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Friday, June 22nd
Seperation of families at the border; Dist 4 race

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And we are often run anger with the ETJ high definition. Yes it is named Bobby Mack Friday free for all containing all the excitement and thrills. They Jurassic Park movies are. And then may not be a good comparison considering their views. Jurassic Park rescue bad Joseph ally Chris Pratt and he's good guy all right here we go it is up Friday which means it's the all skate. Meaning what everyone talking about is fair game. As we again underway today and we play out action packed show today as well I had numerous guest will be joining me. In the next hour of the program as we kick off our number 21. Hour from now Cory you in Dallas gave former campaign manager for Donald Trump. Will be joining me on the program. Then. In a later in the 4 o'clock hour Alan Quinn. Who is a candidate running against Daniel Collins and there are not easily he isn't going to be joining me is. Well and then now wrapping up Indy 5 o'clock follies this afternoon GOP gubernatorial candidate John Warren. Will be John not sure weary as he's been campaigning and low country and and the metal ones for a much of this week. And so I assume he is still down there he will be joining me via the phone. So it it's not going to be a big income eight tax line this afternoon on seven a 1307. Am Bonnie what in the world is an ad talking about did Timmons really cuss out the Tea Party chairman. From the aversion that is until and I have no reason to doubt his veracity. What you as a chaplain in the nick pretty strong all the now Presley's Dodds said that. He he got into lay out a bit Avaya confrontation on the phone. I'm only going to out on the phone and I went to William Timmons and that Timmons had dropped an F bomb. Pull him. Al Bob he had Jurassic movie visually stunning story line sticks. I'd say there's bad decide bad and and now wow what a meltdown. Afternoon Bobby Mack was listening to. In PR. At noon where I was today a home what lies they had to say about trouble lies lies lies no wonder. The country is so divided. It's not just. In PR. It's it's virtually AM all of the lame stream media. This story today. They're not you know it's not gonna get much coverage. Because of the message that it carries. It was the. Image that became emblematic of children separated from their parents as they crossed the border. Are young girl cry. Featured on the front cover of time magazine. Time isn't even a magazine and mores and it did just on the web now. I think. Now because my out they couldn't survive. Yeah and now ala din niece. Two years old was crying as her mother was apprehended. Entering the United States from Honduras. The image was Photoshop. As if she was confronting president trump staring down at her as if terminally on caring about her plight. The reader must have imagined that the crying toddler was about to me. Ripped firmer parents rip being a word of the moment other like repeated ad nauseam by the media whenever any discussion of immigration tanks went. Baby is being ripped from the arms of their mothers. And taken QA ND can CN child warehousing facility where she would be fed gruel. And lost in some sort of bureaucratic may it's. There was just one problem the only parent little two year old yet now I was separated from what's her father. And it wasn't by the US government other trump administration. The girl's father 32 year old. Dennis Javier Morales Hernandez. Says that his wife Sandra Maria Sanchez. Took his daughter on the dangerous journey from Honduras to reach the US border on June 3. Without notifying hill. So firstly NL hasn't been separated from her parents she's actually add a family residential center. In Texas. They too were detained together. But at no time where they separated. After the photo of the crying girl was taken in McAllen Texas. Moreover according to buzz feed. The mother had already banned deported from the US in 2013. After she was encountered by immigration officials in Hebron Ville Texas. This according to a statement by immigration and customs enforcement. On July 9 2013. She was transferred to ice. ERO custody. On July 18 Tony thirteen Sanchez was removed on duress under expedited removal. So she is say a true time more sure she's a multiple offender. But notice in the meantime. She went back to Honduras had a daughter. And then. You know down enough Honduras Nicaragua Mexico. Did they run TV commercials this is out you can go to the US and game the system. They teach them how to do it. Hernandez says that he has been in touch with his wife. My heart broke because it's my little girl Hernandez said the first time I said that's my little girl when I saw the report. When asked if he had cried Hernandez responded of course I cried it's really hard. I can imagine my wife was very fearful crossing the border because she took the decision she could then that fearful. She darted crusted once and got deported back to Honduras had a baby in the meantime a semi now I've got a small child. This is going to be crib by Gannett and crews right across a border. Another they have catch and release. They get under Obama. He said that life and hundreds was very different gold but it's not worth it to risk the mother's life and the girl's life. Never hear the media talking about to your roles being dragged. Now from Central America. To the US Mexico border. No danger involved there are no I noticed that wanna take these kids and kidnap them for god knows what