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Thursday, July 12th
Peter Strzok testifies on Capitol Hill

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While it certainly must admire. I just sees now former. FBI agent Peter struck. Larry has never been on aim more stalwart defender of patriotism. Then Peter struck he is he is as pure as the driven snow as James Toney. Now in match bad and he is there's a pure as the driven snow as Robert Mahler. Now when amendments not such an exam after he isn't pure as the driven snow. A he and I've had acted totally appropriate way and by the way. He is schizophrenic enough that he is totally able to separate his own personal bias against up candidate and then president Donald Trump. He is perfectly capable. I'm separating that biased. From performing he has professional duty is investigating. The subject of this hadron. There you don't say I just say give up two and a half hours from watching me I think they. Shaka. Incredible. You know it's not enough. And now about these guys. Broke every kind of ethical law. And that exists this and not they arrogantly wanna defend what they dead as being patriotic. I am reminded of the Al words of one on the gentleman who had something to do in the founding of this nation it was back in April. I'm 1775. When Samuel Johnson said and I quote. Patriotism. Is deal last refuge of a scoundrel. Samuel Johnson to wait we don't have the full context of what he meant. By those remarks. But suffice it to say he was not talking about. Real patriotism he was talking about. False. Full. Phony. Patriotism. Wrapping yourself in the flag as a defense. Against. Ethical violations and probably. Legal violations that you committed. After having glacier hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the constitution of the United States. Don't listen to on to the arrogant. Peter struck. Testifying on Capitol Hill today. Was was truly. On down the rabbit hole. Following Alice. Down the rabbit hole it it's an alternate universe and these guys eleven. Now we've got we god they audio. And it's juicy. You well. You will appreciate. The out retiring. South Carolina forced district congressman tray down eight giving Peter struck Ollie won it. And struck. Striking back in his own feeble defense. And are well I guy resilient these accusations against my character and my honesty in my veracity in my true slowness blah blah blah. Wait who played oh you're here plug Doughty said in response to that. We we get underway on what is sure to be a barn burner here on Thursday. Here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation and it Ingles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax the line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WORD dot capped by the way. That that email exchange. Between now. Lisa page. You know I just happen to think. And I'm not a look at this picture of Lisa page. Who sadly I don't mean to body shame no woman but for heaven's sake. Lisa do something you know wash your hair once and awhile. The email exchange between the star crossed lovers Lisa change and Peter struck. Now where Lisa page send our troops not going to win is a really. Really. Do it breeders' struck gut texted back no we'll stop it. Struck today under oath on the hill said he doesn't remember. Sending that text. What is it what was he on hand me. This isn't the Ambien defense is that what it's. Well my congressman I don't taken Ambien that night had a few shot him on vodka. Well no not vodka that's Russian you shall suburban. And not I don't I don't remember signing a text and it came from my Twitter feed in from my phone but I certainly don't remember sending. Here is. Brooke sing man riding on Fox News. FBI official Peter strikes first public hearing tumbled into a rancorous and heated political protests. Today. Nothing more entertaining and a good heated fracas I'll say. It's not up there you know what a really good tamale bond not on a well he did fracas and we'll do an impact. As Republicans clashed with Democrats. You should've heard the questions from the Democrats master stroke. Isn't it true that you are a patriotic or you'll public servant with decades of experience I guess congressman you're right. That's what I thought thank you are no further questions. It is ridiculous. When they were accusing the Republicans I'm trying to destroy America. By a challenging the integrity the FBI. In the in the person of Peter struck. The people at a damaged the integrity of the FBI. Is Peter struck and and others and now. As Republicans clashed with. Democrats as well as the former investigator. Over his anti trump text messages and even threatened contempt. For refusing to answer questions about the Russia Perot. Struck. Throughout and all remained defiant and maintain that he did not. Show bias in those infamous messages with former FBI lawyer we sub page with whom he was having an extramarital affair. The contempt Durant surfaced after house oversight committee chairman tray doubting Republican South Carolina questioned. How many witnesses. Struck interviewed before the August 2016. Text. From struck to change stating that will stop. Then candidate trump from becoming president. Struck said he was not able to answer the question based on instructions from FBI council. And that point House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob good led Republican Virginia rejected. That claim mr. struck. You are under subpoena and required to answer the question. At this touched off a heated debate. Judiciary ranking member and Jerry Nadler Democrat New York blasted go to lest I go to