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Thursday, July 12th
Peter Strzok testifies on Capitol Hill

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Easy is it is a big tell us aria. Lisa page and AM backer. Nearly got getting away with they've 5 o'clock o'clock lazy most heavily commuted hour of the bombing Mac electric radio program. It is banned now a hot time in the old town of DC today. At a welcoming and here we go it is and the hearing. And in front of a trade Donnie and I Jim could lead they Republican from Virginia and Peter struck. Is the man of the hour he and now feels as if he has a band CA propped apologist. And had a root canal and sank a classic is being subjected to questions about why he did what he did in the investigation. Into Hillary Clinton. And know why he sent all of those text messages to his. Ex lover Lisa page denigrating the candidates. For the Republican Party dump truck appears valued join me and be a part of the conversation angles advantage stock line number. It is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address is Bob and 1063 WORG dot com. It has been hot and heavy on the hill today. In the earlier session this morning. The fourth district congressman trade Downey. Gave Peter struck a hard way to go and it denigrated into worse than that and this afternoon first of all. Bump up on me see if I can go back and find the sound bite. From I'm gonna have to tell line he sings back out again but he need to hear the audio from my trade Downey and between Trey Downey and down. And the FBI sent Peter struck and and will get these all lined up and now and reeled them off for you because they are. Worth the price of admission first of all to the phones we go here in the follies beginning with Rutan. Who is on herself on high Rutan and welcome to the shelves. Bobby heck I. Asked why are. You a bit. What. Has just crack me yeah it's a way yeah yeah I. Will ever know. What do what does this time sicker and sicker rally is that his name or something like that. I. Am. And any. Twitty. And then try asking questions. I'd like that. It Democrats are tired. Coming and it kind of current. Obama. Not. HD it. Ultimately. Yet and I can eat and are they trying to get it right. That particular Jordan. Or her back or to. The food people don't hear him. Wait for Johnson at Georgia to get straight to you agree me. I am cold. Like Hank Johnson yeah yeah concerned about the long hitting home now. Back. For him at Q according main island. Or not want. It to the it's brilliant. Writer. Made sure it no this. These these guys are going to be heroes left love forever. I. Got. Out. Lie detector. Yes boy Ray Allen and yes he wants. College I hate to clean. Out your underwear. Well. There. He. I don't know if they if there I guess there's AM. A CBS nearby maybe he was wise enough to pick up some depends before it before you headed to the hill. Today. You may. Thorough. And spotlight after inflict that lie detector. Or not. Powell a eight. Net finally somebody is aiming at a party what aimed to be able to do to. Yes that's right he did not have clearance to be looking at things and he was looking at. And he got caught on. Exactly and expect him I don't have to in my personal information. And I love Bob good black just absolutely with. Put everybody in their place he had just come in stand. And Willie go Merck and don't forget about him because we're gonna play his sound like I'm well. He gave a speech and speaking of thank you Ruth and I appreciate and by the way were his tenure on the something. With this all leading back to Obama. Because we now know what number one. Obama said publicly. On national television he didn't know that Hillary was using a private email server. Well then why have emails from here all month. Then discovered on Hillary's email server if he didn't know she was using a private server. He didn't send those emails to weigh. Stage dot gov email address he sent it to whatever they email address was her hellish private server above and beyond that. We also know now all that fusion GPS. This this bunch in Washington. That comes up with what they politely call opposition research. That is digging up dirt on the candidate in the other party. We know that Obama. Hired for using GPS in 2008. To dig up dirt and I'm sorry in 2012. To dig up dirt on Mitt Romney. So this is nothing new with Hillary to get this fusion GPS group to come up when this phony baloney trump dossier. But they gave to the FBI. That the FBI then took to defies the court to be able to us. By and the trump campaign. It all started with a Obama. You think Obama didn't tell Hillary may get these fusion GPS guys they work for me against Romney now all they can find against Romney. Was that he'd done put this dog on top of the station wagon and went on vacation and a great. As that was the worst they can fund apparently they haven't even found that went to a Donald Trump and collision when the Russians. In on the tax line Bob I like to see politicians yet shoot up as much as the next person. But when are we gonna start seeing these people go to jail. Sadly. Probably never. Now Bob like many I also like to hear Trey got a bark and unfortunately there's no bite. And I hit in terms of people going to jail in and ruin the previous text. You're right. John is now