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Tuesday, July 17th
TWA 800; Trump says he miss spoke

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That's funny it's six minutes after floor. And I've yet to see a thunderstorm on the horizon yet but I. I'll have not gone Formica maybe a two they'll be the day that we dodged that went. Here we go great to have you along our true kicking off. A volley Mac electric radio program and as always is your input is invited and encouraged and welcome if you messed. The key word toward this hour right before spears I don't monitor the border and they keyword for this hour fear. Don't why they fear of entering the 8000 dollar bankroll contest. Keep you from winning the adult. FE a 81. It chant rang and hopefully you can via winner thousand dollars richer. And it's all you have to do just texted in 27288. What here's John you join me NBA part of the conversation. Ingles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address Bob and 1063. WL RD dot com I know it. I knew what money tiny I spoke too soon immediately and on the text line Bob I'm not sure which way it's headed but it's raining buckets. In TR. Yep. I I would I am on surprised to hear it. To the phones Leo thanks are patiently waiting Allen. Is our leadoff batter and rebel here on not their sense seventeenth day of July the 21 anniversary of the downing. Of TWA flight 800 Allen wade welcome to the program good to have you here sir. Thank you Bobby backed that little quick back story on the TWA 800. It Amir Garrett working at it can't attic California. At San Diego area and you think total GM union commercial. Experts Brinkley he had. Couple of those other guys on our back up and Tony Kemp and air developed it. Eat it all goes and yet to be all that like. Wow you to miss a thing net connection. You got in late in the lake course back into the before felt all right you just what that they checked in. Line having no idea what that why didn't every reason to contact you bring him. So were about X number about well that are quiet. They believe believe he was our map for all not that he. And end the struggle that got this back in the corporate. But the leadership training copper and I think keepers emulation you know it sure they started thing happened I think it's an arraignment. Obviously they've got set up quite. I've got stirred dessert in a lot of them and got a pilot talking that would be to listen. They give you the during McDougal but she know it could take off. And then about a minute after that Ahmad. We want you to Q all of like he'd be and he has you at 930. The rest line. So that's why why. Did you all really stopped all he did this. It's really important to you now. Yeah that and very effective advocate that they are net realized I agree it is done for me how many planes pull up that not too. Not true at all. And that just seems like you know on a at first blush. On it seems like a fur AA AA pretty brutal. Weighed two. To put people through a maniac training session but in thinking about it what you said that's exactly right it does. It it could you number one it put you in touch with your own mortality which many of us are not. I'm not recognizing the fact that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. And the same time. Sending your priorities. And in the proper fashion. Well Ali not the white it is that there's if there's like thirty think about our life. Adhered to eternity. No it's been going and that we not mean we must always remember it has set. That format it's also not there and that's ultimately what kind of without. Yeah yeah yeah absolutely and that's that's a message that. In no rush of our daily lives. It's it's easy to forget that we need to be reminded of constantly. They need to thank you Allan appreciate it fascinating call. Now Mike is an except he is in Greeneville also wants to chime in on TWA. 800 hi Mike and welcome to the program. Well art. I'm good thank you. Didn't even numbered years and Britain's. We're. That. Four year bad 01. That you brought the no. Jokes rockets. Out of all the ball. You saw the seen the laboratory in the special. Bought explosives more ballots. Our our moderate exposure but you altered gene that actually yeah. Did that they're all. And I said there's. No question about it the average. Month. So look the same more. Aircraft. The sole book about art art. Art and expose a ballot votes wow. Oh yeah. So slow all. Out. Solid Al. Gore. Up. Yeah out if they think eventually a conspiracy theory that's based on a lunacy. That's one thing and and many of these are renowned kind of have have strolled off the reservation. But when you have a conspiracy theory. Then outlines factually. What appears to be a real conspiracy. That's a horse of another color. Exactly you don't talk about it but also our crap. Out. At a negative side. System. In Britain urged