Bob McLain Show 6-22 hr 2

Bob McLain
Friday, June 22nd
Corey Lewandowski calls in to talk Trump and immigration; Allan Quinn calls in to talk his run for Dist 5

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Well congratulations. You have arrived not a moment too soon just in time I am a but he beginning of our number true of me Bobby Mack electric radio program. And it's going to be a barn burner today because of course it is. The Friday free for all. One way or hurt you as the all skate because anything you wanna talk about is fair game. And we lead off our numbers you're going to our nation's capital Washington DC. To speak with them my friend and the author of the bestselling book went trump being trump. His former campaign manager Cory Lewin douse B Corey how in the heck are you today. I am doing fantastic they keep them on that beautiful drive. It's a pleasure to have you back how I haven't done how the book make out by the way you make a few shackles off the book. Can you believe this I. A guy who grew up in poverty in Lowell Massachusetts became easier attempt bestselling author and told me that when I was growing up. I never saw that you read a book little right. Out of the very luck respect to the island very lucky that at the basic right. And and it can only happen in Donald Trump's America. What took so welcoming this president has given opportunity not just to people like me. But to every American when you look at what he has done to the economy. Yeah unemployment rate not just gore. White middle class people about African Americans or Hispanics the lowest in recorded history yep we're now at three point 8% unemployment. We're at a growth market that is that the Atlanta's bad that is going to be four point 8% as a far cry from the Obama day. Of one point two and one point 3% so. Our economy is booming and that because the Donald Trump. And it said to witness what's been going on in the past week or ten days or sell Corey with the media in full throated. On efforts I believe to deflect. From the inspector general Michael Horowitz is report. On the corruption and the collusion. That really happened. During the 2016 presidential campaign. From my those like struck and agent Tony and others at the FBI and the DOJ that's what this is all about Internet. Court judgment this is about you have to remember Donald Trump won this election not just disputing sixteen Republican and a quick cup ball. He has been to the mainstream media who ever want to see him quit. And if you think for 12 it Hillary Clinton would want we would know anything about each text messages between the two lovers track and edit and page. Really the text message from the FBI agent saying we love Donald Trump text message from the FBI eight sank we wanna make sure Hillary loses. It didn't exist because that each state Israel Jim Colby and into the case open to being jailed. We know that unequivocally. Into McCabe has like three times under a look to the FBI and yet still more are at a spring manicure idea that we need Gil to that. You know I'm I'm still trying to him to rationalize in my own mind we're talking with Corey Lou and asking is former campaign manager for Donald Trump. Only in the America that leftists invasion. Where of course I unicorn Chenault danced in fields of gold. Our our legal American citizens. Labeled racist and Nazis by the left but. Illegal aliens are called DreamWorks. Ask. How dare. You remember the campaign dark content why can't Americans between her stoop weeping DreamWorks yep right. The two and they think we aren't the greatest country in the world and we our country. That has been. Born from and continues to welcome immigrants is no question we'll have more people who want asylum to curb this country than any country in the world. But we have to be nation of laws. And I know it's not crazy and I know it's not insane but they don't want second. If you went to in another country. And you broke their logic crossed the border illegally with your children right eclectic in that would separate Q they would say that you brokered a lot and it would be accountability. But in this country. The liberal left want to make an issue that and they don't want to allow a Eric vehicles. Juice and apple what is right which is a lot of this country so they demonized. People like Donald Trump and the people who are obeyed the law and take chastised him for trying to uphold the law that cart has perhaps it is disgusting. Yeah it is disgusting and if pathetic when we see the media on a daily basis. Not only commit wives of current mission but they also all are guilty of lies of omission as well Corey as you know there manufactured narrative. About the necessary immoral separation of illegal alien parents and children designed with a specific purpose of spreading not fake news as the president calls and only as a means to a paint president trumpet some kind of cruel monster when in truth the president and his only complying with and enforcing the well which under the constitution. He speeds required under rule. That's exactly right and if you want in your list of what one example the state