should he is and Taylor's hi John and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Up sorry John there we go. Getting at the line completely pushed on one for some reason that now it finally connection hi John welcome. Okay here that's not what we're going to barrel or normal look there's been some current share they're really. In one of the things that caught the first thing is that I'm going to miss him even now what the president what was collected vacuum. You know the certitude in November 2016. The salute now you La. 2019 the last time I checked correctly you know this kind of going on there and so in the the end of size and our sites. And it's originally like this thing was so what if Clinton doesn't want to. And now this isn't like that that should have been able to do to change together do what you want it to do what I thought I could do but I don't know. During the world a little. But they killed those sounds and all this playing Everett. Yeah the other thing. To me is these people have been exposed to be more PR you know more. The good partner who yes I mean you know. You could rise and you continued good Ole hole in what you burial is subject. To somebody particularly in recent. And these people put stuff like dude democratic democratic politics people. I mean not just the total there is just unbelievable that somebody. And sampling dismissed due to let the other people at the turn it works with their young. The star or what we have here Lisa page and struck rack you going to be Smart enough and both physically and you will somebody's door pulling up. Well yeah it was actually a text message rather than an email that your assumption is correct once you get sick and. It's out there forever. I'm a text messaging the Mormon when you write a densely text message but you're going to say don't realize. That these people. Booted out there are a black out or get their roots are but they're also ideologically and indoctrinated. They can't use logic and common sense to look like it shouldn't. There and that's that's one of the big big concerns on the world is part that still don't know what looked real purpose but it. Yeah out but I've you know I've I wish I could say were a she and it's a guess Yond. And I'm afraid it's taking us down a road that leads to a very unhappy collude on the conclusions. Appreciate the gulf thank you very much and I'm I'm an agreement. They may be pretty Smart they may be well educated but they're not very one that's sixteen after five be right back. It has certainly been worth the price of admission and Washington a day at these hearings with that. FBI agent Peter struck. He has a parent anti trump biased boiling over. As a top Republican nasty smirking. I struck whether he was lying under almost the same way he lied to his wife. While he carried on an affair with now former FBI lawyer Lisa page. We'll play and that sound bite from a legal Merck and additional aid and I got into it with. At trade Downey. At me and who have. What's questioning him on amount. The number of non of emails and text message been to and he said he and would have to go back and consult the case files. And and Downey was critical of him for that and enemies and that he was as struck said he was. Offended. And that he didn't appreciate. The M in the line of questioning. To which tray Johnny replied and I quote I don't give a damn what you appreciate. Agent struck. Here is say here's a lowly go homered into the afternoon section. Of rail AM driving a nice home here. When you have text messages. Mr. struck the way you do saying the things you did. You've been better solve. Coming in here and say what that was my bias and you kind of get around that little bit when you say hey you know everybody's got political views. Over the pile biases. And we all have them and you have commandeered said I don't bias. And you duke with a stripe place and I watched in the in the private testimony you gave. And I told some the other guys he is really good he's lying he knows we know he's lying and he'd probably passed polygraph point it's seven. My age mr. chairman. Now it's just spiralled and Democrats and Jack the president this point of order that's now. The generals state his point of order the a member of this committee just asserted that this witness who is under oath and if former agent FBI lied there's no evidence that I guess that's just a signal in your character from Rhode Island he is not a member of congress it's not a violation of the rule. And just as you have been expressing buys through your members about what Helio yeah they. It'll our general and let Eric characterize it went out and buy an island you gentlemen I'd not just generally run allos elm. Know the disgraced mr. white this man has done the gentleman from Texas will suspend for her is that displaced. And it won't be recaptured anytime soon because of the damage you've done to the justices it's. And I talked FBI agents around the country Uga and bears they own you can bears yours itself. And I can't help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little Smart. How many times did you look so innocent in your wives. And to horror about our message. Chairman. Mr. chairman I am Jack's. They messed. We are not mastered Olmert as telling the truth. Mr. Ballmer is making a factual reference. To