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Thursday, July 12th
Peter Strzok testifies on Capitol Hill

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It. Someday Han. Boy. And it's still going on on Washington. In Washington. Peter struck now being questioned about using his official government phone to send personal text messages. Are we do have pointed to talk about you're welcome to join make. Ingles advantage talk line 80347106. And very common sense retirement planning text line 71307. My email Bob at 1063 WL RD down count. I yell what are they know is a good that's questioning shark now money Pennington. US. Now a congressman Ross and I who has a copy of the DOJ is ethics guidelines that the manual because I have been. Screaming ever since we learned about. Peter struck canning the out illicit affair with Lisa page. Now whether or not. That was approved. If it was OK under DOJ and FBI guidelines. I had to have an affair with a coworker. Somehow I'm thinking that probably is in violation. Of there their ethics. Manual but one a lineup. I in my email this afternoon. Bobby Mack. This guy referring to struck. This guys arrogance knows no bounds beyond setting himself as the arbiter. Of the 2016 election no he'll never become president will stop it. We need an insurance policy as we discussed in Andy's office. At sandy McCabe the now departed deputy director of the FBI. Hillary should win the 100 million to zero. Those were some of the tax. Two point stepped struck me today one. When asked whether he ever considered. Refusal. From investigations. In light of his overwhelming. Personal bias for Hillary and against trump. He essentially answered that his own confidence. And his infallible ability to keep his political beliefs from influencing his actions. Allowed hill not to be the judge of whether he should accusing Zelda like. Yes your honor I can sit on the jury in this trial. Of the murder of myself all of the trial of my son for murder and I can render an unbiased decision. And second just like Hillary struck also declared himself the proper one to judge which if any. Of his personal texts and emails should be given to investigators. And we should trust his total objectivity. That's like the guy pulled over by a top serve he would turn your back. I'll go through my own pockets and the contents of my car and determine what you need to see. From Alan. When your rights. You're right. And on a text line Bobbie it was refreshing to hear congress admit. A monkey and two bags of peanuts can do a better job. Then they have done so far. Did the phones we go beginning and the bonus hour with ray who is also. And now my stomping grounds in that Taylor hi ray and welcome to the program. AS about the Mac I'm telling you look unlike you I'm on the same center all. I'm water where all these women who went marched then washed and then all these women stood up. About how the women were treated in disrespect to bound man. We're what I memorabilia. They go about Steve sure he says it's not like Mary didn't treat Chauncey site where no man. Yeah no doubt. What you want this output I'm I'm talent yet it it is beyond my true this is beyond comprehension. You know we're the only thing that I did today when that's all want us all of it doesn't get sick to my stomach. Plus the fact that will last how close we came. To this country being taken over and we're still layer while the people still in the FB while they still and it's. Developed backup on together march administrate I. Yup there's the 64 dollar question why is mr. raid as still that the FBI director why why is. Rosen C why is he still there he's part of this deep state come home as well. I just don't dwell on what they're they're heavily entrenched. In every venue in government. From mama Lois Werner at the IRS to the people at the EPA. Through everything and the Department of Education. Which educates no one that wants to indoctrinate all of America's children in do not progressive ideology and the list goes on or not. But say one thing and and I gotta go and listen you've. The stand up for America and which I love I mean nobody does it better but. Yet to recent won't listen to really get rid of the constitution because by the constitution through some lost this is treason yes this is the best you know. Everything they're doing this is treasonous act against this country normally want to delay its test case. And and no wonder other Democrats wanna scream outrage and not an object mister chairman. We can't have this kind of thing happening in this committee because they're telling the truth. I'd stop gap right instead of telling the truth your honor we can't have that in a guardrail. And should. It thirtieth through you. Half fact half Build-A-Bear. You heard about this money thing yes they did you Build-A-Bear for what the price. In a price as your age gap discipline at the mall today. Al Bobby I want to Build-A-Bear Ashley Bobby Mack there. Well certainly started pelting me with their parts and yelling get out of here you racist Nazi. Yeah Korea doesn't surprise me in the way in the race. Oh gee somebody you guys are missing a big 85 closed both directions and Anderson counting. We