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Monday, June 19th

Taking the law into your own hands; American plane shot down a Syrian plane; Shootings in MB;O'Reilly new show or network?


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Solely out of Florida is an Londoner shocked and stunned and surprised and amazed. That may. Regular guy may apparently get some average Joseph Ole. Some average out Tommy I guess since sees a UK. Citizen. Average Tommy decides to take a little vigilante justice into his own hands goes and gets a vanden runs runs down a bunch of Muslims outside a mosque. And they're stunned and managed. And and I bet there are a lot of people that probably heard that story into an enterprise it and haven't already. Surprised that haven't before. And I you got the mayor of London on mr. Khan who is a Muslim himself. Do I every time mothers a Muslim attack makes an apologist statement out for the Muslims and then of course. Turns around and so well you know this is just say yeah this is the price we pay these days for a living in a big city. While mr. mayor I guess is two sides of that coin. Because if they police. Refuse to lock up or deep port. These people. Who. Are on their terrorism watch a list and then sure enough they go out and they killed a dozen people are out. Run over people on a bridge and then not. I'd leap out of the van and I don't stabbing people in the nearby pubs. And you and your surprise that you get somebody that reacts. And I individual any fashion. In all of the console do any thing then now people are gonna get angry frustrated and reached the point. Where they take on to their own hands now is a good not a good on either side and. As long as we get these apologists every time. Where am one of these incidents this is this is it may be just the beginning of some of these people. Deciding to take a launder their own hands hello cloudy greetings and welcome salutation and a low odds. Actually born Monday here we go getting under way a hot steamy summertime Monday as we get started here on the body Mac electric radio program. In the air and share your genial host rabbit shock jock president and Dina. On in sensitivity university where we specialize in non politically correct shot it's. Here's value join me NBA part of the conversation today just grab your phone usually Ingles advantage talk line number. Told free from any way airs 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. We got you covered there as well. Yeah. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address Bob and 1063. WL RD dot com I have in my little hot hand. A result. Of a Supreme Court ruling. Today which makes this. Now. Any out parallel eight palatable song. I mean I'm okay. I'm very familiar and that's on because I grew up in a. Nearby Arlington Virginia as a Washington. Redskins. Fan and so I of course ran in fact I know all the words to. Hail to the Redskins. They Washington Redskins won at the US Supreme Court on Monday. Without taking a case there. A unanimous court ruled a big government violated the first amendment rights of the members of an Asian band. Calling themselves. Thus Lance. By denying their group trademark protection. Quote the disparagement clause violates the first amendment's free speech Glaus. Just a so we know explained it is not all vs failed. Opinion. Contrary to the government's contention trademarks or private. Not government speech. They Washington Redskins offered an AMOCO security breach that's friend Latin for friend of the court supporting the slams. They briefed contended that nothing permits congress to condition trademark registration. On May marked owners' refusal to change the name that they government fines odious. A division of the United States Patent and Trademark Office voted to cancel a half dozen Redskins trade marks in 2014. Based on the premise that the team's nickname. An offshoot of Red Sox from when they Boston Braves football team moved from braves field a mile or so away. To Fenway Park in 1933. And McCain lead Boston Redskins. In homage to it's a landlord. Violated a disparagement clause forbidding the registration of words and images that are offensive. Went out trademark protections are red. Scans face they press step a prospect. All the legal pirating. Of their name and logos Redskins owner Dan Snyder who once vowed an all caps. Do never change in names on team's name again embraced. Upper case and expressing himself I'm thrilled operatives he explained hail to the Redskins. Hail victory. Braves on the warpath. Fight for old DC. So. Slowing thanks. Order a bunch of Asians. Into this manic all of those slats. Not a problem when that taken to court. Oh they did it. Honk you list. Not so bad news. Over the weekend. Me out. Stephen first. You may not remember that name. Stephen first to name of the actor. Who played flounder. On animal house. Are ya your duty Kroger. You're dealt out our aim is. Dorfman. Jerusalem