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Friday, May 25th
Sample ballot for primary; Honor those for Memorial Day

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Long day trend we're so are going pretty well. I see I'm seeing money you. Nice three day weekend three day weekend three days. Three days okay well let's get started it's I'm dating let Eric know getting under way at 307. Bobby Mack a lecture gritty a program it is Friday that means that they all staged. It's a Friday free for all any topic is fair game today. And since Memorial Day is coming up on Monday and I will not be here's company holiday scientists say get off. And Jim Bohannon will be in here on Memorial Day for me meant. Where do our traditional. Not pre Memorial Day program when we're not on the air on. Memorial Day and that is if you have someone your family a friend that you would like to remember who is a no longer whether it's. I you can feel free to draconian and and I do so this afternoon on Ingles advantage hotline 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. WORD dot com if you missed. The key word for this hour in the thousand dollar bankroll count test it is or lost. Just like the a TV show that was on for awhile that finally. Lost meek has been so damp any explanation over. Why is being able or they were anyway LO ST lost is the key word for this hour text that 272881. Memorial day of course are coming up on Monday I received a very nice letter at today it was a left for me downstairs. And our mailroom. Address to I yours truly hi Bobby greetings. From American legion post 214. I just wanted to take this opportunity to again express our sincere gratitude. For addressing our post members spoke out there was a last week. Thank you lossless. Every everyone enjoyed your comments and certainly enjoyed your company. Please accept this as a standing invitation for you and your baby you know Brenda to come and have dinner when this anytime your schedule allows. This will be a social visit all the way no speeches just come enjoy and be our guest just by Mina. Bobbie we all appreciate what you do day in and day out keep up the great work if we have never assist you in anyway please do not hesitate to call upon us. Your friends and fellow patriots. American legion post 214. Taylor South Carolina sincerely Clyde rector post commander. Thank you Clyde appreciate that very much. Nice you are received I mentioned. Earlier in the week. That you can now fill out AM an absentee ballot. Haggard and working and now I can't get to the polls on Election Day. I have some some other. Recently cheers like you going to be at a town your on vacation you're over 65. And I you can also fill out a out an absentee ballot you can go down. To be an election commission office as county square hearing Greeneville are. And you can just to find out where the election commission offices in New York surrounding county here in the upstate nobody happy don't like your vote right there you can vote absentee right there. And a number of people and asked about if there are any propositions or advisory questions. Then they will see on the ballot. During the primary during the GOP primary in answer to that is yes. So I'd I'd gone to SE votes dot ORG. Which you can do as well distill out the information the last score your name address and know that sort of thing. And then they will send you they'll email you back William yell link actually. To outpace sample ballot which you can preview and it's a good idea I think to. Get a sample ballot in the end G in the GOP primary coming up on 9 June 12 would merely be cost of these size of the field. And by getting a sample ballot that can help you to our review all the candidates and and help you in non arriving at a conclusion that decision on. For whom. You plan on casting your vote now the advisory questions that will be on the ballot. There are two of them. Do you believe that voters should have the option on. To choose to affiliate with any political party when they register to vote or change their voter registration and South Carolina. Now essentially this is a sop. Now this is a throw in a bone to the people who have been demanding. That the GOP only allow registered Republicans to vote people who are actually. A Republican Party members not to vote in the GOP primary. But in South Carolina we do not register by party. So this would be. I guess at a baby step. Towards that towards that end. Because I as I've said many times in the past you've probably sick to hear me say get it when the when the Pope dies. The college of cardinals guessing get together and called the move allows in not Tehran and asked them who they think the next Pope should be. And a by the same token. And Democrats. Should not be allowed to devote the GOP primary and in my estimation so that's one of the advisory questions the second one. Do you believe that south Carolina's tax code. Should be brought into conformity. With the new trump tax cuts in the federal tax code. For maximum simplification. And a lower the overall tax burden on South Carolina taxpayers and businesses. I'd be as you know I've I don't really do endorsements for candidates. You