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Tuesday, July 10th
Cave rescue; Trump tweets; Jamil Jaffer, Director of the National Security and Policy Program at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason, talks SCOTUS

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LL holiday greetings welcome salutation moves and Tuesday a day before threes dale well on Syria. Or this. This story of these tying. Teenage soccer players trapped in this act cave and now the way they are rescues early captivated a lot of people's attention made true. And talk about that some theirs and brilliant thing article was published today in the Atlantic. That has some fascinating information about cave rescue which. Apparently. There's not for the uninitiated. Great to have you along and as always deal or in bush. He is invited to encourage and welcome here's how you join me NBA part of the conversation. Just grab your phone usually Ingles advantage talk line it's 800. 347. 1063. If you prefer texting. That's fine we have a common sense retirement planning taxed on number 71307. And my email address is Bob. At 1063. WORD dot com by the way I guess worth mentioning again. The if you had been listening to us when you're on the road are out of range of via terrestrial signal as we say. Using the out of tune and amp. That one is now non functional. Very clamped it's gone and what you need to do is go to your App Store and download radio. Dot com. Pretty simple radio dot com and your App Store I just done. Marcus on theirs your favorite and now I'm he'll be good ago. This article was written by Sarah sang in the science section of the Atlantic the worst thing you can do is panic. A veteran cave diver explains the unique risks and rewards. Of his deadly pursuit of rescues. Are actually pretty rare. What Robert Laird the co-founder of international underwater cave rescue and recovery. Means. Is this. When cave divers get in serious trouble they usually done. There's no wonder rescued just a body to recover. In Thailand an extraordinary rescue effort played out this week for twelve boys and their soccer coach who managed defined high ground. When floodwater trap them indicate. To get out. These boys had to dive through those same floodwaters. It's a perilous journey even for experienced driver on diverse as underscored by the death of a Thai navy seal. Indicate last week. Cave diving is a different beast from diving and open waters the water can be so muddy the divers have do you feel their way out. The passage can be so narrow that you have to take off your oxygen tank and you cannot simply swim up to safety. By this morning divers had miraculously guided all twelve of the boys and their coach. Out of the cave under these conditions. I spoke to Wear yesterday about underwater rescues and the unique dangers as well as the rewards of cave diving. Our conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity what makes cave diving so dangerous. The one thing that kills divers more than anything else is panic. It can start with a small thing like suddenly you see bubbles coming off a host. That seems so trivial one minor but that can immediately put doubt in your mind because you're an okay. There's no escape there is no quick way up. And it tends to cascade when your panicked there's absolutely no logic there's no reasoning there's no logical method of thinking. I've seen panic people underwater and they do not behave normally you can even point the way out two of them and they look at you like you're crazy. And they've convinced themselves another way is the correct way they may swim into the cave rather than out of the came to safety. What do you have to do differently when diving an AK. I would say the most important thing is being able to maintain absolute neutral buoyancy. So you don't drift up into the cave ceiling and you don't drift down into a very silky bottom. If you hit the silt. You can end up any silt out which means that silt fills the room the jury had. You put your head under water and you'll look in you can't see any thing. You can put your light against your mask and you can see Euro wide and that's about it. Typically in a large cave with a known visibility this fairly good that chance as any complete silt out. But you can't wait out are fairly small. The area that's really bad is some diving. Which is where you have a dry cave the past tunnels that sometimes go underwater and sometimes come up and through error again. You mean like to cave in Thailand. Much like the Thailand case those sums are typically very very socially. You have to have some specialized experience. To traverse those areas successfully. When he idea you're not going to be able to see you're not going to be able to communicate. What mistakes can experienced open water divers make when they start diving in case. Experienced open water divers unfortunately things are qualified to die than McCain's but they are not. There have been lots of extremely experienced open water divers who have died in caves the main one is the rule of thirds. Preserving the amount of air that you have laughed so that you always have two thirds of your tank available