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Friday, May 25th
Honor those for Memorial Day

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I I'm not exactly an auspicious big. Authorities now commuting. Hear me now is heavily traveled. Long holiday Memorial Day weekend meant keep your fingers crossed. You get better from here don't go getting underway with a fourth and final hour here on a Friday free for all the all skate. As we like dollar and it's also are three Memorial Day show that we. Traditionally do well when you remember. Following that spring and some damage welcome to join us Ingles advantage on line number 80347106. Grade. Common sense retirement planning to test the line number 71307. My email address is involved at 1063. WORG. Dot. I can kind of get so much great to have you along if you miss the keyword. As I did. It was I guess you know I like step back in the office for a moment S generating email. And now the next thing in new here's a keyword for this hour and here's a money penny. And always counting on the bobcats to a take up the slack when I dropped the ball honest. I mean honest HO NE ST that's the key word for this hour texted to 72881. We hit the trifecta. For this week by the way you out Willy and Sutherland at 7 o'clock this morning. At the end keyword she lives in central and is now 1000. Dollars richer hope we can add your name. To the list to the phones ring no rain is in my stomping grounds of Taylor's. And as our leadoff batter me here in May bonus hour hi ray and welcome to the shell. Hey Ali how you doing that today this. I'm memorial weekend comment. So far so good. I always thought they were part of your golf game was that ever crucial third person. You bet ya just ahead at that point I mean there's your loaded down with stress when you got that third when Maryland and here usually at about that you bet you read you are it there's a lot of tension there. Well couple things I want to mention first let me mention my father Robert why. Junior who flew down bomber germs so it will warm Pacific and came home thank William wow. I'm. Wife's father Eugene warm where junior. It was a marine drill sergeant on there are sound and went into. The marine who knows what the Marines send midway down on them. A lot of those theaters it's the best. I was that was nasty stuff that some of the stuff that my dad my uncle were involved in as well most of most all of those. Invasions of the of the out islands through the Pacific chain Larry G nasty stuff. A child with him on several occasions. To the point that he eventually get into that choke and and I can imagine hell on earth being any worse I am glad. You know you know love ray how much my dad told me about what he went through as a marine in World War II in the Pacific are trying to right. Absolutely nothing I've I learned. From his brother my uncle. Now why he was deaf and one year it was 'cause a mortar round went off nearby and and the concussion shattered 00. He never tell me. The Awad yes. That's where they were they looked upon written an honorable. They were diplomats and and and and general memorandum was so gracious of you or is it AD and were very humble about what they did. You bet they were out there are very stoic about the whole thing. Yeah but my brother and I won't mention his name Franco we Colin skipper a white. He let he was in Vietnam. First infantry division became home. But he didn't come home. And he's. That is they felt that battle for all this year. Yeah and sadly there are many and that category I mentioned earlier in the program I saw a documentary recently and had interviews with guys from the SAS the special air service in Britain. And they were talking about new engagements they'd been NN and wounds and what have you and and the interviewer asked him if he had been wounded. And and his reply it was very telling you said there's no such thing as an on wounded soldier. This is. As a sort ask system from real quickly. Genesis I it just came on HBO's council last year. This yeah the and you know when I solve that you're trying to solve all this time limit those folks in the entertainment industry these this cap sitting there are serious row one bad thing. Just well we had thirty people that operate this government. And then the girl that was the ambassador leaked out information she says well we headed in place what he could dismantle what we've done. What fastball and admitting Europe trader. If that's not admitting if you work for President Obama and I believe him to be a traitor. Then why it is they're gonna make themselves political heroes now that is come to light that they won't mean they won't be heroes and patriots. Yeah you're shy about Susan Rice our former ambassador to the UN. At the girl that completely didn't quit she was so. Now if they did know why she would ask this information. I can't think romance long slender lady. But she it was just time to some. I know some governmental agency at all and nmap mourn with them to released today agency linked. And I can't think Bernanke ended up quitting she resigned once I found out. And you love the good news here ray isn't you know live and this is an HBO show we're treatment that's pretty much shown you a lot of about on the sourcing for a bit and she's lying about that because of that the trumpet administration is going along way towards dismantling. A great deal. Of what Obama win in place in fact I had a piece here yesterday. One of the lefties on one of their web sites was I complaining about all the destruction. That the drug administration has done and two of the accomplishments of Obama and I said good to even up. Does it well exactly a but it just golf man should always everybody that's here resources uses thing that the people were traders. And have painted themselves as patriots yep. They've got to sell that they have to sit up and gambled