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Thursday, July 12th
Peter Strzok testifies on Capitol Hill

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Row only true. On Capitol Hill. If your Peter struck. Here I you probably feel like that. You didn't realize you had scheduled a visit with the prawn trawler just. And you're having a root canal on the same day. But until its turnaround from a guy but look. It's a basic tenant of conservatism actions have consequences. And strokes actions are now under the microscope. Of the M various committees on I Capitol Hill and and he's getting his fair share videos. And it swelled as error. Welcome back Julie hello in our number true Leo Bobby Mack show. And and part tool of Peter struck vs the world. The state continues director himself in the flag. And defend his patriotic actions in not saying F trump and damage trump was a disaster or nay is. The devil incarnate and everything else and all the text messages with Lisa picked. How true the Bobby Mack show underway and it's always your input is invited encourage and welcome. Carries eight Ingles advantage hotline number for you to join me 800. 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address Bob and 1063 WORD. Dot com in on the taxed a wide bodied a did you see the clip. Oh win nine. He told me I didn't give a damn what he thought yes we played that the first hour and I'm sure won't play it again. As we upper single call. Bobby Mack have you heard what caused the emergency. In quotes and the EIB headquarters rush not on today. No. I'm not in contact. With them I know that they were having some technical. Die few goalies yesterday. And apparently it blew up into something major today rush actually doesn't show. From his own facility. And not Palm Beach, Florida. Am via satellite and I don't know if they had problems with us sat connection. Or there were equipment problems in the studio or computer problems and cannot be fixed in time. I am I am unaware that ever having happened before. To Limbaugh show. Ask some ahead AM the Hannah last minute Phil and cost and I'm assuming he'll get everything squared away by tomorrow. And and rush may have an explanation. On his own website. And what Rush Limbaugh dot count ran. Al Bobby Mack countless hearings numerous witnesses millions of dollars spent and nobody is asked one question. What exactly did the Russians do to interfere with our elections but no other nation has done. There are questions. Money did you say extra. X crawled marital if you know I should act straw. But you know considering out. They parties involved. My body Howie Carr. Open up Baston. How used to be on the same time I am one hour short rays on 36 heavily. On our sister station WRKO. In Boston. And you know I have I have. Body shamed Lisa page for her resemblance to secretariat. Now horse faced. And unkind I get that you know if sophomoric. But that's what we do. Well when I got home last night my baby doll Brenda don't see that Howie Carr. All they showed yesterday he's not he's still on WRKO. But he'll left. The intercom family. Because he hadn't I don't know they had some argument was David Field who's the president of the company. You know who's gonna win that went so how you left Entercom. And now syndicates his show throughout New England. On numerous other stations which are not a bad idea. And he's now back he is third on WRKO his they picked up his syndicated show parent. And so how yesterday was you talk facts. Police are paid to us horsing around with them Peter struck. Her testimony is expected to be on Brian old he's not there's just one after the other. So yeah I think I'm bad. Inning I go on beyond the pale. Now. Text messenger when. And so wide I think you underestimate the level of voter fraud real safe from me frantic left. Republicans include. Yeah. Although there's an old saying in politics it's hard to steal a landslide. Dan. Bob I don't understand why they're gonna let Lisa page testified behind closed dole worst. Should base she should be strapped to a post and quipped for an hour and then question. Bob check out bill marsh FaceBook page well no thanks. I go to Britain get myself a note access. Now Bobby Peter struck is still employed the FBI. Well why in the hell does that. He quarter. I'm Bob I believe the word hero or looking forest deplorable it's. Yes better than going against then. Bob remember when mark fuhrman's character that OJ trial. When mark fuhrman's character was impugned by allegations of bias against black people struck as impugn his integrity when there's infidelity. Bigotry against southerners and biased text messages. I'm Bob struck must still have a square and he said because he said he may illusion by the end of the day. While. I'm Bob I knew this before but have come they come to the conclusion again today in and god is the universal leader impatient. Because I've wanted to her role lightning. Lightning bolts of every member of the Democrat committee doing the investigation into Peter struck today on TV it just driving crates. Yeah as expected you know they're gonna make struck and police and paint and only. They're all going to be poster children for heroes. Of the left. Of any resistance. Of these socialist Marxist progressive agenda. They're patriotic heroes. While. Now Bobby Knight trailer was on fire today still list. Apparently because they're they're going through round two