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Monday, July 16th
Trump and Putin meeting; Boneheads

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Eric so wet and rainy and a noisy. Edition of me Monday bonus hour here in the Bonnie Mac show. App for hours each day this is the final line you know what we do here. Wednesday that angles advantage chalk line number available Torre 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address mob. And 1063. WORD announced job. Around virtual. Is the out. In reality virtual wall is the text line word seven to 81. Comment we're not the common sense retirement planning tax liked but the contest. Tex lines seven to 881. To get an army thousand dollar bankroll contest. Powered by our friends in Carolina campers. Just text the word virtual VIR two UAL home. 27 to 81 he got your name in the hat with a thousand dollars in this hour. In army attacks line Bob is there really a difference anymore between our spooks and Putin's. Neither has any credibility. I'm Bob well Obama said he didn't meddle in the Israeli election either so we kind of have to give this one to boot. Bob May mean moss said Jane why can go three rounds bare knuckle where it's never trapper. And if he goes down in the first she'll fight Vince Coakley in the second and third rounds. I'm good show Bobby Mac to your friends point the Russians didn't to your friends point the Russians didn't just act the Democrats. They also tried to or not hack the Republicans they just were unable to. And now that's part of the story it wasn't held. By Al Rosen site they can't try to attack the amp the GOP server but apparently we had somewhat better security. On the GOP servers than the Democrats should no longer. John Podesta. You know whose computer was sacked. As I mentioned in the past numerous times his password was password. Wow he was security conscious when he. I'm Bonnie I don't believe either one coney Obama struck Mahler holder lynch. And now are to blame I'm supposed to believe twelve anonymous Russians. Are to blame. Bob there was anything going on CIA would have known about and if CIA it was not corrupt well they might have been. On all over the crooked FBI. Now Bob never Trevor has to be the dumbest person nine now and believe me I've been around a few excellent show as always from spring where. Thank you springer. Al Bobby never trooper is in May bathtub with Anthony please pass the mister bubble. Bob did not Hillary steal the nomination from Bernie. Six coin flips then Iran oh come on man HR seeing Rao wait thirty to fifty supporters. Paid supporters are bad Bernie filled stadiums. HRC stole. The demo out nomination. Well only a few believe the facts that are in front of. Bob I believe a known he says saw that the RNC was also subject to Russian attempts to hack. Now the report only pointed out the DNC to further the narrative. I Bobby have to put more faith in Clinton's word you expect him to lie to you you expect the truth. From the FBI. Not so much anymore after Sheehan struck last week. I have Bob why isn't anybody talking about Putin's bombshell about the 400 million illegally given to Hillary's campaign all hall. He said. Well ad does zero edge they are talking. About that very thing Vladimir Putin made a bombshell claim. During today's joint press conference with president trump and Helsinki. When they Russian president said some 400 million in illegally earned profits was funneled. To the Clinton Campaign. My associates and American born British financier bill brouder. And one time the largest foreign portfolio investors in Washington in Russia. The scheme involved members of the US intelligence community said prudent. Who he said accompanied and guided these transactions what you mean people like clapper. And Brennan penalize them. This brouder guy made billions in Russia during the nineties. In December. A Moscow court sentenced Browner in absentia in other words or not there. 109 years in prison for tax fraud wiley was also found guilty of tax evasion in a separate case in 2013. Putin's accused routers associates of illegally earning. More than one and a half billion dollars without paying a Russian taxes before sending 400 million. To Clinton. After allowing. After offering rather to allow special counsel Robert Muller's team to come to Russia for their investigation. As long as there was a reciprocal agreement for Russian intelligence to investigate in the US Putin said this. For instance we can bring up mr. brouder in this particular case. Business associates of mr. brouder have earned over one point five billion in Russia and never paid any taxes. Neither in Russia nor the United States. And yet the money escaped the country that would be his country rush. They were transferred to the United States they send a huge amount of money. 