and Iraq. Now tell me is coming is busy doing the same thing he was on Conan O'Brien and last night and was asked about. The president saying there was an informant. There had been planted inside his presidential campaign for political purposes and thome said and I'm quoting it as best I can tell it's made up. I don't know where he's getting now from honestly I don't find it possible and I know what not to be true apparently he messed. One of his buddies James clapper on the view the other day where clapper said exactly that. So I got it when you you can't remember watching so last yeah that's true and and many tell the truth you only have one story to remember. Memorial Bob you are you also my friend thank you very much ray I appreciate the call good to have you here. Yeah these guys and they're still there just you know that lion through their teeth. And and sad way to the uninformed they will continue to get away with it. Fourteen after six here in the Bobby Mack show in on the text line. Bob in honor of gunnery sergeant James Teague US MC three combat tourist Korea. Chosen reservoir to Vietnam one as a sniper with three confirmed and two probable before mustering out as a DI. Died of liver cancer related to Agent Orange the forgotten casualties in Vietnam one hell of a warrior and an otherworldly shot. With a rifle. It takes a deep breath. Went a little bit out squeeze the trigger and let the round release itself quarter after six here in the bunny match you know be right back. Domino old Van Morrison. Dad and Ted did down brown eyed girl. Still I shot a national gets played on classic rock station senate. Little known fact about doubt about that some grand marshals on the song originally was brown skinned girl. And another record temperature and I can't can't do that. And now 1967. So went on to came brown I don't strike you after six here on the Bobby Mack show. I'm Bobby Mack please remind people Memorial Day is to honor those that lost their lives and service not. Veterans that is veterans day out to run this by that that's true. Now Bobby army prisoner guard was told by a prisoner than in Germany had one. He had been trained to be the mayor and a town in New England. So close. Bobbie there were three biographies written about the Marines and war war to an all three combined. To make the HBO miniseries the Pacific. Which did not get the attention. As did band of Brothers but still I high quality many series absolutely it's is worth watching. Bob my father was the same way. When not speak about his service although he did say that he and shrapnel. Still in his body from hand grenade and all of the that he wouldn't speak much about it at all. Wrote a book and his wife and did not put any details of his service and after. Bump up Bobbie I hope you and yours have a safe and pleasant weekend be careful out there. Some votes said decide celebrate by drinking. And driving sadly they do. Not dot com. Bob Barry bell is a candidate you mention was dropped out of a fourth district congressional race and he endorsed Stephen brow. Speaking of which I mentioned earlier in the show us can remind people about our upcoming top tier debate. I Greenville county Tea Party did a out. I primary poll and the results and we bright. Dan Hamilton. William Timmons Josh gambrel James employee and Stephen brown as the top vote getters in the top six. And so those six. Will be taking part in our so called top tier debate hosted by the Greenville Tea Party and WORD coming up on June 5. All right June 5 market on your calendar 6:30 in the evening at the sand. Elegant meeting space at 924 south main morrow got all our events. Will be open to the public and unlike other forums and debates there is no charge to attend. Yours truly and Tara from the morning show. Will serve as the moderator is South Carolina primary of course is coming up statewide on June 12 and in the likelihood of a run off. The top two candidates will face off one last time. On June 25. That is the evening before the runoff election winner of the Republican primary of course will go on to the general election. On 6 November so mark and on your calendar June the fifth will be our top tier debate parent. And and that should be got and and hopefully. That you know the first time around obviously went thirteen candidates in the field. We were pretty much just herding cats. So hopefully with only six this time around will be able to do a bit of a deeper dive in there. I'm Bonnie please remember Daniel Morris and my wife's great grandfather US navy world war two and Korea. I'm Bob third generation veteran of World War I true Vietnam. Army navy US and sea air force not a purple heart among us. All came home praise god amen. Now Bob all the way. 1864. Bob I'd like to mention my dad's Sargent Denny Horton from Chaz and A fought in the first battle of note in Vietnam the I drang valley. November right 19651. Air mobile unit seventh cavalry. Died 35 years later from a lung cancer from agent or some of those that bad particular battle. May seem familiar to some of your bad as the one that was. Dealt with in the movie. Bob I have a great uncle Harry broil a lost his life in the fields of Normandy. Come a couple of weeks after. Bobbie I just wanted to say your show is the best thank you so much thank you. Greatly appreciate it. Bob Bob Bob bobbing like a written recognize on my uncle Harry Evan Nichols sent. KIA Germany September 191944. And that they have a few more to try and catch up with. Bobby where did Katherine Templeton command on the voting be the only poll that I saw. Head down Henry McMaster in the thirties. Katherine temples and articles on like in the fifteens. And I John Warren was pretty much right there with her. And that's that's the only polling data than than I've seen. Bob who are urged his running against down that Larry Martin wannabe Dave and higher out over and