the illicit. Unfair. That this witness had with former FBI a lawyer Lisa page. And here on Capitol Hill mr. chairman the last thing we need to hear especially on national television is the truth. I have Jack mister chairman on the grounds that he's he's asking a question that is based in fact. Which is exactly what Willie gum it was out of Lugo homered to a former judge by the lack. Wow and I Eugene is along this evening he's and Pauline hello Eugene let's say you. I don't vote. While demolition and then I heard you talking earlier and you talking about but it would have been different our citizens. You don't pay HC won't turn toward ever right. We Immelt though so alert to hit the out master stroke scrawl whatever length. I'd change octane OK he had his badge. Now that they've even that you are playing. They still had a different way to do it play out. He had a way to do some battle they would imposition. Or they can really create trouble. Their ball you can have Airbus but with a certain area where nobody. Anywhere near a position to date Serb. Well he Washington's national low low level per Asia fair trial. His his biases and his obvious prejudices. Are are being expressed by the man who is conducting the investigation. Into the individual he has biased against how can anybody expect to have a new troll. Impartial investigation. When you've got the guy who is 10 they Hanson the investigation. Tweeting out. Are texting I should say after trump. I trump is an idiot and trumpet is a disaster. Will stop him. This is not the guy that you want to heading year investigation. Now Randy is not on next and is an Anderson hi Randy and welcome to the Bobby Mac Chia. And thanks product presage if they tell local blue ones so mad at me I know what is it it's ridiculous that they you know we're we're still I have this has at this hour. I. Am a lot ought to a man who wore out there a clear that we should be I have sore and you know what's fashion don't watch or NATO and or so in that deputy yet another option in the position that here and so if you have addressed it or he kids eat at or east they have. Email text and eternally company we will have a job. Not on only at great all went without progress that I like you about it. Now let me hear your your right grandy somebody needs to nudge Jeff Sessions and tell I'm a super is getting cult. Eloquently put it there ditch talks aren't my outlined what right does Tre Kelley I don't want to dates. Just you know it Ethier right Abbie you hate it says. Position at least they they're. You know avoid important. Why do we not have a special prosecutor to investigate all this stuff and since train is leaving the fourth district why don't we have him handed up as a special prosecutor. Ariel ami are saying it carries into a yeah back in our. It is pitch if she if she were to beat that they did we hear a lot different if you're in that position that while we've got weird we got amassed. Yeah I've I suspect you're absolutely right thanks Randy. Here is the the exchange. As as they're gonna say in the TV newsroom tonight here's the money bite. The money sound bite between now Trey got Ian Peter struck. And your testimony is Bob Mueller did not kick you off because of the content of your text he kicked you all because of some appearance that he was worried about my testimony what you ask and what I've responded to was that he ticked me off because of my bias I'm stating to you it is not my understanding that he ticked me off because of any bias. But it was done based on the appearance. If you wanna represent which is that accurate or am happy to answer a question but I don't appreciate. What was originally said being changed I don't give them which he appreciated your strong I don't appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus working all two major investigations your 26 today. I rest my case. 529 here in the body Mac show and he's ready in the new senator I'm right back on the other side. Ingles advantage dog line is open Torrey for a change 803471063. Be right back. Welcome back. He's on Independence Day had fireworks. At it couldn't hold a Al Roman candle to what transpired down on the hill today. They they had to a break off the hearings because they house members had to go vote. And there was some issue on the floor some bill in the fourth man to vote on are they coming back to these same money thing they are coming back. So Peter struck. Probably right now shaking AM brief break and I'm thinking to himself I needed to him and and probably make that a double. Now Reporting and already raucous hours along congressional hearing and bearing in mind this is this is day one. Because Lisa page. The the other parent more of mr. struck me at DOJ lawyer with whom he was having an extramarital affair. That. Act congressman Louie donors. Who were in Dallas week Kurt didn't destroying all kinds of outrage from Democrats can't bring that up. When no it's true budget. After. Lisa page. Yesterday. Refused and invitation. From congress. An invitation in the form of a subpoena by the way which is not an invitation it's not a request. That if you have time on your calendar. Indian squeezes them on your agenda please come down and talk to us a subpoena not means. Drag your blood down here and and answer our questions. So following her