kind of I think again an idea of who I like and that setting aside. I would recommend on the east two advisory questions that you vote yes on both of those. Because it certainly will be beneficial to the taxpayers of South Carolina and head of our state tax code brought into conformity. With a new tax laws have been passed under president trump. Bob Diane I miss the web address about the voter ballot a sample ballot so I can see who's running and what position. That's okay doesn't matter identity again it is simply SC votes. Dot ORG. Okay SE votes. That ORG and is the last day your name and your address so they can make sure that you know you're in the they are right now voting district. And by the way if you moved. Since the last time you voted. You need to update your address. With the election commission. Okay. I am I got this in my email from Andy and actually came in yesterday. Pre Memorial Day and saw wanted to share and weighted. Bob my father quit college during his senior year at age 21. To join the US air force during the Korean War. He spent four years in the prime of his life defending our country because he felt it was his duty as an American. His ancestors had fought in every war including the American revolution in our nation's history. He always told me that his fondest and proudest memory in the air force. Would say it was serving with some of the members of the Tuskegee airmen of World War II fame and perilous. My father span of favorite fellow service members were black man from Alabama. And he made sure that everyone in my town knew that fact and pounced dollar these fine black patriots work. Therefore it was the height of irony when I saw black NFL football players and kneeling during our National Anthem. They were disrespecting my father who sacrificed and went to war and the same age they are. They are disrespecting. Their heroes and they Tuskegee airmen who risked their lives and stood for the flag despite. Racism and unequal treatment and their hometowns. Also at the ages of these NFL players. They Tuskegee airmen on the giants upon whose shoulders these black players stamped. For them to not appreciate those who went before them so that they can make millions of dollars playing a child's game is appalling and pathetic. My father won't watch the NFL and I canceled my NFL direct. TV package. It is about Memorial Day and a personal military experience for our family and our attitude toward eight NFL nonsense. China and thanks Andy appreciate that. And now thanks to your dad for his service quarter after three here in the bombing Macke sure we go to the phones for the first time on the Friday free for all when I come right back. Here on the TGI definition on WORD. Rat. And lose New Orleans. Rock and roll bumper music. Three funny to hear the bombing might show at a graduation day today at a nevertheless. I don't know if they've ever been to Annapolis berg ever had an opportunity to get up there. In that neck of the woods around Washington and and Annapolis Maryland. Take the time to go over to the Natal can see the other chapel where John Paul Jones is Merrick absolutely. Gorgeous. And AM president addressing. The academy grants today here's part of what he would say. You care about every contest against army. For the record this yeah. Navy. Beat army. Nineteen. Times. And I will not mention I promise. Who won the football game. I won't mention it. Refused to say look at it and wait we get it you'd never flinch in the raging strong. America is that your heart. The ocean. Is yours ill the saltwater runs through your veins. You live your life according to the finals law of the navy. The word impossible. Does not exist. Because navy never waves. We are not going to apologize. For him. We are going to stand up for him no more apologies. We are going to stand up. For our citizens we're going to stand up for our bad. And we're going to stand. Our men and women in you know. They president addressing the graduating class all the midshipman at the Annapolis today and by the way. I got a number of of ovation Zend and when he is his remarks were concluded he shook the hand of every. Graduate. At Annapolis today Wheldon Tony four after three to the phones we go lead off Saturday is Richard he is angry email hi Richard and welcome to the Friday free pearl. Thank you thank you very much concern but I didn't sale wanted to well. Discussion Obama's latest signal went muscle yeah. Well below a lot of beer or are. Thank you in that president probably destroyed it lately has certainly working on that. Well until it was that it hasn't exposure. Obama's legacy and bridges. Which today wage two years. And now and very expensive ones that. There are as you're exactly right. So so. I have no word about it like actually being it. The Troy that would under through lobbying that is being revealed quarter clearly does she. Now I think a lot of people were aware of what was going on during Jose gears you stood in opposition to it myself included. I'm just happy and that's behind us and as as a a new day add greater. We Elvis but they're they're what they're failures that we are countries and relations. That nothing will accomplish