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Bob McLain
Wednesday, June 20th
Sen Shane Martin calls in to talk government and attack ads; Dave Schwartz talks legislative session; Timmons

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Hello how me greetings welcome salutation. And hope day aloha studio. He'll go and our number two rule. On the award winning at Bobby Mack electric radio program that's right. Winner for the 56 consecutive year. Broadcasting's. Come agenda. Bob McClain a war I hear thank you very much had Neiman close any of those years now this year. I mentioned at the beginning of the program. At South Carolina broadcasters association. Taking a massive leap from their good senses. Has selected the Bob McClain shell as a finalist for radio show the year. And then and a and I you can now question their judgment all you want here's how you join me. And be a part of the program this afternoon Ingles advantage talk line 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number and good luck come my getting cat caught up there but I'll work on it and and if you just wanna send me any Miette email. That is bomb and 1063 WORD dot com we are joined. On the program this afternoon now by Shane Martin who also is a state senator and welcome senator Martin good to have you here sir. But hey Bubba Mac card today. Well it's been interesting and illuminating so far I understand. All of the sudden you have now become a a IE hot phone number to be calling and texting and emailing chip. Well out of style and their play book. This strip that. All of our boil people where I need to beat. As a radio all the spoke about Robert out there your whole break yeah I forgot all the Evan. Well those B dual. Well what happened was. State senator William Timmons. Act called and we had a conversation. And I he was objecting to mind sharing a story that was on the Fitch news website today. That was critical. Senator Timmons accused him. Of among other things working behind the scenes. To actually. Try and not see a found a gas tax could get past. And then if it's news accused him of cynically. Then turning around and voting against it when he'd been working in the shadows. And he had to past and he was objecting to the Club for Growth out of Washington. And dumping some 230000. Dollars in attack ads against him. And in favor of us generally bright so we had an interesting conversation. I he accused me and now morning show host Kara being biased. And said that does that and using that as a basis he was not going to be taking part in the green milk Tea Party WL RD sponsored debate. Coming up on Monday night so basically. We don't know went back and forth and not exchanged pieces of mind. Op or another that. How well it's a going to be available on our podcast and tag money penny has pulled it out and will probably post it separately so it was a fascinating conversation. What what are you have you not I guess being out of town. Didn't have an opportunity to see the offense news story right. Now are not saying it's restored but I hope that perhaps they're looking up. Coach Richard took. Gotcha. I'm I tried to they explained to senators Dennis and while we may come across in his estimation as being biased. I don't do endorsements as you know. What I have done. What I have done in the past is express appreciation for votes and I agree with not only by those of you in Colombia the black people in Washington as well. Pop up acute that it's just know all about the issue over the years I don't endorsing either by other cult thing it's like Utley but he. Like everyone knows what I got an assurance that got a virtual. It. It's it's sand and and what I get senator tenants point that the attack ads. On arm are unhealthy probably four of the for the food for the body politic as a whole and yet. Well do you know this better than anybody we're talking with T senator Shane Martin you know this better than anybody if you are in politics in Europe then scanned. You're gonna have a tough road a hollow. Oil and certainly policy that's what we're playing a war on you know from a bit of their rookie years now quite conservative fight and my skin has grown their but I also run my business and being an inertia that army and you got that fixed in their suit him. Really don't matter you gotta gotta gotta go people are gonna tacky when you're when you're doing what you don't try and land at all machines. And the easiest way to get ever do to complain about some predictable. Yeah out. Politics in general but especially in South Carolina. There is pretty much a blood sport. It is an amateur you know I do agree that a lot of the negative laughs. I interpret ball so I go to church or or Mcguirk restore right people stood up yup they bring this war here. Somebody sell themselves. You know it's gonna record stand on our record right you don't suck and spent all that and there are a couple people or target on elect keep marking a prank calls. The Soviet sure I can we actually. That's one reason why hospital won't try to stop the bill for. The leadership it's ths right all the hospitals are well that broke the wall right. You don't get. People that were although Mossad and there and cut deals of the hospital system and how got old got. The the attack ads. Chain. I'm. The consultants of the campaign entire is that what they're told that he union need to do this because this stuff works. I wanna tell you what what our problem mock airplane Metallica street off but it never done one thing negative. That's a real would be that you would expect that new pedestal and I don't speak personally. Wear kilts. In a lot like it's it's always special breed itself saying mark air our can't do that then