that and quote all of sports. At all. Other all of them. Give the edge on it ever get systems at a particular. But it should source. That's at nine. The out that was my understanding as well that's great information Mike I appreciate the cult thanks for joining us appreciate it by the way. Here is they the upshot of a James Sanders the gentleman that I mentioned that night interviewed on television and Memphis. Back in the nineties. This is the April 14 1999. New York Times couple convicted of conspiring to steal wreckage from flight 800 as part of research. A federal jury convicted a Virginia couple a day of conspiring to steal evidenced from the wreckage of TWA flight 800. To back up their theory. That's a jetliner had been hit by an errant navy missile. The defendants James Sanders 53 the author of a 1997. Book promoting the theory and his wife Elizabeth. 52. A former TWA flight attendant instructor. Appeared stunned when the jury delivered its verdict central less than two hours of deliberation. The two were found guilty of conspiracy. As well as aiding and abetting in the theft of two small strips of passenger seat fabric. That contained a reddish orange Reza deal they said was a left by a missile. That's no residue that Mike the last caller was referring to that one of the scientists who examined it said oh yes. May each faced up to a ten years in prison. Now when sentenced on July 9 the assistant US prosecuting attorney says that under federal sentencing guidelines they would probably be sentenced to far left. As the couple left federal district court mr. Sanders said we were surprised by the verdict. And that the jury rendered it so quickly at camp opened sending a strong and obvious message to journalists. Seeking to tell the truth. Mrs. Sanders who clutched her husband's hand sent only we did nothing wrong. Mr. Sanders lawyer said he planned to appeal asserting that the court should not adequately addressed his argument. That they couples actions were protected by the First Amendment this verdict he said has to be a chilling wind for any journalist seeking evidence. Of the true. Fifteen after four here in the money match coaching a quick break here we come right back with more here on the Tuesday edition on WORT. Welcome back for two when he won here in the body Mac show and on a tax line. Bobby did they are convicted couple James Sanders and his wife. Win their appeal or were they effectively silenced by the government from Jeff in Sims and they'll. I'm mixed bag Jeff because the federal appeals court judge ruled that the First Amendment journalists' privilege did not shield. I'm the Sanders from prosecution. For conspiring to remove material from the wreckage of TWA flight 800 and yet. They even though they were convicted. They were sentenced. To. See I can not find what their sentencing was him and believe there are. Not sent sent to jail. A pop yeah out and convicted and sentenced to probation. And community service. And essentially told by defense and I keep your mouth shut. Tony true after four here in the money metro Kathy is on next up on the Tuesday edition hi Kathy and welcome to the program. Well Bob you do a great job being late last year. I get substandard I'm really young didn't go to China what it does not and that's why don't. He in some cases it can now result in ninth indeed the exact opposite. Mitch you and I loved that little one. I'm in my lions are without a college educated that in the night they union that that happened to flight 800 when the medical talk. Right I'm listening to Art Bell south coast crowd yell and I am not always pushing Annan Long Island Sound they were military man retired military men. And date date at a point plant and talk on the and so they're playing. Well that was the end of that never heard another word that. Yeah out in fact. More than three of the more than 300 individual witnesses separate individuals have come forward. Content to share essentially the same story in fact if your interest should. Enough. The way this truth the the way the truth that this story was working into a book of fiction. Don Nelson Demille. Who is a really good writer DE MI LL ES LE spells his last name Nelson Demille so well known writer. Wrote a book about the essay fictionalized account of this. A number of years ago it's called nightfall. And is a very good book I recommend it. I his name is Nelson. Demille now and I am and and the book is called nightfall. Thankful that we're each federal grant grant and all of those on board amen slipping in what implementation act out all aren't created an intention. I'm sorry. Once they have Freedom of Information Act with that in one bow to the crime that that plane went down. That's a good question. I believe so but I'm not positive. You know I don't know what you hear about it and you know Yemen came on I'll I'll have that I'll have to check and