dig out any did that then 00 this came six minutes ago and to share about that I'm I'm a little behind and catching a project my bad. Bump up. And Bob remember the scene in the first season of the Walking Dead when he showed I 85 and all the car stopped. That's the way it looks. Right now. Up to highway 17 and 78 to liberty exit. I wish we had that horse a record dry. I'm Bobby well that Lisa page wanna face what do figure to more legs and she'd look like. Trigger. Bob so you're saying as she has a horse race. Bob you love and you've taken a page. And it page. From the script of young fraud contained and put it to beautiful years kudos to you sooner. But you man wrongly mentioned. Lisa page. Cynthia foundry and Joseph is nationality is on his cell high gel and welcome to the bunny match up. Eight RB I used doing so far so. Airport appear at a actually order special what Albert. They had to choose her and of course Summers ago. And it was a mirror image or. Her Lal he out. Yeah I was like it'll just you know you you can't tell the difference from the real thing. Dot accurate and back to start talk you. Have. Park are a part question. Her try Gabby you're in the paper tiger yup. You know there and it was normal to get rich yellen. Which he does very little has written he does love the camera no question about it. But of course when camera there are suspected little stunned and does not in a battle why can't be. About the idiot stir checking out the fire why. Yes arch to be done about. Two NY where they do. Good question he should be fired already. I don't know what his relationship as Michael Rosen signed. But I'm I'm guessing. He must be tight. With rose's son I don't know if he has you know pictures from the FBI Christmas party at the Hoover building and Rosen signers and I'm. Or watched. But there there has to be a reason why this guy has not been especially at least. You know Lisa page. And I salie some cash. Recent page had a good sense to resigned from the FBI back in May. But I guess is guys protecting its pension I don't know. Well just try not. The ball succession secession and not have also heard this being I don't understand. Sessions as the boss of all of them. But he's dozing off into his soup right now. Why are. Damn good question I'm I'm I wish I had an answer for him thank you with a gold JoAnne and believe me. I share your frustration. That. A bunch of these people. Are still at the Hoover building. Well I guess structures on suspension. I thought but he he said that. His. Security clearance had been non taken away. And he just testified today he was looking at secure documents two days ago. A tummy still has access. Inquiring minds want to know be right back. Believe we do have vol one more sound bite from. Mr. struck in his senate testimony under for the AM house oversight. Committed I think. I'm mr. struck as they you broke for recess last time a surge say I needed her and Nam make it a double 622. Here and AM Bobby mash up by the way I got a couple of text messages and people saying that. They're having some difficulty. Getting the a radio dot com app to work properly if you're in that category. Just go to go on the web and go to support. At radio dot com. Support. And radio dot com and now they'll be able to fix you right up hopefully they'll solve whatever. Hand problem you are dealing with a these hearings have now resumed on Capitol Hill let's say we cannot pick up a little bit of the ongoing testimony. Now right now. Now I'm not sure who and what we're picking up. Investigation and number two attorney general sessions is a Republican. Appointed by Donald Trump rod Rosen Stein is a Republican appointed by Donald Trump. James combing is a Republican appointed by Donald Trump FBI director ray is a Republican. Appointed by Donald Trump and Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican so this would have to be a Republican conspiracy some looking for evidence of the Republican conspiracy. And all I could find with a kind of statements that you've been arraigned dawn today someone ask you about those statements. In the spring of 2016. Senator Ted Cruz caught double Donald Trump the big quote sniffling coward a pathological. Liar. And this cereal for land or was this attack on trumped by senator Ted Cruz a coordinated. Now for his actions. In not. In the Hillary email investigation trying to do everything they possibly could to make guy Hillary appears likely pure as the driven snow. And and proceed with the trump investigation and a collusion with the Russians have never happened. I've struck today also refused to answer house freedom caucus co-founder Jim Jordan. When he asked which individuals. Gave the FBI. Three copies of the trump dossier. Claiming the FBI will not allow him to divulge his sources. Structure and while the FBI won't let me tell. If he's now art I'm Jessie is still an FBI agent. But it is suspended wondered what's he do and conferring with the FBI lawyers. As a trade Jonny I think pointed out or maybe it was Bob go to it and you shouldn't be talking an FBI liars Scientology your own attorney but not FBI liars. Struck appearing before the joint house committee and I hearing today to discuss