is this week to think of what ABC news put on. The bottom of the screen. This week. When Donald Trump was doing a live press conference the cry on at the bottom of the screen tech quote. Paul meant a 40 by the way no friend of mine right it has pled guilty to. You know it literally killing five people right admitted he has had a I guess so the mistake would've had to happen. Doors and fire right now. No this is the same new sorting the agent Brian not to take the start mark with a false story one day yep this is what the American people see every day. You're so tired of the state news that such a bias to insist administration. That they've all but this. It's nestled editor what Burke Fox News. The American people will be still getting SP news that the mainstream outlets have put out of forty years of propaganda. Yeah and some of the media moguls are recognizing and a success of factors LE a one American is brand new smack we have some some other outlets and actually are treating stories legitimately or at least NA in a more fair fashion then we get from their CNN and BS NBC's of the world. And we have to because because the market works because when you look at the ratings. Unbeaten team in DC and CBS didn't borrowers you know right. Britain's going to train because the people don't want to listen. To the proteins are the they yelled what people Wear to the world trashing the prayer. People would be proud of their present you don't agree and I never voted for Barack Obama. Political wanted him to sail and everyone in my country to fail and that's the fundamental difference the difference right now is he's Democrat. Hate this president. More than they love their country and it very very sad state that. Yeah abandon that does places and a dangerous position Cory you're behind it seems a lot. Through Donald Trump's presidential campaign and defeating. Those those other multitude of candidates that he was up against and and of course I was privileged at having here's a guest with me in the studio during the campaign as well and and got jammed medium up close and personal. Then the media. Doesn't seem to understand. That the then they're playing checkers and Donald Trump is playing chess. Look at look at North Korea it was just it was a week ago right we were talking about North Korea but it was six months ago with the mainstream media was saying. Don't tropical it's between nuclear. I don't call that irresponsible. And now today for the first time in the history of our country. The north Korean Peninsula course to be key nuclear rights when it ended the Korean War this president is negotiating. To make the world a safer place. And the media still want to chat I can if you remember. Two days before he went to Singapore they get the trampled everything ready for this. This could go to me as bastard he's going to get us on the brink of nuclear war. Kim Jung un is gonna play him. Right. That's right and that's what the Fed and the American people to what do you give a chance because. Thirty years. Most failed policies and you know this of the Bush Administration appealed vomit illustration has put us in the position where Kim Jong road and North Korea. Have had an advantage because. The two too often we gave them literally. Pallets full of cash to gain nuclear correctly interpreted this president said output sank into a new and wanna keep them on it it's gonna be in maximum pressure campaign. And that is one thing. That you don't look at his people understood. Our late president to be tribal quit. This is not a main draw a line in the cinema to walk over they'll cut accord just this president and a action world leaders now respect that dull. To the sport title all we have a president who's putting America first and edit page huge huge difference from where we spent the last. Are you out surely is an answer refreshing change to a just say the least I I here's some some people from time to time Corey. I who complain about the president's tweets that come out I I view this. As the the president's. One foremost on fun and recreation. I can just picture him sitting there in the White House you know at 5 o'clock in the morning and saying. All wait till I tweet this out and watch the liberals heads explode. What Philippines direct communication. Something that we have got away from as an eight. As a country from the president you remember I don't remember but the story does the the fireside chats with a ER right right president scored frequently would go on television and addressed the nation combined noble. No behind the resolute desk at present. It never got that. Because he's writing and narrative to his Twitter account he is responding. To that they do stories on Twitter at any hope American people exactly what he's thinking. And I think it's so refreshing I. Look I travel the country all the time. I'm on the vice president political action initial part of the team I have the privilege of talking to the president and traveling with him tomorrow to Las Vegas. People didn't we start to stop tweeting okay I will never do that now I love the fact. That he shared his message record with 55 