Bob McLain Show 5-4 hr 3 Cong Steve King for Lee Bright.

Bob McLain
Saturday, May 19th
Cong Steve King endorses Lee Bright

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Oh wee oh wee I seaweed we actually have congressman Steve King Tut look to talk to Iowa congressman Leo welcome to the. Program. Well thank god for having me on uninsured younger but and yet. I am. In here. Absolutely. Those who do not know congressman Steve King is a from Iowa's the fourth congressional district and that he has a very conservative voting record something that I think that the east and should be proud of and I'm sure that the listeners to the station. A would agree that regard. And I understand that congressman you have some thoughts regarding. The fourth congressional district of South Carolina what are the. Well I do I know I came down year to date him make a formal endorsement of Lieber right about these well we'll come out of its primary and be the next congressman out of work congressional district South Carolina had. I got the Nolte a number of years ago I'd drop in and out of South Carolina if you might part of the presidential rate that they hand out. I was impressed that the principle that he stands on that. It's clearly pro life pro Second Amendment pro constitution and the most important thing it and I have an old guy you reflect a lot of people here by the also. Is going to take a stand and at that no matter principal. He has to be the only one he'll still stand on principle and that gets my attention I admire that. And I are but it really encourages candidate beat down air South Carolina. Outstanding and I was noted. They're thirteen that Republicans running in the course itself. Syllables. Majority of the vote runoff runoff will be a good June 26 two weeks after the June 12 primary so effectively. Congressman I guess what. Former state similarly bright has to do was make the top two. Although I don't that is that is fundraising. I would just noting that that hasn't been as good as all the others. Well let you know I'm and I expect that that's going to pick up a little bit and he has the highest name idea of anyone among all. I lit a candidate. And so out there. Out and I think it is they need take a look at. Similar to Rupert records someone that too often we elect people who make promises and then. Once you Cinemark to Washington and they start to move to the left there where they said they were aware they were going to be. And I try to look people in the eye and judge their character and by the way out you know I'm not a mystery dowdy at a number of the other folks that you sent sent some really really good people. The United States congress from the entire state of South Carolina. And I need help on the Judiciary Committee upon a loose straight out. Yeah absolutely that the question about that. In that regard tell us about your thoughts about replacing the speaker Paul Ryan is there seems to be some controversy shaking got a better about a conservative opposition to Kevin McCarthy. Who would you support or speaker right now. Well I'm actually being very cautious about that because this is such height this decision by it I I think that it's more likely that all right and won't be able to hang onto that out all the way to January because what your lame duck is start to lose your leverage and while this is going on Kevin McCarthy is counting votes quietly and now there is also quiet effort to get behind Jim Jordan of Ohio. The gym a solid principles concerted is is he's proactive is despite Steve and engages and so out. We have to see how that comes together but it was strange organism that besides the speaker is awfully hard to predict this are out. Absolutely and getting back to the fourth district primary this coming up here in South Carolina. Well what would you say is that number one thing that makes lead bright standout from a field of votes Hershey names. She thought that think the first thing a number one thing is his position on immigration is as. Deep dedication to restoring the rule of law. You without the order that Sanctuary Cities legislation that I hope comes out of it's South Carolina State Legislature. To building a wall on the southern border to passing Sanctuary City legislation through that. My medical legislation by the way it's you're of the house sits on Mitch McConnell doused. A chance and getting that done between now and the end of the year are that great so. We're gonna need it helped to push it back through again but putting together the role in restoring their respect for the rule of law and opposing amnesty and every form. And in recognizing the value of the American citizen. Vs the out the illegal alien that seems to get preference and some other him as some of the placement we have today. Absolutely we're gonna have to wrap on that note congressman thank you for calling it very much at Iowa congressman Steve King whose column most conservative records aren't rich he is backing Lee bright. To replace a tray Galley in the June 12 primary.