his role in the investigation into. An alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election after Jordan got struck. On the record. Admitting to having read these so called trump dossier that junk put together by fusion GPS. And the Ohio representative zoned in on an email struck sent to a number of intelligence officials. Including a woman he was having an extramarital affair whereas that would be of course. Lisa page. Struck guys discussed in that email. (%expletive) I want. Should it take a look at this this is an email he wrote to Lisa page bill jam and copied Andy MacKay. The subject is buss speed is about to publish they dossier. Are you familiar with this email I am struck replied. It says this. Comparing now the set is only identical to what McCain. Had. Parentheses as it has differences. From what it was given to us by corn and Simpson did you write all of that. Struck try to get around the question that Jordan persisted it says Peter struck and it says still Lisa page and all want to keep people of the FBI did you write it. Struck replied I did. Right this Jordan. Then tried to figure out who the corn and Simpson struck was a reference saying and what their relation was. To the end of the dossier and the various versions and there were going around and bear in mind. This is what the FBI took to defy is a court. To be able to get clearance from the applies a court to spy on the trump campaign. Struck said that he was unable to answer that question under FBI direction. And Jordan continued I wanna figure this out. A construct your referencing. Three copies of this dossier. The buzz speed copy you have the one John McCain staff gave do you and the one that she is that you got from corn and Simpson. The one McCain gave to you and the one bus speed has are identical. But the corn and Simpson one is different. Jordan are referencing David Corn a reporter. Who works for mother Jones. That is as you might imagine you left wing web site and Glenn Simpson. A founder of the opposition research firm behind the trump dossier fusion GPS. Struck refused to answer that there were three copies of the dossier presented to the FBI. Despite the fact that he referenced them in his email. When he senate to intelligence officials. The last portion of Jordan and structure interaction. Dealt with whether or not Simpson or anyone from fusion GPS. Made contact. With the FBI. Let me ask you one other question. Glenn Simpson that's a guy from fusion GPS. Testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last August did anyone from fusion. Have any standing in Glen sends a Glenn Simpson says he ever spoke with the FBI how as he never spoke of the FBI. How wizard and you got a copy of the dossier from Simpson. Struck said not only did he never speak to Simpson he never spoke to anyone Jordan mentioned. Sir I can tell you I never had contact with fusion mister Simpson when mr. Korb very briefly Sara analog to do that. There's an appropriate time for oversight an issue well now. The editors of the ended investigation once it's included I'm certain congress shall absolutely and the opportunity to look at any investigation. Once it's closed and ask all these questions and I would love to answer region everyone at once the FBI alas when to do that. No once again in past classifying and cantor talk about that. Al west is on he is in career high Wesson welcomed the bunny match up. I've got to get after me now it's a magazine he started going down to read this rock column. You don't know that I know look at sufficiently explained and I don't cheat and it's just. So ironic that the two biggest. Rob Krantz. Here. You know and we know how much below. Don't try McCain hazy and Lindsay Wanda what net I can't help that very night William Clark. Well I don't know if Lindsay ever actually got the dossier are not now I know them McCain. When he heard the dossier existed since one of his age to England. Our England are out there to see mr. Steele the former spy to get a copy on it and then he made sure got into the hands of the FBI but it was a lot of. Contact the canning didn't heats up some in the whole the whole McGill but yeah you know another clash. I know enough. Of the founding partners and I am at all when you sit down and you look in you think how many hundred years ago these gas mailed out. This form of gut. Now he's gonna were not working genius in Iowa and and and got till he had. Right and everything it balanced and one thing can have Riverside at the other. Get content on meet somebody's. Got to be able to ask you idiots each question and answer can't be well I can't tell you it. Yeah and and it goes further than that quest thank you for the column right up against and it goes further than that. Some money. Estimate culpable. For all of us and actions have consequences. And if they don't. If Lisa page and struck Ken McCabe and act combing an arrest them and walk away and write their books and make millions. There is something drastically wrong in this equation. 