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Tuesday, July 10th
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh; 5 random facts

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I get your popcorn reading. Sit back. Relax. And laugh at the hysterics. And histrionics. A low left. So eighth as our heads explode. Over the nomination above Brad cam and on the announcement down by a president trump last time Brent Cavanaugh. Inside his nominee to the supreme guard the collective reaction from the left is a pretty much summed up my best. Yeah. So now it's the end of the world as we know. And here we go getting underway Tuesday Dave aboard the reason edition. Bobby Mack electric radio program in the air chair your genial most rabid shock jock self appointed president of in sensitivity university. Where we specialize. In non politically correct studies. And as always your input is invited to encourage and welcome. Here's valued join me and take part in the conversation today. Distant grab your phone using eight Ingles advantage talk line 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. And many like do you send text line common sense her charm and planning tax line number is 71307. My email address bomb. And 1063. WL RD dot com so this. Is what does a simple laughter ended the oh so predictable. Outfits of my anguish and anger. The president. Yeah. It's impeccable credentials unsurpassed qualifications. And they've proven commitment to equal justice under the law. A graduate of Yale college and Yale Law School judge Cavanaugh currently teaches at Harvard Yale and George to. Throughout legal circles he's considered a judge's judge. Any truth thought leader among his peers. He's a brilliant jurist with a clear and effective writing style. Universally regarded as one of the finest and sharpest legal minds. Of our time OJ guessing he mentioned that clear plain and simple writing style. Cavanaugh has set in in common with judge Garcia and you may remember and daring his confirmation hearings we read. A number of the opinions and he had written in in rulings and cases. That had come before him. In not been federal and district court. And they were striking. For their simplicity you you didn't feel as if you had to be a graduate of Georgetown law or Yale or Harvard to be able to understand. Now what the judge was saying in their ruling was very straightforward. And I'm Mike and I think that's that's certainly advantageous. It it helps me I know that in Omnia tax line already Bob aisles wondering does each president. Come up with a his own list of court nominees or is there a list that someone else came up with that they had in the drawer. That's somewhat from the IV he'll leave you put together. Well bear in mind you know trump is an ivy leaguer himself. Yeah I would tell Wharton school of business University of Pennsylvania and that's that's Ivy League. But my trump doesn't act you know with the the buttoned down kind. Mentality that now we see from month. Blue nose stuck up ivy leaguers. And I grew up with a bunch of side now and I'm talking about. But. No what what was unique one of the other things that's unique. And singular. About president trump. Nobody. That I general Colin and I've been covering this stuff all the way back to and to JFK. And nobody ever put out a new list as a candidate. Other people they would consider. For Supreme Court nominations. In other words giving. You and me the the plea the end town here the yeah. Great unwashed masses in flyover country an opportunity to vent. On our Owen. The people that he was looking at and carcinogen can and does bode name's Mo Tor on that list. I I am had mentioned that I kind of thought. He would kill for a woman. But then yesterday after the announcement was made it occurred to me. Who is the next hole like a way to go. From the Supreme Court and that would be Ginsburg. And so you kind of hold down. The the woman on the list. There was. Considered to be you know in a short list towards the end the last half dozen herself she was not in the yes she wasn't a final no she was not a final four she was in the final six or so that was speculated about the media. So in Ginsburg now retires or or whenever slips on banana peel whatever happens. Then you could use you can play the woman card there which probably is better thing you know my friends of Pajamas Media. Put together a brief list five things to know about trump Supreme Court pick Brad capital. Number one. Brent Cavanaugh is 53 year old judge in the US court of appeals for DC. I'm not exactly a diversity pick in terms of the way justice Antonin Scalia. A but he is well qualified for the nation's highest court. Born in Washington DC raised in Bethesda. Cavanaugh as a Roman Catholic like four other members of the court. His mother served as a Maryland state circuit court judge he graduated from Georgetown prep. That's a Tony. Not high school Washington one of the best. At Cavanaugh graduated from Yale. President trump actually misspoke you said Yale College it's actually Yale University. 