Bob McLain Show 5-17 hr 3 Lee Bright

Bob McLain
Saturday, May 19th
Sen Lee Bright candidate for Dist 4 seat

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During the past couple of weeks I received numerous text messages and emails. People saying Obama no lovely bride is running for the fourth district congressional seat Republican nomination. To replace stray Yani but I haven't seen him on a TV hear her name on radio or seen yard signs are unable to what's going on. With labor rights campaign and the candidate joins us now all. To talk about how the campaign has gone former state senator early bright highly how aria. I'm great got by have you on the show that campaigns all very well outside. A lot more positions and a lot in my arms forward and who followed tolerable the district and will conform these last few weeks. Is this gonna turn out to be a really expensive campaigned with thirteen people in the field. And it is our a lot of. Will live in the other leaders it's about obviously now we know won't you know they can cell phone and he's been out on television and our own a lot of own your actions matter which. It would final start ever at next week and down you know we're gonna start pushing hard in the election. Got chip I had that wind when people had asked me. We. Of about your visibility and in the last couple of weeks I just speculated. Either way because I haven't had any contact with the in the past few weeks we hadn't had an opportunity to converse I guess speculated. That you were marshalling your resources. Toward the final couple weeks of the them the primary and then of course. I think it's as you pointed out I think it's a logical assumption that will end up. Not with a where they run off with thirteen candidates in the field. Is that an accurate assessment. Yeah yeah it's the other Rahal go meet with him again and obviously. But it. Things look look well for us you know we're positioned against Bob like we are in every opportunity that Kabila that Rahal and obviously that's important resource on sale this will be a team we orient. So why are you just got to look at city it has the potential partial billions in the rock right now an option when you get a candidate himself on you know it's going to be an. Yeah out yet certainly makes a difference what what are you seeing in terms of the polling data. That they knew if I had availability don't look at lately. No they weren't bread yes you are now that there's been all partly slammed in our our recent. And obviously you know the first two you know what we don't know all right although there's a long time between now and then. As you well know it really comes to turn out and yeah songs are people should look. I feel great about rockets. You know one thing that she selling I am going Torre a way that no and perhaps some of the others out in the race for the fourth district GOP nomination do not have. Is a record in the state senate of of having been install more conservative and and yeah and name recognition which also I think got council on as well. Well we were attacked so much in the last rites that are in my being in Milan some people on that. Net is that they can't. Monday at that 100 rate below but a lot and intense bright that they want the election 100 people realized what minute that was all right my taxes. And they turned a tremendously bright outlook and get jobs. And it really has helped helped this campaign that boy who went through alliances and really been written this woman. It was generally closed but the NRA Ian and I voted against everybody how to Columbia. Primarily you know but for a lot of white split up that they had Planned Parenthood funding and something that I couldn't accept right. I've got a record standing here plain here and in. And you know we sponsored that bill and you guess helped us a week on hard. Try to keep function players country's commitment connecting we can't send them one win and yes the annals. But you know wouldn't like it Clinton's senate all along when in doubt. I think your listeners and and the station and then in you Bob inaccurate air for didn't engage in the issues because. It's conservatives and on the board to get you know and in at eight and the situation would be here now. Yeah it was a sad situation I watch what happened in the last South Carolina senate race because essentially. The big business and and other corporate interest who were in favor of amnesty for illegals and and one open borders. Essentially just money bond your campaign. Well liquid they have been doing their bit lucky that we didn't and the senate primary is that the Democrats have their own primary the Mandela. I'm very content is governor writes. And I stay home vote Mitt Romney can't vote but I am and eliminate the crawl clever that we thank Lucas. The Democrat terminology extremism in 1216 I don't think we'll have better in this primary so that that really helps a lot. If but if there's any thing and all that has surprised you about this race and Nieminen. Now these kind of out of campaigns before he what what is the biggest surprise to you gearing during this race isn't the size of the field or is it something else. Well it is it's a big deal and and we went really well I mean it's been really talked about at some unpleasant. Our help me in this campaign didn't help me it would extreme and it's it's been very positive but you know I backwards we're actually get a position and it's a second look. So far at this point. And now just minor problem that turn out and important I'd rather get messages from time I'm gonna get involved and the only bright for commerce dot com. And you can kind of get a quarter in Spartanburg any great wit to make quarters now what they're stamped. So while only bright for congress dot com you can you can volunteer you can donate to inhale when it's candidate. Internet if we're privileged enough to be in the Rolf. As Indian kids and obviously they hit an all New Orleans hotel in Washington can I am I in or no wall or. You know protecting our borders in that open borders crowd to their opposition. Yeah that you're right about Natalie remember last time out in Washington four of them. Fair hold their feet to the fire event the Federation for American Immigration Reform. And now shock you account can Tancredo is a former congressman from the midwest and he shared with me a story should. Not I got up here Bob. And Tom DeLay was a speaker of the house of the time. And I've I cashed a couple of votes that the the party faithful did not why can so they call me on the carpet to the speaker's office and Tom DeLay said Jimmy. They said day yet you know. Tom today your gonna have to get on board yet with the program here if you expect to have a career up here. And gentry said I had to laugh at and I told him as a mr. speaker you obviously don't understand senate. I don't want a career in Washington and and that was a rarity and and I think that today we had. More people like that up there we would this certainly be better served and not I have a feeling that your attitude as well wait. Well when I got to like the and I remember I don't ridiculous skirmish my freshman. Permanent mother my first year. We will back and forth about all the little I had a choice between stand alone they ask. Inside him for what will dry for one term for years are highly cowering under my desk for forty years I would think that we. Yeah out and nine and sadly we know out. That militarily Hugh leatherman took the other option and. Say what did this that Columbia and it's as. Continues to get worse in you know it's one of those things where you know that he's great. The chambers have gotten crony capitalism down to an art young and they continue to elect their own and you'll get same problem in Washington samba and a it that your Lister and voters live or congressional district will be engaged in this campaign because. What can you obviously one person can make a difference and you've got a program called it something here. Which is going to rise in these and we get more conservatives out there are a bit. I don't I'm looking gorgeous new interview with alteration congress and matching but he doubts about Al. You know the leaders you know just pushed the conservative intentionally to the right there in Washington we give or we need again. And down and out pure and I'm a year raw veggies speaking actually endorsement and yes a part of that because he can't he's been fighting. It stands until he wanted to attack on body here. Brian speaker yet and I'm honored to have the rights. It's it's going to be fascinating to see how it comes out grosso and have another debate. Island's top 45 in the field when their friends of the Greenville Tea Party and I feel pretty confident we'll see you there. The on the website again as Lee bright for congress we great to talk to you best of luck in the race. I thank Fran military operation what did my pleasure thank you really good to have you here today.