see what the end. What the concurrence is of FO YA. And and this insult. Well you got what you are actually wondered ball hit you very don't think you do is thank you very much candy I appreciate Denny kind words Ira. Is that next up here. And a on the about a rematch Ohio Ira welcome to the program Gloria. You could go well Bobby thank you excellent I'm. One yeah I was in New Jersey living in New Jersey at the time and Bob Grant you know in New York talker he is done and he said that that plane was shot down but it was meant sort of like that should have been there at the title of the el Al jet that was going to Israel. And that what the planned also to be shut down but that would belated B gate probe whether they didn't know what the recent letter. And then you include interviews somebody from LL but it never did laugh and that's what those big open that would that targeted plate but since they got the late at the gate. 800 was when it was it was moved on to the tarmac and. You know that's that's curious Ira and that sort of plays into a hand in glove one of the things and always puzzled me about and and those of us who believe that. This was not just a jetliner that exploded in the sky. And it's of its own accord. Because. While there were a number of of high profile businessman and and families going on vacation to Europe and what have you. There were no big time government officials or anybody else and I'm aware of there was a board TWA 800 that might have made him a target. But to learning that and that LL. The Israeli airliner may have been made the real. I target sort of club plays into that story as well. Yeah. It's so that says that might think that today but I remember about talking about it the other famous father elect us. Thanks Ira it's always good to hear from me I appreciate your the end here. Never I never trapper is on this afternoon hello never what's up when you. Pay anybody first things first call this much more war. Yes. You know our priorities straight war. That's sore but it you you you got that man this can't say they are. New York to tailor made our drivers you have three NM or. I have not good that's it does so largely twists space technology and a talking about right. Area here and I actually thought that was a bit up our gimmick and I picked up a camp for. And let me tire that is the real deal really the real deal. Sir if you get a chance. To our demo on where you got a our buddy that's a look at porn tomorrow once. Here is he would Izzy advantage lead that you get more wins which is one all the manufacturers are well I don't drive that spent Mac yeah. Freddie Mac are essentially they're saying that this this is allows you to hit it straighter is that the selling point here now. Cracked and when I'm not at the ball well I'll turn the ball high and the tell me about Wall Street rather that right. And it's it's it's not it's a pretty big deal goes last year. I played BM. Yeah I'm one yell and how the brand new 2017. Or. Source from the import the M one is as big as the am more on to a club five years earlier so I'll. So they get a pretty good jab by. Now well and unfortunately unfortunately that's going to be a big asset to me because. I hit the ball dead straight off the G but I just don't have enough away. Yeah yeah then Ben is gonna play what lighter saps live below but more locked you out but being backed by and compete to the Al. Any they didn't get an opportunity to. Arm here trumps us speech a couple hours ago I was. Did I heard this iron as I heard his comments from the Oval Office in fact on the other side of the news we're gonna play back some of what the president sent. Enough and trying to clarify what happened at that news conference in Helsinki. You know I I I didn't think that really helped Domenica as he cannot work or not that then I should've said. Weren't quite certain war word and it which should have been obvious to everyone what I meant. And yet it wasn't obvious to me and I was an obvious to a lot of people could get a lot of opportunities. Our yesterday to correct himself ordering it worse was actually mad and then. Well bear in mind he didn't arrive back in Washington until about 10 o'clock last night and was somewhat surprised. To see that heated reaction until that news conference and then of course you know as far as the media's concerned. The trumpets and never. Gonna do anything right got to run for the news thanks never appreciate the call for 29 here on the money Mac show and he's ready in the news center. I'm right back on the other side here on Tuesday. There was very impressive. Well thank you. At least so far. 439 here in about him actually at Tuesday's edition of me spend a moment or two and catch up when the tax line 71. 