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Tuesday, July 17th
Trump and Putin summit recap; Remembering TWA 800, was it shot down?

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This is AS somewhat unique and unusual situation may get as usual way. When now president trump has attacked in the media. Attacked by a single financial left. AL water carriers for the Democrat party and I he doubles down against them on their adjustment. As you heard any mention and newscasts on an hourly president in the wake all they'd blow back. From the N news conference with the ball land in Helsinki yesterday did. On issue with some clarification. It's to his remarks going out of his way to say yeah yeah. And I might you know they assessment by American intelligence agencies and the Russians tried doom metal and our election that's not accurate but. Al look you gotta understand they perspective the Donald Trump has on this on this whole. Trumped up pardon the expression. And this whole phony trump dossier business and not trump colluded with the Russians and all that. I you lied to where your feelings on your sleeve and be someone hyper sensitive. Until this whole business of Russia meddling in our elections and and any mention. Of that topic. Just rips the scab off that wound and as sometimes way no way you are not as clear as we might be I guess is what the president I was saying. And I Niemi went on to SA a look you know I have no problem with the the American intelligence community saying. The Russians attempted to meddle in the election but by the same token. And where's the evidence there was collusion between my campaign and Vladimir Putin or. Any other state operator. Out of Ramallah former Soviet Union there is not. So you can and you can understand that now here we go getting under way at saint to Wednesday. Day before threes day edition of anybody Mac show great to have you along and as always. Your input is invited to encourage Dan welcomed. Chill CH I LL is the operative key word for this hour and 8000 dollar bankroll contest. And 72881. Is the text line number you used to text in the key word each hour chill. CH I LL. In 8000 dollar bankroll contest powered by her friends are Carolina camp. Here's value join me in and not converse this afternoon just grab your phone use eight Ingles advantage talk line number. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71 threes are seven and my email address Bob. And 1063. WORG dot com. I gas. Stephen Miller and and and others surrounding the president in the White House managed to convince him that the optics. A missile blow up over the N news conference in Helsinki yesterday the optics. Would appear better. Is he out. I guess for lack of a better expression walked back. Or issued more clarification of of what he had said yesterday I actually wish he hadn't done it. I wish she'd let it stand on its face but. The cooler heads apparently prevail I'm somewhat. Confrontational. When it comes from this cat stuff so in Ireland. You know there's there's my opinion it's out there. And now I'm do you in the media the New York Times somewhat know the rest Demi don't like it showed off. There was say a really good opinion column. That was written today. I think it was published in USA today. By James robins. Mr. Robbins. Is a down memory USA today's board of contributors. And he's author of the book. I he has been a teacher at the national defense university and the Marine Corps university. And was a special assistant in the office. Of these secretary of defense during a w.'s. Administration and he wrote a piece with the headline. Donald Trump's summit message to the Russia collusion which founders dream lawn losers. I guess town all right. The Helsinki summit meeting between president front and Russian president Vladimir Putin. Was rich in opportunity. For those who still claim to believe that trump Otis election to Russian meddling. I hash tag treason summit. What is trending on Twitter. Giving rise to all manner of wild accusations. Frothing former CIA director John Brennan. Called out the president for meeting one on one with Bruton asking what might he be hiding. From national security advisor John Bolden. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo White House chief of champ est chief of staff John Kelly and the American public. Of course. Mr. drug use the same personal touch. And the summit with Kim John Nolan and we know that they president places great value in establishing these types of direct times. But the conspiracy theorists would have us think front and prudent. Worrell locked in a room hatching schemes. Which shows how childish and I'm serious the president's critics have become. The summit began shortly after or DOJ. Release date curiously timed indictment of twelve Russian agents per alleged hacking activities aimed at Democrats in 2016. We also learned about the ownership stake under a state. Of a Russian oligarchs in Maryland's election system a state Hillary Clinton won by 26 points. Shocking. But oddly enough there were no indictments are Russians who were also trying to hack the RNC. In 2016 which the Justice Department probably saw as too confusing for the which on narrative. The mere fact of a US president seeking better relations with Russia should not be controversial President Obama certainly did his best. Blaming the bush administration for souring relations between The Two Towers. We had Hillary Clinton's famous 2009. Russian reset. Complete without a miss translated red button stolen from a hotel jacuzzi. Obama mocked Republican presidential Mitt Romney in a 2012 debate for his remark that Russia was America's biggest geopolitical threat. Saying. Obama saying the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back and who can forget Obama's 2012 hot Mike moment. Assuring outgoing outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and that he would have quote more flexibility. In dealing. Now with Moscow after the election. So. And and Obama certainly was that ever flexible he responded to Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea. By imposing a limited sanctions on a few officials and tweeting with Moscow to reverse course which of course they didn't do. He dismissed. Russia's 2015. Military intervention in Syria as a sign of weakness. And adopted a wait and see posture that was essentially wait and do nothing. He was more than happy to have Moscow's insistence. Negotiating he fought nuclear agreement with Russia's client stated Iran and in September 2016. After he was informed of alleged Russia attempts to influence the US election he personally told Vladimir Putin to cut it out. Threatening but later blame laid discarding serious consequences. So for Democrats to now invoked the ghost of Joseph McCarthy and cry treason. And trumps efforts to improve relations went Moscow has more than a whiff of hypocrisy besides. What do they want relations to get worse. Should the United States purposely freeze out the second or maybe first largest nuclear power in the world. Yet if trump took a hard line with the Kremlin his critics would say he was trying to conceal is collusion. So it's a no win situation I'm ups. Posited yesterday be taken a harder line with gluten and the media would be screaming at trump was trying to start a war when Russia. The easiest thing to do politically it would veto avoid Russia. The president did not have to attend the summit meeting especially with a mid term elections months away and special counsel Robert Mueller expected report looming. He could've simply avoided both the issue and they optics. But Donald Trump did not become president by doing that easy you're expected thing. His political MO is to disrupt the opposition by owning the downside. A summit with Vladimir Putin is they perfect trump in a way to say to us for any critics I don't care I couldn't care less what you think. And it may force some of the more thoughtful wants to begin to consider the possibility that president trump his right and the entire Russian collusion. Narrative has been a lie. At a piece by a James robins. USA today. I wonder if they've with the clarification today. Now that won't energize the other side you know to see our soldiers know. Trouble is a charging treason and you end up but quarter and apologized which he didn't do it just clarified. But you know the left. Sixteen after three here in the balmy night she'll be right back. Love me. Welcome back great to have you along 21 after three before I asked her to get too far behind. Here on NATO attacks wind 71307. May quickly catch up. I'm Bob LO foxman they and the rest of the media. Play quotes from Schumer and now when every break they don't play the president the average consumer knows thoroughly. What the last says but nothing of what trump sensed. Al Bonnie the indicted Russians are presumed innocent. But trump is presumed guilty for not publicly thrashing pollutants over they presumed innocent. Russians. About Lindsey Graham's comment saying I don't mind meeting whether our Edgar adversaries and texture says a Lindsey Graham is. Our adversaries. And. Six. Got a point. Bobbie may I point out you can't hack. And unsecured. Server. Yeah and I you just you just going to it. There's no need a Hackett. To get around the security. In this server is. Unsecured. Al bobbing nobody says chill anymore. Winter no one has secured and that's worth a thousand dollars. Al Bobble listening to Vince earlier today I began to believe that he's been driven into the swamp. By his disdain for all things trump and has become the resident snapping turtle. And Bob and another 24 hours though left would have gone on to the next manufactured crisis. I now look keep circling