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Tuesday, July 10th
Brett Kavanaugh; Cave rescue; Democratic party #walaway; Good news

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Hello how need grieving as well gum salutation and drew is Dade Dave before threes dale ally Syria. In just in time or getting underway away our amber Shula name Bobby Mac O lectured radio program in the air chair. Here urging he'll most rabid shock jock self appointed president of in sensitivity universe and evil or non politically correct Spanish. It's true I have some. May attack dog in the right they bombastic allowed Malcolm this guy. Car as a money pennies succinctly puts it I have more titles than a character in game of the wrong. And I here's why you get in touch and being part of the conversation this afternoon and grab your phone use the angles advantage talk line 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text align available for you as well. That number 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. WORD dot com. Did I miss here money penny or in the last hour of the program that we run AM a promotional announcement promo spot. For the thousand dollar bankroll contests coming back again. I saw it I thought I heard something about done a thousand hour bankrupt because I know we just wrap one up. Recently I am wondering if we're stepping up the schedule and increasing the frequency. Of the other cash giveaway as we've thousand dollars every hour twelve hours a day. Money you Friday. He seemed receding thing in there. Well we'll check on that in the Manger. And again actor turned the phones we go to lead off our number two Charles is on he is only big rig hello Charles how goes your Tuesday. I Bobby. Not dark bag great arm but I'm not at all infatuated with this and I'll take my American Family Association. Just based on what auto policies and as it has been ruled. As I've taken them very rare stepped ultra conservative group. To look also people to contact their senators and and see to it that he's an act of drought but the big thing and the thing that is being. Covered that back by yeah. So called conservative media yeah booted Sean Hannity independents. And Mark Luke and storms this guy sold his soul. Early in the Arab. Do you Clinton administration. There was and it. When they're investigating this very dubious choke hold suicide. Vince Foster right builder cut the military didn't investigator that was named Miguel Rodriguez. And he quit because they're putting pressure on him to rule that the source sat on the guy's car wasn't eating out. Originally. Without his body at fort Marcie you're liable lived up that was the way to the right. Yeah fort Marcy park Bryant. But anyway there so he resigned. And they hired wreck happen out at eight play ball he did everything he possibly could to rule this murder suicide. He intimidate witnesses he has an and that pick if you go true of America's survival. Back probable or that the authorities did look up America apostrophe S survival. Cliff Kincaid you've been covering this nobody else has but this guy dirty filthy. And he's not a conservative he is a bush like the bush is another he had David Souter written all over you know. Warrant if you will Republican appointees that over the years have pulled out of the pleasure ridge. They in the last step we whit bit lockstep left afford that this that debt that would quote that there's no matter. I have yet it's just do it to either Mother's Day they brought against that. Well you know you group them even more than athletic haven't yet. You said dad Charles and Cavanaugh has sold his soul and to whom did he sell it. A statement. Leftist tell you assault stopping anybody's in the market I think that's that's a no bid contract. Yeah out time I suspect it would be all right thank you drills I appreciate it so all the objections are not coming from the AM policies are not sure immerse. Other world in all the attacks on Bob the only people who want to rewrite the American constitution are they Communist now know on. And see Democrat party. Dasher. Now Bob hard to believe that so many people will march for how bad. Separating illegal children from their parents as and then turn around and march for the ability to murder. Hundreds of thousands of legal children in the world. Got a point. Eleven minutes after four good news sending everybody was happy to see. That up all those boys and that tie soccer team now are out of that cave they. Pham a long Nang. I'm sorry them Lou Lang Nang not cave in Thailand. They pay and go on and there are apparently there's a tradition. A soccer teams go into this game and they write their names on the wall it's a tourist attraction. But they ended up being driven. About two and a half miles into low aberrant by the sudden onset of monsoon rains that seasonally clothes and flood the caverns. The operation led by British cave divers along side. Navy SEALs from Thailand will have to returned. I've returned to the cave today. To to get the remaining four boys and a coach out. The name of the team please give me as the wild. Borders. Team. And apparently they're in good enough shape they've been invited to the fifa World Cup in Moscow on Sunday. The tragic death of one of their rescuers former Thai navy seal some on. Good nine who was delivering oxygen canisters into the cave but fell unconscious on the way out. Underscored the endanger in the operation. So I'll a lot