let for putting struck in an impossible position. While struck claimed he was there voluntarily. Yeah voluntarily Bryant. Go to led fired back the nab alert did not state a valid point of order. Further instructing struck many can only consult counsel with his own attorney and not the FBI it's. Several other committee members chimed in blasting top Republicans on the committee with network even motioning to adjourn the hearing all together. Go to let instead said that at the conclusion of the hearing struck. Would be subject to recall. To allow the committee to consider proceeding when they contempt citation. Is he refused to answer questions about the Muller investments and he was a part of that. The eve fireworks came after struck testified that his political opinions. Including all the anti trump text messages exchanged in 2016. Were rooted in deep patriotism. As GOP lawmakers blasted the former FBI official for text book bias say ought to mean. Truck says I'm struck said he is and he dropped text messages. Where rooted in deep patriotism. What he meant by deep patriotism of course is deep loyalty. To Hillary. And now the Clinton machine and and the DNC. This guy this guy I was absolutely incredible. At quarter after three in the bunny match you know we're just getting started. As we roll under the Thursday addition. As promised we have the audio for you from some of these exchanges today and now. They're worth the price of admission. Quarter after three here on the balmy night she'll be right back. Welcome back great to have you along 320 here on AM hot. July afternoon and he had stayed the body Mac show you thought Independence Day had fireworks they had him today on Capitol Hill as well. The the explosions came after mr. struck. Testified that his political opinions including nose and he trumped acts were rooted in deep patriotism. Well I would say deep loyalty. But deep loyalty to the deep state. Is substantially different than deep patriotism which is what's in the best interest of the citizens of this country. Struck in his prepared opening statement said he's never allowed personal opinions to affect his work. Let me show you show of hands of struck. Sends messages like. I trump is doing at any personal appearance at a Wal-Mart. In south West Virginia. I can smell the crowd. Is that an example of that the kind of bias and he never allowed to affect his work. Any new information during the campaign that had the potential to damage then candidate trump. But never contemplate and leaking into the press. Well what information was that mr. struck. He never said. And that resent congressional focus on him his miss guided. And blazing into our enemies campaign to terror America apart. The enemies of patriotism in this country the enemy is who wanted to share this country apart. I your end their camp. Mr. struck. Like many people I had expressed personal political opinions during an extraordinary presidential election yeah up. But while we may have been expressing our opinions we are not conducting an investigation. Into these subject. I'm the inquiry eight. I'm an individual that you obviously this spy missed. Struck said many contained expressions of concern for these security of our country. Adding to those opinions were expressed out of deep patriot just. Aha. House oversight committee chairman trade Downey touring the structure of the opening of today's hearing saying he showed text book bias. On the job. This support this escalated into a heated exchange. In which struck claimed he was kicked off special counsel Robert Mueller is broke because a perception. Not because of bias. Not because of the contents of what was then all those text messages but because the way people interpreted. Them is what he actually has claiming. Here is that what they in the news and the TV newsrooms. This is what they call the money by. The money. Sound testimony is Bob Pollard did not QQ wall because of the content of your text he kicked you all because of some appearance that he was worried about my testimony what you asked and when I've responded to was that he kicked me off because of my bias I'm stating to you it is not my understanding that he ticked me off because of any bias. But it was done based on the appearance. If you wanna represent which is that accurately I am happy to answer that question but I don't appreciate. What was originally said being changed I don't give them which you appreciate it and struck out. An FBI agent with the unprecedented level of animus working or two major investigations you're 26 today. Wow. And your testimony is Bob Mueller did not kick Q wall because of the content of your text he kicked you all because of some appearance that he was worried about my testimony what you ask and when I've responded to was that he ticked me off because of. Well that's all right just froze up given a second minded rebook. As we're waiting for I think it's gonna play again now apparently I'd say they are now. So Downey says that bond given him boom boom here offended or not. Out after struck said he didn't appreciate how Gatti was characterizing those events. Downey fired back as you just heard I don't give a damn what you appreciate agents struck. Struck genetic change also said he doesn't even remember. Sending the stock trump taxed noting it was written late at night in shorthand. Are you writing short hand on not. On attachments. He maintained he was not suggesting he or the FBI would take any action to influence his candidacy. Well how else agents struck our way to interpret. Knoll. What he's not gonna get elected we'll stop and how you interpret