like vultures hope this doesn't sink trump. Text your says now let's make Russia great again they are a long way to go I can tell you that you know back in the days of the old Soviet Union. The toilet paper that was manufactured over their head wood splinters and I'm not making this up. Bob just read an article on drugs saying Chicago. May be the first to institute universal basic income well look at is the mayor. There. Now never let a crisis go to waste Obama's former number one guy and the White House. Now watch them a luxury hotels and golf courses go up in Russia golf courses. You talk about a short season. You think the golf season in Maine is short. Window is CN Siberia. At Travis gonna help make Russia great again just like the USA may Japan. Great again. Bob just tried to access bright Bard and does it and Drudge Report. But I I get a kick back the length is down. We'll go to like Yahoo!. With the issue seems suspicious to me that's funny. Because now I also just lost the Drudge Report. And let's see if it if it were real load now. I got a five vote true. Arrow aren't. ARAMARK I'm not too narrow our. Which aren't all money penny for 93404. But I guess with Google. It's it's five to. Spinning spinning. Trying to connect. I'm sorry ball. I can't reach the Drudge Report web other artists does back up just a burp just AM burp in the Internet. I'm Molly was the president's statement a slap on the wrist or the intelligence agencies he had the international stage and did he use it for that. I think you list. It a heightened sense. Of being overly sensitive. To the whole discussion of Russia collusion because every time that brought up. On the left always rushes to the trump campaign colluded with Putin and Russians. And so I think that's that's where that came. Bobby is it ever get dark in Helsinki midnight 4 AM in the sun is out. I know there there are parts of Alaska where for a walk like a month and it's totally dark. And I Helsinki for a day for our north. Could be another get ready to play the British Open. And in Moscow end. I'm Carnoustie. Lobby. At beginning Thursday. Tee times I think start at 3 AM. Our time. Which would be actually about eight somewhere around 8 AM. And they go all day because it often threes. And this time of year in Scotland you can play until what. 1010151030. At night. And they don't have flood lights on the golf course is not a they big nuclear reactor in the sky. Provides the allied. Now Bobby did trust administration doing wonderful things for America. All has been done with kid gloves on you this way in Chile till reelected in 220 and takes a gloves off. And now watch all the traders swing from the Dallas atop trump towers and dragged their dead bunnies do the streaks. And and pale their corks outside the city. Well glad you don't have a drastic. Solution. In your crystal ball. Out Bonnie told the truth they need to get over it as they never get over it. You're kidding right what they still can't believe. That ground. The champion of women's rights. Yeah he's huge got a big award. From some teachers union and nine New York on Friday. At fort chanting and being a champion for women's rights. That the same woman who along with curious George Stephanopoulos. Now a world famous journalist of course and ABC in its. Ran me out the war room as they called it. Who's now sole purpose and why if was to destroy the reputations and the character. Not to mention these stories. Of all the women. That hash tag me to Bill Clinton. And sexually assaulted and harassed. Raped according to one woman Juanita Broderick. Now over. His. Political career this is championing. Women's rights. But you know they're they're willing to overlook virtually anything. If you have on the right opinions. And our. Politically correct. Then then all is forgiven. Pat and it adds pretty set what their what their Wellington. Overlook. Or forget how did. Bill Clinton is the poster boy. For hash tag me true. And yet. Now he's walking around Harvey Weinstein probably going to jail and Bill Clinton's water a day I had a good day. What's up. Bob I hate Mahler struck the Communist media and the light. I colluded with millions of others to elect trump. And not and pass along to you the mother of all middle fingers. Got to. I'm Bob trump probably has a plan for indoor. Golf courses and it wouldn't surprise me indoor golf courses and rush. Now like. Or as a top golf. That's coming here. Then the you know big guy and golf senate. Come out drink beer and hit golf balls and have fun. Now I think they've broken ground on and that's going to be up to the other end of a garlic and road towards talent. Pop up. Bob Blount could evidence supporting Hillary Clinton's lawlessness and illegality be thrown out or tainted. And inadmissible in court because it's associated with the Russians. And the Russians went out and do anything wrong. Russia