307. Bob they with the likes of Brent and Komi struck page and all the rest. I can see why president trump would tend to believe program. Over some of our agencies. As any mentioned the president. I and I guess the media CNN described this as walking back. And some of when he said at a news conference the other day with Vladimir Putin. I I think actually clarification. Would probably be a better description. At the beginning of a meeting with congressional Republicans in the White House the president talked about his comments in Helsinki saying he misspoke. When talking about Russia's interference. In the 2016 elections. And he sentenced in my remarks. I Santorum would consider what is. This and should have Ben I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. What why it wouldn't be crushed. Ice and the word order is an important. Almost dissension and men. And I thought I would remain to be a little bit unclear the transcript orange player on the actual video. This engine and then I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russian. I have won numerous occasions noted our intelligence findings that Russians attempted to interfere in. My administration has and will continue. To move aggressively to repeal. Any efforts and we. We will stop we were Pallet. Any efforts championship here in our elections. So there's president trumpet the White House today ironically. As you may have noticed. Misspoke saying now repeal instead of repel and it's fascinating because Donald Trump has such a great public speaker. When he's talking off the cuff. And and he is subject he is sometimes prone to misspeak. When he's reading off a teleprompter which was pretty apparent. And what he was doing in the Oval Office today which is the exact opposite. Of Obama. Obama was you know soaring eloquence when he was reading off a teleprompter. And as we heard on numerous occasions during his presidency when a teleprompter cramped out. I he was absolutely lost. Now that it's interesting that they are the mirror image of of each other in that regard. Bob we can be anti Putin and ally went to Russia. Now Bob what conclusive findings of collusion are there. Well I'm just you know one we've heard from on DOJ and FBI but of course. No evidence of collusion when the trump campaign just that the Russians were trying to fiddle around. And without our election. Now Bobby about never trump burst all at times and never sounds like he has a grain of sense. Many opens as he acted denigrate trumped and removes the assumption that he has a modicum of cents. Now Bob never trump doesn't sound like vans company changes voice like debt. And acknowledge them pretty clever trick against. Bobby I'm pouring cats and dogs in Greer. From much and thanks and a solid Cilic. All I had to do was open my mouth about how and hasn't poured down rain here yet and naturally. We get the cats and dogs all over the place Bob what you need is out copy of Tim Conway is door on golf. That'd help you there little Fella. Who I've generally been ugly for us. I'm Bob Joseph never trump or no play a round of golf and a lightning storm blew. I'm Bob was an eight Kennedy's son on nine TWA 800 from Georgia and Greer I don't think so. I don't not rumblings. I'm Bob did you notice a nice lady you're talking and you're a few minutes ago said she enjoyed UN Tara. I know events is in there somewhere who laughed Al. Looked at. Bob Hillary has a hammer and sickle and a red field tattooed on her left butt cheek. And a big red reset button in her pocket book. And she claims trumped colluded. When Russia. Bobby I'd be willing to make a bad if we were suddenly handed the truth about all the plane and car crashes. Politically motivated acts secure generous. And stealing. All Clinton cash. That the guillotine inning and pitch forking would make a French revolution. Look like a garden party. Promptly rise. Bob but the CIA was honest about murdering frank Olson and Gary Webb. About the thousand dollar bankroll contest mob of the contest picks me as a winner. But I don't mention the call to may leave a message or do they move on to somebody else they keep calling until they reach the winner. Whichever name is drawn from that hour that is the winner. And they'll just keep trying until they get tea. Bob please what this is actually half an hour ago now so may have moved on tell the people into ER stay indoors if they get hit by one of those budgets. They can get hurt him it was raining buckets. Bob hot we know there wasn't someone on TWA 800%. To testify against one of the clintons. Well slick Willie was up for reelection several months later. Bobbie can I get deep political and. Blood and I thank you know what he's referencing there. Can't. Can I get that as a ringtone not that I'm aware off satellite. Just have to be treated to here on the body matchup Cordoba 45 here on the Tuesday edition word is. Reigning somewhere be right back. Welcome back great to have you on money penny Rendell may out they passenger less for TWA flight 800 there was