Arafat. Now aren't. Spinning its flown. Turned. Up. Animal house. Still still stands up. You went to enter college. Anywhere USA. You had an animal house. Greek group on your campus. I can name any names from C Chapel Hill. Although I'm apply. Out sadly Stephen first passed away over the weekend. Young age of 63. Complication some dive diabetes. That was his big break. That's what got him into the movies was playing flounder animal house before that. Average Joseph. More than average job. Yeah I was delivering pizzas about two blocks from here. I can still do animal house and regular basis three days before I left. Still simmering the pizzas and showed up authority as our claim to fame sad to see that he's he was great. In that interview is really really good as flat out. And I coming up not on a quarter after three years and about him action when we come right back on the other side. I knew I'd catch up with the attacks on line first off does that send starting to get behind on here already. And now are fringe the oceans. Are reacting to AM. An American jet. Shooting down a Syrian warplane. The F Saber rattling is and saying I'm I'm I've gotten my own. I've compose my own pentagon response to the Russians and I'll share that when you where we come right back here on the Bobby Mack show. A lot of things to do places to go people who say things to do busy busy busy Monday edition. Other bunny much it'll be right back. Allow Iraq. Welcome back 320 in the hot steamy Monday edition of the above a Mac show. Now let me well let me clear out the attacks line first your for a get too far behind on Bob do you have the movie audio of what dean warmer. Told flounder concerning. No way to go through life I you probably find and I can quoted Soria. Because I've seen animal host some months many times dean former said to flounder. Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son. Although it's seeming ordered her flounder at the time. And what Clint Eastwood movie did dean warmer appear in once and he the. The mayor of San Francisco. And not dirty air. And I believe also. He was enough. Outlaw Josie Wales did more than one. But colonies I can't remember his name. I'm Bonnie will this terrorist in London also be charged with cultural appropriation. Now. Muslim imitation. So Bob this C Supreme Court ruling mean need to experiment cause is still technically illegal but is now in the court of the legislature to repeal. Yeah yeah it would have to I would have to go through congress. To be changed. But essentially a supreme court's outlook. L. This is outside. The purview. Of a governmental agency that was trying to prevent the Redskins and the so Lance. From from using their trademarks. Bobby on the does nothing but pure justified karma that an infidelity used the same method of attack that they murderous Muslim terrorists. And then years. It seems the shootings. And finally come home to roost. As a Obama's. Preacher used to say. Bobby is it just me or did it seem like the UK officials concluded the act to be terrorism almost immediately. Strange. When Muslims are run groups of people out over and vehicles officials seem very reluctant. To name it terrorism. Well it's not just in the UK. What could be on the baseball the Alexandria Virginia baseball practice shoot it. This. Demented individual had a hit list. I guess dead pool. List of Republican politicians. In his pocket. The they found after he'd been shot dead and now the FBI and the DC police. Are now we're era. We just heard her stand why he's got a. We can't figure out what is motivation might have been Armenia this list of names a Republican politicians in his pocket and we can't we don't wanna rush to judgment and drawing any untoward conclusions. Right. Now Bonnie. And apologizes. A white British guy runs Muslims over right away it's a terrorist attack. Oh the irony. Got a. All email. This actually came in last week actually was a left. For me downstairs with that Kia and those are official. Entercom greater receptionist. Jack of all trades. Addressed to myself. And terra. Now we Rodgers. Then it's actress and Alonso. The note says. I've brought you all something for my mission trip to Africa. I hope this remind you to stay vigilant and keep up the hunt for American Ryan helps Republicans in name only. I love listening to you all thank you for caring enough to fight for our country enjoy the rhinos and keep up the good works and sincerely Kelly. Do you Lou. Kelly did allow though. I thank you Kelly appreciate that very much she Brian Kelly brought. Did you seem back in the office money penny be carved. Wouldn't. Rhinos there beautiful. Very nice and send an email all letter and sent you know. I don't take it when I say keep up the hunt for rhinos don't say in the wrong way. In AM the wake of a what happened last week I in Alexandria with a ball field should know about you know. Look this is insensitivity university. And I am the dean. OK so I'm not