1987 and Yale Law School in ninety. And ironically he was a clerk. For the man he's now nominated to replace on the court Anthony Kennedy and a poetic. Most controversial deal Cavanaugh works for Ken Starr. He remembers star of these solicitor general in the US and later Starr served as independent counsel. In the investigation of Bill Clinton into his affair with Monica Lewinsky. In fact Cavanaugh help writes the Starr report. To congress and argued for the impeachment. Of Bill Clinton a waiter he argued his first and only case before the Supreme Court. When he asked it to disregard. Attorney client privilege in relation to the investigation of the death of Vince Foster. You remember Vince Foster. He's the guy and attack came from Arkansas with slick Willy and Hillary to Washington. And then non. Apparently had some months issues which stress on and I ended up. If you'd be income committing suicide. In AM and park. Out of court rejected dec Cavanaugh is arguments I'm under 63 by choosing Cavanaugh. The president sent a powerful message about Bill Clinton's past cents. And I curbing the administrative state Cavanaugh has a solid record. In curbing the excesses of Obama's EPA most notably. And white stallion energy sent her vs EPA. Kevin on dissented from may ruling that upheld it EPA's decision not to consider cost. When determining whether it is appropriate and necessary to regulate power plants. And of course ignoring the real world in the process in these Supreme Court decision Michigan vs EPA. 2015. Justice Scalia. Quoted Cavanaugh is dissent. And holding that the EPA's refusal to consider cost was unreasonable. In a powerfully original list move Cavanaugh attacked but EPA's attempt to adapt our language and they clean you Clean Air Act. To permit regulation of an environmental program. That congress did not anticipate at that time the act was signed in a ball. In the EPA could exceeded statutory authority in this case. Then other agencies would be able to adopt. Absurd or otherwise unreasonable interpretations. Of statutory provisions and then edit. Other statutory provisions to mitigate the unreasonable that's so Justice Scalia. Not all of Cavanaugh is cases involving EPA curbs. It's executive overreach but these moves are notable there's more here in his record will Cheryl little bit of that. With you. And the other big story of the day they find a way. And but all of the tie. Teenage soccer players out of the key out of the cave along with other coach who turns out. Have to be a pretty interesting guy. And and kudos to all of those who were involved in that rescue which from all reports was exceedingly. Difficult. So well we'll talk some about that no trees and into the background of this. This coach Shula led these boys into the game and how they got there in the first place pretty interesting stuff. Sixteen after three here in the bunny match up take a quick break here and then be right back with more as we roll on here on Tuesday. And loaded for bear here on chairs today. Between now and the time we wrap things up for the into the bonus hour right for 7 o'clock tonight. Five random facts for you today we got to a couple of good news stories. That I know you'll enjoy hearing it and also another edition of amazing true facts all black tomahawk first though. Am a look a bit more about. Brent Cavanaugh. Notable as well and October of 2016. Judge Kavanagh just abolition of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the CF PB this is another contractor of the Obama administration. And it's terrible and we it was set up where this guy who would be in a head of ACF peavy was essentially untouchable. Aid aid aid be more untouchable and FBI. Cavanaugh said that the establishment of these CF PB. Was unconstitutional. And he may be director. Removable. By the president of the United States. That decision sadly was later reversed. In January of this year but then the fact that he made that decision in the first place is promising because this could come back up again. I'll religious freedom. Increase for a lie if vs HHS health and human services. Judge Kevin on defended the rights of a pro life group priests for life against the obamacare contraception mandate. While the seventh circuit ruled for AJ just. One of the lawyers challenging a mandate called Cavanaugh is dissent pure perfection. Some of attack Cavanaugh for considering increase vs wife that the government has a compelling interest. In facilitating women's access to contraception. Citing justice Kennedy's ruling in a previous case national review's Justin walker pointed out. Led by respecting. Justice Kennedy's view on the issue and explaining why the Obama policy still violated the religious freedom restoration act. Cam and all likely held to win Kennedy's vote to overturn the decision of the DC Circuit Court. Second Amendment and this is one that is near and dear to hearts of many of us. After Heller. Vs District of Columbia may remember this case was a five to