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Friday, June 22nd
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Yeah error. Here we go getting underway with a fourth and final hour not only for today but for this week as well. It has been a tumultuous one of say the least highly entertaining how much has her share. And it is Friday cars coming into C Friday three overall and has always. Means that you talk about virtually anything you feel like talking about. And the way to do that is to grab the phone using angles and managed outlined. 803471063. Or if texting is your preferred mode of communication. Common sense retirement planning tax line is there for you as well. At that number is 71307. And now will be going to the phones as much as we possibly can during this hour is an all lot of folks. Wanna talk about the events of the weekend so we will be doing so here in this hour. Thank you thank you very much. Seven minutes after six as we go to the phones and our leadoff batter is now rage he is in Taylor's hi ray and welcomed Obama's now. It's about having another beautiful day and then turned Taylor yes sir. My stomping grounds. I'm telling you what didn't get much better. Train going by and the background do you jacket yeah I have grown up body believe it and not I grew up also rolls road not falls from. Where are trying to hospital was back but in that area down and I grew up with that train rattling my when. Well it got into Taylor in just four. Yeah you don't train ran. Into the idea I got older ray but I never grew up. Now I know out there you go go about it. And I yeah topsy last Friday about a late by then against Hamilton. Is so obvious when you have people like Nikki Haley. And Simmons and all the people now. Especially when they picky aliases leaked Avago. Didn't need any more incentives. To make my decision. You know it's it's been fascinating because. Nikki Haley first I think came to the attention of people in the upstate when she was on my show. Years ago like in 2006. Herself when she was an unknown legislator. Unknown member of the house. From month from Lexington. And and the reason I had Iran was because she was in favor she had been penalized in fact. By other members of the legislature can she insisted that everybody. Vote on the record because the way it had been up until that point. Was that they you know politicians can go to Columbia. And now because the votes were not recorded they can then come back and claimed their constituents. I voted against that other other steroid rank that second one. And yell and and sadly of course you know as such events transpired. And governor Haley got into her second term and we had the tragedy in Charleston. She was term limited. And and I think as she made a career decision nor god I better look my wagon to other star of the and it certainly is paid off for end you know that's her. Yeah that's that's her career goal that's fine god bless her more power tour but again you're right it it is not been beneficial. Certainly in her second term to just south Carolinians. Well you know it you have senator was a senator Patrick elderly yes and Richard cash. When he was discussing the deal with Planned Parenthood out opposing views and would make masters that's what reasons I voted for him other than that to trump supported. But I would like it and travel booked out of the governor. As a well at a McMaster yes as to what he plans to do what he did he veto the budget it has not been there. In east. Eight basis stepped up in that note let people know exactly where his stance on this I. I would certainly agree when that and watch out for being game on a veto on that on the same way the gas tax bill was veto. Because you know people say well you nobody veto of the gas energy health but he did it immediately. Which cut off the opportunity for opponents to have another shot to come back didn't kill it. It's well I'm all make one quick point they forgo insurance. Others are saying I hope. The American people realize that this government is under attack. That group of people whose sole purpose. Is to win this country whether it was what do they let it Preston on. There's that they're willing to take money from any. Any source there won't follow any agenda is long so it leaves him in power and what we're watching. The Justice Department. And the FBI. And how this offices and land who enforce the constitution. Basically saying no I'm not gonna enforce the constitution. Wouldn't serious trouble. Yes we are we are indeed a big comes out. The unquestionable thirst for power from me out from the socialists. The one thing about have to. This is a test their push in us dislike any opponent Christians and other persons sit out for making sure. And if we can not turn around out here water takes it takes. Trump ordering people in there and definitely no matter the Justice Department and also bit via. And posting people of those records. They need to do yeah done for the loser. Now works for me. It works or right ray thanks on I appreciate down the called David is an accent he is on his cell phone hi David and welcome to the Friday free brawl. Hey Bob how are so far so good. I think