400 million dollars as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Well that's their personal case it might have been and we goal the contribution itself but the way the money was earned was illegal. So we have solid reason to believe that some. US intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest in questioning them. Oh. Now we would expect. Prudent to show some receipts. Can Koppel for these that allegation while president trump did not challenge the glanced. So who is this brouder. Character. On Max Blumenthal tweeting today Corliss American Media in Helsinki. Might wanna watch Andre. Necked -- offs. Meg then ski act behind the scenes on health fraud stir any US defector bill brouder. Planed congress when his personal fortune and helped ignite a new Cold War. Brouder got screening canceled in EU parliament. A personalized screener of the film and Casper often bill brouder do not want you to see. Can be gotten for me I'm the film's producer please send an email to horse dean. I TO RS TE IN ad per raw yacht PI RA well I a dot in other hole. Around. This is this is citizens. Pretty interesting stuff. That he touched on here and now will talk a bit more about that. As we proceed on and also go back to the phones. Here on the bunny match on a wet and rainy Monday wipers and headlights on placed quarter after six. 621 day on. Monday evening. Aaron afternoon thunder bomb verse. Right is the mail on time six Tony here and AM Bonnie mentioned this brouder character is uninteresting guy. Brouder. Is notoriously the man behind this in 2012. Magnets ski act which exploited congressional willingness to demonize Russia. And has done a lot to poison relations but in Washington and Moscow that act sanctioned. Individual Russian officials. Which are Moscow has seen as unwarranted interference in the operation of its judicial system many is a media favorite the New York Times in the Washington Post. All of this guy. He is again back in the news in connection with testimony related to Russia gate. On 16 December senator Dianne Feinstein of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now released the transcript of the testimony provided by Glenn Simpson near remember him the founder of fusion GPS. According to James Carden Browner was mentioned fifty time acts. By the repeated citations apparently did not merit inclusion and media coverage of the story by the times or Washington Post or Politico. Fusion GPS which was involved in the research that produced the steel dossier. Used to discredit president trump was also retained. To provide investigative services relating to weigh a lawsuit in New York involving a Russian company called revenue is all. As information provided by Browner was the basis of the lawsuit. His company and business practices while in Russia but came part of the investigation. Simmons maintain their brouder proved to be somewhat evasive. And his accounts of his activities were inconsistent. He claimed never to visit the United States and not to own any property or do business there. All of which turned out to be untrue. Add to include his ownership through a shell company and a ten million dollar house and Aspen Colorado. He repeatedly ran away literally. From attempts to subpoena him so we have to testify under out. Not curse Simmons in Russia brouder used shell companies a locally and worldwide to avoid taxes. And conceal ownership suggesting it was likely one of many. Corrupt businessman operating in what was essentially a wild west. Business environment the question is. Why was this guy grandy credibility and allowed a free run to poison. The very important US Russia relationship and answer might well be and the usual one follow the money. Israel Shamir reports of Browner was a major contributor to sender Ben Cardin of Maryland. Who is a major force behind this magnet ski act itself. Once again nine and you can't tell the players are not a program. To the phones we go Ralph is signed next up he isn't Spartanburg hey Ralph welcome to the program. Caught a lie that sounds great. You know what it. It's. Yeah it. And I don't. Know yet. Yeah. Yeah. It hit. Where oh where are you in in the car wash your around now or are you. Are you. Well. I'll. Hello I. All cancer yeah I got just so. How how does that you're you realize. You're going through the car wash and it's poured down rain Ralph. Here I'll it's not. The only. You are you did did you bring hot relaxed. I'll. Admit it. All out our law. Oh I gotcha yeah I do that to I like it can't I get the tire shine you know and it looks like I had. And they don't get that let it looks like you're actually have done something to your vehicle you know rather than rather. The incident behind the wheel while in cruise is the car wash you know. Yeah it. So alone. I appreciate arousal and -- your point is well taken I don't I don't agree when Donald Trump on everything I've got disagreement with him. On this I think he's trying. How about it. It is better don't you be your. I appreciate that Ralph good to get to hear from me from inside the car Washington we didn't wherein a free car wash here. Right now at Woodruff and Darlington. Where I guess not wax. No time Russia just you know just the free watch. Inman is my next up and August is there may August and welcome to the program. Other men thank you so it felt very much on the. I'm Colin because you mentioned Nancy Pelosi asked saying something about two children's dollars. Elks com. The odds are good that she has so primary progress of the Asia. And if you happen to recall. Are in the country and stroke brain damage or tumor. Oh yeah. So I guess Israel if he had like it's EMI you could be under under the effects of this front. Yeah my dad started doing that deputy had a couple little strokes how ever. Do you remember Ted Kennedy's last year in office we all thought