at your furthest penetration. Darryl lots of examples of open water divers the dive into a cave and they dive into the halfway point of their air. Cave divers a look at the situation and no well they're already dead and they don't know because they're probably not gonna make it out. That's because you may not be able to go out when exactly the same amount of air you wind and wet all you need this thirty seconds of nowhere. And you essentially can't go up to the surface chances are you're not gonna make. Have you ever had a close call. I was diving with a buddy we were probably a mile back in the cave. And his regulator. Which delivers air to lead until the diver started free flow. Which basically means he was gonna run out of their very quickly. This was a multi tank dive where we had staged bottles over a period of time to make sure we had enough air to come out safely. We were just way way back in the cape. Having two people come out on one set of tanks. And going to the multiple stages is extremely complex he just can't make any mistake. And and talked about some of the rescues his organization is made one of their earliest ones that was remarkable. Was when they went to a cave expecting it to be a recovery. The cave was not known to have any air spaces. And they found the person waiting on the date which had been their tour is three days by themselves they were convinced they were dead. So when they saw the likes of the cave divers in the water they thought angels were coming together. And there are brought out safely we've had a few other incidents where a diver who ran out of there but was able to find an air bill. You can breathe off of one of those appear Lackey fifteen to twenty minutes without saturating and with CO2 and passing out. A rescue recovery diver was able to get the water very quickly and find them when they saw they were in this air bell. And was able to go up there and talk to amend calm them down. And basically give them their second regulator and swim amount. Most of the recoveries are pretty gruesome to talk about. I can only imagine. This is this is Anderson chef Robert aware co-founder of the international underwater cave rescue and recovery. It was a team of bricks along with these time. Navy SEALs that were responsible for this rescue and from everything we've heard about the circumstances. These youngsters found themselves down along when their coach. And I shared a story earlier in the program today their coach also had done then and a Buddhist monastery in and trained to be a monk. And now be using. And I just training was able to keep by the youngsters com. M just remember they went for two weeks. In essentially absolute dark. I was very little food just some snacks that they brought on. For their soccer practice pretty miraculous that this did not end. Much worse than it might have quarter after five here in the bunny match up take a quick break here and then when we come back on the other side we go to the phones. For the first time in the here on Tuesday. You are smooth all right yeah you better believe it. 521 here and AM bombing mashal in on the tax line 71 threes are seven. Above I thought Limbaugh should you couldn't lose on any of these four Supreme Court wannabes. We'll see. Bob so cave divers can they buying insurance are life insurance wow totally insane. Bobby even weeks after the election and he what. Cause their death has dropped. Still cracks me up. Management. Bob how long do you think it'll take Hollywood to make a movie to cash in on the Astro boy's barrel well freefall. You know it's a soccer team. Now fifa has already invited them if they're medically fit. After their ordeal not to come Sunday for the a World Cup final. They're gonna take in Moscow for the World Cup final and be quite an experience storm. Bob all this talk about diving has given me flashbacks. Of Lloyd Bridges. And that TV classic city hunt. I love centrum. In sea hunt. Let's not sell well. Yeah okay all right thank you once was enough. That's how wide Jeff Bridges and both registry and they're acting careers. Now Lloyd Bridges or Dan Dunn put amend that C on to as serious as his kids. Tough role for instance they were his kids to Leo phones we got to Jeff is our next champions and easily hello Jeff and welcome to the bombing Mac show. I Bobby long time listener. Others want to let Jerry have been dropping down to read it that a little bit you know people get all upset about how much trot tweet yes. And you know I got the bank and then you know over the last couple years. I've noticed that you know at the media assured as attacking him. Pretty awfully. Mean it almost like that I'll Syrian and its present name is an attack trump. China agenda under pretty much and you know. So he's never gonna if they're sick within an adult blaming her up lit act out. It has been eight not only get a fair shake earn them without their sort of agenda driven occupied or. Real lay up Li China Egypt even. You know. I don't want it and now that they. You know. Well I think it's in I think it's not and I'll. Eat well exactly and and and I for one. And happy to have somebody in the White House is willing to fight