gonna jump to that politically correct nonsense but thank you Kelly very much. There they are. I'm very finely honed polished and finished and will remind us to our remain vigilant. In non keeping you guys aware of what they he rhinos. Are up to you now that. As you may be aware of a Syrian jet was shot down by an American jet. And the Russians are now reacting. Mrs. stories from a British paper and away. Russia on has said it will treat US warplanes operating in parts of Syria. Where it's air forces are also present as targets. Amid a diplomatic row caused by the downing of a Syrian jet. They country's defence minister. Said it would tracked US led coalition aircraft with missile systems and military aircraft. But stopped short of saying it would shoot them down. A hotline set up between Russia and the US to prevent midair collisions will also be suspended. Quote all kinds of airborne vehicles including aircraft and UAV's. On the international coalition. Detected in the west of the Euphrates River. Will be targeted by the Russian Sam system as air targets. They Russian defense ministry said in his statement warning. Comes after a US FA eighteen super hornet. Shot down a Syrian army an issue 22 jet on Sunday in the countryside south west of Rocca. They first such downing of a Syrian Jeb by the US since the start of the country's civil war into when he eleventh. I shoot 22 as a Russian manufactured jet. By the way. Russia's defense ministry said the suspension of its communication line when the Americans would begin immediately. The US did not use its hotline with Russia. Ahead of the downing of the Syrian government warplane. Said the ministry which accusing US of a deliberate failure to make good on its commitments under the deep infliction. So what we should do it and as always spot a Syrian jet. And it's not where it's supposed to be or where we feel it's imprisoning a threat to one of our aircraft. We should grab the hotline. Called Vladimir Putin because after all. I'm Donald Trump his colluding. With Vladimir Putin and the Russians right. So would be a simple matter for him to grab a hot like hey Al fled just wanna Jane and know. There's at one of your Russian manufactured Syrian air force jets up there we got an FA eighteen super hornet nearby. My suggestion would be Q. Get that aircraft out of that area immediately. Or there will be blunt. But that's not the way things work in norte in a real war you don't column up. And say hey you know we're about to shoot down what are your jets even try do an inning about it. It reminds me of the the actual. Recording. When a local air traffic control facility. During the Persian gulf war. The conversation was or afford it recorded on the VHF. Guard emergency frequency. 121 point five Miller heard while flying from Europe to Dubai. Here is a printout of that conversation. Iranian air defense radar. Unknown aircraft add location unknown you are in your rain you're Ronnie and airspace identify yourself. Aircraft. This is a United States aircraft I am not in the rainy Iranian airspace Simon Iraqi. Airspace. A rainy and air defense radar you are in a rainy and air space if you didn't do not depart our airspace. We will launch interceptor aircraft. Aircraft response. This is a United States Marine Corps FA eighteen fighter. Send them up. I'll wait. Gung ho and now you're wrong. And and I mentioned a super fought 329 year and above a Mac show. Patrick is in today for any and he's standing by the new senator I'm right back on the other side. When I come back sum up pretty dramatic FaceBook alive stuff from Myrtle Beach. Over the weekend they had to write a new song now Myrtle Beach days popping caps in the way it's three different shootings. The mayor and the chamber of commerce are not going to be happy. Be right back. Welcome back great to have you alone. AM steamy summertime Monday and speaking of a steamy places. A week from Wednesday on becoming teal live from Washington DC. It's our annual hold their feet to the fire broadcast. It's a radio row that is put together. By our friends at fare thee a Federation for American Immigration Reform. And have a lot of special guest now working on our South Carolina congressional delegation. Tim Scott to a net trade out Ian and Jeff Duncan headed there their appearance. Kind of contingent on what kind of votes. Or committee meeting say they may be. A previously obligated to go we're gonna make every effort to have them on while I'm in Washington additionally a number of other. Nationally known politicians will be joining me on the show including. Iowa congressman Steve King a former congressman attempt Tom Tancredo. And down and some pundits. We'll be there as well as well as other. Experts that follow the on the immigration. Issue on Michelle market. And the latest confirmation she will be with me on Thursday the last day of our broadcasts are so I'll be in Washington. Nextel Wednesday and Thursday so I will not be