that in any. Real world environment. As not suggesting. He you're the FBI would take action to influence his candidacy. Then struck. Falling back on his faux patriotism. Said the suggestion that IA and some dark chamber in the FBI would somehow cast aside these procedures. And somehow be able to do this is astounding to me. Well look at the people they was surrounded wet. McCabe. Co main. There's a confidence builder. Dowdy and chairman gonna let both rattled off a slew of struck text messages in which he blasted. Then candidate Donald Trump. And pine for Hillary to win to underscore their bias allegations. Struck gotta continue to maintain a bias was not expressed in those text messages. Structure and I can tell you but those text messages are not indicative a biased or what are they indicative not. What you're drunk. Truly it would today's today's performance was truly incredible. Here is and quickly. As Bob go to went on talking. To the Democrat. Members. Of the out. Judiciary and oversight committee. My colleagues on the other side of the I'll. Please replace president Trump's name would your own name and a small sample of things mr. struck has said. Envision how you would feel if you found out that the chief agent investigating you as a member of congress. Was making these statements. He continued. It's not in a sound bite and I can tell you what else do it went said. How would you feel if you found out that the chief agent investigating you as a member of congress wasn't making these comments. Half trump. Trump is a disaster. Just went Jewish southern Virginia Wal-Mart I could smell the trumps support. And the most arming and revealing we'll stop it. Referring directly to Trump's candidacy. For the president's. This and this is truly incredible performance and not. The sad part is here we are at the end of the day. Struck walks out. Not in handcuffs. I wanted to go to Q a Georgetown cocktail party tonight and be re old Bible left. Setup as a hero. Truly incredible to the phones we got banks are patiently waiting Allen is first MPs and retail hi Alan. Welcome to the program. Thank thank you Ali Nat what what we've witnessed. It dank. Was one of the very top FBI officials involved in. Two of the most and are locked up and Matt did investigations of importance. And according to him. And now fully supported by the Democrats. It's perfectly okay if any law enforcement. Any investigator at any level of government can say field and saint. Things of that nature against whom ever they are investigating. And that's perfectly acceptable to Graham it's perfectly acceptable to the Democrat and it's terrified I was. And that's what was on display today truth that is what's okay with damn intimate they define themselves yet again. In a way of the news. They are. And that was what I saw today. Yup and it and it it's very disturbing. And it shows just how polarized things are when when the Democrats are more concerned. About a political agenda. Then they are about the nation's law enforcement the nation's top one of the world's top law enforcement agencies. Handing individuals. Who are so totally biased and prejudiced. Investigating. That same individual. This is this is like the days of the old Soviet Union where Stalin would go to Berea and headed up the Secret Service. And tell him what this guy has given me trouble. And the head of the secret police are so well you give me the name and I'll find the crime. It in again it is the political and I believe it this may be one of the biggest mistakes. Overall comment about the Democrats and think about this. No one misunderstand. If they juror. At this ties that were called circuit jury and that information about whoever's in charge nobody. The question that person but if the judge. What are the judge somebody presiding over all the sudden you find all these bodies are messages or letters that talked about. This entity and they're the ones he's going to be proceeding presiding and everybody knows that would be an X with. How critical is it. But the level with the investigation. And and. Truly astounding. That mr. struck still believes he did nothing wrong he acted patriotic way. And and it's the other side that is attacking him. In in his estimation I guessed unfairly. It's it's truly mind boggling. Let the democratic party's position lineup perfectly okay did it at any level law enforced. Right hand and say oh thank you Allan appreciate government and we will see in November. Now what they what the people. Think about this. 331 here on the body Mac show more of your calls are coming right up on the other side of the news rewrite that. Please explain to. Boom. An old man. As I got to hung up their from a 338 Tony QB for four hear about him I shows promise right back to the phone to get your reaction to the slug. Peter struck and his testimony to his self serving I never did and they were on my mail valuable patriotic public chairman blah blah blah. And never from burns along on his cellphone and I generally wait to get his take on this money say never and. Bobby how are you doing today so smooth that. That's right yet. I would say I was ashamed that you have a little problem what that play played back to Dallas opened you're gonna. Played back a little bit more of odd saudis. At least eight. There is there's plenty more audio to come it's a four hour show. But you know after that point in time. Strong wanted to speaking out all out of contention about should be allowed to speak and county went way over it was totally out of control and I. I don't want totally out of control was reactions and the FBI people like co Meehan and