back. You know look at look at the way he's. That's among major banks look like trying agent at BAG in my cabinet accountable for the better and then. And meet with then the first 200 day. This that they ate it out this. I meant all and thank god that we have a president that let the mayor on let this country Machida are Asian. As much as eight dead then. I keep doing everything each candidate drain the swap but you know it took 25 years that swap to get this bad at least yet. And you know the sport really started culminate in the terrible right. But you know this right or an every day and you know. I think he is stranded they get in May each is kinda do you quite meet Satan the great old at all. Insulted by him out at the presidential I'll wait. You know he really did have a whole lot of choice but really the only by a Japanese media that I meant it repeated interview or sake they eat. Yelp or maybe one American is they would be the only show that I can take out plugging a look at the way the Doug yeah. Was vilified by the left eyed during his two terms and and he felt. It was not presidential. For him to respond to that kind of criticism but I think that only encourages the left to go further and be even more hateful and vile to the next guy who happens to be Donald Trump. And a bank outlets conservatives out there have learned the lesson from doorstep yet there's this aspect I rented plane back. These people are visceral than any debate flat backing called out and and done that in a split. I mean you know you have people that can't even do it in a restaurant that that crowd and shout out and it's just gotten to the point where. They're trapped in the islands and the the bit didn't hit earth their rhetoric which is basically isolate and amp. And and look at the backlash. But it's generating. Jeff with this hash tag walk away movement started by this gay hairdresser in New York. And now this column in USA today from another fifteen year Democrat saying that they're turned off. By all the on the vial. Attacks and rhetoric that's coming from the left did these guys. I think Dave by day are doing themselves more damage and even realize. Yet there are only once they may not yeah they're like. Drop on their own bit lighter well they may majority evidence they've let it trumping an inhaler oh heck a lot of the court. I've thanked the Hillary didn't win the popular underdog and that was just. You know I'm saying that. They just they gobble let them have probably won the election air bet. What I mean 300 electoral vote and electoral system that's really not set up a Republican can't eating meat. Although like. Yeah no kidding and you know it and I only want adults under well. Yeah well they've now thank you and Jeff I appreciated Japanese Lee may they live in their own bubble. And now the that is that is their world. I'm Matt is I'm next she is and I agree now hi Matt and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. They body point thirty years ago you seduce a open water I absolutely looked at. An outlet royal Dutch guys and a couple of like cocaine got in yours try to talk the units with a guy into it I'd never give it it never had actually yeah I mean if you went right. And he was talking to a one time boy got a bit he explained it to me is what you laid his hand flat on the table and British bankers. Eight are now making yourself starting on both on the up the manual of your big thinker in the middle and right. If you swim torture Cheney and the you don't have any choice it's. Yeah political meteor and it is in your great big cap. He said man you had no choice is common yet he kidnapped her little element and look. You do what you will find explore ways out of the cap. There was only one way to get into it but they are four ways to get out a bit freedom we're going to keep it right. You need to adapt what happens to people is they don't understand. That when you turn Randall did you know you eat there was only one way to get in but there's always the league. Yes so you lost your sense of perspective. If you so that's what happens to people now that they get you on the and they stick with another idiot are you know about it right. The you know all the equipment looks all that good stuff he says which just don't have the equipment. And and you know they need to be nothing else may he got a lead freckles. Well and you look and you and you better have a pretty good sense of self possession. That he talked about that rescue cave diver group I talked about you know the one thing you can't do this panic. No manic and I've done that to me. I think that's why we're putting was so. Obsessed with this story is that doesn't scare the living daylights out of you being entrapped indicated it's sort of put. Water boy am talent that I that will that will do it and and for anybody. That is so. Yeah around me and in the water all of you in a closed eight right so a lot of water and it just ends you talk about claustrophobic. It's the first there's a debt outlook and look I get it I you know I can imagine the adrenaline rush. From doing that growth unmanned I want you out and you wake you make one minor mistake and you pay with your