four. Decision. She we just truly incredible. As a Second Amendment issue and and for the justices. Ignored essentially ignored Second Amendment. After the Heller vs District of Columbia case in 2011. Cavanaugh opposed ADC city law. Banning possession of semiautomatic rifles and requiring registration of all firearms. Now they judge extended Heller ruling that handguns even ones that are semi automatic. Are constitutionally protected arguing there is no meaningful or persuasion of constitutional. Distinction. Between semiautomatic handguns and semiautomatic rifles. Semiautomatic rifles a white handguns have not traditionally been banned. And our incoming new us. My law abiding citizens for self defense in the home hunting. And other lawful uses more over semiautomatic handguns. Are used in connection with a violent crimes far more than semiautomatic rifles are. He would follow us from Heller's protection of semiautomatic handguns. The semiautomatic rifles are also constitutionally. Protected and then DC's ban on them is unconstitutional. By contrast. Fully automatic weapons also noticed machine guns have traditionally been banned in May continue to be banned after helper in quote beaten. And now a fifth and finally obamacare. Cavanaugh does M I something of a downside here his ruling in seven sky vs holder. Back in 2011. Pave the way. For Supreme Court justice John Roberts to defend our obamacare as attacks. In the case they heard in 2012. That case involved. Whether they obamacare individual mandate. Was a legitimate exercise. Of congress' power to regulate interstate commerce seven sky. Upheld the mandates constitutionality. While judge cabin on dissent head he did not argue against the mandate. For judges there is a natural and understandable inclination to decide. These weighty and historic constitutional questions erode by waiting. We would respect the bedrock principle of judicial restraint. That courts avoid prematurely. Or unnecessarily deciding constitutional questions. That's arguable that Cavanaugh and and and chief judge John Roberts. We're following a form of deference to congress in these decisions but they both. Fundamentally re interpreted the obamacare mandate as a tax. After he had it been passed by congress as a regulation and not as a tax. Which is something and I railed against of the time. I said the Supreme Court. Was telling congress they had to actually pass and as a tax when that was not what had happened under the law. Obamacare was passed as a regulation. Not as a tax and then nine John Roberts in the Supreme Court ruled it was attacks this goes against the fundamental principles of regionalism. And might be an excellent argument against confirming Cavanaugh. Now while trumps pick as many positive attributes Republicans might want a voice concerns over his obamacare. Arguments now and self. And nobody's perfect right. You know I'm I'm I don't know that every position ignore such. Will reach. Conservatives. Constitutional must original list if you will are gonna agree with and and maybe the same with Cavanaugh. Monologue. Let's let's consider this in the environment. Of the world in which we will. Would. Original less people that don't want the constitution. Re interpreted torn up or re written. Would we be. Happier if Hillary was making these Supreme Court nominations. Suggest nobody would agree with that. And on the attacks line 71 threes are seven. Al Bonnie we can't have a supreme court judge and follows a constitution. Sign progressive Democrats no kidding. Nokia constitution has to go well look Obama did the best he could to just ignore it on the way. I'm Bonnie you mentioned don't wait Vince Foster. Wasn't that the guy that shot himself in the back of the head twice. Then drag himself across the street to the park. Well it wasn't quite that extreme. Almost. You know likely case so the guy that was stabbed twenty times in the back and now the coroner ruled that a sixth time. Foster was shot in the right temple. Now we've AM a 38. Which but why is the fact that Vince Foster was a lefty. Actually. Maybe he was also looking torsion that's and that's shallow left hander managed to rush it himself in the right around. The debate on that cannot go on and on as well. Now Bobby don't forget that the Loretta lynch and Jim Komi also on trailed the clintons to Washington and they are part of the Whitewater cover up. And Arkansas. Got you. And I think I catches me up with the attacks line which is not a moment too soon because here we are 330 and Annie is ready to go in a new senator. When we come back on the other side. Our friends that. Pajamas media and also compiled a list of the most unhinged. Reaction it's. To cap and Oz nomination you can you can probably imagine now we we can have written these objections ourselves beer right back. The app all to predictable. The reactions on the left. Is even matter and it you know who'll president trump nominated it would it's not the individual that they nominated. To me and mill on the Supreme Court it's a fact that