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Monday, July 16th
Trump and Putin meeting; Amazing true facts

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And the other one good thing to do not come out of the Al last election cycle. Yeah Joseph getting underway when our number true and he Bonnie Mac O lectured radio program for the Monday Monday can't trust that day edition. Miss the key word right before. Straight for a long iron to an obligation at the end top of the hour this hour the keyword in the 8000 dollar bankroll contest. Which is now powered by. Pack Carolina campers is flow. FL OW so goal. With the flow. To seven to 81. They are contest text align number denture entry in that you have between now and well the time and I give out the next keyword. At 4159. This afternoon to get that key word in Iraq. In Romania. On the conversation today is very similar just grabbed the flowing usually Ingles advantage hardline number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. Not to be confused. When the contest. Excellent number all right so don't send the keyword to our regular tax on number send it to 72881. And of course at email is always available to you bomb and 1063. WORD not gone to the phones we go to lead off our number two when Dennis. He is a nine Chesney hi Dennis how is your Monday. Won't hurt Europe conclude there actually are the cut or that you cannot come tomorrow about. Quick deeply. Well. Yeah all the President Obama and talk about a Russian. An affair and so. Or everybody out right I didn't I. Big city including lol what shape. No we don't want Russian and here. No I don't I don't see anything wrong with what he said neither fact I wish the Democrats. Would take the advice of their former leader of their party. All peoples of for a lonely girl in the United States and I think there. What are you share which true becomes in this Russian blue eagle or interference of world war call. We could be far apart and 1000. You know we need won't begin with a make sure that that doesn't happen it could happen at all. Well and that's the key question if that happened at all. And and can't and this time you know the time the Obama may it was making those remarks there was no talk. Of collusion between the trump campaign. And and the ostensibly the Russian hacking. That only came. After their world I'm came crashing down when Hillary Osce election and all of a sudden there was no wait a minute. Trump colluded when the Russians and that's why they got elected. Well there are a lot of strange you know there are a lot playing. That happened there anatomy enables looks. Ooh wouldn't look forward Carol. Marketing and it in Paris Dubai as the contrary view and look what happened this past election. You know because people. Don't look with the people are wounded and this seems like it's important that layer. You know I've got no. You know he's trying to lol hey we gotta do. LT we've got to do that you guilty opera actual you know we got a war Gilbert felt who called the wall. I've I wish I wish the people on the left would do that. But they're the ones continue to beat the drum. Of trump is evil trump is terrible sure there are thousands of people would turn out in foreign countries and demonstrating dancing and many of them. Our our sorrows minions who are being paid did this cell. Okay what if the election won't you'll learn all around you truly want. Look at the little learning. Well thank thank thank god we don't get. Thank thank god we don't Dennis. Ten after four on brother friend. There's a long as Andrea and he is unbeatable travelers rest and neck and I'm just gonna guess that and he's feeling good time brother friend. Thank god that Kelly I'm excited. And blessed and I want to thank you for the advertisement. About how. Lot of flags and I show them. And still look demand leisure boat and flag makers. They came Bob Bob place Saturday. And increase says they it was too beautiful flags. I'll talk got a bad embryo ordered now everything. Nice on American plants. Yes down they'd make since they see 47. And I just want to thank you so much cheaper and I just have one big slide pull up their right. And I thought the yellow metal like you. Could use the flag. Looked at very generous a suggestion brother Fred thank you I appreciate and I actually have a pretty nice American flag and I also got. Now from a flag company awhile back I actually have several that I rotate through I have the American flag. I have AM South Carolina State flag. I have the the god don't tread on me to danced in flag. Anna and I also have a big rip. The other flag that flew it down the citadel. Now back in now the nineteenth century so. I'm not I appreciate down the offer maybe we could maybe if if you I don't have any major are you sure you don't wanna just alternate. Running those up and down. No no because this one you can't buy. And there's some bitter blow you away is god the DL. They haven't run over the South Carolina and it's. Oh yeah and not make this awesome. And if somebody walked up Bob bring about a Maher next day. Lush very generous of you brother Fred thank you know I'd be honored to have it and not be honored to. Fly out and I and all its glory out front of stately McLean manner. Well thank you and without saying it dead gentlemen it was strong switched over land really. Yes and I've got to talk to them about a half an hour and