nefarious purpose. I hope that they respect the rights of my wife and daughter because she's a queen. It breaks my heart we all have rights yeah well you have rights in Honduras as a citizen of that country. You don't have any rights in America. You are here illegally. So just so we're clear here you know whether two year old was never separated from her mother. She was taken from her country by a mother. Who did so without bothering to tell them that. The mother and then deported from the US previous play the father noted that while Honduras is very difficult. There wasn't any reason to risk two lives to get to the US of course they're laws. Free healthcare free education. ABT guards. Asked for medical and the list goes on and on and you known as well as on in other words there was no credible fear. That. And evil. President drop AM tyrannical dictatorial. President drummer doesn't care anything about the lives of small children. Was standing there staring down at. They know little two year old who was crying hysterically because Donald Trump had ripped her from the arms of Vermont. The the hypocrisy. Of the American news media. Which actually is nothing more now than public relations arm of the DNC. Not bothering to show the pictures. Of small children. Behind not chicken wire in cages during the Obama administration. I was OK when it was an endearing Obama's presidency because of course she was the sainted Obama can do no wrong. But. Yeah Donald Trump in there and that she got home minister. Whole different story quarter after three here on the money Mac show Friday free for all is underway we go to the phones for the first time when a cab ride back. Here on the TG IF addition. I think it's Friday because in the immortal words of Alex trip back from jeopardy. I need to hire Tony to after three in the bombing Mac show. By the way. Sheriff's office want you to know there's somebody out there run and a phone scam. Representing themselves as deputy sheriffs demanding payments over the phone our you know an innocent a deputy out arrest in holy laughter the gulag. I sheriff's office want you know they will never call anyone. Demanding payment. Out for any thing. In yet that type of call don't give out any personal credit or debit card information and if they have any questions. I contact the front desk to speak to a deputy 8644675300. I think they want Chanel the spammers. Are back out there again in on the attacks on Bob I find and addressing the governor's ads saying he's running for Greek deal lecture on. And don't have to be elected for governor in the first place to run for reelection he was appointed. To the office and this is his first time to run. In point. Bob May have voted absentee today I'll give you true and so I voted for he's a captain in the Marines and he doesn't talk. I got big chicken from man learned John Scott Drew and son. Bob I wish I'd done this but I read that if someone in the US commits a crime and they have children those children are taken away. But we're all looking at the illegals and now they get a pass for breaking off coming here illegally and they just they keep their kids win them. They can't get a lawsuit. From people in prison wanna have their children their with a. Is that there is is that we're headed. Other just some some attorneys just wait a minute there's a lawsuit day at work here. Bob my question is why didn't I guy accompany his wife and daughter was his wife runaway from the ocean errors megabyte to him. I shouldn't say drop dead and combine nothing. Bob if all they want a butter economy may let them make they're all one contract but are got you. I'm Bob aren't thousands of babies ripped from their mothers each month thank you Planned Parenthood. Bobby at time magazine cover unapologetic glee biased against president trump wanna discretion that's what they do. We should be used to it by now leadoff batter here in the Friday free for all it is your privilege to weigh in on your cell phone welcomed the shows are. Revolving Mac. You know I'd like to make couple points first of all it occurred to me. That in every jurisdiction. In the whole country must. 24/7. They're our children ripped from the arms of their mother. It call protective custody true enough. And the second thing I'd like saying. EU part of the concept of product placement sure. This morning out of locked in an extended interview with a Republican congressman. Yeah and they we have our tundra the capitol building right and somewhere in the background there. They have had a baby crying. Child crying the whole interview them. Yeah I don't know his real ally. Juno I'll. Don't you think that was not mere coincidence though delaying. A that aren't sure you know yet on us per share. Yeah I just wondered are they where. And seeing guard Kyle taking big crying probably be out well if they were Democrats they were stealing the kids lollipops and what they do now. And write your point's well taken you know children are taken away from their birth parents. Four reasons. Are not only legal but just abide child endangerment. Say you're gonna tell me the dragging a two year old from hand Honduras to the US border. That's not endangering the life for the child would not grounds for removing the child from the Cassidy and that parent. Absolutely. Not a course. In it's one set of rules and another. Pretty sad. Thank you UN I appreciate all valid points at Charles is next up here on me about money manager he is in boulder ridge hello Charles and welcome to the program. I had a lot of talk about the biggest. Can't steer everything