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Monday, July 16th
Trump and Putin meeting; Israel and Iran relations over nuclear weapons

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Hello all out a grieving owners welcome salutation and now lightning filled all on Syria. We guess and one not come crashing. Very unfair of me out information and entertainment complex here at what referring to Arlington so afternoon thunder bumpers right on time. Great to have you along as we get underway with a portion of the program that is the most heavily commuted. Now also one on the guest soloist stat out sent via commuting unit here and AF shape it's the 5 o'clock follies and as always see your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome. Here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Guess usually Ingles advantage talk line 803471063. If you prefer to send me a text. Use the common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. Am email address is always there for you Bob. And 1063 WORD backup speaking of the email Owen before I get to that buy me a repeat. The keyword for this hour and even though you are not crying you may need a tissue. TI SS EUZ. Grab a tissue. That is the key word for this hour in a thousand dollar bankroll contest powered by our friends in Carolina camps aren't. I get that 272881. Tissue to seven to 881. That's state tax line number for the contest and hopefully. Get a winner in this hour. Asked reading about the emails I got this one from mom and pop hoosiers for a from bubbly. Might not appreciate. Regarding newspapers she remembered newspapers he should come in on Maine got tossed amend the shrubbery a buyer announcer up on the roof. And then you don't get the newspaper and you find out what was going on on the world. Rather than today where you find out what happened yesterday in the world today. And with a newspaper. Newspapers and of course turned and a buggy whip manufacturers. You list of us some of the nation's top newspapers. Who they are what they do and that's a spree again. The Wall Street Journal. Read by the people who run the country. The Washington Post. Read by the people who think Iran a country. The New York Times. Is read by people who think they should run the country and who are very good at crossword posts. USA today is read by people who think they on Iran a country that don't really understand. The New York Times. The Los Angeles Times. Read by people who wouldn't mind running the country if they can find the time. And if they didn't have to leave Southern California to do. The Boston Globe. Read by people whose parents. Used to run the country. The in new York daily new us read by people who aren't true sure who's running the country and don't really care. As long as they can get a seat on the train. The New York Post. Read by people who don't care who's running the country you as long as they do something really scandalous. Preferably you while intoxicated. But they do have the world's greatest headlines New York Post. I never forget when not urea and drop off the former premier of the Soviet Union passed away and headline in the post west and drop off Dan. Now that. These Chicago Tribune is read by people who are in prison who used to run the stage and would like to do so again. As would their constituents who are currently free on bail. They Miami Herald read by people who are running another country. But need the baseball scores. A San Francisco chronicle as read by people who aren't sure there is a country. Or that anyone is a running it but if so they oppose all look they stand for. There are occasional exceptions of the leaders are gay handicapped minority feminist atheist. And those who also happen to be illegal aliens from any other country our galaxy. Provided of course. They are not. Republicans. The National Enquirer. Read by aliens from another galaxy and the people trapped in a line at the grocery store. And finally the Seattle times. Read by people who have recently caught a fish. And need something in which to wrap it so. Yeah I know it's sad it's disappointing but the green build daily worker. And did did not make the list. And on the attacks on Al Bobby I disagree. USA today is read by someone who stayed in a Holiday Inn express. Last night. Probably. Bob why isn't anybody talking about Putin's bombshell about the 400 million illegally given day Hillary's campaign. It's a way of life for her and we do. Nothing. Right. Mommy why isn't Greeneville trying to host the 20/20 Republican Convention. A number of very solid reasons number one we don't have enough hotel rooms and number two we don't have big enough conventions. Other than that we'd via right in there. About a woman who bought the wrong scratch off ticket right across the street at the Red Robin text exit. She asked for one. Bob it's no 250. But I'll take a thousand dollar giveaway. I go. Tissue again SAQ and and doesn't minutes after 5 o'clock I mentioned the Middle East even more unsettled than usual. These days the iron