wife got you. They cannot say one thing that discussion about Donald Trump yes. What he gets set up that I want to think alike but that club that he hit he makes me feel like Abraham Lincoln. The Abraham Lincoln it's famous for saying. Ulysses grant. That I can't steer the main sites out there you know all of greed you know I'd hate to be stranded on desert island without the without. Well I would be okay this look you know he he is his Twitter feed. Is this Disney land where nuns who are on our yeah. He's not my kind geek aren't but at the end of the day I get it yeah at least he fights back right to vote George Bush. John McCain Mitt Romney and if you wanted a bunch of nice guy get blown goal long kinda guy is. And they got Mitt Romney cheap money taxes. Am very reach responds well and we want didn't lay up and up a cold air has been out boy yeah. I'm I'm Tanya it's it's said that it's come to this but at least now at least now. Trump is not letting them totally set the agenda without an argument. I think a liberals as light battering husband. That's why there are so it's not out nobody your book ought. I area around and slapping backs you're really gay adoption this well and and and bullies are are cowards and hard and when you fight back how hot they they're you know what I think that's what you're just a little is they're not used to input each round of the rain and saying oh well. No you're right they're not they're not used to anybody now responding jumped thanks Jeff on that I've I appreciate the call good talking to a 531 and he's ready in the new senate on the other side we'll talk a bit about duck Cavanaugh being the nominee. I Jameel Jasper is a director of the national security on policy program. At least Scully Yale Law School and George Mason is going to be with may next be right back. I. Welcome back great to have you on 539. Here on a Tuesday afternoon edition well I it is on the big topic of discussion all over the country all over the media today. The the nomination. Of a judge Cavanaugh to be the next associate justice on the Supreme Court and joining me now. From on Northern Virginia. As I Jameel Jefferies director of the national security law and policy program at the Antonin Scalia law school at George Mason University. I'm mr. Jennifer thanks Serbian with me today. You bet we've already seen the predictable outrage. That is emanated from the left in the wake of the nomination and fact. As some of the outlets not even waiting. Steve who the nominee would be before beginning to went to vilify and so is a nomination and confirmation process proceeds. This is going to be a pathway that is strewn when I EDS I guess. So when exactly right you know this happened or not you of course nominated without the Supreme Court that night and I remember seeing people aren't at liberty that. Oppose that and a blank we could spill into the nominee what. Dating happening here regret at. Outrageous but what do you expect. Yeah it it is say it is all too predictable. Were you surprised at that the naming of a judge Cavanaugh. Well not really because you know the present in the air that you had a look 25 names that you plan to hit from the right I'm Bret. It is a it is solid conservative I know him personnel work the Bush Administration. You've done it a long time he's always been to the list that we've seen over the last two weeks but is there one I want to pop or contender is bright and I think the president take very well here. Holly all my academic league and he's got a lot of writing he's battled back for twelve years we know exactly it was important we know his record you know kind of judge years. Don't panic just as he would be incidentally can claim oh I didn't know what's gonna happen I would blackout I've updated and now if Italy confirmed that you look. I felt good to I kind of interesting and I'd like your reaction I noticed that there was vice president Mike Pence. Who wins with judge camp and not to the hill today we had been given to understand. That a former Arizona senator Jon Kyl was kind of going to be his Sherpa. Tim do I navigate. I'm meeting all day in the various senators on the hill was not sending a message having a somebody with I have to. Of all of vice president pens go win them. Also I think I've been equally the president and his nominee to be third off soon to be burned four. The election break but beyond that he doesn't I think Bill Clinton president. And you know late years killer might have had been built in the US Bennett correct speaking appetite but it Beatty to. Republic not in line and we get a Democrat over including. You know both like Heidi Hank kept Joseph Donnelly. And and the light and Joseph Manchin who overloaded or Neil or black eyebrows at. Right and then they're gonna try to find themselves. In an interesting act complex situation there kind of between a rock and a hard place because if they do the parties betting. And that is the DNC's bedding and and vote against. I'd judge Cavanaugh. Then of course they're being good graces where the party but they're risking their own reelection possibilities. Come November. Not exactly right I mean look this thing is that they are