good. And chuckle a little British billionaire will. Now let's say eight years. That's that's true enough but as thank you Richard as we say on the golf course you can't play the holes behind it you can only played once in front. Out pet is accept that is an union iPad and welcomed the Bobby Knight jail. Thank you battery I would depend on food channel and I ate out and be happy cowboys and they weren't. Indicating that thought. Every in the summit held grew because South Korea wanted peace and bad. They're willing to compromise. I could be a front end and that's our next that's not a reasonable. So supposition. It's not unreasonable I should sent. But we're glad you inquire. Well that. I don't know but they sort of picture. China later and go play together I don't know when net that you would make it. But I was wondering. What would shine a little. Bit North Korea did make Iran without Korea and the United States. Well of course he got this act app and am. The truck comes of course say that there are a Communist regime Kim Jung mine. Is a tyrannical dictator based on communism as well so if if North Korea was to becoming more open society. The other Chinese probably would not be crazy about that yet if if they did if they were. Even slightly. Democratic. In North Korea that would create a new markets. For all kinds of not countries all over the world America and a Chinese products as well right now than the north Koreans are starving and don't have. At two Nickels to rub together to buy any thing. Anything that would improve that situation over there would certainly have be better from the standpoint of capitalism. Yeah but when it doesn't. North Korea by Albert got from China. Well they get all their stuff from China that China gives them a great deal. And North Korea doesn't really have much to buy anything went. An actual. I don't aren't I don't know what I heard from him sound like it came from China it didn't sound like for. It would know what maybe a lot that button and you know it's shocking. Now I can I can understand. The supposition that South Korea may be a little too anxious to restore relations with the north. And now. Considering that president trump always refers to. And be involved in negotiations from a standpoint of strength. He'd be may have wanted to not take him aside and have a word wedeman saying look. You know what we've been doing so far it's working let's continue to hold their feet to the fire and bring him back to the table. Oh I hope so too thank you pat I appreciate it 28 after three year on the Bobby Mack show in on the text line. Now Bob via actually North Korea's the last Stalinist. Regime on the planet yelled that's probably a better description. That's a good way to describe. Because uncle Joseph certainly I ran things and iron fist or they're in the old Soviet Union. Bobby I hated and was disgusted with the Obama as were millions but we also have to remember he ran against Hillary. So I could've been much worse winner he is a legacy. Is worst put us in history and still stance. Yet nobody is happier. With the administration. And the way they had eight years of the Obama presidency went nobody is happier about that and Jimmy Carter. Which the side and allows Obama to replace him as well as worst president. And 29 after three year on the body Mac show Friday free for all rolls on on the other side of the news here on 1063. WL RD. You must. Wet it. And welcome back. 33723. Before four here on AM body Mac show. Bob Bob by the way out of course gimme a lot of travel going on in the upcoming. Now long holiday weekend may Memorial Day weekend triple A says more than forty million Americans expected to hit the road this weekend. If you are one of them here are few tips to help you save on gas. Which has become exceedingly pricey. These days and yet the waves at which we used to help you out through traffic here in the upstate or gas money. And they can help you find the cheapest gas at nearby stations. Try and now by gas and Wholesale Club because. The research indicates it clubs like deck Costco and Sam's Club and DJ us. Often have gas stations that can save you twenty to thirty cents a gallon on average by recourse other may have some lines this weekend. And I keep your car well maintained in a stuff like. Low tire pressure will reduce your fuel economy and can damage your tires. And now about air conditioning. Use it up I know it sounds counter intuitive. And air conditioners actually create less drag on the end Jan. Then driving with the windows down in your vehicle. And so there is sent to the bullets are gonna Friday free for all brother Fred joins me from beautiful travelers arrest hello brother friend. Braves got Bob I'll make side. Thank you take in my car and I'm so excited so I didn't date and art church. I wanna I wanna run military uniforms and how big the flight bear. Nice night you are you had done multiple. Levels of service rather read you are marine. You are also all in the army I believe is that is that correct. South Carolina's National Guard and air force space program line they air force. Edge dot. Yeah quote make up my mind that the. But you certainly major contribution. To our