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Bob McLain
Friday, May 25th
Honor those for Memorial Day; ESPN to bring back Keith Obberman

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And it barely know ladies and gentlemen we'll nail longing a holiday a new weekend. We're screaming toward the weekend this weekend the unofficial start of summer getaway this Memorial Day weekend. My door I'm already have a good and I'm really don't. While they weekend I'm going to be in bikinis. We'll look at who may have. Tell me inflation plays golf this week. Surely isn't that damn good reason to loosen up today no matter. How gay. Oh we're getting kind of maybe. 5 o'clock follies. And we're changing it to date in the most heavily congested hour. Of the Bobby Mack electric radio program the key word for this hour drag N. Used in a sentence by one embark taxpayers' money. I am dragon and five miles an hour on I 85 this hour thank you. Excellent use of the keyword DR a GO Dan. I kind of dragon DR a GO went seven to 81 by the way. I forgot to mention in the last hour we did hit the trifecta. That death three winners so far this week at 7 o'clock hour this morning Lillian Sutherland. Who lives in central. We came our latest thousand dollar winner way to go Willy again and we hope that knowing being able to make got a check for you will. As well Ian this hour Ingles advantage talk line 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text line 71307. We go right to the phones. To us Chirac who is in Greer hello Sarah and welcome to the Friday free for all. Hi good to talk to you my pleasure. On camera I just want to demand channel since armed. Update school shooting low and I'm Eric battle going on for quite actually years now that is getting worse and worse and that don't like him he is the wake up call. It that there is any lieutenant colonel. He picked retired chaplain from the army. His name is ready eight. And heat aren't the Internet. Re more lies dot com. And he encourages parents should do put their children or Christian schools or home school. I think it's great allies. Yes heat heat heat heat on at 11 o'clock in the morning for half an hour and of course you can get a you know during the day. If you. Quick counter ray war. Live dot com you can get it during that date is like reruns. You know let it lie. At 11 o'clock. And he has the ministry call. Frontline. Ministries incorporated. In it's the exodus mandate projects. Yeah out of Columbia. And he is a wonderful wonderful and godly man very very content in. Just. Our encourages passengers and people just start. Christian school is likely have to take. Children are Michael rescue. Mission but you know talks get them out of the public school this term. Because they're just going down the terrible and I mean they're doing horrible things to our children. Lying. You know. Well sadly out there they're doing more indoctrinated and bend and they are actionable educating thank you Sarah yeah I believe I've heard that name I believe I've heard remorse and by the way since Memorial Day is coming up on Monday if you have someone that you would like to. Memorialize today family member or friend that you like to remember we are doing those on today's program as well. In on the tax line Bob I'd like to remember my dad captain William Stein Ron. ST YRON. Who piloted a PT boat during World War II. I'll like JFK. I served in the US navy gearing Vietnam. Your listener Carol thank you Carol appreciate that. Bump up to the phones Leo gene is next he is in Greeneville hygiene and welcome to the program. Good afternoon Bob I had called wild doesn't mean I ya hate you or anything like. I'm just one of these numbers it floats in and out of the pushed back so forgive me. Are any. Questions. You probably only two grand better than I would. I had symbolize the military without a lawyer right. Yes yeah he was a and he was an air force jag. Don't judge advocate general score. Airports the last I think I've probably would have met you looked very very good publicity from my perspective airports okay. I don't want to I want and I'm not too impugn. And the service of those in the air force. No no no. And I'll hello hospital I have to say hell yeah. He's a lawyer. Right it's not a military guy current why and why they used Scotty on that dog its. Or or any of intelligence we go over again that have served in combat or even supporting combat roles. So why should somehow. I disrespect years ago when I even looked at Connecticut. Going back to the Bill Clinton's impeachment days. You know Lindsey Graham military guy now the fewest runs this guy you have got he got he pounded the rock you know what with a guy well I cute she's got discharged probably doubtful for the airport security combat I needed to hunt down combat soldiers like yeah I guess education environment he looked at. And what would have made him look good in the jag corps is how many combat. Who worked out here and I want you could have gotten locked up the life. Well you know republic this yellow luggage during the Obama administration especially. The that they did not have. A out a positive influence on our military. Not only the officers that were politically correct. And kept their mouth shut down more than one into the gap promoted you may remember on the case at the a Marines the legal as Marines in Iraq. Who killed a supper our poll we use concept percent southeast Asia but I'm a guy who is planning a roadside IED. They they found the guy and they killed him and then they urinated on his body remember that. Are yeah yeah and and they tried to court