million Americans or anybody who wants you can see what the president is thinking. And he's telling you this is what we're going to do. If you immigration bill is he going to pass and be good right. Not doing that's what we did today yep and I think more people under pressure. Diane and and a larger context I Corey he is bypassing the narrative. Of the liberal media and and making them ineffective in getting out their message because they're hearing directly from their president. What it looked you've seen it so we thank you carded. Beat the rally in Pensacola Florida at present on it right got a picture that. It would empty there was no there yeah it was only true Donald Trump's Twitter account that it responded. Did they get to actually make the correction beauty of the place is packed to the raptors it's only when his team. Correctional also narrative that the media that it missed it Iraq the the bailing New York Times the Washington Post every time trump responds on Twitter they don't know what to do because it would are all is good and they're higher circulation. It's it's it's truly amazing to me what the president has been able to accomplish in this year and a half Purcell. Especially given the fact that he's gotten very little help from the the Mitch McConnell from the Paul Ryan's of the world. And the other rhino members of his own party. You're exactly right the reason that this Greg has been successful not because. Of the helped by the Republicans in congress he would edit despite then he had done it by dragging them over the goal he has. Push and that we're the largest tax cut done. In American history when congress that they didn't wanna do what he's talking about you know that the federal judge that he is that were not just guilt or secret. Let the lowest level right the lower level hundreds and has. Port he has forced the congress to do this because it is sheer will and determination. That's where Donald Trump is the most successful and congress has ever seen a president like him. A man who works twenty hour day. Seven days a week and he uses to take no for an answer and you one example. When they told the president that the president. It's gonna take ten years and eight billion dollars that you wouldn't be in this game. And in Israel direct and through orbit Drupal ready at all. I'll tell you what salad a billion dollar I know some about real estate up Taylor got to articulate 150003. Months to do it Indians after it can't accurately that. We need 450 category get a balance bipartisan thing that it not. And told you're an eight billion dollars it is possible look at it now 1005 our. Because he's not a politician. Doesn't take the weight has always been done and he wants to accomplish that and it is such a change in the air pressure or. Yup absolutely Corey Lou announced he had the author of the really good book away trumpet trumpet. As trump could be anything else right. That'd be entitled to know everything that's yeah. The wolf and anybody who thinks ridicule Donald Trump. Does realize this 72 hole has been successful at everything he's accomplished whether spent real estate or whether it back. Books television oak and now politics appealed at the highest level he had accomplished yet so. I can let him beat him let him be who he wants to beat because that's what the American people or report we don't need. More. A cookie cutter politicians who won a seat in that they are people want a cure with people that tell the truth and that's what he has done. Yeah it's an amazing record of accomplishment cargo and ask you is in large measure. He you'll saying Brady is in large measure responsible for president from being in a White House story it's always fun to talk waited. Have a good weekend sir and and not join us again soon. I will my pleasure don't get the present governor this week so south Carolina at wake up. Gotcha Carlo and just came out thanks scar I hope you have a great weekend sir for Tony here on the bunny match you'll be right back. It is also the not only the emotional listen to afternoon talk show and Nancy you're South Carolina it's also listened to widely by progressives. Who when they hear it are known to say things like. But that's okay just don't water off our backs play six after four in on the attacks line Bob how bad is Democrat leadership. These citizens of one of their true flagship staged wants independence from them the other takes most of your money and dictates what you ate and drank. Why would anybody want this nationally. And Bob I heard they representatives say the good it would bill that was a conservative went only lost by fifteen votes and Ryan wouldn't deal forehead. Instead they put up the compromise bill that was a hundred votes shy. And when going anywhere so he pulled out now he's going to extend the time. Quit paying for the hundred instead of the fifteen votes does anybody need any more proof. And I'll thanks. Al Bobby to whoever texted wanting to donate to we bright campaign today there today they aren't there. FYI. The Greenville office on Mac beat is opened. Also I donated this week on line you can just go to his website we