refusal yesterday to honor the subpoena and show up. Ashy was given three alternatives number one. Testified today a long way as Peter struck. Number true testify in a closed. Hearing tomorrow before the committee. Or on number three go to the graybar hotel while you think about it. And it gives you just can't you know say well I'm just gonna ignore the subpoena. So she will be there tomorrow now that will be a closed door hearing but yeah Washington weeks like a silk. All right the Titanic. Had fewer leaks. And Capitol Hill. So will now almost immediately what she had to say in the closed door hearing meantime today. Started this morning struck in Downey went and it. The end smog and now. Smiling and not arrogant and Peter struck at who has wrapped himself in the flag yup. Even though the obvious biased displayed in this text messages show that he hated Donald Trump. And wanted Hillary to weigh down and probably would do whatever was necessary try and ensure it. But that didn't display any bias on his part because in his Solomon like wisdom. He was able to schizophrenic place separate. He Peter struck who hates Donald Trump. And trump supporters from the Peter struck who was working on me Hillary email investigation and then later. The Mahler investigation. Into trump and the alleged collusion with a rations. But that good Twain shall never meet. Say he he has this this bifurcated mind. You didn't get us separate. Now I'm schizophrenic and so why. And and nobody's nobody's mine so. He went added with trade caddie and then Louis Gilbert got after him and then on. Another member of the committee and I'm not sure exactly who that was because I didn't see is nameplate. A Republican. Asked Peter struck. About how many times you've been polygraphed and how many he had passed. And how many times she had been found what is referred to as out of scope. Now which is saying. Buzz word now would then they have one force from an intelligence community is a means he hasn't successfully. Passed day of a resent. Polygraph exam and so therefore. He may have his clearances restricted. Well turns out that mister Straka was out months ago. And while he was looking at a number of documents or classified. Above top secret. That is secure. Compartmentalized. Information. SCI for short he was looking at SCI information. But he was not cleared to bail walking yet. And as explanation for that he was not aware. Then under DOJ FBI policy if he was out of scope he should not be seeing those materials. Can't. They already raucous hours long congressional hearing and FBI agent Peter strikes apparent and heat from biased. Boiled over this afternoon as a top Republican asked these smirking struck smirking is in quotes that Sally was referred to violently dumber. Whether he was lying under oath the same way he'll lied to his wife. While he carried on an affair with now former FBI lawyer Lisa page. Yeah yeah you can just imagine. And now it's Israel sweatshop. Down there at the FBI these days running and an oracle late again tonight. And here at the salt mines have been rumor mill thing. To answer your question it was represented him Doug Collins but I. Doug Collins. Former. Basketball player now accounts. I don't know I doubt it just so in the morning. In any event. That brought the house down the Democrats of course roundly and gently put no water mister chairman. And congressman from Texas is bringing up factual information. That reflects poorly on the witness and we can't have that. Olmert. Chatting over the objections of the Democrats the disgrace is what this man has done to our justice system. I can't help but wonder when I see a looking there was little smirk. How many times did you look so innocent and your wife size and liner about Lisa page low. Democrats immediately erupting in a more objections when one yelling mister chairman this is intolerable. Harassment of the witness. And another calling out you need your medication. While they need their medication. Turns their head you're exploding. Okay just answer your question. Doug Collins this is something strange like the Kennedy Lincoln connection yeah okay Doug Collins represented. Was born in 1966 at least 51. Doug Collins the American basketball player I'm a basketball against Tennessee basketball yes yes tournaments Doug Collins the basketball player was born in 1951. 66 years ago. Wow. Now that is kind of dude dude dude dude dude. Now that. That's one of those of that does kind of not. Are the mouse parent out front kind of falls into the category. So you can now me go to our website and I'm sure we have some of the links up to into this stuff and not anyone have more. In our news in the top of the hour because. We're expecting the phone is not over yet. I once they get the most concluded on the floor of the house are coming back for round three. Get your popcorn ready quarterly four cent share in the mommy Mac show. Welcome back it's at 51510 minutes now before 6 o'clock here in the AM Bobby Mack show. Bosnia I say Peter struck got served. By dowdy boom. I'm Bob we need to act like that that John Anderson song says take some rope and just just a slowing in gemstone slang and I'm Bob what is San Francisco not at least put Porta potty on every block and just maintain them better than a biohazard. They have now. And much more cost