there on the trot out. I must think I think your assessment is correct senator mar ninth I think that. Those things. Engender more of a negative response. Not unintended blow back. Then rather than then. As you said stressing the positives about your own candidacy. Trying to drag somebody else down into the mud I think that kind of stuff. Can come back on. I think it goes in the unfortunately years when the negative Stromile. Unbeknownst to the candidate. That's what Bret Michaels. It also trial the defense opening of Somalis accused and you won't solve the negative regard. No other well. So. Pemex. You know there are swallowed all outside groups that spend money. All different candidates for different reasons said well that's outside of can't draw. Yell yeah that's right because of the tax. My along are not supposed to have any direct connection. With the campaign although we know that there's a wink wink and nod nod stuffing goes on their soil. Brought an almost order gas factional I'll I'll outmoded voting at all. Jim what more can honestly don't match up not heard that but then again I'm property to a I don't know what capital Q did you. Yeah yep I area chain Martan and appreciate a year servers and can't be ashamed because you are one of the few that does Dennis. Still the ground drawn a line in the sand for a conservative beliefs and we appreciate it. Well I appreciate it appreciate everything you do Bob at all. I Turkey in the bureau simple. My pleasure thank you Shannon and I appreciate your pick Colin to want to chime in today on this issue because. Being being in the mix there be you know a little bit more than. Then many of Stew about the what's actually going on and we appreciate you sharing some time with yesterday. You got already. Appreciated Delta State senators chain Marten quarter after four here on the balmy night show. I usually we have. Dave Schwartz. From a freedom action network fan NFC with a said the top of the hour in four because senator Martin was on the phone. We bumped him back in and Dave will be joining me right after 430 this afternoon and will be talking. Even more in depth about don't know what's going on with being good ol' boy is in Colombia when Davis here they are right back here on the Bobby matchup. That's what we did go. Or hours each day so waving away in front of me hot microphone. And computer terminal 22 after 4 o'clock. Now why are clear now you wanna call and not chime in on an inning I go on on The Today Show at 803471063. While I trying to catch up. With the attacks line boy and an on. As far behind years and never bet. Bob May not that I will vote for him Timmons calling in was brave I'm not sure I would have. As brave. And or maybe showed an appalling lack of judgment I go Bobby go. And Bobby is Timmons pulling a make master was his scheduling conflict. And Bob senator Timmons whining about how he's being treated by the radio stations saying it's unfair. And yet. He's treating Lee bright in the same way that he claims he is unfairly. Being treated. Al Bobbie here's what I heard. Clue they're. Advani unreal this guy just Osce election. Bob please pass along to Timmons we don't go by what Tara you are event say. We simply tell the difference between ten pounds via a lot five pound bag. And rose bush years. Now Bobby a big gathering Diaz on Monday I think that translates to fund raiser. Bob sounds like bill he needs to find is big boy pants. IBO light to allow like Timmons but everytime I hear him on your show he was whining about something. Like a child has not been treated fairway and here I am I still know nothing about him or his platform. Bob my you are judged with other people you hang around winter is what my mom always setter in this case. You are who you give your free gain money to. My video Tim and sound a bit apply any sounds like he has some toughening up to do. I'm Bonnie shame on you I hurt I think you hurt Billy's feelings. Now Bobby is it true that Timmons took 2000 under a 200000 dollars from a special interest group for his ad campaigns. There's not not really. At the money is out there. And it is. Money that he is campaigning for Timmons and attacking me bride. But it's from a pac a political action committee and it's it's not from Timmons campaign just so you'll understand the distinction. Bobby Lulu who I'm voting they're voting for only bright. Bob Lee bride gets my vote Timmons sounds like a used car sales. Bob May be if Timmons wasn't such a Ryan OUN Taro wouldn't be so. You biased. And Bob it ticks me off that Timmons acts like having a business fail makes you a bad person. 50% of businesses fail as for pay and what began when he can. That's what you do after a business fails and you don't declare bankruptcy. I mean to sound like you're flush with no easy word the business wouldn't have failed ride. How about they can we give Timmons some cheese with that why in. It's not there's not fair. Now I know Timmons is socialite when they whine cry stomp your feet hold your breath. Have a lot of backbone. A body UN Chara are so biased. Sound effect baby crying. The food and mood. Now Bobby police corps exposing this guy. Paper. Truths do can amount. Bob this dude has an overly defensive stance. It is a Ding Ding Ding ran alert red alert. Now Bobby what's the word I'm looking for here from. Oh yeah who what what. I'm Bonnie wow Timmons came across as a bit unhinged. Who messed with his Cheerios. Little William is not a happy camper I guess he's not used to people not liking him. Sounds like he needs a cup of cocoa and a safe space. At Bobby it was ten and sending out false New Orleans. Bob should Timmons funneled campaign donations for another donor. Nicest sound bite. Bob is this guy