dome Israeli defense system has been really active over the out past three or four days Hamas. Has been now or launching. At them. If there is a a better. Intelligence service. On non face of the earth if you're gonna rank gum. The old KGB. Would be right up there. And and may be in a photo finish with them would be most sobbed. They Israeli intelligence service they and their agents. Mossad agents. Recently. Pulled off an op. Where they got a bunch of documents. Detailing. Iran's nuclear program. If you're like god Cold War and of course Cold War is long gone by mrs. this is emerging now on being you really hot war again. Between Israel and then all of their Arab enemies. Feel like it's stories about what's going on in the a black arts. In the great game. Add documents detailing Iran's nuclear program in a dramatic six and a half hour operation in Tehran in January. Removing a trove of materials. That included partial designs for a nuclear war yet. Our member of the mullahs in Iran constantly been telling us or have no word Christian non nuclear weapons right. While the same time. The tyrannical. And dictators that run that country continued talk about wiping Israel off the map. But they continued to claim. That they have no interest in nuclear weapons well if that's the case. Then how come Mossad agents. And I got a bunch of materials included partial designs range nuclear warhead. The Iranians were planning on building up. A pretty cool story we'll share that when you and more on the summit meeting today between Putin and trump and out. Now loudly. Lame stream media is is going berserk as usual heads exploding. All Donald Trump and John Brennan the former director central intelligence. Saying how what kind of trump did was treasonous. Right the right back here on the bunny Mac show on Monday. Yeah. Welcome back. Thunder and light men. Are very frightened and 21 after five here they Monday Monday can't trust a day additionally Bobby Mack show. And on me a text line 71 threes are so I'm Bob I think the Greenville newest is read by Paul bass. As they are doing their business. Know Brian. And now liberty. Now Bobby congress does a great job humiliating our countrymen I have to give the prize in the American press. They take they take you wanted Putin's ascent in the salon reporter how stupid an aria. Now one of the reporters analysts and talked into a prudent about the Russian interference in the engine -- evidence. He yet we got some proof. That there Russians and a prayer. Let's sing it bring it on now bring it on out here on the world stage. You know be funny if Putin would tell Mahler. Right now also and one of the is out those. Of those lists twelve. And G are you Russian number military intelligence has also come over you triumph where's your evidence. That that that might be and dressing up Putin did say no the U wanna question don't. C'mon over. And now we have a police agencies share that are. Perfectly capable of questioning these twelve individuals. And your welcome go watch. Think Muller's going to be taken him up on that yeah. Right. Al Bobby don't be silly those plans weren't furry nuclear weapon and they were plans for Al alarm clock. Am member of the Muslim kid number of years ago and the science project that he took to school. This sent down bright part today Israel has revealed new details about the nuclear documents. Stolen from Iran earlier this year. Including. Information and Iranian scientists were helped by various foreign sources. In April prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a dramatic presentation. Of the 100000. Plus files. Stolen from a warehouse near Tehran. That he said proved Iran. Had lied about its nuclear program this would be shocking the Iranians. Lying. About their nuclear program. The New York Times yesterday cited unnamed nuclear experts. As saying Tehran's nuclear program has almost certainly a larger. More sophisticated and better organized. Than initially suspected. Well not more than initially suspected by media and a lot of others who knew they were up to no good. While Obama was given them whatever was a 150 billion dollars. The times reporter together with journalists from Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. We're showing keen documents from those collected at the out behest of the Israeli government the Iranian files. Made repeated mention of a substance called uranium. Duke arrived. That's huge to make neutron initiator years according to experts cited by the times uranium dent did Tehran and has no use. Except for the manufacture. Of nuclear weapons from. Well maybe they just needed it to start a few camp fires. Yeah they always claim they are just working on nuclear energy for. Deal lighting up homes across their nuclear power nuclear energy. Iran was also said to a received assistance in the air warhead. Design efforts from foreign experts. Boy imminent if they only want nuclear energy. Four as a power source. Now why would they have who designs are nuclear warheads. One of the countries and