not say it. Did I just appreciate that I'm excited and we got vacation Bible school and it starts six so maybe acting game with the kids. Well let me upgrade because you know the end December. They can they can or not all those great things that are taught enough PBS the better off they will be through their remainder of their lives. Well if there's nobody as a place to go to the outcome of the foothills Baptist Church. In travelers rest. Excellent that's interesting I thought the Swiss I didn't realize they had flag makers as well I've done. And the Swiss were primarily bankers and not clock makers. Is flags and I'm talking about. You know it changed our number one. I just. Yeah I got to. So you don't put it all marked change so. Okay brother friend well let's let them postpone that as long as possible Shalit. Testing god bless and thank you so much Jim and I. I tried to view between Gordon you don't still work it right. And not and I had to pay taxes today in praise that I have to pay him an ounce by apple because I lived in a free country. Yes sir no sir well right Baghdad your brother frank god bless you as well and thanks for a four on the and generous. Offer the flak. Bob brother from French flag and only checks like brother friends flagged it they auctioned off to raise funds for his church has summer camp. Yeah it's it's already going. Doesn't make you do that next year right we'll hang onto the flag storage and do that next year. Raise money to sponsors some children him scholarships. To under the vacation Bible school. Above Obama stop the investigation and the attempt to stop the Russian interference according to congressional testimony apparently. They earlier collar wasn't paying attention. Bob would you. I Hillary is never going to win the president's. No getting am Bob we all should hope that Hillary runs again and Tony twenty. I wonder if she can even get the nomination. Next time around the Clinton machine has not wanted to used to be remember last time she had to round up all the super delegates to keep Bernie. From getting a nomination and peace Bernie has passed it as well now you know you know Bernie Sanders made over a million dollars each of the last two years. How much of that is Leah get annoyed Wallace socialist causes. Media quarter after four here in the Bobby Mack show take a quick break and when we come right back. Now we'll go back to the phones and I'll give you a some of the quotes from Hillary's. Latest public speaking efforts. Classic. Welcome back for tour anyone here a name Monday edition bombing Mac show and on a tax wind. So many 713070. And I hey Bobbie you feel the burn a Bernie Sanders. Also bought himself a 200000. Dollar Audi. Nothing screams I'm a socialist dictator. Like a bright red corner of a million dollar German Italian sports car. Well. And on charity begins at home and now and I'll anti gets up now mention Hillary is is back. Where they increasing her footprint as they say higher profile. These days. Now this is this from me on the web today. And I Hillary Clinton may have visions of 20/20. He or she can just keep her eyes open. The failed presidential candidate Alex should be twice failed. Started her speech to the American federation of teachers union on Friday in a bizarre way. By telling everyone how tired she walks. Well I'll tell you she said I've been back there are listening to Randi Weingarten. Has sent German speaker Lazarus before her. And I'm so exhausted I can barely stand here. I'm certainly says a lot about the riveting speech and mr. Weingarten must've given and our ms. Weingarten whichever. Clinton flashed moments of bitterness and anger to the unit into the union members gathered in Pittsburgh. Receiving the U women's rights award from the union women's rights. And a woman that. Destroy the reputations. N and character of all the women and accused her husband of everything from ray. To assault. She gets a women's right to war and she railed on how she has been oppressed. In life. When I was growing up there or scholarships I couldn't get. Colleges I couldn't attend. Thank you go to Yale. One Harvard wouldn't letter and jobs I couldn't apply for a just because I was a girl. She attacked the way out of classified ads in newspapers it wasn't so very long ago. That classified ads were divided into help wanted mail and help wanted female. Yeah has been for a long ago spent about forty years. She also criticized girls half court basketball in school. They wouldn't let us run on the full court she's net. She fear monger in stark terms against the drug administration. And supreme court judge nominee. Brent Cavanaugh. They've got into funding for public schools and universities. Ha. And. And they roll back protections against discrimination for students. Pop where. After a windy broadside against from policies she said they're trying to rip the heart out of America. I wanna turn us into transactional. Wii units. Claiming trump supporters want a man eat man Y many woman society. They wanna turn us against each other they wanted to divide and conquer. At the conclusion of the Clinton's remarks. Other union members applauded wildly. Meantime on Friday morning former secretary of state felonious Vontae ensued. Suggested the president trump Supreme Court nominee judge read Cavanaugh would bring back slavery. Did this confirm to the nation's highest court. Dead list and I quote. Let me say a word about the nomination of judge cabin onto the Supreme Court she said to the same teachers group. This nomination holes out the threat of devastating consequences for workers rights. Civil rights LG BT rights women's rights including those to make our own health decisions it's a blatant attempt by this administration. To shift the balance of the court for decades and to reverse decades of progress. Then came the kicker. I used to worry that they Republicans. Won a bid to turn the clock back to the 1950s. Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850. Eight's. Clinton clearly suggesting a truck and Kavanagh wanna return to the days when slavery was a regal. The irony is original list Supreme Court justices like Cavanaugh. Would have agreed with the Abraham Lincoln and especially on the issue of slavery. So. But in all this is this is not the uncommon. Kind of explosive. Verbiage. That there are prone to using. Your member. Joseph Biden when he was on the campaign trail other I wanna put drawback can change. We now know a bridge back and changed them. Right. 26 after four Ernest is next up and he is in Greeneville high earnest and welcome to the program. Good afternoon sir how are you so. Thank you Sarah month clash again in a campaign of I am I can't fall on your statement. Can I do wanna thank god for. Men like mr. trump. Ku. The world thought that he would never be able to meet president. But he is accomplish more. Than the average American president. She. Empowered that country tremendously. Economically. Socially. And Eva would American that you. So he is actually. Determined to help turn America back we all got to quit eight bit out of Eric. Yeah yeah now. They're a very telling point you know somebody said to me the other day. A talking about the media and their continual. Vitriolic attacks on on everything trump. And should look at at an all the accomplishments. Of of this administration to this point. The passage of the tax cut. I'm the unemployment. Being now reduced to a historic level black unemployment mean I still historical Hispanic unemployment being reduced to a historic level. And can you imagine. The reaction of the media if these things should have been accomplished under a Hillary Clinton presidency when they have been treating this the same way. Senator Sears. Here's what's on our. You know. No I Yang back and turner dollar bail Bryant. We have not too bad her nickname because. Sugar socialist. Communist hammer and that's where. All of this series is who we help. Oh these are the people that we have brought can actually knew. Thank god so far and I got from people like skeptic and bring all of something debt is good but apt title America. Kurds doubt that Manger. Goal of these people is to make sure. They can keep mega hit back at everything that they put it made this and that they able boarded. To keep. And parenthood. Active around the world. With all of the big guns and make your babies that America has Welker. Spanish and I got all these years we would have. Are not conscious. Could not a charitable base this but the main agenda. It should make sure that abortion stay legal. Order people can't destroy. That show that I don't want. It's don't you look. Amen do you don't terminate the key. Amen amen to that earnest that night I appreciate it also errant and thank you for the kind words is good to hear from me today appreciate the call very much. 430 here on the Bobby Mack Johannes ready to go on and you sent them right back on the other side. There's a lot of distraction was what happened in Helsinki today. A lot of attention being paid to the summit meeting between president trump and of Vladimir Putin. But the Middle East is. Even down in more of a state of unrest than usual. And it appears that. Hamas the Iranians. All of Israel's enemies are about ready to gang up. On Israel again will bring up to speed on the latest when we come right back here on the Bobby Mack show. There was very impressive wealth idea. For a thirty day now Tony to be 45 here in the bombing Mac show. Now in on the attacks Linus afternoon. Bob you know of the French government has totalled up the costs get a ball the nationwide vandalism. Caused by their soccer fans celebrating their World Cup victory. I hope there weren't a lot of AY all were not a lot of wine shops destroyed. Gearing me out rioting from my colonel Jan thank you colonel Jan and is always money penny and I. So duke to the phones Leo Deri is on next up here on the Monday edition I'm Gary and welcome to the Bobby Mac program. Dave Roberts greater target dates were taken a call my pleasure. You know I if I like you're all their self righteous indignation from knuckle heads like John McCain and others complaining about how. There's been an intrusion into our sacred democratic electoral process. It's just infuriating you know the United States government has been inserting itself into port elections nearly century. And the reason. That. Debt gluten got involved that the Russians that opened this one. Was payback for what happened in the Ukraine in 2000 war back in 2004. At United States government. Funded the political opposition against Victor yeah article which yeah Nicole which in the Ukraine were staunch allies have in. Since the Berlin Wall came down there has been fifteen former Soviet republics and satellite nations. There have left the access alliance and