shooting himself in the foot or what. Al Bob Timmons why did cherub on amnesty she played back his own words. When Russia hated when that happens. Around liar liar pants on fire away at Al Lindsay Timmons Tera as you on tape. Disclosing how your four and a state. Am not able what is before then. Out hey Billy bright. Got money bombed out of the state senate by the chamber of commerce McKenzie was getting things done you crybaby. You know sometimes your job is to say. No. Bobby I'm sorry but I don't want somebody to go to congress to quote get along in quote. I want somebody to go and there and kicks them you know what. I'm buying Clements no vote from me. How about they no longer in the undecided column Timmons is not my guy. I quit whining Billy it makes you look weak. Now laugh out loud Bob how dare you not tell the truth and I am the absolute best. Railway. Al Bob the Greeneville New Orleans is unbiased. There's a reason I go on to Greenville daily worker. Did he just say fits muse is garbage journalism. He doesn't care for opinions and not just presents the evidence found. I'm Bob Timmons is. The small. I mom try my best year gang I am voting on now caught up. We've done many of the checks Massachusetts. Man. Want our goal and just what I only have 87 new text messages in my inbox. Which we will proceed to get to as we push on here and down by the way as I mentioned Dave Schwartz from freedom action network and our regular. Wednesday afternoon Sam and Dave was a kind enough to push back today since we had state senator Shane Martin on the phone to chime in about today's conflagration. And so Dave will be with us on the other side and August 4 49 here in the body Mac show it is called today the ride back. Yes indeed it is any money Mac electric radio program. They showed that when listened to by by progressives you can now. Very often hear him say things like youths. Or other comments of that guilt for 3624. Before flying here in the body national and now all. We are joined by and Dave Schwartz with freedom action network and South Carolina who usually. Is now with us in this and sponsor segment by Tennessee. And right after the news at four. Mine went all the out Contra Temps going on regarding how the call earlier. From senator William Timmons. We have a backed up on his appearance to right now hi Dave. Bob you help me caress stink in politic and the ball. Yeah inaudible it it is it's it's it's right up near the top of the list I have to admit that yeah he had an appalling lack of judgment on my part. That's a conversation. I tell you this get a radio thank you rating outlook to an end and an Australia. It's job it's getting him out there dissidents are yet to close congressional race. It is. If we are at Defcon one out here there's no question about it and there were also about to be a Defcon one. This week or not this week but we're preparing for a girding our alliance as a good ol' boys come back to wrap up the legislative session next week and that should be rich. Yeah look I mean we we've talked about this before the state budget. Bob which is you know who. But the politicians have done may date passed it to get this far they've done they've broken the law. Are to have the budget this spark. They did not hold joint open meetings at the ball clearly state. Did the most expensive budget proposal made history. Thirty billion dollar. Spending our money most expensive ever. Bill with pet projects and yes. Contrary to what some of the politicians are saying running for governor is actually does subsidize Planned Parenthood it all in the air popped. And what they did woes what is quite political and and not unexpected but what they did was when they left. Last month when they ended the regular legislative session right we all thought it was over but what they did what they did you know what we're gonna wait until after the primary elections. So we come back and do the budget. Well that's certainly in all. Sally convenient it Ned I mean yeah you can't hold on to account. In the primaries. A firm passing out. The most extensive budget in state history. They get is say that we Marty voted. That that that occasionally now. Now what we how little Bobby is is all the more interesting in the end thank goodness for the South Carolina policy council. They are actually debris circuit did go through the budget line by line so that we don't have to because. Lord knows I can't read all that legal ease and there are thirty billion dollars at illegally but they do they not do it and they found. Something buried way deep down there in the dark period in corners of that state budget which is this. Slide that collect private information collection database that they're looking Daryn that this really should scare the heck out of all of your list. Well I really truly think they have been they think they are the NSA. I think I mean date they are that he is bad Bobbitt the the way that they had written this provision in the state budget. It ain't sweeping collection of out of our personal private information. They could be helped information it could be personal finance information. On it it could be our kids gray didn't and and they're kept scores. All that so they wanna keep in one place. And here's the scary part about it is part of that revision. Legislators and their staff. Will have that access that information at their fingertips lull that should stand. Chills down everybody's eyes. Well it is in the in the first place they bought it in the first place they're stealing the job that FaceBook is marking the opening match. Company. But it it. Absolutely it will it's true and and that of the scary stuff so it ended as you and you alluded to about we expect this