provided major assistance while the us as they. Former president you should hockey east gone. Other files recounted your not Iran's challenges in a fixing a nuclear war hand. To its existing long range missiles. To Iran eventually abandon. That enterprise. It's quite good said Robert Kelly a nuclear engineer former inspector for the IAEA. Told the times in the in the papers show these guys were working on nuclear bombs. And I don't know much human I'm certainly stunned to hear this. According to the three reports the documents reinforce Israel's assertion that game even after signing. Obama's nuclear deal and 2015. Iran maintained into goal. Other obtaining a nuclear weapon. And remember how Obama goes below as a peace in the Middle East now. This will guarantee you that Iran won't never get a nuclear when wanna bet. The files. Mention the Iranian President has son Ronnie as a member of the council for advanced technologies. And Citigroup and approve the nuclear weapons program. Iran was on the cusp. Of mastering. Key bomb making technologies. When he researcher was ordered halted in 2003. The reports also released details of malice fifteen years ago. The reports also released details on most sod that sent Israeli intelligence service. On they must sub seizure of the archive in six and a half hours went one official comparing it to the highest from ocean's eleven. Now Roy yeah except the stakes are somewhat higher here. He Mossad operatives used powerful torches to burned their way through dozens of giant shapes. Israel. Unveiled the out treasure trove of documents before president trump announced that he was imposing crippling sanctions against. Iran. Hmm. I would say. Not a moment too soon. By the way in the Al wake of the Obama the they are part of the trump and gluten news conference. Today. Chris Wallace from Fox News. Also has an exclusive interview with the Russian president. And that will be streaming. Live. On our web site. Now beginning just after 6. This evening just go 21063. WORD. Dot com. And under the Fox News special coverage. Banner. Now we will provide our coverage of Chris Wallace's exclusive interview with the Russian president starting at 606. This evening out hosted by Gerry helper from a Fox's. And I never thought I would hear a pro potent message John WRT watch pro Putin. We're not pro prudent. We are merely saying we don't necessarily believe what the American intelligence agencies are meant don't look. Look at what's been going on with the FBI and the DOJ would you have. Any questioning your mind. About why president trump would be suspicious. Of anything and everything they say they turn up. Now Bob those were not planned Sorin Iranian nuclear weapon but planned shore and a rainy and copy of a Westinghouse refrigerator. They're no longer in business Ali Westinghouse I think on. Bob bought and Debbie you wash your woman I know nothing Schultz the FBI the CIA and other missions that Mitt members of the deep state. I'm more suspect of election tampering. And the Russians. Now red rover red rover send Muller right over. Yeah. Yeah I'm holding my breath for that to happen. Bumped up Bob was that done IDF special forces. As same ones into the famous raid on the Entebbe. Airport when they're removing made about that yeah I know this was not done military issuance Mossad. Agents that were responsible for. I'm stealing. All those Iranian documents which. And suspicions confirmed. Proved what we had known all along the Iranians. Can't ban. And probably go to the extent they can are still all. Trying to get me out nukes they can stick on top of a missile. To head in the direction of Jerusalem 530 here on the Bob May not show any ready to go and a new senator. I'm right back on the other side here on Monday. Welcome back 5379. Demo is going and it winner's wife. Don't know if he's using a stun gun and hammer her or not although we cannot guarantee our. And rain coming down with a saw about them until headlights on plays when you turn your wipers on your headlights on two. I'm Bob rain really coming down please remind drivers turn on your life it's not for you to be able to seem odd for us to be able to see EU. Now Bob of course Iranians wanna use that technology for power use an energy. They planned to light up every house in Israel yeah. About the up oh and by the way. I mentioned earlier in the program. I Hillary wears out done speaking yet she's trying to. Raise our profile. Maybe and a re energizing her base but few remain on it. For re rumored potential run again in 2218. Other Democrats really that delusional. They went actually run Hillary again and Tony Dolan. And Hillary said does things like the Republicans now want to and remember Joseph Biden. Back I guess who is at 2012. Back campaign was saying rather bad Republicans they want a bridge back and change. Talking Gilliam to them. I'm African American population. Julio Prado wanna put smack in chance I Hillary actually said. Bad if and president trump Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh if he was approved. That they would be peace she said if she used to think the Republicans wanted to turn America back to the 1950s. But now she's convinced they wanna turn back to late 1850s. So another orchard Brent Cavanaugh. Is improved as a supreme guard Gerris other we're gonna have slavery in America again. Let's say a that's a realistic argument Hillary thank you for that. Meantime Nancy Pelosi. Now displaying more bizarre behavior Thursday. She does a weekly press conference. This thing is worth watching sometime just from that group for the price the price of admission is worth it. To watch her various brain freezes and speech problems. During this when she confused Russia and China. At least twice. Now while attacking Supreme Court nominee and judge Brad Kaplan our policy a policy had trouble saying effectively. He has kowtowing to the president. Is fact. It is east effectively sent. Moments later while attacking the trump tax cut she said and I quote. The GOP tax scam for the rich that added to children dollars more. To the deficit. Two. Children's. Dollar us. Why did what is say I'm a children's dollar. Money penny is that like a smaller version as any in economy sized. Dollar isn't shrunk down reducing case in plastic what I thought it was the little plastic dollar you give the stores now. I must Miette. And we can't have that we can't halve the deficit increased by two children's. Dollars. He. Al Bobbie this is call for moon they all paint ball hope you're doing well along with the likes being on with a wipers. Could you please tell people appear in the left hand landed in a major understate how we go. And you're not passing. Get into the center our land so other people can go by yeah. Alice behind someone on 85 today doing sixty. In a 65 posted speed thank you. Now Bob 1850 is that for Pocahontas. All it reminds me. I got a funny email to you I don't think I showed you that's when money panic. It's a picture of a vehicle cocaine and we've talked on the program in the past about how we name. Various vehicles I had one that my previous vehicle was named black ops. But that vehicles down the road now anyway as a picture of a vehicle. And that email send I'm paraphrasing but I'm pretty close or send a bomb I don't usually name vehicles. But I'm thinking about naming this one. Because even knowing it's very YH. It is insists. It's a Cherokee. And it was a picture of a white cube chair. Dad's. It's not bad I mentioned Chris Wallace. And I has an interview upcoming with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. That we are you meet carrying live on our web stream when it begins at six tonight I got a little preview for area. Here is Wallace asking President Putin about Syria. He called them the rebels in cities like a lot Bo and who would. He called them terrorists and incentive there in the civilian population. Some civilians are going to get killed and that he talked. About the efforts by at US. Allied forces and the US to destroy rock out which of course was the stronghold of ice says. And said that the obliteration there and they have murder of civilians. Was much worse. At the end now. Additional information following the joint news conference with president trump. I Chris Wallace as President Putin what else if he had any compromising. Information. About president truck. But he basically indicated we will that they had no interest in Donald Trump they didn't have the resources to do it even if they have had and dressed. And that that was not a factor in their relationship. Vladimir Putin said. In a news conference thank US assets same question. In a newscast you relative. Compromising information yet any picture isn't trump Bernie members of his family from the Christmas party. Mr. Burton not yet some dirt on trump Valencia. And food so look you know went album when that when I'm Donald Trump. And I came to at a Moscow or saint private businessman I didn't even know it was Blair. He waited all kinds of American billionaires. Coming over here looking for business opportunities licking her prospects I don't know about every one they come to Moscow. Chanel certainly you know I think. Dramatically increase profile of Donald Trump as president of the United States yeah sure. Now we know Laurie is my when he was over years and as a private citizen as a businessman I know. Back in on the he had text line. I'm Bob bug. Pelosi said children's dollars but clearly she meant to say Cho zillion dollars she out. That must've been net action zillion and twenty matured she was searching for. I'm Bob children's dollars or simply the money the Democrats did you for having kids. Bobby Mack I can't believe that Bill Murray Clinton is still talking down. To all of us the portables. Like we don't have any brains. I'm Bob ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey equipped performing because they couldn't compete. Wins the Democrat party. Probably too true. Cordoba 46 share the balmy night she'll be right back. Rock on brother had so we do for four hours each weekday afternoon. Here on a bombing Mac electric radio program nominated this year. Or shelled a South Carolina broadcasters association award as radio program of the year. What did you mean cigars a management not pretty slim Pickens. This Obama now actually where we are finalists. And that along with Nadia Clark and Tom show. Now a morning show from our sister station B 93 point seven. Yeah I know that and 50 central. Actually dad and a dollar four cents and will judge ice cream cone into Mickey d.'s in army attacks line. Bob from. I'm thinking about. Hillary's comment. 