in politics that would be William Timmons at the debate last week and about this. Station. He escorted picket points but when he claimed that American Conservative Union. Had him rated as the second most conservative. State senator in South Carolina has that Serbs hit two. Make it look like petty politics all the accusations which are true by the way about him being reliable such as. Paris I think you probably played it through that it could take him. Basically holding. Border security hostage to ask amnesty. But get. I bothered to check effective all of America for American Conservative Union is a rival group they ain't got McCain I respect it. In 08 to 82% like. But who got urgent. Yet but it is I I have an article I actually forwarded date back to cherish you should have to win each person. Don't know that was. Oh William might get it out about what they're development is I don't know John McCain John G. As a nice that you know eight I remember that when when he ran for president. All the Republican ticket. Yeah I I I know that don't want when I think of of icons of conservatism the first name that comes to my mind is John McCain right. I get my Cuba epidemic you. I checked out the the rating for William timid deal it if the eight person sick when they get so you see it's 38 Brit gets summer right so group. I don't let. Patent gala and all all all bats resistant so I'll hold my took asserted that it just too conservative for that as we get beat back. But but kit. Indicate what came ready with that. 38. You're not that would be. You'll get out the and I think it Jake go to that every single rating site and click on South Carolina and then dense cold out 38%. I would be about 62%. Less and I would like a sick. Yes I am I has. Then label if he would go and they're. Not a lot closer to. If McCain got 90% I shouldn't somebody from South Carolina get a hundred. I would think so since you appeared different issues but yeah. Now I I appreciate the information journal thanks very much up we have a good week at 329 here in the Bobby Mack show any ready to go in the news center. Big lineup of guests today Corey Lewin Dow steel leads off the next hour. Allan Quinn who is now running against Neil all against average Statehouse is going to be joining me also in the 4 o'clock hour. And then John Lauren will be here right after five be right back. Sir you've been selected for a pat down yeah well I'm not surprised and am worse things happened 338. Tony do before for CNN headline on the Fox News website this afternoon. Non profit. And that non profit with allow rounds not remember all around so that's a good thing done. As senior senator from South Carolina. Lindsey Graham nest they got a big award from a number of years ago when he addressed their national convention. And now famously said not to go back and find the sound nine point yet and now we're gonna tell me now racist critics they shout out. La Raza. Which. Translates to the race. That's not racist. Just where drapes. Non profit went to Iran doesn't tie his. Made one billion dollars housing immigrants including. Kids separated from their parents. How they make a billion dollars for years this is this is only a policy has been in effect since Don Donald Trump them no. For decades. The Latino run nonprofit charity. Has been cleaning up. Honest to the phones we go here on the Friday free for all Brian is actually appease and cross anchor hi Brian and welcome to the program. Did have to know Bobby are eager days. So far so good as long as it's fried it's not we're in big drag. I hear you there. Yeah I agreed not Pollyanna she coached Taliban. Probably our loans there on the urged the order to solve well by week eight congress big middle by either. Survivors of illegal aliens. And how they were permanently separated from their children. Buyouts or needs a letter you know. Like I am with no hope of ever seeing them again in this life. Exactly. And even might that point in our age at least eight or permanently. And I stretched permanently separated from their. And their loved ones. Not a few days or hours. However along aren't they are. Actually DN. I can't speak for our. I can tell you have Brian from personal experience having gone up for the hold their feet to the fire event semi friends at fair. Other Federation for American Immigration Reform conduct on an annual basis in Washington. I have met. Many of these people. And their stories are heartbreaking and and to try and and reconcile in your own mind and in your heart. Why a be your loved ones wife was taken by someone who never should've been here in the first place. Knowing that an individual not been here does their loved one would still be a lot. Why usually. Over the road truck got a boot. Of years back. And going along the border down or else there is almost anxious sound that way. They have I'm. The poll out where you calling him anti litter. Of X ray machines I'll let IA RE a huge drought or wall. He has found pay a round that he would be out and eagerly axles trailer. Let me tell in the top of the win playing that well. Like each own opera their trailers. I'm lane you're not you would be late summer like they at LP book aren't sneak it in this country. Yeah I've I've had of people from Texas into much detail Tellme. They had to get up in the morning to go downstairs and are living room and there are illegals sitting in the living room. Yeah and I shed while some home like around L has almost up people's it'd be let some outside that better big concrete leader nailed down to the ground are probably gonna break down