effective. Bob I sent you an email about some thoughts on struck that struck me today from Allen aren't Spartanburg thanks Alan. Now I'm now on have to dig out and out. A body think Downey is leaving DC because he knows no matter what he does these people are never going to be punished the way they should be a bet that's part of it. That that is so certainly part of what were you pointing to Monica and they're they're rapid restart and so will rejoin part of that first of all though let's go to Lou who is and Campobello hi Lou and welcome Bobby Mack shelf. Thanks buddy how are you candidate. You know I I think a let it a little bit more hypocrite SpinRite is but hypocrisy out on the brat. And the Democrats here's Peter struck at least they think buried on an extramarital affair and the Democrats are jumping at their defense. When the Republicans bring that up and wanna talk about it but yet. With Donald Trump and stormy Daniels an alleged that they're not been confirmed but Democrats can't wait every single opportunity. To bring that out so you'd think it land. What a Democrat when a deputy director of the FBI is not I at all. But chipped out his comfort that they're gonna try no matter what. Okay of the Democrats wanted to and a and the president of the United States interpreter or what they say you could more conservative than them. And the extramarital prayer every angle and channel and every single little chart want to talk about it and not be. And and Steve Cohen and Democrat representative. From Memphis. I told struck he ought to get the purple heart for a fifth floor subjecting himself to the testimony that he was like he had a choice. Well I mean apparently at least it is just circumstance you'd you have to try. If you and I were subpoenaed and we decided that we need support I meant to show our. I have a feeling and with Don the uniforms are you know last. We're show up and make sure we can't. Who is that who is that you mention Lou. If they that they think they asked Kirk to Dubai. He'd get past the I guess he needed more time. All you may not hit or. Up yeah you mean now we shall pay it. Yeah she needed more time that he didn't show up. Bobby well without ever being huge let me see it at anybody that would be. That would be never. You're right Google can and I think I don't agree with tree happy why she's sleeping but I agree with the statement. Yeah one of them are hurt and it any type of I hear any I don't appear content. It's going to be smack on the hand and we're gonna. It struck 128000. Dollars is gonna make the deputy director. Right yeah. But don't hypocrisy at it's they went about it next hurdle there they wanna pull it demand. Instructed that they wanted to defend them telling you I don't even think they didn't defend their hypocrisy anymore. And and yet you know you know that the media will celebrate this guy he's. He is wrapping himself in the flag and claiming patriotism. As the out. At as the ground work is the basis. For everything he did add and the FBI I I started the program today. I start the program today Lou Mike quoting Samuel Johnson. Who while wave back in the early days of this country in the nineteenth century. Made them famous enough phrase. Patriotism. Is Neal last refuge of a scoundrel and and he meant that. In reference to what I believe we're seeing today from Peter struck and that is phony. Patriotism. His his patriotism his loyalty. Is to the deep state that's that's where his loyalty lies and he's proven by his own words. Now you know pocket I was talking amongst my friends I get like one of the six point three. Now what's gonna stop and I was a member of the want to pay whatever your jurisdiction is right and I was gonna populate any pot I didn't want to catch you guys go watch. I didn't wanna hear you edit or as good and they couldn't be part of the true. But I was talking like that and that was caught saying that. You tell me anybody would say oh well that's how I felt I was gonna be unbiased and get up there say. Are you kidding me yeah and it even more and I think that Democrat. All. You know and it was fascinating images early on in the AM proceedings today and I had to go back and find the sound bite when we come back. After the news on the other side. But don't German government. Bob Dylan for my Virginia. In in one of his comments to he has springs across the aisle said the Democrats. Take a look. And these text messages that were exchanged. Between struck and and Lisa page. And and it's substitute. Your name. For Donald Trump. How would you feel about having this individual investigate here. Did conduct and now want. Somebody yet how can this person with his obvious animosity towards the president. How can anybody tell you that Muller in it and I guess when all of a lot of money in and went back and say I need how much more blatant Tenet speak. Not much not much thank you Lou I appreciate the cone good to have you here. Al Bobby usually I'm non confrontational but today I decided to confront someone who is angry while watching the hearings just wanna say not a good idea. In a bar and the golf course after he had a bad round. The good thing I may have made a lot of friends and I think I lost one. And probably would Nolasco Lisa page Illinois jail. There's always see you back with a bonus hour coming up next.