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Monday, July 16th
Trump and Putin meeting; 5 random facts

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GAAP. All too predictable. Alter predictable the a reaction of the out progressive dams and a socialist Marxist. Social Democrat party. And now there cohorts. The well laying the water carriers in the media. Blow my trump terrible some two at worst presidential summit meeting ever aren't. And now Vinny got a John Brennan who got out of office. Muslim prayer cloths on and off. The crew say the Dow the president should I guess be impeached for Jersey committed high crimes and misdemeanors above anybody should recognize. When those are that would be on John Brennan. You know it. It is remarkably similar to oh I remember last week a week ago the president and announced he is. Choice to be a Supreme Court nominee. And all laid out the page Soros demonstrators are out fraud the supreme guard where their pre made signs. That I have a blank spot for the name of the nominee. To be written Nalen. It didn't matter who the nominee was going to be they are gonna stand in opposition to it no matter who it was insert name here. Whereas that was the tone of that stuff I'm talent it just. They are all too predictable here we go getting underway on Monday. And meantime in Helsinki of course president trump meeting with the boy had to. Vladimir Putin's. We've got bunch in the audio from that you are valued join me and be a part of the conversation here on the first work day of the week. And just grabbed the phone use the angles advantage talk line 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address Bob 1063 W a RD dot can I tell you what let's begin by flashing back in time. Two. President Obama's. Final news conference where he talked amount. The Russian collusion. And theory and this is what President Obama. Had to say about it. Not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you. He says he told Russian president Vladimir Putin's directly to in his words cut it out he says the breaches stopped after that. But the Democrats emails had already been released on which Heatley. President elect Donald Trump says it's ridiculous he doesn't think Russia was involved in the hacking of his opponent's campaign. US president Barack Obama took the opportunity to say that in itself is pretty ridiculous he says it's indisputable is going to have a full report before he leaves office. But he went out of his way to really say pretty negative things about Russia and its leader. But I. Since can't. Change us or. Significantly weaken us. Various smaller country very weaker country there economy. Doesn't produce anything in memory wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. He's promised to retaliate but didn't say how extra. Say additional sanctions are likely can't show. You know I'm president trump on Saturday said look. You know if if our intelligence agencies. Seriously why didn't Obama do anything about it well. Obama told Vladimir Putin trotted out. And we know all. Now what kind of weighty messages. Were sent. Mighty affect less Obama. And then them. Crossing of the Red Line in the Middle East on nobody paid any intentional or Obama said. Except perhaps. When he met with the out former Russian president. And and told him send a message back to Vladimir Putin before the 2012 election. Yeah well you know tell Vladimir that. I'll have more leeway. At after the election. We wait for what it is there's collusion the collusion is between the Democrats. And and the Russian state. So it was fascinating to watch today I mean it's all Kabuki theater we all get that. He Washington times. Maybe the closest thing you're gonna get to a neutral. News reporter did you know what you're getting at from CNN. And BS NBC. And the only people that that watch them are they. Hardcore. Kool Aid drinkers CNN and MB SN BC can't beat HGTV. Or the cartoon network. For viewers that's a sub. Bad things are firm for theirs they're new sources. Now Washington times aborting president trump confronted. Russian port president Vladimir Putin about hacking the US election. And mr. Bruton again denied his country's involvement. And I said we have a bunch of the sound bites from a today and let's let's begin with this. From my president trump saying the two countries would benefit. For a month better relations. I'm here today to continue the proud tradition of all American diplomacy. From the earliest days of our Republican American leaders have understood that diplomacy and engagement. Is preferable to conflict and hostility. A productive dialogue is not only good for the United States. And good for Russian. What is good for the world. And now the president touch on the topic number Russian interference. And they Tony sixteen presidential election including denying any Russian involvement. And here is up prudent through his translator. Isn't complicated once again you present trump. We should mention the issue of the so called interference of Russia when the it was American elections and I had to. The reiterate. Changed things I said several times including during our personal conversely the Russian space. Hasn't it interferes and is not going to interview and you into internal American affairs including election process. AM president also said he believes the two countries would benefit. From better relations after this meeting in Helsinki to present said. I think sent that's what lies ahead even during the tensions of the Cold War when the world looked much different than it does today. The United States and Russia were able to maintain a strong style. Let our relationship. Has never been worse. That it is now. However. That changed. As