bright for congress. Dot com to the phones we go Dana is that next up Dana is in Greeneville hi Dana welcome to the Friday free for all. Well thank you sir. I have a prominent. Senator heavens yes. It hasn't been brought to. Our attention very much. But the senator. In his first shot. There's only served less. Than a year and a half. Of his four year term. But according to attend to paraphrase. He has done wonders in Columbia. So my question to. Senator Kerry loses. If you do so great. Why are you leaving the job. And if you're all finished doing why don't you resign. Why you're running for another office and any ideas and I. The and there's there's a softball hanging curve right over the middle of the plate. I I will exercise in discretion here. Now let's say that senator Timmons believes as he obviously does and he's done a tremendous job in Colombia already he's done as much as he can do there and show now it's time to expand his horizons and as footprint. And take his message to Washington DC that would be his explanation mind would be. How do you get the job done and again I'm you assert your right hit. Ohio I have a question if the news. Successful. In this bid for US congress. There's three willing to serve out his two year term term before runs for president against. It. I I believe that question may fall into the category of actually being rhetorical Dana. Firms like Peoria has this very yeah so when I. It is busy these bowed out of the Europe debate our guests on Monday night yes sir do you know that mister popular demand support. Yeah I. And big big event I guess a fund raiser or something and now so it. Yeah it's a shame that his schedule is calendar is just too crowded to be able to make it. A planet that could affect yelled back in the fact that does Tara and I are biased against him a problem he never bad. When he appeared in our previous. Debate. Well lying on the sun I don't know but that's that's his contention. Or thank you Dana appreciate very much fair questions. Or questions. 430 here on the bunny Mac show any diminution in our I'm ride back on the other side. And I'm joined by another candidate for office Alan Quinn running against new comments. We'll be speaking with him on the other side of the news stay right there. It is Friday's so it's hard ago total way into the ditch. And AM bunch of oh really a really good guests lined up Torre heard earlier from Marc Morial announced eight. Of course Donald Trump's former campaign manager now working in the trump White House. And and joining me now is an element also is an AM political race that we talked a lot about the run offs that are coming up the one between. Don't not hit right make ketchup and of course John Warren. The run off for the attorney general's office. And down the runoff in the fourth district there's another run off going on here as well and in the upstate and Alan Quinn. Is involved in that when I Allan how aria. Good great. Bob appreciate you have me on your show. My pleasure sir. You like you emerged from a field of three candidates in your race direct. Yes sir. Yes sir and now you've I was up all wire rhino and Ulbrich this time but we're we're out their slogans and talking don't know. And and you are running against done Neil Collins. I can say one good thing about your opponent he voted against a gas tax. But I read somewhere else that Neil Collins what an NA primary. Voted for Hillary Clinton. Oh really that was when he would then well. Charlotte that was in 2009 he voted for Hillary Clinton you and the democratic. All right so there. What does what does that say amount conservative credentials. That shift. But ripper for Hillary. Well Baja. They don't nailed it Hagerty conservative. Book credentials at all well that's a classic. They ate a perfect example are probably the worst example. But someone being a Democrat and bill writing. The Republican Party. You know buckle date we don't have a great sport over here and I can't Williams right moment I'll party and I got. And no we're we're trying to change it over here. Well and we certainly have multiple examples of rhinos or worse down there in Columbia. As you correctly pointed out people that suddenly reckon woke up to the fact. But they can no longer get elected a standard. You did it all and it. And so it it. You know wait we have seen a lot of people entering politics this time around. I'd guess probably inspired by the model set forth. By businessman. Donald Trump and in coming out of nowhere in running for president but we've got John Warren is an upstate businessman he's new to politics. This is a first foray into politics for you as well right. No let up on our attitude you're a real good year broke the slight scent that's right I forgot about that. And rexrodt. Want it and it he has a good job yes ES. I did not my load and Trixie. There's a good conservative he cares about Pickens County as odd day and I got in it but now what you say about. President crop inspired me try one more time at its say we're K get this slab called me he has given this country what we need and windy distorted the grassroots level. At and implying but