struck. But I would I would really love to have our viewers I'm gonna try to do it today hopefully this whole thing that's gonna beat. Opera Auburn they signed cease and that you can go on. And and they actually. Oh it'll be all over you to one sees a man and every block there's an eminently. You'll end up not getting a little snippet here or in their which are. Which which are really you know fair. All I I've taken out of context and I. Now I'm not and that's all I'm saying is that you you have to you're more but then. Then what is gonna be commonly. You know where you can do that now I've all we've already checked never dropper we've already checked you can go to CNN and the only bought the first bike that comes up. Is struck. With his smug self righteous defensive himself. And and the caption on it is our struck. Fights boom of fights back against trig out so if you wanna talk about span CNN is your place for that. Ought not talk about CNN and I'm not talking about spot news I'm not talk about what we're talking about the actual wall. Yeah actual talks going on so. What do you think I guess I. I didn't doctored the audio clip I played it exactly that was sent. Oh yeah IBM bought. Enough that 341 Chris is on he is angry bell hi Chris and welcome to the body match or get off I need to hear. The opinions in the liberal left all I have to do is turn on BS NBC or CNN or call up never trooper. Because each and repeat their talking points verbatim. Sorry Chris welcome to the program. They've already done thank you. They aren't coming at. It's no coincidence many cute things go very well together that the only people that in this that there are uniquely qualified. The bar and not impact their work. The FBI. And the mainstream media journalists yeah. And and you know to do it together and it but yeah it is being biased but I don't such professional that it doesn't affect. Outright and it and it should GOP. And not and conservative talk radio that is attempting to destroy democracy in this country by attacking one of our. Valued institutions they Federal Bureau of Investigation will look. They Marty done so much damage to themselves how much more can hire anybody else damaged the reputation. Exactly and you know. Good to be just above it all and all at once or are able to be about at all about sir you know we're your morals is just absurd. Well they're they're the smartest guys in the room though Chris L winter. Ivy League colleges and all have law degrees and they're the ones you can really interpret. Whether or not sending a text message who says no will stop trump. Exhibits any bias and according to strong. It doesn't affect his professional judgment. He's got the wisdom of Solomon. I bet between eminent journalists mainstream media. They gathered there right down metal. Oh yeah yeah they've they've played down the middle with that no spent whatsoever. I get a everybody has biased. We exhibited bias every day when we go to. Same Mickey d.'s over Burger King or vice Versa or we used to drink a Coke instead of Pepsi everybody has their own. In nation prejudices. Their own. Preferences. And that's what those biases are their preferences. And struck has left little doubt about it is. Anything else address. You know what I think is cellphone dropping happy drove into a spot ourself from dropped out. Thank you Chris I appreciate the gulf Arab policy next she is in Greenville Ohio Paul and welcome to the Bobby Mack shale. Bobby backed thank you very much second our call us monthly Arab. I think since congress reaches an act under the capital public. The public should. Take incarcerate all these people starting literally Hillary Clinton. Up call me. Lost slugger all the people that acted again that people of this country. Especially since it was a tribal war with Afghanistan that they that Hillary did. That group of people should incarcerate those people take them. Try to. The trees and that they should be elected that our president for the rest of their life you mean like the peace push. Citizen's arrest. And that the other people. Like struck. End of roses are. Mr. Miller. They should be removed picture be taken and they should be put in print and also. Yeah if they cannot come up with a reason for the trials. Our investigation they're going to you know I think I hurt your stroke. That should be fraud waste and abuse as our taxpayers' dollars C a couple of congress' can continually. But besides that there was actually saw the gold. Yep Kabuki theater the Japanese would call it all that's missing is the white face make up. This is this is where. This kind of approach. From the out progressive left from the socialist slash marchers on the way out. That wanna turn the United States want to transform it as Obama said this is the path they are leading us down and and this turns the United States of America into a banana republic when. The individuals who are tasked. With enforcing the constitution and the laws set down by our founders when they treat that responsibility with impunity. Now when the people who are charged with enforcing the law are themselves. Violating it we got big trouble thank you Paul I appreciate the call. 346 now fourteen before for be right back here on the Bobby matchup. Now that's what Peter structured and said today taller crush or. I'm my side congressman my memory fails me on now that topic 350. Ten before four here on the body Mac show here is a bit more of my tray down a an FBI agent to a special agent Peter struck I I guess he still employed there. Although they brought Amos cardboard box and walking none of the building. And during the month of June