Pickens County anyone that's a real conservative. I'm I'm gonna have to bone up on and on that particular race because we've been spending so much time they are in the fourth district and the gubernatorial race. Bob in honor of all. The reason why we are all free nothing comes close to other sacrifice made for your country and people you don't even know. Only one that I know that sacrifice your people who didn't know him. Pop up. And I believe that that catches me up. Yet all sorry spoke too soon three new messages. Bobby Mack remind those millennial snowflakes. The reason are able speak freely and our countries because of these great men and women who have given their lives in the service of their nation. Amen to that. Speaking of the millennial we had and now I guess bonehead yesterday. The F thirty year old guy his parents sent him to court to get a much kicked out because he wouldn't move. Actually there is a way around having to go to court may Bobby Mack semi professional players. Have knocked. Look what the solution. To all of us old you are around sun refuses to move out of the house. And the only option you have left is a cartoon and well these are you familiar why don't give it one last try with. Millennium B gun. Already begun and immediately gets to where I precious Olivia unwanted millennial bike constantly playing songs from Natalie Merchant. Halm on that and using mildly radioactive blazers. Many begun will get busy snapping up U millennium and knowing she'll hair including those sideburns fears. Thirteen and most importantly. Then turns and. Law unless left to do now is colder than the dilemma you millennial and space to the nearest Starbucks. Doesn't amount to that moment he'll be done. Busy enjoying giant denounced. Available now and better stores everywhere and some that are not so good six Tony nine here in the bunny match I'll be right back. Attention Rachel dull as all. Ass off for you kid and a member remember this woman. Rachel dull as all former NAACP chapter leader who resigned after her parents send now wait a minute and she's not black. We Diana the NAACP each and every now black. Now facing felony theft charges in Washington State. As well as perjury after she allegedly made. False statements. To secure nearly 9000 dollars in food and child care assistants. And according to a court documents investigators with Washington State's Department of Social and Health Services started looking into the finances. In march of last year march of this year. After not months are march of last year after the publication of her autobiography. In full color. Finding my place and a black and white world DHS investigators. Past century and claim their only source and then come west 300 dollars per month in gifts from friends. However. When they investigated the department found she deposited nearly. 84000. Dollars in her bank account. Between August 10 2015. And September of 2017. And had just. Overlooked reporting yet. According to the investigation and the and the money came from sales over autobiography. A as well as they sail over art. Soaps and handmade dolls. One of those were voodoo dolls authorities say she wrist illegal or received and nearly 9000 dollars in assistance. Actually did report a change of circumstance to the C state agency. Saying she did a onetime job and October of 2017. Worth 20000 dollars. Also charged with perjury and making false verification. For public assistance so us on now originally gonna enjoy it there and graybar hotel to the phones we go Paul is next up he is in my stomping grounds of Taylor's eyeball and welcome to the program. Thank you Rory yet on him in premier stomping grounds and probably. Problem. Really enjoy your show just want you to know that I'd don't miss it every day we don't I just don't miss it well thank you very much I appreciate that. Really do well to arm. This one could take a moment you are much smaller mall. Lou what the hell he's Serb four years in the navy. And eighteen years in the air force after that loud. Yeah and then Tom but he com Q complications. From Agent Orange. That he was exposed to while and maybe. So arm but we miss some a lot of and just want to take a moment to honor him. I appreciate that very much following now we we honor his service and his memory. Thank you sir my pleasure thank you all out hope we have they have a nice Memorial Day weekend thanks for. Thanks for remembering and Dave is on he is and not Campobello hi Dave and welcome to the program again. Yes sir under our user I'm good thank you. You know you're armed Marines that are popular he batted you've got to and you as a young guy. All right. Little excerpt in eighty but low bar. And recorders nation alt oral I'm on my CEO colonel Jerry caddick now it'll of these calls aren't caca. Clearly clearly plastered under. You know armed and you're sort of the Bert Emanuel which cult islander but that's right all the listeners can actually you know action pretty quickly in order literally a designated as one of the world's best fighter pilot over a hundred missions in Vietnam well I just under each. And he caught most of pilot chill every committing to the public side which flight school but. Yup if you pull up 1988. Report it and he built oracle right EL TOR Herschel. You'll see him I moderate aircraft battle even when it wouldn't vertical loop. You were security guard and I was gonna die you as a vertical company annual report immediately instruments that you can still Europe. You're gonna have a bad day right. Into it anybody that I broke apart legally speaking it's it's a but here's what happened. Ultimately came out of the loop and realized mr. that it failed he would literally went over quarter million people on the right to work knows well. Right on national white line rating on it or get ready to go out Ackerman and believed it was real life and done. We yank you can