ops rush said it might be a race for statute of limitations. For how long are goaded bad actors break on whether they can be charged or not. Take a break for the news here in the bottom of the hour and is trinity or two day. Is the seventeenth and July. It was 21 years ago today. There was a big explosion in the sky off the coast of Long Island. TWA. 800. Can't convince me the official explanation. Is what really happened. And in that opinion is shared by area. Veteran pilot do in fact used to fly Obama. Around. Talk about TWA 800 coming up. Rock on brother I'd totally go. For hours each day. Bob on the Bob bad it's yours truly mr. money penny on the on the salad last pushing the buttons. Previewing the callers. During a pre interview before they actually actually screened some of Rory. And get amount under the air all Lola doesn't mean that we you know preclude of people from the other side of the spectrum. And of course Alan Lanny back in the new senator. As well and on latex line 71 threes or seventy. Keep up the good work Bob May you are them are my favorite guest soloist on the Bobby Mack show thank you. Appreciate attract. I mentioned before we went to the M break for the news today as the July 17. It was on this stage at 21 years ago. That TWA flight 800. Crash was not blown up. Killing at 230. There's at a pace so certain there are several years ago by Andrew Dan zinger at the daily news in new York and that was an interview. With. A a man who has them. Greatly experienced in the aviation field that these headline on the story former Obama pilot. TWA flight 800 was not blown up by a faulty fuel tank it was shot down. I'll always believe that and here's and here's why. Was TWA flight 800 shot out of this guy. As a former pilot that's a question I get asked about all the time. I'm no conspiracy theorist but let's be clear yes. I say it was. And I believe the FBI covered it up. Does this avenue bearing now considering what we know. About down the Mueller should tell me is the strikes. The out. Recent pay a G. I should mention her name all those people of the FBI. Yes I say it was and I believe the FBI covered it up. There are many reasons to dis believe the official explanation of what happened to TWA 800. At 21 years ago July 17 1996. Awfully self. Shore of Long Island. There's hardly an airline pilot among the hundreds I know who buys the official explanation. Then it was a fuel tank explosion. Offered by the National Transportation Safety Board some four years later. Lots of things can go wrong when an airplane. Engines can fail they can catch fire devices can malfunction pilots make errors. But jets. Do not explode in mid air. If they do it usually because they've been shot down are bombed. There's a little suggestion there was a bomb on board TWA 800 but there is ample evidence that a missile of some sort. Detonated in the air very close to the plane and brought a dealt. Any former colleague who will remain unnamed. Because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the list. Served as one of the lead investigators. Rent first inning the interest of the TWA pilots. And I talked to him on a rant about the investigation after it was over. I've also spoken whether another former TWA employee who has knowledge of what went on in the aftermath of the crash. How the investigation was conducted. And what my colleague said he witness not to mention the scores. Of conflicting eyewitness accounts of the crash. Has led me to believe that whatever send flight 800 to its fiery doom could not have been a fuel tank explosion. The accident was officially attributed. To the explosion of fuel vapors in an empty center fuel tank probably ignited by a spark. From a faulty fuel quantity probe inside the tank. The probe wiring is bundled in points with some why eating circuit wires. Investigators determined there was a cracked in the insulation which allowed high voltage from the U Whiting circuitry to create a spark. Then ignited vapors in the empty check. I have a problem when this theory. The probes that measure fuel quantity. Were recovered from the bottom of the ocean during the salvage effort. They were cleaned. And they all passed stringent tests. There wasn't a single piece of cracked insulation. In any 159. Miles of wire. Recovered in the investigation. Conveniently. When some wire where the cracks were imagined to exist were supposedly among the sixteen miles of wire that work recovered. And I say supposedly. For good reason. According to my colleagues who work for TWA the mechanics and their representatives. Were denied access and early going to the hangar where all of they recovered material was stored and being reassembled. And there's this. During the investigation the FBI periodically required everyone to leave the hangar due to national security issues. Only after they sterilize the area where