and now stripped him of his security clearest Ayers appears some of Leo by plane today. And to struck between July 31 2016 and August 626. Team how many witness interviews did you could docked. Sport of the U Russia trump campaign alleged collusion investigation. I don't recall that have to check the case move them. We waited all that confident answered yes sir. Let's early. Similar to what you set a couple hours ago. Sir I am telling you and I would reject the characterization that I refuse to answer anything. I wanna answer these questions while I got us a direction as I walk away from the F I just ask you want and I'm looking for a number. Sir and I look is or a number I do not know without the opportunity to check the case the out. TI AL. Vince so this AM congressman now. In I'm not that I'm no longer at the FBI and hand when he had time. Working on need to webs in the garden. And trying to lower my handicap on the golf courses I chest. Can't recall. How many witness interviews we conducted between June and August. I have to I'd have to consult the case file. On that unfortunately there are unavailable to masons on them walked down a the FBI building. Two to Rick who is in nine greens held next up here on the body match Ohio Rick welcome. Body bag hey we're all know what the number wise do you wrote a leader at all. Klux Downey and death your right Downey is a lawyer he never asked the question. But he doesn't know the answer to. You got it you gotta look let me settle up. Open for everybody here I am I practiced on moan don't 42 years you do not you do not show by yes. In loans being an investigation. By what you do. You show why it's an investigation. By what you don't do. Intra scare you don't. The witness under hoped. You don't take notes have your interview you don't see their computer you don't take their laptops and their and their opponents. You you don't investigate. Key witnesses that you give them immunity. Buying decision all by what you don't do. And the Clinton investigation is. We're old whip obituary of rice has done that general practice seven investigation. And the IG report may feel that now what they said why they didn't see. Evidence of bias in the investigation by the documents that they had book documents they have is only showing you what they did do you. It's notched cards there are no documents establishing what you didn't do exactly. That's where the bios walk yeah we all know. It is I'm is it conceivable Rick that. There again escaped on nests. Look. Hatred that you did Bobby but yeah so yeah no one no one's going to jail pretty right no one. They're all going to be made and a martyr so are all going to be made into political poster children yep heroes left. Heroes of bola you've got it. That's AM. It is disgusting and I think the American people see what ideas that's why we rebel bit flat general election I agree that yet both Democrats and the Republican right look on both warehouse so. Spineless they're just spineless of the Democrat yep. And. And it and it leaves us. As the the great unwashed masses out here in inquirer country. In a position to do what Rick. Real leg Donald Trump and 20/20 by. A landslide that's what's gonna count. Yep I'm I've I see that I'm five foretell that as well I say that in the tea leaves also and at this this gigantic blue wave that's on the way is is they smug. No smug honestly arrogant sort of struck. Wrapping himself in the flag painting himself as a patriot. Is that going to be helpful to the Democrats in November. Now I don't think you're changing anybody's mine don't let you know all show up. As they typically do and general argument although their candidate but what I think it's gonna do it energized. Flyover America the rest of the vote. Be black blood in America loving taker on the show up like we did the last election I bacon and larger number outlets are not out I think it's important. We're gonna kick the bums out I think you're gonna see a eight seat change in twenty point. I appreciate the call Rick and I appreciate the legal analysis in fact I hang on money and he's gonna get your number in case I need defense. Yes absolutely. And some instance of jurisprudence in the future occasion can't be too careful. Glad they're glad you're in a number I appreciated that director I'll be emigrate afternoons are going to be to join us. Money quickly M delve into the Tex wind here so I'm way behind on that Bob struck. Must still have his clearance because he said he may lose it by the end of the day. Oh yeah I missed that part. But those idiots in Washington are making our country look stupid that they continue to show us what children they truly are far from down. Bob how are getting a national referendum going with one question who's a bigger enemy enemy of America rush or the Democrats. I want to see the national polling on that mean to. Bob why is Lisa page not in jail while this never ran from camp. In Jesse by the way yesterday. When now Lisa page the other star crossed lover. Involved in the extramarital relationship with mr. struck. Now refused. To attend. Now the invitation. Congressional so. That's not an invitation to a garden party. As a penis as drag your butt down here in just a thought. They gave her three options testifying today was struck testifying tomorrow behind closed doors. Or sending the Capitol Hill police war. Around she's a vote tomorrow yeah. What do you know as it so happens my calendar is clear tomorrow I'll come and testify behind closed doors. Well you know National League Seoul. Friday free for all should be. I'm thrilled as well our number two is on the way next.