a lot are quite good election do it will consequences. A young couple plays for them because. They are in these competitors think there really been read eight yes and then got to go Bobby how it all public Brett I mean you know two degree from Yale. He's power all the local yeah a lot of short a published in the numerous journals. Mean I hit a ball he's on our our meeting will be held the man he's that kind and gentle human league Palin and he'd electorate has hurt. You know I mean you can not say it better picture than maybe you'll work but it probably politically. You know to be until the Supreme Court itself. You know I I can't beat Nickelodeon and but you know it is gonna made me what happened Gilmore and an outrageous you think about the fact. That old Alina Kagan. And so little outlook for my led by well over sixty book the US had a bright and somehow Democrat you opt in Britain told the good. How it all out of Okinawa be outraged. Yeah and when you stop and and hissed but take a historical perspective. Jameel you you'll look at down the confirmation vote for justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in 96 to three. There and equipment 92 there I believe it would be history has been that you went when you go out all it would corporate. You know and there are what you do you think they're they're they're judicial law that you what you might think and all that and remember just can't and shouldn't at all. You know they are not all Asian they're there they are broke not a hockey crusaders like a little like committees they are children to a tropical law. And yet you know in the history between both adamant in in larger numbers and enjoy it a little reason. Time things have gotten hot at and people did not give both the people they know they shouldn't really unfortunate that we got this position are okay today. Yeah it's amazing because you mention apparently juncture Cavanaugh is a guy of of really. Outstanding character and yet. On the left immediately but can't begins to attack him as extremist announced got outside of the mainstream of a judicial thinking. Are they going to be able to make that fly or are those just talking points for the media program. Look I don't think I mean it is very hard to make that why you look at the kind of man that brought Kevin how you look at it while you're on record on the better that we shall see is. The judge be very careful. Who's met that met you know not use methodical in his interpretation. He's been equally to the Texas statute passed by congress. Stick to the original Santa competition that is what. Everybody should want the job is that you don't want that when you're liberal or conservative it's only may eat all because they're a big deal that it be a bulletin poppy while Mitt. They're all a lot of liberal and welcome to root. Who do want judges to be a crusader while out of date in the world from permanent problem but the truth is that not their job. That's the door open all they'll do pollution bode blah. We should run the equipment at an all ball which is certain to do their job truly lost our usual look. Yeah I couldn't agree more the last thing we need is sent is an ideologue from either side on there but what what I'd I think the American people are pretty much had enough. Of the judicial system where we have activist judges who are not interpreting the law been attempting to rewrite it. Exactly right exactly right and won eight out of debt that the hunt doesn't guilt or just what kind of judge opera house and I had. Our whole please double veto together recorded in the near future and want to wish you expect the people you know we've we've gotten to used to run to the court let the you're exactly right. We need get back electing them we want now or about June done so. We have seen some some fairly a brutal confirmation processes in the past done judge Bork. I comes to mind is this going to be the bloodiest one yet. You know we're the great question. It's been hard to know here we get another world. Failed confirmation that clearly the Bush Administration people forget that area are they hit it right below the twelve president of all that out. I don't think that you're that you're mean the reality is that the at least in my view. Brett count Alex really all I am extremely good judge got a long record. You can't really fight among all Asian to get locked into the grounds or you know too conservative because while he is absolutely conservative. He's well within the judicial mainstream milk you know I don't believe that the become an immediate bloody in the book and everyone's. You know better and I doubt that a portion of the one that wrote but I don't think people in the sense that the operation going out. You think you think confirmation can actually happened on the timeframe that the president is looking for. Well that's upon request and at the half appetite could be out to be it Democrat little hold up. I just cannot yup election. It will be old law that. Supreme Court nominee of golf now being confirmed. In the modern era now. You know elite elite al-Qaeda being presidential lecture which you know we're old Teddy Kennedy rule you'll convert real about it from just that error. Peculiar happened within the city is that BJ isn't so it shouldn't happen quickly. But you know Democrats do about it well yeah presumably an equity following that victory left millions of people paper and that's not be looked at and it's never been. Yeah no question Jameel Jeff courtesy of director of the national security on policy program at the Antonin Scalia while schooling George Mason University there in Northern Virginia. A Jameel thanks very much for your time in your expertise today it's going to be a fascinating process to watch. You bet have a good evening sir 548 now doesn't minutes before six here on the bunny match and take a quick break here. And then right back with more. Do you doll diva. I nearly. 