of the people were wondering how did the eleven to sixteen year old boys and their 25 year old coach get to this point. Their bicycles were found that the entrance of the came after parents reported their sons missing on June 23. The day that the team visited the cave after soccer practice fortunately. All Layden with snacks. They had bought in route. On the brits discovered all thirteen alive on July 2 food and medical supplies reached the boys the next day. Keeping all the boys calm in a disciplined environment in a pitch black tavern all that time. All likely was the result of the coaches training as a Buddhist monk. Echo Paul chow and the lawn was the only member of his family that's that's the coach. The only member of this band way to survive an epidemic that struck his village when he was TN. Two years later extended relatives sent the boy to live in a Buddhist temple where he trained to be among can learn meditation. He left after a decade to care for his ailing grandmother and again coaching youth soccer. At the Meyer's side threats art school in 9 January prominent engineer of the Burmese border. Many of the while Boris players came from impoverished families. And the coach reportedly helped put in place a system. Whereby kids would get soccer gear from sponsors. In return for getting good grades. Chant along as reported late on meditation to the boys to keep them calm in the cave. And is suffering from malnutrition. Because he gave his food rations to the young players. He also instructed them to collect drinking water from the cave walls. Instead of from the floodwaters. In a letter sent out of the cave he wrote to the parents of all the kids. Right now the kids are all fine the crew are taking good care I promise I won't care for the kids as best as possible. I wanna say thanks for all the support. And I wanna apologize to the parents. One of the boys all letters a lobbied for KFC after he got out anyone seriously they're colonel. While another letter pointed teachers please don't give too much homework. Indy mostly Buddhist country rescuers are also receiving on site spiritual support as well so. Now pretty pretty miraculous job pitch black darkness. Those youngsters. Where they eleven or twelve to sixteen years old. I was very little food accept whatever snacks and brought along. That's a situation where panic and take over very very easily and this can have been around a real tragedy. So I kudos to that coach. I was critical and a version know what to do and we in the kids in there in the first place. But. The way in which he was able to maintain. The a level of home and allowed them to survive that experience. Deserves commendation. Not to mention heroism of the rescuers from from all reports that was a harrowing trip into that cave to get those boys out. Quarter after four here in the body Mac show take a quick break here when we come right back. I you know course at that California is given out like a million drivers licenses to illegals when Joseph allow them to votes not to vote now all. The non US citizens could be coming to one place and they people's republic of Massachusetts. As well be right back. Forceful anyone here and AM Tuesday afternoon edition named Bonnie Mac show. And by the way thank Tora making their stadium most of listened to afternoon talk to a New Hampshire I appreciate that premise we don't say that prime much. Because it kind of sounds like we're bragging about the ratings you know I knew. Dislocated my shoulder patting myself on the back and did manage fuel. Who are responsible for a success certainly appreciate that in on the attacks line. 71307. Bob Sanders and cruelest. Says a judge can and always not conservative enough. Leasing and just skipped on me here let me turn off the message stream Jonas and I. Not the best choice just encouraged by now of course can now. As. Everybody's entitled to their opinion including senator groups. Now Bob if it's illegal for illegals to be here in this country how can California. Possibly give illegals driver's licenses to vote. In no state and federal elections. Why is trump not using the power that's federal government why agencies to strip California. And the ability to give these illegals empower about. I got any questions about why Hillary. You know won the popular vote when you've got one million illegals voting in California. That's a big leg up meantime. Now this from mother Boston Globe. Just to pay for the did the story on us money thank yeah. And their bunch of lefties. They were down here during the 2016. Now primary around the did a big story and money penny and I featured in there. Non US citizens a living in the country illegally. When I'm. It is is that a new. Work around. For. Illegal aliens. It is that is that the new construct of undocumented. Immigrants. Non USO. And all legal okay. Non US citizen to leave a living in the country mile and guess they're referring to people that you know. Jesus. And non US citizens a living in the country legally may one today. The allowed to vote in Boston elections. Desk doesn't easily do the obvious question. If you're a non US citizen what are your living in this country illegally are not. How can you vote in US elections I can't go to Mexico and vote in their elections. Now Boston City Council holding a hearing today. On the idea at the request of council president Andrea Campbell. The council is considering ways to make city elections. Soon and we