we need businesspeople run and delete. There is the show down there in Colombia. And not not the Lawler in the rough. Yeah out I would certainly agree where that what what. What is the the basic thrust of your platform and and we're talking without an Quinn bottle. Oh it's up. No rule on Bob might focus and it was two years ago Pickens County have been left behind it used we're used to big no mister Goldman cola. Several years ago and I'll has been alone can't I've heard that term but what happened economic belt where 46. Up 46 counties and economic development wow. Yet we are surrounded by grain bullish for Bergen Anderson and O'Connor counted which are doing good right and also out are a lot of is doing good and they all the well what we head over content playing the retail. And we do about a plan together. And I have got people that understand what we need to do and they're basically Whitney puts good job so here and and Pickens County so that we don't Como bedroom county line Heatley has a bedroom commute live better provide opportunities. Or are cute and it took to have some good job you know there's a couple of hours. Statistics that there are rich pretty quiet where you have Pickens County first in the state. And data due to drug abuse how man. And now we also noble war on in this state and there's Barrasso of that I kind of tale may that we don't have gained economic. Opportunity for our children we educate and we got great do blow your. Clear shatter corner technologies they're pro costumes didn't we got class action. We've got truck got a tick grain will kick just all and only know we educate but then I have to leave. In order find good informant Netflix side so I already you. They do the drug planning and out of social. My client. The money reason I'm running is to improve. Their economy or economic development to cap the well let Johnson had the we've got get rid nickel our new policy it is lower bowl. And it even says that night he used to he would admittedly yup and blah blah business can't overdo it or not do well we don't need to hear. Well for lists that are ardent enemy and and hopefully people will show up in this runoff election another primary elections have AP small turnout. And unfortunately runoff elections historically or even smaller so unknowing courage everybody tip make sure you get out and and vote. On Tuesday. Well that that's true and I'll open. The fact that we have Iran halted to go right will give people a mile up let us pretty good a lot of interest in net right that we had a 42 cent turnout here which is good yes it is it. In the primaries so hopefully you know we'll we'll have a good turnout that ordered the play called he does have a leg so here. And well we're gonna try to get people okay about it voted for president role in the war came out in the primary. And put us in a run well we hope they'll come back. And and and vote for alum poignant. Oro shelter all are Al district number fire. Well Allan thanks very much are taken time to talk to me today best elect to be in your race on Tuesday. And and pleasure to talk with your. A YouTube Bob you have ebitda. Thank you sir I'll be due to have a good weekend for 46 now fourteen before five here in the Bobby matchup. Yes quite often now people turn on this program right here before elections and I listened to over. Couple minutes may end up sand. Seven before five barely above a man show. Next up is now little Johnny a little Johnny is on the cell phone model Johnny and welcomed Lucia. A dollar mag are glad to be as they do my pleasure question for you assert armed. How can it be constitutional. Or lawyer to serve in the legislature. Well it's not unconstitutional. There's no specific. Requirement that precludes attorneys. Might I be in favor that Murray no problem he could look for your attorneys down there the better as far as I'm concerned. What think about it think about it you combine two branches of government. That's unconstitutional. Yeah they're not actually pro well iced assertion they're not actually performing. The in the other I mean they are in the legislative other not really and there are judiciary unless of course they are a practicing attorney in which case. That's you got to pull it that's that a strike will indicate how bad ideas aren't Colin crack a common practice with a lot of the lawyers. But we were legislators ripe. Are also representing. School and school district half or more than one right so what they do they go they go to Columbia. And they decided what the tax lady's going to be home on property taxes which go to school right. And they decide on base about how we're gonna govern our school and what the law altered a week ago our school. And then they come back home and sit indoors do a little bit truth to these next book. Now that's what's going to call and has been going on until thirty years now. As some system not. Oh great system now if you know you're if you're part of it. Oh yeah now I got around a little Johnny and I thank you for the Colin thank you for raising an issue will look at mr. Quinn down there he was a lobbyist. And a legislator the same time.