strong. Google or we expect this from you know the NSA or or you know nebula agencies are often in our land the Washington DC Ron. Are making in California. Or Minnesota or Rhode Island. But in the state of South Carolina. We expect that this young dumb not happened but it is happening and this is what our legislators are doing to us and security here all these. Politicians are calling into the call each other's names this episode that gone on in between there we need to be very very careful about to not only is this. The biggest spending budget the most expensive budget in state history. Not only did it had subsidies are Planned Parenthood not only did that pet projects that directly benefit legislators that we talked about in the past. And the budget is now. A secret. You know depository. Of our five and information at their fingertips they won it all in one database one day that they can access. And you know I think about why are you really do. And and we're talking about this before. You know think about all of the information that they can have. Think about it is legislator had information on potential political challengers right what kind of what kind of information I have on on the debt that. That they know what kind of their financial commissioner health information. On political counter at your best Soviet union's. I doubt you. Absolutely and there's another aspect of this is well. They've and that is having all of this data stored in one place so if you're a hacker. And of course and senator South Carolina government has never had to worry about how many other web sites had to have day. What we wouldn't factor great track record and say the South Carolina and secret electronic voting what in the five years ago that they. They act all that the test security permits are Social Security numbers relentless and the there was literally an accident I think not even a decade ago where. A private medical. Information William left outside in a dumpster in an Alley in Columbia entry without all that stuff. When you have a terrible record these politicians of it's terrible record of keeping private information secret so they want all of the information in one area about. This is. And the state budget that does not like we're talking pie in the sky some built that camp at this is in the budget they already at conservative legislators that the until we would think would be conservative right spoke there have been racially on your shadow have voted for this stuff knowing that they didn't read it. War they read an agreement that either way not a good answer but here is that we can do. It's not too late Bob. They're going down next week. We can kill this budget we can stop this provides that we can stop these provisions from getting in there and make it very simple tip if you look at their text the word kill K I LL I have been killed eight budget. To the number 52886. That kill KI LL 252886. And your legislators and the governor sent every and that it's. Do not pass this bad stuff in the budget do not. Get back down there and actually cut spending. Stop trying to create bigger super databases weakens our personal information you don't think about that you know we talked about his. God don't ya you know we talk about any of these these bad bills and they're they're discussing it DC and act like some are way it'll never happen but let me tell companies they legislators. The collect information on who don't numbers are mistake scary and and don't think that won't be used against us at some point in the future. This is all that talent that we got to be very wary eye out to be very careful. We cannot let legislators get where it's so if you're listening to that built this budget. Tell your legs and hold them accountable like the work still to 52886. Send them a method right now saying no way no you cannot at this budget. Get the hell out of there you're not or nick let my personal private information so you can add to your finger to. He had just you know setting aside for a moment that it's thirty billion dollars in most expensive budget in state history setting that completely aside. This one issue alone. I'm percent such an opportunity for misuse of private information. By legislators who by the way under a leatherman had virtually unlimited power already. Their arm right there are very dangerous implications there. I'm not the least of which can involve the use of private data for political purposes as you point out some money announces in Iran. Okay fun annually in their financials only their medical records to see if there have been arrested and whatever. And and you use that against them and hey you don't have to run it and campaign against an individual you have are foreclosed their running before they even announced her candidacy. You bet and managing mentioned the same goof balls that hit screwed up or roads that are screwed up our school that screwed up you know it will we pay the highest monthly electricity complicated scene do all bent Columbia. They're called all these things to happen now they want our personal try to information and again Bob you read this bill you read that about provision in the budget bright kids. Unbelievable you stare it's scary it's scary what kind of information they're talking about there is no limit here and again to have all that. Access to all of our personal private information. In one place that not only can be act where we're can be used for malicious purposes. But that that the legislators and Hearst. Spot could have access to is just crazy it's ridiculous this has. Yeah a frightening thought in 1980 or yelled out yes it's like night and it's like 1984 on steroids. Davis on the one month FaceBook dot com. Freedom a fan of