right now in fact I'll Willy go mart on another of my favorites former judge. Lilly go homered as a congressman from Texas sees he's been on witness before he is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. And and he erupted on struck today as well. When you have text messages. Mr. struck the way you do saying the things you did. You've been better all. Coming in here and say that was my bias and you kind of get around that little bit when you say hey you know everybody's got political views. Kyle biases. And we all have them and you have commandeered said I don't bias. And you do with the stripe faced and dodged in the in the private testimony you gave. And I told some the other guys he is really good he's lying he knows we know he's lying and he'd probably passed polygraph point it's seven. My age mr. chairman. Now it's Christian parent I'm Aggies on Democrats are trying to interrupt one at quarter. Now the generals state his point of order the a member of this committee just asserted that this witness who is under oath and if former agent FBI lied there's no evidence that I asked him to withdraw our. I do now with joy he is not a member of congress it's not a violation of the rule. And just as you have been expressing buys through your members about what Helio and again they. It'll our general and let Eric characterize it went out and buy an island Yemen. Not just generally run allos film. Know that disgraced mr. white this man has done the gentleman from back as will suspend for her is the displaced. And it won't be recaptured anytime soon because of the damage you've done to the justices it's. And I talked FBI agents around the country Uga and bears they own you can bears yours yourself. And I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little Smart. How many times did you look so innocent in your wives. And to horror about I'll. Your mom hello I'm bill he and his shooting on why didn't ask her. You term loan mess there. Their chairman and here you have got to stop them from telling the truth mr. chairman. He is Raffarin sing a real extramarital. Affair. But this witness and with Lisa patiently former FBI attorney. And congressmen go homered cannot be allowed to tell the truth in an open hearing in congress. So I abject. It is is that is injection. Moly Gilbert's telling the truth. Sixteen after four be right back. Here we go again as if will go Olmert didn't give Peter struck down hard enough way to go all. And and make the out the Liberal Democrats hands on the committee explode. By bringing up his extramarital affair with Lisa page now trade dowdy is back. Questioning and election join him. A lot on presumptive that there may be something like impeachment but you gotta pick which one you want. I'm either convinced. That there's impeachment. Arm convince which you just read that there's no there there. And the reality sir if you look at it is the fact that I was looking at this with an open mind and saying I don't know what actually is. Agents struggled all the universe of options that's not the one hot minute but all the universe of options you know looking at something what an open mind is not the one I picked Nancy obviously went to conclude from that only now. I'll tell you the one that I've decked. The one I picked. And it breaks my heart to say this about an agent for an agency that I have tremendous respect for US counterintelligence. Officer. Had no interest and participating in aid counterintelligence. Investigation that was not going to lead to impeachment knows just how wide read it this. If ever autos linemen leave our list item in their marquise you are assuming I have someone else and aren't. Chairman you're coming to conclusions on someone else's. Viewpoints in hearing I I'm about to witness obvious our moderates my time in the Jolie's not recognize. I hesitated part because in my gut sensing concerned. There's no big bear there. Serb man what are you concerned wasn't there. Served my concern. Was not knowing given these allegations. Blunt the existed whether on the one hand there was no criminal activity whatsoever. Towards the middle that there are individuals kind of pursuing their own agendas for their own self enrichment. Are on the far end. That there might be an impeachable offense what I want and that's a guy answer by answer your question what my course is why would you not want to investigate that sir I did want to investigate that that is not what you're reading what you're reading is my trying to decide. What I want to do with the course of my career and whether to stay is a deputy assistant director in the counterintelligence division. While I have oversight of a wide variety of threats around the globe. Or whether I want to remove myself. And go work on something special counsel's office. It is very specific that is going to take that I don't Holler and who's gonna do impeachment where you're out of votes are but what to your parents you. Earlier now one really important ordered a distraught this each minute and that all of our regular order now amid and a half over these kids are every day that oil honor and I didn't have to try yeah. Next word. Of impeachment. And had four big words of no big bear bear and the reality is you know full well I said boat and you know why I said vote. Why did that and what I'm telling you under oath. Is that I did not know what existed I had pre judge nothing. That was all