of about four hours ago. It related. Now you may remember of course when Hillary. Was secretary of state. Actually dragged herself over to Moscow and I had this big. Again and Kabuki theater the Andy reset button. There are going to push the reset button for reselling the relations between now the US and Russia. By the way they had in not so early to alphabet. What they thought. Was on the word reset on the button. And now they got it wrong and actually should something else or didn't say a recent I'm dumber one was anyway. Again about the Russian interference. Output and denied any Russian involvement of the president says does Schwarzenegger's they believe that I've. Great confidence in my intelligence people but. I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful. In his denial today and what he did is an incredible offer he offered to have. These people working on the case. Come and work with their investigators with respect to the twelve people I think that's an incredible life. That's rich. But naturally rich so essentially told Bob Mueller. Senior investigators over. And now we'll have our people work went up. Like anybody but then there's a a GRU Soviet military intelligence any bite into GRU agent is ever gonna receive a subpoena. Is ever going to. Actually. Show up and a court. No they remember they charged number about civilian. Russian its previously went to a fourteen of them something like that. And two of them actually cold mall are on that's an okay we're ready for trial. And bring it on where's your evidence. Charges dropped. Why. Charges are. Meantime. Couldn't. Any GM has pretty much the same attitude towards the press as a as president trump. And I he's not gonna take any guff on I'm a reporter asked him you know about done this. Collusion business and Putin's answer which was pretty ritual share that with you when we come right back. Quarter after three here in the Bobby Mack show as we roll on here on Monday on WORD. Rock on brother at fab four in the background. John Paul George and Ringo Beatles of course three Tony here in the money Mac show. A Miette quickly catch up with the attacks line 71 threes are seven. So you kind of back to the beginning here quickly bump up. And Bob if trump hasn't been shown any more evidence of Russian meddling and we count. Then why would he fly off the handle and forcefully accuse. Good point. Bob if the AT&T deal with Time Warner. Goes through I can guarantee they clean house and CNN how funny when that day. Just a thought every Monday. Well the guy that's the I had a CNN just done re upped they decide and don't new five year contract. Isn't it terrific job that is don't. Bob I had the displeasure of watching senator Bob quarter speak to CNN after the summit while at lunch. All I can say is put a cork and it. Carter. Yang if you miss that year saw some of what. Little man Bob Carter has sent. I just felt like the president's comments. They made us look as a nation. More like a pushover. And I was disappointed then that. Bet that cell Obama. Your thinking on senator co workers remain just look like a pushover. Can someone for vital link to stream monoline. Well we do stream online I'm a loyal listener but an unable to lesson I tried to listen button on your website and it doesn't work. If fear if you're having problems with the streaming. Are you using them. If you're still using to an end or you're still using the WORD. After those are now dead. Now those have been replaced by the radio dot com. Okay just go to your App Store download radio dot com put 1063 WL RD in your favorites list in your guts. And have you Al are having problems. When the radio dot com map you can just. Sinden a text message or an email to support. And radio dot com okay support and radio dot domino helping get squared away. I'm Bob don't forget to and Lindsey Graham Neil Cavuto and WL RD's very on Vince Coke away. Because they also allied big tolls a big tools rather for the dims and the lame stream media. Now Bobby what was the key word for this hour Al out of my work truck getting a service and mr. and that's avocado. AV OC aid deal. Ever had a fresh one and a salad. Yummy and account. Bobby was the word not avocado none avocado it's not not rural. No less sunny and just HBO C radio and account. Bobbie I have two questions first today reporter really have to be removed for disrupting. The news conference he actually else reporting a self described. Reporter. What does a self described reporter in that somebody. Who's out posing as a reporter. Any self described reporter was hauled out of Helsinki palace before president's triumphant gluten elder joint press conference today. Following a one on one meetings. And Jonathan swamp and actually Yost tweeted a video from the scene. The individual posing as a reporter held up a sign saying nuclear weapons ban. And now securities and OK you're out of here now. And my second question was that reporters named Jim Acosta. Well you're right in the Jim Acosta opposes. As they report her. Avenue was not jam in the sense it's. I'm baby doll Bruno was showing some of the people at CNN and BS NBC the other day when not trump refused to call on a constant. Sent on CNN and their fake news and and I don't on them and instead. Act called on the fox reporter said they fox reporter. I think it was John Roberts. They said that debt. The fox reporter should have handed the microphone to a Costa. Are one of the MSNBC reports so they can answer question why trump would have taken at number one and number true. If your being paid by Fox News. Your being paid to report for Fox News not to hand your microphone. To some. Jerk for a month CNN. Bobby I thought it was very telling when Vladimir Putin