1850. No IRS no income tax no TSA. Elena. Bump up. Bobby. Now when kids run away from home. Now what do they do since there's no circus to join. Food for thought. To the phones we know never trooper is on back here this afternoon launch to a comment. On me a big guy Helsinki. Confound today hello and never what do you think it. Everybody I got to give credit per our agreed not summon attack and taken some of the other callers were. A little bit duck critical appear. Stance so this morning's speech roads. I Q so that. But. I don't get it really comes down to actually do you believe Dan Coats and CIA. Arguably quote. And I thought I'd like get sucked it up big stretched. Really consider that there's a deep state and pierce city that has got all of these CIA guys. In out in a box. And they made they have all turned. And they are. Betty they don't have the evidence that they claim they have the CIA the FBI. And vs the word. Latimer will. Well let me let me end Taylor well wait a second let me answer your question. And the my answer the question I think is is very similar to president trump sensor and I don't know that I trust either one problem. And ensure your assertion that he got all these CIA guys CIA. Is it is a corporation. And just like any other big business what ever comes down from the top. Everybody gets our marching orders and follows along according. Yeah but do you during this sinks said. That the corruption in the CIA now run so deep in debt. Everybody has been converted. To be a I'll pay a liar. Well number one number one I don't know that there is I don't know that there is corruption. In the CIA I had I am not seeing the kind of evidence for that. And and I have seen about the evidence of corruption that exists when then the FBI. And the DOJ. I have suspicions about levels of corruption within the agency when John Brennan was running it I can tell you that. But Dan Dan Coats are believed. In the people that work under him but saying that that believe. But they have proved that Russia. Attempted to act. That DNC in the paper are Donald Trump in an effort chart hurt Hillary Clinton. Why in the world why in the world would Vladimir Putin preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton as president. Hillary and already dealt with the Russians on the uranium deal where they got 20% of our uranium. Obviously. She was gonna stick a for sale sign on one in the White House why would truck why would not want her there to deal with rather than trump. That's a good question but it but I asked. I'll upload which you were bad but very any I've heard battled. Oh wait a second you're arguing again wait a second year arguing against yourself he has got through saying we shouldn't take potent word for anything and now you're saying when he says he supported trump we should believe in which doesn't he is a liar arranged on the truth. Well. It also heavily armed depend on how calm obviously. You know well in haven't been. Out in Dee -- and he made it did the current he would give the ever doubt that our. It did well yeah certainly that is that is his primary concern. Now but as a former president at once said I never it depends on what your definition of beards. Is thank you for the call quickly just a bruise on his cell phone hi Joseph and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. And Bobby never proper so whatever you confront them where I actually just stumpel stutter. I trust more the CIA or if you. Our. At Torrey I can't trust it more. Wow look at. Sure. Like get that deep state that we can I don't trust any rain if you Warren from march weakened government says it important not been zero zilch. And you know if if there is a take away from all of this trump Russia collusion stuff. When you go back to fusion GPS and the fact that Obama used that same group and Tony twelve against Mitt Romney. But the really said take away from all this is the destruction. Of the confidence. In our agencies of government. That we depend on. To defend our liberties and freedoms. I Libyan troops that and I would not trust the FBI CIA you were the the so called DOJ. A trust and shine my shoes they had and that they brought it upon themselves. True he has no worry a real lot why Robert you lied about it now it is the dictator of countries are going to work Robert he lied about allow cannot ultra hostage. You know good good questions thank you jazz of I appreciate it one more to go bonus hours on the way next.