SE. Is there a dress on FaceBook fan of S FaceBook dot com slash fan NSC and then you're going to be here this weekend as well again right Dalia. So what we're going to be Sunday nights is that they 5 o'clock on W or. We're really talking about this or that state budget we're gonna come back how we can hold these so accountable for Dylan esque and what we can do to stop that because Bob again. I'll real quick Gillis is on it did chimed in saying you're legislator method right now Helm to get it out of the budget. Text the word kill kill the budget KI LL to the number 52888. And Daniel let you got a hold your legislators accountable and that he got to pull the governor accountable for that it that patent Bob this is really get to the kind of stuff that there's going to come back to bite us. Hard core it in the very near future him that is personal private information none of their business yet they wanna continue to collect it. An and that scared thank. It is it's a frightening prospect. Dave Schwartz with freedom action network of South Carolina Davis with me every Wednesday typically. At down the top of the hour but appreciate that you're pushing back biggest we need to push back on Colombia as well thanks day are you want us. I appreciate that I get I get it and I get a pass this dot thanks Dave I appreciate and we'll see here at 5 o'clock on Sunday. 447 here in the Bobby Mack she'll be right back. Agassi another hump day another Wednesday this day. This walk in the park and ride. And not exactly aid before five here in the body mash up to the phones were yelled I said to Lyman lake and bring in bill. Here in the body national I bill subway. A body of a man who you're loyal. Yes they're fine and dandy. Bobby really mirror was this oh really. Tim and Bill Bailey week you've won every time he has. Yeah I have about your age I just turned 68 and have been sailing course racially. 447. Years. Not Hersh clearly jobless willing background work cut NG one crops are in trouble sleek robot or slow. Wow I guess. You must mail a whale of a salesman bill. Well. Outsold every bank bet the computer back conservatives are proud of the small Red Bryant had not been sailing I've been selling garbage trucks the last 37 year for the signed company which city do you. Didn't receive any government got a whole being mapped or being yeah I have good Lil and average our attempt thirtieth. Act a negative so it would yeah. When a customer asked please stop and I have a had a short. I played Luke. Have read there spit in my hand in front of you. Promoting war do you at Wal-Mart equipment goes and what mark companies get below. Didn't downplay and somebody else nick you've been cleared to nationally a direct question now and right but I think people go with the soil skull. And there are so we're talk about their old stuff they're too busy downplay that somebody else's. And I have actually stopped some more and in the court legal year or when I'm behind Hotmail like Luke. Stop. I also felt that way about bout that boy. And I'm glad that only bright. Got weary years. I think he got railroaded the last time I think he's good man. And I look forward to vote for begin next. And and I don't know why a well I guess the consultants they must have some kind of match trick they messed damp. So I'm gonna phony baloney statistics. That they can point to unlike today LA's attack against work. I'm I'm I'm with you bill I wouldn't what's Il sung accentuate the positive. Yep it's a well here's another thing I've always heard. It can't tell you first survey. It's better about the way I. Yeah now it's true you get what you pay for right. The have a good day Dario or well I was gonna say bill that there was a a poll that came out yesterday in the day before. The shows and denying him remake camera. My mouth not it is is a leading John Warren 60%. To 30% and look there are no way. I was born at night but it wasn't last night okay. Either now or more in America and H story sparkle for all these accolades. And I look at this and I say wait a minute. If these are an 860%. In this poll what's even doing in a run off that only takes 50%. He didn't get if you the first time so you mean he's gone up over Kent State paper slam. And all the other people and everybody in government his backhand. John Moore and give me a break now that aired yet if I take the poll better come out my way. I hit my area thanks bill I know I appreciate I think all down and it just it's ill logical. You know it. If Henry was at 60%. In this poll he wouldn't and Iran off the only need 50% plus one vote. Now about overnight. And no way out. So I guess it was like Catherine tabled and endorsement. It's cool sell well us. Boy. Bob how do you vote no runoff election it would be out of town next week is goat you a whichever county herein. Go to the up election headquarters and you can vote absentee. Al Bonnie sensed missed Timmons has dropped out of the debate to attend his cocktail party rally. And you police still have the debate and do a Q&A with Lee bright. We'd love to hear these positions on issues and solutions to problems we face. That is our intent. Bob how do we tell Colombian stop funding Planned Parenthood. As Dave mentioned you can text the word kill. To their text align number five to 86 kill as and kill the budget. And not only is it the most bench expensive budget in the history of South Carolina. It's got so much nasty stuff and it. Now that the anonymous wanna see happen. Now when we come back on the other side Presley stunt twenty Greenbelt you Barney was somewhat maligned. In our previous conversation with senator. William Billie Timmons. So William Presley and opportunity Bernie under respond. On the other side.