martial. And I believe that they they ended up being found not guilty and not you know sent to the gray bar hotel of the military equivalent. You know I don't I was there was a there was an entirely different mindset about the military during Obama obviously than there is under our current press. Well I believe me think you could go back to push. There was some of that as well today yeah yeah and a putt like you don't like I think my point and this caller is that. Lindsey Graham is giving this this for a lot of I'll bet that he is a real major military guy and when he talks about. Be the accused Paris of of all military date you know political geopolitical positioning it. In Korea in the Middle East liked what he's he's he's he's he's commander guy and he's not he's this he's a he's a I'm sorry to say this like I'm disappointed with the guy he's not been what I'm a lawyer hacked. And I'm really disgusted with people like that brought both large bowl and this and missiles there are as well as the military not to be trusted anymore. I would thank you Jane I appreciate the call. I would I would go so far saying if we had. A close primary. You're in South Carolina that talent they would not have served many terms as he has in the United States senate just my opinion. Quarter after five here in the bunny match shall be right back. Rolling along. Armed depending on where you are may be creeping on his more like it. Here in Naia. Most heavily congested hour of the Bobby Mack show 522. In on a tax line 71 threes are seven by the way if you would like to remember someone not fallen service in the country are a veteran who served and I have since I got onto their reward we're doing that in advance of Memorial Day today. I'm Bobby Mac like to remember my dad William Denny pit its US navy in World War II veteran thanks for doing next. I recall our friend rush Cassel doing it as well thanks for migration you're right rush did this as well and I kind of adopted it. Bob this message is to honor my brother the reverend Jay bell then green and served in the air force in World War II he was in Germany. And was right in the battle. I don't Wen also oh he passed away three years ago. Bob I'd like to remember all who have defended our nation my heart aches for those that lost loved ones and the actual. Pop up. Bob I don't like to honor my father in law retired master sergeant Jesse Eugene Campbell thanks from Terry thank you Terry. I mean like to honor my mother's brother Alfred grant he died aboard AO DD spam and aboard DD 511. The USS fort. And put with a knee. A Fletcher class destroyer. Hit in the stern by a torpedo to November 1943 in a battle of empress a gusto bay. From Charles Alfred anger. Longer. A huge New York thank you Charles appreciate that. Bop bop and I believe that catches man protection line momentarily and gives me an opportunity to go to Simpson bill. And chocolate GM here on the Friday true for all hi Jim welcome. I have badly you'd get on route I'm good thank you hope you are too. Yeah I AM thank you. I I know that your adult there and I. I Angela got questions glory of well there's there's some debate about when they're on the golf not champ. Yeah. I was one minute you know what's the most important stick a little bit. The most important stake in the bank. Now familiar for me ongoing with the potter. Well you're wrong and that. Welch. It if it's a pencil it comes a good more than a racer. I yeah that is certainly the most they most important stake in the bank and out doubt. Pat I was like a biker that are. My uncle who was killed in La Renta World War I of Ormond and certainly you. Denny's strong on Georgia. And dad and good friend of mine that was killed in Vietnam. Lyle Jensen. You do some Marines. And I should take a Michael. It's my pleasure jam and and I'm happy to I'd be able to. Memorialize those two individuals for their service. It's actually five after five I saw a piece today there was at the Wall Street Journal. How a weekend ESP and became consumed by politics. Now we talked about the China stuff and most. Most recently. In the wake of all the business over the flag protest of the National Anthem protest. From my NFL players. But there is little doubt that. ESPN cable TV network. And has been in big trouble for some time and this article which prints out to pop up how many pages well eight or nine. Delves into much of this. From the end of the dust up with this Jim Mel he'll Jameel hill rather Jameel hill. You remember she was one of the S sports and our anchors. Senate tweet calling president trump a white supremacist. And now John skipper who was ahead of ESPN at the time. Now winning and her over that if I punish you he said I'd open us up to protest and come off as a racist if I do nothing. That will fuel a narrative among conservatives. And a faction within ESP end of the network had become too liberal. And the upshot was that mr. skipper who's now gone ahead of ESP chose despair. Ms. hill did not suspend her but they had all kinds of problems because. ESPN. And decided to get into the middle of partisan politics. And it it has not been good for their business its status. As cable TV's most expensive channel had become a liability. As consumers group fed up. When their monthly cable prices big cable distributors. Began offering discounted packages they did not include ESPN. Many consumers opted for those offers. While others cut the cord entirely. We eating SPN to lose sixteen million subscribers. Over seven years and at the same time. The out costs. For a live sports events and spiraled out of control. Average annual