to be determined. And that is a logical way for investigators. Attorneys and starting to approach with the political death penalty and impeachment is not the logical way a neutral just passion you know political requirement or to any not every effort is on Thursday is right now we're gonna get a second and control your health. Anybody expect this committee to control itself. An out of control think you've been on this committee asked why can't you leave that alone this is not saying god these she nodded gentle lady from New Jersey is recognized. We recognize congress from you recommend that. Paula Holland area but it. First on the sister act I want to thank you for your service mr. stern. He missed just respect I think you made a big mistake your batteries should make an hour is an am morning Euro are finally your everyday at AM with the idea. They gentlewoman from New Jersey. It's. A Johnny this is rich. This is rich but this descend the sad truth is. Then when when all this is said and done nobody's going to jail. What's reconstruct it will be charged with conducting a bogus investigation from biased investigators. At a crime. Probably should be. Under the best of my knowledge it's not. What's gonna happen he's gonna get back. He was an important guy you're hurting I was a deputy director for counterintelligence. Investigating. Incidents all over the globe. When I wasn't. Having an extra marital affair with somebody at work too wet and then it was found out. And then I got shipped off to the human resource is division of the FBI. Which is another question entirely. How can you have an extramarital affair when they co worker. And you're sent to. Human resource is. I would like to see a copy of the FBI. Guidelines. There employee manual. And see if it says it's perfectly okay. And ten have an extramarital affair when a coworker. As a DOJ. And and still be employed. And not only that they sent to HR. 'cause any caucus you know advised. Somebody who is sentenced to eight jar from some other division of the FBI. Because they're having an extramarital affair. What's what's is what's his counseling. Enemy well look you know just make sure your husband or wife whenever and done phone and find out about it. Truly incredible. Bob correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't private correspondence in this case the text messages that matched. Actual actions actions taken the if so facto evidence of intent of wrongdoing. I'll let the call from Rick the attorney before the news of the top of the hour so look the evidence of bias. Is not what they did it's what they didn't do and then he recounted the whole litany of all the things were not done. In Hillary Clinton investigation. They allowed. The people that go work actually under investigation. To be given waivers and immunity. They allowed the Clinton campaign to destroy computers to use bleach bit. I'm two. Destroy hard drives to destroy telephones. They allowed Hillary to be questioned in an on the record and interview not under oath that Komi didn't even bother to attend mean the list goes on and off. Bobby I don't know if schmuck stroke is gonna get away with a best time Bobby his error against. Might just mayor Berry. More people then himself. I'm Bob what was a gimmick or representative for Marilyn bringing up Steve Bannon into the makes a system muddy the waters. Saying they should just subpoena bantam at and it's a reference. To Lisa page having been subpoenaed and not showing up yesterday. Abacus Steve Bannon apparently were subpoenaed at one point nine and he didn't show up. Bob colonoscopy was no and it's as anesthesia might be a good punishment for struck. And page now that I think other. Ford 29 here in the balmy night show we will I go to the phones only come right back and is ready to go in a new senator. Here on a hot and heavy Thursday edition of the bunny match up. And you know the other truly sad thing welcome mat for 38. They truly sad thing is intent tonight and Peter struck and now Lisa page going to be celebrated at Georgetown circuit cocktail parties don't have flattering. Profile pieces and I in the Washington Post about what great patriots how they're standing up for the integrity the FBI. Which they themselves. Have denigrate. And now it's it's getting addressing their back for round two in the afternoon hearings and now. Now mr. struck me as being questioned about whether or are not. He was cleared. To view or some classified material because it turns out in January of 2016. And pat. That is in other words that he had not been fought heard he had done not undergone a polygraph exam. Within a certain specified period of time and as a result he is clearance was in question. Now as he counterintelligence. Assistant director of counterintelligence he had a top secret clearance went what is known as some. SC IA clearances. Removed. Individual investigations. Or individual. Things that are being looked at whether it's by a Langley or in SA or by the FBI. Have a level above top secret clearance that is once referred Jewish SCI. That is secure classified information. Okay. An and it's inches if you open a file cabinet roar. And each one of these investigations was a separate file some of them you are cleared to look at other you are not. Where Lou now it turns out that down mr. struck did not have the proper clearance. To see some of these SCI documents. Now structure has testified