nobody. With a last name of Kennedy on their or not anybody that C a might be related to the F Kennedy is a war on board it was interesting Norah. Many TWA employees. There were aboard that flight course you know and airline employees fly and AM significantly reduced rate and going to Paris in the summer something and a lot of people we're doing at that time about the Freedom of Information Act. I yes Freedom of Information Act came into play. Was illegally passed out by congress 1967. So the FO YA was in effect. At that time. Bob I feel like I'm texting every time I checked the key word wind is anybody actually win the thousand dollar yes there's a winner. Every jot. And hopefully I'll would be able to add your name to the list. I'm Bonnie mag the increase in gas tax we have seen the road for a prayer a road repairs we have not seen what's up. On my friend Rick Broderick who is down investigative reporter at the nerve. Which is the website of the South Carolina policy council run by actually Landis down in Columbia there another watchdog group. They recently ran the numbers. On the on the gas tax money and where's going you'll be thrilled to know that of the funds that have been collected so far with true what done hundreds of millions of dollars. 8%. Has already been spent on road improvements. 8%. Impressive not. Al Bobby Chuck Schumer is like a crime scene that's been clean for a cover up based clue less. As central and Schumer have the authority to dictate when an error in a statement can or cannot be corrected by John Kerry. Who I believe served in Vietnam the only thing Schumer allows more than cameras is the sound of his own voice. Now I'd say that's probably true. Bob president trump could have soup flexed Bruton and vents and the rest would've said. He didn't use the proper technique. Bob trump miss spoke. Wink wink nod nod. I know are sent a more. Back. Speaking of my conspiracy theories. Bobby TWA 800 who were shot down. And because a passenger on board refused to put the MK ultra mind control drugs in the chem trails prayers. Somehow. You know thanks Al Bobby who was president and first don't. Mary and the anti that would be. Or to go listen to me that was Bill Clinton and of course is charming wife felonious fund cancer. Bobbie my kind of punishment for the swamp people sounds extreme but compared to the suffering caused by their policies. There torture would be a slap on the wrist. They swamp rats should be burned alive. At the stick. Okay. Bob now they wanna borrow money to improve state universities which means when the payment comes due. A tax increase will be necessary to save me out. Probably didn't and we just haven't run across a today. Salaries for the university presidents. I think go lowest salary for any university present in South Carolina. Was it was at Wofford. Trying to remember a play in any event the lowest lowest salary was like 160 today. I USC Columbia. Clinton. Are in the 600000. 800000. Dollar range. What was that US squad that won it twice tuition keep going up. I'm Bob that's nudge nudge wink wink say no walks animal. Bob Bob Bob but trump can play golf and a lightning storm are hurt Cheney won't even get wet. Trump is untouchable he's invincible he can't say nor do anything wrong. He's employed by god and the people and he's kicking rear end. Anything he says or does he can do no wrong in the eyes and other supporters on on the other hand. Now Liberal Democrats wanna rob us blind destroy our country and have our streets paved with three states. You know that's a reference or my idea though the mayor. A black woman is a new mayor of San Francisco. And of course they've got all kinds of problems out there needles all over the streets and got homeless people everywhere and they got you know people that have mental problems. They're actually living in May Bart tunnels. So you go to get onto a Bay Area rip rapid transit in other trains. And an measure Walken had to get to the train and I know he's homeless people doing drugs right there in front and everybody. There has to go man. And the mayor was interviewed I guess it was on one of the local TV stations may be Kron. KR ON. And now and she did admit past then never seem not so much feces. Everywhere. And she was not talking about people. Who failed to clean up after their pets. Okay. She was talking about human. Excrement. Oh. Liberal dams. It's like to be impossible to foul up a beautiful city like San Francisco but boy they found a way. Bump up Bob must thank you for allowing never trump her to speak out also enjoyed vents his morning show all know. I'm now going to be hunted down by your enforcement gave a brigade force should show and just kidding. Jail. Not a problem not a problem. The most heavily commuted hour of the Bobby Mack show is on the way next 5 o'clock follies and a brand new keyword is on the way as well stay right there.