a and it would do less damage to check errors he can't rate currently in recent state or lots. You know but by about Brian that didn't really care that common assault comets or. Pretty it's pretty similar. And then the only thing you know a lot of home cooking there let them John John mourns answered all the questions correctly. It is pretty stiff shouldn't panic humorless and I'm never some smile policy cannot intro and not immune you know discount happen to notice that some. That stamp or that mean that you need at the right answers that I enjoyed going in saint interaction that. All not a key you already know that Obama supporter. Apatow and I'm not I'm not making those comments just. It shouldn't and then to lie down. I thought it yeah now understood and and as far as about. The lieutenant governor Bryant and the manipulation that went on there to allow Hugh leatherman Q retain the power that he did. As the hysteria president to approach him. Of the senator I guess we'll never know but it is certainly. It facilitated his. Keeping the the amount of power that he has as or John Warren I can tell you that he has been in the studio with me a couple of times. I would just say it's a caveat is a former marine officer. You know and couldn't. And CN FL so and being out being warm and friendly. It's not necessarily one idea that character traits in Geneva you find. When Maria Gonzalez who witnessed my own dad as a matter of fact. But been dealing with a impersonal way. I found in two to be a real personable and and real real human. So. The sellout how I'm trying to drag in the off I don't know I sent chemist at least he stood out a little bit from the group because most of group this. That yet or they were pretty interactive and you know young. You know gosh I just know more outgoing yet but again opposite that. All of that to attack. It and eat eat and again it made its first public. This general area sure he's not an experienced politician Randy M gotta run but I thank you very much for the call and for your input. I got to wrap things up for this evening thanks so much for being on today and every day we appreciated. Probably and we don't say how much we appreciate it as much as we probably should. Hump day. Tomorrow and I will see you back tomorrow afternoon three right after L rush well thanks again for being in a long and I'm headed out to go to the legion and Taylor's god bless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. All right take care. Most of this country we want to go. There's no sense at all riled up every time a bunch of idiots really awe attack take care now. Mommy can we please talk about this later bought by then in the end the universe tends unfold position. And the baby Phat band and me.