payments tied to ESPN's four biggest. Long term rights deals have more than doubled since 2013. To four point seven million dollars and the story goes on to quote. Former at ESPN anchors who have laughed then downsized out of the business. And there. Concerned also over the the hash tag boycott. ESPN. Over there stressing politics. And it did him some Tyson say don't want story charted as it has not been good for their business. And depth now they have a new guy. James picked RO who has the add new ESPN president he is said to be turning the network back more towards. Dealing with sports and and trying to not stick their nose as much into politics. At least that's the tone of the story in the Wall Street Journal piece that I came out to yesterday. So what do we get today from USA today. Gas sure is coming back to ESPN for an expanded role including a return to sports center. That would be Keith doberman. As not the stick on Keith Olbermann. He's been. Around the block numerous times he was a dead BS NBC's. Been in a bunch of places. And essentially hasn't worn out his welcome everywhere that he's gone so. On the one hand we got this story in the Wall Street Journal. About how ESPN has been hurt. When they became consumed by leftist politics and today. The other story that Keith Olbermann it's coming back it was about as far away out as anybody in the world sports casting could possibly see. And that's saying something considering how left many out Amare. It makes you wonder what the guys at the top are really think. 529 here in the body national Annie is ready to go and a new senator I'm right back on the other side as we roll on the Friday free for all. Work work work. Work work work work work. As that's what we do we saw label way over re hot microphone and a computer terminal. Or four hours each afternoon in an effort to entertain and inform. 538 dragon. Keyword for this hour away and that may be what you're doing through traffic. Spelled differently of course our keyword is DR a GO went to seven to 81. And on the tax line 71307. Bobby L like to remember. Not corporal Joshua do mall do you MA WUSMCKIAX. Killed an action KIA. 22 June. Not 2010 Afghanistan thank you appreciate that. Bobbie we must remember Simpson bills own only tenant CW Todd junior. I US air corps pilot killed in action over Germany may 819441. Month. After his twentieth birthday. Thank you Roxy Todd. Next I thought for the longest time maybe because my dad was a marine in the Pacific and more mortar I thought that the out. Units. That has suffered the the most casualties were the Marines. And actually. A double researcher on because I've heard. That it actually was the eight air force and flew all the end daylight bombing raids are we Germany especially in the early days of World War II. And it was eight air force actually suffered panda highest casualty rate. I'm Bobby please remember my father captain in mass times DFC. 65. 38. Reconnaissance mission 65. 38 reconnaissance missions in the European theater. Then my mom first lieutenant Mary Ann Heinz. For evacuating patients under Japanese artillery barrage during the seizure of Manila. In the Philippines. While. A bump up. I'm Bob I'd like to honor my mother and father Huck and Caroline. No tore any guilty in all our they serve in war torture. Bobby could you please honor major John. Ambush in Vietnam 1965. Taken prisoner died in captivity has remained have never been recovered. He was my pow bracelet service member wore my bracelet for over twenty years. And have his name etching from the Vietnam War memorial thank you. From. Yes. In nine Greenville I appreciate that. Now Bob I'd like to honor Marcus Livingston elaborate. Or eleven rent per serving in the US army in World War II thanks thank you. Bob like to honor my dad. Roger Tate also fought in World War II seventh armored received two bronze stars and purple heart. Bob I'd like to honor my dad reverend not to win blacks in World War II veteran he served under general MacArthur he passed away. Will be seven years on Memorial Day what do data go to was heavenly help. Thanks for caring about our veterans Elaine Edwards from Pickens. GM is next step he is and warrants hi Jim and welcome to Friday free for all our pre Memorial Day shale. Well thank you Bob isn't some Broward tribe Jim Yates spoke. Our father. Told police Yates. They all got shot when you're gonna talks so it was combat medic in. Then again I was asleep and he had to be awake and British finger on the trigger and they got shot there earlier loan being kept. The bronze star purple heart in the human combat medic and I'm upset was a medic in. All Vietnam and then also my Brothers Mary Yates and Doug Yates and of also child it failed in real debate this alarms. But Eli would appreciate it and we're Latin Mir Amal other Brothers set followed. Well or billionaire poignant and thank you very much and god bless you god bless America. Thank you Jim I appreciate that very much and and god bless those medics. Who oh I pyrrhic mom Monday we. It not I was just can say you know people have to have no idea. The bravery of well the medics who or treating their Brothers under fire. Under the worst kind of conditions. I I have the ultimate respect not for the medics. Well all I hear and see just like already we care dirt in sixteen entire apple like everybody else saying. Course wooden log cabin are where our band tells have been just a prime target you not buying so. We had to avoid debt and we appreciate. Was it debate. In building my intention and we appreciate other intimate masters important our veterans and airplay