folks allowed back in. To continue where they left off that is if what they are were examining was still Blair. According to my colleague this happened time after time remember. Airplanes just don't blow up in flight the claim that an empty center fuel tank exploded doesn't pass the smell collapsed. There are about 45000. Big jet airplane departures every day in the US. Most of those planes fly around worth. Empty center fuel tanks while the main wing tanks which always start off with fuel are nearly depleted upon landing. Since may first American jetliner entered into service in 1958. Some 38 years before the loss of TWA flight 800. Airliners were flying around with and deal or near empty fuel tax. Just doing some simple arithmetic. Hundreds of millions of flights flew around the US between 1958 and 1996. And never exploded in mid air. Because they combustible mix of fuel vapors triggered an explosion in the center field tech. And that's just in the US. If we account for all the flying in the world during that timeframe that would be well north of one billion flights in wishing there was an a single. In flight explosion so what actually happened. On that horrific it. Here's what we know for sure according to documents and other reports. TSA was one of the pre eminent legacy airlines and its day. When a well deserved reputation for having some of the highest quality pilot's best trained mechanics and well maintained aircraft. The TWA 800 aircraft was a 747. Dash 100 model built and delivered in 1971. And the time of the accident the aircraft was 25 years old. By no means a spring chicken but not old compared to the average fleet of 747. Used to TWA. And other major airlines. Airplanes undergo continuous inspections. And maintenance as approved by government regulators and can be kept safe and or were they for a great many years. You might be shocked to learn the actual age of the airplane on what your fly. The flight 800 aircraft had arrived at JFK a few hours earlier from Athens Greece. The pilots report and a few minor glitches upon arrival in Athens and their subsequent return to New York. But those mechanical irregularities were all addressed. After some routine servicing and normal repair work. The aircraft took off for Paris France was 230 passengers including four pilots and fourteen flight attendants. Less than fifteen minutes after departure of the point exploded. Just off the coast of Long Island. When it happened. The plane was climbing out of about thirteen 1700. Feet. About right for its location considering its weight and the time from take off. It was on a heavily traveled departure path and was trailed by airliners also headed for an Atlantic crossing. Pilots are used to looking in other airplanes in flight it would be hard for a pilot to miss identifies something rising up from the water. Climbing almost 141000 feet into the air and striking an aircraft. That was flying between and ten and forty miles in front of them. It would be equally difficult to miss something there was just falling out of the sky on fire after exploding in flight for no apparent reason. After the explosion more than three dozen witnesses reported they'd seen con trails going up into the sky towards the point. Eighteen of those people said they saw something coming up from a water rising to meet the point. The FBI only summarize the interviews and it's reports. The witnesses weren't permitted to see what was written. Or to review the reports and the NTSB only received summary reports in which all personal information was redacted. Maybe most importantly the witnesses there were more than 700. Of them were permitted to testify. Among those witnesses were people who attended a wedding on a beach which was in progress at the time of the explosion some of them were recording the ceremony. They're cameras trained on the wedding party with the ocean and sky in the background. Many of these people witnessed the explosion some said they saw something rising from the water. During the investigation. Holes were discovered in parts of the aircraft's DN that penetrated from outside and evidence sent an object most likely a missile had struck the plan. And when investigators began photographing and evidence according to my former colleague who was there the FBI told them to stop. Normally air crash investigations in the US or led by the NTS me. But it standard procedure to have investigators present who represent all the interested parties. The NTSB. The FAA Federal Aviation Administration the airline. The pilots union mechanics and they manufacture or the airframe engines and aircraft components. The FBI's presence on the investigation team was unusual in any fashion but for the agency to take the lead was unprecedented. The salvage effort and investigation took four years with painstaking study of every recovered piece of evidence no