like I heard you saying militant. Networks are hot spot. You know. I don't know if you've ever seen a movie but it called battle up at swearing in happened in the C a bunch of corrupt politicians. Just after World War II it bit. You know basically abusing the businesses thereby making them pay. You know regrets that. Yeah they had a current sheriff and a corrupt mayor and all the rest and and these guys guys these guys took freedom back into their own hands right. At the world World War II veterans got together. They what are they are literally ran them out of office and I'm wondering if it's gonna come to that because I'm really not happy with what I'm seeing blood not a Washington. I mean they beat people the FBI should have been gone long ago you bet. Now I would likely say act act you act finally figured out you governor Mitt master reminds me I never got it figured out all of the the other day. It felt like a civil war general when he talks yeah I'm just I'm hearing you know I think it out here you know like stone all acts the person. You know it's it's match it's funny and David has in our podcasts this week in the three big egos podcast that Tara and vent tonight duke Vincent made a point about. How you get an image in your mind. Of someone and it's difficult to overcome or eradicate that image and actually out and unfortunately. The image with. With Hillary is I got a southern plantation owner. And whatnot aren't tote your mullahs get back cotton down to the exhibit. Yeah. And our regular civil war generals and gods and generals that the Robert B ball is generally. Then not yet still are you know with the luminous and all that that would have been near I have. Well look calvary at Doug Bennet say. You know I'm sure bet there are a lot of a lot of poke ball slipped into the ball yet to here and just try to take the temperature of the area. But that we bright it's going to be the best bet for somebody sticking to their principles. We believe I believe the and also won a state medical Lee is listening I hope he you know winning the black electorate would lead you to the care of the football all the way. I hope you'll join the freedom cause there's as one of the things he does that'll bring trade gap he ever did that now he did not. Yeah we need somebody use interest in being apart the freedom caucus most people are upright and moving in the right direction. That will be upwards as choices be should wet but I hope he will consider strongly joining the freedom talks. By the way speaking out like confederate generals before you go David the other day earlier this weekend Richmond Virginia. James you'll Brown's story that is Jeb Stuart confederate cavalry general. The name of the elementary school name for Jeb Stuart was changed to. Barack Obama elementary school. That's I'm the snow. Is in fact it wouldn't happen yeah actually edit have much to say about it is it does make you swell with pride and honor. Well well. Think it's you know purely ridiculous sure art I've met these statues have been you know that the statues. History and you know. Art history you can never run properly but you can certainly learn proper etiquette be an example at the very least and we're not to do what the future. What you want fails saying about those who failed to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. That's exactly right Ed you know I mean Jeb Stuart what is there graduate of West Point. Jeb Stuart. Was protecting it's helmets or he was concerned based on all the history opera. And you know anybody else would do the same day and it now I have no problem. You know with the statues I do have a problem with the anything being named after Obama but that he actually came about as close. The socialism. In this country I think Hillary Clinton wanted the that it. Sure absolutely funeral had a prize error Leo look at you look back yes he did indeed thanks Dave and I appreciate the girl sixteen after six here in the Bobby match or be right back. Welcome back. I don't have a name a trash in this so I don't know who senate but thank you so much surpassing national reminder along on the tax line. A Bobby please remember the family of marine corporal Joshua Duma on do you MAW. KIA. 22 June 2010 Chevron by a wife and then unborn son. Thank you for that to a reminder. So for five gosh. 25 after six share an embodiment Joseph Louis next MP isn't Campobello hi Lou what say you. While bobbing and unless thank you lieutenant Wright fiasco and you know the way Edmonton talking. Anybody that says anything truthful or bad about him it's obvious pure luck must be a liar as. Yet he's glad that say whatever he wants it he's about me right. And the only thing I can tell you is when beat right with the state senator aspect but effectively blocked up and leash bright. What money on out of the extent. It's amazing how angry that patched are allowed to eat out because by early that they could regroup or no lol yeah. So you know I don't know what mr. Cameron is trying to fool but oh I know it when you Tommy Lee right want to do our great access. On third. And a bookmark on governor are I'm only now. Yeah well you know these these ads will take things and they'll