he was drunk as a skunk you know when he was making such speech is right and that last one was just. And totally under a equipment. Holy cow when he had a brain tumor did. Yeah deputy head. Now if you and again and so does John McCain yeah that's right now it looks as if and I I hate to wish this on her. But as the chief displaying that same symptoms. Peasants and system I mean it's like every every week. When she does this thirsty. Weekly news conference with the press may like two weeks ago. She couldn't remember Mitch McConnell neighmond had to be prompted by and one of parades and now we get. Not to children's Dahmer's. A holiday there I didn't know well or the Pletcher essential to getting shorter and the positive getting longer you know they are low. Yes you look at the Indiana primary progression of Asia. Machines got everything that comment list. Only to now wound up you may wanna go check served in the same thing McCain and Kennedy cannot. And I wonder if perhaps so she hasn't already. And will she step down if that's what she can't because John hasn't. Milk good point he's not he's still. There are not just badly at him and somebody doing their job and I hear you thanks artist I appreciate the information. I think Asia now. Does sound like that now that you mention. Dan is on he is enough Spartanburg hi Dan and welcome to the bubbly Mac show. Are you doing so far so good. Look Ella yup still here yet got to dance. Our on our rights on you know. Make my mind up former on a couple of things here I slept since it's happened and apps like it reset button sure. But I remember in the presidential debate. When Mitt Romney try to say Russia was the greatest threat based I'm like AP. Sparky you know the eighty's called they want thereof. Wouldn't that the other whether foreign policy back yeah. Yeah its European owner let not all he's so brilliant he's so Smart. And then it was saw my birthday and Obama's it'll president trump. That there was no way the Russians can act as election that he needed to go out and work harder to get well. Yeah in fact actually the cell tonight I've played that sound byte earlier in the program. And you know all the Russians brocade to sell 20% of our uranium to you mentioned that already yup. And somewhere between then and now they became the source of people in the world. And yeah I just I don't get it I mean I'm more scared of what China is due to a sort Russia can do. To certainly economically and I China is the biggest threat because Russia economically. Now let's face it with the exception of as the president pointed out today. There oil and their and their gas that they sell to Western European countries like Germany and the weapons but they provide for various. As tyrannical governments around the world that's that's pretty much. The extent of it so economically they're nowhere near the threat to China it's. Yet you go back to their hey day and it's like Limbaugh says they were a Third World country with a first rate military. You know that's the that that's and that's an accurate description. And it really has been weak. You know always. In the military for a lot of that we trying to you know wrote those sort of a few times yes places the ball to right you know and yet. You'd think pretty much you know since the wall came down you know Putin is trying to get the band back. And collaboration to me is when Obama tells Dmitry met that. You know until Vladimir they'll have more leeway after and this next election year we can. Exactly I wanna talk wanna talk about collusion. Varity is out of the president's own mouth. And then all the money that the clintons. You know banked from there the Russians. And I just I'm so tired of it and I think everybody else's but the media and all these idiotic. You know Ryan o.s and never trump version will not give it up. Not frankly don't care what coworker has to say your slate Meagher and you know like your previous caller said nick should start run and these guys through a physical or they get 75 yell not a can't pass a physical it can't hold off. Not a bad idea and and and about but about Putin's one thing everybody should remember about Vladimir Putin. This is a guy who rose to the rank of colonel in the KGB. And and this is like. And in a different context is like being a marine in other words what I'm saying as once KGB. Always. KGB. Oh he's not a good guy but you know your right to say it. He's glad to trump one on Hillary didn't I mean he taker told our got to work for a before rocketed sort of checking out whatever I want. Exactly and I think that argument is ridiculous on its face of course gruden would have preferred to have the pliable. For sale Hillary in the White House. Yeah I mean she was already bought and paid for true announced on you save up to Clinton when you buy and the estate bought IB. A hamster at least they're dependable in that regard thanks the only thing they're really little. Absolutely thank today and I appreciate other gulf. 631 here in the Bobby Max you know and he's ready to go and a new senate now and I'm right back when the last half of the bonus hour here on Monday including today's edition of both hands. In any rules. It is a State's most listened to afternoon talk show. Even listen Jill by progressives who win may hear that show can be often quoted as saying things