hear more and I'll be in 2008. I would just are more important in the aircraft in and frankly anybody on the back. So but he didn't suck beer grab hung in there when he hit you hit it nearly twenty. Antique steam out of his straps. But the but it happened you know it was stretched. Seeks person to stay out he went into his it was mouth. On any Libyan rebels ran it a little horrific saint Pete I should never. Thought he hung in there to look. Our weakest IndyCar has gluten routine. An honorable guy just a phenomenal person the fact he's going into that aircraft. When he would clean tweed jacked right. It is a testimony tune I'm. Our men and women that debt that hang in there insurer in light up arts. And it can never become a bit about the guy but his name is colonel Jerry comic con to at a you honorable guy and I hope everybody takes a moment just look at some information on you can nominal normal human being that I also am. Yet non may have seen in my going overhead and a fast mover. Yet he probably had. I heard it here we're good to be the only agency of I'm taking it looked like he actually Witten will again I don't. Finally able to fuel but not in yet seafood and two million but he just applying. To restraint so mullah. Rock might deal. You bet quite a guy quite a guy. Yes sir thank you Gator appreciate the culprit it pretty obvious we get you to say I hope you do as well as Sonny mentioned a kamikaze wasn't Asencio skull site. I'm my cousin chuck I flew the blue angels. And he and money could you may remember this number of years ago this then don't 78 years he and Allen had navy week. He or Matheson and and admiral came in from the Pentagon dynasty and aviators links on. And so I'm I said to us a done by any chance you know my cousin he said what's the same and I said chuck McLean in recent hot dog. Good. It's his golf saw no wonder you know fly and when the angels. In on the attacks line 71 threes are seven Bonnie like to honor my Dan Smith good when. Philippines in world war two and the late major O'Leary dint. Two tourists anyway in Vietnam as a UH one mr. Huey and cobra pilot. Thanks to while our brave veterans and those who are serving now thanks from Jeff thank you Jeff. A quarter before seven here in the bombing match element try my best to catch up when the rest of these text messages honoring those and our pre Memorial Day show here on. 1063 WL largely be right back. Welcome back closing minutes and our pre Memorial Day Friday free for all show. Now let me jump to our Gary in Greenville because say he had a question I Gary welcome to the program. I. I almost all of ordeal on 45 and well. They got December marketer booked up never ergo agent more sharper a bit but I don't know that it'll. Right I hear a lot of people talking about it that currently aren't a lot of lives. Well I was just wondering if you give us a little glitch or else what it is that. What it does. Sure I'd be happy to Gary and anti troop truck call for the call I yeah I appreciate your inquisitive mind. I Agent Orange guy like when when we talk about Agent Orange. Simplest way I can describe to us think of roundup. On steroids think of a nuclear. Roundup. Okay Agent Orange was a defoliant. Much of the terrain in Vietnam which triple canopy jungle. And the enemy the NPA. And all use the the ho chi Minh trail. To allow them move weapons and supplies from the north from north Vietnam into south Vietnam. And in an effort to lead to full. This set Agent Orange was a chemical developed by a belly but now. And it was sprayed. Over this jungle vegetation in an in an effort to be able to expose the enemy as they came down. Poaching and trail and and other parts of Vietnam as well to reduce there capacity their ability to hide. So that's that's what Asian arch ways and unfortunately. Not many of our soldiers primarily Marines. Were exposed to lead to an agent marched through the defoliant. As well. In on attacks on Bob Ross and all the fallen are sitting back and enjoying your show by the way Russell them. I tell them everything you know is great job Bob appreciate that. Pump up new message and her as well received IKEA yeah Bobby I had an uncle who served in the army in World War II. Korean War and two tours in Vietnam wow. That's the cycle. He lived into his mid eighties never married was a tough and awesome man. Appreciate that. Bump up. And I believe. That. Catches me up to the phones we go let's bring in now Steve he has an it is like I Stephen welcome to the Bobby Mack show. I'm not a little while ago you got a text from somebody wanna know who took the Larry Martin wannabes. Or I did so well okay. Davie high it is they incumbent in district four and the guy running against him as Philip Healey. Philip is spelled out one hell he's got a web site called vote Bill Healy dot com. But in 2014 I helped somebody try to run against high net and we got forty point something percent. I would love to see Hyatt pushed out because he is a Ryan know if you look at if you look at his voting history and all that. He is not as conservative as some of the Democrats down there but everybody in Pickens just think he's a nice guy. Does that NASA centrist vote at. He still there Bob yeah. And on and a torture I am I'm running out of time but I I appreciate the information. Thanks surpass an analog Stephen and I am sure that don't folks there are going to be following that race closely we're trying to pay some more attention to it as well it's just. It it's been not such a not crowded clustered field. For the a fourth district race of that pretty much us have dominated what's going on at a wrap things up pretty day Jumbo will be here on now the real. Memorial Day for me on Monday and I will see you back on Tuesday and as always we wrap things up with a great sacks smoke Louis Armstrong and wonderful world. See you back on Tuesday and safe weekend and countless.