it was trumped. Who nominated them and that immediately sent Nancy Pelosi and not chuck U Schumer and arrest on my immediately. Heading her Capitol Hill bar is going now I needed her tiara and they did in the worst way. These floodgates burst open last night when president trump announced his selection of judge Brent Cavanaugh. To be his second Supreme Court justice appointment would paroled two years. Spilling out blow over the Internet those horrible. Twitter as always the best place to look for the unhinged. Histrionics of all laughed. Here's some of the best reaction zone. You don't think called himself. The resistance. I. But they are still selling some. And it guerrilla outfit in in France fighting their V she government during World War II. Resistance. Former Virginia governor and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe. Pretty sure people are going to die any. If judge Cavanaugh a Catholic Charities volunteer. Parish selector and girls' basketball coach gets on the court. Supreme Court that is now the best halt court. Terry McAuliffe the nomination of judge Fred Cavanaugh will threaten my lions and millions of Americans for decades to come. And and there's more and will more for our Supreme Court in new wave political arm of the right weighing the Republican Party. As deposed as opposed to what it has been a political arm of the left wing and a socialist Democrats. Terry McAuliffe once they governor of Virginia. Ottawa. As a native or Virginia shamed. Mention that. As senator Chris Murphy Democrat Connecticut. Calls the mainstream constitutional jurist a true Second Amendment radical. Murphy tweeting Brent Cavanaugh is a truth Second Amendment radical. He believes assault weapon bans are unconstitutional. Well. The eight position way out of the judicial mainstream. Far to the right of it even though wait Justice Scalia. Mom. National review's court watcher and Whalen begs to differ. Judge cab and off 53. Has compiled an outstanding record during his twelve years on the federal Court of Appeals in DC. On what is commonly regarded as the second most important court in the country. He's confronted a vast array of consequential. Constitutional and statutory issues. And has written strong. Influential opinions. He has positions in numerous dissents were later adopted by Supreme Court majority's. So they Chris Murphy not exactly out of did you do judicial mainstream. Bernie Sanders then wait and hear went crazy Bernie had to say on Twitter. President trump Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh will be a rubber stamp. For an extreme right wing agenda. Pushed by corporations and billionaires. By the way Bernie what how much what your income then for about the last two years in a row. Oh that's right over a million dollars a year. Hello mr. pot meet mr. cattle. We must mobilize the American people to defeat trumps a right wing reactionary nominee. Signed helpful. Bernie. I don't I don't know vehement Karl Marx nearing its heyday back it sound not quite debt this strident. Nancy Pelosi. The Nolan usually missing elegant way to say crazy Nancy. At real Donald Trump is using this nomination as a destructive drool all. On a generation. Of progress for workers women. LG BTQ people communities of color and families and to radically reversed. The course of American justice and democracy. Hash tag what's at stake hash tag stop Cavanaugh. Yeah Ike's. Sounds like at that allows us so the world as we know as we noticed Amadou and are we talking about the same guy here Brent Cavanaugh. I church elector tutor volunteers serves meals to the homeless kids basketball coach. This same guy. If it's gonna destroy. A guy yanked. A lot of our friends at the in double ACP. Now I'm permit any any question on where they're gonna come down on this. Civil rights women's rights LG Amaechi writes when Amanda I forgot to Q. Health care all under attack. End comment. We've seen a judge Brent Cavanaugh is record and we demand no new scotus justice until after a new senate. Is seated in 2019. While that when could contain. More Republicans. You on. So yeah now. Usual cry babies pertaining there're there are oppressed. And one else's old. Called him racist and make in the commonwealth they haven't there about it. Women's march. We just knew trumps pick would be openly hostile to women. When they dangerous. And he won on track record. Cavanaugh is especially dangerous. Hash tag defend roe. Hash tag saved scotus. And women's march also tweeted trump just announced Brett Cavanaugh as his pick for Supreme Court a supposed. Moderate. In air quotes. Where they dangerous and he woman track record there is nothing moderate about stripping rights away from the women. Take action tell your senators to hash tag defend roe. A Supreme Court with two trumpet justices both guaranteed to oppose roe V Wayne. Is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States action network. Dot org that's got to be one of Soros is out to experiment action network. A death sentence for thousands of