630 here on the money Mac show and he's got the latest on the traffic and 85 won a match be right back. And the beat goes on her on the hill. Peter struck a still answering questions from members of the committee that Democrats. Asking him hard hitting questions like mr. struck. Do you think date in major the FBI has been damaged wildest no certainly not be able still all the FBI in high regard congresswoman. As to which America says. Rye at 63822. Before seven in on the tax line. Bobby CBS did a little better than PBS on hearing. They showed I don't give a damn from dowdy and they showed Little League go emerged and they infidelity. Reference now that would be of course involving Lisa page. Bonnie do you smell something burning a hole instructs pants they are on fire. And John Jackson Lee Bob let's say he blizzard out here. I am. Bob I'd like to see someone wipe that. Snotty arrogant smirk off of a mr. strokes. Face. Catcher. Now Bob I'm with a caller said we need an assertion the question why are these people still bear. I mean is truly beginning to seem very ill and are alike were living in some kind of a strange may tricks. Well depend which which pill did you take the red the blue. Al Bob if Lisa page should. Had a child with I'm John Kerry they'd have to name it. CBS yes. Now Bonnie why would anybody want to defame trigger. Al Bob can you please tell me or Jeff Sessions isn't why doesn't he step in and stop this. I mean what's next FBI raids on Trump's Supreme Court pick. Probably. Bobby out on the streets it seems as if the tension level is around. Going up to I'd Defcon whatever fast. And this point shouldn't the conservatives in Washington just don't take over fire all these losers dump all the rest. Deal whether he'd take the majority rules and move on and they don't it's gonna get ugly it's already. Now Bobby. Marcia. Jail time for ignoring a subpoena. I was threatened when jail time for not showing up from jury duty from five states away. They have not even dealing with not bags all day long and so refreshing to get the car for the ride home and listen to us to some sanity. Big deep breath. So what Bubba structures cannot write a book like I told me and not Clinton and that went all the Democrat. Criminals do by the way while the L horse sound bite. And pop up. Now Bob any member of your listening audience could come up with questions for struck. Backed up by evidence that would put him and others in jail. Why are the Republicans so I'm prepared. My available listen to an educated gentlemen reference top secret information. My father stationed at FTD in Dayton. We went off and be disturbed by the persons explanations. And so much of which they obviously had no understanding. I your show it's truly an education all. Who listen thank you appreciate that very much to the phones we go. Roy Rogers. Is on the phonies H calling from mount. Whatever own wife he has now moved on and hello Roy Iowa and your TV show with Nellie Mel and Nan and triggered all the rest. Banker Mitchell Markel aren't into the ghost so little good. About your hopper with you in our Kohler. American bundled Margolis and sold and they're about words. Well it's it's not really the ghost of trigger. It it's just stayed. It's a generic. Now horse winning netware users so you shouldn't and don't take it personal. Lord merlot. OK okay Roy. I never though we hear from Roy Rogers. I'm not today's show went today you just you never know and you know the phones now Walter is next up is in Spartanburg hi Walter and welcome to Lee Bobby Mac program. Nobody. I'd bet stop. Summer by habitat and by that I bet a lot of Iraq I try to. But well I don't drop. In about. Surely you equals 38 he'll be order like that today. You know what you got a point you've you've got a valid point and and all these classified documents. That the FBI and the DOJ refused to release the president can declassify all of those and you'll see everything that's I don't. That art so. You have crops not an ERE. That it. Do his job now he's not a pulse and it they can't they met. Pay that well. And maybe meet got a problem. And you know I like Jeff Sessions. I've met the man. On on several occasions when house in Washington any always struck me as a standup guy. And not ask staunch conservative and yet. Boy on on this one he's just he's off the reservation and Q your point if sessions is not getting the job done as they AG. Maybe he should go as well. Well Urlacher sent out by edit drop out but at the trop might have a lot of Graham regularly patrol but the bottom line here. The man they do is job. We need to quit billions. So I am I'm also upright but we always try to beat out conservative Rick Bob yeah walking on sales. And 88 debate we need to. Harm rattlesnake. Rattles like or yeah. Is lack. Certainly won't let it trial debate wrap it did not get out all the backlog. Easement. She faced no they did not. Eric wrote whatever she might prepared they should they consider it. There Rhett and not at all sure what I doubt and to the wouldn't. You know you know yet entered it philosophically I agree what you won't German in the real world. Conservatives are out there working for a living and all these demonstrators this anti font crowd and all the rest. They're being paid to show up by George Soros sense the only job they have so. And we're we're kind of outgunned there. Well my peers I'm Wheaties that what their Arnott. We won't do it baby blue Lullabot. But these were there will be ups and muddy did you read this garbage that there and that it like it's happened it will work. I don't know what I watched any CEO but they had a true story don't get out about being a city. Back out these mobs or should take over every night and it took beat Chile and the job and it took to kill an animal. Bet that finally stood up warm night they'd back goddess amber wait stood there. Nigeria thanks Walter I appreciate the call 64614. Before seven be right back. Duke made us and the background. Jesus is just. All rights with Maine. 