join NATO. Yeah they are the entire European map has been changed. And when this happened in the Ukraine that was the last straw because United States. On to the political opposition in the Ukraine in fact US ambassador. Victorian Nolan was our marching in the streets. Which the polluted with yeah I hope that the political opposition. You're gonna wanna. But I now know shouldn't yeah dead yet Russia shut out to help elect Donald Trump. So why and it's a narrative that continues to be repeated. All of that stopped just selling trumps laugh. Well and important. And said so today said he now I am I thought of course Bruton is gonna say that. Who could possibly believe that after Hillary. While running the State Department. Signed off and and aided and abetted selling 20% of Americans uranium. Chiller Russian company of course Putin would have preferred Hillary and there. We were so deeply involved in net in the in those events in the Ukraine. But that was the pay back to Hillary Clinton are both bought US secretary of state. And this James clapper. I'll never forget he would start he testified in front of it was either how it was to their house and senate select committee about house or senators under all. And he would ask. Beckett when he sixteen. Point blank. You think that the Russians set out to assist and help elect the ultra and he should know. They didn't think he was gonna win. Nobody did it now and he has changed his story and change direction a 180 degrees I about who got. But man is just a few select. People out of this putrid puke. Well bear. Bear in mind Geary and this is the same James clapper who testifying before congress. I went ice this. Was added tied and by the way what ever happened not licensed as an aside but it was out clapper. Who who described the Muslim Brotherhood as a secular or it shouldn't. You know I could do it's unbelievable I watched Meet the Press Sunday morning and they had a woman on their from the dirt car she repeated get narrative about. Russia setting out to elect Donald Trump and nothing could be further from the truth yeah I don't like Webber and are initially testified. They didn't think he was gonna win nobody did it works out he did you'd trump benefit from the perhaps should ask me all could be the ball but. The goal was to embarrass her. But even even that even all the congressional investigators. That have been working on nest. Even. A robber isn't shine on on Friday said not a single vote was changed as a result of any kind of collusion or interference. You know he would talk decided to run you didn't tell junior to get on the following you all the question. And he's right I'll bet but the way that that's not the way to transpire all of that spell his lap. In when he was when he was being sarcastic about it. What he was making jokes he gave them some ammunition into Milwaukee I don't email Coca ducks captain has not being used against him past total debt. He. Conspired with sound and was working with them and that's ridiculous. Hopefully unlike. Dennis that four guys that called in your lap segment he was confused. You know this business where interference in collusion those are two very distinct. And in Barry separate issues well and got like like like a lot of American people want them all together. And I think fortunately most Americans. Can see the reality and concede that distinction. And realize that he didn't conspire with the Russians are all of that ballot his lap and you make light of day and he joked about it in May have benefited from it. But that wasn't the goal of the Russians about what's in your content and initial. Well and there's there's an over arching point of this as well correct me if I'm wrong collusion is not a crime. Well I will try to turn it shouldn't take you talk to Russians or whoever they want to sink in yet. When you're against her political opposition you can go anywhere you want. I don't think there bed eat even mr. wise and probably the awards but no I'd bet you could talk a sport that I did nothing for. I think it flies in the face of logic for anybody to think that Vladimir Putin and Russian government. I'll would have any more interest in in having Donald Trump. In the White House they would much prefer to have the one man they've already dealt with on a business like basis. Where the Clinton foundation and threw her diamond secretary of state they would have much preferred to have the very pliable. For sale sign on the white house on Hillary Clinton has the occupant at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. You're probably right about that great thank you gonna talk about it. My pleasure thank you Gary appreciate your being here. In on the tax line Bob did you see Hillary's speech over the weekend yep she was talking about how we're judged by the way we treat our most helpless the young and the old. I know one challenge you're about Planned Parenthood. Yeah in well over just that way how about being judgment how we treat the onboard. Agassi to break your corner before five in the Bobby Mack show standby because they Monday edition of are amazing true facts. Comes along next here on WORT. Welcome back it's sent ten before five here in the body Mac show. I'm I'm still trying to understand. I mean I get it when now CNN and BS NBC and the John Brennan in the world. I start to act calling for around trump to be impeached. Abby Jesse at a summit