twist him around now there's also the business. Of 00 allowed the roads to retain her to remain in there. Deplorable condition you know how we allowed the roadster remain in their deplorable condition by voting against the gas tax. Yeah. The adding we wish you wouldn't lock them I'm probably gonna play extremely bright anyway right up until he had ten. Ed crew. Safe and good words for you out and it's our own you're gonna both are on the campaign. I can I can tell you this if it were not shortly bride and Tom Davis and and a few others who filibustered the gas tax through true. Consecutive. Legislative sessions in Columbia. We would hand against next three years ago. You're absolutely right I mean it's. If you don't have to be too bright note about our. Episode she makes it if you needed their money from now when we got what she did their Lou thank you but IBM a good weekend. Not Chad is next up he has an highlands iChat and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. I thank protect Mike I'll lobby yes sir I'll have a small are we have three all time employees they days a week that I'm here. And I wanna pack the out. Bike time. Com LA Internet stuff there. Probably miss an hour on Davos how many million or billion dollar oil revenue. They can be put towards lowering the sales tax rate paid eight or have been trying to find more they attack the sale act. In the last cycle in North Carolina. I don't have anything I do in this story more valid I don't they'll write currently close look labor loop hole yep but it basically you know I had labor parts. Leading to attack on the late. And it you know that was just a big. Boost sales tax revenue as well of course that in lower the rate period yeah naturally listen and yet as a small business. You know most years actually they got a small Internet that most. Everything you don't autocratic are bright and a small bit that you can't bargain to lower rate so 3% of everything you collect bolster credit card. Are we are gonna ship a big lobbying or Chad. People lobbying congress to pass some legislation done. I try and not get around the Supreme Court decision on this. I wouldn't surprise me. Just because a lot of Internet companies are pretty dying huge event and the other got the money to do that and yes they do that from a you know small business point of view you know that's right now even the length field. You know they have to collect the taxes. I felt confident that I yup our dollar start seven dollar sale. At a pay 3% I hold out democratic are up right. I mean there are personal details like that I had like the state also had come out of that hundred dollars but I liked about what we're all correct. I got a you'll all let priced into what around charging for what I do right. And I'd love to see it L this sassy thing would be that our sales tax re it would go down to the court so much extra month. And I'm holding my breath when that right. Yeah no doubt about it and get your so let's go to look at her extra thing to tax. Yes yeah. New found revenue to break but at all the all right. I appreciate the cult dead and and I'm I'm sure that we have not seen the end of this that. Yeah all right thank you. You bet have great weekends or 630 here on the money Mac show and he's ready to go and a new senator and I'm right back to your calls on the other side. Yes it's the afternoon radio program that even progressives so listen do from time to time. Although when they when they don't turn it on their heard you say things like that it did not listening to another word so it's 39 here in the last half of the bonus hour. In on the tax line. Bob Wes Timmons on the warpath. Make a few extra row laps and double back a few times what they're are about. Half a dozen different ways that I can return home. What makes you think. I used the same 12 nights in Iraq. Bobby I can't see myself voting for someone who cries like a big babe because the girl on the radio heard Sarah liberal feelings. Can you imagine what Nancy Pelosi were due to some money like that. No facts. Now Bob given now Willie Timmons threats to run and crucified they deplorable C dare to disagree with demands of their local level. Imagine what does Timmons will do to less deplorable if elected. He don't have the power of congress and DC at his disposal. Scary. To the phones we're going next up is RJ. Who ironically is Emma my stomping grounds of Taylor's high RJ and welcome to the bonus hour. Thank you particular Colorado except Limbaugh my pleasure. What's been inundated without these. Commercials. My mailboxes all every day without these adds I'll be so glad when this races over any man. And even MasterCard is capitalized. On the asset Carolina correctional race so lucky bird the latest on that. That he say DC contributions. DC swan contributions to South Carolina. Congressional candidates 30000 dollars. William. Big Willie chairman's. On the publicly show. On June 20 excellence. She. I was unaware that RJ and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention now is the power of advertising. A pretty good. Tactic and Clinton as well have a good weekend RJ I appreciate your being here John is next up. He and that's good