mentioned George Soros is interference. When elections worldwide. About time somebody did that from. Bobby does of Vladimir Putin in anyway shape or form have to deal with the same kind of stuff. At home that our president Bashir nowhere near. Nowhere near. Bonnie notice how the media even fox and bright part. Immediately post dozens of frantically. Crazy statements from the left and the president gets a liner to. Bob I'm not a never trapper but I wish trump would stop blaming past precedents for everything the book just man up and only here and the now. We're not talking about here and now we're talking about something that happened previous to the 2016. Election when Obama. Was the president. And I think it's a perfectly right. For the president to revisit that. How the president on Saturday reacted to the indictment of the twelve Russian military officers. So this story heard about the twelve Russian yesterday took place during the Obama administration. Not to trust administration why do you ladies something about it. Especially when it was reported that President Obama was informed by the FBI in September. Before the election. I think that's fair game. A Bobby could you please ask miss any info on many Coopers and BMW's. Are exempt from this that southern shield. Thing zoom zoom Paul fifty ingrained. No especially the in glass of the immersed. Now they are most especially targeted and are anything but exempt especially on the crackdown on speeding that's going on on the percent. Now Bob by trump supporters remind me of back in school and kids thought they would come wealthy simply by hanging out with a rich gets. Hot. What's your point. I'm Bob not sure who are discussed this but if it's true that Hillary is making noises about running for president in 20/20. Is she sending a message to those affected do not tell what you know about my campaign because I will be back empowered to protect you. As always love your show that's an interesting thought. Body up Obama. Is the retired past master of blaming former president's gimme a break. Bob I'm from Pickens. I can't spell that even with ace. They'll check what avocado. Indio CA deal. Not mentioned. Putin was and stuff about this packing business. On the board first Rami and I go back briefly to that. Comment that was made earlier by Vladimir prudent amount done mr. Murray does investigation going through a special counsel you know again Amanda Lang. And alleged drug campaign collusion. Asked about extraditing the twelve Russians. Putin made the startling offer for mr. Mueller asked Moscow formally to hold and interrogate them. Our law enforcement are perfectly capable of questioning the Russian military officers. And relay the results of a special counsel. Britain sent. Or prudent said we can make you half way. And allow mr. Mueller to travel to Russia to observe the questioning on the officers by Russian authorities options are bound. Pollutants that. Then I tore spoon was asked you know law about dissent collusion. And I couldn't ask the reporter who asked about collusion we should be guided by facts could you name a single fact. That would definitively prove their collusion. It is utter nonsense. Prudent says just like the president recently mentioned. The public at large in the United States had a certain perceived opinion of the candidates during the campaign but there is nothing particularly. Extraordinary about it. That's the usual thing president trump when he was a candidate. He mentioned the need to restore the Russia US relationship. And it's clear that certain parts of the American society felt sympathetic about it. So where's your proof. The course there was the haughty John Brennan. A former DCI former director Central Intelligence Agency. This at the time Langley when the parking lot slower Prius is with Hillary bumper sticker wait until you hear what Brennan had to say. He had dragged himself ballclub has a Muslim prayer around long enough to send out a tweet will share of that when he on the other side of the news any is on next. Work work work work work work work work work. Accident where Mac when our noses to the grindstone and boys and ever painful for four hours each day between three and seven. Bob and Bob had some mr. money penny. On the other side of the glass pushing the button screening calls and as an aid in a new senator keeping us up to date when there are things going on the world. Hello John Brennan this guy is out poster child for a TD yes trump do you arrangement syndrome. Russian president Vladimir Putin's. And today following me out news conference in Helsinki. And a former CIA director John Brennan send. Other comments were treasonous. Now he isn't she worked he actually went there. Donald Trump's press conference performance in Helsinki rises to an exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. Brennan. Now wrote on Twitter. It was nothing short of trees and that's not only were Trump's comments in the show like he is holy holy in the pocket of Putin. Republican patriots where are you. Member on Friday I was quoting Samuel Johnson from back enough. And the eighteenth century made them famous remark. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel when he was referring of course you phony. Patriotism the patriotism of the Democrats the loyalty of the Democrats. Is did the did state. And do their own self aggrandizing and then pushing their agenda. Not to what is best for the republic. Trump and Putin of course fielding questions from reporters at the joint summit in nine Helsinki. Trump dismissed allegations that his campaign colluded with Russian government agents. Calling on the investigation into his campaign a witch hunt again which I think is an accurate description. The probe is a disaster for our country it's kept us separated. While what isn't that Obama did for eight years to try and separate. Rich verses for black vs white Christian vs everybody else. Many other religion. These are the guys that are. The the experts and keeping a separate. Now on. Now but look this is this is from Brandon. And we we know what to expect from him to the phones we go Allen is up first up today and Allen joins us from refill hi Allan and welcome to the Monday edition. Not good afternoon embody Mac out. You know. Sometimes it's easy to look at politics and they're great. At not ever actually accepting recognizing evil lying. That we will not allow categories for example if we found out that the University of Alabama had been committee. Goran and violations of recruiting. During 2014. Treat 2016. Who would be responsible. Well that would be the perpetrators would not. But I would what Nick Price that. Drive the coach he's the head coach Rick. According to the end art. Beginning in early 2014. And running up to and tree 2016. Presidential election was when this occurred. Well bought and critique is the primary. Entity in the United States government to detect. And stop this from half. Earning. That would be the FBI. FBI would be one but this is an international process so we got the. Well we also would have no Langley and we have other guys that CS AL in SH Chiming in on this as well. NSA and then there's this CI AY. Ers are and who why did it was the head coach for the CIA. During the time rank the. Mindful of their gang I'm thinking I'm thinking Gianna I can't run col Allan do you remember. Who was running the CIA a downtime. That's right that John Brent yeah else if this had been recruiting there was not detected in was not that and not dealt with. Then they hit KGB immediately fired in he would be our well that's John Brennan up Don Brennan's failed. It started. Eight he was in office the fourth day for the information that it started he would beer while it was happening. All the way yet birdies the entire presidential election no wonder screening. In one of the problems we have a yes we never hope that got accountable right and that's one of the great things about trumpet that little by little by little. Occasionally. Some of these people are getting held accountable. Now I haven't heard today I'm sure he's commented I just haven't seen his remarks. Mr. clapper who of course was brand of false. You know they do you CI used to be the top of the food chain in the intelligence game the director of central intelligence. Used to be the big the big Kahuna Bryant. But but after 9/11 when everything was re arrange. And all of this now falls under the pure via a purview of the DNI the Director of National Intelligence. That would have been not mr. clapper went and not who also has been an outspoken critic of president trump. Net limits are you know are really expected it would not surprise me if Russia. And by the same number of Americans I. That have done like activities in various countries it would not surprise me in Allen and forty point eight and in a lot of inside it's just basically true. And I know there are people who are American citizens that contribute. Two political campaign in Russia yes people it and that's not a government is not doing it and set in at some of that may or may not be out. It in play but you know what trumpet said in the scheme of my lifetime experiences in out. Russia structure as we are we everybody says they are if indeed we have a better working relationship that may date. About the only option. Now that I'm not trying to cover everything and that no understood do we listen Portland would get more right. Brian a guy. And look. Obama and all his minions. They're skirts are hardly going in ever as well remember. You know win now. Obama. Got ticked off with Bibi Netanyahu the Israeli prime minister earned camping cooling his heels downstairs in the White House for an hour. While he and moved shell had dinner upstairs. And then lectured. Mr. Netanyahu at the White House about how they should go back to the 1968. Borders. For Israel which would be suicidal. So then Obama took the guy that had run his campaign in 2008. Sent him over to Israel to run the campaign. For around. Netanyahu's. Opponent you wanna talk about messing and another country's elections. Did you see the media getting out there panties all in a one over that. Not not gonna get you know throughout all of this deal there is one powerful factor that we hat is that we. And that's really the one thing that we can do and we just stay on track with it in November. Let's continue to do the things that will allow trumped continue. To implement the things that we see happening that are that really is unbelievably good. Yup they are unbelievably good exact right thanks Alan I appreciate Danica all very much look I get out in November the people will speak. Including a one million illegals in California for Democrats can get them all bussed to the polls. But the people will speak and and all of this whistling past the graveyard from policy and chuck U Schumer on the rest about the big blue wave that's coming. There's a wave. That's coming all right. But they got the color wrong. And when it crashes down on them like a tsunami. Do you think they're outraged and screaming and their heads are exploding now. Wait until they you lose seats. In the house and senate in November. Text line Bobby you CIA director who was a Communist should also be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors yes I'm referring to Brennan. Like John Kerry who I believe served in Vietnam. And crooked Hillary Rodham tangles pantsuit Clinton. Brandon just