6:50 HM before 7 o'clock a machine I can now make a valiant effort catching up with the tax line here in the closing minutes. Bobbie my favorite T shirt guns don't kill people I killed people. Yeah K forewarned is a forearm and I guess right. Bob good stroke is doing his job one thing at a time from Steve. Well he's certainly explained a NATO. Held a Cali to cabbage. Now look at. US taxpayers and I can they continue to tote the notes for France and Germany a bell gem on the list goes on ad nauseam. In NATO. The first place NATO was in reaction to. The Cold War and the Soviet Union and a threat from them invading Western Europe. As Soviet Union had been around since 1991. And about time Malia. Dealt with things as they are rather than as they used to be. How about they trump is not gonna classified us documents at least not until Hillary announces her campaign. And then not until October. Of 28 point eight. October surprise Hillary. She'd be honest to Pete she is she's harder to kill them Dracula politically I mean you know as a candidate. She just won't take no for an answer. Emaciated if you try to run against Obama got whacked as she ran against trump. Can she stacked the deck of the deck against Bernie to get the nomination and trump Waechter. And now already she's gonna be out on the road again. You know be appearing at some big event with Bernie. And a wealth ul. Senator out summer fall winter or spring. Focus Honda so Elizabeth Warren from on Massachusetts. Bobbie we need to go on offense instead of defense. And a say in it for years in I'll go the laughed. Tries to. Claim the moral high ground. Now when in fact done they have absolutely no claim to it. Al Bobbie it's all about timing trump will make some moves after the mid terms. On the east congressional hearings are about as useless as a screen door on a submarine nobody gets fired or goes to jail and now. I know it's. Frustrating. Now Bobby what Clinton and not only wrote books. Who knew. Yeah there are filling up our warehouses. And down Barnes & Noble all over the country. Now Bobby I was just waiting today for somebody on the committee to yell out don't take a brown said. I repeat don't take a brown ascent. For those there that weren't Woodstock that's that's a flashback reference there. Al bubbly mood we might wanna cut mister Gatti some slack he knows. It's a hopeless cause up there at least he chose to get out. Bump up the room. I know I have some more and you're gonna need to catch up with. And I'm scrolling back down to find a. Tune. I think I may be caught up I'm I may actually be caught up. Ul Bob I hung on everything where's where's this from again. I Julia Bob there was something terribly sad. About eight to launch towers being brought down and down the cape today Cape Canaveral. Which was lost in the craziness of this deal we just struck. But as a kid I hill and hung on everything from Gus Grissom through Neil Armstrong. My goodness Bob with a simple but fruitful times those were awestruck when a man taken out and dealt with by. He'd he'd he had he probably well. Who knows count most. I'm sorry Bob I just don't recall at this time. Struck stroke. Bob I can't pick up your program on my iPad or iPhone is an on new York and don't want to miss your show thanks. As you're having problems. With you in it in. I'm among certain here's whether you couldn't pay you know because you're still using it to an and app or maybe our app. Both of which have gone away. Now on the way to listen. Is the radio dot com app radio dot com. Just don't go to your App Store download radio dot com. And if you're having problems bone away and few text messages at people having some problems getting loaded and playing right. Go to support. And radio dot com support. And radio downtown. And down. Hopefully they'll be able to. Fix your problem. Bob how ironic watching a black female politician. Defending AY mail law enforcement officer who worked. For a white female. One of them said today on. One of the Democrat congress and senate. And here I am I young black men not defending the FBI. The irony. Bobbie how many of these dams can even define a point of border much less how to use him properly not met me. Apparently. It's been an interesting day tomorrow will be as well as Lisa page will be on him. Have a great evening singing tomorrow on job the last. Fortunately I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show for. In the words of mystical people to. And Marines. Yeah. Bryan. Must be going. And I must be tell me. Happiness anger at I. Eve. I hate it. It's. Yeah.