551 and send nine before six here in the body Mac show on Tuesday afternoon edition. President busy today yes he was back on May Twitter feed. President trump claiming today that and he described and has. FBI. Lovers. Both fox and as you dollars in drive missed. Romantically involved they were having an ad they were each having an extramarital affair. When someone with whom they worked. I gotta get a copy of the the FBI sent HR manual and and see of their. Anyway I'm the president tweeting that FBI levers Peter struck and Lisa page are getting cold feet. Ahead of their planned Capitol Hill appearances this week amid conflicting reports. Over whether they will show up well I said they say money Benny cold feet warm heart. Now my chance I had something else and both officials. Who previously worked on Muller's Russia probe have faced congressional and internal scrutiny. Over there and he trump text messages struck so far still expected to testify. In a public house hearing on Thursday. However a congressional source suggested former FBI attorney page. May not show up for her closed door deposition tomorrow. At the president tweeting I'm on Air Force One flying to Nate no. And hear reports that the FBI lovers Peter struck gander Lisa page are getting cold feet. About testifying about the rig to which can't headed by thirteen angry Democrats. And people that work for Obama for eight years total disgrace. Precedent to bid from Air Force One. Page subpoenaed by the judiciary committee to appear for a closed door deposition. In front of both committees tomorrow morning at 10 AM. A congressional source told Fox News the committees are unsure. Whether ms. page will show up and then her attorneys had been hedging and could potentially ignore her subpoena. They source snow said it was unclear whether both sides can work out an agreement. So that her testimony would be considered voluntary. That's it for the optics of this thing looks better if your testimony is voluntary. Rather than under subpoena. Although you know for my money both of them should be moved on brought in and now medical's. Our journeys for Straka gave his private interview last month and they committee reached a similar arrangement after he was subpoena. Out of struck expected to testify in public before both committees on Thursday. It's unclear whether he is considering canceling his appearance. And there were reports. That win now. Mr. struck did testify. He was. Well one congressional source told Fox News struck when smog. Defiant and laughed off a lot of questions. The source also said struck refuse to answer some questions on advice of counsel. Another source told Fox News that struck said he regretted. Sending that text messages I bet. We surprising part of this story talk about a life changer I mean you send down and you know I taxed. On to your lover. Now when she text a year or trump is not going to be elected president and is eight really really. And it and he sends a text back no will stop them. Ouch. And page go to likewise expect to face a grilling and her committee interview she served in the FBI's office of General Counsel. And also served on a brief detail on 27 team on special counsel Robert Mueller sting him. Page who resigned from the FBI this past may. Both are returned to the spotlight last month upon me released. Of the N Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz is long awaited report. On the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation. The report of course included that text message between the two where struck vowed to stop. Donald Trump from mom becoming president the IG's report noted. But he was specifically concerned about text messages between the two between struck and page. And then the fact that they could potentially. Indicate or created the appearance that investigative decisions were impacted by bios. Or improper considerations. Certainly not. Nobody thinks is bad today. Now they or pure as the driven snow. Right down the line. I'm Bob struck said that he regrets. The text message. Now well he just admitted that he Cendant. So this guy only or also. I wonder. I'm Bob told hands warm heart stinky feet no sweetheart. My 97 year old grandmother always are side sent Jimmy when I teller her and circled. Sounds like tumbling grab my use would have sent. Got to take a break for the news but fear not the fourth quarter is still ahead dubbed bonus hour on the way next.