matter how small. All they recovered pieces were reassembled backed into an airplane like a giant jigsaw puzzle after all of that. The FAA issued a recommendation that pilots turn off the center tank fuel pumps before the tank rounds completely dry. To avoid a similar quote malfunction. Airlines were given years to put in a simple and inexpensive system that automatically shut down the fuel pumps when the tanks ran dry. Yet the fuel pump itself was never implicated in the flight 800 disaster. Which leaves us with a many more questions than answers to wit. Why was the FBI as my investigator colleague has suggested. Obstructing investigators from doing their job. What did the plans find out about this accident that elevated it to the level of a national security interest. Wasn't a terrorist attack a precursor to 9/11. As has been widely suggested or a US military training exercise don't gone wrong. Sadly we may never know but as an experienced commercial pilot I know this much planes do not blow up by themselves. I firmly believe that this plane was shot down. I also believe my friend when he says the FBI imposed limits on what investigators could and couldn't handle lots. When that said if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. Or it's bull. That investigation smelled like bull all those years back and time has done nothing to soften the stench. I don't believe the findings need to do hundreds of other pilots. And I know. Andrew Danziger 28 year airline veteran with the experience and Turbo props. And Boeing aircraft and international 757767. Captain. For fourteen years. Was one of the pilots to fly Barack Obama during his two out. Nate presidential campaign. Take a break here just our run along and and be right back here on the bunny match show on Tuesday. Welcome back 353 now 7 before 4 o'clock I mentioned this is a 21 anniversary of the downing of TWA 800. Back in the nineties. Al announced working on television and Memphis I interviewed a gentleman named James Sanders. He we wrote a book called the downing of TWA flight 800 which refuted the official FBI story. He. And was. Gibbons seat fabric. Now from my TWA eight under which he had tested which showed residue of rocket fuel and he ended up. Being accused by the FBI. Of stealing. Pieces of on the wreckage which were held and evidenced by the city is any ended up going to jail over James. Is now on Saturday and he isn't Taylor hi James and welcome to the program. Hey Bob how are ya so far so. Wonderful. How are you already hinted on what I was gonna actually I come. I heard on right into our air disasters that. The plane was built in the late sixties and with the old at 747. In the air it was going to be scrapped after that blight we do eerie but I. No but according to what mr. Dan zinger said the aircraft was 25 years old. But his feeling was that there was hardly ancient. We'll import bank Bob I spent around 66 years over volleying and out. Calibrating fueled our goals are injured per turbine engine right and it all is. Based on you'll have a patient that fact that they wouldn't have that in their mind when I think they need to appeal and sodomized and be that much more combustible. It is ridiculous. Yeah the out that that meant sounds that sounds illogical to me danced. Or and amazingly thank god never happen again. And actually thank you don't worry. Appreciate you calling Yasser I mentioned. This James Sanders author of the book the downing of TWA flight 800. I his wife Liz Sanders I was a TWA flight attendant according to officials. And the TWA chief 747 pilot served as airline's number two representative in the crash investigation. And allegedly took documents and seemed fabric from the wreckage at the request of Liz Sanders they go Padilla wife. Of the author of the book James Sanders. The items they say were allegedly intended to help Sanders and writing a book promoting the theory that a missile. Brought down TWA flight 800 meant as a sad day ended up the later being prosecuted. For that and not doing some time. In Romney attacks line 71307. Bob remember the Sam's. Surface to air missiles we gave the motel hygiene to fight the Russians they didn't use the mall and refused to sell them back to US. I've been waiting for them months to turn out. Al mommy why would it surprise us at the FBI would lie to the American people they don't know lying to us since JFK was assassinated. Bob the clintons and obamas had that plane shot down and they had the Twin Towers brought down and they would all those forest fires in the western states. Somehow and I see some holes in your theory. Career pilot here who are currently working BB 767. I have never believed TWA 800. Just. Blew up. We get to more of your phone calls and I'm right back on the other side when our number two on standby. A new code word is on the way next in the thousand dollar bank girl.