like she. 639. Here in the bombing nationally wet and rainy Monday Monday edition in on the tax line 713007. Now Bob hey what. Are two output at. Another way I am. Act as being caught me around Witt troll. At least thousand dollar keywords are way too complicated for us smelly illiterate deplorable it's. Virtual. This hour by the way virtual VIR TO whale. Bob in PR was on when I turn the radio on when I got off work. And now as a listening to their trump conversation for awhile I'm so frustrated with the extreme viewpoints. Expressed by their journalists. Now they couldn't find anything good about the fact that these two guys just try and dig get to know each other. Trumpet and Putin are birds of a feather fortune LE NE thing that we have to do has to be run through the filter of our staff. That we've paid a yearly. You have not assigned to Russia. Bob how and why did Dinesh D'Souza. Go to jail. For donating 2000 dollars to a French campaign but. Browser gave 400 million. To Hillary. Now Bob trump knows that China is the biggest threat Russia could one day help us persuade China to do what we need just a thought. Thanks for migration. Bob I heard last week that the election hacking was a foreign enemy but not Russia. Betting in China yeah up congressman Louis go Olmert. And gearing they are questioning of I'm Peter struck. Mentioned that done the hacking information had been. Gone to a nother foreign entity and it was not Russia. Bob I just finished finished watching uncivil war battle for America on Amazon prime. If you want a real live good times. That was great. Bob the very least anybody with any experience knows you do not back an adversary into a corner. Unless you're ready to fight right then and there you keep your friends close. And your enemies closer. This is out this is all elementary I know it you know let the media knows it as this is all just rhetoric. I'm Bob traffic out Woodruff at the Butler road intersection and there was another light out. To react traffic light out roper mountain road and go our Lincoln road IE yeah I. Bob the deep state wants trump to fail because there's so much more money to make prepping for war than maintaining. Peace. Got you to the phones we go the a dysfunctional vet. Joined me this afternoon and I did Sauer. No wonder imparted and body below all their stuff going on about. Solutia man illusions the illusions. I'll hallucinations. And everything Els exactly I'm I'm getting better functional. Thumped yeah that's that's that's a scary thought. Idiot Israeli air. They're trying some bad out here Bob that even the cockroaches are doing the facts are and well where are where you Colin drama part of town. I Marleau were actually over an air travelers re Stalin and it can be there right now. Yeah hours outweigh its prepaid bullet coming out on net. Don't dial oh yeah and I just look and I just looked at some people are so I'm not crazy are used to walk through monsoons when I was in the army as a whole bowl. You know it's funny you said that because when it was raining so hard there for a while I was still on money penny was just like southeast Asia. Areas they're really plots and energy go down were blast site marked and now. I guess it's Palo Russia creek yes stereotype river going down that street and air men. I mean it is muddy as congress is every. And that's that's Lynchburg that's that's that's definitely unclear yeah. On the record. The rate and I called pop is ASN dot KU there's end and it hits now I'm more apt comment. And put some oil in your knee and do something drastic. Arm but I went online the other day and I was looking at this thing about Obama and kind of business security saying what the computer sent from my guess something came out rather like in 2000. Or 2008. But it. And things happen in 2011. And so he directed it a lot of thought actually people to check the computer to see if I can make them more site. Right well come up on 2016. Day and he was so I am. And I don't have that would repeat habit but it so he's basically said I Tate caught. Why don't we stop what you do and right now. And we'll wait for the next president to take a little boy. And we both know that would have been Hillary yes OK right. And so by virtue of backstop. Trump walked into. And I'm just say you know I'm just think it okay if if they've done and I asked whether everything else to achieve shared com about these people arm. It it does not make any screen apps. But trawl pastor played a part to help answer a question he showed up. He did the questions that everybody wanted him to ask right now they're saying other lots well. We know trumping all make it one way or be out on any. But as you. Well yeah he's ever gonna do anything the media proves you're right. Exactly and I think what we need to do is send smaller and his team aware about I want. I say we need to send down. And just helper that just keep on making eight. I thought I. Yeah I would yeah I got another as a brilliant stroke on on Putin's partially now you know Muller once the question is guys c'mon over. You know we've we've got we got police agencies and we'll do it and Nan and will lead Q I come over here and watch. And Wellington pay the bill to the hotel you know yeah we can't guarantee the best hotel both will look like and go to jail now earning actors aren't aren't