military our brother Brett. Well I'd still play it for our boy is it trade. This would frame and the wars that came back. You know they have problems. And our government still do not help. The veterans but the rain supplied call Bobby thanks take a month call us at Wayne has elite. Can't coming up. Christian camp for the years. And roll out these kid is it comes to art church there are not from Christian families. And so therefore. We have to make up quite a bit and I forgot to say that. If they wouldn't let people gives listeners. Would call. And up to send a check. All matched. All the checks up distorted 500 dollars. Wow what's it cost to go to the camp brother friend. Well you probably look get mad about. Ten grand because we have a lot of the brother's assistant it'll work it. And we have a lot of cooks it. That crook and they got. In the public schools that are fine Christian ladies and they do not charge. So you're you're talking about what it cost to run the camp and if somebody wants to pay. For a child together what what was the cost of that. Well you're probably look at data back out. Load 250. Dollars. Okay so ask him if someone wanted to just contribute save that amount. Then they be able to essentially out sponsor scholarship for that young Sheridan to go to the camp. Yes sir every week at 39 as salvation last year pastor and and these children do not come from Christian families. And they don't get any thing about Jesus in public schools because. I used to be president of PTA. Over there all flawed bill road. And out that was the last time that year is that they had any prayer or flag. Those. In the public schools that I know of. Ambient set literally sandwiched on their first if anybody wants to help out brother friend had they get in touch with your. OK if they can call. 834434. And I'll give them the address. To send it checked to. They can send it to my office or I'll give them that the church. And we certainly will. Appreciate that and and don't give a lot of blesses because of this. You mad and what which churches that again brother Fred. That is foothills Baptist Church she. And now we're up on a highway wanted. Brought across in the Viet done via boat don't get mixed up because they were over there and get filled with despair as they. And they drove in church takes kids filled with joy in everyday and there in this spirit. But there's no angle where. And down lap and and that's certainly a distinct advantage of one year filled with a spirit and not cross the street here filled with spirits. Yesterday thank you brother Fred is always great to talk to a and god bless and have a great Memorial Day weekend and thank you for your service there. Now my future brother Fred great to have you here. LeBron for. And I Sherman is on now she is in now Spartanburg hi Sherman welcome to Bobby Mac Friday for referral. Bobby I appreciate it I'd you do not only do. I'm I'm Linda an yes sir I'm I'm doing fine and dandy it's Friday so you know it's it's hard to go totally into the ditch on Friday. There you go you know I'd like to make that got brother Corey opinion night so. Hey I tell you what he brought some pictures by the other day and left them four cent asking tip from when he won that to us seniors. Forty yard dash a believable last won a gold medal for like three years Enron and there was one picture on their own brother Fred when he was a marine. Believe saying in 1951. Helix for racetrack helix pretty gung. How old Winamp what a great lot of break up close until pays tribute far I. You mentioned this earlier not thought I'd ask you know what is John Paul Jones last name from. You know I used to know that it's something Scottish. That's what it's riddled sample. And in your ride here from Scotland yup. Is less humid and yeah please. Call. Yeah big east John Paul. He hacked don't Jones after he got into little. Dust that was fell down and not think Barbados yes and he had he had a really true with a sword and he got freaked out he could own my goodness sake don't put me in jail so he jumps on the ship and get out of there. Lawyer and he'd. And he goes all the way to Virginia. And about time to get them to mean he would return John Paul Jones got you. Yeah I. I knew that he had he had been involved in now. Out of was it and do all that he was involved NN in Barbados are some are there in the Koran. Or what was actually to get out trying to beat you and they were in there have been given some bad round anyway Sallyann. He put the outcry and some not. Meet nick he's thirty click. Turtle laws and so it's an answer right at him. Interest in land and Tuesday night yeah. Fascinating guy and of course as I mentioned earlier he is entombed. In the chapel. There at depth at an apple switches and a great place a lot of a lot of the committees that I get married their because it's such and such a beautiful scenic spot. Couric yes it did well you have a wonderful Memorial Day. Eugene Sherman I hope you do as well and now thanks for joining us today yep John Paul. And then move Smith. Mean jolt courted her for care of the Bobby matchup be right back here on not the Friday free for all on WLR day. Welcome back great to have you