with you on Tuesday of next week that'll be a travel day. And we might get away day as they say in baseball. And then I'm I will be coming back from Washington early on a Friday morning Selby back with a from the studios here on Friday. Bob that naked man that ran from the cops and killed his mom a trump fading liberal via FaceBook poster of Chris Oliver. Now Bobby Syrian jet was performing ground operations against iasis thankfully the pilot was rescued. We need to get out of Syria yesterday and could breaking international. As you know I am not a big fan of America being an international policeman. If you're wondering what ever happened to Bill O'Reilly. Michael Harrison who is. The editor of talkers magazine. A magazine dedicated to talk radio. Will be one of my guests next week in Washington. In an email that they sent today they have an interview with Bill O'Reilly. He is still doing. He has tour. The out the spin stops here to work. And a performance at the NYCB. Theater in Westbury Long Island Saturday. Former Fox News Channel personality Bill O'Reilly told attendees and I quote. In the weeks to come they'll be a bunch of news stories that we'll explain what happened and why it happened talking about his exit from flocks. It's pretty grisly. It's pretty nasty. It has to do with far left progressive organizations. That are bent on destroying anybody with whom they disagree including the president. This is according to CNN which covered his tour other includes former. SNL I'm Dennis Miller. Newsday also covered the event and reports O'Reilly promoted the efforts. Of his eponymous web site. But I'm starting my own operation we are going to do that he says able. Bring a new half hour newscast. Where we'll we'll go into a studio and it will look alike the factor. It's basically an experiment. To see how many people are going to want this service obviously it's going to be pay per view. That's coming and will be here before September. In a robust form. But I suspect there will be another network. May be merging with us. Which leads me to speculate maybe the boy a is. As a candidate. Because we know there in bigtime financial trouble. And going has got all kinds of lawsuits. Going back. And then and it's a troubled network. There will be a network that rises up because they numbers for fox are going down. O'Reilly said however. These CNN report also indicates he's not exactly predicting the death. A Fox News Channel answering a question from the audience about starting a TV network to compete. With fox O'Reilly said well don't underestimate him the fox brand is very strong they have a lot of talent. And if you wanna get into that game you need about 200 million dollars. Not exactly chump change now that Roger Ailes is if if Roger Ailes. Had not done tragically died. As he did recently up I think we would. See the foundation. Being weighed. 48 competitive network to fox. I mentioned this a shooting. One of three. That happened in now Myrtle Beach. Over the weekend. There was a flight. Around on the area of fourth and nine and Audi ocean drive. And and in the midst of the fight. Somebody pulled out a gun and started shooting. And Bubba can send from the food and South Carolina who was on apparently on the balcony at a nearby hotel. Send them more than a dozen shots could be heard. Lieutenant Crosby set an armed security officer witnessed the shooting and shot the suspect. The alleged shooter then shot numerous rounds and escape the same by carjacking a vehicle here's a little bit. Of the audio from that FaceBook alive feet. The name. They're shooting this I think avenue north. It's not the policemen. And again mom. Or dad and endorse. Innovation boulevard. Myrtle Beach. And their run and fight fight. His game that's a security done. If you're. Important avenue know how you like it at all. If you're watching this thing even know who they booming shot. I and the other guy that was doing the shooting and carjacked a vehicle you'd see that in the video as well. The mayor in the chamber of commerce are not going to be thrilled when this right here in the middle of failed to restart. Season. And that was out one of three. Shootings. Admiral. In afternoon they have to do something down there between now the problems they had with the the various bike weeks. And now and now this stuff. Quarter before four here on the body Macs are taking a quick break here when we come back congressman Steve Scully says still recovering in hospital. That doesn't stop a commentator had done BS NBC. From attacking him. I thought the left more than. Sensitive ones. Be right back. Welcome back it's at 315 down 10 minutes before 4 o'clock here on the body Mac show. I wanna hear this stuff up from mock the lame stream media about the moral equivalence of who's jetting up all the violence that's going on here's the latest example. Now bowl left there. You're still. Sensitive. As congressman Steve Scott leads a weigh in his hospital