needs to go away. But that they other point and Allen made this very germane to the issue. Nobody ever goes away not to the graybar hotel Anthony Weiner he stilled against a defense at that club found. You know Larry's boom. Most difficult part of his day while he's in the penitentiary is wondering if and yet time on the telescope but teach. Now Hillary in the rest Hillary out there making noises about running into when he joining. Wait until you hear some of the stuff she said recently to its rich. Court every 44 here on the Bobby Mack she'll be right back. How to welcome back 315 now 10 before 4 o'clock here our number one NATO bombing Mac show in on my text line. 71 threes are seven Bob once again the dams and trump haters. Are applying sol when skis rules for radicals. Make your enemy look guilty of what you are guilty. Now Bobby don't know about you but I'd like to see trump and his team on the actually had some money other than Forrest Gump. Jeff Sessions as is AG start rounding up these new world order a lead just like bread and the Muslim and the rest Bob Willis all the outrage. And calls for impeachment when Obama was on his kiss but apology world tour. Good question. Now. Speaking of not of Obama night here's a little bit more from out his last news conference of the year in 2000 sixteen. Where he was talking about. How Russian hacking shouldn't even be a part of the equation. Armed. Uniform. Intelligence assessments of the Russians were responsible for hacking. The DNC. And that's. As a consequence. It is important for us to review. All elements of that and make sure that we are preventing the kind of interference. Through cyber attacks in the future. That should be a bipartisan issue should be a partisan issue and Joseph that the Democrats of today and Meyer. Hope is that. The president elect there's going to similarly be concerned we're making sure the we don't have potential foreign influence. In our election process I don't think any American wants that. And that shouldn't be a source of an argument. I think that part of the challenge is that it gets caught up in. The carry over formal action suits and I think it is very important for us to distinguish between. The politics of the election and the need for us as a country. Both from the national security perspective but also. In terms of integrity of our election system and our democracy. Two. Make sure that we don't. Create a political football here. Yeah. Well tell that to the touch yours. Of the world because that's the first thing they immediately. Moved to do. Was to create an idea political football. And we know why. Because trump is upsetting their apple cart. They got a good game going and they're run and things there and they got the power and then all of a sudden room. 2016. Election in which Hillary is gonna win going away we all know that. I'm turns out to be all country air. As the differential access and and all of a sudden their world autism crashing down around speaking at the French. Congratulations. To all Francais. Maybe don't like Croatia. Was it should not thing. Two two win the World Cup. And the reason now the French of course won. On the world compass because the World Cup is not a war. Well bush said that said that. And it's that. Wrap up by our number one by sharing with you today is. Five random facts and now lives times and I ran into. Max I don't know where it's five random floor Monday back number one that there was one of the World War II battle that was actually fought on American soil. Now the battle of a true eighteen seed in Alaska. 1943 and from all reports it was brutal. Battle you might imagine. Fact number two the concept of the week again has only been around since eighteen and 79. Actually need term we meet again on peer to name British magazine called notes and Cleary is. Where they talked around taken Saturday and Sunday off Warner. Fact number three according to astronauts and now they on a no. Space. Smells like Ben again. Burned all my end cool genius. Or. Rotten eggs and Salmonella space spells like guests over. High heels may look good on the ladies but they were originally worn by the other gender. Men. And they were created and these sixteen hundreds. As they wage issue status. Power. Breast and I simply ensure that walking around on their four. And finally. Five ran them for today. Did you know there. When you earned a Ph.D. In Finland beat her you don't just get a diploma. Also get a sore. Cruel. Doesn't say what kind of Saber. Reindeer and plan that. Here's your Ph.D. and now by the way here's your sword to. To go it is. Quickly let's say get to the phone before this hour wraps up with George you is in not actually LLO Georgia and welcome to the Bobby Mack jail. Kudos buddy and I gotta get that I didn't pick I was there this late but I believe I have all of bailout. That bad that old stroke. I. Well you know it's 21 century America. As nation on sun told not to there's anything wrong well that. I'm telling you I was never try occur until I had to make that choice and obviously the cherry I late at any normal human being. What do what is it about Trace it down the fact that. As that as I famously said Dow last week Obama. Lied eloquently. Donald Trump tells the truth. Somewhat more crudely you decide which is the best way to go. I didn't tumbling this man says. He believed they believed at least Andy on it yes we we get it quick bit. Bickering Ronaldo it. I would agree and and your of your last point George may be out the most important one he told you what he's gonna do. And then he doesn't. Thank you for the call George great to have you here at too great wrap up to our number 12 hour of the Monday addition on the way next and another keyword.