women. As opposed to a death sentence or hundreds of thousands of babies is that what you mean. They were so sure a conservative president was gonna nominate a conservative they drafted a statement. Before. The president announced the name of the nominee. Now way oppose and nominate whoever near Shea may be they're terrible. Now Robbie Starbucks. Tweeting a mile or this is hilarious as women's march drafted a statement before are Donald Trump even announced his pick. And they forgot to insert tab and Gaza name before sending out absolutely hilarious partisanship on display. So I guess AM better dust off those sun hats again and not take to the streets. There's nothing the voting public likes better. Then seeing a bunch of angry feminist in there are Regina pats screeching about their abortion rights in the street get joy it. You go girl get out the fact it's. Stallion now from it it's all so predictable. In on the attacks find Bobby did dims are not Smart enough to grasp what president trump is doing. As they sit around and not picked cotton from their naval and break out in hives. And they do. Byers as a mental picture I'm gonna have our time. And I dismissing over the course of the next few minutes at 345. It's a quarter before four here in the money match up we'll be right back and know when we do oh. Will have today's edition of five random facts. When you're losing to the perfect chills because it's got that right. Balmy Mac show here at ten before for a great to have you on. To the angles advantage talk line 803471063. We go this afternoon and dot joins me Xia. Yeah you've got to know what their fifteen minutes of fame last night Donna is that right. Are we. Are. It. Is that F. They are. And when they. Put my. Oh. And I hit ball while. They. Say. Hey you rainy. Rainy day yet. It. And they end. It. Tell. It. Thank app and I am. I ain't got out that are out that he. Want and they're there all I'll. Amen. The goal at. And at all. And hit it and end. Another. Well core I am not. Saying man. A how are. I'll. Turn. It. I. Yeah out and and that's. That's an opinion that apparently they didn't want a year. The day how. Outfit. Well. It it particular opt. I. Say. All your. Black you lady hey it's the lately out. Well I've I think what president trump I did yesterday. In large measure will help to stop list if we get another justice and if I'm assuming here that that Cavanaugh. Maybe is not an ideological twin of gore six but he's probably pretty close. We get judges on the court as you tried to shape. To C span last night who actually interpret the constitution. Rather than try and re writing it. Then then this country they will get back on the right track. Well. Others say it that they eat it it. Why are at it European. And that young. RJ. Or hateful. That aren't aren't they are that they're not out. Yeah united. An LPG. And they. Are all aware that. A lot right well. I'll. Bet it. It. I. Juan and check. Out rep yeah at. All. Yes she adds if she has and and let's hope that. On this volatility. And doesn't end up erupt union and some kind of violence and then everybody will regret John I appreciate it cult lecture shareware W I I I applaud seaspan would win generate. A little more fairness. Than that in the left always well the left is always tell him about diversity to. And here's Dodd tried to express a diverse opinion from a deceased man saw what I have and are. I'd. Thanks a lot dog day daddy air hang up on. Unbelievable I knew we go with today's slide and now these times yeah. Man's hands. Packs OP don't pay five random for this Tuesday. Charles richter. You heard in the richter scale when they used to measure earthquakes well as one of the ways they also have a motion moments ago on the richter is the better known scale. I'm Charles richter was he noticed. Talk about the whole Lotta shaking going on. A random fact number two there's a type of school. Called a Sudbury. School. That is a complete democracy. The students and the staff are equal and vote on things like the curriculum the budget. Hiring and firing there are about forty schools in America could still use the Sudbury mass. Small part of our again is in the mountain time zone most lives in Pacific and of course some of the Florida Panhandle. Is in the central time zone around Pensacola around. So a person in eastern are again talking to a friend in Pensacola. Would only have a one hour time difference. Tell me and it. Confusing. On the average major people and NASA's mission control. Nearing the Apollo eleven moon landing. Average age. Tony. The most gender neutral name in America that's big these days gender neutrality. Mary and the most gender neutral name roughly 4000 girls and bullets. Over the past three. Decades. Still trying to get a puck and Charles richter. New to us like other early yellow that is that today's editions. And the first quarter of named Bonnie Mac Cho is in the books. News is coming up top of the hour and he's ready to go and a new senator I'm right back when our number two here on Tuesday.