bed recovering. After being shot by a maniac gunman who was hunting at congressional Republicans. ABS NBC host. Asked whether the house majority whips. Life threatening injuries meant Americans had to ignore. His political positions. Joy and read on Saturday. Cited skull leases positions on obamacare and gay marriage as among the concerning moral issues are word. She felt couldn't be overlooked. Despite his critical injury at the hands and you left leaning lunatic. Who opened fire at a GOP baseball practice on June 14. What's that song money thing. Dirty wandering. Kick them when they're up kick them when they're down. Quote there's a whole country out there and a lot of people at least in my Twitter timeline. Why don't like you get a gay is a bad. And it's a delicate thing because everybody is wishing the congressman well and hoping that he recovers blood. Steve always has a history that we've all been forced to sort of ignore on race. Reid said. She had and later he also cosponsored a bill to amend the constitution. To define marriage as between a man and a woman. Yeah that's a position no Democrat would take all wait a minute. Our last president took that position for about six years. Including those wanna occupy the White House. He cosponsored the house health care bill which as you said would gut. Health care for millions of people including three million children and he cosponsored a bill to repeal the ban on semiautomatic weapons. Because he is in jeopardy and everybody is pulling for him are we were we required any moral sense to put that aside for a moment well July. And I if you had any moral center probably wouldn't oppose him questioned in the first place. But since you obviously don't. The answer is yeah well. If you had a sense of decency. Scully is among five people shot by James hodgkin's and last week. The gunman killed by Capitol Hill officers who were part of Scully says security detail. They don't personal life of one of those officers prompted a tweet from reed promoting the segment. Representatives goalies were shot by a white man with a a violent background was saved by a black lesbian police officer. Like any of that makes any difference. But you know when year. Ideologically driven. Then nine then everything. Becomes. Eight quote two years enjoys weren't moral issue. And based on nah. Well whatever the yeah. Offended. Group. Now that now happened suit to be touched by an event. Add TV ratings over the weekend all that free publicity couldn't push Megyn Kelly over the top. Despite a week's worth of stories about our controversy old interview. West radio host up Alex Jones the Q&A ended up being watched by only three and a half million viewers. Soundly beaten by CBS rivals sixty minutes which drew five point three. Million viewers and a Carson US open. I was on the same time a US open golf tournament. And the NBC hourlong Sunday night with Megyn Kelly program was criticized ahead of time. Because Jones in the past and colleague Tony twelve shootings and sandy hook elementary school a hoax. Members of that community. Our among those who spoke out against only see airing the interview the local NBC affiliate I guess in Hartford. Refused even carry the program. Our program took a nose dive in comparison to Kelly's debut on June 4 which featured an interview with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. In which make and got that pretty much completely schooled. Bad that interview actually had a double the audience six point two million viewers. Kelly didn't just lose viewers Forbes reported JPMorgan. Along with several local advertisers dropped spots from Michelle or in the case of the financial company. The entire ready and NBC newest until after the interview aired but the controversy didn't end there. He has before the interview Alex Jones. Wage and audio recording of a phone conversation with Kelly in the conversation. On this Kelly was are promising she would not portray him as some kind of boogie man. Shortly before the interview which was aired on Father's Day. Jones released a video in which he offered condolences. To the families of those who lost children in a horrible tragedy had to sandy hook. But did not refer to his previous comments. Prior to the new year Kelly released a statement on Twitter explaining the importance of airing her conversation with Jones blah blah blah. Al Tompkins they pointer institutes. Senior faculty for broadcasting an on line told Forbes. They Kelly will need to boost her ratings to ensure her reported seven figure salary when the network. But he says they're still. Plenty of time. Our number one of the Bobby Mack show has had just zipped on past. And then our number two is right around the corner. Coming up and that course we know about the out. Vigilante justice revenge attack against Muslims in London did you know there was another. Case of Islamic terrorism. Where else. Paris. Tell you about that when when we come back.