he is an easily hi John and welcome to leave Friday free girl. And Bobby like this on my third time on the show. Good to have you studied the I've got a story to tell you up on you might get a kick out of it sure on the I was on. Interstate I 85 gold the green vote. It was around six so everything was at a standstill and I was stuck in traffic next to these. Cartoon of a monster truck like Al Obama what does nothing but I. And I've had some acie didn't work saw the windows down and of course substantial traffic as some people get angry. And broke the general direction of probably a mile above my car I hear some guy yelled. In the most squeaky. Helium white boy I've ever heard. I have to get out of my car and their children is to make sure I'm not going crazy and I looked up. Brian it is tiny little Coelho the mount on the massive we look at it is the guy that barely stayed in the past. I'm a guy with tunnel under the sidewalk to a boy right. And from his mouth. You. Apply. The. It's one of those times you wish you had a camera right or. Yeah our cell phone you get dead. Memorialize it as a James come here insect. Pretty much and that's. But you get a kick out of this sort while it's unreal and not so did you finely if I end up for you we're no longer. Sucking fumes and York were able to finish your journey. Pretty much in him of being a pretty good day and it only made better. By this almost cart into the into. Now that's that's bizarre thanks John I appreciate it IBM a good weekend. Just felt just a goofy as Izzo laughed getting I mean we should you be you know the extreme examples all the time. But they they really think this stuff is normal. And necessary. The tabloid in non UK the sun. Did this story Netflix may now Netflix already signed a deal with the obamas to provide programming front surely. Mainstream stuff nothing up pushing an agenda in the air from a Moroccan Michelle. Netflix is not giving new workplace training to employees. Aren't. In an effort to curtail the sexual harassment. But now seems like a Hollywood plague. Netflix has repeat has reportedly created new rules. Designed to protect the staff by governing. The employee's actions in the workplace wanna hear if you can't. Number one shout stop don't do that again. If my colleague has been inappropriate. Number true don't give lingering hugs. Or touch anyone for a lengthy period of time. So Vieira hugger Netflix is out number three don't ask out a colleague more than once if they've already said now. And no means no. Fourth steer clear of a comedy and once they have said they're not interested and you. No doors and they tell you drop dead go away. Richard drew that number five don't ask for a colleague's phone number. Number six. Reports a colleague who has given any one unwanted attention. Yeah if you see something station on number seven don't Fuller and my favorite number eight. And I guarantee I am not making these up. Don't look and any one for a longer. Than five seconds. I want me the option to. Yeah. They are lunatics. Quarterly for seven here in the body Mac she'll be right back. About. McMaster being a mistake and an overflow issue that I should have a slim Pickens in blazing saddles mob and factor this political thing not work out I'm sure there's some southern roles they can do. And boss hog. Take a wire to an all offense stellar Hamas led. Now your good influence Leo Ralph is in Spartanburg hi Ralph and welcomed Michelle. We are you doing good thanks are you know we get hourly demonstrations on how about I got vets who wants that. Pat I'm emigration show particularly relished that and the I'll bet they would gather like roaches when the light. Wanna get a junior opera I'd be in a rare will be Yahoo! Albie not be shy and yeah I'll call you. And I. Don't they still don't they sell immigration and customs enforcement had scheduled by those on line. I don't know. But I think I won't I believe UK and and an. You don't go walking a little while Obama. Oh well I'm I'm I'm not suggesting a course of action here I'm merely outlining a train of thought. The reflector. Yeah the reflector sunglasses bright it. A man. Thanks Ralph I'll be have a great weekend speaking of the demonstrations you know the DHS senator Kirsten Nielsen. Ran into a bunch of demonstrators and a Mexican restaurant in Washington earlier this week and now all. Again these. These paid protesters these Soros. Many ends. Showed up on the door stamp. On the Alexandria Virginia townhouse. Homeland Security secretary Kirsten Nielsen this morning. Demanding that drug administration reunite illegal immigrant families of the US Mexico border. They never had a problem of course when the same thing was done under an Obama administration. But now and now they do of course when Donald Trump winehouse. So we always do on Friday we are trying to end with a positive note with a great Louis Armstrong such Mo and now wonderful world. And in conclusion for this weekend think about this the constitution. It doesn't need to be rewritten. It needs to be re read. I'll be have a great weekend we'll see back on Monday and of course that'll be big day leading into the on Tuesday. Rub off. 'til Monday god bless.