he was unaware. That being out of scope. I would be a polygraph. Meant that he could not have access to these top secret classified documents which he did. So another words feels looking at Steffi had no clear Ecstasy. Tell boy. Telephones were young governor Jimmy is on he's an easily thanks for waiting Gerri good to have you here. Yeah and then we vocal Gloria. I know are right. Okay. Well we will still be we will stipulate for the record Jimmie that you're not. A practitioner of law. On our record go eat it didn't make no more than. They've committed a brawl then manufacture. It but it literally no prospect has not wish they manufactured evidence to help. This kind of store to begin with the draw Russia in this. That's true if you had to be outright if you're talking about. Hillary's campaign. Paying. This just group that rounds up nasty information about other candidates yes. They did it runs it was a trumped up. Business. That they took to the fire is a court that was based. On non on non factual information you are correct. Caught and Annette oh yes they are you welcome nodded I'm not a sport per warmed up their art in all yes but didn't. And it didn't nicks and you're. Lying to congress. Well and glad that congress already called peace accord requiring people misinterpret. Eagle dreaded airport then maybe it is you time what we're gonna go to. And and the other thing here. They're independent but he I don't know hardly afford to could towards and away it broke 198. We had going. Well what do you know what you might connect events in the senate candidate appropriateness of where they're you know all right thank. In other words when he stated we will not crippled billion credit that that's a pretty. Well lit little white east since its. Yeah I am and I think most people would take it that way you look in desert does it show he is intent. I he says it doesn't show any bias and Albany was perfectly capable. Of non performing his professional duties without any prejudice despite the fact that he sending text messages to his lover. Saying F trump and now what she says it trumps not gonna get elected he says no will stop him. There are eager to hear expert on their com they'll. And number there are. No more and their obvious that a billion dollar. There's been great gig they lose they didn't then look basing. Content might open ended and there could lure people are saying you've got a great deal in the if we're going to throw it right. And that could look. Well I don't look at look at the general who was forced to land to give up being a national security advisor and had to sell his home in Alexandria. To pay us 300000 dollar legal streets. Bet they know. I don't know how we can get quiet that we are in a large number currently we can tour the. Yeah clear out the top floor. What it was quick start dared. Open pit right it would have all that Kim of Korea Italy Pope might note that we have been so much followed it with Julian. And I'm patent and you don't work there Hillary anger but this brawl in buying it. They edit the carpet breakdown of where they're being withdrawal yes the team got a big crime and that number worn. They will have to clean up if they have the cult of know what what we can live in the league sport weekly crude. No candidate. And and well that's exactly what I meant thank you thank you Jimmy that's exactly what I meant. When I said when they people who are charged with enforcing the laws are themselves breaking numb. We got a big trouble. Ed is next museum of Spartanburg hi Ed thank you for waiting good to have you here. I anybody appreciate you being in the air Saddam. I have but it basic questions one. Not when days up people being interviewed and questioned. Leave. This committee are tight automatically this mr. candidate do you recall. Now they can be recall. Yeah yeah if there are if there are continuing questions. That they want answered they can recall them to testify again. They may they may do that. If they're that should all information. That they have discovered they can recall link individual. Connected to see that it per. And that is my understanding. Tech sector question you thank you would PPI on this guy to actually. Let certain people. Kind of slap until the elections. They're going down nationwide on our favor and in the field surrounded about Republicans. That's an interesting thought they the committee structure is always going to be though. Pay out a majority and minority construct. Even Republicans managed to win more seats in the house and sent. Right but it would be much stronger all the cattle like. Custard slapstick it. Well as the general said what's the matter where those Indians they were fine at the dance last night. A but thanks for everything you do a place for you as many elite. That I think UN appreciated and money penny says that thanks much he appreciates that as well. Quarterly 45 here in the bombing Mac show I go to the phones directly wanna come right back. He ally of this text message Bob you are one sided. Yes you're right I am one side and I'm on the side of getting to the truth. 