when he you know. In the morning. Well it's it's it's a situation and it's gone on for far too long. And at play here and and of course we know the reason why the resolution which would be easier and after do. The president talked about it during the campaign build a wall. It doesn't get done because it Democrats want all these illegals to come here so they can now give them all look. Benefits and all the freebies in exchange for their votes. And I'm open that might be Chris is on trial closely relying Amin Henry McMaster in that Marshal its history those comments are. I'd like them or that man hardy is bio Armani there's big tax increase on Alvaro. And I wish it gal got the chance to be able I know you get to question a gamble on our bench and bite it Schaub Adam yeah and they are very willing to go our current track the repeal all. This gets way how many limb more actually. Is Mitt warning that the war. Yeah that would be a fascinating question and answer to Brian thanks very much for the call I appreciate it. Good to have you here today 343 on the body might show up before I get behind the attacks line. Let me get quickly catch up there with the latest entries. Bobbie the family court stole my kids for me because of bias against man. Bobby correct me primer on how does. One billion dollars and a Texas one million it's actually one billion with a B. How does one billion dollars and non profit. Go together does not compute. Bobby I'm no luck dropping off the donation for a Lee bright today either. Am sure that they're they're probably out there campaigning all over the place. By the way you wonder what people actually are thinking rather than name Blake message that's being essentially. Hounded. Over and over again by the media this is all trumps Walt ripping babies from the arms and emotion you know that does the story they wanna tell. Well there is a new Rasmussen poll a majority of Americans believe illegal immigrant parents. Are to blame. For the child crisis on the border. The media of course put this hyper focus. On a separation of families of the border over the last couple weeks trying of course to draw attention away. From the inspector general's report about how corrupt. Many of the individuals at the FBI and the DOJ where that's what this is all about that's why they drummed up nest it's the election. While the media's done that the president of course stole their thunder signed an executive order in the separation. And and as a result even with this constant pounding of this message in the media. A majority of Americans. Don't blame. President trump. They blame the parents of the illegals. For the crisis on the border. And and by connection of course the democrats' corner before four here in the bunny match up yeah that big blue wave is coming in November all right. The right back. In on the tax line. Bob I would really like to listen near showed today but I'm Marty got plans. I am a big gathering in my dungeons and dragons club reunion. And we're gonna binge watching game of the Rollins have a good one old dude signed a little Willie. Little alien world they won't. Go home by the way if you think you've heard the last of the a political ads. Until I have one more she would like to interject here this afternoon. Does like to remind everyone that Al Tuesday June 26. I want you to bring all your presence and goods or money pennies birthday. In what killed in a mile understand the mud cash. Will match except it. These are candidates never turned down catch him around like taxed up. And I approval they've preceding unveiled. To deal phone go. Totally is and not Clinton now but we digress I drove it welcomed the Friday free for all yeah. Other golf library and thank him well on that went about it when you have late I. Don't know if it will. I ate eaten with them did you like hey you're not. Any I listen to integrate these. That day. To about 68 and. I'm sure. That year your phone broke up on that I didn't hear the question again. Are you able to get your target and I. Does it very. Bright and busy and I'm aren't out of the pan. Out other people don't eat it at exactly what he ate and that looked like you look at it or hockey who has probably wouldn't play him opted out. Another. We need people ought to ought to try it parent and all of our. Yeah. Yeah no yea your right Joseph via it was sort of it was a rhetorical question. Because the salary amaze South Carolina State senator is so meager and so somewhere in the range of thirteen 151000 dollars a year although they do get a per Diem. Also for a drive and back and forth to Columbia. But they want to fight today because today. But ultimately it means that you'll learn a lot government and. Now man yeah and and again we should doubt reiterate I guess the IRS will never call anyone and say. Where come and again to where you owe us money they won't always send you a letter. That is notification whenever tax liability and you might have sent any of those things that you don't like that. And just like the one earlier in the sheriff's department those are all scams. I wish I appreciate the question Joseph we that was a good one yeah I was just speaking rhetorically. I try to make the point. Let you know and the campaign answer send you know career politician and all that you don't have much of the Korea curfew or make and thirteen or 151000 dollars ears a state senator. But that's not why they do and it's not for the money. As you understand. Some new down a public service and some do it frankly for the power. Our number two with Korea Lindell skiers on the way next.