along 349. Here on the money Mac show got an opportunity due to catch up with a text line here. Bob I thought John Paul Jones played for Led Zeppelin. He did not the John Paul Jones they nautical version had an H. And now in the joke. And now they zap John Paul Jones I believe just JO past that I can tell part. I'm such a shame and illegals are well command completely cared for. While veterans who actually paid for all our freedoms are homeless and dying waiting on medical care. The president addressed that night in his speech at Annapolis today and talked about how he is working to that get VA working right. Now Bobby we don't call the mullahs in Iran. When we select a new Pope and the Catholic Church CIA calls it church and gives them the name. Hey duck under. Bobbie why on earth does anybody want to dwell on Obama's eight years and office. And wring their hands over that's classic backward looking glass half empty point reveal let's focus on here and now. And move onto a brighter future for America next. And now Bobby did you noticed gas down four cents. This week did you understand migrant gas prices jump as good as an on about half full. And some Sam Moore Fuld and that Bobby you haven't had the latest south Carolina governor's polling have not seen anything recently the last thing. And I didn't see. Had dot gov follow him around my taxed up. In the thirties. And he was followed by eight in order I believe Catherine Templeton John Warren and Kevin Bryant. And don't remember any of the numbers now for them. Under the salient point about that polling data is at. Governor make taxed or can't get above 50% in popularity. And of course to avoid a runoff. He would have to get to 50% of the vote plus one. To be able to do avoid a runoff which is why. On the other aforementioned challengers and Yancey McGill sooners well but he. Pretty much share out of the picture. That's why they are essentially. Not playing for second place. What they wanna everybody is in the GOP gubernatorial race. Wants to be the one do to get. Henry into a runoff. Because historically. You know if the out. Appointed incumbent governor McMaster. Didn't get 15% of the vote the first time around. And that would tell you that he's not gonna do any better in a run off and in point of fact that many of the people. That safe sport Templeton and might support John Warner vice Versa or Kevin Bryant whenever. I know whoever remains NC challenger. What have a good opportunity to pick up the votes that went to the other challengers in the initial round balloting on 9 June 12. And and would have made a pretty good opportunity of the displacing. Governor Matt passed. Al Bob yesterday or actually Wednesday you mentioned other gun in the other Indiana that was a guy and Ohio had done some. Children and there were going to be wet with a family that was coming over to visit so he thought it would be a good idea. To put his gun in the oven for safekeeping and his girlfriend did not. They no weapon was and Aaron Ternium and on. And managed to a Coke off a few rounds and when he tried to get the guy about it Ben shot him twice and I asked. Marines retreating gearing make chosen reservoir data would toss bullets in the campfire to gain extra time. Yeah I mentioned at the money for an idiom the Bruce Willis movie red. As supposedly about a retired CIA. A black ops guy Britain red. The acronym for retired extremely dangerous and and some out. Wet work squad that posted agenda wiped him out and he'd be tossed some I think some nine millimeter rounds into a frying pan and turn the gas on underneath them. Cooked them off. Bob Bob Bob Bob do what's going on with your app lately it doesn't seem to me working when I haven't talked too much about it but we are moving away. From that apt. And so I would recommend charity if you have they don't know the word app. Go instead to your App Store and download the radio dot com app. Radio dot com. That is going to be the official new home. Of 1063 WORD on your phone and downloaded. Make it your favorite then you can listen anytime anywhere via podcast from all shows you can text directly in the studio and and do a lot more all in one place. It is billed by Reeves construction. At the radio dot com app and get the full WL RD experience. Above a wind is Leo a thousand dollar bankroll contest and I believe and ends one week from today. I believe. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Memorial Day Ellis remembers such staff sergeant James silent senior. US MC Barack 19611974. Passed away in 2001 from his son and fellow marine Patrick in Greer. Thank you Patrick and thank you for your service. Anything else. That I need to catch up with no I think actually managed to good to catch up with. The tax line on I'm sure we'll have more on the next hour out. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy Harvey Weinstein. Got perp walked today in New York Post in a million dollar cash bond. Entered a plea of not guilty wouldn't give me the rundown on that and everything else is going on including other school shooting in Indiana and it would to. Hear about as well and our newscast right back with our number two here on the Bobby Mack show.