10 before 5 o'clock until the phones we have John as next champions in Greer hello John and welcome to the program. Anybody I you don't so far soon. Understand I've got hurt and a statement and and I am more skill question are sick of running and it went. Why can't we tell Corey Gatti and steroid use in the S word we use excrement. Yeah I mean that's what. The California air in front some of their own worst. Are talking about removing them to excrement and plastic bags out of the front of their stores that people could always yell at San Francisco. Exactly. On the other thing here as I was looking up last night. The or they they color they are all where you can arrest unarmed citizens array yep citizens are. And it means different committees. From what I understand do not have the ability. To actually be. Issue an arrest warrant. Internet the white yeah okay so. As a citizen. In most in eight states they actually have all. That allow citizens arranged. In Washington DC. It's not actually. One of the things that you actually break a ball but if you entice somebody to do something that they. Don't normally days. Yeah and citizen's arrest would be warrant. Now you can hurt them you can't beat them Bryant and rubber holed some. If you can hold them until the police get dire. Then that is a legal right past. Now. If I'm wrong. I'm wrong but how about a whole bunch of us go up Washington isn't it too much a coming out to know what worked in you know. A what are you what are you going to charge them with with being biased against a presidential candidate. Not look younger it. I I wish that weren't official legal charge. But I'm afraid at this point it's not John. But a thing here is you're talking about who is it that looked like a horn Lisa pants and yeah. Lisa page in the world bank and play and let that Camilla looked like or just banking and here. Well. Pacquiao but those are the bricks and their more diplomatic tension now. Under my breath and I hit a bad bet yeah I appreciate it a great thank you John I hope you do as well James is next and he has in my stomping grounds of Taylor's. Hi James and welcome to the Thursday edition. Thanks Charlie good to be here I'm. I'm a pretty calm guy and it was also a number of very calmly backed up to date journalist and I'll let these two. The hearings they'd let back out I. Also enraged at. Erica so amid all this corruption and obvious violence what is the local special late on candidate. And he just the very tip of the iceberg if anybody out there are still. Doubt the fact that our government is contaminated. Privately some top to bottom it every aspect of our federal government FBI. CR eighty. Executive branch judicial branch when you name it we have so much corruption. That has been building this festering for years and years and years. Army 80% of people who live on Capitol Hill made because the restart yeah. I would agree and and the evidence I think is is out there for anybody who cares don't look. Always a learner DI at the Internal Revenue Service going after conservative groups. They Environmental Protection Agency wanting to take. They Clean Water Act to be able to use that to regulate a puddle and somebody's backyard the examples. Extend over the horizon. Well and you look at main justice shockwaves went on trial won the presidency. He was a major outsider. Let me just let it still felt that the government screw up and then look to elaborate on one other time you saw it. They want it right it's one thing after another from both sides of the golf before trying to stop it and given that these 285 dirt on him. He shot the system so badly. They won in state they had no choice but it just sort of normal and that is the most obvious sign of mass that corruption in my opinion. I mean there's no further evidence they. Well and and and I collected and went and and a collective delusion. On the part of the last day or they are suffering from trump do arrangement syndrome here we are. A 530 some days since president trouble staying in office and they are still all. Unable to come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is the 45 president of the United States think that it's it's unacceptable to them. Exactly but now in Mississippi I'll situation. Lead attorney general. And nor the inspector Darryl. Can they not play a more active public role in policing the FBI are getting trailer all the pilots and the corruption. Jumping up we're doing something and he's privately or publicly that help plane going to. And that's a great question the inspector general. Is tasked. With reviewing the activities that have gone on within that agency but I don't believe. He has any power to remove anybody he can suggest. SNC is the ING of the Department of Justice he can suggested the attorney general. This individual should no longer be here and that's what happened with McCabe and and that's also what happened with combing. But I would do I would agree with you though the list needs to be extended for much further down the line. WW down because we can't I mean are up more study is gonna collapse of this. This corruption majorities are rampant now in May be beyond beyond salvation that I mean there's got to be a handful of people. With good intentions to good heart clear thinkers who understands. Common sense. People end power to do something about it and do applaud what they know the bill momentum and get a movement started there's got to be a key people somewhere. They can do that. I would agree and fortunately for us and going to be organizer and me and went out there what's a mobile fortunately for us jams one of hum. Is the president of the United States thank you for the call. Our number 3 the 5 o'clock follies is on the way next.