meeting went down Vladimir Putin and any agreed with Goodman. Well what we don't really know for sure. I have the Russians did do it I mean I know that Don Mueller and not rose insanity FBI and charged these twelve me GRU Soviet military guys. But are they ever gonna walk into a courtroom and not likely. But I'm a little concerned when I see out the headlines like this. Trump faces bipartisan criticism over press conference with prudent and missiles from off talks. President trump faced harsh bipartisan criticism back home for his Helsinki press conference with Putin on Monday. As a lawmakers claim the US president missed a chance to stand up. To me Russian president on election meddling yeah maybe you shouldn't stand up on the way Obama didn't. Where he said he told prudent to cut it out. And of course if there was Russian not meddling then now that warning went pretty much on heated. The president for his part told the summit with gluten deeply productive. I don't know but that strikes me as being pretty good news actually. After Democrats for days called on him to want to cancel meetings in the wake of indictments. Against Russian officers for US campaign hacking trump said he would not make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics. He cited progress on a range of issues and that it would be a good thing. To get on with Russia however the president angered members of both parties by saying both countries share blame for damaged relations. Well I've I think that's a factual statement as weld and Obama improve relations with Russia and Hillary and her vaunted reset button. Improve relations with Russia. And by not firmly standing by US intelligence estimates that Russia medal in the 2016 elections. Given now what we've learned about down the FBI and DOJ. This whole Russia collusion story can you blame the president for taking an attitude. Paul Ryan rhino Wisconsin said there's no question that Russia interfered and our election of course her wrist. And continues attempts to undermine democracy here and around the world. I'm John McCain. And called the president's performance disgraceful. President trump prove not only unable and unwilling to stand up to prudent he and couldn't seem to be speaking from the same script. As a president made a conscious choice to defendant tyrant. Against a fair questions and a free press all you out right they always asked fair questions right John. John just did it it bothers me when I say to people that that to should be. You and you would hope would be more on not Trump's side. As essentially. Running down a laundry list of not on this critics but you know I guess at what they consider balance OK here we go time for today's edition all. Mom mode play. Present. There are mistakes in life and then our our mistakes and some of them actually. Break our way. One mistake paid off big time for a woman hearing Greenhill. Lottery officials say the woman won a quarter of a million dollars. After she was mistakenly. Handed a scratch off different ticket from the one she picked out. Despite the mix up the woman bought the ticket. And won. I'm gonna give to my church and then get back in the community as for me I'm good. The winner told lottery officials. The a woman. Now one on May seventh. Game four top prize is of 250000. Dollars remained in the game the odds of winning one in 660000. I cigars you asked for one ticket your game on the wrong one and it is your odds are much better than. The winning tickets sold at Red Robin hoods. On wardrobe for road in Greeneville. Money penny. Which we can see. Right out the window. There was a 250000. Dollar ticket sitting there just waiting for you money venting their command and bite and scratch it off. They knew. A scuba diver was stunned to make an unexpected find the bottom of the sea when an iPhone live up. When it received a text. Incredibly they don't they device still had more than 80% of its charge despite being dropped to the sea bed two days earlier. It is now men we reunited within two Canadian owner after it was dropped by a high Acker. Close to the coast in Dorset. Serious Perseus attention was drawn to the phone. When she noticed a flash of light of this on the scene that about thirty feet down. Slammed down. There it was in a waterproof case she scooped it up. To get back to the shore scroll through the contents. To a contact list to find its owner. It has now been returned to a grateful rob Smith whose Canadian cousin had washed it while the pair worked kayaking and durable door. Endorse that. That's a lot of alliteration frank should thank urged. Durham old door in Dorset. You're approaching the famous coastal landmark when the phone toppled over the edge of their book. Good things somebody sent attached anywhere are you weigh in on. Even though blockbuster went under almost five years ago there was still a handful of them. That were around now that is down to a mere finger. The last true blockbusters. In Alaska just announced they're closing their doors by the end of August which means. There will be only one. Blockbuster. Remaining in America. In the end Oregon. On the bright side the guy who owns a blockbuster should now still doing very well. Don't have any plans to shut down. Anytime soon. I wonder if Netflix. Is available. B and are there. Now that's that our number two the body might just embodied 5 o'clock club lays there on the way next.