guardian that you know that I'm becoming more functional elements. That's good here that's good to hear design I am I am confident that he'll soon be a restored to normalcy. You very much about it I put my pleasure you Jews and 646 it's a fourteen before seven. Al Bob had trump laid down a lot of potent today the media would right now be accusing him of trying to start a war with Russia. I can argue that be right back. Yeah I think that now last texture was absolutely right in the media's eyes trump can't do anything right. Now if if he had gone over the air to Helsinki any downplayed. Tough guy. Where is. Vladimir Putin then I have alliance in tomorrow morning's New York Times and Washington Post will be all. I trump is a disaster area trying to Dennis and no war when Russia. In it's it's like I'm mad jokingly said you know of trump walked out of the White House. And and walked across the Potomac River the next day the Washington Post let's say see we told yeah trump can't walk on water. Now they just can't do anything right no way around. Bobby F flip the TV on the CBS news for a moment my jaw is on the form what a bunch of BS. Howry supposed to make change if you don't change any thing. This is absolutely ridiculous I give up. Yeah I area. Bob the deep state wants trump to fail because they're so much more money to make. Prepping for war than maintaining pace after. Mommy they wanted it kissing you know 11 minute and then they want to pick a fight the next and the one they wanted to pick a fight with there's a bigger more powerful one. This country has had it I was told in 1976 by a nuclear physicist at the media. Was going to destroy and I thought it was crazy. I guess I was just young and stupid. OK here we go getting right to our wrap things up here on a Monday Monday edition with today's edition. Oh OK it's human. Now how about this Jack talked about a sore loser. A man and now Lebanon are again accused of threatening to kill people what they are again a lottery headquarters. And a message provided by the state jobs Jason all west apologized. For having frightened people at the agency by saying he was coming to shoot them. I was angry at myself after losing a substantial amount of money playing a lottery machine. I've struggled with the gambling for many years not clear how much money he lost that. Apparently the fact that he did he blame video lottery phones and not threatened go there and shoot them well that's there. Much calmer reaction to that. And workers and a Golden Corral and mount airy North Carolina patient because Gaza. Should have called. Deputy Barney he's got enough. Solve this crime in short order I'm sure. Now workers and a Golden Corral in North Carolina and noticed there vents. Weren't working last Tuesday. Now the smoke was not then awaiting properly seemed like the exhaust vent above the store was bought. So the manager climbed up on the roof do investigate. And he quickly figured out what was wrong with the events. There was a person and there. And I would have been 59 year old Charlie walker who tried to break into the Golden Corral before an open. But got stuck in the event. He's a lucky the staff found them. Fire department came and rescued him once doctors checked him out he was arrested for felony. Breaking. And indirect. Well you may have heard this story down in a Georgia. Woman was stopped for speeding and and they police officer who stopped or couldn't make up her mind. Whether or not to give her a ticket for speeding. Scioscia. Talked to her superiors. They finally decided to flip. On coal mine. It is ticket base and our tail. That they have it. Next. Justice. I don't worry. I was appalled. Reality. There's some normalcy this story in in the state of Washington and in this weekend someone is gonna get stopped by Washington state police officer. And someone's gonna make a comment about AVG flip a coin to decide whether running a citation. Well seems like as brutal way is any guide gases when there's somebody. Guilty how they crime. I'm guy named James although and arrested her robbing a bank in Dover, New Hampshire last Thursday. And the real story is a thirty year old guy Eric one Bahrain who saw the cops and assumed they were after him. Well Eric was sent out on bail you see it because it may previous drug arrest when he saw the cops start pouring into the parking lot of golf. Here they come. And sell 50. Come on for me. It's not clear for even done anything wrong many decided to hide and in nearby grocery store which Osama Lackey. Because accounts also went embassy and the store's security camera caught the bank robber on their video. So that Boyd Eric got into a back room decided to climb up into the ceiling now hide that was when he fell through the ceiling. Mary was dangling right above the del Rey. Cops conceals a legs hanging out but I couldn't get till I am. And he ended up facing charges that's all for today have yourself a great Monday. 'til tomorrow countless unfortunately. I believe we're out of time this all right take care. You know most in this country probably wants him to go away there's no says it all riled up everytime a bunch of idiots really awe attack take care now. Mommy can we please talk about this later bought by then in the end there universe tends to unfold position. And my baby bad and I'll be back you can.