go. More inclusive. Including allowing immigrants with illegal status in the country the right to vote in municipal races. Are they paying taxes. Since they're living here. And if they're not. Then. Well next on paragraph US citizens paid 116. Million and state and local taxes and generator over 3.4 billion in spending. According to a 2015 city report. All what did these other people. Bait and nut and test. It's just you know it it gets ninety year by the day. Also win on the attacks lineup Bob MI gonna have to listen no whining and complaining for the next three months. Ed Cavanaugh has sold his soul to Satan wait a minute. Didn't god but could trump in office. Well actually the voters. If so isn't picking Cavanaugh part of God's master plan. Some people have little faith. Bumped up. And. Al Bonny did we not offer any help to our rescue the M Tai soccer team because of the Chinese. I heard you say the brits. Held to locate against. We've got birds they can tell what color speed else. In Ghana in your hot up. Well that is when you're wearing one. We do have. I don't know maybe we offered technology by the way I saw earlier on now the Fox News website we have sent a out. An additional contingent of Marines. To Haiti. Haiti is bending and now violence. Unrest. Four. Several days now over increased. Prices for for gasoline and fuel. And there are a number of various black churches and and ministries. That have missionaries down there. That have had difficulty getting them out. Because of an AM the ongoing unrest. As it's described sewage. It in them comes as a little surprise to me. That mad dog Mattis. Secretary of defense. Obviously had AM. Had a conversation with the up. Common dot of that core and send let's let's get some honest jar heads down there to make sure they airport secure and that our citizens can get out so. And that should be a relief to the families of 2000 summer from north and South Carolina. So that doesn't make should be a bit of relief there. Bomb bomb bomb. And I think that catches me out. Can't believe that catchers we have up so right now I just saw a couple more just that quickly popped and there. Al bunny match intelligent progressive. And since Woodrow Wilson again where they're at today and some of our congressman are strictly conservative. A Republican should stick together and keep pulling no layers of this progressive illness. Off our backs. 27 after four here in the bombing Max you know I mentioned. All speaking of a president trump nor number of things that he did today. He commented about down the FBI lovers. Struck. And page. And now he also issued some pardons. Were they out the ranchers out in Oregon will bring up to speed on no those stories. Now on the other side of our newscast but I also saw this story and and a focus of centric. I'm I'm I'm a Christian in name golf stories are ones that have a human interest. Stephen voted each. Is a guy who's had a rough couple years not for the Australian PGA tour player he's missed the cut. A bunch of times but he's maintained a sense of humor. About it. He won the AT&T Byron Nelson down in Dallas at 92015. I made more than three million dollars in earnings that year but since then. And he's he's been. And not make and many putts. So we decided to do a shake up at this week's John Deere classic he offered. The opportunity to carry his bag that is to caddie for him on Twitter. He Troy did any local kids' college players in the quad cities area. That are interested in heading in the tournament this week this thread is for you the best response gets the job. It drew plenty of attention he got more than 150. Replies by Tuesday morning some tongue in cheek asking can I use a push cart. No we can't do that. The catch is if he missed the cut again at the John deer that nobody gets paid anything you don't make any money you don't make the cut you walk away empty handed. But he said payment all all left over globes and golf balls are yours. Now one person responded on Twitter saying that's a rip off. You have no golf balls left. Alluding to this call animal well anyway you. He he got AM an email from a young man named Eli yes frank. I visit my grandparents' farm nearby camp played the course and loved it. Two of my uncles worked for John Deere. I'm a chatty at my local country club and I'm on my teams my school's golf team. I turned seventeen on Friday and helping you make a gut would be a great birthday present. So he's then. Practiced the sixteen soon to be seventeen year old. Wash warm again this is this a reason to watch that John Deere classic. And to watch his kid I hope that I guess it's CBS it's doing the telecast I hope they show the kid. Out Thursday and Friday. Maybe not carrying. For Australian PGA tour player Steve and politics go to live Steve a gimmick to cut this what 430 here on the money Mac show and a.'s next. I'm back on the other side here on Tuesday. There was very impressive all that there. Great to have you along Tuesday edition Bobby my children for 3921. Before five. Al Bobby of course Haiti has amassed Bill Clinton invaded them and took away their army because they overthrew Communist we'll later and oust. Members they have the big gap earthquake down there announced. Bush yen and slick Willie bush won and slick Willy or on TV. Now begging for money for Haitian relief men most of which ended up enough the Clinton crime family diction golfers. Yeah Hillary's brother. Was it was one of the guys that