on either ignorant but master. I'm I appreciate the call Jim thank you very much for doing that anybody had to one who sees some of that the courage or sell the medics immoral war to. The film hacks are ridge. Not Tom is an accent he is in beautiful travelers rest hello Tom and welcome to the Bobby Mac Chia. Cool good disparity. And about it I just don't count my pleasure. I was curious if if you go to Jack Q and none. Yes I have. And hit a pair of familiar way in Q nine is that's via. That's the actor him that that he uses. He is a out he's all the way around and has supposedly all kinds of good inside. Secretive info that's a guy you're talking about right now. Yes and as our I would just become aware of him and is sure this is totally blowing my mind. Did that taken my these pronouncements and two days later they are in the news that it just so that they can cut it it just. It does make you wonder about how plugged in this guy may be. The things they have done recently. I no longer wander. My question is judgment those two I really good guy and who's bad guy and for what ray's in right. It is a delight to. Happy isn't good as opposed to. Most music today is just divided Republican Democrat little regard for what's right or wrong. United clear progression on one side another. Conservatives are all liars and conservative on the other side and progressives are all fires south. And yeah and this gasoline stood. They explain himself oil anyway. Now and a and an erratic some of the some of the stuff that he writes about. It seems kind of prick cognitive and now he's he he's he sees me right more than he's wrong. Exactly off. The other day I mean I have my doubts about it. Seriously. It'll hold about four days ago would you don't presidential flight match picture Israel blender and coordinate. In that yes I'm still alive and still going on. Oh yeah this is this is some money that is near the seats of power. Exactly now load of this sort of presidential slot right well PM Air Force One. Out of all the Louis city viewing your listeners were aware yeah no. In the budget to joining and got him other loans all right now they have. It's interesting stuff that's for sure it's interesting stuff thank you John my appreciation to stay in I'm gonna use a search engine has but Q a non. That shorthand for anonymous. Some island that tweets. As some some pretty interesting stuff. 545 here in the body mash or take a quick break here right back with more here on the Friday free for all on WORD. Welcome back 551 here in the body Mac show in on the tax line as we remember. Veterans with Memorial Day coming up on Monday. I'm Bob like to remember my grandfather Robert Radke army World War II vet. Mummy like to honor my great grandfather Earl Jenkins he was a World War II veteran on the front lines from candy thanks Danny. Bob in honor of Lance corporal Cody Stanley a marine we lost in. O nine and Afghanistan. Sever fly until we meet again in Val Hala. Marine. Bob like to remember my dad US navy LST 828. Pacific theater World War II I'm glad he survived it or I would not have had my time to serve the US MC cool rock. From Dan thank you Dan appreciate Dan. Al Bobby. Pop up time. Well let me let me go back to the top here because when have to reload and quickly. Hasn't attacks have been coming in fast and furious Bobby I'd like to recognize my uncle Harry Evelyn Nicholson. Killed in action while Waldorf Germany 19 September 1944. Bobby great show touches the heart god bless them all the truth sacrifices. For every American mark from Simpson well. Bobby please remember my brother analog Jimmy Willis navy seabees in Vietnam. I passed away due to complications from Agent Orange Steve today. And an Naia. And a friend to us marine gunnery sergeant also. Victimized by Agent Orange Bobby allied to remember my dad he was in the US and C 47 to 49. Retiring us third battalion sergeant major. And here's boiled PRI Paris silent he past ten years ago comment was in Korea frozen chosen as a mortar man. And also in Vietnam as a helicopter crew chief. His favorite duty as a DI having served three terrorist act of terror assignment. He has missed thanks from Gary Tomlin thank you Gary. Bob Q1 non is supposed to may actually president trumps Alter ego. He wears glasses which you never see Yemen is cape because they no longer can find a phone boost to change into. They go out they're nonexistent. Rate is up on this afternoon as well on Simon in my gone too and I'm going to that day too quickly ethnic. Now where is where is raise money going. Now he's great on the phone with Jeremy put him back a moment money gonna get that EnerNOC catch up with a few more days. Bobby James Haywood blood Ellison US army retired passed away June 2015. Bob like Q a non doesn't explain any thing and he's been saying forever that sessions is working behind the scenes. I did say the other day the name. Of this individual who is allegedly working behind the scenes and as a former DOJ employee. Who I believe now lives in Utah. Okay. Bob they I don't understand there are so many idiots lighting off fireworks and celebrating on Memorial Day. Is a data honor those who served on the battlefield and very solemn. Holiday one of reflection and respect savior fireworks for the fourth of July okay. I'm Bonnie how many people do we now have running for Trey Downey say this is getting crazy one has dropped out. There are still twelve remaining. And now by the way we will have our top two year debate. Am well I give me all the details on that again. On the other side in the bonus hour here on the balmy night show on Friday.