was appointed to want to run things down and sensing an idea. And Bobby according to Google only one point 2% of patients have a car. Why is a price of gas such are concerned are they Democrats just wanting a reason to riot I don't know they and they may be using them as for other purposes as well. Al Bobby ain't that Democrat just us Americans are taxed without representation. Illegals are represented. Without taxation good point. Also on the tax line Bob great move going to radio dot com so much better than tuna. Yeah I'm worth mentioning again. Our app they WORD app and the tune in radio app no longer are functional. For a listening to us we are now part of the radio dot com app world just go to your App Store. And download radio dot com. And then you'll be sent to go sent us as I your favored on there and you're going to go I mentioned the other day. This hash tag to walk away. Movement and started by just say gay hairdresser out of New Yorkers an agent he's fed up. With the a vial in the nation's coming from the Democrat party. And he is suggesting many in the mid term elections coming up in November. For Democrats don't support a he's not saying you should go and vote for Republicans necessarily just think his walk away. Just throw up your hands shrug your shoulders and walk away from the whole deal. This I think is is sent. A problem that you're not gonna hear much about obviously because it. It doesn't. Advance the agenda. Of the media who were big supporters of other Democrats but I think it's going to be in a big problem for more than they want to admit. There was a I column today. By AS Arantxa probably. That was that rendered as an op Ed in USA today entitled the Democrat party left me behind and I'm not alone. I'm a Democrat who spent the last two years often criticizing my own party and fellow Democrats. Yeah I know. I'm a bad Democrat. I have friends and readers asking me. Are you still liberal and have you changed parties why are you seemingly defending trump. I've been a loyal Democrat for about fifteen years as someone who became a citizen and in 2006. I became a Democrat during the George W. Bush years because I like the party's anti war pro minority pro environmental. Pro little guy. Positions. The Detroit sixteen election was an eye opener for me to using current political jargon I became what oak. In some very different ways and I got red pill. It was a year I recognize and are too political parties have become dinosaurs also applied beyond recognition. Yes there's grassroots energy in the Democrat party and party leadership is essentially bereft of ideas. True enough and got an. It was a year I join millions of Americans and losing faith in the ruling class of both parties. And in many of our political institutions. It was also the year this voter became increasingly frustrated. And our national media outlets cable network and the legacy news media held self bifurcated. In the stark pro and anti trump factions. The real divisions SI Sheehan aren't between Democrats and Republicans but between the political and corporate ruling glass. And the national media establishments that support them on the one hand. And the rest of us all the other divisions are less consequential. Politicians from both parties have gotten away with letting down ordinary Americans for decades because of millions of Americans. Are culturally wedded to their tribal political identity is Republican or Democrat and can't think outside the box. Look at it this way the election of Donald Trump made perfect sense to me. 63 million voters including African Americans Hispanics and Democrats. Rejected status quo politics and voted for a strong rank outsider. To shake the establishment. From their comfortable perches. When president Donald Trump supporters have preferred a decent moral. Well behaved well and form populist sure but in dire times you take the populist who shows up. Because beggars can't features there's a Sadr. The Democratic Party and its followers a left me for many reasons many here are a few examples the party and its followers have been showing. He'll liberal tendency is for some time oh I don't know I came from. It's gone off the rails on immigration free speech identity politics and some other issues a topic I'll defer for another day. I'm no trump supporter. But I've been horrified and repulsed by any political and cultural west hatred. Demonization and missed treatment of president trump. His family his administration officials and his voters which is even worse if that's possible then what the right. Did the President Obama. I view the current political climate both as a citizen and as a writer. As a citizen and I see myself more as a political orphan neither Democrat nor a republic yet. For an opinion writer self identifying as a Democrat or Republican can be constricting. It can consciously or unconsciously. Make you huge to physicians make you defend the indefensible. It can give you cognitive dissonance. I see myself as a political independent these days who'll opine. Based on what feces and thinks not along party lines for what it's worth. Rig games like me are the canary in the coal mines. We are trying to warned Democrats when their tone deaf. Or still don't get it. Ouch. When you when you marry that up when hash tag walk away. Democrats have got a lot of problems and whether or not Cameron on gets on the Supreme Court. Fourteen before five here in the body Mac show ride back we come and we'll go right to the phones. I'll blow hole crews. That are out. What you gonna do for 519. Before five nearly Tuesday about Amax show. Good news is right around the corner first as promised we go to the phones this afternoon and bring in Jeanne who's in Grant Hill hygiene countered Tuesday. I genius there. Blue gene. Dean Hello World. Jeanne millionaire Dutch yeah I'd tell you there are you there I'm a young man strategy for about ten seconds. Why don't we go to everything showed up do you think Obama on operation Shyamalan now this talk now probably just the guys in Fort Meade you know sometimes on the tenth and in airlines account message it's time acted upon we you're outlook too few jobs come and hit the operators. Yeah you and me both now wolf. Barbara what we're not to say to a humorous point you don't used to work punches before and are you familiar with Yiddish at all a bit. You know while he usually go up in New York that you use dialogue would have been considered a blooper but I'll put that aside and which we which was up. A punch something out the eyes upon us right now is now that you can like yeah I like you should not all right well you know right now are harsh tackle. But I must say you're familiar to. Started to laugh we can't but I'm glad I call I'll look at these college kids I doubt I galvanizing around these people gut. Old Democrat. Protesters like releasing hundreds. And I I like common like W wanna look at these kitchen checking our political science some practical. The title of the core two Molotov cocktail won a war. That was written by bill. Is this sending out all legal Lebanon guys like like police can't do it right won't welcome actually warned Sierra you know. That's what they did their younger days they make Molotov cocktail just didn't Billick. Don't protest you cover up the bomb factories. You know and and that's stuff but you know they they they can't even. Come up with original champs. You know and then the stuff that they they get out there and and they chanted hey you know and yeah the out right hey Brian Arnold yeah. Yeah yeah. Exactly like I think we're with the though lack of creativity is astonishing here. And I can't do any better than you know what do we want to in certain topic when do we want it now. You know instead solid isn't so you stumble over and over again. Well Jesse Jackson pick popular until that yeah now could be it is although you can't even do it and it's got to pray to god. He connected. Yeah all that I guess. You know it's it's a ridiculous thanks AJ appreciate it I Helio I promised that today is good news story and now we certainly need all the good news we can get. We're well I do like good news stories about them coaches. And and sadly you've seen so many stories about airlines. Having difficulties transporting people Sampson Mahan and get their deaths. So this is a nice change of pace a couple named Michelle and Stephen Burch. They were flying jetBlue. From Florida. To the people's republic of Massachusetts last Thursday and the other dogs welcome. 183. Year old French bull dog named Darche. None of your senior French Bulldog but there's so ugly they're cute. They noticed Darcy wasn't doing well in her carrier. So Michelle letter poker hand out and realize a dog's tongue and turn blue. And she knew that a blue tongue on a dog can be a sign of hypoxia. Not getting enough oxygen so I she took her out from under the shade put her on her lap to cool down. One of the flight attendants initially told the dog had to stay under the seat for the and they realize what was going on they brought over some packs of ice. To cooler down that didn't seem to work. So when they had decided the dog. Needed. Some oxygen. I called the captain and I tones like I think you need to use some oxygen and she said go ahead and right then and there. Plays oxygen on the dog. I didn't know they had an oxygen mask that would fit. A dog meant a fairway anyway did work there a bunch of photos on an on line Michelle saved says they saved her dog's life. And not Darcy is already back to squirrel chasing. Like geez I gonna take her in the event to make sure she is okay. And jetBlue put out a statement saying now a strike to make sure everybody has a safe flight including those with four legs and then. There is this. Rochelle reimburses a Starbucks manager in Washington. I she has she's a mother of 20 so she knew what she needed to do in this situation. It all things can make entry and he said. She's laying on the ground about to have a baby Billie is lingering here. So I got the towels from her on the side she said that she needed her pants. Off. So and I took those off for her and I noticed that the baby is crowning. And Saleh. But that I asked her to lift overhead seconds of the towels underneath their hips and as soon as she lifted up her hips the baby. Came right out this coming you're a mom. You kind of go back to those moments in your babies are born there was no really fear is just mainly just like the cease to be done and she needs help. It's an honor that I could be there and. So well. You know babies and a tendency to to decide to be delivered whenever the baby decides they wanna be delivered. My brother. And Paul was born in the ambulance right in the middle of key bridge between Virginia. And and Georgetown University Hospital that's. He had decided that hey Hello World here I count. Stand by 5 o'clock follies are on the way next.